A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The British Have Once Again Voted ForA Brexit Without Knowing For What They Voted.




At Saturday’s march — one of the biggest demonstrations this year in Paris — where French film and TV stars joined abuse victims and activists, whom were calling for an end to “femicide.” Many held banners reading “Sick of Rape.”

The protest came on the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and is aimed at pressuring the French government, before it unveils new measures to tackle the problem.

The protest actually ended in a fistfight between two factions of these “women against violence, against women” because one group wanted to name the guilty while the others were intent on leaving the implication that it was all a problem of those beastly White men, while the others told the truth, pointing the finger of blame at immigrants.

A 2014 EU survey of 42,000 women across all 28 member states found that 26 per cent of French respondents said they had been abused by a “partner” since age 15, either physically or sexually. That’s below the global average of 30 per cent, according to UN Women. But it’s above the EU average and the sixth highest among EU countries.

All of that is as maybe, however France also has the highest number of Muslim and Black immigrants in Europe and there is no distinction being made about the apparent inability of Black and Brown Muslims to keep their hands off of White women.

In the United States, where for example, there are annually over thirty thousand examples of Blacks raping White women and not one case of a White man raping a Black woman, according to FBI statistics, and against such damning statistics should the figures be the other way around, the outcry would be deafening and so it should be.

However in France the rape statistics are a State Secret, which shows that the guilty are are protected by French Law, in order to maintain the inference that White Men are involved in these crimes, There are also more and more French women marrying Muslims both Black and Brown, to find a replacement for a White husband as White men in France would appear to be “going their own way”, many of them disgusted at the slutty behaviour of the “modern” French female.

In the United States the most common cause of an early death for a White woman is to be murdered by her Black boyfriend or Husband. In view of all this, would it come as any surprise to find that European statistics are in keeping with this form of Black and Muslim behaviour with White women? Well no it would not and the truth should be presented as being the not “totally unexpected” result of what Nicolas Sarkozy expressed as his desire, which was, to make it mandatory for White French women to inter-marry with Black men

The French people are currently starved of genuine information and many of them are now fully aware that the truth is being deliberately hidden from them. The Gilets Jaunes, with whom I have been in contact for some time, express the same views as you will find in many of my scribblings.

The British have just voted in a General Election,.The choice of the “voters” was directed towards the “usual suspects” Socialist and Conservative, as being the only intelligent choice, as to vote for any other candidate would be a “vote wasted”.

This “suggestion” was reinforced by a media, which totally ignored all other possibilities, with warnings that a reckless vote, for the “wrong” candidate could allow his opponent, the “right” candidate to win. When in fact all those wasted votes allowed the “wrong” candidate to win. He actually thanked them for the use of  their wasted votes, bearing in mind that they would most probably go back to their normal stooge in the next election. When in fact, ever since the British People, en masse, voted the “wrong way” for Brexit, all Political Parties in the UK, have been united in the aim of keeping the United Kingdom, firmly under the control of the “Unelected” Politburo in Brussels, which through the freedom of their Democratic vote, the British will now languish in for decades. That is what is called Democracy these days.

It is absolutely impossible to teach the voting dupes, that they have been under a spell throughout their lives. They firmly believe that when they are ordered to don a military uniform, train for a few weeks, learning how to shoot to kill or to fly an aeroplane over the homes of families with children and to deliberately drop their cargo of bombs, that this blatant, atrocious act, has magically stopped being cold-blooded murder, simply because the “government” has sanctioned the act. If it is possible to make people believe that load of crap, there is really is no hope for the world.

Governments are little more than criminal gangs, operating according to the rules of “Godfathers” by whom they are controlled. For example, in the United States, a high ranking member of the governing group, which calls itself Democratic, a man who was, in the recent past, the Vice President of the United States, is on film, bragging about how he forced the President of Ukraine, to dismiss a Court Prosecutor who was investigating the corruption of his son, by threatening to cut off a billion dollars of US aid, if he failed to so do. He laughed and said that within six hours the Prosecutor was accused of “corruption” and sacked. Ho!Ho! Ho!

