A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Don’t For One Minute Think That It Can Not Happen Here.



We The People would appear to be totally incapable of figuring out the simple fact that we are being given a choice between two evils, neither of which is any better than is the other, every time time we go to the trouble of ritually voting in a controlled electoral system, which always produces the same, desired by our “rulers” result.

I would suggest that at this time in history, the entire Christian World, is in the process of annihilation, at the hands of those well known demons, whom have apparently managed to remain invisible to “our rulers” many of whom have quite recently promised never to divulge the existence of a menace of torture and death, which is hanging over the heads of those by whom they were “elected”, which is coming from the direction of a group which has already carried out some of the most brutal genocides in the history of mankind. Some of which were actually reported in the British Press.


“Usually, immediately after the massacre the corpses were removed in lorries or horse drawn wagons from the city and buried in a mass grave. In the corner of a garden we came upon an older mass grave, which contained about 80 corpses, in which we discovered signs of the most varied and unimaginable cruelties and mutilation.

There were corpses, from which the entrails had been removed; others had different limbs amputated and others again were cut into pieces. Some had the eyes poked out, while the head, the face, the neck and the torso were covered with deep wounds. Further on we found a corpse with an axe in the breast, while others had no tongues.

In a corner of the mass grave we discovered many legs and arms severed from the trunk.” 

The enormous number of corpses, which have already been laid to the account of Communist Socialism and which increase terrifyingly all the while, will perhaps never be exactly known, but it exceeds everything imaginable. It is not possible to learn the exact number of the victims. All estimates lie below the real figure.

In the Edinburgh newspaper “The Scotsman” of November 7, 1923, Professor Sarolea gave the following figures:

“28 bishops; 1,219 priests; 6,000 professors and teachers; 9,000 doctors; 54,000 officers; 260,000 soldiers; 70,000 policemen; 12,950 estate owners; 355,250 intellectuals and of the free professions; 193,290 workers and 215,000 peasants.”

The British people and their government were, a mere ten years after these Bolshevik atrocities in Russia had been exposed in the BritishPress, were along with the Americans, proudly arming these butchers, to the teeth, in preparation for the unleashing of this madness against the people of Germany, when the long planned war against Hitler was declared.

When the slaughter of the Germans was over and the German Government and Military Leaders had been ritually lynched, out of hand at Nuremberg,  for “bad behaviour” our leaders have never, on any occasion, made mention of the indescribably brutal torture of the innocent in Russia, while on the other hand eagerly pointing the finger of guilt for “crimes against Humanity” towards the Germans, whom were selected, without evidence, as the “Evil Ones” a situation which is being continued, to the present day by the same group which carried out the genocide in Russia.

There has long been an attitude of “it can never happen to us” in the minds of the French and British, even though it has quite clearly been underway for many years. For the British and French the destruction kicked off almost immediately after the end of World War Two, when the British Fabian/Communists brought in the Blacks from the West Indies and the Muslims from Pakistan, with a few Hindus mixed in, while in France De Gaulle decided it would be a good idea to bring in the Algerians, Moroccans and the Tunisians, most of whom, like all the immigrants from theThird World into Europe, having been made veritable “millionaires” with generous Welfare payments and free everything else, never sought to upset their privileged situation by seeking a real job, choosing instead to work on the “Black”.


Should there be any doubt as to the International spread of the Bolshevik slaughters, they have already been bestowed all across Eastern Europe and into Germany and as far west as Spain:

“It may suffice to recall the recent giant bloodbaths in Hungary, Poland, East Germany and Cuba as well as the earlier mass killings by Stalin and the annihilation of millions of Chinese through the communist regime of Mao Tse-tung. But also the communist attempts at revolution, which could not achieve lasting permanence, such as that of Bela Kun who occupied Hungary in such a brutal way in the middle of 1919; of Spain in 1936, where the Bolsheviks gained control of Madrid and parts of the Spanish provinces and murdered more than 16,000 priests, monks and nuns as well as 12 bishops; further the happily unsuccessful attempt in Germany its most successful realization in the Red Republic of Bavaria in the year 1919. All these attempts were in fact orgies of 1918, which was directed by Hugo Haase, and which had blood and un- restrained bestiality.” All quotations come from: Maurice PINAY- The Secret Driving Force of Communism-(1963).

