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May You Make Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution A Good One!



Zen Koans, which are no more than the asking of a question, directed towards the inner man, have now fallen foul of the modern, strict censorship, of a truthful response. The thought patterns of the ‘Free World” are under attack, in order to protect, the lies and deceit, which play such an important role in modern life, from being discussed.

Zen Buddhism, which was of great importance to many people, when I was a young man, has its own strict rules concerning the information which is made available to Novices. They are obliged to find their truth for themselves. My understanding of this system was, that a truth which is spoken by another, has no worthwhile quality, should the receiver of that truth, not have made the discovery for himself.

When I declared to a friend that I had received my enlightenment and that for me, further seeking was now unnecessary, he immediately asked me,  “As to what that ‘enlightenment’ referred and what had I discovered”. I replied in a somewhat cryptic manner, by suggesting to him, that he already knew the answer, but was incapable of admitting it to himself and that when he finally did so, he would understand the secret of Zen, in that flash of illumination.

All these years later, I find myself back in the same position. I have come to understand, certain things, which many people do not accept in the same manner as I do and yet, having come to understand the real meaning of discovering your own truth, I now find myself engaged in an effort to encourage others to believe, either what ‘I am saying’, or I could re-phrase that as, not to believe ‘what others are saying’, take your pick.

I recently heard a ‘shocking’ News item, concerning a Zoo. The Keeper of the Lions and Tigers, was asking the public, to bring their unwanted pet Rabbits and Cats and Dogs, to the Zoo, where they could be thrown to the Wild Beasts, as there was a desperate shortage of meat, with which to feed the animals.

Such an act, would be quite normal and in keeping, with the strange ways of Nature itself and yet, those whom by their silence, have condemned millions of people across the World, to a fate worse than death, were shocked, even horrified, that any man could demand such a brutal death for Tabby the Cat.

I would have thought, that after the ‘Zen’ like proposition, about our ‘Pets’, had been uttered, the response should have been, to have at least, pondered the notion of; ‘Is there any real difference between walking in your garden,  on a sunny afternoon, casually squashing, millions of Ants and other insects, without a care,  should  no,  it was not any different, be the grudgingly accepted response,   why does the idea of throwing a little Cat to a bigger Cat provokes such horror?

Far be it for me, to suggest any adequate response to such questions, one must arrive at ones own conclusion and so it is with all such enigmatic problems.

However, in modern-day life, we are constantly being bombarded with claims which we will be duty bound to accept,  because there are already moves afoot, to instil certain controversial ideas into the innocent minds of children in Primary Schools,  ideas which will immediately create tension between parents and children, should the parents hold different views.

These ‘truths’ however ridiculous, are being presented, I suppose we can say ‘thankfully’, by God’s Chosen People, itself a concept, with which I have yet to come to terms. Nevertheless, I will be ‘obliged, to accept and  make use of the claims of these people, which instruct me to believe there to be many different ‘Genders’ of people and not simply Male and Female. I fallaciously believed that a homosexual couple referred to two men. That silly idea, now turns out to be quite wrong. The instant I chose to retain my right to disagree, I was branded as a Fascist, a claim which had relevance to my statement, which concerned homosexual marriage.

I came across an alarming report, that adolescent boys, who were claiming to be ‘transgendering’ into women, would be allowed to sleep in the Girl Guides Dormitory tent on Camping trips.

This conundrum, was a difficult one, with which to come to terms, simply because, should these poor saps, be genuinely emotionally girls, one could presume, that the Girl Guides would be quite safe, however should these same ‘men’ be allowed to sleep in a tent with young boys, would that be good for the boys?

To me these questions go far beyond Zen. We are already living in confusion. Nothing can be accepted as truth. So how can anyone be expected to ‘know’, how you or anybody else, ‘feels’ inside? Can I be sure that I think like a man and can a man, who I see quite regularly, who is broad-shouldered and bearded, dressed in a caricatural manner, like a typical girl from the days of the mini-skirt, wobbling around in stiletto heels, ‘know’ that he feels like a woman?

The reality being,  nobody knows ‘how’ they feel and yet the clothes we wear, or the use of make-up has come to signify, what it is to be a woman, even as huge numbers of women, choose to dress in Jeans and Jumpers. The ‘look’ of a Dominatrix, in leather or rubber clothing, with a whip in her hand,  is the badge of sado-masochists, who desire a good whipping.

All of these strange desires have existed forever, many of them have been forbidden by Law, so for an educational system, to be intent on giving young male children, lessons in how to be a ‘Sodomite’, even as those whom were once referred to as perverts, are pushing for the legalisation of paedophilia, seems to me to be an ever so slightly, weird idea.

I am not quite sure as to whether my long dead Zen teacher would be in agreement with my conclusions, nonetheless I am confident in my decision that humanity itself, has fallen into the hands of desperately evil people. Sometimes the only question left to be answered is the famous Zen Riddle,

            “When you can do nothing, what can you do?”

I am quite sure that many of my readers can solve that one for themselves and they most probably already have.

                         Happy New Year!

The Almost Forgotten Agenda 21 – Which Contains The Urge For Open Borders

The United States and Western Europe have been drained and flooded at the same time. Drained of Industry and flooded with immigrants, The people of all those Sovereign States, whom have been quite content to claim that the war-like excesses of their ‘controlled’ Politicians, have not been their fault, are suddenly confronted with the reality that they, themselves are, now caught in the cross-hairs of their own ‘controlled’ governments, all of whom are prepared to commit those same war-like excess against their own people, when they are ordered to so do.



They have, in a relatively short space of time, casually allowed the seizure of all the necessary utilities, out of the hands of the people and into the ‘Governance’ of the Corporations. This was achieved through the medium of ‘debt’.

The forlorn idea that Communism looks after the interests of the People, like all other claims from the lips of politicians, is a lie. The Corporations will soon control us all, your politicians are in favour of privatising even the Courts of Law into the hands of a Corporate Judiciary. Private Health Care companies are gagging to take control of National Health Services, which ‘our’ politicians are allowing to be run down, claiming there to be never enough funds to invest in such organisations, which of course begs the question, that should they be so expensive to run that a rich countries like France or England, cannot continue to fund them, why would private investors be interested in them and if there is a profit to be made from them, why do the Politicians, not put a better management staff in place?

We are now under way towards the Brave New World, of life as caged consumers, where every facet of our lives will be very carefully controlled. The way is even now, being cleared to restrict ‘public’ access to the internet, using the excuse of ‘cyber security risks’. The correct answer to which, should be, to install a separate system for governmental and banking issues, leaving the open internet available for the use of those people, whom are prepared to take the risk, instead of which, by assuming the people to be so stupid, that they believe the Russians, to be capable of hacking into systems which are not even online, by making plans for a license to go online, where those sites of which they disapprove, including my own, will be off-limits.



The main link in the chains restraining the People, is rolling, like a snow-plough through the drifts on the highway, taking away, all of our remaining freedoms, which are being swept aside, in the name of Global Warming. A lie, which has been resisted, just long enough, to allow the long promised mini-Ice Age, to arrive on our doorstep, mocking their claims of warming, necessitating a change of position, which is using exactly the same data, which had warned of Global Warming, to be now described as the reason for ‘Climate Change’.

It is now being suggested, by our politicians, with a straight face, that Carbon Dioxide, an alleged ‘Green House Gas’ can make it both hotter and colder at the same time. This claim is reminiscent of the claim that aeroplanes can fly backwards and forwards at the same time and of course when it suits the narrative, backwards, forwards, sideways and upside down, at the same time.

Part of the coming ‘Governance’ in the name of Global Warming, is the restriction of private transport. This is yet another of those annoying little restrictions, which I am assured, will never be accepted by the ‘people’. Well I am sorry to be the harbinger of bad news, but the people will have no choice.

A few short weeks of ‘provoked’ strike action by gas/petrol/essence, tanker drivers or a problem in the Middle East, will soon make it clear, that with the advent of ‘Drive’ and the decision of Amazon to control every aspect of consumer needs online, thus allowing all our needs to be taken care of by the delivery vans, already to be seen as if by magic, lined up in Supermarket car parks, Supermarkets, which will very quickly be transformed into mere warehouses, from where all deliveries to those consumers, whom will be ‘trapped’ in the countryside, can be carried out, rendering their need of private transport to the dust-bin of history.

The idea that the teeming millions, already trapped in Super-Cities, will be prepared to take up the cudgels, in support of a rapidly diminishing number of country-folk, is a pipe dream. The spreading idea of the Universal Salary, which in an almost incredible manner, suddenly occurred to politicians, all across the Western World, is already being tested, as a substitute for unemployment benefits, as very soon unemployment in Western European Countries, will go off the charts, thanks to uncontrolled immigration, it will also disguise the fact that the immigrants rarely find work.

Unemployment and the desperate need of a means of putting food on the family table, along with an obligation to place their children in the now distant schools, without private transport, will be used to force country dwellers, to do as they are told or their ‘rights’ will be cut off. How extraordinarily prescient, that all those totally stupid politicians, in a massive group, came up with this ploy to hide the real number of the unemployed all across Europe.

The killer stroke in all of this is the hike in the cost of housing and the various taxes, which go with ‘owning’ your home, which in country areas is in the stratosphere and is almost out of the reach of all but the very rich and it is a ploy, which is being used to force those, whom have been living for centuries in small villages and towns, to vacate their homes, to make them available to the rich City vultures, whom have a desperate need of a second home for the weekends.

European Countries, are now in need of a city, large enough to cater to the needs of several hundred thousand immigrants per year. To even suggest this to be possible, in order to suit economies, which are already bankrupt, where there are millions of ‘hidden’ unemployed, is so ridiculous as to be a sort of lunacy, or an evil agenda. It is most certainly part of Agenda 21/2030 and is being financed by Rothschild’s Rottweiler, George Soros, who is also funding the coming Civil War,

Europe, having managed to control its birth-rate, should now be taking steps to maintain that lower level, not importing massive numbers of immigrants to replace the babies, murdered as a sacrifice, to save the planet, only to make space for families with many children, in keeping with the aims of the Fabian Society.

In reality, everything which is taking place across the Western World, was in the planning back in the 1920’s. Sadly those much-lauded, professional, investigative journalists, have failed to dig out the evidence, of what even Winston Churchill, that great British Traitor, was fully aware, when he lent his support, to the creation of the European Union.

All of this is well-known by the Fabian Societies Socialist Communists, a group which included all of those nice fellows, like Wedgwood Benn, Harold Wilson, Hugh Gaitskell, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and just about every member of the Labour Party, understood, that the Fabian Societies, final solution for Europe, on the road towards the Communist dream of international equality, was to make us all equally beige in colour, through the medium of the mass immigration of Blacks, to inter-breed with White women and to then through the means of a Universal Salary, funded using printed money, which despite what you have been told, works perfectly well, to reduce us all to the same basic level, all members of the Bolshevik/Zionist idea of their own Slave Race.

