A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

A Japanese Nobel Prize Winner, Claims Corona Is A Weapon.


The Japanese professor of physiology or medicine, Professor Tasuku Honjo, caused a sensation today in front of the media by saying that the corona virus is not natural. if it is natural, it will not have affected the whole world like that. Because, depending on nature, the temperature is different in different countries. if it were natural, it would only have affected countries with the same temperature as China. instead, it spreads in a country like Switzerland, in the same way that it spreads to desert areas. whereas if it were natural, it would have spread to cold places, but would have died in hot places. 

I’ve done 40 years of research on animals and viruses. It is not natural. It is manufactured and the virus is completely artificial. I’ve been working for 4 years in the wuhan laboratory in China. I know all the staff in this lab. I called them all after Corona’s accident. But all their phones have been dead for three months. It is now understood that all these laboratory technicians are dead.

Based on all my knowledge and research to date, I can say this with 100% confidence that Corona is not natural. It did not come from bats. China made it. if what I say today turns out to be wrong now or even after my death, the government can withdraw my Nobel Prize. but China is lying and this truth will one day be revealed to all.



 China is fully controlled by the bankers and corporations which funded the Communist Revolution and later installed all or almost all of European Industry in their new power base and headquarters, so it is inconceivable that any Chinese politician would have dared to issue an order calling for the release of this “Virus” without the all clear from the Rockefeller Foundation which announced exactly this “possible” scenario ten years ago. Including the tiniest of detail about China being the first to recover from this virus, because they went into “Lock-Down” immediately, while as prophesised by the Foundation, Europe delayed “Lock-Down” and suffered as a result. OUR GOVERNMENTS ARE 100% COMPLICIT!




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