A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.


Borism And All That Nonsense.



I was quite surprised to hear, that it came as “news” to listeners of the Alternative Media in the United States, that Boris Johnson was a Jew. Most of the “Greatest and Best” also firmly believe there to have never been a Jew president of America, when in fact most of them have been, including the previous one Barack Obama, that is, if his Jew mother really was his mother, never mind who his father may have been.



Obama was high on the list of criminals whom were being shielded by the Mueller report and the traitorous Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is no more Federal than is the Federal Reserve, nor as they say, than Federal Express. Like the Central Intelligent Agency, the FBI has been used, without censure, to promote the idea of terrorist attacks in the USA, which were FBI and CIA instigated and initially aimed at Muslims, in order to generate an excuse to bomb the Middle East to ruin but which are now being aimed at White people in general, as in the “mad and evil White guy, who we are told carried out the recent El Paso attack, which fortunately took the eyes of the world off of the surreptitious evacuation of Jeffrey Epstein to the safety of Israel.




It will be interesting to find out whether the dossier of claims made against Epstein, which has already been released, contains anything of value and if so, will it now be withheld from the public and along with the list of the crimes, of the likes of Obama and the Clinton’s to be buried forever, not to mention those of the “Royal Prince Andrew”. In a future remake of 1984, the question will most probably be something like “What is six million minus three million?” Or has correct response to that claim, “six million” already been embedded into Whitey’s brain?

In the following clip we see a totally biased idea of White Supremacy. I hear Muslims and Blacks in the United States claiming that certain areas are Black or Muslim zones and the Jew SPLC fails to mention the Jews and their claim that Israel is a Jew State just as the Blacks all across Africa claim Africa to be a Black Continent, so why is that only the White Nationalists get the “Racist” treatment” all of which is reinforced by the claims of the Jews, whom declared the World War against Germany in 1933 and whom now use the symbol of the “Cross of Peace” the Swastika as a symbol of “Racism” to suit their own agenda. So what is 2+2? When did defence become attack? When did Armistice become defeat?“, how can it be that every country which was “saved” by the controlled Western Christian Forces, now lies in ruins and ripe for the picking by Israel.

How can it be, that when all the most evil crimes in history have been laid at the door of Adolf Hitler, that the killer punch, which is most often used to completely condemn him in the eyes even of those whom remain unconvinced, is to tell us that he is a Rothschild bastard, his mother once worked as a scullery maid for the Baron you know? All of which suggests the Jews to be just as responsible for the Alt-Right in Charlottesville as they were for National Socialism in Germany and the ritual slaughters in Communist Russia because they invented all of the “Isms”.

New York! New York! Look Out! Here Comes The Flood.

Here in Nîmes, back in nineteen-eighty-seven, of the last century, there was an absolutely catastrophic flood. The entire town was devastated. Bodies washed from their graves, causing problems to count those whom had been killed in the inundation. Thousands upon thousands of homes, cars, buses, all washed away. This was of course happening while the earth was still warming up. Of course back then, it was just the weather.

In fact this is an area which is quite frequently flooded, sometimes severely flooded, however, there has been no flood around here in recent times which compares to the flood of nineteen-fifty-two.

Attached to the outside wall of many local Town Hall’s, can be seen a marker, where the water levels of each flood is registered. I have not yet seen one with a greater depth than that which was achieved in past years.

I quite often have a river passing through my garden after a brief shower, believe me, when it rains down here, it rains.

We also have two mythical winds, the Mistral and the Tramontane, both of which blow through these parts, with gusts of seventy to eighty miles an hour. Occasionally you might hear someone remark “Oh la la, ça souffle.” I have never seen the Mayor, on TV claiming to have never seen such a storm in all of his life. I can only assume that five feet of water in New York is deeper than five feet around here or anywhere else, which is hit by hurricanes every year. Where people regularly lose everything they own.

