A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Extreme Terror Of The War On Terror.

The gallant Forces of the King of Palestine, Lord Rothschild, have in recent days murdered yet another innocent Palestinian who dared to step outside of his home and then, having riddled this careless fellow with bullets, the British Lords murderers simply left him to bleed to death, where he lay, as they “quite legally” prevented medical help from reaching him. Is it not time that the ruthless head of this State of Israel was given the Gadaffi treatment for his considerable crimes against humanity?

Why is this man allowed to cock-a-snoot at the whole wide world from his lair, in his own private city, nestling in the heart of darkness called London, and not treated to a sentence similar to that which was bestowed, in that same City, on the Scottish Hero, William Wallace, he of the Brave-Heart?

This is all said in jest of course, simply because the man who controls the Nations finances controls the Nation and is therefore above the Law, a reality of which the honourable Lord himself has made us aware.

What is more, the gunning down of Palestinian demonstrators in Israel, by members of the Israeli “Defence Forces” is not at all like the act of the “Lone Gunman” who did the same thing in a couple of Mosques in Christchurch in New Zealand, an act which was immediately associated with Fascism, Nazism, White Supremacism and any other derogatory term which could be used to smear White Christian People in general and of course to be used as an excuse to disarm them, making them easy meat when in their turn they are confronted with a “Defence Force.”

Not too far from the Lair of the King, in London, there is an imposing structure called Thames House, which is the Den of Vipers, which takes control of much of the Dirty Work for the King. It is an establishment which provided the leadership of the gang, which spends much of its time running aimlessly around disaster areas clutching babies, wearing White Helmets, while at other times they take part in the “legal”, I suppose, chopping off of the heads of Christians, wherever they are to be found all across Syria.




One of the “founders’ of this group of benefactors, Le Mesurier, was recently found dead, in a “did he fall or was he pushed” situation in Turkey, a land which is renowned for the way it treats “dead journalists”, normally with a chain-saw. All across the “Free World” it was quickly announced that the Russians played a part in his death. This would be the same controlled media which failed to spot the Israeli and Saudi involvement in 911 and the origin s of that seminal group of paid terrorists Al Qaeda, which has now had all sorts of “branches” attached to it, the White Helmets being one of them. Sadly Le Mesurier had apparently forgotten his White Helmet on the very day he needed it most.

While we are on the subject of paid killers, let us not forget “Academi” a group of Mercenaries, which is controlled by a member of the “aristocracy” called Eric the Prince, a man of the “faith” who has dreams of being given control of the war, in Afghanistan, which was declared to find the phantom leader of the “File” now called A Qaeda, a group under the leadership of Tim Osman, later renamed Osama bin Laden, a group which was constructed in Washington, to undermine the Russians efforts in Afghanistan, long before the 911 caper for which they were blamed, to provide the excuse to kick off the “War on Terror”.

It can be so difficult to tie all these weird details into what is so clearly a continuing, world-wide and ongoing un-declared war against any form of freedom which remains in the hands of “We The People”. However it was perfectly clear to “Dubya” and his cronies that there was nothing to find in Afghanistan, which was in any way connected to 911.

Nor indeed anywhere else in that region, all the guilt was nestled in Israel and Saudi Arabia neither of which were attacked, while all of those whom have been destroyed were destroyed for more dubious reasons, involving the clearance of the entire region, an aim which is ongoing. Every bomb dropped was not a “mistake” but a vile and disgusting genocidal act. The War On Terror” is a wholesale War of Genocide and should be reported as such. More importantly we the White Race are top of the list for the next chapter in this vile one hundred year long holocaust..

3 responses

  1. Bertie B

    So Academi is the new Blackwater then, the game is still on just the names and regions change. i found this web site article on ‘the Prince’ after you said he was behind ISIS which is BS cos them jews Mossad done it. You might like to view the link to gather some background on the private McMercenaries https://www.brookings.edu/articles/the-dark-truth-about-blackwater/


    November 13, 2019 at 19:05

    • The change of name from Blackwater to Academi came straight out of the mouth of Prince himself. Dem der Jews were supposedly playing Florence Nightingale to dem der injured ISIS/Daech and the word from the Arab Street suggests that no Arab worth the name would allow himself to be treated by a Jew, while the Jews declare that they do not approve of a Chosen One treating a Goy, never mind an Arab. The only interest they have in these people is to recuperate their odds and bobs. Mossad/CIA/MI6 are all one and the same as are Al Qaeda, Daech, Al Nusra and all of the others. I’ll take a look at your link and the origins of all these killers.


      November 13, 2019 at 21:29

    • I have read the Brookings report and it makes chilling reading, however I don’t go along with the “it all happened by accident” nonsense, which is written to give an impression that behind all the turmoil the “Allies” are doing their best for the people of Iraq. and everyone else. Ever since the days of the “Arab Spring” I have been convinced that the whole region would ultimately be destroyed.

      I live in the land of the most famous Mercenary Army in the World, the Foreign Legion and I have a couple of contacts in the ranks a Pole and a Russian both White, fighting against Blacks in Africa, while in the Middle East they tell us that the ISIS and Daech boys are all Muslims from all across Europe, whom will soon be coming home, having been used as the excuse to raze the Middle East to the ground, as the British, American and French military claimed to have spotted them to be in, Fallujah, Mosul, Raqqa, Aleppo and everywhere else to generate an excuse to destroy the maximum amount of infrastructure, forcing the maximum number of refugees to take flight towards Europe. In Africa they are doing the same thing and you may have noticed events in South America.

      All of these various groups, all of them controlled, have been changing their names every five minutes just to confuse us about who is doing the dirty work. The aim has been to destroy the Muslim World, which has resulted in a huge effort to resettle all them bearded ones in White Christian countries, where they are already, with the assistance of those Fabian boys like Blair and Corbyn and all of those Conservative Friends of Israel like David Cameron, to swamp the British out of their homeland. Take a glance at how the Poles are going about saving their country while in the United Kingdom you have “Extinction Rebellion” as if the enemy at the gates is Carbon Dioxide.


      November 13, 2019 at 22:25

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