A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Is Europe Heading For A Controlled Destruction.

However difficult it may prove to be, we must get rid of our wholly controlled politicians. There is a full frontal attack going on, against our very way of life, which is accepted wholesale by every political party in Europe. There is no need of evidence of any real threat, they are simply ordering us, to get rid of our cars, to stop heating our homes with anything which burns and to have a very limited access to electricity. All of this is necessary to make us all Carbon Neutral.

The reality with which we are faced, was simply dreamt up, not by distinguished scientists but by a Mafia of thugs, grandly called The Club of Rome, a band of scum which included George Soros, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates.

You might well ask yourself why our Politicians are being instructed to take us back into the Dark Age by this bunch of criminals and on what have they based the notion that having done all this, and destroying the last remaining fragments of European industry in the process, that we will have changed the weather?

Behind the Club of Rome we find The Council of Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission and Chatham House, in which The Balfour Declaration was written, a slip of paper which initiated just about everything which has befallen the entire world during the past Century. Chatham House now houses the Royal Institute of International Affairs, an amenity which works for Baron Rothschild and the City of London. That is the source of Global Warming and Climate Change, all of which is designed to carry out the coup de grace against White Europe.

Well that is the smartest part of the game, when we are all paying this swinging Carbon Tax, which they intend to impose on all and everything, we will be living jam-packed in tiny cubicles in “Smart Cities” living on carrots and potatoes, as all those farting cows and sheep, hens and eggs, will have been exterminated, so as not to tempt determined meat eaters, they will then announce that CO2 has reached the preferred level, temperatures have begun to fall to an acceptable level and we can all relax or some such crap.

And nobody will know the difference, you cannot see or smell CO2 and you are obliged to take their word about the weather, even when nothing at all shows any sign of having changed in any way, except for your freedom to do anything other than to Obey!


There are several warning signs as to where we are headed. Europe is under a death sentence and the only politician with guts, is in Hungary, Viktor Orban, the others are one and all prepared to sacrifice us all. They are doing down their own people at every opportunity, they are continuing the policies which make it almost impossible to raise a family, never mind buy a home to raise it in, they want you in the tight grip of the fast arriving Communitarian system, which will not provide an electric car but which will ban private transportaltiogether,  apart from bicycles and the private ownership of a home will be illegal and of course the state will be paying you the Universal Salary. In fact you will be no more than the proverbial “sheeple”.

None of this should come as a surprise to anyone but it will. When it all comes to pass, the best we can hope for is that it will be a short train ride to a Gulag and a quick death. I will not bore you with the details of what occurred in Russia and Eastern Europe, back in the dark days after that other Communist event ,which provided us with more stuff from Chatham House, stuff which is remembered to this day with horror.


The first question in this nonsense needs to be, is there any truth in the idea of “man-made climate change” or indeed any other kind of climate change:

There are millions of people, asking the question, “Is man-made Climate Change a myth? That is a hard question to answer because a myth is a widely held belief which is false, which is generally used to describe tales from long ago. Climate change is not even tangible in any real sense, it is nothing more than a lie which is being used for as yet undisclosed purposes.

All of the controlled organisations which are part of the United Nations, which is running this claim of calamity up ahead are in fact suspect. The Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons, (OPCW) for example, has just been outed as a criminally perverted tool of the Globalists, at the United Nations, for making false claims about an alleged chemical attack in Syria, which was responsible for the launch of an air attack against the “innocent” Syrian government.

The World Health Organisation is in a similar compromised position, having been caught out, making efforts to increase the number of vaccines, which Private companies have been peddling, after a panic caused by the WHO claims of imminent pandemics, causing the masses to seek an unnecessary vaccination out of fear..

As for Climate Change (the weather) the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) tell us that thousands of renowned scientists have suggested this claim to be fact, when under investigation this claim was shown to be totally false and in reality there are very few scientists whom support the idea.

A branch of the IPCC in the United Kingdom, referred to as the (CRU), the Climate Research Unit, found that despite determined efforts, which included the dismantling of all the weather stations in colder regions, they then fiddled all of their figures yet despite their lies and deception the temperature continued to “decline”

The United Nations itself has been ignoring the crimes of Israel for the past seventy years, having invaded and destroyed Korea for no particular reason, claiming it to have been to prevent Communism from being installed all across the region just as the “Permanent Members of the United Nation, had “given” Eastern Europe and half of Germany, to the Bolsheviks Communists in Russia, after World War Two.

So make of all that whatever you like…

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