The next step down this road towards universal equality, will demand the loss of whatever credits, may remain in your bank account, as now happens at the end of the month in France, where any remaining connection time, on telephone and portable wi-fi accounts, instead of being carried forward is simply wiped out, when this happens to a Universal Salary account, the result will involve the inability to have any savings, ensuring that nobody is any richer than the rest of the herd. This will of course stifle creativity.

I have been writing about this for years and down through those years, exactly what I suggested was on the way, has already happened and yet the people are incapable of recognising that new normality.

In Britain, politicians are bragging about having the fastest growing economy in Europe, while living standards are falling, There are more people working than ever before and yet they still have a ‘deficit’ which means that with everybody working, they still have a shortfall in Income Tax, to pay the interest, owed to the Bank of England.

Yet another impossible situation, because should the Bank of England, actually belong to the British People and not to Baron Rothschild, why are the people retained in austerity, in order to pay a debt owed to themselves?

Which brings up the question, who was the passenger in the helicopter, which collided with a Cessna light aircraft, a few days ago, as that helicopter took off from Rothschild’s Fairy Castle?



Wall To Wall Bull

                       Wall To Wall Bull.

George Galloway, did today, on his Russian Today TV show Sputnik, interview a man who believes that I, should be paying him, reparations, because some past members of his family, may have been slaves.

White people in general, are being accused of this crime against Black people, when in fact very few White people ever owned or took advantage of Black people, whether in the United States, which is held to be the main recipient of whatever advantages may have been gained from slavery, or indeed in any other country.

White people, as in real White people, have in fact been made to pay for the welfare of Blacks from the day slavery ended, whether they could afford to or not.

Galloway conducted his interview, with the malcontent, without once uttering the word Jew. He did however mention the family of the before “Brexit” Prime Minister David Cameron, whom is of course proud of his Jew heritage. Cameron, like all Jews, is no longer White, they have as yet not decided how they should be perceived, never mind, Galloway informed us that the family of Cameron, would have received money from the Government of the UK, to reimburse whatever sum they may have paid, when they purchased their slaves, which would have been paid, no doubt,  from the taxes of the British public, a ‘bail in’ for the too rich to pay their own debts, I suppose.


Perhaps I am just a shade stupid, as my perception of the releasing of all of those ‘slaves’ would automatically, have resulted in a situation, much like the ‘Wall Street Crash’ in the 1930’s, of mass unemployment, homelessness and hunger, which would have presented ex-slaves, with all of the problems, faced by all colours and creeds in hard times.

Ever since those days, White people of European origins have been expected to pick up the tab by looking after all of these ex-slaves, while the Jew ex-slave owners have now presented themselves as being worthy of reparations for something that happened to them, and who will be paying all of these reparations, why White people of European origin, whether they did any harm, real or imagined, to any Jew in the first place.

Galloway never questioned the excuses made by the interviewee, as to why she should be any more eligible for reparations than anyone else for a situation in her family, because of his ‘past’ situation of slavery, which is similar to that of any White family, which has broken down, most probably for exactly the same reasons, as a Black family, without the need of slavery as an excuse.

Galloway could well have asked his guest, as to how she had determined her particular problems, to be in any way ‘slavery specific?’ For example, should I, as an innocent White person, allow my ‘hard earned’ money to be paid into her bank account, would that resolve her ludicrous attacks, based on her notion, of White Supremacy, the benefits of which I am totally unaware?

Galloway is not alone in his mission of stirring up discontent against White people, he could have gone to the trouble of researching the reality of slavery, before giving his bleating Black a pulpit, from which to preach her Racist Rubbish, Russia Today, Galloway’s pulpit, has adopted the same position, by ignoring US Governments statistics, which quite clearly show, an enormously disproportionate number of Blacks are involved in violent crime, whether it be rape, robbery, or murder, than are Whites and that ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a nonsense, that it is in fact the Police who live in fear of their lives when confronted with a belligerent Black and that by refusing to present the shooting of five Policemen, for the crime which it was, instead of reporting it as the long-awaited response from ‘hard done by’ Blacks, Russia Today is itself guilty of gross deception.

Galloway could equally well have demanded of his guest, who was presumably speaking up for those ex-slaves, whom arrived in the UK, from the West Indies, after World War Two, whether her claims of White Supremacy was extended to the superior numbers of White Irish slaves, whom were already and continued,  to work the sugar plantations, alongside the newly arrived, less efficient Blacks or is that of less importance?

While Galloway, who should be questioning his own motives, his employer Russia Today, is presenting a documentary about the “Great Patriotic War’ which is code for the Bolshevik Jews softening up of Europe, with the assistance of The City of London boys and Washington DC, while maintaining the well-known rubbish about the Germans, which includes the denial of the Holodomor, which is laid at the door of the Germans and those collaborators in Ukraine who fought bravely alongside them, to rid Ukraine of those same Bolshevik Communists, whom starved millions of Ukrainians to death and deported many of the survivors to Siberia.

This would be a good example of the straight talking President Putin, the man, whom many Americans find to be more of a man,  than is their own current President. Putin is also a man in whom Bashar al Assad has placed his trust, let us hope he has not been duped.

Speaking for myself, I consider the position of Galloway’s guest to be an insult. I am deeply offended by her Racist ideas, I am of course, being White and proud of it, limited in what I am allowed to say when faced with such garbage. I am sick and tired of being harangued by cretins like her , about their disadvantages and my imperceptible White advantages.

I will tell you outright that Galloway’s guest, should she ever receive one penny of reparations for herself and her family, she should be sent straight back to whichever African country she claims to be a native of and leave the rest of us a lot better off.

Like the Jews before her, she does not have a notion of the problems of others, like all Blacks she obsesses her own emotions while ignoring those of the German and other White victims of two World Wars, while  relevant facts which show that even in Paris, Blacks like her,dressed  in USA Military uniforms, liberating France,   were raping and murdering White Parisienne’s, a form of behaviour which will be ignored and  mean nothing to her. Black brutality is a well-known phenomenon but I am quite sure that Galloway’s guest, would not want all Blacks to be tarred with the same brush, excuse the pun, only Whites can be collectively held to be guilty, she could probably find excuses for mass murdering Mandela and cries from Zuma to wipe out the Whites, to the applause of Galloway.

Israel’s Genocidal Destruction Of Gaza

This short clip gives us just an idea of the depth of criminality of the Jews in Israel and the indifference of the World Community to the sufferings of the Palestinians, while at the same time still howling about the “alleged” sufferings of the Jews.

To Where Have All Of The International Muslim Terrorists Gone?

I today listened to George Galloway explaining his thoughts on Israel and the attacks on Gaza. George seems to experience great difficulty in uttering the word Jew and what is more,  he insists on blaming Israel for all of the crimes against humanity, which have been inflicted onto the indigenous people of Palestine, by a group of incomers.

George must surely, by now, be aware that the World Wars, in which the youth of Europe sacrificed their lives, were fought to further the aims of Jews, whether he finds it difficult to accept or not.

When the Jews stormed into Palestine at the end of World War Two, they were carrying out a plan which had been announced at the end of the Great War, long, long before there had been any talk of a holocaust, that is other than those numerous bogus claims which had been made by Jews down through the decades.

The Balfour Declaration, which had been written by Chatham House, where according to Galloway; “When you need an expert, you go to where the experts are to be found.”  Well whether you will find an expert there or not, you will most certainly find the Jews who are responsible for all of the misery in Palestine.

So what exactly is the champion of the Palestinians doing in the company of The Royal Institute of International Affairs, where the program of the Jews in the City of London is coordinated?

On top of that, Dr. David Duke, the man who is speaking for all of the free thinking people of the world, is for some reason splitting hairs over the actual origins of the Khazar Jews.

He would appear to be suggesting that because Jews have been traditionally related to money, gold and usury, that it follows therefore that they must all come from the same region. My reading of this is, that he is suggesting that they are all of the same brutal mentality, so they must therefore share the same origins.

Well I am sorry to contradict your reasoning Dr. Duke but whether you understand the difference or not, it is clear that all of the top men in Israel, ever since its inception, have come from Jews of Eastern European origins, Jews who do not display the slightest similarity to the indigenous people of the Middle East and who also changed their names to give them a more regional sound.

Many of these Jews are still to be found in their “homeland” as it were. The “Chocolate King” in Ukraine, along with his Prime Minister and other members of the sham government in Ukraine, have remained in that region and are part of a group which has never been involved in any way with the claims of the right to seize Palestine. They are now however intent on taking control of the remnants of the Kingdom of Khazaristan, if it did indeed exist and was not simply a figment of the imagination of Arthur Koestler as is suggested by Dr. Duke.

Baron Rothschild has already invested a fortune in Kazakhstan, where he has seen to the construction of his brand new Capital in Astana. Kazakhstan was of course controlled by the same Jewish group which helped to bring us the Bolshevik Jew coup d’etat in Russia and is still to this day controlled by Jews.

So it becomes more and more difficult to believe anything with which we have been presented by these brutes, who cheer the murder of children in Gaza and are openly calling for an outright slaughter of them all, which will solve all of their problems. All of which has been reported without criticism by the media which is under their control, while at the same time George Galloway is hauled in by the British Police, for questioning, concerning a statement which he made calling for a boycott of Israeli products. A similar call was made in Norway, which resulted in the slaughter of dozens of youngsters at a Summer Camp, by Anders Breivik.

I was astonished when I heard on the News, that NATO would consider it to be an invasion, should Russia attempt to take food aid to the beleaguered folk in the East of Ukraine, while at the same time Obama and Cameron are being praised for doing the same thing for Iraqis, forced from their homes by Islamic State, a group which has been financed by the City of London, with printed money from the Federal Reserve, laundered through the Jewish “Royals” in Saudi Arabia.

Obama is now “bombing” Islamic State, who are busily taking control of the very regions in Iraq and Syria, which have long been nominated as part of Greater Israel. This while fellow Muslims are being massacred in Palestine, by Israel, which is wholly financed by US tax payers Dollars, without a single Islamic hand being offered in support. Egypt is maintaining the closure of the Rafah crossing at the behest of Israel. So much for Islamic solidarity.

There should now be calls for a new Nuremberg, bringing all of the living War Criminals in Israel to justice. That they have been allowed to get away with their murder and mayhem for over sixty years, while all of the other so-called “Rogue States” have been carpet bombed to dust and rubble, by the “Humanitarians” is unforgivable.

