A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Weasel Words Of George Galloway.

The following is part of a column written by George Galloway concerning gun crime in America, he completely forgot to mention that the vast majority of gun crime and murders are carried out by Blacks, despite the fact that they make up a mere 12% of the population of America. The weeks total of murders in “gun free”  Chicago,the gun crime capital of the USA, which is carried out  by Blacks was missing from all the calls of White racism and supremacism, which were screeched out by the likes of Sky News and the BBC  following the attacks in El Paso and Dayton Ohio by a couple of “White Supremacists”.

Much is already being made of President Trump’s rhetoric in fuelling gun violence in America. But this crisis did not begin three years ago. The achingly liberal Barack Obama presided over a fair few mass shootings of his own. And it was during the Kennedy-Johnson Civil Rights and Great Society eras that the Kennedy’s themselves as well as Dr King and others were cut down.

There can be little doubt, however, that Trump’s rampage like a drunken sailor across the American electoral cycle at Nuremberg-style rallies is whipping up racial hatred in America. His hype over border issues, his targeting of prominent women of colour and of Muslims has undoubtedly energized the far-right in America – and beyond.

Trump’s strategy of driving wedges into the American body politic may or may not work in the forthcoming elections, but it is surely widening the fissures in US society in a dangerous way. But he didn’t create them.

A society built on a hundred million corpses of Native Americans and two centuries of slavery, Jim Crow apartheid, and continuing racial segregation, bigotry, and discrimination was never going to turn out nice.

I say all of the above without hatred of America for I have none. I do not hate America and wish her only success in dealing with her myriad problems.

But I don’t want to be an American, to be led by America, still less do I consider America to be my father. I had my own father, my own country, my own leaders, whom I retain the right to remove.

The childishness of those around the world who continue to believe that they need this giant with the collective mind of a child to hold their hand and lead them to the promised land is perhaps the deepest sickness of them all.

The above are the ramblings of a mealy mouthed character called George Galloway. He has completely avoided the point of Trumps behaviour, choosing instead to repeat the fatuous words of the mainstream gutter fake press, while conspicuously avoiding mention of the presence of the Jews in the Trump,saga.

George is onboard with those sameJews and their push for White people to be forced to pay reparations to the “Lucky Blacks” whom were given a free boat trip in past times, to America, where there was shelter food and work waiting for them, unlike all the Whites whom were forced out of their own countries and left to fend for themselves on arrival in America.

Those like Galloway have been feeding this “White debt owed to Blacks” nonsense into the heads of the parasitic Blacks, whom owe everything they have to the generosity of those “hated Whites” a hatred which those like Galloway helped to create in South Africa, while hiding behind the lie of Apartheid. Those “free Blacks” in South Africa are now in Dire Straits as the once productive farmlands fall into ruin and the water resources are falling into disrepair, all of which is part of the planning, as the new friends of the bankers from China are already preparing to snatch the best parts of Africa for themselves, just as the British did for them in the last century.

Galloway carried out the South Africa operation along with a bunch of hate-filled Bolshevik Communist Jews, under the control of a certain Joe Slovo, whom organised a murderous bombing campaign against the Boers whom had built South Africa into a First World country out of a wilderness which was un-occupied when they arrived. The days of the Boers were numbered when the Rothschild clan smelt the Gold and Diamonds in them there hills and Galloway helped them steal it.

Galloway now presents himself as multi-cultural and brags that he has produced children of mixed race, sadly the “children are given no say in this sort of decision and many mixed race kids feel insecure in their in-betweenie universe, however Galloway will be able to say that they are at least “not White” which will give him a lot of pleasure.

Galloway also managed to slip in a slur against the German people for whom he appears to reserve a deep-seated hatred, by comparing Trumps rallies to those at Nuremberg, he recently attacked a German caller to his Press TV Show, calling him a Nazi and telling the producer to get this Nazi off the line, simply because the caller had mentioned the Jews whom had taken control of the South Africa which George had helped to “liberate”.








Finally Galloway accused Trump of “attacking women of colour” ignoring the fact that those “women of colour” have no problem bad-mouthing those bloody racist, supremacist Whites whom are paying their salaries, while Trump remains the only White Politician who has dared to mention the White people whom are ignored and bad-mouthed by one and all, including Galloway and all of the other White traitors. Of course while it is acceptable to talk of wiping out the Red Indians and others, crimes which are ritually laid at the door of the “White Man” let it not be forgotten that behind every conscripted White soldier there was a crooked politician and a Jew with a fistfull of dollars. 

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