A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

We Have Spent Our Whole Lives Living Under The New World Order.

Nobody has ever written the “real” history of Europe, simply because to do so would be greeted with the only to be expected cries of derision, here is why. In the UK there was a coup d’etat, which is always referred to as a “Civil War”. The New Model Army of Oliver Cromwell, was trained and funded by the Jew Bankers in Holland.

 The price paid by the British, for this funding, was their freedom, when the Bankers duly collected their “blood reward” which was the “privatisation” ofThe City of London and the control of the Bank of England and of course the Duke of Orange and Queen Mary, the puppets of the bankers, were put in place, on the throne of England, as the British people became little more than chattle. Le Duc d’Orange is well known to the Irish.

A while later there was a similar Coup d’Etat in France, which was under the control of a group whom are oft times described as “The Illuminati”. The French “revolution” was fronted by a bunch of youngsters, under a chappie called Robespierre, all of whom were quickly liquidated along with the Royal Family, as the control of France fell into the hands of, strangely, those same folk whom had taken control of The Bank of England and whom very quickly gained control of the Bank of France in payment of a “debt” following a lost war with the Prussians.

Then came the enigma called Napoleon, who made a massive attempt to carry out a Coup d’Etat in Russia but failed, that coup would come a short while later. Napoleon it was who lost an “un-losable” battle at Waterloo, which allowed the control of the British economy to be cheaply snapped up by the man who would receive news of Napoleons defeat early and who then spread the lie that he had won, so we are told, which caused panic in the Stock Exchange.

That would be around the time those bankers were fighting the War of 1812 in America in an attempt to wrest back the lost control of that puppet country. The City of London then eyed up Ireland and set about starving the Irish to death, not deliberately of course, it was the fault of the Irish because, we are assured, that the Irish ate only potatoes, which were blighted; for years and the Irish failed to see all the cheese and eggs and wheat and meat etc that was laying around all over the place, so the stupid Irish died, while the bemused British simply shipped it all off to England. The “City” as is the way with these things, pirated ships full of food for those starving Irish, coming all the way from America and pretended they would pass it on later.

A few decades later, those whom controlled the Banks of England and France bribed their way into ownership of the American Central Bank, The Federal Reserve, which is, as you well know, no more Federal than whatever, while a few short years after that Coup, they managed to at last grab Russia by the hair on its head, a vast land in which they constructed an enormous military force, which was unleashed against Germany, where a naughty boy called Hitler, was threatening their control in Germany and Austria and was a stumbling block to their intention of relocating their centre of operations to Palestine, where they would be safe from International Law.

A few decades later Russia was set free for an as yet unclear role in the world of the 21st Century, however their efforts against Germany, provided the opportunity to grab control of Eastern Europe, which was later forced into yet another privately owned Politburo of The European Union, which gave these crafty bankers the opportunity to grab control of the income tax of all of the members of the “Euro Zone”

That would suggest that the same group of bankers, stretching all the way back to the English Civil War, have, using the ploy of loans, which originally involved handing over bars of gold, with interest on those loans, which was either repaid in gold or with infrastructure, such as ownership of the City of London, to the more “modern” system, which with the blessing of complicit politicians, allows this grand theft to be continued using pieces of printed paper, pulled out of thin air, with no intrinsic value, to be used to privatise all and everything into the hands of huge Corporations which have a great desire for cheap labour and have an insatiable greed for far more money than they will ever need.

In view of all the above, it would be fair to suggest that all the warnings that a New World Order is on its way, is just a little bit short sighted, because we have been living under that New World Order, which in our lifetimes has always been there and it is still alive and kicking and we should be concentrating on how to destroy it not waste our time arguing about its reality which is plainly evident.

Perhaps you have failed to notice that the entire world, in “lock-step” have implemented rules of control which emanated from a bankers “Foundation” which were passed down through the World Health Organisation which is funded by the Eugenicist Gates Foundation which finances the Centre for Disease Control which is itself funded by vast drug manufacturers and that is only a small part of the privately owned organisations which are telling your politicians what to do. Be sure we are all being forced by our so-called elected leaders to dutifully obey the orders of those whom would be quite prepared to kill us all. That is not hyperbole be warned.

China is the new tool of the “elite” and yet, as was Russia in past times, it is being presented as an enemy, even as they are already preparing to replace the United States as the killing machine of the Bankers, who carried out the coup d’etat in China just as they had previously done in Russia. There is every possibility that China will be used to finally destroy the United States in readiness for the final cull of the White Race.

I believe that we have just witnessed the sacking of Europe. Ask yourself the simple question, who or indeed how, are the vast loans, which amount to trillions of Dollars, which have been taken out by the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and all across the Western World ever going to be repaid?

There was a suggestion that Trump had Nationalised the Federal Reserve, had that been so the loan would be of little importance because it would be quite possible to write it off at a future date, but with the Central Bankers it does not work that way. Even at low interest rates, it will be quite impossible to pay the interest n such enormous sums of money.

Finally it would be better for your health to bear in mind, that those whom: are concocting these vaccines have been granted complete exoneration from any claim for damages caused by their products which means they could kill us all quite legally. 



2 responses

  1. Mischa Popoff

    An excellent summation. All I would humbly add is that Jewish control over China (and India) can be traced all the way back to the time proceeding the destruction of the Second Temple. 1900-or-so years later, the tables had almost completely turned, with China, like Japan, becoming more and more Christian by the decade. Chiang Kai-shek epitomized that trend, only to be replaced with that murderous Yale man, Mao who, like the Bolsheviks in Mother Russia, dutifully murdered every single Christian he could find, according to the commands of his Bankster backers.


    May 9, 2020 at 19:20

    • Thank you for that, my knowledge of the history of India and China in terms of what was dobe to them by the “British” Jews is scant, however all of us who have suffered at the hands of the “tools” of the Jews need to expose their naked hatred for us all. The Jews still try to propagate the idea that they had no hand in the Coup d’Etat in China and nobody will believe that Ghandi was their man in India.


      May 10, 2020 at 06:08

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