The response to this event, has submerged the rest of the News on Sky for the past two days. I have been astounded by the number people whom are presenting this as Global Warming/Climate Change proof. This idea has now become a religion. There is no more proof behind the claims that either one or the other is caused by Carbon Dioxide emissions, than there would be had they chosen to blame it onto the smell of coffee in the morning.

Despite the fact that the whole premise for this idea has been shown to be a lie, that is, that Carbon levels rise before a warming period, when in fact the rise comes after a warming period. Al Gore was a liar, he presented, deliberately, the graph, upside down.

Even so, it has become clear to one and all, that in fact the world is cooling and has been since nineteen-ninety-five or so. Yet the call continues for restrictions on private transport to cut down Carbon emissions, which would suggest that Carbon, not only heats the planet but cools it at the same time.

The spokespeople in New York, spoke of both Global Warming and Climate Change as if they are interchangeable terms. The only thing that does not change is the fact that whether the climate changes or warms up, it can only be bad. We must all be very afraid of the weather.

Let me just sum up what I am getting at. If in past years, we have experienced more severe weather, colder, deeper, hotter and wetter, than now,  how can we all still be here and still driving our cars?

We hear that the North Polar Region’s ice-cap has melted to a surface area not seen since some date in past years but we do not hear that sea ice in the Polar Region in two thousand and eleven broke all records for its coverage and longevity. The last record was set in two thousand and ten.

I can not figure out, despite reading a lot of articles about the “weather” how anyone who could not tell me last night, when I checked the weather for today, that it would be raining, yet they insist that if I do not stop driving my car immediately, there is going to be disastrous weather in the future which will destroy us all.

The Mayor or Governor of New York or New York State, Cuomo, assured us all that the fact that there had been a storm a couple of years ago and now the worst storm that the planet had ever seen and thanks to the gargantuan efforts of the firemen  and other organisations, thousands of lives had been saved, that this was a sure sign that Global Warming was taking place and that a similar event could be expected every year. Why should that be so?

Nîmes has not experienced a similar event in the last twenty-five years and Anduze in the past sixty years. The UK had similar floods in nineteen-fifty-two which have never been repeated, though other areas have been flooded, which is all part of normal weather patterns.

In due of the fact that Carbon increases after a warm period and it has, in the past, been at far higher levels than it is today, would it not be more prudent to increase Carbon Dioxide, which would in fact be beneficial for the planet, rather than reducing it which, in terms of it being a Greenhouse Gas, would tend to cool the planet, thus thrusting us into a far more severe Ice Age, than the mini Ice-Age which is almost upon us? Or are we to believe that paying a Carbon Tax will automatically, by the grace of God, give us an unchanging weather pattern?

Having grown tired of Sky and its lengthy propaganda report, I turned to the Alternative News.  There were several Occupy type events taking place in Canada. The first was the Global Warmers, assuring us that this Hurricane was a sign from above, that would be our last chance to take action before disaster struck.

This was the Sustainable Development group, whom believe that it is possible to force everyone onto Solar Energy, and restrict the use of private transport and accepts the lie of Peak Oil as Gospel truth. This is despite the fact that Solar Panels and Windmills are being quietly dropped as a solution to electricity needs.

In another post I explained how close to where I live, a Solar Farm is being installed. It will serve a village of five hundred people. Twenty-five thousand panels are needed. This will supply electricity when the sun shines. It has been cloudy for several days now. When the changeover is made, the village will be on restricted supplies quite quickly.

The next group of protesters assured us that this Hurricane was not natural, it had been deliberately generated by HAARP and it could in no way be blamed on Climate Change.

Next stop Infowars. The guest was the “Godfather” of HAARP, Nick Begich. I once watched a documentary about HAARP, where they explained, with the use of a carefully constructed model, how a vibration, generated by HAARP or GWEN, could cause an earthquake, they duly sent a pulse through a loudspeaker, which caused the part of the model which represented a slab of rock to slide, which was an earthquake.