This all took place, on film, with a group of members of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the Washington Branch Office of the City of London, Banker controlled, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, which also has a European Branch Office and many others across the world, and surprise, surprise this “joke” has been completely ignored by all and everybody, and the claim that it was “really” Donald Trump who carried out this act, which is now being used as the excuse to impeach him. Talk about “you couldn’t make this up” this stunt which is supported by the World’s “free press”. Despite all of this blatant, in your face, evidence of the total control of the narrative, do the British genuinely believe that they have outwitted these crooks? The Blacks and Muslims will keep on coming and you will all keep your mouth shut, because to call out “Help We’re Drowning” is Racist.

In Britain, the cops totally ignored the complaints of hundreds of young White children, whom were being sexually abused by Pakistani Muslim men, whom adore sex with small children. Neither of the two “preferred” Political Parties in the United Kingdom, both of which have held “power” while all of this rape and torture of White British children was taking place, must have been aware of what was going on, but chose to ignore it, even as they were welcoming the rapists into Britain and placing grown men, with stubble, into family homes where they actually raped members of the family which had given them shelter. And still European Women refuse to face up to what is being done to them by complicit politicians. What does it take?







20 responses

  1. Bertie B

    There you go again with your poor research Tapnewswise .com say’s ‘To commenters who say Alex Salmond is not Jewish, let’s ask the question – who was his mother?
    She doesn’t sound very Jewish to be honest. Maybe you got this one wrong, Harbinger. Salmond may well be a tool of the Rothschild Zionist programme of national destruction, but is he actually Jewish. I see no evidence yet that he is’.
    you purport to know your jews Eno but after the Churchill bollox and this i’m beginning to wonder. Perhaps it’ll come out in the court case that he’s circumcised that’s always a dead give-away eh?
    Whats this nonsense we’re all doomed, Britain will be out of the EU shortly Eno, we can sit back and enjoy the rioting in the union, i can practically see those sunlit uplands in Blighty and the molitov firelight on the streets of france. I don’t know why they complain about the NHS they’ve never had it so good and i got a new dentist the first took me on i just had to wait a bit. I couldn’t careless about england and their multi-culti they’ve always been a mongrel race. We’ve got the legacy of english encroachment up the valleys bunch of inbreds, us lowlanders call ’em VC valley commandos


    December 17, 2019 at 20:15

    • I hardly know where to start Bertie. The British may well have been a mongrel race, however it was mainly with White European people. The Blacks had to be brought out of Africa because they did not have the wit to do anything else. White people will be ruined by mixing with Blacks or Muslims, whom themselves could not even handle a bunch of Jews whom they outnumbered by millions.In South Africa, remember that place where you you refused to accept was full of cannibals, and you came up with some nonsense about Zulus being cattle herders, well they were given a first world country and they are already eating each other because they can’t figure out how to grow carrots.If it was only England they deserve whatever they get, they have allowed the “City” to suck them dry and now they’re being abandoned. Rothshild has already prepared his new “City” in Kasakhstan Astana, and he has already lit a fuse under the United Kingdom, in retaliation for the years his family spent in Holland after the British kicked them out. I’m happy to hear that you have confidence in Boris, but you still believe the crap you received from Churchill the Jew called Jacobson. As for Salmond, don’t you notice the similarity with Solomon What connection with Scotland can you digup apart from the name of a fishy thing?


