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Blacks And Other Immigrants: Still Taking More Than They Give?


Now The Truth Surfaces; The Donald Is A Nice Guy, With Principles.

The Myth and Lie Of The Cold War, The Trillion Dollar Scam.

A few months ago a British Politician, Ken Livingstone, made a remark about Hitler and the Zionists and in response Britain nearly came apart with indignation. Jews were swiftly placed in front of obedient media cameras to howl their dismay and Members of Parliament, the likes of Coyle and Mann screeched out hateful, disgusting bile into Livingstone’s face and demanded that he should be thrown out of the Labour Party

They were of course Members of Parliament and the Labour Party, throughout the ‘Cast Lead atrocity, which was carried out by their ‘Friends in Israel’, a vicious act, against the unarmed people of Gaza, which took place in front of their eyes, which they can simply ignore and having immunized themselves against that sort of atrocity, they can now accept any form of slaughter, which is carried out by the Brutal Regime in Tel Aviv, in view of which, in their own terms, they should be frogmarched out of Parliament and the Labour Party.

There is nobody left standing in the Labour Party, who has any right to criticise Russia, Syria or Iran’s activities in Syria, having watched the destruction of the entire Middle East, by British Forces and Terrorists funded by British Taxpayers, all of which was conducted by Friend of Israel, in both of the major Parties, in the British Parliament. This is shameful.

The British Government are now, as is France and other Countries, attempting to gag those like me, whom dare to mention this sort of truth. The British People need to wake up to the reality of the Shadow Government, which has taken the United Kingdom by the throat. They would be wise to spend less time worrying about Donald Trump and a bit more time wondering about who controls Theresa May.

The British are being lied to on a daily basis about the Industrial future of Britain, which during its years in the European Union has been devastated, as has the rest of European Industry, while being members of the Union, which is alleged to have improved life in Britain, which now finds itself, as a member of the Union, in a worse state than in all the years since the end of the Second World War, with thousands of homeless people and even those in work in need help to feed their children, from Food Banks. This is a disgrace and is a good enough reason for getting the hell out of the stranglehold of those Extra Special Friends of Israel, that is those whom own Israel and control the European Union, which they set up.

Anybody who doubts the sinister aims of those whom control Europe, need look no further than Ireland, to get an idea of for who the Commission is working. Ireland had a water supply system which was managed by individual Town and City Councils, payment of which was included in the local taxes paid by residents. The EU Commission suggested that Ireland should privatise its water system, when the Irish explained that there was no possibility of ‘privatisation, because of the system, they were ordered to set up a main supply system so that it could be privatised.

As a result of this sort of EU dictate, there is nothing left in the hands of Governments and the People, all and everything is now safely in the hands of giant corporations and costs are skyrocketing all across Europe, while the services, like the Railways are falling apart and already in need of bailouts.

The Weapon Shops, on the other hand are doing a roaring trade, our politicians are keeping them in business, and selling the guns and bombs for them, while we continue to fund it all. Our main job is to play the victim in wAiting. That means that we are mere pawns in the game and we will be expended when the time comes. In Europe, while huge tracts of the Middle East have been laid to waste, as we stood idly by, we Europeans, have been free from a real war, for the past seventy years, having sacrificed ‘our finest’ in the name of Bolshevism in two world wars, from which we have gained nothing at all, not even A Land Fit For Heroes, which Our Boys were promised, only to be sent back to the Front, to fight the second round, while the Bolsheviks, hiding behind the Christian Soldiers gained the World, laughing at our stupidity.

To make sure that we lie down and roll over, our children have been taught to hate themselves, in school-rooms which are nothing more than an annexe of the Tavistock Institute, where they study methods of mind changing key phrases, which are insinuated into the minds of children as young as four and five years old, mainly by stupid women teachers, of the same ilk as those whom dose lively children with Ritalin, which makes them susceptible to suggestion and also fosters a future drug habit.

Leuran Moret, chillingly reminds us all, in the middle of all the current carry on, that there was no Cold War, and that Russia is only our ‘pretend’ enemy, as was explained long ago by that grand old man, friend of Ezra Pound, the poet, Eustace Mullins.

