A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Eastern Europe Is Awakening From Its Stupor.

Here we have the proud people of Poland protesting against all and everything including the forced Islamification of Europe, the violence of Blacks and the European Communist construction itself. Just like the rest of us we were lead to belie the EU to be Democratic and in the interest of the member States, instead of which all of the welfare parasites are being treated better than are the indigenous Peoples of the Union.

So in brief the fight-back has finally kicked off in Poland, where tens of thousands of real men and real women have stood up and let their “leaders” know that they have had enough of being pushed around, by the very same hidden hand which pushed them around until thirty years ago, when that rigid Communist control was sneakily handed over to the slyly Communist European Politburo, allegedly giving Poland the “freedom” they had so long sought. Only to find that the price of that “freedom” was to swamp Poland with immigrants, in order to “enrich” the under-enriched, Polish people.

Hungary has already taken tentative steps in the same direction, where the Prime Minister Viktor Orban has pointed out to the White Christian women in Hungary, that they are actually quite capable of producing enough babies, to undo the damage done by the availability of abortion, the pill and the wholesale exportation of European Industry to Asia, which has not surprisingly caused a long recession across Europe, which has made it essential that both Father and Mother are obliged to work in low paid jobs,, to take care of their one-child family. Orban is intent on paying women to have children and about time too.

France is on the brink of a change, having resisted the Force of Law and Order and its brutal attempt to beat them to a pulp, despite which the Gilets Jaunes are still standing bravely against those demons lurking in the shadows, whom pull all the strings from behind the scenes.

For many of my friends that change occurred, when I informed them that Emmanuel Macron was in favour of the European Unions aim of bringing Two-Hundred-and-Fifty-Million Blacks, straight from Africa into Europe. They laughed and said you mean thousand not million don’t you? I told them to check it out, which they did and when they found my figure to be correct, it initiated a lot of heated discussion amongst them. Confronting people with the truth is all that is needed to open their eyes.

The threat of the Communitarian manifesto, hidden in the pages of Agenda 21/2030 is the next hurdle to cross. Implementation has already started and the screeching of the Extinction Rebellion crowd are nothing more than a means of shaming people into an acceptance of a creed which during the past century has carried out the massacre of hundreds of millions of people, to suit a group of opinionated pseudo-intellectuals with money and a deep-seated hatred of what they refer to as “Useless Eaters.”

Drag Queens-men dressed as women- are being given access to infant children in order to familiarise children with paedophilia and how the sexual act between men is carried out, both of which will be next on the list for legalisation.

The attack team of Extinction Rebellion would appear to consist of a bunch of homosexuals, lesbians and trendies looking for an audience, whom like the scum by whom they are being funded, do nothing themselves to save the planet, they all prefer to force everyone else to do it first.

The joke is, these people are either wittingly or Unwittingly, imposing Agenda 21, which will deny Europe the right to produce anything of importance, while Asia pollutes to its hearts content and should those idiots super-gluing themselves to buses and trains are soft enough in the head to believe that those rich, posh people, doing all the funding will be reducing their, Carbon Footprint, they must be out of their minds.

I have been exposing the lies of the Green New Deal super-heroes like Al Gore for years. Gore came up with the Carbon Trading scam, from which he made himself a millionaire. While his chum George Soros is funding the Antifa thugs who are the Daech/ISIS mercenaries, whom will be used to do to Europe and America what has been done all across the Middle East in recent times and in Russia, Germany and China in the not too distant past, when the right time comes.

All it takes to kick it all off is a fake mass shooting or another event like 911 or 7-7 or indeed an alleged invasion, along the lines of the farce which was used to justify World War Two. Don’t think for one minute that it cannot happen to you, what do you think makes common all garden Goy like you any different from the Germans, the rich boys hate us all without exception.

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