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Manchester Arena Bloodless Coup.

Manchester Arena Bloodless Coup.

The bomb in the Manchester Arena, was detonated in the furthermost corner of the hall foyer, which meant that the vast majority of the audience had no idea whatsoever what had happened.

Nobody has any footage of the actual carnage, which has been reported, while the ‘shaky’ film footage from ‘smart-phones’ shows little sign of panic. The injured, whom were helped out of the building, already bandaged, did not give much impression of being the type of ‘fan’ one would expect to find at a concert given by the foul-mouthed, sister of Satan, Ariana Grande. If she is an example of a current teeny-bopper role model, things are far worse than I thought.

Still photographs of the scene of the crime, show no sign of any structural damage, and apart from the odd swipe mark of red on the floor, there is little sign of the ‘alleged’ blood and body parts, ‘all over the place’.

Strangely, when a mother and daughter tried to leave the building just before the bomb went off, there were already a groups of security men, blocking their passage, telling them to leave by another exit. Being a cynic, my immediate thought was that as had been the scene of the Westminster Bridge attack, the roads outside the arena, were already taped off, in readiness for what was about to take place in the foyer of the arena.

I actually heard a woman talking about a friend of hers, who had run out of the building, the fastest she had ever run, covered in other people’s blood but we saw no sign of it. What we did see was the usual ‘walking injured’, wrapped in aluminium sheets and the dried eyed crying and ‘devastated’ people hugging each other, right on cue, in front of the ever-present camera crew.

Having studied the images of the audience leaving the building, I could see no sign of panic, the ‘smart-phone’ images were taken by an idiot who kept waving his arm around as if he was in panic, while everybody else passed quietly in front of him.

This is one of the most badly presented of all of the recent ‘attacks’ in the United Kingdom and it is sure to provoke much hilarity amongst the more alert members of the British people.

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Trumps Promises A Religious Triangle, Of War, Between Jesus Christ, Lucifer And The Prophet Of Doom, Against Terrorism?

Trumps Promises A Religious Triangle, Of War, Between Jesus Christ, Lucifer And The Prophet Of Doom, Against Terrorism?

The religious beliefs of one billion Christians and one billion Muslims, are now being lined up, alongside a miniscule number of Jews and Wahhabis’ as being the three most important World religions. How exactly did the Jews manage to justify this inclusion, without any word of criticism from the Hindus or the Buddhists? Or indeed alongside the Sheiks of Araby, who have no helping hand to hold out to a single refugee.

The religion of the Jews is of no more importance than many other minor cults and their philosophy, as laid out in the Talmud, has no place in any religion to which I would seek membership.

Donald Trump, who is at this moment, visiting the Centres of these three religions, is promising world peace, as a result of a liaison between the Christians, whom abide by the words of love and peace of Jesus Christ and the genocidal Jew maniacs in Palestine, whom will be continuing an ongoing massacre of Muslims in Palestine, which will in all probability, provoke no word of criticism from Trump, along with the barbaric proto-Jews in Saudi Arabia, whom practice crucifixion, dismemberment of the hands of thieves, the whipping of men and women for trivial crimes, the stoning to death of adulteress’ and the beheading of those whom criticise the Royal family.

Both the Jews and the Muslims are obliged to deny, many facets of their pseudo religions, which call for bloodcurdling, behaviour against those unbelievers, whom refuse to bow down to their demands. They are both in denial of a long list of atrocities, which are continuing to this day all across the Middle East, where a religious war against Shiite Muslims and Christians is ongoing, while the Jews, with satisfied smirks on their faces, remain untouched by the conflicts, in the heart of darkness, Israel.

Trump has already broadcasted his satisfaction in closing three-hundred-billion dollars worth of deals with the Saudi slaughterers of Yemen, who will soon be passing this extraordinary mountain of armaments towards their Daech friends in Syria, in order to remove Israel’s last obstacle in the region, preventing them from stealing Syria’s vast oil reserves.

Britain, France, Israel and the United States, have already started the second phase of the complete clearance of the Middle East of its Arab component, a crime which was kick started by the Jew “survivors” who fresh from the Concentration Camps, came storming into Palestine, in 1947 slaughtering the indigenous people by the thousand and driving them, by the hundreds of thousands, into Concentration Camps, in the surrounding countries, where they have been trapped ever since. We must all however feel sorry for the poor Jews.

Trump is now announcing his intention of setting up a group of concerned States, including Israel and Saudi Arabia, both of whom will pretend to fight against the Terrorists in Syria, to whom they will soon be passing the arms, with which they have been furnished by the United States, in a baffling maneuver designed to drive the terrorists out of the region. Would it not be a lot simpler to stop arming the terrorists?