I could have saved them the time and trouble, in my  workshop, when I use the column drill, all of my pots of paint fall of the shelf. Without causing an earthquake of course.

Anyway, Begich gave us a lecture about all sorts of wonders which are available to the Pentagon. It appears they can change the weather at the flick of a switch, make it rain, snow or control the Slip Stream, whenever they want. So can other people. So one is left with the impression of men in white coats, whom like Danny Kaye, clicking his fingers in “The Court Jester” battle away on  computer keyboards, with cries of “Take that,” in an effort to outwit the other, while the rest of us wonder why the rain comes down and then goes back up again.

Quite frankly I am fed up with all of the unsubstantiated claims coming from people like Begich. Control of the weather is only of use, if  you are the only one with the capability. Except of course if you intend to use uniquely against your own people or a more primitive people.

The notion that it would be used to stoke up support for Obama in the upcoming election seems a little bit ludicrous, when one has been told by one and all that the election result has already been decided.

I would have thought that this ability would be far better used to create warmth on the planet, which would give them their excuse to inflict us with Carbon Tax. It would appear however, that their capability is in fact restricted to things which may or may not have been carried out, like diverting storms. It is all a bit like Uri Geller, it all happens just as the camera runs out of film.

I am beginning to believe that since nineteen ninety-six, when it became clear that the Earth was cooling, thus throwing a spanner into the warming works, they have been making use of a very primitive tool to heat the Earth, that is vapour trails, which resemble clouds, which is in fact the most efficacious Greenhouse Gas of all. Yet despite their efforts the Earth continues to cool. I also believe that vapour trails contain noxious substances which are harmful for us and the planet.

Has The Sky Dam Been Cracked By Haarp And Gwen?

Two miles above the Earth, there are rivers of vapour, the size of the Amazon River. The power to unleash this amount of water, would quite obviously require the acceptance of whichever country, happened to be underneath the torrent. This is the strongest reason why no single country should have the authority to play around with this natural phenomena, without the acceptance of the rest of the world.

There are five giant rivers, hundreds of miles wide and thousands of miles long in each hemisphere of the earth. There is evidence, that HAARP and GWEN, working in  unison, have been used to create a frequency wall of oscillating emissions, to deliberately dam the flow of vapour, causing an overflow, which is responsible for the recent flooding in Pakistan, the UK and Australia and indeed many other locations.

Knowing that this technology is already in the hands of the lunatics who have control of the Military Industrial Complex in the US, is cause enough for concern, now however, there are apparently at least fifty known HAARP installations worldwide and an unknown number of GWEN and ELF towers. The most serious concern should be, that governments do not control any of these Super Weapons, they are all in the hands of the Global Mafia, who have taken control of our governments.

It is quite probably a leap of faith, by the operators of the HAARP installations, that unleashing the frightening power of  one billion watts of energy into our atmosphere, will not provoke an unstoppable and irreversible reaction.  Recent tests have shown that the magnetic field of the earth is approaching zero. Solar activity is also at an all time low. This suggests the unthinkable, that the earth is due for a magnetic pole reversal.

Scientists are divided over the consequences of such a switch. Some suggest that it would be a mere inconvenience, a case of heading towards the S and not the N. Others fear a catastrophic event, which could wipe out all life on the planet.

Not one so-called expert, appears to be able to offer a realistic idea of the effect of such a change of polarity, yet these are the same people who are risking our planet with HAARP and Gwen. They are also involved in the production of a ‘Black Hole’ using the Large Hadron Collider. This is an outrage. When people have the power to tinker with the workings of the Universe, surely it should not be done using a sledge-hammer.

In these strange days when we have thousands of birds dropping dead in mid-flight, fish dying in our rivers and the extinction of Bees, it is not a good time to be taking risks with the unknown, calm is called for. Let’s hope it prevails.

HAARP,Chemtrails And Global Warming.