16 responses

  1. Bertie B

    That half arsed attempt to Dox me failed or was it an act of desperation to get more traffic onto your on your near moribund blog?
    You always seem to go into denial, i was always civil to you but when i kept criticizing(american spelling, i just go with it) because you repeat the same BS after i have shown your error YOU started the potty mouth and abuse so i replied in kind. I did read some of Freedman’s stuff but i could see what it was straight off and a quick check of dates showed he was talking nonsense about the US entry into WWl. You give credence to this sort who tell you what you want to believe, another quote from you “You defend the claims of the Jews about Hitler and his final solution and I suppose you believe that to be the truth about “modern history”,” can you quote be on that i have no recollection of backing up the tribe on Hitler. There is no ‘we are idiots’ you are out on your own Eno, I didn’t ‘panic’ over any nonsense you claim look bemused would be closer, you seem to clutch at straws to ‘fight back’ tho’ there’s no need just say it’s controversial, but you can’t back down because your ego would take a knock. It’s peculiar you run yourself down calling yourself A’hole and ranting fool with your stuff but it seems you’ll defend it to the last even after being shown the more likely origin/outcome. I have views to the right tho’ not as far as yours like being a fan boy of Hitler but you can rip into the Tribe all day fine by me. Both Freedman and Brother Nat turned their back on (((them))) and became christians, i never said your Irish i said your a Tim, tho’ i don’t know the exact meaning Tim to the brim means the pious.


    February 17, 2020 at 19:50

    • What makes you think that my blog is moribund? Th reason I posted your comment on BitChute was to alert people to your true position. On Bitchute you post all those jolly litte memes, while on my Blog the filth inside you comes streaming out.

        Bertie you seem to enjoy claiming I provoked you when all you need do is take a look at your commentson BitChute. They are there for all to see. So I have no need to even bother to respond to your claims. You write so badly that I even got the impression that I was in some way responsible for you being a Beaker type but you used American spelling to shut me up?. That’s hardly my fault. Bertie I think we know where we stand now so don’t bother to post any more comments on here,I shall be moderating them out. You are quite free to comment on BitChute where Disqus takes care of that side of it.


      February 17, 2020 at 20:38

  2. Bertie B

    He came out with BS about Churchill and you believe that as gospel truth, oh i looked at Makow’s triad claw article on masonic hand signs and he had a whole host of images of historical figures posing with the claw tho’ he was clutching at straws when he claimed Churchill was doing a version of it when he threw up a Vulcan greeting gesture straight outa star trek!


    February 12, 2020 at 12:55

    • Why are you so bothered by this business of Churchill? The object of it all was to distract attention away from the fact that the Jews funded and controlled all of the slaughter which took place throughout the 20th Century. The Hitler was a Jew or a Mason claim didn’t stick around for long when it was pointed out that if he was a secret child of Rothschild or whatever that would suggest that the Jews ordered and funded the Shoa as well as the war. Remember the boys of the Rhondda Bertie,they’d be ashamed of you..

      Liked by 1 person

      February 12, 2020 at 15:34

      • Bertie B

        The welsh have no liking for Churchill quite the opposite but we don’t stand for BS either, your obsessed with Joos and see (((them))) everywhere. Some asshole on a conspiracy blog tells you Churchill’s a yid and there you go it must be true, bad enough you never checked it out yourself before repeating it like it was fact to your 50 or so listeners, you come across as a gullible fool. I did the checking to find the origin of the bloodline and still you dig your heels in because the narrative doesn’t suit you. Churchill did his damnedest to keep the Joos out of Palestine and wouldn’t agree to use the RAF to bomb the work camps where mass murder was supposedly going on doesn’t sound like a tribe member! Roosevelt neither who sent back a Joo refugee transport ship after it reached the US coast, treated like a plague ship.


