A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Agenda 21.

A casual visitor to this page will be amazed at the amount of relevant information about the dangers of Agenda 21/2030 which have been censored out by the “privately” owned YouTube, a group which now controls freedom of information and speech in general, there is no need to inquire as by whom they are controlled as all of the censoring is designed to keep us in the dark as to our grim near future.


















Shale Gas in the UK.

The British are being manipulated in a most extraordinary manner by the Shadow Government, over the question of the exploration of the Shale Gas reserves.

Recently the British were being warned that they would have to accept ongoing water shortages, which it was claimed, in an arbitrary manner, was as a result of Man Made Climate Change. Nature laughed in their face, quickly refilling underground aquifers, which the British had been warned, would probably never refill in their lifetime.

The claims of water shortages and Smart Meter regulation of consumption, were in fact direct lies, to make millions of cubic feet of water available for Fracking. The British people should be very careful about taking the word of their politicians as truth, there has been a long history of lies which have been accepted in the past. The truth about Fracking is the deliberate attempt to poison the water system, in huge tracts of the UK, in order to clear the countryside, packing the refugees into increasingly run-down Cities.

The latest wheeze, to encourage the acceptance of Fracking, is the claim that reserves are hundreds of time greater than had first been thought. They are now talking of trillions of cubic meters of gas. Should that be so, imagine, if you can, the damage which such extraction would cause to the patrimony of the UK.

These folk will destroy the entire planet in pursuit of their aims. There is a world glut of easily accessible gas, we do not need Fracking.




The Global Biodiversity Assessment.

A number of worrying programs emerged from the  Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro 1992. One of them is the Convention on Biological Diversity. They claim that it was written to protect the flora and fauna of the planet and all its ecosystems. It is accompanied by a huge 1,140-page book, known as the Global Biodiversity Assessment (GBA), which claims to provide a scientific basis for implementation of the convention. This programme is already being implemented in France, unknown to the French people.

According to the GBA, “property rights are not absolute and unchanging, but have a complex, dynamic and moving relationship between two or more parties, over space and time.” And the UN bureaucrats are determined to make any property rights, which they do not completely abolish, as “complex, dynamic and as changeable” as possible. “We should accept biodiversity [i.e., the primacy of plants and animals are more important than the needs of people] as a legal subject, and supply it with adequate rights. This could clarify the principle that biodiversity is not available for uncontrolled human use.” In practice, this means assigning “rights” to animals, trees, bugs, bushes, weeds, birds, fishes, even mountains, and then appointing  “guardians,” “trustees,” or “stakeholders” whom will speak for the” rights” of these ecological “citizens.”

“Contrary to current custom,” says the GBA, “it will be necessary to justify any interference with biodiversity, and to provide proof that human interests justify the damage caused to biodiversity.” In other words, under this scheme, a “guardian” or “stakeholder” (someone claiming to represent a plant or animal species on the property) can assert a priority right over that of the actual property owner, and force the owner to prove that any activity he contemplates for his property will not adversely impact the flora and fauna which constitute the biodiversity in that ecosystem. This is already happening all across France. And it is accelerating and intensifying, as radical environmentalists and their allies in government become more audacious.

Small farmers are the target of this attack, they can be forced to leave their pastures unused, to protect a species of flower or insect, which it has not even been proven to exist on their property. The decision of the Department of Sustainable Development is final. The farmer is of course obliged to continue paying taxes on the unused land. Multi-National land owners will of course be unaffected by these regulations, which are not Law but simply a means of stealing private property under cover of a presumed legality. The United Nations is a Jewish controlled, private enterprise, which has no legal standing. It is an unelected, undemocratic organisation, which is maintained by treacherous politicians, many of whom are working to a hidden agenda, to pass the control of Nation States into the hands of a Cabal of Jewish bankers, under the guise of saving the Earth.


Shale Gas Raises Its Head Again In The UK.

The British were recently warned that there would soon be a shortage of water and that they had better prepare themselves for restrictions in the near future. This warning was given after an abnormally dry winter.

As if to order the weather changed dramatically and the UK found itself up to its neck in water. The aquifers, which they had been warned would take years to replenish were dramatically recharged, almost overnight.

This must have been an annoyance to those whom would like to drill for shale gas.  The real reason for the warnings of water shortages, had little to do with reality and more to do with the preparation of an excuse, when the billions of gallons of water, necessary to pump out the gas is diverted from the domestic supply. To my mind this is the start of evacuation of the countryside, as all of the water which will be contaminated with toxic chemicals, will be allowed to drain back into the aquifers and rivers, rendering the water unsafe to drink.

In Canada and the US there has been a considerable problem with the water supply, which rendered some areas uninhabitable.


Life In Town, After The Land Clearance.

Over the Centuries, there have been many land clearances. The rich and powerful have always made sure that the common people do not have the means to nourish themselves. All arable land has been held in the hands of the “Gentry” for such a long period of time, that ordinary folk believe it to be quite normal that the local (Land) Lord or Duke, owns everything.