I have been assured, by many commentators on the alternative media, that the ‘Elite’ control the release of all important inventions. One well-known broadcaster, insists, that whatever we are now allowed to know of, or to use, for example the Internet, is already fifty years out of date.  The same principle applies in all spheres of technology and science. The same commentator, has referred to medical advances, even now in the hands of the ‘Elite’ which can prolong life, to more or less,  any age. He has suggested two hundred and fifty years as an already attainable possibility.

HAARP, falls neatly into the sphere of this supposition. Is it already well in advance of what we believe to be its capabilities?  Or, on the other hand is it a work in progress? Commentators are apt to use documents, which in the style of Nostradamus, can be claimed to mean anything.  This acceptance of writings from the distant and not so distant past, can be interpreted to suit current events, if that is the intention of the commentator.

Recently, I heard a Biblical reference, which I was assured, foretold television screens, watching the populace, as in Big Brother.  The ‘Mark of the Beast’ is of course a bar code.  Zbigniew Brzezinski, back in the seventies, spoke of systems that could be used to control the weather, using vapor rivers in the upper atmosphere, to create floods at will.  This is used to suggest that the ‘Elite’ have been in control of these systems for many years. That of course refers to HAARP.

I can remember the seventies very clearly. I can assure you all, that Brzezinski, was not the only one to discuss this possibility. Every Science Fiction writer on the planet was suggesting exactly the same thing. When I was just a child, I had read books about Nicola Tesla.  I imagine most writers of science fiction, had read the same books. I was already au fait, with the principle of using Extremely Low Frequency waves and all that Tesla magic.

In reply to the often asked question, if the skies are being poisoned with Chem-trails, our air contaminated with Depleted Uranium, our water supplies poisoned with a hundred chemicals, cancers and other diseases, killing even the wife of Gorbachev, aren’t the ‘Elite’ in danger of killing themselves?  Well no, we are assured the ‘Elite’ have systems of chelation, that are so advanced , they can clean their own systems in a flash, so they have no need to worry. It is never explained why they allowed a faithful servant like Clinton to suffer open heart surgery. Or why Bush sr. and his wife, have no thyroid glands. Ronald Reagan was allowed to drift into the ‘Dream-time’ with no apparent means of saving him. Maggie Thatcher is going the same way.

An earlier Wiki-leaker, Prof. Carrol Quigley, was selected to write the history of the Committee on Foreign Relations. He wrote a tome of a thousand pages or so, chronicling the actions, that shaped the twentieth century. He presented the CFR, as being in some way, the descendants of men from the distant past, who were the guardians of the most ancient knowledge, stretching back to Babylon. They had access to the hidden technology of the Annunaki. They were in fact the children of the liaison between the gods and earth women. They were the chosen ones. Well he would say that wouldn’t he?

All of this is presented to explain why these people never get anything wrong. Nothing happens by accident. We have been given the Internet, to be enslaved by it. The current financial crisis was by design, not as a natural result of the system breaking down.  So to cut a long story short, we are sunk. We can not defeat these people. They have control of the UN, the European Union, Central Banks across the world. We must just lie down and die to suit the needs of this scum.

Well, they do get things wrong. I believe that HAARP and the creation of chem-trails across the world is a sign of this failure. The threat of Global Warming was to be used as an excuse to impose Carbon taxes. These taxes were to be used to set up a World Government under the control of the bankers and multi national companies.  These clever people knew all about the sun spot cycle.  They thought, that through the control of the media, they could convince the people that the earth was warming at an alarming rate.  They had hoped to have imposed the Carbon Tax before now, so as to take advantage of the current cooling of the climate, to claim that through the imposition of the tax they had saved the planet.

The sudden increase in Chem-trails, is an attempt to heat the planet.  Water vapor is the most powerful of the greenhouse gases. Just today, I watched as the sky over my head, on a day that began cloudless, was gradually filled with a misty white cloud like screen. This has been taking place, world-wide, during the Climate Talks in Cancun. Yet despite all this effort, just as in Europe, last year, where the snow was laughing at their lies. Cancun has been having unusually cold weather.

