A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Go Back To Sleep Whitey You’ve Lost Your Balls

The White People of the Earth had better wake up from their complacent attitude towards current events unless that is they have a collective death wish. It is not by accident that Europe and the United States are being swamped with angry immigrants, this is the result of the deliberate catastrophic destruction of dozens of States, for which White People are being blamed,  in order to force the acceptance of a New World Order – a project which does not include White Europeans – being put into place.

I laughed this morning when it was reported by all of the factions which deliver the “News”, that Donald Trump, the man who has been ritually attacked by all sections of the establishment, whether they be Black, Brown, Muslim, Christian or Jew, to be a “racist”, for simply daring to suggest that a Black member of the Government of the USA, was not doing a good job, while other Black members of that same Government have referred to him, the elected President of the United States, as a Motherf****r who needs to be impeached, language which would never have been used against the, coke sniffing, bi-sexual, Obama, who is currently suspected, though it is never officially mentioned, of membership of a conspiracy to sell the Uranium reserves of the United States to Russia, to line his own pockets.

While in Charlottesville, where a legal demonstration was viciously attacked by a group of thugs, a group which was actually supported by the local Jew hierarchy, which had granted permission for the “White” demonstration, during which a woman died, during an incident with a car driven by a young “White” boy, driving his car, which was under an attack by the “permitted” hooligans, untouched by the car, which had collided with another car in front of it, and yet the young White driver of that car, who was in fear of being brutally beaten by those thugs whom were attacking his car with base-ball bats and other weapons, was convicted of First Degree murder, with twenty-six claims of attempted murder added to his alleged crime for good measure, and sentenced to a ridiculous “four hundred years” in prison. I kid you not.

The whole incident in Charlottesville was reported as having been carried out by “White Supremacists” and the “Alt-Right” with shades of the KKK, which is of course all “White”, with the aim of putting down those Blacks, whom are intent on what exactly? Perhaps they are trying to point a finger of blame at Whitey for all the Black on Black killings and the rapes of tens of thousands of White women by Black rapists, all of which the White community is obliged to accept,elk perhaps because of some past crimes of which we are not collectively guilty?

We Whites are expected to accept a version of past events, which is in line with the “official” version of the treatment of Jews in World War Two, which paints a picture of the life of the Blacks, whom were called “slaves” as if that meant that their lives were in some way worse than the lives of millions of White people, whom were living in desperate conditions, alongside those “Lucky Blacks” whom were housed, clothed and fed by their owner, while the Whites were forced to work in conditions which left them sick and under-fed because they were obliged to pay rent for their miserable shelter and pay for their own food.

This reality came as a bitter surprise to those Blacks, when slavery was abolished and they were obliged to take care of themselves, a feat which they have yet to master, instead of blaming dirt poor Whites for all their own innate inabilities.

The Jews brought the Blacks into the United States to create social problems, in exactly the same manner in which they forced them into South Africa and now all across Europe, where the result has already become evident. In South Africa, with barely a mention by the Jew controlled media, there is an ongoing genocide of the White people taking place, even as the Gold and Diamond wealth is being quietly stolen. There was no mention ever made of the fact that Saint Nelson Mandela promised to Nationalise the mines and share the profits with the people, but instead handed them over to Jew interests, making himself a millionaire in the process.

South Africa is already incapable of feeding itself as the stolen farmlands are becoming arid wastelands, as the irrigation systems break down, even as the rape, torture and murder of the White farmers continues, without a mention by the Western media, along with the Black and Muslim inspired crime all across Europe and America, where Whites are still carrying the can for all the destruction in the Middle East to clear the ground for the construction of Greater Israel.

All of the so-called great Empires of the British, French and Americans, were no such thing, the purpose which those countries served was to provide the fire-power to guard the agents of the Trading Companies and their theft of the resources from the four corners of the earth, into the hands of the bankers, whom were the actual Rulers of those Empires and whom now have no further need of any of them as they have constructed a replacement victim in the East, still under the control of the Jews by whom it was all financed, with the taxes extracted from White people, centred on China, with the support of Korea, Vietnam, India and Pakistan all of which were subdued by conscripted White Armies.

Meanwhile plans are afoot to import two-hundred-and-fifty-million Blacks into Europe. Laugh if you like, however Emmanuel Macron and his mum, have already endorsed this idea. Judging by the evidence of the video clip at the top of this tale, they will be relying on Whitey to provide all their needs as they would appear to have no idea about how to provide for themselves.




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