A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

And Muslims In Norway Whimper About A Koran Burning?


These are the Muslim immigrants whom stole Kosovo with the assistance of NATO bombs from the Serbs. They have since carried out several Pogroms against those Serbs whom chose to remain in their homeland. Be warned they will not tolerate any sign of Christianity in their now Muslim land.




This clip is pure propaganda, the Western Bankers picked Yugoslavia clean and then took away the leaders like Karadic and Milosovic who had fought back against the murderers from Kosovo.

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  1. Bertie B

    As you well know the UN prodded on by the US gave the holy land to the Jews after the British army was bombed out from there, as you maybe aware it was a zionist British army officer by the name of Orde Wingate who of his own volition taught the Haganah and others how to fight as urban guerrillas against the arabs and i propose was the single most destructive individual in the demise of the British mandate (he got a lot of squaddies killed or captured in Burma for no result and all).
    The guy was working against the UK and his fellow officers and men, it was a good job he met is end in a plane crash before he could do more damage. Churchill was another liability but fortunately for the allies Hitler was even worse at strategy and made catastrophic decisions on defense procurement.

    I am surprised there are any slavic people left, the bolsheviks had a homicidal hatred of them as well as the Nazis quite literally shot by both sides! I think they might be the last hope of europe as we know it, they will not accept the multi-culty and they’re reluctant to be dictated to by jew controlled bureaucrats of the EU, tho’ i notice the latest President of Ukraine is a Jew and the pawn of a disgraced oligarch who’s bolted to the robbers den of israel.


    November 24, 2019 at 14:37

    • Bertie, I have no idea how you string your bits and pieces together. When I was a boy Orde Wingate was a national hero in boys books of adventure, he trained the Chindits whom were fighting the Japanese and I was not aware that the Chindits fought in Palestine. No matter the Arabs were not the problem in Palestine, the Jews were the problem as they still are Bertie.

      I knew men whom had been stationed in Palestine at the end of the War and they told me that the Jews were filth, that they killed British servicemen without compunction. They displayed no sign of after affects of having been so recently gassed to death and they were driving the Arabs out of their own country by the thousand murdering hundreds to speed up the ones in front.

      As for Churchill Bertie, how many times do you need to be told, Churchill was the front man who was wheeled out to reassure the British that Britain had some say in the events of the war, they did not.

      The people of Ukraine are on record as having explained that they had never had such a pleasant life as they had when those “bad” Nasties came into town and saved them from the torments of the Jews and there were Ukrainians actually in the cattle wagons on their way to Siberia when the Germans swept in and saved them. Bertie you try very hard to put a nice spin on events but in the end you will have to face up to the fact that we stood alongside the bastards in two world wars.


      November 24, 2019 at 16:21

      • Do you set out to be provocative, your first paragraph was just drivel. I never said the word chindits let alone that they fought in Palestine, you probably speed read and can’t wait to critique my pearls of wisdom, slow down Eno! As regards heroes don’t the Brits just love them especially in time of war but for your information i’m totally neutral as regards the leaders of the allies, Hitler didn’t want to go to war with Britain and yet he was in a pact with Stalin who he loathed as i’ve said before the krauts shot themselves in the foot with Lenin but irony is lost on you.
        Churchill was not a Jew if anything his mother was of Iroquois indian decent, and landlords and the like paid for the wiggers of ireland to go to the states and canada, i’ve shown you the article describing the run up to the migration and how the irish were despised as a criminal rabble in the US.
        While i’m here i just noticed Jacktion is posting again on youtube, he had a break for 6 months but he’s cut from the same cloth as you Eno a Tim and proud fascist his latest is called “They hate us”


        November 25, 2019 at 17:30

  2. Bertie B

    That’s a pisser, i only lost about 300 words, i put it down to my pachardbell’end playing up because the longer it’s online the more it freezes an slows down, i put it down to me 6 mbps and windows 7 but your apple crumbly seems to misfire as well.


    November 21, 2019 at 21:05

    • In truth Bertie it was worse than that. It had already happened once and I was in two minds about whether to do it on Libre Office or to try again in the comment section. I was going to do a short reply, but everything seemed to be alright so I carried on and poof.
      You’re selective in your responses Bertie. I’m still waiting for your response to my last shape of the earth riddle, the one about “flatness” and does it exist, and my question was If you laid a railroad track all the way around the equator with a spirit level, however hard you tried to lay it flat you would have laid an enormous hoop.How do you squirm out of that one?


