A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Grim Times Are Looming Over Us All.



Only certain people, those like Blacks, Women or Jews are allowed to dwell relentlessly on the “hard times” they were obliged to accept in the past.

Since those far off days, after the century of the re-writing of historical events, Blacks can claim that they were all lynched for “doin’ nuffin” women can claim that they were the prisoners of their violent husbands while the Jews simply wave their hand at us and all the murders and genocides they committed are condemned to the memory hole.

I firmly believe that the crimes of Jews deserve to be aired in exactly the same way as are the crimes of every one else and if they are falsely accused, why they can defend themselves, instead of which they are making it a criminal offence to so much as mention the word Jew.

However should anyone dare to stand up and say a good word about Hitler, they are condemned out of hands as being Fascist and Nazi and all of that nonsense and yet,  those whom condemn Hitler are hard pressed to name any of the alleged huge crimes for which he is held responsible, which he carried out before the British and French joined the Jews in their declaration of war against Germany.

I was taught that Hitler’s crime was the invasion of Poland, which went against a secret treaty which had been put together by France and Britain,  as a trap for Hitler, who did not actually invade Poland he simply reclaimed the Sudetenland, which until it was annexed by the Jews at Versailles, had always been part of Germany. That was why Hitler allowed the British to escape at Dunkirk, because he simply refused to accept that the British could be such two faced scum, as to urge him to save the persecuted Ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland, Anthony Eden, the British Foreign Secretary at the time, did all the urging, only to gleefully unleash the war which they had been preparing with Russia and America for the previous six-years, as soon as he did so. Anthony Eden it was who would later try to seize the Suez Canal for Israel after it had been seized by General Nasser for Egypt.

That is the true measure of the filth with which Adolf Hitler found himself confronted, which was, a few short years later, already doing to other sovereign countries,  what had been done to Germany in 1919 by the same Jews, whom had now used Hitler as their excuse to steal Palestine, for those poor long suffering Jews. Sadly, for the tale of the Jews there is no sign anywhere of Hitler now to use as an excuse, so it was not he who destroyed the rest of the Middle East, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and yet he is still the alleged master of mischief, who is still being bad-mouthed, seventy-five years on as if he can hold a candle to the mischief of the Jews and their cold-blooded allies. They were already in Korea, China and soon Vietnam and other places in Asia, without a sign of Hitler anywhere.

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