A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

More Ammunition For The American Gun Grabbers?



On hearing of the latest tale from Texas about a mass killing, carried out by a “Lone Wolf” White boy, I immediately checked out “NoDisinfo.com” just to see what Dr.K had to say about the event, sadly his site is “off-line” meaning he has been censored, so as usual we are left with the “official” tale which means we will never see the “bodies”. This is what another site had to say about NoDisInfo.com

Factual Reporting: LOW

Notes: NoDisInfo is a blatant conspiracy website that routinely publishes false or unproven information. When reviewing the website you quickly conclude that anything bad that has ever happened is a hoax or false flag operation. I don’t want to exaggerate, but literally nothing is true on this website. This is extreme tin foil hat. (D. Van Zandt 8/10/2016)

Source: http://nodisinfo.com/

I would suggest that the above comment could equally well apply to CNN, The New York Times and other organs of information, which have been misleading us for ever. Amongst other things, claims about the perpetual six million gassed Jews springs to mind, bearing in mind that the claimed figure of four million deaths at Auschwitz has been drastically revised down to one million and they were mostly Polish and not Jews, meaning that four million of the claimed six million has been called into question, so why has this Jew claim not been referred to as a hoax or a false flag operation and worse than that, why is the six million figure still being used to continue the claims made against the Germans?


I hope that just for once,  to take the wind out of the sails of those whom suggest that these mass shooting events are all staged in order to justify the dis-arming of the American people, that we will be shown the dead, unlike events like the Manchester Arena bombing, where a bomb exploded “outside” the arena and yet it “killed” people whom were inside the arena and yet when the photographic evidence of the scene of the explosion was shown it was quite clearly not in the arena and yet we never saw the bodies or film of the “damage” inside the arena.


The most famous “False Flag” of all was of course 911, which was supported by the most “fabulous pack of lies” ever presented for public consumption and as with the holocaust, not one body was ever presented either from the planes which were sucked into the World Trade Centre, from where not so much as scrap of bone was recovered, along with the other plane which squeezed through a concrete wall in the Pentagon, where no bodies were recovered, apart from those of the group whom were about to release evidence of corruption and the loss of six-trillion dollars into another Black Hole, similar to the plane full of people which vanished into a swamp somewhere or other, leaving no trace of there ever having been any people on the plane at all. And this “Factual” assessment of NoDisInfo, criticises it for spreading disinformation? Give me a break.


And now, as if to order yet another shooting, this time in Ohio, where an attack was carried out in a crowded nightclub. Let us hope that every effort is made to present the grim evidence of these attacks, we are all well used to seeing blood thanks to the filmed Israeli attacks on children in Gaza, so we can stand to take a quick peek at the bullet wounds in these thirty or so dead victims of these two shootings to shut the mouths of those whom believe them to be no more than two more staged events, which will be used to disarm the American people, instead of ARMING them so that they can deal with these crazies on the spot.



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