A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Trump: Walking The Line In Korea.



Any forlorn hope that a gallant White Knight will appear out of the early morning mist, riding his sturdy white horse, proudly raising his sword to the sky, announcing that he has come to save the besieged White Race, truly is “forlorn” we are on our own, adrift on a sea of hate, a hatred which has been deliberately generated against us, the White Race, without a word in our support from the mouths of any of those self seeking traitors, whom were elected to look after our interests This could well be our last battle and  we will have to fight it alone, the officer class have left the arena.


Whomsoever was in control of the events, which have taken place during the past one hundred years, quite clearly do not give a damn about anyone, and that includes White people. “They” would kill us all, to suit their own aims and should any of you doubt this claim, take another look at how the deaths of sixty-five-million White Russian people, was completely ignored by “Our Elected Leaders” never mind the lame excuse offered by the British Government, that they “failed to notice” five-million Irish people dropping dead in the streets, as British Soldiers stole Irish food at gunpoint.


Those same caring British suffered another lapse of concentration as they were secretly arming Joseph Stalin in 1933 in readiness for his assistance in the proposed genocide of the Germans, even as the people of Ukraine were being given the Irish treatment of death through “forced” starvation, which was reported in the British Press which the Politicians failed to read that day.


I am tired of pointing out the numerous, past uses of starvation as a means of reducing a population, a method which could well have been used by the Germans, had they had any serious intention of wiping out the Jews, a job for which starvation would have been a far simpler method of so doing, as was proven in Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadow Death Camps, yet another starvation event which was quietly swept under the carpet of history by the British, French and American governments, all of whom remind us every morning about Hitlers Concentration camps, while casually ignoring the Gulags in “Communist” Russia, which were organised by their best chum Uncle Joe Stalin and the Bengal starvation by Churchill and Eisenhower’s huge effort to carry out the Morgenthau Plan of eliminating every German man, woman and child.


At this time there are claims being made about “weather control”, a tool which has allegedly been used to provoke a series of floods, which have had a serious affect on food production in all regions of the world. A recent report from Wisconsin in the United States, warns that because of severe flooding, this years corn crop has not been planted and there are already warnings of shortages and rising prices, up ahead.


As a “prophet of doom” I would suggest that the invasion of Europe, by millions of hungry, immigrant people, whom will soon, should a shortage of food become a reality, be marauding through European towns and cities in search of sustenance, is totally in keeping with the aim of using the “civil war” method of completing the destruction of what is already a “European Wasteland” devoid of all meaningful industry, the evacuation of which, to “safety”, was completely un-noticed by those inattentive politicians, a lost industry which they have no intention of bringing back to Europe, where Europeans will soon be without enough electricity to keep a freezer cold overnight, to “save the planet”.


Why have these “politicians” failed to understand, that having used the warning of an over populated world, to encourage European families to reduce the size of their families, that to now tell us that Europe has need of millions of immigrants to pay our pensions, that their advice about population reduction was totally stupid or a deliberate lie and so is the claim that we now need immigrants.


These “politicians” are quite clearly working to an agenda, which is not to the benefit of White Europe. Part of that agenda is to “pretend”, through crafty means, that Blacks are over represented in the prison population, simply because they are being “gaoled for being Black” this is a total nonsense, the reality being that Blacks are already at War with Whitey, there is hardly a trace of White on Black racism anywhere, whatever the Fake News outlets may be suggesting, while thousands of White women are annually raped by Black men, who are also responsible for most of the murders in the USA, despite being a tiny percentage of the population. Boatloads of these dangerous people have been paid to come to Europe, a scheme which has apparently once again passed under the radar of those clever politicians.



Here we have a couple of stooges mouthing off a dose of pap about Russia and the threat of Hitler. Galloway most certainly knows how deceitful he is being while for Hitchens to claim that the coup d’etat in Russia was planned by Germany is disingenuous to say the least, the culprits may well have been “German”.which is not quite the same thing. The “big secret” of the beginning of the 20th Century was the real conspiracy to install Communism all across Europe, a conspiracy construction of which included the  British and American elite Banking Families, some of whom were of German origins, like Rothschild and Schiff.







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