A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Fairy Tale Of World War Two







Listening to all these culpable idiots, busily delivering the usual crap, with Vladimir Putin and Prince Charles  in the forefront, makes one want to vomit. Alongside the ever diminishing number of Jews, whom “lost their lives”, during the war,  which they declared and funded,  we find unmentioned the stark reality of the  sixty-five-million Christians, whom were savaged and butchered by Jews in Russia, with funding from the same folk whom proudly claimed to have funded World War Two, in which, one could not be blamed for believing that only a relatively small number of Jews were the principal victims of that brutal war, while as usual they take prominence while they all “forgot” to give a nod towards the sixty-five-million Christians whom were a part of the Final Solution for White Christians.

In this modern world, where we all have this www “connectivity” which they are attempting to destroy, in order to maintain their lies as the only information available to us all, our “leaders” are spitting out their own lies, while pledging to bow down to the demands of these folk, whom have so much to conceal, making it a crime to so much as mention what I have just written, even as they continue to fund the current genocide in Palestine.

Christian Peoples, are “blessed or cursed” with a bunch of creepily, complicit leaders, whom having ignored the genocides in Russia and in many other countries, have now chosen to ignore the Fatwah, which many Jews have called for against White People in general, just as they announced a Fatwah against the German People, which they carried out, until forced to call to a halt, under pressure from the decent people in the world, all of it with the support of British and American War Criminals.

Take another look at those White Leaders and other traitors, all of whom choose to ignore the fact that they are mourning the results of a self-inflicted wound, which was planned and funded, by Jews, without a care as to what the results would be for the Jews in Europe, all of it carried out by the same bunch of thugs whom are now involved in the Palestinian Holocaust, against the “Real Semites” in Palestine, a genocide which these hypocrites actually “Deny”.

When the Talmudic” wet dream is fulfilled and the “great victory” over the White Christians has been achieved, an act which, of course, will have saved civilisation from disaster, a tale which will become the fable of how the magnificent Jew Bankers used their enormous wealth to pay the Muslims, Blacks and Chinese to carry out their dirty work.

All of this slaughter is being made possible by those pieces of filth whom are “democratically” elected by the “disposables” the “cannon fodder” whom after death are declared to have been heroes. Medals are strewn around as some sort of justification for the destruction of, in recent times, without any excuse, apart from envy and greed, of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, all of that not too long after the pretend “Stop the Domino Effect” wars to “install” the Communism which they pretended to destroy, all across the Far East and China.

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