This state of affairs is never questioned. Should it be, the might of the establishment is brought to bear against whomsoever questions this reality. The case of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe is a perfect example. His attempt to take control of the land from the white, mainly British farmers, has led to him being demonized and his country brought to its knees.

The last major clearances in Europe were carried out at the time of the Industrial Revolution, when due to a reduced number of jobs, due to mechanisation, the surplus peasants were driven out of their “Tied Cottages” to towns which had sprung up around the new steel mills and cotton mills, where they were lodged in cramped, badly constructed homes.

The rent for these hovels was deducted from their weekly wage, making them totally dependent on having a secure job, otherwise they would end up in the “Poor House” a term which described the accommodation for the poorest of the poor.

We are now approaching exactly the same situation, thanks to the implantation of Agenda 21. Communal dwellings are now the order of the day. There will be no family homes, apart from those of the rich elite. The rest of us will live in Kibbutz style quarters, where we will only be allowed limited contact with our children.

I have read reports that this form of Communal dwelling is already under construction in Germany. In France, where the people are more inclined to defend their rights, they are adopting a more softly, softly approach, by building large numbers of small flatlets, which will serve to house, for example, a single mother and child.

The reasoning behind all of this, is to make sure that nobody is outside of the control of the Neo Barons of the One World Government. When Agenda 21 is fully implemented. We will all be at the mercy of a group of psychopaths, whom have the intention of reducing our numbers to a figure that will be just large enough to serve them, while making sure that we are totally unable to defend ourselves against them.


Watch this video clip, wherever you are in the world, this is on its way to you!



Welcome to the Brave New World of the Neo Communists. While in a dream, we have allowed our liberty and wealth to be stolen. We can quite justly, now be referred to as Serfs.

We have stood, for what we have always vowed we would never stand for. The problem has now become, making people understand that they have stood for it.

We have never had the implications of Agenda 21 explained to us. We were given no vote on its installation.

We have allowed our world to be taken over by a cartel of Bankers, whom through the use of our money, which has been paid to them as interest on false loans, by puppet politicians. There is not one truly democratic government left in the “Free West”

Hungary is intimating that it may Nationalise the Central Bank and issue its own Currency. They would do well to remember that the Polish Government recently expressed the same sentiments, as did Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi and as do Iran. I doubt whether they will be brave enough to continue with the venture having noticed the fate of the aforementioned.

Agenda 21 was a long and boring document, deliberately so. Many hours could be spent dissecting it and explaining the problems therein. However that is an unnecessary exercise, it is enough to say that Agenda 21 is a means of stealing whatever the average person may own, his home and land, his access to water and food and passing it under the control of people, whom are quite simply demons.


The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this new world order the Children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.” (Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, La Revue de Paris, p. 54, June 1, 1928)

The Curse Is Upon Us.

With the advent of some of the most restrictive measures to be inflicted on “The Free World” since the Middle Ages, the vast majority of people would appear to have sanctioned their imposition through apathy.

Agenda 21 signals the end of civilisation as we have known it. That is not hyperbole, that is fact.

The imposition of Agenda 21 is world-wide. Most people just scoff, when you try to explain the ramifications, instead of being appalled and indeed frightened.

The two main responses illustrate the problem. “I’m too old to have that rubbish stuffed down my throat,” or “People will never stand that sort of thing.” They fail to notice that they are in fact “people” and they are standing for it. That is the mountain which has to be climbed.

In order not to be too boring, I intend to raise one point at a time, just to give an idea of what lies in store for the near future.

The means of installing Agenda 21 in as friendly sounding a manner as possible, changes from country to country. In France it is called Développement Durable, In the US Sustainable Development, while in the UK it is The Big Society.

Agenda 21 is a United Nations Treaty, which, when signed, was unread by the politicians whom signed up to it, in the name of their electorate. It was composed by an unknown and unelected group, probably solicitors, making use of “Legalise” in order to make it as incomprehensible as possible.

In short, Agenda 21 is a means of taking control of every aspect of our lives. We will no longer be a group of people whom have the right to elect our public servants, to carry out our wishes. It has been decided that Democracy of that sort no longer serves its purpose, therefore we must place ourselves into the hands of experts.

I will use France as a model of how rapid and how quietly Agenda 21 has been installed.

In the major towns and cities, apart from the huge renovations which are taking place, very little has changed. Enormous amounts of money have materialised from somewhere to finance, Tramways and Commercial Zones, pedestrianisation projects and Urban Dwelling Zones which are known as ZUPs

ZUPs were originally thrown up to house the Arab Refugees, whom flooded into France after the bloody hostilities in The Maghreb. They are now experiencing a resurgence in order to house the new refugees, whom will soon be flooding in from the surrounding countryside.

Until recent times, local Democracy in France was in good health. Every town and village had the right to elect the officials whom ran local affairs. This has now been put under attack. The normal excuse is being used, that of efficiency and cost. As a result, Town Halls are being amalgamated under the control of the largest local Administration.

