A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Yet Another Black Man Bad Mouthing White People.




Russia Today seems to take pleasure in presenting Blacks with a chip on their shoulder. Right now that chip on the British version of Black is the intention of sending Black criminals back to Jamaica, which is their “home-land” even though in that “home-land” they are immigrants, whom were rounded up by Zulus in Africa and sold to either Berber or Jew slave traders, before being given agreeable work and lodgings elsewhere, in the civilised world, saving them from the savages in Africa. Even in the days of slavery in the US,the Blacks proved to be useless and the plantation owners threw them out on their ear and brought in the men of Ireland who knew how to do a days work. Marcus Garvey felt the same way about lazy Blacks.


As in South Africa, another land which was settled by White People, whom had nothing to do with slavery, and they never invaded or stole land from any Black man and yet through the means of the mass immigration of Blacks from all over Africa, they have had their land stolen, with the assistance of those Jew slave -traders, whom have now stolen the Gold and Diamond mines, with the assistance of the same Zulus, whom sold their ancestors to those same Jews, with the assistance of Saint Nelson Mandela.

All across the White world, at this time, those miserable, moaning Blacks are now at the forefront of the efforts to destroy the White lands in which they have now been installed, to do exactly to their new hosts-‘ I believe that to be term used to describe the cosy, preferred position of a parasite – as is being done in South Africa. I wonder whether this moaner is aware of the fact that in South Africa, immigrants are discouraged by their murder, Or whether he knows that Blacks are torturing and killing Whites on a massive scale, they have even boiled a White child alive and eaten it in front of the parents.Any White who carried out such an act would be lynched outright while in SA they are heroes.

White South Africa was softened up by the Jews, with an overwhelming barrage of propaganda, about “apartheid” when in reality, the Blacks in South Africa could have quite easily returned to their homelands which were in easy reach, they chose instead to do what all parasites do, stay with a host until they kill it and that is exactly what has happened in South Africa, Haiti and Jamaica, and soon to Europe.

Another creepy little character on RT, George Galloway, is going out of his way to assist these Blacks, whom would appear to be quite incapable, of advancing their own cause, choosing instead to go down the well-worn “survivor” route, alongside those Jews, whom have played such a large part in their advance into the modern world and whom are even now paying the “ferryman”to assist them in their current search for a “host” in Europe, stupid enough to take them in, just as they provided the “ferry” to the USA back in the day, while Galloway is pushing for “reparation” from us, the dirt poor folk, whom have lived through far harder times than have any of those so-called slaves, doingtheir “dirty jobs”, which we White People called working for a living in disgusting and dangerous situations. I have no respect or concern for the situations that these Blacks are living in, for every one of “them” there are thousands of other people, of all colours and Races, whom are no better off, who are just getting on with life. Some of them are referred to as “Trailer Park White Trash” get it Mr Negro?

You may have noticed from this screed, that the same acts of “our rulers” are evident down through the ages and the results of all of it remains firmly in the same hands

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