The Fallout From The Helsinki Talks 2


Donald Trump, a man who knows exactly what is going on, who has been under attack from all quarters, from the day he was elected, who instantly found himself confronted by the might of the totally controlled heathens, in the International controlled media, including the likes of the BBC, which gets a free card from all and every government, which has been elected, in the United Kingdom, from the advent of broadcasting, did, in response to a question, which was quite deliberately posed by an “American” journalist, with the intent of embarrassing his President, in front of Vladimir Putin, and a mass audience, all across the earth, prompted Donald Trump, to the surprise of one and all, to tell the truth.

Donald Trump is the first man in the White House, in modern times, and that includes Kennedy, who actually starkly presented the horrifying reality of the situation in the United States of America, which is the true “Heart of Darkness”, a ‘super-state’ which is under the jack-boot of a real Cabal of monsters, whom have quite flippantly, laid the world to waste, for the past one-hundred-years, including the monstrous genocide of sixty-five-million White Christians in Russia, Trumps admission has sparked off a torrent of criticism and claims of treason being laid at his door.

This Cabal, which is currently, calmly, permitting the ongoing atrocities, in Palestine, the land in which they wish to install their “Capital of the World”, is in control of all Departments of State in the USA, and having sucked America dry, leaving it in a sick and sorry condition, ready to slide into an organised Civil War, which will allow the Cabal’s forces in China to invade the States, to “save it”, operating from the vast bases which they have already stealthily constructed, in the USA, from which they can operate to finish off the White Christian people in America as they have previously done in Putin’s Russia.

Trump has since gone back on his statements about the American Intelligence Agencies, which have themselves been busily undermining the President of the United States, in an attempt to get rid of him, in order to bring the States back in line with the wishes of the Cabal, however he has said what he meant and it cannot be unsaid, his retraction was made under pressure. He is now being jeered at for his retraction, when failure to do so, could result in him getting the Kennedy treatment.

I was sickened this morning by listening to a diatribe, against Trump, which was mouthed by Jeff Rense, the man who gave Trump his first hundred days, as leeway, to restore America to its past ‘greatness’ a time which is difficult to define, as the States have been involved in saving all and everybody since the end of the Second World War.

On day ninety-nine Rense unleashed his spume, against Trump, along with his cohort, “Gordy” Duff, who claimed, as is his way, to know things which ordinary people like us, can never know, they implored us to attack Trump from all sides, because he was the worst thing which could have happened to America.

Then, despite the fact that Trump was struggling against a tsunami of opposition from all and everybody in the House, even the “alternative” boys, are now cynically displaying their true colours, by jumping aboard the Dump Trump band-wagon, without a mention of the fact, that despite all the opposition, Trump has approached Kim Yung’un in Korea, got rid of Daech, ISIS, ISIL and all of the other ‘under-cover’ boys in Syria, where thanks to Trump, there is now a tearful reconstruction taking place, to which the ghouls in Israel are trying desperately to put stop, without a word of criticism from those whom are so busily denouncing Trump.

Peter Hain, a British Socialist, has written a book displaying a readiness to distort history, by claiming that Nelson Mandela, was a ‘good man’ working to improve the lot of the Blacks’ whom were being encouraged to carry out ‘terrorist’ attacks, in South Africa, in the name of fighting for Civil Rights, while all the time being controlled by Bolshevik Communists, whom are now killing off those working for the same Civil Rights in Palestine. He claimed it to be by ‘accident’ that instead of ‘Nationalising’ the Gold and Diamond mines, as he had promised, Mandela sold them off to the Bolsheviks, what a surprise. The fact that things are far worse for the Blacks in South Africa, than before, is dismissed that this state of affairs is as a result of International economic problems.

Imagine what Trump could have achieved had he been allowed to get on with it, without having the docile ‘elected’ prats, whom are condemning him out of hand, because they live in fear of being outed by Trump, for all the corruption, in which they have been involved, which included massive voter fraud and other under-handed means, which have kept most of them in positions of importance, which they are not fit to hold.

