A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Rich Men Rule, Whatever The System Of Control Is Called.



Why? You might well ask, are the banking mob so keen to accept the dubious claims that the world will collapse, unless “their rules of climate change conformity” are immediately put in place, by all corporations and fast, before they, “Our Rulers” are compelled to make them obligatory. These warnings come from a “Banker” Mark Carney, a Jew who was until recent times, the Governor of the Bank of England.

Carney warns big business that there are now Global Regulators” whom will oversee the implementation of the new international system of strict laws to fight against the coming tragedy of “weather”.

Carney was Speaking in Tokyo, at a conference held by the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), where he suggested there to be, “an appetite among investors to support companies that understand their climate risks, following research that showed these “risks” were likely to expand at a faster rate.” even as in his homeland, Canada, the weather mocked his claims, and government signs warning that because of disastrous “Global Warming” all of Canada’s glaciers would have disappeared by 2020, when in reality they ad all grown in size due to the “unreported” decline in temperatures during recent years, all across the world.

To demonstrate the total lack of power and the sterility of the Political classes, whom we continue to believe to be looking after our best interests, Carney has joined forces with Michael Bloomberg, a New York billionaire, who has recently announced his intention to run against Donald Trump in the coming Presidential election in America.

Bloomberg, the former New YorkMayor, has signed up a team of Banks, asset managers, pension funds and insurance companies with altogether assets of $120 trillion, €100 trillion to launch these new rules of life all across the White Christian world. 80% of the top 1,100 companies, operating in G20 will be obliged to disclose their assessment of the climate related financial risks, in line with TCFD recommendations. In other words how the warming is affecting their profits, as they head towards a Carbon free future.

You can rest assured, that this is pure Communism speaking at the top of its voice and you can rest assured that your elected leaders are fully aware of this fact.. Climate change/Global warming, is nothing more than a ridiculous claim, which is being used to install the Communist Manifesto, of which Agenda 21 is a carbon copy.

The main idea is to reduce the population of the world. Get rid of the middle classes, ban private transport and the ownership of private property, your own home, which is already a fading dream for the current generation which with a Student loan debt of thousands of dollars on their shoulders, is already bogged down in despair.

Socialism is sweeping the world, as it did in the years following World War Two, when Communist Russia was given most of EasternEurope as a present by the Communists, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, while the rest of “Free Europe” stood by, without a word of objection, to this act of the deliberate installation of several “Evil Dictators” all across EasternEurope, while claiming to have just “liberated” Germany from the clutches of National Socialism.

The United Kingdom was then handed over to the Fabian Socialists of the Labour Party, whom immediately put in place all of the necessary tools to fulfil the latest dream ofSocialism, the Browning out of White Europe through the means of mass immigration and The Welfare State, which now looks after the needs of even illegal immigrants more favourably than those of the indigenous Europeans.

In a strange twist of fate, it is the immigrants whom are now calling for restrictions to be placed on immigration as they have spotted the coming death of the goose who lays the golden eggs of free rent, education, health care, all at the cost of White men working to pay for it all. while the Labour Party is calling for open door immigration, a stupidity which cost them the last election as then working man gritted his teeth and voted for the Posh Boys.

Crouching behind all of that nonsense we find this group of wealthy financiers writing the laws by which will all be ruled in this coming New Order, while our “leaders” remain silent. The hottest topic under debate is the Universal Salary, which is a means of reducing one and all to the same level of existence. Pure Communism is all for the benefit of the Elite. They will retain all of their advantages, which will include a pastoral lifestyle in a virtual empty countryside, while the proles live a cramped life in monstrous Smart Cities, where every move will be logged and bad behaviour will incur a reduction in the Universal Salary, which will of course be electronic money, so nobody will be able to slip you a few cents to buy a sandwich, that is the coming Brave New World.

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