      December 17, 2019 at 23:42

      • Bertie B

        I had a little dig into Alex ‘the beast’ Salmond’s background,very scottish his parents have solid Calvinist origin, no jew taint tho’ his wife is seventeen years his senior and long since dried up so that might have a baring on his predicament. I had a look at that tapnewswire .com again and all of your wacky tinfoil hat stuff is to be found on there you should check it out as there might be more nonsense for the blog.
        I checked out Kasakhstan Astana most of the pictures were artist impression tho’ they have built a tall structure that looks like a world cup trophy and a load of tower blocks that remind me of that fools paradise Dubai. Is this where a jewish Sauron will rule from Mordor on the caspian sea. What is it with megalomaniacs they feel compelled to build a new conurbation as i giant vanity project with no solid infrastructure or industrial base just how will services and gambling have a longterm draw on capital inflow when it’s in the middle of nowhere. The Egyptians are doing the same thing with building a new capital city in the Sinai where there’s little natural water, the Saudis have big plans for a new capital next to the red sea i wonder if they’ll get a cut rate from that citys R us Chinese contractors, all they have is oil and not as much as they make out either.


        December 19, 2019 at 16:55

        • To date Bertie you have disproven nothing which I have said, Churchill is a Jew, his mothers real name was Jacobson. Astana has been photographed and filmed by dozens of television channels and magazines yet all you an dig up is a couple of artists impressions and with this “load” of evidence in your mind you dismiss what I have suggested do you? You have most probably never heard of the Belt and Road project which will connect Chinese crap with the entirety of Russia, Europe and Africa-where all the resources are to be found- and Astana is right at the crossroads of this trade route,and will provide an Empire of Banking and Trade for the dear Lord Rothschild. Your problem Bertie would appear to be that you do
          not accept the notion that we are now as much under threat as were the Russians and the Germans less than one hundred years ago and a mere fifty years before that they were busily starving the Irish to death. Our politicians are complicit in our destruction, even the poor ol’ negro Paul Robeson was shocked at the squalor, with which he was confronted in Wales, while a Frenchman was touring Ireland and he reported that it was the only country in Europe in which “all of the people” were living in a poverty stricken manner. That was done to the British Isles in the 20th Century and you still doubt their bad intentions? Wake up Bertie.


          December 19, 2019 at 17:24

          • Bertie B

            You won’t be schooled on Churchill because you’d have to admit you are wrong, whether her real name was jerome or Jacobson doesn’t matter there’s no Jews to be found her family line is Huguenot; Jennie Jerome was born in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn in 1854, the second of four daughters (one died in childhood) of financier, sportsman, and speculator Leonard Jerome and his wife Clarissa (always called Clara, daughter of Ambrose Hall, a landowner. Jerome’s father was of Huguenot extraction, his forebears having emigrated to America from the Isle of Wight in 1710. Hall family lore insists that Jennie had Iroquois ancestry through her maternal grandmother; however, there is no research or evidence to corroborate this, Jew free Eno.
            As regards Rothschilds Zanadu, have you found it on the map, i thought it would be near the caspian but it’s even more remote, chuck a dart into central asia and you’re close. How is this tried up with the riches of africa? I follow Winston’s Serpentza channel on youtube, he say’s if they ever finish the belt and road it’ll be built of the shoddiest construction and be nowhere near large a network as envisaged, he’s lived in china 15 years and reckons the corruption is endemic and everything they make is crap and poorly maintained that’s why it’s cheap and disposable. The chinese economy is built on a bed of sand, no one can believe their economic data as the party controls everything and their industrial base is packed with zombie companies that are kept afloat by state aid. The whole thing will crumble when the free money runs out, tho’ the Han might get into their shitty cars and drive as far as they can on the potholed highway to the west.
            That house coon Robeson was led by the nose around the valleys to see what the marxists wanted him to see, he wasn’t taken to the Vale next to my borough which has the dearest properties in the principality, wales is patchy as regards living standards but the unions drastically improved working conditions and wages in the coal mining areas until Thatcher closed them all down…