Trump, the man who has been decrying the attitude of the Fake Media, went on to announce that with this alliance of filth, he will be taking down the Iranians’ and the Syrians’ whom he describes as being the biggest financiers of terrorism in the region, this statement in such company must surely be the very nadir of fake news?

That this should be said by Trump, on the anniversary of the brutal attack on the USS Liberty, by the vicious terrorist State of Israel, in 1967, during the period when they carried out a surprise attack against Egypt and Syria and captured East Jerusalem. Trumps next stop will be in Tel Aviv, where he will joke with these murderers of the crew of the Liberty, whom have never been held to account.

Fifty years on and the United States, France and the United Kingdom, are still determined to help the Jews create their dream of Greater Israel at whatever cost to the rest of humanity.

The Privatisation Of Humanity.

Once upon a time, in far more sensible times, it was possible to visit a motor-car scrapyard, where you could find, without too much trouble, certain parts, to repair your old banger, from a variety cars of all makes, which used the same electrical components such as the Starting motor, Dynamo,  track-rod ends, headlights, tail lights and various other parts.

I still have in my possession, a bus and on that bus the headlights are exactly the same as were the headlights on many small cars, whatever manufacturer had produced those cars. A motor for a VW Kombi, was identical to the motor for a VW Beetle, which, as a result of a design fault, a spare cylinder head and piston, was a frequent need, to carry out a do-it-yourself engine repair.

Nowadays, my local garageist is stumped by certain problems on the modern ‘smart-car’ because he lacks the necessary skills to interrogate the onboard computer, which may have shut down the braking system or something else, for some unfathomable reason.

I now have a perfectly good car, which is not too old and yet the manufacturer no longer makes spare parts, for my model, which means that should it be impossible to recuperate a part from a scrapyard, the vehicle must be dumped. I am now in that position. This is called progress.

It is perfectly possible to design cars and other vehicles, with standard parts, which allows free interchange between vehicles, without interfering with overall design and other fittings such as interior layout and dashboard instrumentation, which would minimise the wastage of expensive metals, copper, zinc and others, which were part of the manufacture of items, which are now simply dumped, when they were once-upon-a-time, part-exchanged, for a second-hand, renewed model.

The throw-away society is a limited model of reality, which can no longer be sustained. Electric tools are a prime example of waste. A few years ago, in a tool sale, in my local Hyper-Market, I bought a band sanding machine for roughly ten euros, dollars, or pounds. In the box, I found three sanding bands, which would have cost me more than the price of the machine.

The machine had quite obviously been designed for occasional use, by a home handyman. More serious use exposed the fact that there were no steel ball-bearings for the rotating parts, a simple copper tube served as the ball-bearing. Within an hour of use the copper tube was worn out and the gadget was useless.

I kept the three sanding bands and exchanged the ‘faulty’ machine for another, which was no better, once again I kept the three sanding bands and returned the machine and I was duly given another,  with the same result, I now had nine abrasive bands for free, and when I returned the final machine, there were none left with which to replace it, so they refunded my ten euros. This is a ridiculous waste of money and materials. There should be an obligation that such machines are manufactured, as they once were, in a manner allowing simple repairs.

We are now being tricked into relinquishing our petrol or diesel fueled cars for either electric vehicles, which we can re-charge at home, or in the worst possible way, with driverless vehicles, which will be available for use, only after a telephone call to order one.

This will inevitably entail living in town, which is of course the final solution to the problem of ‘people’ all of whom must be denied access to the open countryside, leaving it as a wilderness for all creatures apart from human beings.

The idea of doing the weekend shopping at the local ‘Mall’ has been rendered unnecessary, by the introduction of ‘online’ mass marketing, which is designed to fool unwary folk into believing it to be a simpler, less stressful method of spending their salaries. However, the grim near future, will deny any access to your salary, as it will soon be impossible to hold any of your cash in your hand, as physical money will soon be declared obsolete, allowing any and every transaction to be automatically taken care of by the Central Bank, without any input by you. Even simple transactions between neighbours will be reduced to ‘swapping’ one item for another.

In my local ‘Super-Market, the aisles are jam-packed, with staff members, holding a shopping list in their hand, pushing a trolley, doing the shopping for ‘Drive’ customers, whom can either collect their ‘prepared’ shopping, or have it delivered by one of the fleet of white vans, which have suddenly become ubiquitous at all of the ‘Malls’ in the region.

Town Centres have become graveyards, with dozens of empty premises available for renting, while all of the local trade has been monopolised by huge traders, which offer cheaper prices, until all competition has been destroyed.