All of this being justified by an alleged event, in which none of the Jewish killers who stormed into Palestine were involved, just as were none of the Germans who were hanged at Nuremberg, whose deaths were based on the word of Jews, without a shred of evidence in support of their claims.

It is interesting to note, that not one of the main players in World War 2, Eisenhower, Churchill, De Gaulle made any mention of a genocide against the Jews. They most certainly heard all of the claims which were made by the Jews, but probably thought that they would never get away with such a fantasy. They of course reckoned without the power of Hollywood and the new gadget called Television.

What we do know for sure, is that WE are the true criminals. WE are international terrorism. WE have caused more grief and suffering in this world than have all of the other historical criminals combined.

The West is supplying the guns and bombs which are being used to kill women and children in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Gaza, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Western bombs have already contaminated the entire Middle East, which has led to the birth of thousands of genetically damaged children, created millions of refugees, who have been deliberately allowed to re-establish themselves in the middle of the people who destroyed their homelands, in order to create the recipe for civil conflict, which will lead to continued blood-letting, which one might be forgiven for believing is the only thing these “Western” filth understand.

I have become so cynical, that on reading an account of the American doctor, who we were told had contracted the Ebola virus, while working with the sick in Africa and who was inexplicably repatriated to the US, despite the risks of spreading the virus; he was explaining how even though he knew that great care should be taken not to risk taking the disease from one person to another, he spoke of holding the hands of those dying from Ebola and how he could remember a strange feeling of peace when he was found to have contracted the disease himself. Then, miraculously, when treated with a new “wonder” drug, within minutes he was on his feet and asking for a coffee or some such thing.

My cynical reaction was one of, how handy, so they had a drug just waiting for an outbreak of Ebola. A drug which was not announced until the Ebola Virus had gone viral, as you might say. How long will it be before they announce a vaccine? Or maybe the “wonder” drug will be the first drug to ever cure a virus.




Israel: The Red Mist Of Genocide Has Descended.




There is no race on earth with a bloodier history than that of the Khazar Jews.

Not content with the call to wipe out the German people, using whatever means came to hand and should all else fail sterilise the survivors, they are now proposing a complete massacre of the Palestinian people, whose land they have stolen, while the rest of the world, stands idly by, watching the carnage on television, which is being used to turn the slaughter into entertainment. Jerusalem Post Suggests Genocide 

“Kill, kill, you brave Red Army soldiers, kill. There is nothing in the Germans that is innocent. Obey the instructions of comrade Stalin and stamp the fascistic beast in its cave. Break with force the racial arrogance of the Germanic women. Take them as your legal loot. Kill, you brave soldiers of the Red Army, kill!” – Ilya Ehrenburg Stalin’s Jewish propagandist for genocide (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurt, February 28, 1995 – page 7)


We live in a system which is controlled by Jews or by those who have been bought by the Jews with our taxes, so we must either do something about it or face up to the fact that it will be our turn next.

Those Jews, who stormed into Palestine, in their thousands, in 1948 with guns blazing, at a time when according to their figures, the Germans had wiped out about twice the actual number of Jews in Europe, set about the slaughter of the Palestinians in much the same manner as they had set about the Christians in Russia.

“Let us not ignore the truth among ourselves … politically we are the aggressors and they defend themselves… The country is theirs, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down, and in their view we want to take away from them their country.”

— David Ben Gurion, quoted on pp 91-2 of Chomsky’s Fateful Triangle, which appears in Simha Flapan’s “Zionism and the Palestinians pp 141-2 citing a 1938 speech.

While skulking behind their fable of the “Shoa,” they did, as do all beggars, exaggerate their own alleged sufferings, in order to generate sympathy for themselves, to the exclusion of the suffering of others.  Their sufferings have, through the overwhelming quantity of garbage,  with which we have been fed, throughout our lives, by the media and Hollywood, have become a monument, used to illustrate the most extreme example of Mans capacity to commit acts of evil against others.

This alleged most horrific and brutal crime ever committed against innocent people, which was supposedly carried out by the Germans, came and went and it left not a single trace of its passing. I have spent months of my time trying to track down evidence this monstrous crime and yet I have come up against a brick wall. I have discovered not so much as a single photograph of a “Gas Chamber,” and I might add that there is such a paucity of knowledge about these macabre symbols of genocide, that there was no information available to Hollywood, when before the dust of the war had settled, they were already churning out dozens of films to let us know just how much these poor old Jews had suffered, which is why they told us that the gas came out of the shower head.  This was of course a total nonsense.  Nobody knew how a gas chamber worked, because nobody had ever seen one, and none were ever found.

  I have been banned by youtube at the moment, because of some transgression or other, should you have the energy to search  <The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax  Part 1> you will find a video which refuses to embed on to my blog.

 As if to spit in our faces, they at the same time released the results of the 1948 Census, which showed quite clearly that the population of Jews in the World showed an increase of 450,000, at a time when all other European Peoples had shown a lesser number than before the war, this despite having told us that at least half of the Worlds Jews had been exterminated.  The figures which were issued by the Red Cross, corroborated the Census, they reported that there were 180,000 Jews, which included those who had left Europe, to start another life, who could not be accounted for after hostilities ended.

So you see, when these Khazar remnants arrived in Palestine, they did so hiding behind a pack of lies. They were also well-funded and well armed and they set about the Holocaust of the Palestinians with gusto. Not one of them had any connection or claim to Palestine, they were invaders, and the people of Palestine set about defending their homeland.  So to suggest as does the US and UK that these folk are Terrorists and deserve what they get, is disgusting.  They are Freedom Fighters in the spirit of the IRA, those men of Eire, who refused to lay down for Jewish/British Empire and they fight on to this day.

This Jewish/British Empire is at the moment arming  all of the Jewish Leaders who have been installed across the Middle East and the Gulf States.  In Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, where the people have been struggling against “Royal Dictatorships,” without a word of it being reported in the Western Media,  the Jew David Cameron, continues to supply the arms which are being used against these people.

Having refused to supply Yanukovich in Ukraine, claiming that the weapons might be used against the people, he is now content to supply his Jewish kinsmen in Kiev, in support of the Ethnic Cleansing which is taking place in the East of Ukraine. He is also drumming up the hatred against Putin, who is doing absolutely nothing, which is in any way different from what Jewish sympathisers are funding in Syria, where they call the obscene, bloodthirsty mercenaries, The Free Syrian Army.

We have recently seen an upsurge in Jewish attacks against Arabs in France, by the Jewish Defence League, who have described the Arabs as being “anti-Semitic.” This claim has not been ridiculed  by one single News  source, to the best of my knowledge and it demonstrates either a willingness to maintain the false claims of a Semitic background, which are made by the Caucasian Khazar Jews, or a complete lack of understanding of the origins of the Arabs in France, who are most certainly Semitic.

When the reality of the depth of the lies, with which we have been brainwashed from our earliest years, becomes apparent, there will be just a little bit more than an upsurge of hatred against Jews, their will be an earthquake of condemnation.  When the German people fully realise that they have been demonised by lies and deception, all of it generated by Jews who demanded billions of dollars of reparations, for acts which never took place, they will be shocked at their treatment by the rest of Europe and the US.

Muslims are currently being blamed for acts which they never committed, all of which were carried by groups such as the CIA, Mossad or MI6, as a deliberate act to justify the destruction of the Muslim World.

Muslims have been set-up as the “Patsies” for crimes which had been planned so long in advance, that documents, hundreds of pages in length had been prepared, which would strip away the rights of people all across the planet, in the name of saving us from these dangerous Muslims.

We are now being told that Muslim Clerics have  radicalised young Muslims into murdering their own people in Syria,  Iraq and Libya, all in favour of furthering the aims of Israel, without offering the slightest support for the Muslims who are being gunned down in Gaza. What sort of people are these, that is if they do in fact exist and are not simply yet another way of choking off more of our freedoms by warning us that these non-existent killers are coming home with bombs in their hands.

The British “Friends of Israel,”  are in total disarray, while on the one hand they are proposing stringent sanctions against Russia, with nothing more than unsupported allegations to justify this action, it does not appear to have dawned on them, that should they impose the same sanctions against the thugs in Israel, well it might just have an effect. They should, after the carnage for which they have been responsible in Libya and Syria, be arming neither side in this dispute, never mind arming the aggressor to the teeth, while ignoring the plight of the victims.

Jewish involvement can be uncovered in every war from the 19th Century to the current batch of hostilities. Europe and the rest of the World are at the moment remembering the millions of victims of the Great War. A war which was initiated  by the City of London, with three purposes in mind; the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the coup d’etat in Russia and the Balfour Declaration, which opened the door for the savage taking of Palestine.

The Second World War was declared by the Jews against Germany, using the very tool which is the preferred first line of attack, sanctions.  The same sanctions which “dare not speak their name,” with regard to Israel. The  leadership of the main participants were all Jews. Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, Eisenhower and even the French General De Gaulle.  The man who manipulated Adolf Hitler, into a limited rescue mission in Poland, to protect ethnic Germans, who were being brutalised and murdered by Jewish gangs, Anthony Eden, the British Foreign Secretary, was also a Jew.

So all in all, it is somewhat of a mystery as to why so many people, spend so much of their time and energy, defending the right of these animals to carry on with their slaughters, unhindered by International Law, after never having been brought to book for the 65 million Christians murdered in the Gulags or by a bullet in the back of the head by the Cheka.



Israel: Picking Off The Prisoners With Gas In Mind.


I was recently informed by a Jewishi, Yiddishi character, in a puerile response to a comment which I had made on another Blog, that the Jews afford total freedom and Democracy towards all of the Muslims in Palestine and that it is in  no way an Apartheid State.   He went on to assure me that the German people were inherently cruel and nasty, as a result of their Hun heritage.

 He did also, as do all of these frauds, suggest that I am anti-Semitic, when in fact, the indigenous people of Palestine are the Semitic people and they are being massacred by the Jewishi people from Eastern Europe, those Khazar Jewishi interlopers, without a Semitic gene in their body, who are attempting to conquer the entire Middle East, in order to construct their New World Order Capital City.

Steven Spielberg, while transforming the fictional tale of Schindler and his list, into a dramatic Fairy Tale, which included the SS sniper, whose job it was, to pick off the Yiddishi prisoners, as a form of sport, remains silent and has no comment or criticism to offer, against the spawn which vomited out of Eastern Europe and took control of the Holy Land, by force of arms, slaughtering and torturing and evicting the indigenous people, forcing them to pass the next sixty-five years in a Schindler style Camp, being picked off by Yiddishi snipers on a daily basis. He should be ashamed of himself, for failing to admit that the Khazar are the true descendants of the Mongols and Huns, not the Germans.

