A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

These Days Only The Whites Are Allowed To Be Guilty.


Way back in the last century British Whites were already being accused of “racist”crimes, by the combined forces of the British media, to such an extent that even when there was no good evidence found, in support of these claims, against five White Boys, after the stabbing of a Black, there was no clear apology to the alleged perpetrators of the attack, made by the British Media, leaving the impression, which persists to this day, that a group of white boys, were guilty of murdering a Black called Stephen Lawrence, simply because he was Black. The mock-up of the crime, which was shown on British Television, leaves no room for doubt as to the “guilt” of the accused.

Lawrence was an early example of the Trayvon Martin syndrome, which presented a Black thug as an innocent litte chappie, who was ruthlessly gunned down by a biased Local Security man, who was accused of racism, despite the fact that he was himself half Black The public was deliberately presented with childhood photos of Martin to reinforce the idea that a sweet little choir-boy had been delierately attacked and killed by the evil “White man” with a Jew name Zimmerman, and a Black family history.

When Zimmerman was exonerated, the claims of his guilt persisted and the media made no effort to back-track over its previous Fake coverage of the event. The same routine had previously taken place in the Britsh media, where the killing of Stephen Lawrence, by “persons unknown” is still presented as White Racism, which was covered up by the “Institutionally Racist” Metropolitan Police.

On the same streets of London,  knife attacks, similar to that of the one against Lawrence, occur on a daily basis, and not only in London but these days in many other British Cities, however to simply suggest that these killings are virtually one-hundred percent carried out by “Black Thugs”, killings which included the stabbing to death of a young White Girl, by a Black Thug, is now a “Racist” act in itself, as the racial identity of all other races, apart from that of Whites, must never be reported.

The Lawrence case, despite the fact that no Whites had ever been convicted of his killing, simply because there was no conclusive evidence presented against the five men accused of his murder, while as suggested in the above clip there is evidence against a group of four other men, whom were seen by several witnesses at the scene of the attack, whom may well have had a grudge against Lawrence over a drugs deal, as suggestions have been made that Lawrence may well have been a “dealer”, just as Trayvon Martin had a burglars kit in his back-pack.However these things were never mentioned during the trial, because the Police themselves were being forced to seek a conviction against the White Boys, such was the frenzy built up by the British media. Some years later two of the accused men were found guilty and gaoled. There are even now, many years after the event, attempts being made to find a man in a V backed jacket, who was seen and filmed by credible witnesses near the scene of Lawrence’s killing, at the time of his killing, with three friends, none of whom have ever been questioned.

The totally ignored fact of the matter is, that the vast majority of Racist Crimes are “against” White People, while press reports would suggest that all of the racism is carried out uniquely by Whites and nobody ever corrects this lie. Not even the”Feminists” have been truthful enough to explain that the majority of the rapes of White women are carried out by Black and Tan members of the immigrant communities, including the rape and torture of children by “Muslims” while there has been no reporting of “Muslim” children being groomed, tortured and raped by White men. That is the depth of the bias against Whites in all of the controlled countries across Europe. 

The same fetid scum whom control all of the so-called “truthful” information considered fit for the public to receive, have now been allowed to “privatize” the internet, blocking any truth, from showing the true extent of the lying propaganda, which is being used to stir up a hatred of White Christian people, whom are the only serious opposition to the sick dreams of the Money Sick, so-called elite.




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