A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Who Will It Be, Tweedle Dumb Or Tweedle Dee?


Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.” “I don’t much care where –” “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.” 

I was sighing, waiting and hoping that at least one of the candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party, would shake the foundations of British Democracy, by promising to close the British Central, Privately controlled, Bank of England and write off the National Debt which is owed to the aforesaid illegal extortion racket, retake control of the “private” City of London back into the hands of the British People, and expose the deplorable level of crime against the White British People, by expelling any immigrant guilty of racism against the indigenous White British. What a hope!

I was astonished the other day, to hear an immigrant into the Uk, explaining what a spiffing thing it would be, to pick an England Cricket team of “paper British”Pakistanis’ to go off to their homeland and play against a Pakistani team of “real Pakistanis'” not of immigrant, White British People of course. There is no longer any such thing as a pure British anything, while Britain is now jam-packed with self-seeking, immigrant groups, whom were deliberately imported to destroy Britain.

Any suggestion that an English Cricket team, which was obliged to play against teams from India, Pakistan or the West Indies, should be composed of the same historically English ethnicity, as their opponents would, without question, be pure Race. This is necessary to avoid creating problems of confusion about who is who but it would of course be laughed at. When National Soccer teams are forced to play in a neutral “strip” to avoid “colour” mistakes, when most of both teams, should they be of “European” origin are now mostly of Black African origin, a situation which only affects White Christian Countries. The Blacks in South Africa have promised to “wipe out the Whites, when the time is right” thus avoiding this problem all together.




Take note of how Malema talks of White Monopoly Capitalism, when he means Jews but does not have the courage to blame Jews, he is every bit as guilty as all politicians, he is pretending that Blacks are capable of running South Africa, when they have quite patently failed, while still blaming the Whites. Nelson Mandela worked for the Jews whom made him a millionaire in return for all his duplicity, – handing over the gold and diamond mines to the Jews – but no mention was made of the corruption of Black murderer Mandela, of course.

So what exactly will the “New” Prime Minister of the Dis-United Kingdom actually do, when “selected”? Well I can guarantee that he, it is safe to say he, as the affirmative action normally given to women, whose presence in Parliament has not made a jot of difference to anything of importance, since the day women were first elected to Parliament, thankfully they failed to repeat the tragic result of picking Theresa May the previously “selected capable woman”, leaving the field open to such a bunch of more masculine prats than you could wave a stick at.

Not one of the whole bunch of them has anything to offer apart from more of the Status Quo. All of these men are traitors or idiots, they are obsessed with the stupidity of Brexit, while deliberately ignoring the chaos which has been created by illegal British slaughters in the Middle East, all of which were fought to clear the land for Israel, where a cruel government is callously destroying the vestiges of the indigenous people of Palestine, in exactly the same manner as that in which the remaining British will be treated, when they have served their purpose and achieve their appointed status as a minority in their own land.

That result will be through the use of the same means as those which served the immigrant Jews, whom came storming into Palestine, with guns blazing after a couple of British Jew Lords, Balfour and Halifax, had given Palestine to the King of the City of London, Baron Rothschild.

Hands up those whom still believe that British Politicians are not fully aware that they are offering Britain as a refugee camp for the victims of British and Jew slaughters in the Middle East? Boris Johnson, the comic who made that wonderful remark about those over zealous Muslim women, whom chose to wear a burka, making the look like “letter boxes” walking Dalek style, down British streets, actually apologised to a “bearded ” man in funny clothes, who questioned Johnson about his attitude to “Muslims” what else? This is in the new, vibrant Un-Great Britain, where everything is loaded in favour of immigrants.

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