            December 20, 2019 at 15:19

            • Churchill never denied that he was a Jew. He simply expressed his preference to be called a Zionist. His father Randolph detested him because he did not believe that Winston was his son. They bear very little resemblance to one another.
              As for China they have already built a huge glass and steel city in I believe Rwanda, where there are no doubt “hidden resources” as there are in South Africa, which was saved by Rock’n’Roll for the City of London. They have also just completed a bridge connecting part of China with Russia, which is not too far from Kazakhstan. They want Africa for themselves and their rulerBaron Rothschild is paying for the exportation of three quarters of a billion Blacks to the USA and Europe. Even Alex Jones is worrying about this because it is already under way Bertie.,
              The groaning coon Paul Robeson, one of first Black superstars, toured the United Kingdom and I understand he found many people whom were far worse off than those whining, good for nothing Blacks, in the USA, who found it hard work to simply get out of bed and stretch in the morning, before making the difficult trek to the Welfare Office.
              I need a lot of electric tools Bertie because of my problem with itinerant immigrant burglars, whom are constantly stealing them, so I buy a lot of Chinese stuff and in truth it is not all rubbish. It depends on what they are asked to make the blueprints come from Europe and if the delivered goods did not conform with them they would not be accepted. When I want a really cheap drill I buy from Lidl’s and the quality is excellent and that is probably only put together with Chinese bits and pieces, which is now called made in Germany.

              It’s sad thatThatcher managed to destroy the Welsh Coal Industry after the courageous efforts of those brave Men of Harlech, whom while proudly singing out Land of My Fathers helped the striking men in the English Coalfields in the Battle of Orgreave, against the overwhelming legions of English Cops, whom even thrashed the sturdy wives of those Yorkshire Miners, with Arthur Scargill carrying the Union Banner, like the true leader of his men, from the front.

              By the By Bertie, what sort of name is Ambrose?


              December 20, 2019 at 17:55

            • Bertie B

              Told the truth you still cling to the jew narrative, if he was a yid why did he do his damnedest to keep the jewish refugees out of the holy land and even seized madagascar from vichy control when the nahzees switched to plan B for the unwanted jews and condemning them to death, this doesn’t make sense for a zionist. Even when Britain reluctantly let some of the eastern european jews into the country they made sure they were interned on the Isle of Man where they could contain the bolshevik 5th column, it was Attlee’s marxists that let them infect British society.
              Dear dear Eno you can’t keep track for your nonsense, if the chinese have built a few highrise in the middle of bongo land so what, Rwanda is a basket case nation funded by charidee handouts tho they have a bit more elbow room after the unpleasantness. S.Africa is on the cusp of out right anarchy, how will the chinese/jews strip what’s left off the dying state when the whites flee to russia, it will be like herding cats. You said the jews were going to round up 250 million groids and ship them to europe last week, now you’re saying 750 million! have another read of your annual bumper book of bollox from David Ike.
              As regards the negroes in the west, they’re a bit like bicycles once the chains off they don’t work, in the olden days they had to be ‘seasoned’ before you could get a good days work out of them, they knew this in south africa the farmer had to have his shambok handy to keep order and productivity with the kaffir. Now the whip is on the other side the farmer is hunted and murdered on his own land.
              If you can’t keep thieves away keep your tools in a chest and take it inside your digs or rig a booby trap for the buggers. I keep all my stuff under lock and key as there are robbing scum around. If i wanted tools i’d just pop along the cash generator tho’ i wonder if those 2nd hand tools are legit. Tools in the germans stores are made in china they don’t mind, bosche stopped manufacturing locally 4 year ago, they don’t stay longer than 30 yrs or so once the tax breaks and state grants dry up they go to the next country that’s offering.
              I remember the miners strike, the pickets liked the argy-bargy it took the mind off the boredom of hanging around the gates, there were no shortage of black legs and the police we happy enough with the overtime and many a miner’s daughter collaborated with the enemy!


