A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

We Are Still Going Hell For Leather Down The Highway To Hell.


There are some things, which though they can be taken for granted by some people, still need to be explained in simple terms to others.  Just in case the stated aims, of those whom continually take us down the highway to hell, have been deliberately left unclear to the masses, and  unanswered to those whom demanded the hard questions, all of which occludes the true meaning of the way and for why,  we have been and continue to be, manipulated to accept this nonsense..

I have for some time been pointing out the secret reasons for the coup d’etat in Russia, the launching of the Great War and the destruction of the Ottoman Empire. All of these things were an essential part of the plans of the “hidden hand” of control, which in the middle of the Great War, launched the coup d’etat in Russia. When Churchill despatched the Anzacs into the jaws of hell at Gallipoli, it was called a serious mistake, it was no such thing, it was a quite deliberate act, it kept the Turks engaged while and while the Americans were being brought into the Great War, to ensure the defeat of Germany, which was an essential part of the game.

All of these events have been lied about ever since and we the people have been educated to believe that an event, which was nothing more than a triviality, involving the assassination of an Austrian “Royal” Franz Ferdinand, was “the” event which served as an excuse to declare, a war which was quite clearly designed to murder as many White Christian European as possible because a treaty had been broken in some manner, which was never quite clear and which at a stroke, caused the whole wide world to become involved in a mass extinction event, from which the only people whom stood to gain, were the fiends whom had plotted this war, for their own “tribal” gain. All of which was well understood by “our leaders” but never explained to we the people.

When the packet of lies is opened up, it is relatively empty, but whether lacking good reason or not, it served as the excuse to kill the cream of Europe’s youth, and the entire intelligentsia in Russia. It also provided the excuse to declare the second war of attrition twenty years later, which continued the same level of the slaughter of the Christian people, all of it according to the “announced” aims of the filth whom could even, with a clear conscience, envisage such a blood-bath, without batting an eyelid. They are still out there plotting the next chapter in the Great Plan.

They destroyed the Russian people and then quietly stripped the country of resources like the gold reserves, which ended up in the vaults of Jacob Schiff and of course the oil which to this day, despite Putin, remains firmly in the hands of the Jew Oligarchs.

While all of that was going on, the destruction of the Ottoman Empire went to plan and Lord Rothschild had carried out his promise to bring America into the Great War, allowing the Balfour Declaration, which was written directly after the Yanks had been forced to part in the war, to be psted off to Lord Rothschild, rewarding him for what he did for himself.

The whole scheme nearly fell apart, after the arrival of the “Yanks”, when the Spanish Flu arrived on the scene with them, which forced the opposing forces to call an “Armistice” which of course meant that Rothschilds dream of taking full control of all of the Middle East’s vast oil resources was put at risk.

This problem was solved at the Treaty of Versailles, when the combined forces of those States which had fought against Germany, imposed a blockade against the Germans, which lead to the death of nine-hundred-thousand Germans and was only called off when Germany signed a document, forcing them to accept defeat in the war and forcing them to pay reparations to all of the other combatants. This act also allowed the seizure of the Ottoman territories in the Middle East, along with the oil.

It also condemned Germany to life under the lash of the Jews and their introduction to, amongst other things, bestiality and rampant homosexual prostitution, pornographic stage shows, paedophilia, and transgenderism, all of which was installed by the Jews, in their new Empire of Filth, called the Weimar Republic.

It took a man, with two Iron Crosses, earned for his courage, to sort this mess out, while the entire, combined forces of the White Christian world, plotted and then destroyed everything he had achieved and once more forced Germany, back under the jack-boot of the Jews, once again forcing them to pay up, this time to Jew “survivors” of the war,  which the the Jews themselves had declared and ofcourse to construct Israel. They are still paying to this day, with a population of victims whom have had their brains fried.

Having learned nothing from this, our ever so intelligent women, all across the Christian world, are now even offering up their children, to this New Order, and as a sacrifice to transgenderism pap , by emasculating their boys, whom are far superior in every way to these now depraved useless “hussies” whom now find themselves to be so unattractive to men, that they are reduced to rotting away with a liver problem, suffering from an early onset menopause, while White men are looking for an Asian wife.

The Jew war against White people carries on at a gathering pace, while the media ignore it and our leaders, that would be the same leaders who did not notice the slaughter of sixty-five-million Russians, not to mention the twenty-million Germans whom were raped and butchered after the wars end, or the fate of the seven-million German Prisoners of War whom were sent off to Stalins Gulags or the starvation of five-million Irish people, while all of them are still supporting the criminals in Israel, whom are carrying out a slow motion genocide, which they, our leaders are financing with our money. Who elects these scumbags? Are they working for you? If not when are you going to get up off your knees and do something about it?

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