In case it is not clear as to why I am referring to Khazar as “Jewishi”or “Yiddishi” it is simply a gesture against Google, which constantly orders me not to use the word J** as it is now considered as a smear word.  They tell me to use the word Jewish.    Well what is Jewish? I have asked the question several times and it would appear that my readers are as much in the dark as I am.

The word Jewish is meaningless, it is,  just like the word Jew itself, a contrived word invented by the Khazar, to give the impression that they are of Palestinian origin, to justify the slaughter of the Palestinian people.

Catholics, Protestants, Muslims or Hindus, never refer to themselves as Catholicish or Hinduish, “ish” is normally tagged onto a Nationality as in Irish, it has no meaning whatsoever in terms of a religion.

Google controlled youtube has wiped one of my videos, claiming that Russia Today, a News channel which takes pride in announcing that their output is free for all to use, has taken action against me over an episode of The Truth Seeker, which was linking the Holodomor in Ukraine to Hitler and the Right Sector, as the traitorous allies of the Germans and by association as a Racist Neo/Nazi organisation.

When I suggested that they were neither but were in fact working alongside the real perpetrators of the Holodomor, the recently installed Bolshevik Jews and should be in no way compared to Hitler and the National Socialists.   Should they indeed be opponents of Russia and the Bolsheviks, what were they doing in any Government controlled by Bolshevik Jews?

I am still awaiting a response from Russia Today, however I was surprised to find that although my video has vanished from my youtube channel, the link on the post was still working. So perhaps Russia Today has relented.

In the meantime we have a downed airliner. Early this morning I heard a journalist from the Telegraph explaining that we could not trust a word coming from the ex-KGB man Putin.  He was trained to be a pathological liar. He was lying through his teeth, when he explained that he had no military in Crimea, when it was perfectly obvious that he did.

Well no, he did not.   Putin did not claim to have no military in Crimea, he had the right to garrison up to twenty-five thousand military in Crimea.  It was a substantial Naval Base.  The honest folk in the West chose to lie about this reality. They knew full well that Russia had this right, for which he paid Ukraine, One-Hundred Million Dollars a year.

When in Syria a gas attack was carried out, despite a mountain of evidence demonstrating that it had most probably been carried out by the ISIL thugs and that the last thing on earth that Assad would do, was to commit the very act which the Jew Obama had declared to be a “Red Line,” at a time when all of the Jews continued to clamour for an aerial attack to destroy the Syrian weaponry, the Western Media continued to insist that he had indeed committed the offence, which had in fact been staged by the BBC.

We are now witnessing a repeat of this nonsense in Ukraine, where there have been endless attempts to provoke Putin into an act which could be used as justification to start a war against Russia. The very people with the most to gain from such a tragedy are once again insisting that Russia, the player with the most to lose should they carry out such a pointless act, is responsible for shooting down the Malayan Airliner.

From early morning, all of the Western News outlets have been declaring it to be as plain as day that Russia must be involved in this tragedy. This claim is being made without a shred of evidence, at a time when nobody apart from the perpetrators, could possibly know that a missile had been used.  It is quite simply crap and yet they are prepared to continue with it to the bitter end.

This aircraft is exactly the same model as was MH 370 which vanished without trace a while back, at a time when it was over the ocean.  This could well be a design fault, which causes a catastrophic event, which presents itself so rapidly as to deny the crew even a moment to despatch an SOS.  On the other hand it could have been a bomb on board.

If Putin had in fact given the go-ahead to install an anti-aircraft missile system in Eastern Ukraine, to help fight off the Jewish Ukrainian Governments unrelenting savagery, against a civilian population, with an aerial bombardment, I for one would have supported his decision.

To at this moment find that all of the main Jewish controlled Governments, the US, UK and France, are  involved in illegal and genocidal attacks, all across the Middle East and Africa and now in Ukraine, while the Apartheid State of Israel is carrying out a genocide against a helpless group of people  with no place to hide, while the Jewish controlled United Nations takes no action whatsoever and there is nobody with the courage to stand up and say enough is enough, while I am personally attacked by a supporter of the filth which is responsible for all of this carnage, with practically no support whatsoever, against this form of orchestrated attack, and as do most people who approach too closely to the truth, find myself condemned as having a deep seated hatred of those haters of every race on earth other than their own.

The Jews in Israel are simply doing what Jews do.  They once again have a whiff of Gas in their nose and are planning on taking it away from the rightful owners, which is why they are systematically destroying Gaza, house by house, while denying the importation of materials to rebuild.  This way they will force the remaining people out, allowing the Bolsheviks access to the gas under the sea off Gaza.

This is all taking place while Islam is tearing itself apart.  We are supposed to believe that radical Muslim clerics are encouraging young lads to fight the Jewish/British cause against their own kind in Libya and Syria and Iraq, while ignoring the hapless Palestinians, Bahrainis and Saudi Arabians, what sort of Jihad is this?  Where is the true Jihad?  As far as I can see Islamic resistance exists in a few pockets such as Gaza, Bahrain, Syria and once more in Libya but where is the support?  Why are these brave people left to struggle alone against paid Muslim thugs.

It is daily becoming clearer that the rapid victory which was achieved by ISIS in Iraq was well planned in advance, with the Iraqi Military ordered to run for it, leaving all of their weapons to be recovered by ISIS for use in Syria, where a perfectly genuine election,  which re-elected Assad has just taken place and has been duly dismissed as theatre by those same people, with blood on their hands, having ignored a similar election in Libya, which plunged that Country into ongoing chaos.

The plane crash could not have come at a better time for the various belligerent Bolsheviks, as a means of camouflaging their various slaughters.  The Jewish Press had a field day with the dead passengers on board the downed Airliner, listing in great detail all of their occupations and hobbies and other aspects of their lives, all of which would have been more acceptable had it not coincided with the murder of babies in Gaza, who were of course merely collateral damage and unworthy of special treatment and the Genocide of more Christians by Bolsheviks in Eastern Ukraine.   All of this is fully justified by politicians belonging to a group which describes itself as being Friends of Israel.

Judging by the tone of the News this morning, the Jews in Ukraine would  appear to have got what they want, the support of the rest of the World, to continue the genocide in the East of Ukraine and the liaison with Europe, which the US and UK have been demanding.  Like the folk in Gaza, the Ukrainians are once again being slaughtered with the usual acquiescence of the West,  just so long as the culling is being carried out by Jews.



Are The Paedophiles Running For Cover In The UK?

The Jewish Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron has carried out the fumigation of his Cabinet.  The expelled include those who have been mentioned in reference to the abuse of children, which it seems is endemic in the UK Government.

This follows on the heels of the announcement that a dossier of evidence, of Paedophilia in Parliament and Downing Street,  which was handed to the Home Secretary of the day, Leon Brittan, who was himself  momentarily in police custody, under questioning concerning an attack on a young lad at his home,   has disappeared, well it would,  would it not?

Margaret Thatcher, who some allege was herself wallowing in the swamp, along with Jimmy Savile etc.  hastily despatched Brittan to the European Commission and organised the payoffs or other means which brought an end to Police investigations.

One pleasing announcement was the removal of Hague, the Butcher of Libya and Syria, from his role as Hit Man for the Jews in Israel.

Jazz loving, Ken Clark, yet another man under the paedophiles cloud, is also on his way out.

When the full list is available for research, we may well find a few other perverts of one sort or another.


Thank you Harry.

The Bolshevik Jews: Back In Control Of Ukraine.


While every effort is being made, by Russia, the United Kingdom and the International Media, to cover up the reality of what is happening on the ground in Ukraine, the re-appearance of the madmen, whom were responsible for the genocide in Ukraine in the 1930s, should make the Ukrainians, by whom they were elected,  reflect on the immediate result of their choice, which is the current culling which is taking place in the East of Ukraine.

Ukraine now has a Jewish President, Prime Minister and a gaggle of other Jews spread around the country.

There has recently been a mind-boggling amount of lies and propaganda, from both Russia and the United States and all of the other partners in crime, about Adolf Hitler, who was greeted as a saviour by the people of Ukraine, whom were found in a state of starvation and ill-health, by the German Military, when they rolled into Ukraine, driving out those very same Bolshevik Jews.

Russia Today, a News Channel which boasts of its truthfulness, refers to those thousands of  Ukrainians whom joined Hitler in his campaign to rid the world of these murderers, as traitors, without any reference to the reason as to why they adopted their stance against the Bolshevik Jews.

For the “Truth Seeker” to suggest that the Germans were intent on carrying out a genocide in Ukraine is a disgusting thing to claim. Just about every able-bodied man in Ukraine was fighting alongside Hitler, they were in their turn, along with all of the hundreds of thousands of unsung heroes, like the Cossacks, whom also fought against the Bolshevik Jews, slaughtered by Stalin, with the collusion of the British, at the end of the war.

The much vaunted Neo Fascists in Ukraine, are nothing more than Al Qaeda in Ukraine, they are in no way similar to the National Socialists in Germany, the reason is in the name.  Hitler was a Socialist, he was not of the Extreme Right, he was a man of his people and his form of Fascism was for the benefit of his people, the current form, which has been installed across Europe, robs the people in favour of the Corporations.  They call it Public/Private cooperation, we pay the costs they keep the profit.

While the Bolsheviks in Israel, carry out the culling of the Palestinians, while annexing their land, without any action from NATO the UN or any of the Zionist groupings, the Bolsheviks in Ukraine appear to have been granted the same absolution of guilt, while they continue the slaughter of the ethnic Russians in the East of Ukraine.

In true Jewish fashion, they are promising to kill hundreds of their opponents for every one of their people who are killed in the conflict. There is no Army in the East so this promise quite obviously applies to women and children.

So take notice, Jews can kill whomsoever they choose without fear of ever having to face justice for their actions.






Ladies And Gentlemen, The Ramones Have Finally Left The Building.


When they first turned up on the scene, they startled the musical snobs whom derided them as being nothing more than noise.  Time has proven the opposite, I suppose to their own disgust, they have found a place in the hearts of millions, all of whom will be just a little depressed at the death of the last member standing today. Rest in Peace…  Tommy.

Scotland’s Countdown To Imprisonment.

Always remember the British never let go!

Well there cannot be too many people in the dis-United Kingdom unaware that there are only one-hundred days of total boredom to go, before the In-Out referendum on a short-lived Independence for Scotland.

Having listened to all of the rubbish leading up to this remarkable day, which signals the countdown to a meaningless triviality, I have heard not one word of the offer of an In-Out referendum on the more important issue of membership of the Bolshevik-Communist European Union, a Union with which all three of the Jewish controlled main Political Parties in the UK are in favour.

