A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Black, Jew and Muslim Hypocrites?



By denying the British people their “right” to decide to leave the European Union, in the “leave means leave” manner, which was implicit in the very reason for holding the referendum in the first place, not the offering of a choice which was not originally offered as a call for a “better deal” which would encourage them to change their mind in a second referendum, has demonstrated in no uncertain terms that the British people have been in the grip of a system of governance under a three party Dictatorship for at least the past one hundred years.

This dictatorship has been given the full support of the “Free Press” which duly extolled the fighting of two World Wars, which were little more than the cynical execution of hundred of thousands of the cream of European White Christian youth, a blatant sacrifice which served as a smoke-screen allowing the Jew controlled Bolsheviks to take control of Russia and to slaughter a further sixty-five-million White Christians and later a huge delegation of Jews at the Conference of Versailles forced Germany, at the cost of the deaths, through a Jew inspired blockade of Germany, of nine-hundred-thousands innocent Germans, forcing Germany to accept defeat, in a war which ended with an Armistice and later Germany was forced, to pay the cost of all of the participants of the Great War as another bunch of Jews quickly grabbed control of a defeated Germany.



After Britain and France had declared yet another war against a fully restored Germany, in 1939, the three democratic political parties in Britain, did just as they are currently doing, formed a coalition against the well-being and interests of the British people, condemning thousands more of the Christian youth to their deaths in yet another illegal war, which was of such a contemptible deception of the British people, that the lies surrounding this massacre of Germany must never be discussed, we must simply take the word of those whom had everything to gain from this slaughter-house and everything to hide.





The British People, along with the rest of White Christian Europe, were then fed a dose of tripe about events in South Africa, a State which was constructed by White Christian farmers in an empty wilderness, using the lame excuse, which of course never applies in Palestine, that as Africa was a “Black” continent, that the Black immigrants into White South Africa, should be given the right, through “democracy” to steal that land, for the hidden aims of the Jews which of course centered around diamonds and gold and whom were as usual fermenting opposition to White Christian rulers, while funding the Communist controlled African National Congress, just as had the same hidden hand in the City of London, ordered the Fabian Communist Labour Party, after World War Two, to commence the destruction of the United Kingdom, by inviting the Windrush Black generation into White Europe, with the intention of creating a result similar to the current situation in Black South Africa, where the word “Diversity” has no meaning and the “Free Press” maintains a dutiful silence as the remaining White Christian farmers, are now living in fear of torture, rape and murder, at the hands of those cuddly Blacks, and are seeking help to get out of Africa only to find that there is no place for White Christian refugees in a “diverse” Europe, never mind the funding of a ferry boat to safety, similar to those offered by the Jew George Soros for parasitic wandering Blacks.




Emmanuel Macron, the once employee of Baron Rothschild, does not restrict immigration into France to Black Africans, he has promised to build a bridge to Algeria, to facilitate the immigration of Algerians from a land which expelled a million White French Christians, on being given independence by France. That my friends is the measure of hypocrisy which is meted out to White Christians, by governments which are packed with those whom are subservient to foreign rulers, all of whom appear to he on board with the notion that White people are obliged to open their doors to all the riff-raff whom choose to desert their own homelands and whose first step on arriving in Europe is the Welfare Office.



The Earth is actually peppered with countries like Haiti, which have been stolen by Blacks from Africa, as have the East and West Indies, all of whom believe that I, being White, owe them a living, a belief which is supported by the likes of George Galloway and many Democrats in the United States, whom still insist that life was hard for slaves without mention of the hardships of millions of poor Whites whom have been dying without mention, because the Blacks had a monopoly of low paid jobs, work for which they were housed clothed and fed, with hours of free time without the worry of from where their next meal was coming.

Many of them still live this lifestyle without need of doing anything in return, while millions of Blacks whom were rejected by the Slavers are gagging to join the “Lucky Blacks” whom were selected by mainly Middle Eastern origin slavers and taken into White Christian Countries, where they were dutifully “liberated” leaving those like me and the Boer farmers in South Africa with the responsibility of feeding and housing them and allowing them preference in the queue for work unless the job happens to involve a Black boss.

Back in the 18th and 19th centuries life was a nightmare for all of the working class, whom had had their arable land stolen by the rich, obliging once self-supporting proud peasants to work for a pittance in the Foundries and Cloth Mills of the rich, including even the little children. Nobody was having a life superior to the Blacks and for many it was much harder and the families were even more deprived than were the Blacks. We never hear much about this side of the tale thanks to the use of Media Propaganda, which is doing exactly what was proposed decades ago by Jew interests, the deliberate intention of creating a hatred of White People into the minds of the Blacks, to create civil warfare amongst the Races

In a flawed and racist society, we Jewish Americans are prospering, reaching the top echelons of privilege and power. With racism and injustice entrenched year after year, generation after generation, we must now ask ourselves: What role do we play in that injustice now that most of us live as white people in America? We must cease to consider ourselves to be part of the social construct of whiteness, despite all the white privilege that America affords us, privilege that eluded many of our parents and grandparents. Starting in this new year of 1776, we must teach our children that we are, in fact, not White but Jewish (article from the Washington Post)


One can only ask the question, if Bla ck Lives Matter so much why do the Jews round up the Black “Infiltrators” into Israel and bus them back to Africa?


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