So where does this leave the claims, that these ‘Elite’ never get anything wrong?  Can they or can they not control the weather? Is HAARP really anything more than a toy? What else have these ‘Elite’ got up their sleeves?  Well you see I don’t go along with this rubbish, of course these people get things wrong. Everything that they control, is controlled through greed and corruption. That may be a form of power, but a bunch of school children in London are showing us all how easy it is to bring it  tumbling down.

Just as in Dublin, during the Easter Rising, where the people were just getting on with normal life, as the Freedom Fighters were taking on the might of the British Empire, in London, the royal couple, were on their way to the theater, when they were mobbed by a crowd of kids screeching “Off with their heads” I love it. The person, described as Charlies Hagette, was poked with a stick. Oh my God!

We can in fact, whip these people with ease. They know it. That is why they are frightened of us. All it takes is for one country, to find the courage to close the Central Bank which owns them, this will start a landslide, that they will be unable to stop.

It Would Seem That Everyone Is Playing This HAARP.

I believe that Haarp is rapidly transforming into the new Carbon Dioxide. It is being blamed for hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, heat-waves, cold snaps and even ‘Bad Hair Days.’

The majority of people, have no idea about Haarp. Trying to explain the principle of Extra Low Frequency waves or Ground Wave transmitters, is a challenging business. Amongst the people who drink a morning coffee with me, the conversation rarely turns to the possible consequences of heating up the Ionosphere, creating a bulge, much like an over inflated bicycle inner tube. Never mind what might happen should it burst.

A young friend of mine, who is concerned about Haarp, feels that it is the combination of Haarp and Chem-trails, which is the real menace.  He has responded to this threat by making Orgone Generators, to disperse the Chem-trails. My feelings are that Chem-trails are simply poison. High flying planes are passing overhead right through the night. The after-noon sky is hidden behind misty clouds, this is pollution on a grand scale and it goes unmentioned.

Haarp is a different kettle of fish. It has been well-known for some years, that certain frequencies affect our moods. Music is a good example, after hearing one or two notes, we can deduce, whether the song is happy or sad. Even as I write this, a song has come to mind, a Joe Cocker song, he sings the word cancer, a note follows the word, just one note but it screams ‘God help me.’

The Russians have been using some form of wave transducers, to implant thoughts directly into a targets brain. Anyone, who has had a brush with depression, will know how easy it can be to engage in internal conversations. It can be sparked by a recent injustice, or a wound from the distant past. Those who do not resort to Psychotropic drugs, will be aware of the importance of putting these thoughts out of mind. Imagine the horror of a machine like Haarp, constantly transmitting negative emotions and how debilitating that could be.

This form of ‘Voice in the head’ is a device to drive the target insane. A transformer of some sort modifies speech into Extra Low Frequencies, which are pulsed into the brain on a micro wave beam. Only the target can hear the voices.

The main threat from Haarp would seem to be, that it is in the hands of people, who care little for the well-being of others. Much like their predecessors in the Manhatten Project, who were prepared to detonate an Atomic Bomb, having no understanding of the possible consequences. The Large Hedron Collider is much the same.

I do not believe that Haarp can provoke an earthquake in a zone that is not vulnerable. It could possibly divert a hurricane, but even that, should it be attempted,would be no simple task.  My main fear is what they may be doing to the Ionosphere and the worry, that while trying out the combination of Haarp and Gwen, they may provoke a catastrophic event like a Super Volcano.

The World does not need these forms of technology, particularly while our Military are belligerent enough to make use of whatever comes their way. In the end, with all the depleted Uranium flying around, Haarp and Chem-trails could prove to be over-kill along with GMO foods and vaccines.


Will GWEN And HAARP Star In The Second Coming Show?