              December 21, 2019 at 13:50

            • All the Cash Converter stores down here have vanished. My new years resolution is to make a steel door for my workshop at the minute I’ve gat stuff hidden everywhere in the garden. I caught one of the bunch that rob me all the time, they opened the door and came in as I was recording, that’s how bad it is.
              The Chinese want Africa and the Jews want the Middle East. The Sheiks are on board with the idea of sending all those Muslims to the States and Europe. There is no hope for people who go along with the squeals of the Thunberg asshole they could all live just like I do now, but I guarantee that five minutes would be long enough to make them changed their minds about their longing for the simple life. How long is it since you made a cup of tea with rain water? Whether people like it or not. It is not possible to say that Europe is vast and empty so it could be divided into several hundreds of millions of 2 acre plots, so that we could all keep ourselves in comfort, that’s what a geezer from the New Chartists was babbling about the other day. There was virtually no grain grown in the States this year and I was hit with the driest summer for five or six years along with everyone else down here. So the food shortages could start at any time, so this notion of pricks like Corbyn that you can prop the door open and let them all pile in is a recipe for disaster. This fact of life has to faced up to before these parasites arrive once they’re in it’s too late.
              The negroes can do nothing, they used to solve the over-population problem by eating each other now they want to breed as if there’s no tomorrow and when it comes they expect us to feed them.How did that happen?


              December 21, 2019 at 20:21

            • Try this one for size Bertie:

              “Winston Churchill was a “secret Jew.” This was admitted in the Jerusalem Post, Jan.18, 1993, where editorial columnist Moshe Kohn wrote: “Cunning, no doubt, came to Churchill in the Jewish genes transmitted by his mother Lady Randolph Churchill, née Jenny Jacobson/Jerome.” Moshe Kohn, Jerusalem Post, Jan.18, 1993.
              I don’t suppose even that will be enough to encourage you to accept the truth.


              December 22, 2019 at 12:27

  2. Bertie B

    Today’s BS from Eno is” result of what Nicolas Sarkozy expressed as his desire, which was, to make it mandatory for White French women to inter-marry with Black men” where do you get this stuff? with emphasis on mandatory like (((they))) could get a law thru’ parliament to compel race mixing haha. Sometimes i think the french are a nation of barely suppressed anarchists who riot for the fun and camaraderie a bit like blacks.
    As regards our recent election, apparently Boris was expecting a small majority and was amazed when the north rejected the marxists and he ended up with an 80 seat majority, i think a lot of it was we had a guts full of prevarication over Brexit tho’ you were right the ‘wasted’ votes did help, my BP candidate had the almost exact vote to deny victory to the sitting Labour MP for the benefit of the Tory challenger.
    Peter Hitchens in the Mail reckons the election of the Conservatives is the final stage in the new Labour project it’s just taken a seismic shift of loyalties from the working classes away from socialism and towards the middle ground of tory lite populism, Blair was a crypto tory after-all.
    As regards the perfidious character of wimmin, it’s down to hypergamy, conceitedness and the yearning for sexual adventure using their waning allure it attract and ensnare, every one i know or heard of who married across race has come to regret it and as regards the rape epidemic you speak of it hasn’t reached wales yet and i hear the french are all a bit rapey anyway talking of rapey Alex Salmon is in court shortly up on multiple charges of molestation and attempted rape, i bet Nicola Sturgeon could say a thing or two about his sexual proclivities as she couldn’t get elected to the parish council let alone Parliament before Salmon took her under his wing, like with Jews there’s always a quid pro quo…


    December 15, 2019 at 14:37

    • Take a peek Bertie: https://youtu.be/I8yaiN6ew_g


      December 15, 2019 at 17:49

      • Bertie B

        I remember one of your bitchute posts being interrupted i thought it was a friend or cat, it was a robbin berber or groid, the brazen cheek of them, were they deaf you were talking away, maybe think about a getting a fierce dog tho’ the cats won’t be happy. Ask the police about your right to defend your plot, i america folk shoot first and ask questions later, the police are on the home owners side but don’t ever ask for help after nightfall.
        What’s this about food shortages, plenty in our shops tho’ an inch of snow and the bread and milk is gone but that’s normal. I got a bag of brown rice an tins of beans put by for Brexit but i don’t eat much only about £3 a day. Is canada in drought as well as the west coast yanks? The US will get by one way or another, if grains are short they will stop feeding it to cattle which is very wasteful, is the weather in the north of france wetter, there are canals to move water further south, we’ve had loads of rain in the UK but the winter is very mild so far but i bet it stays chilly into April like last year, i still have a few roses in bloom !