        February 12, 2020 at 21:34

        • You mean the way you checked out Medvedev do you Bertie, so the people who knew his family knew his mother was a Jew but you found someone who knew better and that’s what you call research. You don’t stand for bull-shit but your full of it. You found the origin of the Jacobson bloodline did you? Or maybe the one that suited your tale. Did you check out Obama’s while you were at it, his mother was a jew as well. No conspiracy blog told me Churchill was a Jew, I have never done any research on Blogs I choose to go into history books. Like the one that traces the evidence that Eisenhower was a Jew a Swedish Jew.Have you read any books on the real history of the war Bertie? The first thing you picked me up on was when I said the Jews declared the war in 1933, to which you said that was only a blockade and when I presented Chaim Weismanns admitance that they did, you kept your gob shut. Go back to sleep Bertie. Bertie I’m in no way obsessed with Jews, I mention exactly the same Jews all the time because they are jews or they call themselvesn Jews.Icould mention dozens more like Kissinger and Soros but they are a different tale which I will mention sooner or later and when I do they will still be Jews. You on the other hand isist on denying the truth of the matter.


          February 12, 2020 at 22:47

          • Bertie B

            Just like a lil’bitch you do like your denial, and you alter what was said, you said Roosevelt not Eisenhower and i notice you didn’t refute the anti-Joo policy of the wartime leaders. As for Medvedev i did explain his bloodline and not from a conspiracy blog as yours is the only one i follow for a laugh, Jew or Not Jew is the gold standard website you want to try it, run by Jews and will accept no pretenders, they even rate the Jewieness from i-10. On Medvedev their appraisal ; Now, knowing Russians as well as we think we do, they love their Jewish conspiracies: since Medvedev doesn’t like to delve into his family’s past, there must be a secret there! Yet the best they can come up with is the name of Medvedev’s maternal grandfather, Veniamin (Benjamin) Shaposhnikov, which in theory could be Jewish. It’s a very very loose theory.
            What we do know is that Medvedev is baptized, is in favor of increasing Eastern Orthodox education in Russia, and his last name means “bear”. Possible Jewish grandpa or not, it’s just not gonna fly. So there shouldn’t be any gasps in surprise about the verdict below.
            Verdict: Not a Jew. Jew score 2
            Oh and another thing you changed to suit yourself was the Jews declare a blockade, a step down from War against Germany you said multiple times but even that was wrong because you need an army and a navy to do that, an ethnic people can only operate a ‘Boycott’ just like what has been turned on them because of the occupation of the westbank.
            As for my research, i’ve walked the miles in the Holy Land and been up to my balls in Joos, they hate the British truth be told and from me it’s mutual.
            I’ve read ancient and modern history and even Nietzsche, your pal Hitler was a fanboy of him. As regards Joo history I’ve read historian Martin Gilbert’s The Holocaust, that was a hard read and the biggest work of fiction pertaining to be fact i have ever come across, this guy had chapter and verse on every death if he is to be believed tho’ i did enjoy the casual brutalities he dreamt up.