Trump was perfectly justified in what he originally said in front of Putin, the mere fact that to tell the truth is being presented as ‘treason’, in a land which has been controlled by a ‘bloody gang of unelected thugs’ for generations, a truth which should have woken the sleeping American people, in support of Trump’s efforts to ‘Make America Great Again’, but which has produced nothing but derision, which many, including Rense, have averred, should lead to his dismissal as President.

Right on Rense, let’s restore the status quo, so that all of the snake oil salesmen like you and those other merchant of ‘health’ like Alex Jones, can get on with your ‘alternative’ version of Fake News. Trump may well be under control and his visit to Russia, could all be theatre, that is, according to the alternative boys latest prophet, Brendan O’Connell. However, despite having my own doubts about Putin and the ‘real’ control of Russia, there is nothing else available. Should this pair be mere pawns in the game, a game in which we are doomed, either way, we White Christians are done for, so why not cross your fingers, never vote for anyone who supports Israel and vote only for candidates, whom promise to carry out their proposed agenda or risk a ‘recall’.

If those like Trump can do nothing to help us, does it not become clear that we are on our own and that ‘We The People’ will have to save ourselves? We have been in a dream-state throughout out lives. The media have encouraged us to adore, murderous scum like Winston Churchill, who was not a War Leader, he was a drunken bum, who was occasionally wheeled out to make, drunken, almost incoherent speeches, to encourage the British to support an illegal war against Germany and to then fabricate an excuse to justify, the massive atrocity, inflicted onto the German people, an excuse, which to this day, is still unmentionables, under threat of prison. Churchill unwittingly, failed to make any mention of this ‘greatest crime in history’ in his huge tome about World War Two, because along with the Red Cross, he was completely unaware of it.

The whole world has been dunked in a fake history, in which events in South Africa, Germany and Russia, have been completely distorted, allowing the perpetrators of these events, the cover, to now go after the Third Man, Europe and after that the USA, while we are being lulled into a belief that it is for our own good.

Trump understands that Europe and the United States have been deliberately de-industrialised, with all of the monopolised industries installed in far away places, while China and Russia are building the new Silk Road, which is headed towards the Middle East. This will give China and the work-shops of the Cabal, access to all of the resources of the Middle East, even as China is already preparing for the coming ‘Great African Die off’ by constructing the rail and road links, towards the new Silk Road. So the death-full history of the Zionist money-men is going ahead at full steam. I hear that for Europe and the States, there are a couple of hundred vaccines on the way, which will be mandatory.

The media response to Trump’s visit to Helsinki, demonstrates that the media is indeed the messenger of the Deep State, they have no right to indoctrinate the American people with mere allegations, particularly in response a mission of peaceful intent. Those in the States, Mueller and Comey and others, whom are quite ruthlessly looking for any scandal going, against Trump, when their specific purpose was to investigate Hillary Clinton, should have been arrested for acts designed to smear a President, while they are already building up the campaign to allow Clinton to run as the Democratic candidate in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Wakanda Warriors Thrash Italy.

The Most Anticipated Meeting Of The Decade.

Sky News, used the allegations that Russia, not only colluded with Donald Trump, but that they actually encouraged Trump to change his tactics, in the middle of his campaign, a claim which is based on the unsupported claim, that twelve Russian ‘hackers’ had gained access, of some sort into the Democrats campaign strategy, whatever that was supposed to be.

John Bolton, a member of Donald Trump’s team, recently accused Kay Burley, of taking editorial decisions, during an interview, which is exactly what Dermot Murnaghan, is now doing in Helsinki, in the build-up to Trump’s meeting with Putin. This is the Fake News in action and there has been no attempt to force them to allow time for the opposing point of view, never mind asking the question, why are allegations being presented as fact?




  To present allegations against Russia, without supporting evidence is propaganda and lies and should have no part in a program which is called ‘News’, without a disclaimer, warning us that this is only the opinion of Sky News, which may not prove to be true. This is what is being proposed for those like me, on the internet, which demonstrates quite clearly, that no attempt will be made to clean up the Zionist controlled media.