This would suggest that Salmond, along with all of the other puppets who are aiding the set-up of the NWO, is not about to do so.

Under Salmond, Scotland could soon find itself on its own in Europe, should Ukip have its way in the UK, or if indeed the offer of a referendum, which has been deviously loaded in favour of the Labour Party, which does not agree to a referendum this time around; having ignored their promise of one before the last election, should Labour win the 2015 election. Cameron should hold an Referendum now, why wait if it is not to sneak out from under whatever offer he may finally propose.

To claim that Scotland will be “free” to control their own affairs, should the people vote for Independence is a nonsense, already the UK Parliament only operates on a part-time basis. It is now a mere annexe of the European Commission, which makes and dictates seventy-five per-cent of UK Laws, without the need of a vote in the House if Commons.

The Scottish would do well to take regard of the experience of the Irish, a race which suffered greatly under the bastards from England, who should be recognised for what they are, underhanded, untrustworthy, uncouth, Jewish controlled yobs, expect no honesty from that quarter.

The cry in Ireland has already become, “Fifty years of freedom, now back in chains.”  The same thing will happen in Scotland, which will end up under unelected, Apparatchiks, while the Scottish Parliament will be there to simply enforce the demands of the EU.

The alleged paedophile Gordon Brown, along with his one-time Chancellor of the Exchequer Al Darling, is speaking out forcefully against a Yes vote. He is no doubt under the same pressure which led to him sell off the UK Gold Reserves, to an un-named Banker.

There are a few strange coincidences around the make up of recent British Parliaments, Blair is Scottish, he had Brown a Scot as his Chancellor, Brown had Darling, a Scot as His, during their reign,  Menzies Campbell, a Scot and Charles Kennedy, also a Scot, had control of the Lib Dems and for a while Cameron, also a Scot was Leader of the Opposition.

 This has now changed somewhat, to a position where the Jewish Front has come sweeping out from behind the curtain and taken over from where these traitorous Scottish buffoons left off.  The UK is now under almost total Jewish control, which is why they are all in  favour of remaining within the Jewish controlled Dictatorship of Europe.

The next step for Scotland, under Salmond, a man whom is most probably in the grip of the insidious Scottish Rite Freemasonry, will be the full acceptance of Agenda 21 and the seizure of all Scottish resources into the hands of the Multi-National Corporations, the fencing off of the Highlands for “re-wilding,” and the imposition of Sustainable Development, which will take control of all local Democracies under the name of Communitarianism or indeed Public-Private partnerships, which is a way of pretending that the people still retain some modicum of control.

Make no mistake about it, Scotland is doomed. I must apologise to my good chum Cuthulhan, who will provide you with a more wholesome view of Independence than my own, on his interesting wordpress.com blog     however, if Scotland is as expensive as Brown, Cameron and the rest of them assure us that it is, why are they so keen to keep this Albatross around their neck?

The McCann Saga Labours On.

The British Cops, we are told, are searching a plot of wasteland in Portugal, with all of the latest gadgets, in a new attempt to find, the body of a child, while the McCann’s insist that their child is still alive and in the hands of those whom deal in the White Slavery business or indeed some other form of trading in young children.

We are being told that the police are acting on information, which has led them to believe that the chosen site is worth investigating. The information appears to be that which we have known of for some time, namely that a man carrying a child was seen rushing through the streets at about the estimated time of Madeleine’s disappearance.

The description of the man was uncannily similar to Gerry McCann, however it is not clear if the man whom was seen with the child was also carrying a shovel.  This would have been an essential, I would have thought.

We would now appear to be presented with a scenario, which would suggest, that an intruder disturbed Madeleine and panicked.  Then instead of simply making a run for it, he decided to kill her. This immediately transformed him, from being a burglar into the most hated status of being a child murderer.

He then, instead of finding a large travel bag or suitcase, in which to hide the dead child, he chose instead to walk across town, with the child in her pink pyjamas, clearly visible to one and all, to a piece of open ground, where he scratched out a deep enough hole to bury the child.

Should he have legged it, the police would have taken no action, as nothing had been stolen from the apartment, it is doubtful that they would have done anything if the place had been stripped, however, here we are seven years on and they are still trying to nab him for murder.  This despite the fact that the McCann’s have denied the presence of blood near the window and the smell of death in the airing cupboard.

So what are we dealing with? Was Madeleine killed after she was taken? If so why? Job done, they had the child, surely they would not have taken her simply to kill her? Should remains be found, would it be possible, after all this time to decide by whom she had been killed?

This investigation is either to prove the unprovable or indeed to present a form of evidence which would corroborate the verdict of the Portuguese Police while at the same time letting the McCann’s off the hook.

see    McCann here

The Truth Seeker.

The Truth Seeker casts an eye over the files of Operation Gladio and NATO’s aim to become the sole military arm of the United Nations. This is normal procedure, in earlier times this combine was referred to as the Coalition of Evil, which is a means of sharing the guilt.



Here We Go Again, The Angelic West Has Unearthed Yet Another Brutal Muslim Regime.

I recently watched a film, which presented the execution of young girls, humanely of course, by a skilled killer called Pierrepoint, for no better reason than that they had served as secretaries,  in a government which had been forced to go to war, by the British and French governments.

Small details were omitted from this tale of Judicial murder, such as the fact that the men at Nuremberg, whom were also hanged by Pierrepoint, had  been tortured by having their balls crushed. Apart that is from those left to ‘dangle’ to death bu Commissars.

Those prone to cry, are advised not to watch this clip.

I can make no comment on what may or may not have been done to the young women whom were hanged, by the man whom was to later,  execute the innocent Timothy Evans and Derek Bentley, however the sole aim of hanging these German girls, had been to shut them up, out of a fear that they may have spoken out at a later date,  about the lies and deception, which had been used to choke off the evidence of those men whom were found guilty, having been brutally tortured, of a crime of which not a trace remains.

I took a quick glance at the babble online, to find out what exactly was going on in Sudan. I found it difficult to understand, mainly because it would appear that while the law does state that according to Sharia Law,  the infliction of lashes and death sentences, as punishment for certain crimes, even for women,  are still on the books, there is no evidence that this sentence is likely to be imposed, so why are the British so concerned

There is ample evidence of young mothers in England being executed for stealing bread or cloth from a market stall, in earlier times, before the British had invented aeroplanes, with which to bomb women and children to death, in order to save the woman and her child, in the ‘headlines,’  however most of this type of offence in England, attracted a sentence of deportation to Australia, in order to help in the culling of the indigenous people down under.

So what is going on?  Sudan has already been cut in half, leaving the oil reserves in the hands of the International Monetary Fund, from where it can be pumped at prices which will enrich the richest people in the world, while robbing the poorest of the poor. That of course is straight out of the British Humanitarian Gene Pool Handbook is it not?

David Cameron, the closet UK Jewish Prime Minister, claims to support the idea that there should be no such thing as religious persecution, while offering no explanation as to why he has taken ‘no action whatsoever in Myanmar,’ where Muslims are being slaughtered by those peace loving Buddhist folk or indeed why he took part in the demonisation of Islam, following the 911 “False Flag” attack in New York.

So we can draw no other conclusion, other than this Black Propaganda against Sudan, is all part of the destruction of Africa and the theft of natural resources, a game at which the British excel.

Why bless my soul,  the name of Angelina Jolie has already been introduced into this farce, while in the UK,  News outlets are asking why more can not be done to help this poor woman and her child, while as a result of British Humanitarianism in Iraq, hundreds of thousands of desperately poor women are coping with grotesquely disfigured children, as a result of that Good ‘Ol Depleted Uranium, with the use of which the British are so proudly saving the oppressed people of the world.  While laughing up their sleeves as Ukip are described as being racist. I kid you not.

All of the cold-blooded killers are standing up to decry this situation in Sudan, including the wholesale murderers, Hillary Clinton, Cameron, Miliband, Hollande et al, while even as they do so, they continue to lie about their own actions in Ukraine, which could get out of hand, taking us all into another World War.

The Jewish/British Empire, has long been on a mission to cull those races of which they have no need.  It has now become clear that European Man is on that list. We have been the number one target since the end of the Nineteenth Century and we are now an endangered species. Take a look around, the evidence is everywhere.



Rap News.

An appraisal of Jewish behavior in Israel.

Sorry about that, I forgot to include the audio track last time, it should work now.

S.O.S. Calling The Humanitarian British. Come In Please.

Why is slightly gay little Willy Hague not insisting on a “No Fly Zone” in Ukraine? Where are the NATO bombers? Why are NATO allowing the continuing killing in Eastern Ukraine? Where is the Jew Laurent Fabius, whom regrets not having bombed out Syria in the manner that the French Jew Sarkozy bombed Libya to smithereens?

These are of merely rhetorical questions, we all know where these hypocritical bastards are don’t we?


The Proof Positive Of The Power Of Mind Control.

When I was a mere child, I was educated to believe that the speeches of this man, Winston Spencer Churchill, to be some of the most inspiring, exhilarating and influential oratories, ever delivered to a Nation, whose men-folk were about to be ordered to war and many to their death.

Even as a child I was never too impressed by his alleged riveting delivery and phrasing as he forced the British people into yet another war, to suit the aims of the City of London.

I now invite you to take another listen to the ramblings of this character, who is quite obviously as drunk as a bum, without the slightest idea of what to emphasise, in order to imbue the speech, which he was virtually incapable of delivering, with even a modicum of the “power” which we were educated to believe was contained in his delivery.

The Conservative Party claimed that the current leader, David Cameron, was elected leader, when during a Party Conference, his speech, was so impressive, that it blew his rival David Davis off the stage and out of the race.  Cameron was selected, because of his Jewish connections and not for his prowess as a politician, as was Churchill. The Tories are in fact now being run by a coven of Jews.

Needless to say Cameron’s speech, as was that of Churchill, banal drivel and so uninspiring as to have qualified it as tranquillising and sleep promoting.

They Seek Them Here, They Seek Them There,They Seek Those Nazis Everywhere!



All day long, for the past two days, we have been saturated with coverage of the Prince, the President and the Fuhrer.

 The Russian Embassy in London was truly shocked by this gross error of judgement on the part of the Prince.

British Politicians have also been outraged at such interference in affairs on which he is not sanctioned to comment. They suggest that if he would like to abdicate his right to the Kingdom, he might stand for election himself.

There have been endless interviews with Jews and other spokes people who offer the usual balderdash and tommyrot, as if they can actually remember the days and events of seventy years ago.