      November 21, 2019 at 21:40

      • Bertie B

        The earth only gently curves Eno, and in any case at the equator there is mostly water. Interesting fact about the exact equator to the north of it water moves clockwise down the plughole and to the south anti-clockwise but on the very line it disappears straight down, i once saw film of some groid with a bucket of water and 3 sinks doing a demo for the tourists.
        If your still being contrary on this issue, i have a high ground a few miles to the east and if i look further east from there with me binos i can see the principality stadium in cardiff now that’s twenty miles away, why can’t i see the transporter bridge in newport another ten miles further? it’s taller than the stadium, the curvature of the earth makes the ground drop otherwise with a telescope i’d be able to see Bristol.


        November 22, 2019 at 13:03

        • I refuse to believe that you believe the tosh about the water going down the plughole. Listen Bertie the water is supposed to be curved as well or have you forgotten that? We could move the tracks further north if you like whete there is more land but you are avoiding the question.So you mke a few remarks about how far you can see with a telescope and at some onknown point you can see nothing else because it apparently goes over the curve. Perhaps you have never coe across the film of the “disappearing point” throug a zoom, which shows quite clearly that it was not the disappearing point which has never actually been reached on film, so to this day nobody has ever actually seen this famous fmag at the top of the mast. How steep do you reckon the drop is at “some” point? If you could see through the haze you most probably would be able to see Bristol with a powerful telescope.I made mention of you in my lates piece of tosh on Bitchute,I asked the simple question, why if those like you, who are so sure that the Earthn is a globe, why is there any doubt about it. All rebuttals amount to a variation of ‘It must be a globe because of this that or the other” show us the proof which we are all looking for Bertie. With your bucket of water, you only need one drain to find that the water flows down the drain in the direction away from where it is poured and it never rotates against the incoming flow.


          November 22, 2019 at 13:35

          • Bertie B

            Ah your contrary drivel has reached a point where you propose that water flows out from the same direction as the inward flow yes? well it you have no quantity of water and just flow it goes directly out no spin but if you were to put the plug in and run a pint or two whether you kept the hot tap or the cold tap to pour with the plug removed the water will always spin clockwise in the north you can do that tonight to amuse yourself. The earth and the planets are spheres (not just round) because they spin in a vacuum not water Eno they have mass, the moon does not spin on its axis so only has micro gravity because its revolving with the earth around the sun.
            There are flows that are hard to explain, did you know that the suez canal has an upper and a lower water flow, by that i mean the south of the canal is tidal as from the red sea to the lake and north of that the water flows north from the lake in summer and south from the med in the winter, there would be a reason for the contra flow but it would take a boffin to explain.
            On your Bitchute earlier you were still spouting off about the deal with the Rothschilds and Balfour and all that guff, that deal was welched on with a white paper and Churchill did his best to keep the kikes out of the holy land as you well know. It wasn’t a deal with (((R))) it was a reward to arch zionist Chaim Weizmann for his clever dickery in the science lab so britain could make cordite by a new method to help with the war effort as i did explain but you have a fixed view and prefer your rants against (((them))) oh and the krauts transported Lenin and his henchmen from Vienna to moscow during the1st WW to ferment revolution and it worked a treat at taking the Ruskies out of action but then there was the blow-back because the bolshviks didn’t think small and wanted world domination so hoisted the krauts on there own petard as they say.


            November 22, 2019 at 18:21

            • We’ve all seen the clips of the dressed up idiots on “what is alleged to be the Equator and they walk from one side to the other of the non-existent line to pour their jug of water so it goes in from a different sides of the receptacle.

              With the moon, which you stress is a globe and not flat, what evidence do you have that it is not simply a flat disc? What is this micro gravity which you seem to have pulled out of some hat or other, nobody seems to know what the big gravity is never mind this micro stuff, but if you watch the fake moon walks at the proper speed this micro stuff seems to work just like the big stuff does in a desert somewhere in Arizona,

              With this Jew business, I have no idea whether Rothschild himself or indeed the Jew who took all the Russian gold back to his vaults in the USA, Jacob Schiff, who also allegedly funded the coup d’etat in Russia were the bosses or maybe Weissman was or are you suggesting all of them had their strings pulled by Christians perhaps.