I uploaded a short clip this morning, showing innocuous celebrations across Russia and France, after the French victory in the World Cup, it was instantly blocked by YouTube because it may contain copyright images, according to FIFA. A previous clip which I uploaded yesterday, was initially given the “health warning’ which entailed a message letting the viewer know that they may be upset by the content, which was research into the truth or otherwise of the holocaust. Finally YouTube decided that was not enough and they then sent a list of those countries, in which the video was banned:

We have received a legal complaint regarding your video. After review, the following video: Tales From The Dark-Side has been blocked from view on the following YouTube country site(s):

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Czechia, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Martinique, Malta, New Caledonia, Netherlands, French Polynesia, Poland, Portugal, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Reunion, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, French Southern Territories, Wallis and Futuna, Mayotte

YouTube blocks content where necessary to comply with local laws. Please review our help center article on legal complaints //support.google.com/youtube/answer/3001497?hl=en.


The YouTube Team

No mention of the identity of the legal ‘hawk-eye’ who spotted the content of this clip, as it had received a mere 9 views before it was blocked, which suggests that I am under observation. There are several version of the same clip available on YouTube. under the title “The Greatest Lie Ever Told.” I uploaded a short clip from the video, which I recorded directly off YouTube.

So our politicians, can decide that Free Speech does not include, suggesting ,that those people whom are even now, picking off children in Gaza, with dum-dum bullets and destroying their homes with bulldozers, to create more space for themselves, may have ‘misled’ us concerning the event, which without any call for verification of their claims, was used as an excuse to invade Palestine and to slaughter hundreds of thousands of the indigenous inhabitants, even as Trump is in conversation with Putin, with the probability that Putin’s defence of Syria, a country which has been put under the very same campaign of wholesale slaughter, as was Palestine, for the benefit of Israel, will be on the agenda, without any discussion of the crimes of Israel, crimes for which it is rewarded daily, by Britain, Germany and the United States. All of this money, money, money is provided by Christian Taxpayers, whom are themselves under attack by Zionist Forces. We are paying to wipe ourselves out.  


Why one might ask, having apparently viewed my short clip, did the watchers on YouTube not show an element of surprise at the position adopted in the clip and instead of blocking it, suggest that it was worthy of further research, because should it be true, it would add a totally different aspect to events in World War Two. To ban it out of hand, suggests a cover-up.

As for the other banned clip, it was viewed by one person before it was banned. I do not believe that anyone, with a complaint, against the video, could have picked that up so quickly, on a site of no importance whatsoever and a non monetised one to boot. This is YouTube censorship, pure and simple. Dare I say that it is owned by Jews?

The clip suggested that it was perfectly reasonable to investigate events in World War Two, the Jews are themselves still feverishly seeking decrepit old men, whom just happened to be in the German military, which these vindictive Jews consider evidence enough to gaol these old people, they already have a couple of sweet old ladies, locked up for daring to contradict the claims of Jews. Is there no Christian Politician on the Earth, with the courage to stand up to them?

Good Morning Britain: Here Is The News. It Can Be Ignored And Most Probably Will Be.


The above video has been banned from all and everybody by YouTube, you should be able to find it Here


The British People, whom constantly claim that the atrocities, committed by the ‘democratically’ elected politicians, are not their fault, are eagerly screeching for the democratic result of a referendum, to be changed, to suit them, while taking no action whatsoever, against their Government, for the bloodthirsty destruction of Libya and the training and funding of Mercenary terrorists in Syria, even as Iraq, still lies in ruin, as a result of previous British War Crimes. The British, have re-elected this scum time after time, as if their votes count for nothing, when indeed they should have voted for pacifists.

During the past fifteen years, it has been graphically demonstrated to the British people, that all of the so-called ‘humanitarian actions’, taken by the British Government, to save whomsoever, from a ‘despotic’ leadership, have fooled nobody, apart from those innocent British voters themselves. These so-called altruistic British acts, go all the way back to World War Two, when Hitler was blamed for rescuing ethnic Germans, whom were being treated in much the same manner as were the Libyans, when Britain chose to destroy Libya to save them, in Poland, having launched a brutal war to avenge an alleged attack by Germany, the British cynically handed Poland into the hands of the cuddly murderer, their friend and ally Joe Stalin.





