A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

They Are Pathological Liars One And All.

In modern Day France, some large areas have become indistinguishable from their counterpart zones in the Maghreb. As is the case wherever a large number of “different” Races, have been forced upon the indigenous People, without their consent, it has become illegal to mouth even the slightest remark, about the dramatic changes, which have transformed every, “Once White” country all over the world.

My personal attitude to this swamping of White lands, with those whom are in fact Welfare seekers from all over the Black and Muslim countries, is in no way different from the attitudes of these same Blacks and Muslims,  in their own lands, from where the Arabs expelled more than a million “Maghrebien by Birth” White French folk and the Blacks in South Africa are carrying out, under the guidance of a bunch of Bolsheviks, a veritable Genocide against the “Indigenous White Tribe” which actually built South Africa in the first place. Neither of these events have never and will never receive the slur of being labelled as Fascist or Nazi controlled States. That rule only applies to the White Resistance.

There are tentative steps being taken in France to change the response of the “silent majority” to this invasion and destruction of the French way of life, an invasion which is being pushed down our throats by the European Union, wherein a covert body of Jews are to be found nestling quietly in their own uni-culture residence at our expense. They would be the sameJews whom have carried out exactly the same clearance of the Indigenous People of Palestine, as did the Maghrebien and as are the Bolshevik controlled Blacks in South Africa, without a word from our collective leadership.

The French people have been brainwashed to ignore the growing threat to their future. During the last Presidential election in France, I was warning all my colleagues that Emmanuel Macron was a stooge, he had been installed into the government of François Hollande, to make it possible for him to stand as a candidate in the coming election. I have good contacts all over France and I was warned about the arrival of this candidate straight out of the stale of the Rothschild family, nobody had ever heard of Macron. They laughed when I told them that he would be the next president. That is the measure of the trickery used in a modern Democracy. That gang of thugs are now quietly presenting the idea of the execution of Old Age Pensioners in France, in order to make “better use” of the Pension Funds.

The masters of Fakery on Sky News are now busily spreading the rumour, that unlike the “flu” which arrives each and every winter, the new horror “flu” called Corona, will be now be referred to as Corona instead of “flu” giving the impression of something to be feared, so that the need of a “lockdown” will soon be a feature of “winter” for evermore.

The efforts which have been used to make sure that this grim future, involves the total lack of investigation into the “truth” about previous experience with “flu”, infections of which has systematically exceeded what is currently occurring all over the place, to build an excuse to allow this “lockdown” which is most certainly being used to install a brand new set of rules about how we will be “allowed” to live our lives in the future. The following is an example of the truth which is available to all the “hacks” whom tell us all we need to know.

(What is a “flu-like illness,” anyway?

To get away with this lie, (of the huge number of flu deaths)” they do two things. First, they lump influenza and pneumonia together. If you look at the U.S. vital statistics records for any given year, you’ll find dozens of causes of death, along with the number of people who died from them. It’s a huge table that stretches over many pages. In the flu section of this table you’ll find three different listings: 


   •   “influenza and pneumonia”

   •   “Influenza”

   •   and “pneumonia”


The first number is the flu and pneumonia grouped together; it’s huge. The third is pneumonia alone. It’s huge too. The second is influenza itself…and it’s very small. 


But here’s the thing — no one reads the actual statistics. They read the version that’s condensed into a short report. And IT only lists “influenza and pneumonia. This makes the number seem much, much bigger than it is. For example: 56,979 people died of “influenza and pneumonia” in 2013. That’s a scary number. And putting the word “influenza” first insinuates that flu is the primary cause of death. But…in reality, only 3,697 died of the actual flu. The other 53,282 died of pneumonia.  In their own words: 

“Most people who die from seasonal flu-related complications are not tested for flu, or they seek medical care later in their illness when seasonal influenza can no longer be detected from respiratory samples.”


You might want to read that again. According to the CDC, most people who supposedly die of “the flu” or “flu complications” are not even tested for the flu. Of the ones who are tested, most aren’t positive for the flu. Yet the CDC still claims they died of flu.“)

Using the above arithmetic should one subtract 40,000 deaths from the alleged number of deaths with Corona, in the USA, the CDC would be left with a tiny number of fatalities. Even as I talk the Sky News reporter is presenting totally uncorroborated figures of deaths in Spain, where no doubt the complicit government is aware of the nonsense being presented as truth.

Sky News is already presenting an idea of future possibilities about “stricter rules” to keep the people in check, when he should, at least, as a journalist, be aware of all the stuff which I have found without too much trouble, confirming the advantage which will be gained by the Big Pharma, which stands to make billions of dollars from a new vaccine, which will be made mandatory all over the world, a vaccine which has allegedly already been concocted, and whether it contains any sort of protection against Corona or not, it will serve the Drug Masters well. 

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