A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Those Whom Prefer To Do As They Are Told Are Hard To Change.

Sometimes it’s hard to be different in this divided world. Today some friends were telling me that they would be accepting the Covid-19 vaccination wherever it came from, either Israel or America, because they wanted to fly to Thailand next winter and if that meant taking a jab, so be it.

They said that they had taken the flu jab last year. I asked them if they had caught the flu.. They said no of course not, so I asked them why they had even bothered to be vaccinated, because it was patently obvious that the Jab did not work They laughed and askedI how I could deduce that from the evidence, I said because the evidence shows that last years flu shot did not conform to the variety of last years flu, so you should either have caught last years flu or the vaccine is a waste of time, take your pick. I have never had a flu shot and I have never had the flu, so I would have been wasting my time taking the shot.

Sadly, those whom do choose to take the shot, believe that they are doing the right thing, which is their choice and I have no problem with that but when I suggested that they and all the others whom dosed up, would be safe from whatever arrived next Winter, while I would be prepared to take a risk, why am I being forced to accept a vaccine, if I am prepared to die without one? Why is that not my choice if those who want to take the vaccine do have a choice? Most people believe that if they want the vaccine it must be the best course of action, while those like me do not, which is not allowed.

Take a look at the front page of the Daily Mirror up above. Eddie Large died because his transplanted heart had arrived at the end of the road and he was rushed into hospital, where he apparently died alone, from an alleged Corona virus, adding to the false number of deaths from this Corona Virus, which is easily and quickly cured with Chloroquine, which the doctors were not allowed to administer, because, and hold on to your tin-foil hats, the Gates Foundation and the World Health Organisation want a vaccine and not a cure.

In view of the above and I have already posted a clip from France, where doctors have been treating Covid-19 patients with great success with Chloroquine, but which is now banned. Is that a conspiracy theory? Is the fact that a huge number of those whom have been subjected to the terror of a ventilator, basically because of the huge financial reward offered to those hospitals which carry out this procedure, have died, as a result of having all the liquid in their lungs forced ever deeper by the pressure from the Ventilator and who have been virtually murdered as a result a conspiracy theory? All of those deaths, we are told were Covid-19deaths.

The sad reality is that all of those with an interest in “sickness” would appear to be private enterprises, such as the World Health Organisation, the Centre of Disease Control, the Gates Foundation, all of which are attempting to force their products onto every living person on Earth and we are not supposed to smell a rat? That is before we even mention the fact that “our elected leaders” have allowed the drug companies to ban excellent, cheap, remedies for this “virus” without need of mass vaccination, so would it be a “theory too far” to demand the identity of our “real” rulers? To put the question in a more “conspiratorial” manner are we going to be forced to pay the cost of this “vaccine” which will, according to Bill Gates, help to reduce the population of the world?



<div class=”ifw-player” data-video-id=”5ec074b4244ac5001d28f085″></div>https://infowarsmedia.com/js/player.js 

My credentials as a confirmed conspiracy searcher, is bound to warn my readers, that Alex Jones could himself be preparing us for the “second coming” of this feeble flu, so be careful. However I do agree with Alex that Trump must change his mind about launching the Army against the people, in order to force them to accept a vaccine against their will, that is akin to a declaration of war. 

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