        December 22, 2019 at 14:55

        • And of course that diatribe of rubbisH means you have accepted that you’re snookered on the Churchilll issue, does it not?


          December 22, 2019 at 16:30

          • Bertie B

            Your usual half truths and bullshit prove nothing, i told you jennie jerome’s mother was nee Hall, doesn’t sound jewish to me tho’ her father had a scandal doesn’t say what but clara took her daughters to paris while it blew over and that’s where Jen met Randolph Churchill, you’re confused because you read some speculation not born out by fact that her father was a goyfide jew whether or not that’s true is irrelevant, the Jewishness is passed on the mothers side, you should make your foil hat into a jesters cap with bells on.


            December 22, 2019 at 20:10

            • Calm down Bertie, it was a Jew who made this claim, which happened to coincide with I had already told you.Who are you suggesting was actually called Jacobson if it was not her father as claimed by the Jew who referred to him as a closet Jew and why would they say such a thing if it was not true?


              December 22, 2019 at 21:04

            • Bertie. You have totally failed to point out my half truths and bullshit. You’ve disputed whatI said about Sarkozy a fact which known internationally, you still refuse to face up to the fact that your claims about Churchill have no more validity than do mine and yet he was put in place along with a whole team ofJews in America, France and Britain, by the same group of Jews, why would he be the odd man out? Chaim Weitzmann told us out right that WW2 was a Jew war, financed by Jews and Jew lies and propaganda kept the war going, so why would they put a Christian in control in the UK?


              December 23, 2019 at 10:56

    • You consistently I dispute my scribblings Bertie and when you are shown to be wrong, on every occasion in fact, you never acknowledge that you were wrong. Why is that Bertie? Right off the beam with this comment you were wrong, I have yet to read the rest of it.


      December 15, 2019 at 17:56

    • Bertie, do a little research to save showing your ignorance. I have told you a dozen times Europe is finished and that goes for the UK. You are already in the throes of the Phoney War. More than a million people have come into the UK in the past couple of years and you can’t figure out why the Health Service is on its knees? Check out the yellow pages for Birmingham to see how many doctors, dentists, schools, hospitals, Police and other crap is needed to deal with that many people and Boris has no intention of stopping it, he and Corbyn were on the same hymn sheet, they all work together Bertie. The election was rigged. Get over it. You never gave your opinion about the tagged murderer who battled alongside the man with the swordfish, against the other tagged criminal with the”big” knife.


      December 15, 2019 at 18:16

    • Hitchens is talking out of his ass, New Labour was finished when all of the vestiges went to the back-benches. I cringed when it was claimed that Saloman took his clothes off and forced some poor bitch onto a bed.Just the idea of seeing that bastard naked has spoilt my supper. He is a Jew is he not?


      December 16, 2019 at 21:42

    • What Sarko was explaining in Saudi Arabia was what you doubted when I sugested it to you. Whether you had heard about it or not the Sheik had certainly heard about Sarkos aim of browning out the French, what he was asking was whether Sarko was going to try and force the Muslims to do the same thing, to which Sarko replied, no, no, no, only with Blacks.
      By the way I think I will be getting the heave-ho from BitChute. I have no means of paying the monthly bill, being Dark Green and all that, I have no credit card. I tried out Dailymotion this morning, it’s quite good but they put an Xcertificate on my first clip.


      December 17, 2019 at 22:07

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