To make matters worse, today we learn, that a Swiss Court had decided that it was legal for a protester, to make use of the Roman Salute, to mock Swiss politicians, during a demonstration, the howls of disbelief, coming from Israel could be heard clearly over the sobbing of the Palestinian parents whose children had just been shot by murdering Communist Jews.

Russia Today assured us that to allow this use of the National Socialist salute was a grim omen for the future, one of their British correspondents assured us that this was the beginning of the end.

The BBC man in Bristol Gosling, got in on the act, with yet another boring tract, assuring us that the Jews whom have control of the European Union are in fact Nazis, when we know for a fact that Borusso the unelected president of the Commission is a Jewish Portuguese Communist.

Personally, I would like to ask the loud-mouthed opinionated prince, why he did not compare the Russian Putin, to the greatest killer of the innocent, most of them Christians,  that the world has ever seen, the Jew, Joseph Stalin, which would have been a far more acceptable comparison,  rather  than to consider him as an equal of Adolf Hitler, who unlike the Bolshevik Jew Stalin, enriched his people while Stalin treated his like filth and kept them in poverty.

But of course we understand that Western Leaders, while still castigating Hitler, paid for the slaughter in Russia, so its best to keep quiet about the 100 million Christian Holocaust victims in Russia, while prattling on and on about an ever dwindling number of Jewish casualties.

Prince Charles Inadvertantly Displays His Admiration For Hitler.

Prince Charles Inadvertantly Displays His Admiration For Hitler.

When Prince Charles recently expressed his opinion that Vladimir Putin was behaving like Hitler, he was carrying on the family tradition of support for their extended family in Germany. His uncle, the once King of England, abdicated rather than betray the German people by entering into a conspiracy to obliterate Germany.

Charles compared Putin’s behaviour in Ukraine with that of Hitler in the Sudetenland and other parts of Germany, which had been annexed by the British, who wrote the Treaty of Versailles; which was itself designed to provide an excuse for another European war at some future date,  where the British, French and Americans had given the Polish and Czechoslovakian governments the all clear to evict millions of ethnic Germans from lands which they had inhabited, since long before the existence of Poland or Czechoslovakia.

The Jew Anthony Eden, urged Hitler to take action to aid these Germans, whom were being attacked and killed by brutal thugs, under orders from International Jews, whom had declared war on Germany in 1933 and whom had been blockading Germany ever since.

Hitler, as does Putin, refused to take the bait and continued his search for peaceful solutions to the problems, which had been created by the Treaty of Versailles. The British and French resolutely refused to talk peace, International Jewry would accept nothing less than war and had ordered their vassals to refuse the approaches of Hitler.



The very instant that Hitler made a move to assist the ethnic Germans the Allied Coalition declared war on Germany, while at the same time ignoring the invasion of Poland by the Jewish forces from Russia, a country which now finds itself in the gun-sights of the same coalition, and are even now, as was Hitler’s Germany, under sanctions from the hypocrites in Europe and the USA.

Russia had been the secondary bait, which after Hitler’s entry into Poland, was used to lure the German Army into a confrontation in Russia, where with the aid of the British and Americans, Stalin’s massed ranks of cannon fodder, could slaughter the cream of the German Wehrmacht, rendering Hitler incapable of defending Germany itself.

So you see, the Bonnie Prince was telling the truth, apart from forgetting to mention the sinister role of the Allies in the deliberate creation of the war and how the activities of the US and Europe against Putin are coming out of the same play-book.




Three Weeks In A Hot Spot!

My Inter-web connection was arbitrarily blocked by my ISP at the end of April. In past times it had been possible to park in any urban street and with a simple piece of software, you could find two or three open web connections. Those days have gone. Security is now paramount, apart from the NSA of course.

These days, the centre of town is a nightmare, if you find a spot to park you can spend the rest of the day scratching your head, desperately trying to remember in which back-street you had left your car.  So you take to the darkness at the edge of town, as they say.

MacDonald’s was my first stop, mainly because you could slip in and plug-in and surf away to your heart’s content, with no interference from the staff. That has all changed, around here McDonald’s has gone PC, that is Politically Correct.

Back in the day, the only problem which I had encountered in McDo’s, was the block against Infowars, this has now been extended to cover anything from The Pirate Bay, to the word Jew.

At Quick, they have installed Orange as the controller of the Web and you are now obliged to provide full name, Email address, home address and your inside leg measurement, all just to get a connection.

Cap Costières was a shade better, but I was just a little bit concerned with the message which told me the time at the very instant which my session had commenced.

Enough of that, this morning I appear to be back on-line, I hope it lasts long enough to enable me to scribble a quick response to an interview, which was carried out by Mealy Mouthed Murnaghan, with the Jew Mark Carney, the Goldman Sachs man who now has the fate of the British People in his sweaty grasp.

As usual, Murnaghan steered well clear of any question which may have discomforted Carney. Despite the fact that in the package which trailed the interview with Carney, which suggested that Canadians believed that the turmoil which had appeared in their housing market, had been as a direct consequence of the policies of Carney, while in his position at that other Rothschild controlled Central Bank in Canada, Murnaghan made no mention of this claim.

What I find intriguing  in this tale of a housing bubble, which Carney appears to be suggesting is rearing its head once again in the UK, while the Cameron government assures us, that this is not so, that only London is showing signs of huge price hikes, is that having said that “The Bank” now has ways and means of dealing with the problem, he has no intention of raising interest rates at this time, despite the looming bubble and the promise of increased rates should unemployment fall below seven per-cent.

Economists like Carney, would have us believe that too much money in circulation, leads to inflation.  I have never accepted this claim.  Inflation is created when too much money is chasing too little to purchase.  This is the problem which is a continuing irritation for those whom would like to buy a home, there are never enough homes available, this is a deliberate ploy, which is encouraged by the obscene greed of Bankers and their minions.

In “normal” times, when the housing business is booming, politicians never explain the real scam which is taking place, under our noses. Every home which is sold on the open market, is damaging for the economy and we are less well off as a result. Thanks to the price hike, which has inflated the cost of a home, even in these desperate times by more than twenty per-cent in recent years, the Bankers are licking their lips with glee.

While economists insist that the printing of money is dangerous for the equilibrium of the economy, we have been deluged with cash which has been called Quantitative Easing.  This disguises the fact that “The Bank” has been printing money by another name. I am firmly convinced, that the money, which as usual was passed directly to the Bankers and not to the people, has been used to gamble on the Stock Exchanges, which are at levels which bear no resemblance to the actual state of World economies.

I would like to suggest, here and now, that the Government is involved in a huge deception, which strips the British people of billions of Pounds, which is spirited away to the coffers of the Central Bankers, at the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland, where it will forever be free of scrutiny and the liability of taxes.

It is a well-known  fact that the housing market is the true “Cash Cow” of the Bankers. What is little known is the true depth of the fraud and the complicity of the Media and Government in the crime.

David Cameron, was faced with the conundrum of how to ignite the sale of homes, which it is always claimed, to be good for the economy, without alerting the mugs whom are queuing up to be robbed, of the nature of the “Sting.”  He chose to use a scheme, which appeared to lend a helping hand to young couples, when in  fact it was designed to gee up the Cash Cow.

Quantitative Easing was always open to criticism as being no more than the printing of money, as is the modern system of housing loans, Mortgage Loans, are  the discreet way of doing the same thing but it is even more lucrative for the Bankers. Building Societies were a system of helping those whom wanted to build their own home. However, by law they could only loan out the cash which had been deposited by savers. These once local schemes, such as the Halifax Building Society and others have now become Banks, under the control of the Banking Elite and they have now given themselves the ability to loan an unregulated amount to clients.

With the sharp increase in the value of a house, the Bankers now have the ability of making huge loans to those whom seek a mortgage.  The guilty secret being that the money necessary is not in the vaults of the banks, it is simply pulled out of thin air, it is a figment of the imagination, it does not exist, which is why the bankers were so eager to sell homes to those whom could least afford them.   In that way, having received interest on the loan for several years, without a penny of reduction of the initial debt, should the debtor default the home became the property of the bank.

That same home, which had not cost the bank one single penny of real money,  which  will now, at current values, be worth thousands of pounds more in interest alone, can be sold  and any amount gained from the sale, is simply more money for nothing. All of the money gained by the bankers, is a drain on the British economy. There is more money being made by the lender, than the value of the home itself. The debtor is trapped into this system of theft by politicians, whom fully understand the criminality the scheme.

The result has been that to balance the loss to the current account of the UK, by the billions of pounds which is being sucked up by the bankers, money which should be spent into the economy, helping to create jobs, which will create more wealth for the  workers, the UK has been obliged to print money itself, money which is normally printed by creating a housing bubble, which will allow the printing of the money to be carried out by the banks, most of which are controlled by the owners of the Federal Reserve and The Bank of England.

David Cameron himself, never speaks to the system which allowed his own father, to set up offshore accounts, in which to deposit money which had been generated by British workers, to avoid UK Taxes, money which Cameron has now inherited.

It is a concept which seems to baffle the voter, that every pound which is gained by trading in Stocks or Shares or indeed in Currencies, is a form of theft. Any gain in value is a loss to the working person, We the People, generate all of the wealth, the rich rob us. It is as simple as that.

They try to baffle us with fancy talk. There is always more debt owed, than there is money to repay it. Which is why a National Debt can NEVER be paid off.  Once upon a time, this was called the invisible earnings, when money men made profit from money alone, when in fact it is the daily theft of Compound Interest, which our politicians force us all to pay to the Central Banking Families.

The important question, which propagandists such as Murnaghan never ask, is why this scheme is being allowed to continue, when there is not the slightest difference between Quantitative Easing and money printing  and this being so, why does the government not Quantitatively Ease Mortgages, which would ensure that the money which is lost to the Robber Banks, through Compound Interest, stays in the economy where it belongs.




What Is This Rumble In The Jungle All About?

Here we go again, more nonsense and more devious manipulations to present yet another opportunity, for the world-wide Mafia, to steal rather than to buy resources, from under the noses of the poor of Africa  and once again it is with the aid of Black Scum, whom as in the past, when they sold their own kinsmen into slavery and whom will now watch as those whom profited from slavery are back once more in Africa to murder and to steal, whatever is left on this desecrated continent, without any sign of the “Humanitarianism” of which they so frequently preach.

We are now being presented with the new super-stars of the “Islamic Threat” Boko Harem, whom have kidnapped a couple of hundred young girls, allegedly to sell, in order to buy arms.  We are being told that they have split the group into four. I wonder who told us this?  They are now planting booby-traps in the jungle. Really? Boko Harem are naturally associated with, Al Qaeda.

The “West” are now offering assistance. Who exactly are the “West?” Well who else? Britain, the US and France. Not satisfied with the wholesale destruction of Libya, Mali, Central Africa and Sudan, all of which had enviable resources, they can now smell the scent of oil riches in Nigeria, so in they go, for “Humanitarian” reasons of course.