            February 13, 2020 at 16:46

            • Bertie I have been dealing with mean minded nasty little pricks like you for years and your approach is always the same. You try to disseminate absolute rubbish and twisted versions of the truth. You did not investigate Medvedev’s bloodline you took your version from a source that suited you, while at the same time criticising those whom have different sources than you? You read and speak Russian do you? If I said Rooseveldt instead of Eisenhower it does not have any bad intent involved, while you try to suggest that I have changed my mind or got what I claimed confused or some such guff, all of it designed to present my blog as some sort of evil source, which is what you are paid to do, is it not? After your very first comment on my stuff, I was warned about Bertie the Shill and I chose to ignore it, but not because I am in any way worried about whether you might be able to undermine the truth, but because I knew what I was dealing with Bertie and mean minded little shits like you give those like me a chance to present your guff and bluster for what it is. As for your remarks about the “blockade” against Germany there were two “blockades” The first was after the Great War, which cost the lives of 900,000 people, which forced the Germans to accept the Treaty of Versailles, the Jews had the support of all the “Allies” that was their Army and Navy, Get it? The second was in 1933 and the same “Allies” helped again, they were after all a bunch of Jews. Judea Declared War on Germany on the 24th March 1933, if you choose to disbelieve what the Jews themselves accept that is entirely up to you. I have never made a comment suggesting that to carry out a blockade is a “step down from war” it is considered by International Law to be a declaration of war. Have a listen to Benjamin Freedman, he was at Versailles.


              February 13, 2020 at 17:56

      • Bertie B

        How come Hitler was a Joo nonsense is farcical but Churchill was a Joo, Stalin was a Joo Roosevelt was a Joo oh ok that fits my theory!


        February 17, 2020 at 21:46

        • Why not add Bertie is a Jew to that list? I’ve already suggested that Hitler was a Jew my friend but the Jews couldn’t bear the thought that Baron Rothschild gave him the cash to gas the Jews. Goodbye Bertie


          February 18, 2020 at 09:04

  3. Bertie B

    Henry Makow said Hitler was a fudge packer and him and Hess were a couple.


    February 11, 2020 at 22:13

    • I suppose you’ll believe that!


      February 11, 2020 at 22:34

      • Bertie B

        Makow was your source for the Churchill BS but when the same guy say’s something you don’t like which was likely then it’s a load of guff, your a bit like a neo-Nazi magpie Eno just picking at the conspiracy/tinfoil fringe for stuff that corroborates your warped view of modern history.
        It’s an education researching your rants to separate the truth from the BS and there is BS to be found. Take the blockade the western powers put on the germans after the war to get them to admit they lost and pay reparations for ruining large areas of europe, that was only right and as for your 900,000 starved to death it just sounds laugh able, like the german agriculture just ground to a halt, nobody picking fruit nobody sowing crops nobody growing fruit an veg in their garden like everybody else in europe. Were you aware when Britain that country you’ve rejected was subject to wolf packs sinking all the freighters and putting the nation on a diet we were never fitter and grew pretty much all our own food for the first time in decades and yet according to your warped view the germans are so hopeless they require others to feed them and died like trapped flies.
        Grow up Eno, and as for me being some shekel a post troll for Tel Aviv because i call you out for BS well you can’t make up your mind can you, one time i’m Oy Vey from the valleys then i’m a Holocaust denier, it’s like you’ve got to say something and what you don’t know you make up like a child, my trip to the Holy Land was a fact finding mission to get the real vibe about us from the source even if OrgJew is to be found in the posher areas of London. One thing i found out was the Israelites look down on Holocaust survivors, who’d have thunk!


        February 14, 2020 at 14:41

        • Bertie you are so slow witted, I never said that Makow was my source, I simply said that he had said the same thing, so it must be true. He is a Jew after all and Jews do not tell lies and for you to suggest that they do is anti something or other.
          What is a neo-nazi, something like a national zionist perhaps, is that what you are? Do you feel safer writing your crap here to avoid other commenters spotting the crap you write in defence of the indefensible?
          You defend the claims of the Jews about Hitler and his final solution and I suppose you believe that to be the truth about “modern history”, despite the fact that in 1933, a Jew called Morgenthau was calling for the total annihilation of the Germans, it is in writing there is no dispute about it, can you present a similar document in which Hitler called for the annihilation of the Jews? In 1933 what was the Jews excuse for declaring this war Mr History? Hitler had just been elected, the same Jews recently called for the impeachment of Trump the day he was elected, history repeating itself I suppose.
          I see that you did not bother to listen to Benjamin Freedmzn or you are choosing to ignore him and instead write your pap about all the produce available for the Germans to eat. Where did you get that from?

