A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

What Are Our “Leaders” Doing For Us? It Would Appear To Be Sweet F All.



The very idea that we White People, are being destroyed by design, seems to be a very difficult concept for the White Race to accept. After all the governments which sent hundreds of thousands of their own White youth to their deaths in the trenches of the Great War and whom just a couple decades later were arming to the teeth, the filth, in Russia whom had slaughtered sixty-five -million Russian White Christian People, to commence the bestowing of the same blessing onto the rest of Europe, knowing full well that the written intention, of those whom controlled Russia,  was to murder the entirety of the German People, such nice people wouldn’t allow that to happen to us, would they? Well you bet your life they would. and they are even now plotting just how it will be done.

Back in 2016, there was an attack in Nice, a town much loved by the British Jewry, back in the day. The attack was carried out by a large twenty ton lorry, which had mounted the pavement during a fireworks festival, celebrating Bastille Day, killing eighty of the spectators and injuring dozens more, before driving off of the pavement and parking at the side of the road.


The above image is of the scene of the event the morning after. Curiously there are still several dead people lying around, one might cynically suggest them to be waiting for the photographers. Those with a keen eye for detail, may have wondered, as to just how a twenty ton lorry, squeezed through the plainly visible lamp-posts, without touching one of them, which would suggest a fair degree of manoeuvring and then, having not apparently alerting the thousands of people watching the fireworks, the lorry driver,  then managed to mow down and kill eighty people and seriously injure hundreds more, without leaving a trace of blood and guts on the pavement. 

He did then dismount, the pavement onto a busy main road, once again without touching a lamp-post and with a lorry, which displayed not a trace of blood and  which on the first photographs, still had its front end intact. The current state was as a result of the police attack as it was standing there with the driver inside. Here is an image of the lorry:



It’s enough to make a cat laugh is it not? Here is another shot of the scene just after the attack:

I think we can all agree that there is not much sign of blood as a result of such carnage and not a sign of a buckled lamp-post to be seen. Another oddity, I have spent many months in and around Nice and believe me if these photos were genuinely taken on the 15th of July, it must have been the quietest July on record, where are the hordes of happy holiday makers? 

The reason why I have gone back to this old tale, is because at last people are beginning to realise that there is something going on. You see on this day, far away in Paris, “Our Leaders” were selling us down the drain and this event in Nice, knocked all reporting of that event off of the front pages.

The Peoples of Europe have no idea what has been done in their name, because ever since that day there has never been any reporting whatsoever about the deals that were made on that day, that is until Donald Trump regurgitated it all in his own inimical manner, by disengaging the United States from the trickery of his Globalist predecessor Obama

So let us take a look at what we were all signed up to on that fateful day, the contents of Agenda 2030. Right off the beam it is an alarming document. I can here present a video clip which should be downloaded by as many people as possible. While looking back through just a matter of the last four years on my blog, to take a look at what I had previously written about the “Nice Event” I was amazed at the carnage carried out against my blog by YouTube, which has censored out dozens of the video clips which I had posted. This one will no doubt go the same way.

The first thing to get straight in your mind, is the reality that the United Nations has nothing whatever to do with us, any more than does any other millionaires club. It was a construct of the Bankers, as is explained in the clip. They are a band of thugs, whom with the assistance of various world-wide groups of scurrilous elected front men, are attempting to set themselves up as an International Royal Family, with us, at least that is the ones whom are “granted” the right to live, as nothing more than serfs.

Anybody who bothers to watch the News on television, cannot have failed to notice that every time the wind blows, or the rain falls down, the Newscaster will suggest such dreadful weather, the worst for at least a couple of hundred years, can only be explained by the Global Warming causing Climate Change, and all that tosh I’m sure you know the routine.

On all British and French Channels you get the same guff here is a British Media:

Now did get a little idea of the way the media presents all the buzz words about the weather, without any idea of what they are talking about. There should no longer be any question about the weather, the International Panel On Climate Change, has been several times caught in lies. They have had very little scientific support for their claims and yet the Media still talks of the 97% of scientists whom support them without any clear mention as to 97% of what number, a number which turned out to be a very low number indeed.

So all in all, the question which needs a rapid response from those whom we have elected to take care of business, in our governments, is as to why, they remain silent, as a bunch gangsters are discussing amongst themselves, exactly how they are going to take control of all and everybody, and they have already given to themselves, the authority to kill as many of us as suits their agenda, without a word from any one of you bastards, what’s your game?

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