Now let us take a quick look at the state of play in the sordid world of terrorism. We have Al Qaeda fighting for “us” in Syria, as they once did in Afghanistan and Libya. They are also de-stabilising Yemen and have made a brief appearance in  Algeria. The spectre of Al Qaeda loomed, for a moment in Chechnya, in an attempt to gain independence from Russia.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban have proven to be indomitable, they were once, of course, the principal ally of Al Qaeda, which originated in Afghanistan, under the guidance of Zbigniew  Brzezinski and the CIA. They fought alongside the fledgling Taliban against the Russians, their liaison with the CIA was a man called Tim Osman, from where the prenom Osama originated.

In Iraq, in the name of saving the Muslim world from being contaminated by Western morals, Al Qaeda is maintaining a daily scourge, on all and everybody, in pursuit of the Caliphate. It is being suggested that they are in fact operating from the Green Zone, under orders from Virginia.

In Somalia we have yet another group associated with Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, whom wreaked havoc in Kenya recently, in an event which was used as a means of linking Al Qaeda, with the “False Flag,” 7-7 event in London, through the association of the widow of one of the murdered alleged London Bombers, with the planning of the Kenyan attack.

I think that is enough linkage to show quite clearly that Al Qaeda is a world-wide phenomenon. They are carrying out attacks at will, wherever they so choose. In Libya they were quite openly armed by the British, French and Americans. Having bombed Gadaffi to kingdom come, they took control of the arms with which Gadaffi had been supplied, particularly by France, from where he had invested heavily in the election campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy.

These same arms were used as an excuse by the British and French; whom in a confusing manner, claimed that the very Al Qaeda, whom they had supported in Libya, had used these arms to unseat a Military Junta in Mali, with the assistance of the Tuareg people, which though not good in Libya, was so good in Mali that the sordid pair of Jewish leaders, Cameron and Hollande, promptly returned the Military to power.

In another twist, the American Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, was butchered during the transfer of armaments from Benghazi, to Syria, to arm Al Qaeda terrorists, whom had murdered thousands of Syrians to save them.

We are now being told that the West is going to make use of “Eavesdropping Devices,” to track down Boko Harem in the jungle. Well they may be going to try and convince us that they had the means at their disposal all along of tracking down elusive groups in the jungle, however even in the arid open spaces of Afghanistan, they have been unable to track down the Taliban and have never managed to find a trace of the luxurious, centrally heated, air-conditioned, technologically fitted, super caves of Osama Bin Laden, the very excuse which initiated the War on Terror.

The huge operation on 911, was made possible, through the use of the family Bin Laden fortune. Osama, the phantom member of the family, was a millionaire, he could therefore afford to finance such spectacular events, so from where are the enormous amounts of the necessary funding now emanating?

The cost of such an enormous International War, would be beyond the means of most States, particularly when at the very moment that the world is going bust.  The acts of terrorism show no signs of decreasing, so who has the means of financing both sides in this war?  From where do the necessary arm supplies emanate?

Well it should come as no surprise to find that the same people whom have control of the money also control the manufacture of armaments. They know exactly by whom they are being purchased and it would be a simple matter to conceal a chip of some sort, in the weapons, to track them. However this is unnecessary, because they are doing the financing. Multi-National companies are robbing Africa blind, crouching behind the cover of “Civil Wars”  for which they provide the funds.

When David Cameron and his side-kick Little Willy Hague go around the Middle-East flogging their weapons to the killers in the Gulf States, they fully understand the intended destination of those weapons.

What exactly is the purpose of the NSA surveillance of the entire population of the world, if they are apparently incapable of tracking down the enormous trade in illegal arms or indeed the discovery at destination Ports of these arms on route towards the various terrorist groups, or maybe, as done in the films, they do not follow the heavily laden camels across the desert.

As far as I can see, the revelations of whistle-blower Snowden, are a waste of time, all they demonstrate is what we have always known, that we are being watched. No secret there. What we have also learned however, is the futility of the scheme if it does not help in the hunt for terrorists, even though that could never have been the real intention, after all, we are the terrorists.

Can we learn anything from the past, which may give a clue to the mentality of our controllers?  Sure we can, during the month of May we have been celebrating the end of World War Two. An event which is surrounded by more lies and deception than is any other single event in modern times.

The war on the Eastern Front, for example. Russian television still refers to the Russian struggle with Germany as the Great Patriotic War, well there was nothing Great or Patriotic about it apart from the lies.  Lies which are still, to this day, being supported by the West. Just as is Al Qaeda, Russia is still little more than a stooge of the Zionists.

Western Journalists, should such a thing exist, cannot be unaware of the similarity of current events in Ukraine, with the events leading up to the Second World War but they remain silent, keeping their readers in ignorance.

A couple of  ( posts ago )  I spoke of the collusion between Russia and the Western Coalition, long before the outbreak of war, to use the wholesale destruction of Germany to mask the March of Communism across the entire Continent of Europe. I suggested that it had been initiated in 1933 by International Jewry.

Hitler spotted the Russians, who were waiting at the Frontiers of Europe, with a massive Army, which he outflanked and sent scurrying for cover. Now, once again, we are being told that Russia has a massive Army on the Border of Ukraine, where is waiting for an opportunity to retake the Russian Empire. So what is going on this time around?

Well what ever it is, you can be sure that you are not being told the truth. In the quotation which I used in the previous post,  founder of the Irgun Zvai Leumi Terrorist group, the vicious murderous Vladimir Jabotinsky, spoke of the complete destruction of Germany, long before there was any excuse to do so.  I now offer another quotation:

“We won this war with atrocity propaganda…and now we will start again more than ever! We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will increase it until nobody will accept ever again, one good word from the Germans, until everything is destroyed, which might have engendered some sympathy in other countries, and until they will be so confused that they wont know what to do any more. When this state is achieved, when they begin to pollute their own nest, and this not accidentally but with hasty willingness to obey the winners, only then will the victory be complete. It will never be definite. Their re-education demands thorough, steadfast nurture like an English lawn. Only one moment of inattention and the weed will break through, this ineradicable weed of historic truth.” – Sefton Delmer, former British chief propagandist after the capitulation in 1945 to the German expert on international law Prof. Grimm.

During the recent celebrations in Russia, it was claimed that during the campaign to “save” Russia from Germany, when in fact Germany was saving the West from Bolshevik Jewish Russia. The Jews themselves claimed that every Jew on the planet was taking part in a campaign to completely destroy Germany and to kill every man, woman and child. Should that prove impossible the “Final Solution” must be to sterilise all of those left alive.

So who was included in this claim that every Jew would carry out a war against Germany early in 1933 and after?  Most certainly those Jews whom had grabbed control of the UK, Churchill and Eden, along with Bernard Baruch, the man who paid for Churchill’s silk knickers.

Roosevelt in the US, certainly made strenuous efforts to illegally finance the war, against the wishes of the electorate in the US.  He also finance China, to guarantee that the Japanese would be kept occupied until after they had been baited into an attack on Pearl Harbour, ensuring that the US voter would be more inclined to go to War.

France had a hastily contrived Jewish takeover, which ensured the French participation in the Declaration of War, to protect the borders of Poland, that is, against Hitler, but not against Stalin.

In the face of such support, from as early as 1933, it would be somewhat ridiculous to suggest that the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia, were not the first in line to offer a helping hand, in the campaign to dominate Europe with Bolshevism, which is in fact now a reality.

It would therefore seem a little strange, that Russia should now find itself on the outside of this dream of World Domination, having played such an enormous role in the defeat of Germany, would it not?

We are now faced with the conundrum of an apparent reluctance on the part of the still mainly Jewish controlled Russia, to accept the orders from HQ in the City of London, to bow to the desires of the Bolshevik European Union and allow Ukraine to be transformed into a slave state of the Bolshevik controlled International Monetary Fund. What has happened to the much vaunted claims of Jewish solidarity?

Nothing has happened, SNAFU still rules. World events confirm that everything is ticking along nicely. It is simply becoming a little more difficult to keep up with the rapidity of events.

The Rumble in the Jungle is most certainly a contrived event, coming out of the same mould as  the staged event some time back in Uganda, when a team of Mossad Agents carried out a contrived rescue of some allegedly captured Jews, from a hi-jacked plane in Entebbe Airport.

I am sure that this kidnapping, if it happened at all, will have a happy ending and Western Military will be allowed to set-up yet another Base in Africa, which is the reserve of massive resources, which are an irresistible temptation to those whom are sick for money.

Gadaffi was murdered and Libya destroyed, because Gadaffi was using his Oil Money, for the benefit of PEOPLE, that is totally unacceptable and must be stamped out immediately and as usual the British and French were on hand to deliver the stab in the back, just as they did to Hitler. Bad is now good.

Despite being the “New Enemy” when the Russians were listing their achievements during WW2, the “New Aggressors,” in Europe, did not expose the massive number of lies contained in Russian claims.

Hitler was described as Genocidal, when in fact Stalin had starved up to twenty million Ukrainians to death in 1932-33, plus at least forty-five million other Christians, during the previous fifteen years. During the two year period of Operation Barberossa, the Germans, we are told, killed thirty million Russians.  That would be in the order of 450,000 every day during their time in Russia,  which engenders the idea in my mind that many of the numbers quoted were used to conceal the barbarity of the Jewish Bolsheviks, whom were not of Russian Nationality, many of them, like Trotsky, came from the US.  Many things were hung around the neck of Hitler, of which he was innocent.

There is yet another quote from Winston Churchill, who though a Jew himself; according to the strange belief that a religion can be passed from mother to child, was often outspoken in his opinion of Jews:


“This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky, Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States)… this worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the19 th century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.” Winston Churchill, in the Illustrated Sunday Herald (February 1920)



Blairs’s Politically Correct Hate Speech.

I have been persistently criticised for daring to suggest that Jewish Bankers, Industrialists and Media Moguls are responsible for most of the ills of the world.

I am constantly accused of having a deep-seated hatred of Jews for simply suggesting that they are anything other altruistic benefactors, who do nothing but good.

Google is attempting to stamp out the word Jew as they perceive it to be a term of abuse.

Should I dare to offer my opinion of Jews and their murderous practices on Sky News, I would not get out of the starting gate, such is the pressure imposed by the Jewish owned media to allow no more than chiding against, for example the War Criminals in the Knesset.