The vast majority of other people have been appalled by the actions of the British and their friends, as they have been by the mean-minded efforts of the British Government’s bunch of ‘kill-joys’, whom tried so desperately hard to destroy the efforts of the Russian’s to stage a memorable World Cup competition, which despite all of the British bad-mouthing efforts, proved to be a magnificent event.

A Member of the British Parliament, of a certain religion, went as far as to claim, it to have been as bad an idea, to allow Russia to stage the World Cup, as it had been to give the 1936 Olympic Games to the Germans, because of Crimea, he said? Perhaps, when he has a moment or two, the Eton boy might let us know, which crime of Hitlers, in 1936, was in any way as despicable and as cynical as the British destruction of Iraq and Libya, because after these horrendous ‘genocidal’ crimes, the British staged their Olympics, the Zionist Games. Do you remember those lovable Zionist Games, you British? The Pyramids and Columns and not a word about the monstrous crimes of the elected British Government,  leading up to that event. It appears to have been beyond the ken, of the average Brit, to spot the hypocrisy and cynicism in that one. Just as they fail to notice the lack of reporting of the current bombardment of Gaza, by the despotic regime in Tel Aviv, why no humanitarian aid for those downtrodden, Palestinian folk I wonder?


Those Brits, whom seek to change the result of a Democratic decision, taken in the name of Democracy, whom now find themselves on the side of a ‘Democratically’ elected Parliament, which is stacked to the rafters, with those whom seek to undo the same Democratic decision, against the wishes, of the majority, whom still claim that they are Democrats, and whom are prepared to assist and allow, a Government, which has no majority, to undermine, the sliver of Democracy, which remains in the hands of the People, are traitors, and those whom seek this ‘preferred’ result, alongside the traitors in Government, deserve all of the tyrannical control, under which Britain will find itself, when they have finally, finished cheering, the over-turn of the Brexit vote. Democracy is Democracy, whether your vote won the day or the others. You will have no ground for complaint when the day comes that your vote is overturned.

Muammar Gadaffi in Libya, was tortured and beaten, sodomised with a bayonet, then finally released from his pain, by a bullet in his head, while being held in the hands of British Agents, funded with the Taxes of the peace-loving British voters.

The same Peace-Bringers, hanged Saddam Hussein after the invasion based on lies, by the animal Tony Blair and his Tory chums, the very same gang of criminals, whom destroyed Yugoslavia, and without any form of referendum, simply handed Kosovo to a bunch of Muslims, while they now point fingers at Putin, whom accepted the desire of the majority of the Crimean, whom voted to “re-join” Russia, of which it had always been a part, until the Bolsheviks gave it to Ukraine, without any form of referendum.


The British are indeed a slippery bunch. When Milosevic, the Serbian leader, was about to debunk the claims of the British and the Zionists murder machine NATO, about events in Yugoslavia, he was murdered to shut him up.

The British were doing the same thing in Ireland, during ‘ The Troubles’ which were brought about as a result of the forced immigration of the Protestant Scottish Planters, into Ulster, which was used as the excuse for Britain to seize control of Ulster, instead of evacuating those whom wished to be British, over the water to England, when Ireland gained Independence.

The British instead, carried out a constant attack against the Irish Catholics, all of it in the name of the City of London, where the Zionists hang out, the same gang of thugs, whom had watched with glee, as five million innocent Catholic souls starved to death in Ireland, in a previous British genocidal attack, during which the British Army seized millions of tons of Irish produce, to be sold in London, leaving nothing for the Irish but rotting potatoes.

Hundreds of thousands of Irish people were then deported by the City of London, into indentured servitude, which is a code word for slavery. They are even now carrying out another covert effort to destroy Ireland, this time with a million young Blacks from Africa, whom will instantly outnumber the Irish youth of the same age. You can never turn your back on the British.



In view of all of the above, what sort of ‘Voter’ would allow their ‘elected ones’ to claim that Putin and Russia, were in the wrong, to assist Bashar al Assad in Syria, even as the thousands of civilian corpses are still rotting away, under the rubble of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Yemen, none of which is as a result of Russian interference? While in Aleppo, the lights are back on the people are eating in Cafés and Bars, children are back in school and reconstruction is going ahead full steam and Russia is being criticised by the British Terrorists? Give me a break.