              Churchill was controlled by a guy called Bernard Baruch, another Jew who funded Churchill’s drinking and gambling habits and by all accounts Churchill spent the war in a drunken stupor which is why he slurred his lines when reading his speeches. The Maranos Jew Roosevelt, whose mother was called Delano a well known Spanish Jewish name, referred to Churchill on many occasions as that drunken bum

              At the Conference at Versailles after Germany had been tricked into laying down its arms, according to Benjamin Freedman, one hundred and seventeen Jews took control of the Conference, for no apparent reason apart from the fact that Jews can get away with this sort of thing and they were the folk whom cut Germany to ribbons

              The Balfour Declaration, which you now claim that the British Welshed on, the Declaration which handed Palestine to Rothschild, and the Letter was clearly addressed to Rothschild, Written by Balfour a member of the Cecil Family of Jews, a Jew Lord Halifax in Chatham House, the home of the Jew Lord Milner, all of them employees of Baron Rothschild. Balfours family has connections going all the way back to the days of the first Elizabeth and they started the clearances of Ireland, in order to set up an Israel on the Emerald Isle. Are you suggesting that none of these people are Jews? That the Balfour Declaration was not in exchange for a promise of help from America, that when that help arrived inEurope that there were thirty-five thousand fully armed Jews on board the troop ships to go straight into Russia to form the Cheka, which carried out the systematic torture and slaughter of sixty-five-million White Christian souls.

              Had the British “welched” on the deal why does Baron Rothschild still own Israel and why do you suggest that he is not in a high security prison for all the serious war crimes of which those whom run his private country are guilty. Rudolf Hess was given a full life term for doing nothing.

              Finally does it really matter which members of this team of International Jews were responsible for any particular crime, in their own words they ordered and funded the most vicious War in the History of mankind, which along with the Slaughters of the Great War and the Coup d’Etat in Russia it cost a couple of hundred million souls and at the end of their mischief the Jews have the nerve to claim that what happened to them was the worst crime in History and our Politicians allow them to get away with it.


              November 22, 2019 at 20:44

            • Bertie B

              You take after the philosopher Bertrand Russell, Eno. He maintained that a giant teapot orbited the sun between earth and mars and that no scientist could prove him wrong. Any attempts by me to school you as regards your nonsense are wasted because you’re a dyed in the wool contrarian and even more nebulous than me.


              November 23, 2019 at 16:47

            • My questions say nothing at all about me Bertie, apart from the fact that I ask them. While those like you, think they know better but when asked to explain -What they know better- they are stumped. The truth is Bertie none of us know anything, we simply think we know or others think we can be deceived into believing what they want us to think we know. Does that make sense Bertie. And don’t forget to do something about the weather.


              November 23, 2019 at 22:31

  3. Bertie B

    I had a retort at your ‘when you’ve got nothing’ post but it disappeared on the upload, never mind i couldn’t be arsed rewriting but it was of the view Britain isn’t finished yet Eno tho’ we live in troubled times, talking of which that Kosovo vid didn’t mention the provocation the serbs had to endure from the KLA, the cut-throats use to seize serb police and torture them to death knowing full well there would be reprisals when the law paid them back. They use to bring the media to a town where the police had killed a few families and make out it was unprovoked sectarian actions by the serb govt, they deliberately spiraled the tit for tat knowing that until NATO intervened on their behalf they would get the worst of it, they led slick willy clinton by the nose, muzzers are nowt but trouble.

    You excelled yourself with your nonsense about earth being a bubble in a universe of water, i thought at first you were using an analogy as in a bubble of air but no you believe our flat earth was airless and covered in universal water and the atmosphere was magicked up by god? i know you like deep denial about the heavens but it’s probably the result of your upbringing, did the Jesuits get their hands on you?

    On the subject of cultural enrichment by the muzzers your french pal may be right about a coming crisis, i did a little research and you’ve twice the percentage of muzzers as we have in the UK for the same population level, at 12% your hardly over-run and you have half the density we have, i suppose it evens out tho’. I reckon there is a critical mass when everything goes to shit and it might be 20% muzzers probably more for the french as they’ve more elbow room. We have a mosque in my borough but you seldom see the muzzers as they keep to their own but i’m told they double their numbers every ten years!


    November 21, 2019 at 15:02

    • to us ;;;;;;Bertie I have just written a thousand word reply to your comment and in a flash all that was left was “to us”I will try again later.


      November 21, 2019 at 18:29

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