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The Third World War Will Be More Costly Than The Other Two Combined.



I posted a short article yesterday about the origin of the so-called Corona Virus. Since when I have been waiting to gauge the response from the mainstream media.

I need not have bothered, there was no response, which either demonstrates a total lack of research by the media, in view of the fact that the report was the work of a Nobel prize winner, who has a fair degree of authority, one might suppose, or indeed it was a quite deliberate attempt to maintain the atmosphere of panic, which has gripped the public by the throat.

There is a character called The Health Ranger, a frequent guest on the Alex Jones, Infowar radio program, who has, from day one, been pushing a tale of looming catastrophe and who is now claiming that Corona is a hundred times more deadly than the flu.

He presents his case by claiming that:

(Natural News) In an effort to try to claim the coronavirus is no more dangerous than the regular flu — even though covid-19 has already killed more Americans in the last 17 days than what the regular flu killed in an entire year — pandemic denialists are claiming the case fatality rate for the coronavirus is very similar to that of the flu.

I suppose I fall into the category of Pandemic Denier,because I find his explanation to be meaningless, bearing in mind that there has been no panic in the hospital wards and all of the emergency hospitals have been dismantled, on top of which every death has been laid against Corona virus, in an attempt to add weight to claims such as those being made by the Health Ranger.

So does he really know better than everybody else? Should we forget about stopping the lock-down, despite the looming threat of food shortages and riots in the streets, which have already started in Africa and by the looks of things will very soon kick off in France, where the queues of the poor are already enormous looking for food handouts.

In recent times in France an Algerian decided to come to France, where he had no work, or housing but who made his first stop the Welfare Office, where he registered his family, of three wives and fifteen children, which amounted to nineteen mouths to feed in a country where there are already thirteen million unemployed.

This family alone could form a “socially spaced” queue of some twenty metres in the food queue and require at least two apartments to house them all in a land where there is already a desperate shortage of homes and food.

This illustrates the reason behind the insistence of the European Union that all member states must be prepared to swamp themselves with immigrants, as for the past ten years they have been quietly preparing us all for “Lock-Step” quickly followed by the “Lock-Down” quickly followed by the announcement that we are all to be tested for a trace of a Corona, no matter what sort, which is of little or no importance, but which will be used to select those whom have the right to enter a cinema, a swimming pool etc do you get the picture?

Our leaders have been well aware of the intention of using the current “crisis” as an excuse to start the mass vaccination of all and everybody. These “orders” are handed out at Bilderberg and Davos get togethers, where the likes of Bill Gates and other psychopaths spell out the efficacy of their new vaccines and the possible death rate which they will provide. You think I’m joking I suppose?

It’s hard to convince anybody of the danger under which are now living. I believe that ever since the days of the two wars in the first part of the 20th Century, both of which were foretold in several documents, including The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and the works of Albert Pike, a leading Freemason and he it was who promised us three World Wars. The first two, of these promised wars, have already been fought at great cost of lives and I believe the “third war” is already under-way and in terms of loss of life, it will be at a whole new level of of horror.

It will be fought by millions of starving people, whom have already been corralled into city wastelands, where they will not even have access to fresh water, when things come to a head This will be the long promised Mad Max scenario.

Meanwhile, our “elite” rulers will be safely lodged underground, in the huge subterranean shelters which they have carved out for themselves, where they will remain in relative comfort for the quite short period, during which the mass of starving people will have consumed all of the available food and eaten all of the easily captured animal until they arrive at the final delicacy, the un-rotten dead and finally real and rampant cannibalism as was featured in the film “The Road”.


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