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The British Have Once Again Voted ForA Brexit Without Knowing For What They Voted.




At Saturday’s march — one of the biggest demonstrations this year in Paris — where French film and TV stars joined abuse victims and activists, whom were calling for an end to “femicide.” Many held banners reading “Sick of Rape.”

The protest came on the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and is aimed at pressuring the French government, before it unveils new measures to tackle the problem.

The protest actually ended in a fistfight between two factions of these “women against violence, against women” because one group wanted to name the guilty while the others were intent on leaving the implication that it was all a problem of those beastly White men, while the others told the truth, pointing the finger of blame at immigrants.

A 2014 EU survey of 42,000 women across all 28 member states found that 26 per cent of French respondents said they had been abused by a “partner” since age 15, either physically or sexually. That’s below the global average of 30 per cent, according to UN Women. But it’s above the EU average and the sixth highest among EU countries.

All of that is as maybe, however France also has the highest number of Muslim and Black immigrants in Europe and there is no distinction being made about the apparent inability of Black and Brown Muslims to keep their hands off of White women.

In the United States, where for example, there are annually over thirty thousand examples of Blacks raping White women and not one case of a White man raping a Black woman, according to FBI statistics, and against such damning statistics should the figures be the other way around, the outcry would be deafening and so it should be.

However in France the rape statistics are a State Secret, which shows that the guilty are are protected by French Law, in order to maintain the inference that White Men are involved in these crimes, There are also more and more French women marrying Muslims both Black and Brown, to find a replacement for a White husband as White men in France would appear to be “going their own way”, many of them disgusted at the slutty behaviour of the “modern” French female.

In the United States the most common cause of an early death for a White woman is to be murdered by her Black boyfriend or Husband. In view of all this, would it come as any surprise to find that European statistics are in keeping with this form of Black and Muslim behaviour with White women? Well no it would not and the truth should be presented as being the not “totally unexpected” result of what Nicolas Sarkozy expressed as his desire, which was, to make it mandatory for White French women to inter-marry with Black men

The French people are currently starved of genuine information and many of them are now fully aware that the truth is being deliberately hidden from them. The Gilets Jaunes, with whom I have been in contact for some time, express the same views as you will find in many of my scribblings.

The British have just voted in a General Election,.The choice of the “voters” was directed towards the “usual suspects” Socialist and Conservative, as being the only intelligent choice, as to vote for any other candidate would be a “vote wasted”.

This “suggestion” was reinforced by a media, which totally ignored all other possibilities, with warnings that a reckless vote, for the “wrong” candidate could allow his opponent, the “right” candidate to win. When in fact all those wasted votes allowed the “wrong” candidate to win. He actually thanked them for the use of  their wasted votes, bearing in mind that they would most probably go back to their normal stooge in the next election. When in fact, ever since the British People, en masse, voted the “wrong way” for Brexit, all Political Parties in the UK, have been united in the aim of keeping the United Kingdom, firmly under the control of the “Unelected” Politburo in Brussels, which through the freedom of their Democratic vote, the British will now languish in for decades. That is what is called Democracy these days.

It is absolutely impossible to teach the voting dupes, that they have been under a spell throughout their lives. They firmly believe that when they are ordered to don a military uniform, train for a few weeks, learning how to shoot to kill or to fly an aeroplane over the homes of families with children and to deliberately drop their cargo of bombs, that this blatant, atrocious act, has magically stopped being cold-blooded murder, simply because the “government” has sanctioned the act. If it is possible to make people believe that load of crap, there is really is no hope for the world.

Governments are little more than criminal gangs, operating according to the rules of “Godfathers” by whom they are controlled. For example, in the United States, a high ranking member of the governing group, which calls itself Democratic, a man who was, in the recent past, the Vice President of the United States, is on film, bragging about how he forced the President of Ukraine, to dismiss a Court Prosecutor who was investigating the corruption of his son, by threatening to cut off a billion dollars of US aid, if he failed to so do. He laughed and said that within six hours the Prosecutor was accused of “corruption” and sacked. Ho!Ho! Ho!

This all took place, on film, with a group of members of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is the Washington Branch Office of the City of London, Banker controlled, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, which also has a European Branch Office and many others across the world, and surprise, surprise this “joke” has been completely ignored by all and everybody, and the claim that it was “really” Donald Trump who carried out this act, which is now being used as the excuse to impeach him. Talk about “you couldn’t make this up” this stunt which is supported by the World’s “free press”. Despite all of this blatant, in your face, evidence of the total control of the narrative, do the British genuinely believe that they have outwitted these crooks? The Blacks and Muslims will keep on coming and you will all keep your mouth shut, because to call out “Help We’re Drowning” is Racist.

In Britain, the cops totally ignored the complaints of hundreds of young White children, whom were being sexually abused by Pakistani Muslim men, whom adore sex with small children. Neither of the two “preferred” Political Parties in the United Kingdom, both of which have held “power” while all of this rape and torture of White British children was taking place, must have been aware of what was going on, but chose to ignore it, even as they were welcoming the rapists into Britain and placing grown men, with stubble, into family homes where they actually raped members of the family which had given them shelter. And still European Women refuse to face up to what is being done to them by complicit politicians. What does it take?







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