A while back I wrote an article about the ‘Family Mulliez’ which has taken control of an enormous amount of trade all across France. Since I wrote that post, they have managed to seize even more of the business of various small traders. A few years ago, I had a choice of several small merchants of artistic materials, whatever you could not find in one, you could find quite easily at another. Those days have gone, since the apparition of a Mulliez owned ‘hyper-market’ called Cultura, which has destroyed the business of the ‘specialists’ replacing them with merchants of nothing other than a choice of the ‘most sale-able items’, for example, it has now become almost impossible to find silk-screen emulsion, off the shelf, while to order it involves buying more than you need.

These are all symptoms of the advance of Agenda 21/2030, which demands the surrender of private transport and the re-wilding of the countryside. After the fast approaching, war or a plague of some sort, which will wipe out an enormous number of ‘useless eaters’ all survivors will all be obliged to live in ‘zones’ in and around ‘super-cities’ wherein the ownership of private property will be illegal and permission will be obligatory, should you want to raise a family. We will all have no purpose other than to serve the needs of our ‘Masters’ whom will be living in mansions, in the open countryside.

In the opening clip above, we are presented with the threat posed by the uncontrolled birthrate in the Third World. In Europe where we have managed to reduce our birthrate, we are being forced to allow entry to the teeming masses of humanity, which arrive with warnings that they intend to inflict the very same problem of uncontrolled family size in our lands, having been too stupid to understand the resulting breakdown which will follow such action.

Europe is already overcrowded, in terms of a sustainable population, however instead of consolidating what we now have, we are being told by ‘industry’ that we must allow the Third World overflow into our lands to provide cheap labour. We should be very afraid of this attitude to our well-being and future life possibilities.



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At Last Trump Is Allegedly Innocent, While Comey And Clinton Are Allegedly Guilty.

Strangely, the man, whom is alleged to be leading the attack against Donald Trump, who is himself alleged to have had covert connections to the Russian Government, Senator Mark Warner, a millionaire who apparently made his fortune in telecommunications and who is Vice Chairman of the Democratic Caucus, has been quietly funding the Russian War Machine, by investing in the Russian Yandex, Internet Service Company, which owns the most popular Web Browser in Russia and across Europe.


As is the way with these shadowy deals, which is similar to the alleged Hillary Clinton deal with Russia, to sell the rights to a huge deposit of Uranium, which just happened to be below the ground of a family  farm in Oregon, the owner of which was gaoled for protesting the seizure of his land.

This land seizure, lead to the so-called Malheur National Wildlife Refuge ‘stand-off’ and the ambushing of a group of protestors, by Police Forces, the cynical murder of LaVoy Finicum, the gaoling of two of the brothers Bundy, journalist Pete Santilli and broadcaster Tom Lacovora-Stewart, on trumped-up charges.

Finicum was the father of eleven children, with an unstained record, despite which, in full view, he was, with his hands above his head, riddled with bullets by the police, whom are still on the run, while the victims of this crime languish in gaol.

Both Hillary Clinton and Mark Warner, are now the most vociferous voices against Donald Trump and his alleged connections to Russia. Such is the behaviour of the totally subverted government in the United States.

Clinton and Warner, are allegedly guilty of cooperating with the alleged ‘enemy’ Russia and by implication, in the murder of an innocent man, with his hands in the air, who was an obstacle to a lucrative deal involving Uranium, with the aforementioned alleged ‘deadly’ enemy of the United States, Russia and by extension the whole free world.

So why was Comey, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,  who was allegedly sacked, by Donald Trump, to avoid his intention, of investigating Donald Trumps, alleged connections to Russia, not investigating Hillary Clinton’s crimes, which he chose to simply ignore, allegedly because of his own alleged connections with a certain Paedophile Island and his friendship with a convicted paedophile, whom has, allegedly collected a bunch of video clips of grown men in the act of raping children?

In terms of recent, no need of supporting evidence‘ attacks against Trump and the wall of resistance to his program, by both the Democratic and Republican Parties, why is the above list of criminal behaviour and the allegations that Hillary Clinton and her Foundation stole the bulk of the funds raised to help the people of Haiti, after a disastrous earthquake, having previously sold the latest Top Secret, technological improvements to the Defence Department computers to China, not getting the same attention?

This is without mention of the filmed on tv fact, that she suggested that Russia had hacked into her personal computers, discovered her cache of Emails and released them to assist Trump’s election chances, when it has now been shown that the Emails were leaked by one of her assistants, Seth Rich, whom was rapidly gunned down for his trouble, destroying her claims that it had been Russia, thus exonerating Trump.

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