A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Jews Expressing Their Naked Hatred For Whites.





The “sham” European Union Parliament has blown the ship out of the water, as it were, by exposing the total lack of power, which can be exercised by the “elected” Members of the Parliament, while the unelected, behind the scenes gang, simply order whatever they want signed and dutifully passed into law by one and all of the obedient governments in the Union, which they so do, without a quibble. This lack of a quibble is the proof positive that all of the National Governments are as controlled as is the European Parliament itself.

Jeremy Corbyn, the “leader” of the British Labour Party, which has long been controlled by the Fabian Society, which was instrumental in the construction of the European Union, has just announced that anti-semitism, which is apparently applied to non-Semitic Jews these days, Islamophobia and all other kinds of “racism” – which is strange as neither Judaism or Islam are Races – will find no place in the Labour Party. Which all sounds fine apart from the lack of concern expressed by British Politicians about the filth which pours from the mouths of those Jews, whom spend so much time bleating about themselves, without a care for the treatment, which they dish out onto Palestinian Semites or indeed the White People by whom they have been funded and supported for the past one hundred years at least.

How long would a clip like the above remain on YouTube if the word White was changed to Jew? The sentiments expressed by these scum are to say the least indicative of sick minds with ideas of grandeur. Now what was it that was said about Jews in England which caused such an uproar?

Be sure, the four hagettes, whom were encouraged by Donald Trump, to go and sort out their own homelands before telling the American people how adjust things in the USA to suit immigrants, are working for those whom are intent on getting rid of White People by whatever means comes to hand.

Are we going to stand by and put up with this or are we going to elect those whom will do something put a stop to this Jew naked hatred of White People?



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