          You suggest that the Germans lost the war do you? Bertie you are not up to the job. If I was paying you, you would have been sacked long ago. Germany had to lose the war Bertie, otherwise the Jews could not claim ownership of Palestine dick-head.That was the whole point of the War, the Balfour Declaration was on the basis that Germany and their Ally the Ottoman Empire fell, get it asshole? It was written before the war had even ended on the basis that the Yanks would come to the aid of the British to make sure that Germany lost. In the end an Armistice was called, remember that you little prick, an armistice is a draw, Germany did not lose the war they were forced by your employers to take the blame so that they could claim the Middle East from the Ottoman at the same time. Get an effing education Dumbo.


          February 14, 2020 at 15:59

          • Bertie B

            I know i’m getting solid results against your neo-Nazi whinny BS when you start getting your knickers in a bunch with the verbal abuse and tying yourself in knots and having to constantly change what i said to suit your drivel. When i asked your source for the Churchill jew BS reluctantly you said Henry Makow, you didn’t say he corroborated some other source/fantasist.
            The most recent source of your nonsense Benjamin Freedman another self loathing Jew, like Bobby Fisher and my favorite Brother Nathaniel who i’ve followed for years, he appears to have got his timeline outta whack trying to explain how America came into the war at the behest of the Jews by saying Britain promised the Palestine to the Jews in October of 1916 and the Americans suddenly jumped off the fence, what bollocks you believe Eno like i say a gullible fool, how could Britain promise what they didn’t have ? i would have thought even a plum like you would have known Allenby didn’t seize Jerusalem until the fag end of 1917 a whole year after the yanks joined the war which they did after the sinking of the Lusitania as it happens.
            I didn’t look far into Freedman but i found that straight off the bat. dear dear raise your game Eno your lame as f*ck. Oh i chat on here because hardly anyone will read of you being schooled yet again i’m kind like that.
            You have this strange view anyone who criticizes your nonsense is a Jew, i’m clued up on ’em but i’m true blue celt/beaker folk. That poison pill who warned you of me just looked at my google profile and couldn’t see anything on it so that proves something to your fellow tinfoil hatters.


            February 14, 2020 at 22:20

            • Bertie. You are not getting any solid results, you are simply exposing yourself as a liar. Show me where I said that I used Makow as a source. I said that Makow had claimed that Churchill was a Jew, so it must be true. Now show me where I wrote anything different. Bertie from your very first comment you have been foul mouthing me but I respond in kind it makes you whimper which allows you to avoid having to respond to what I have said you simply go back to your old bull-shit and try to present it in a differen way, as if you have “got me”. Bertie you accused me of being “Irish” along with some other claims which you made up off the top of your head, I then suggested you to be a Welsh Jew, which caused you to panic and start to explain that all your Kosher knowledge was pcked on a stroll in Palestine. Where did you dig out the idea that I have ever suggested that any critic of my stuff has been called a Jew. Show your evidence. Just out of interest, when did you beaker folk start to use the “Z” instead of the S in criticise? Not that I’m trying to suggest for one minute that you are not who you claim to be.So let me get this straight, I have no idea who this “poison pill” who warned me about you is, you seem to know him but I simply responded to his “attack against you” with a comment telling him that I had found no problem with you. Check it out. You on the other hand as usual resort to name calling, which suggests that we are all idiots and need smart prats like you to straighten us out. You did not need any help from this “red pill” character to be outedas a total prat, you have managed that all on your own. I see Benjamin Freedman has now become a self loathing Jew, which you deduced without even taking a listen to what he had to say and Brother Nat goes into the same little box, in fact anybody who dare to criticise the Jews gets a quick dose of your bile and yet you claim to be fair minded.


              February 15, 2020 at 12:55

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