A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Untold Other Side Of The Story.

The following clip was taken down by YouTube for apparently no better reason than that it referred to the selfish attitude of Jews. The Jew in the clip was complaining about Ken Livingstone, a British Politician who was condemned by Jews for simply telling the truth, which of course involved Hitler, a man about who all sorts of unsupported claims have been allowed to be spread around without a word in defence from the other side of the tale.

However when confronted with the second part of the clip the Jews appear to have gone into meltdown, having ignored dozens of similar clips on YouTube which propose a total genocide of White people which have never been mentioned by the controlled media, but they have never been  viewed side by side, just as the slaughter of 65 million White Christians in Russia by Jews has also never been reported alongside tales of the “holocaust”, before the ongoing genocide in Palestine is even mentioned for what it is.

So how exactly did my innocuous little clip infringe YouTube’s rules, was it in protest against the report on Sky News or the words of the Jew in Sweden? Are we meant to believe that Jews have no blood on their hands or are we obliged to accept the sort of rubbish mouthed by Murnaghan’s guest?

I received this comment in response to another Jew, Noel Ignatiev who calls for a total White Genocide:

“I think it’s important to note that when Noel talks about getting rid of whiteness, he is talking about the idea of whiteness, not actual human beings. Historically, the idea whiteness has only existed as a function of white supremacy. Just like how the irish used to be called white negroes but were accepted into whiteness later on. In this example, you can see how whiteness wasn’t so much of a biological race as it was a caste whose only function was to exclude that which it deemed inferior. When he talks about getting rid of whiteness, he’s not talking about getting rid of white people, he’s talking about dismantling the idea of there being white people and non-white people, because those distinctions are relics of white supremacy. He thinks that as long as we hold onto these ideas we leave the door open for the ideals of white supremacy to maintain control over our society. Whiteness in it’s inception was created to attack anything not included in itself. At first it was black people and native americans, but it has extended towards hispanics, Chinese, and formerly the irish and italians. Who is or is not considered white has changed drastically throughout the history of america, but the only commonality was that anyone non-white was seen as inferior in some respect and was punished for it. He’s saying that whiteness isn’t real, it’s a way of structuring society, and it’s faulty and dangerous and should be done away with.”

It could equally well be claimed that the people whom refer to themselves as Jews, whom are now living in Israel are clearly using an idea which was dreamt up to justify the notion that this allows them to claim lands to which they have no claim and is totally anti-Semitic, as the “real” Palestinians are Semitic people, a fact which is ignored by the Jews, but to suggest that Whiteness is only a contrived idea, as the Jews claim is apparently OK, but for me a Whitey, to point out that the Jews in Israel are Russian, Polish, English and Black African and most certainly have no connection whatsoever to the Middle East, any more than Roman Catholics can claim to be Italian, brands me as an anti-Semite. Why do our politicians allow Jews to get away with this nonsense? The Jew Noel Ignatiev also suggested that the best thing White boys could do for civilisation was to commit suicide, without any dissent from his peers, whom would of course be Jews.

Bitchute now appears to have put a block of some sort on the same clip, without any explanation whatsoever, while for the past week, ever since I posted the clip on Bitchute, this “blog”has apparently lost all of its supporters.


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