So why is War Criminal Blair, who allegedly had an affair with Rupert Murdoch’s wife, having conspired in the murder of millions of innocent Muslims, who deliberately opened the floodgates of immigration into the UK allowing the passage of huge numbers of Muslim refugees from his wars, now allowed air time to deliver, his “deep-seated hatred” of Muslims, without any criticism from the journalist who conducted the interview, his diatribe would be regarded as incitement, should similar sentiments be expressed about Jews.

So why has he not been roundly criticised for delivering this speech which is designed to provoke fear of the very Muslims, whom he drove from their own lands into European countries, when he knows full well that there is no such thing as organised Muslim terrorism.  It is a myth which is being used as part of the Politics of Fear, from which  we are meant to believe that only Zionist puppets can save us.

Our Jewish Interests Demand Germany’s Total Destruction.

“For months now the struggle against Germany is waged by each Jewish community at each conference in all our syndicates and by each Jew all over the world. There is reason to believe that our part in this struggle has general value. We will start a spiritual and material war of all the world against Germany’s ambitions to become once again a great nation, to recover lost territories and colonies. But our Jewish interests demand Germany’s total destruction, collectively and individually. The German nation is a threat to us Jews.” – Vladimir Jabotinsky, founder of the Irgun Zvai Leumi terrorist organisation, Mascha Rjetach(January 1934

Sounds familiar does it not?  I have heard exactly the same claims made about Vladimir Putin a dozen times in recent days. The same Jewish interests, in the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Europe are responsible for propagating this nonsense.  There is no way that Russia is about to take back control of the old Soviet Union. Most of the old Communist controlled States are already back under the same Communist control as before, in the European Union of Soviet Socialism.

Everybody in this strange carry on would appear to have some guilty secret or other to conceal from the general public, most of whom have no interest whatsoever in what is taking place. Putin is now another Hitler, Russia has become the Third Reich, while strangely,  NATO is paying the Right Sector in Ukraine, which is itself being associated with Hitler. Confused? Me too.

The big problem for NATO, in the taking down of Ukraine, was the lack of a Muslim connection, which would have created an opening for Al Qaeda in the Ukraine, so use was made of the spectre of Hitler and the Neo-Hard Right, whatever that may be, which should not in any way be linked to Adolf Hitler.

While NATO makes use of the menace of Fascism in Kiev, Russia Today is broadcasting a Polish Documentary, which it claims to be un-edited by them, as a disclaimer for the rubbish which is contained in the program, which speaks of the killings of thousands of Ethnic Poles who found themselves caught up in the Ukrainian struggle against Moscow, after the Genocidal murder of millions of Ukrainians by Stalin, in which Khrushchev, a Ukrainian took part.

No reason is offered as to why the Polish community was living on Ukrainian soil, just as there is every reason to believe that no women or children were purposely killed. I offer the following short clip, to give an idea of what took place. Thanks to the feeble inter-web connection which I have been experiencing for some time, I am not too sure if the dialogue is in English or not, I have been unable to check.

The Third Reich was responsible for no Ethnic Cleansing in Ukraine, on the other hand, the Ukrainian Freedom Fighters, fought alongside Hitler, against the Soviet Union, not because they were Fascist or any of the other current terms which are used as smear words, but simply because the Jewish Bolshevik Russians were the “Real” murdering scum, with whom the British and US were in league and whom had bought the very food, which had been stolen from the Ukrainians, who were left to starve to death, to assist Stalin in the purchase of the arms, which he would use to subjugate, with the assistance of his Western Allies, all of Eastern Europe.

I am amazed to read on virtually the entire so-called Alternative Media, that we are witnessing the resurrection of Nazism and Fascism in the most overt manner since the days of the Third Reich. Here is a short example of the view of Global Research:

The violence on the streets of Ukraine is far more than an expression of popular anger against a government. Instead, it is merely the latest example of the rise of the most insidious form of fascism that Europe has seen since the fall of the Third Reich.

It has been perfectly clear from the outset, that the thugs on the streets of Kiev are being paid by the US, they are Al Qaeda or Greystone, or more simply paid killers, whom carried out the cynical slaughter of twenty policemen and eighty demonstrators, under orders from the EU or Kerry or whomsoever else is speaking for the Politburo in Brussels, in order to provide the necessary excuse to take control of Ukraine.

The problems between the Poles and the Ukrainians was an early tale of the failure of multiculturalism, which stretched all the way back to the years following the installation of the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia.

The following quotation speaks of the fate of Ethnic Germans, whom had become enemies simply because of their presence in an area occupied by Ethnic Poles, who in turn were attacked by Ukrainian Freedom Fighters, because of the support for Russia of the Bolshevik controlled government in Warsaw.

“The Polish terror in the Ukraine today is worse than anything else in Europe. Ukraine became a country of desperation and destruction. The murderous deeds multiplied. The Germans have been tortured, mutilated, excruciated to death, their corpses were desecrated. Villages and palaces have been robbed, ignited, blown up. The depicted incidents in the official publication of the German government in 1921 exceed the worst actions one can imagine.” – Prof. Dr. Ren Martel in his book, Les frontires orientales de l`Allemagne (Paris 1930) about the Polish raids in Upper Silesia in 1921.

As they say “What goes around comes around.”

It will be noticed that the claims made about the mutilation of the corpses of the  Ethnic Poles, corresponds in every detail, with the treatment of the twenty-three thousand Polish Reservists, in the Katyn Forest slaughter, which was also blamed on the Germans but which was actually carried out by Stalin.

This was the Russian Terror Machine, which had mutilated thousands of German Prisoners of War, in the same manner. This is true Terrorism, designed to terrify people into submission. Much the same agenda was carried  out in Palestine, which is what drove the indigenous people into refugee camps in the surrounding countries, where they have been trapped since nineteen-forty-eight.

It is a falsehood to speak of Ukraine as being solely responsible for the killing of ethnic Poles,  as Ukraine was part of the Russian Empire, everybody suffered the same fate at the hands of the Bolsheviks, note that there is no mention made of the Genocide of Ukrainians, the Holodomor and the installation of the millions of Ethnic Russians in the East of Ukraine and in Crimea, after the slaughter or relocation of the indigenous peoples. an act  which is now being used as an excuse by Russia, to claim some sort of authority in Crimea, because of the presence of these relocated Russians. It should be remembered that Ukraine had long been part of Russia, even before the Bolshevik coup d’etat.

There are, nevertheless, those whom believe that a game of, sharing the spoils, between Russia and NATO is taking place, shrouded in subterfuge and bellicose threats. Russia is in the process of installing a Eurasian Union, which will be under the control of the Bolsheviks. Russia has in fact been a long time ally of the West.  The coup d’etat in Russia was funded by the Bankers in London and New York and from the very beginning it was controlled by Jewish Bolsheviks.

There is little evidence of any fundamental change in the Russian hierarchy.  Putin has done nothing about the strangle-hold of the oligarchs, whom still retain control of the bulk of the wealth of Russia.

Russia and its neighbours, have been the victims of a monumental slaughter, the like of which has never been equalled in history. China suffered a similar fate, under Chairman Mao, who was also financed by Bolshevik Jews.

When the order was given to seize forty per-cent of the crops in Ukraine, it was a deliberate Genocide.  Stalin was using the funds he received for the sale of these crops, to help finance a war. This was in Nineteen-thirty-two, for which war was he preparing?  This is yet another facet of the build-up to the destruction of Germany.

My contention has been for some time, that Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, had been in collusion with the Bolshevik Cabal, since the Communist push for control of Germany failed miserably and soon after, the National Socialists came to power, at which point International Jewry declared war on Germany.

As children, we were taught that Hitler, having signed a Treaty with Stalin, broke the Treaty and out of sheer power madness attacked Russia.  He did no such thing.  Having sorted out his problem with Poland, which led to France and Britain declaring war against Germany, Hitler’s Intelligence Service became aware that Stalin had massed a huge army on the borders of Poland, which he quickly invaded, an act which should have provoked a response from Britain and France, both of whom had guaranteed Poland’s security.

This lack of response must surely have warned Hitler, that he and Germany had always been the target and that he was on his own. Britain, the US and indeed the rest of the World, would fight alongside Stalin, the most savage, ruthless dictator Europe has ever seen. Which must have been arranged, it could not have been by chance alone. After the war, they pretended, once more, to be deadly enemies. They have in fact always been hand in glove.

What is more this must have been in the planning for some time, because Roosevelt had already baited the Japanese into an attack on Pearl Harbour, to generate an excuse to destroy Japan.

Japan had signed a treaty with Germany, which had it been honoured, would have given Hitler more than enough assistance to destroy the Russians. The US had in fact been illegally assisting Russia, before they had created the war with Japan, which was a necessity to enable them to declare war on and  attack Germany, as they were an ally of Japan.

The ethnic Germans were the real victims of genocide, after hostilities ended. Stalin tortured, mutilated and murdered as any as ten million of them wherever he could find them.  He also killed all of his German Prisoners of War, an estimated three million.

‘We’ fought alongside this savage and ‘we’ then handed Poland, Britain’s excuse for war with Germany, and the rest of Eastern Europe into his clutches.  We won the war all right. Is it any wonder that a large number of folk in Ukraine want nothing to do with Russia nor indeed with the scum in  Europe?

What A Statement From The Secretary Of State.

Well what have we here?  The United States Secretary of State, a Jew, John Kerry, stuttering his way through a croque of horse  pooh, because a joker suggested that Jews should make themselves known in the East of Ukraine.  Once more we must all be reminded that this is of course because the Jews suffered the force of the most horrendous War Crime in the history of the world and it must never be forgotten. Blah! Blah! Blah!

He is of course referring to an event, which left no trace of its passing, while he is at the same time, admonishing certain people in the Ukraine, for resurrecting images of the past, which instead of pointing a finger towards Germany, are in fact reminding us all, that the atrocity, towards which we should be directed,  took place in Ukraine, where the true numbers of the slaughters are unknown, but some suggest as many as twenty million souls,  were coldly and deliberately, starved to death by the Jewish Bolsheviks who were, at the time, sitting  in the Kremlin, when the Holodomor was unleashed against the Ukrainians, in the manner of a similar Genocide in Ireland,  less than one hundred years before, which murdered five million Irish people.

So who the hell does John Kerry think he and the rest of the Jews are? He dares to try to present Jews as the victims, because the descendants of the murdered Ukrainians, just for once,  made a very tiny reference to a group who are responsible for some of the foulest crimes ever committed against humanity. The Irish have to find the courage to stand up and speak out against those in the City of London, who deliberately starved the Irish to death.The same group, which has just installed a Jew as President and another as Prime Minister (un-elected) in Kiev. 

The News outlet, which we are supposed to trust, Russia Today, makes absolutely no reference to historical events in Ukraine, however like Kerry, they have no problem in pointing the finger at Hitler.