File:Essex, CA GWEN site 1.jpg

With the GWEN and HAARP systems in place. A huge increase in the intensity of aerial spraying. Plus a large percentage of the Western world zapped out on psychotropic drugs, rendering them incapable of cognitive awareness.  Are we ready for the unleashing of manufactured  thoughts, which can be detected by tiny receptors, implanted in our brains, while being vaccinated, during the past few years against ‘flu.

The Very Low Frequency Waves, generated by GWEN, are quite capable of planting a thought, directly into the brain, giving the receiver of the thought, the impression that the thought was self-generated by their own interior processes.

Combine that, with a Hollywood produced 3D Hologram portraying a being from Outer Space.  Or more simply, an actor, wearing a special effects, silicone prosthetic concoction, speaking on television with the President. If the viewers are, at the same time being bombarded with VLF waves, while HAARP is providing a light show in the sky outside, people can fooled into accepting anything.

In fact this possibility, is so creepy, that one can only wonder, if we are already being manipulated and maybe we have been for some time. This possibility is bringing closer, the old Science Fiction idea of a population attached to a computer programme, and all thinking together to maintain their manufactured reality,  as in the wonderful “Celestial Steam Locomotive” by Michael Coney.  Waking up could well be a strange experience.

GWEN, HAARP’s Nasty Little Sister.

GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) transmitters placed 200 miles apart across the USA allow specific frequencies to be tailored to the geomagnetic-field strength in each area, allowing the magnetic field to be altered. They operate in the LF range, with transmissions between LF 150 and 175 KHz. They also emit waves from the upper VHF to the lower UHF range of 225 – 400 MHz. The LF signals travel by waves that hug the ground rather than radiating into the atmosphere. A GWEN station transmits in a 360 degree circle up to 300 miles, the signal dropping off sharply with distance. The entire GWEN system consists of, (depending on source of data), from 58 to an intended 300 transmitters spread across the USA, each with a tower 299-500 ft high. 300 ft copper wires in spoke-like fashion fan out from the base of the system underground, interacting with the earth, like a thin shelled conductor, radiating radio wave energy for very long distances through the ground. The United States is bathed in this magnetic field which can rise from ground up to 500 ft, but goes down into basements, so everyone can be affected and mind-controlled. The entire artificial ground-wave spreads out over the whole of the USA like a web. It is easier to mind-control and hypnotize people who are bathed in an artificial electromagnetic-wave. GWEN transmitters have many different functions including: 1. controlling the weather, 2. mind control, 3. behavior and mood control, and 4. sending synthetic-telepathy as infrasound to victims with US government mind-control implants. GWEN works in conjunction with HAARP and the Russian Woodpecker transmitter, which is similar to HAARP. The Russians openly market a small version of their weather-engineering system called Elate, which can fine-tune weather patterns over a 200 mile area and have the same range as the GWEN unit. An Elate system operates at Moscow airport. The GWEN towers shoot enormous bursts of energy into the atmosphere in conjuction with HAARP. The website http://www.cuttingedge.org wrote an expose of how the major floods of the Mid-West USA occurred in 1993.

By Nicholas Jones

July 12, 2002

The lunatics have, in  every sense of the word,  taken over the asylum.  What real purpose can contraptions, such as these serve?  The bankers and so-called ‘Elite’ can not be held responsible for all of these goings on. A whole team of hundreds of technicians and researchers and innumerable labourers are helping to create this nightmare, that will wipe them out, along with their families. They can be sure that they will not be included in the group that goes underground when the catastrophe descends on the planet.

For those of us who have been looking for an explanation, to explain the lack response, from the populations of The US and Europe, to the events that are unfolding, may find some indication as to why, from this partnership from hell.

It would seem that the total effect of HAARP, GWEN, the Cellphone towers, OGM’s, Fluoride and the pulse rate from Television, has had the desired effect on the population. Most of the people will probably never understand what has been done to them, while the rest, who have got some clue, are being entertained by the terror that is going on and are equally impotent. The talking is over. Be sure of that? The people who are slaughtering us are ploughing on.