The Town Halls of all of the major towns and cities, have signed on to Agenda 21 and have installed a Department of Developpement Durable. This department boasts a Town Manager, whom is unelected and put in place by The European Commission. He has supreme authority. His decision on any matter, which he may claim to be under the jurisdiction of his department is final.

There are no written rules to abide by, he makes the rules on a whim or under orders from Brussels.

That is the existing situation. It may not have intruded into your life yet, but it will.

I will attempt to explain some of the points, which you may find disagreeable, in an effort to provoke at least a conversation about the problem. As with most things of this nature, the hardest part is to make people aware of what is going on.

Number One. Private ownership of property and land must cease. This is laid out quite clearly. This is not scare-mongering, this is written in Agenda 21. The State will take control of all land and water which flows on or under the land. Food production will be placed into the hands of a huge, privately owned Agro Company, as will the water and timber resources.

We are not talking about the Nationalisation of resources, we are talking of the complete Privatisation of resources.

France has not only experienced the closure of a large number of Town Halls, it has also had thousands of local schools closed. This all part of  Agenda 21, to make life in the Rural areas too difficult and expensive. Children’s education is becoming a nightmare in France, it is quite normal to see children at the side of the road waiting for the school bus at 6-30 in the morning.

A new tax in France, which has been levied on to property, is in the hands of the Department of Développement Durable. This Tax Foncière can be adjusted, when necessary, to make life impossible, for all but the very rich in Rural areas.

The object of all this is to make life impossible anywhere other than in close proximity to a large town. However on arrival you will find that that things are not going to be as you might have expected.    To be continued.



The most chilling aspect of Agenda 21, is the contamination of the food we eat. GMO foods are already destroying the health of millions of people world-wide. Whether we like it or not, we will all soon be obliged to eat them.

Despite mounting evidence of the toxicity of these foods, our governments, under the orders of the UN, are continuing to mount pressure for their acceptance.

Through the instrument of a UN Treaty, they may have already been accepted as obligatory and it remains simply to tell us of this ‘fait accompli.’

Treaties are a means of getting around National Constitutions, which can be an obstacle to the desires of the International Bankers and Trading Companies.

The aim of this sub-human group of fanatics, is to take complete control of everything which can be eaten.

Steps are already being taken to prohibit the production of food for our own consumption. The use of water for irrigation, that is, watering the garden, will soon be illegal. As the water supply is ‘privatised’ the collection of rainwater will be illegal, as water which soaks down to the aquifers or simply may flow into a river, will be considered to be somebody’s property, and use of it will be a crime.

Food supplements, such as vitamins and minerals are being banned, except for tablets with active ingredients of such low levels as to be useless. The use of natural herbs as remedies for simple illnesses is already under strict control.

The consumption of meat in the US is already a dangerous pastime. Every animal which is consumed by already large Americans, has been treated with Monsanto growth hormone. The food which these animals consume has been genetically modified and as if that were not enough, they are pumped full of antibiotics and the water which they drink is laced with Fluoride and dozens of other poisons.

The European Union, which is just a branch of the un-elected UN, is already trying by stealth to introduce GMO crops, despite the strong opposition of the people. Nicolas Sarkozy has come under extreme pressure from his controllers in the US to allow the use of GM seeds in  France. There are rumours that he has already sanctioned the dissemination, from the air, of the French farmlands, with GM seeds.

Personally, I eat Organic, and I have been amazed at the proliferation of so-called Organic foodstuffs, which have recently been made available in all of the local Super-Markets.  It is now possible to eat Organic tomatoes all year round, with produce flown in from the Southern Hemisphere, negating the first principle of Organic eating, which involves eating only what is in season, and if possible from local producers.

My own local store has become victim to the ubiquitous availability of Made in China foodstuffs.

When the restrictions on the cultivation of basic foodstuffs, plus the virtual imprisonment of the vast majority of the population in Cities, added to the “privatisation” of all food production, it becomes clear that should a severe economic collapse become a reality, we will be in a parlous state within a matter of days.

Agenda 21 demands that the control of all foodstuffs should be in the hands of a Central Authority, which will distribute food to each country, according to population. This will be a minimum requirement, encouraging the elimination of those whom are unable to contribute anything of value to society.

The people of Ireland have already suffered from this form of Genocide at the hands of the British in the Nineteenth Century. Starving people watched food being shipped off to England under armed guard. The British had deliberately supplied seed potatoes to the Irish knowing that they were infested with blight, as a deliberate ploy to eliminate the Irish. This has become another of those holocausts which dare not speak its name.

Be warned we are now approaching a repeat of this barbarity, on a global scale. When the “Privatised” water supply is turned off and the “Privatised” food supply is sold on the Commodity Markets to the highest bidder and the “Privatised” power supply is disconnected, within a short time the bottled water will be consumed and Supermarket shelves will empty.

People living in a large town should ask themselves, where they will go for water in an emergency, food will quite quickly be found using a shotgun.

Be prepared when the crisis comes it will not be by accident, all is deliberate. We are being prepared for something similar to the fate of Russia after the Revolution and be sure it is all being orchestrated by exactly the same families.



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