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Hong Kong Chaos.

Al Jazeera offers an alternative point of view on the ongoing mass demonstrations in Hong Kong in opposition to China’s efforts to gain more control over Hong Kong, all of which is a relic of Britain’s usual caper of dismembering countries in order to create “flash-points” which are once more raising their head in Kashmir, Pakistan and India as a result of the same cynical action by the British.

Too Blind To See Or Too Stupid To Notice?


The German People have been under the cosh of the British Establishment, including after two World Wars, which were fought with the cash provided by the City of London bankers and their co-conspirators in Washington and Wall Street, for the past one hundred years and the full depth of this sickening depravity has been written out of history, as has been the slaughter of sixty-five million Christians in Russia, another five million in Ireland, along with the millions Germans, whom were simply murdered out of hand after the end of World War Two.


The venomous brutality of those animals, whom still lurk in the City of London, was graphically displayed in the horrific fire bombing of German civilians, an atrocity with the stated aim of wiping out the German people, every man, woman and child while rendering the historic infrastructure to rubble.

The filth of the earth whom ordered these genocides, have been continuing their evil schemes in China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Yugoslavia, and all across South America, wiping out untold millions of the innocent.

When a close look is taken at the actions of the British Establishment, which is after all “Democratically” elected, it is hard to believe that the members of that establishment are not fully aware of their responsibility for all this bloodshed and mayhem and yet they allow the building of monuments in the name of the perpetrators and plotters of this situation, whom a century later are still claiming themselves to be the “real” victims of their own actions, while forcing the “real victims” to pay for it all, describing those victims as having been ruled by evil brutal dictators, which obliged the hounds from hell to come and save them.

Those same politicians are even now apparently blithely unaware of the ferocious, non-stop attacks against White People all across the Western World, which are simply ignored, while the crimes of “minorities” are classed as simply a response to White oppression, while any White who dares to fight off an immigrant attacker is more than likely to end up with a life sentence. All Whites can now be described as supremacist, privileged and obliged to give total priority to immigrants of other Races. Any call for justice for Whites is Fascist or Nazi and seen as an attempt to reinstall White Power and all that guff.

This situation makes it perfectly clear that our “Leaders” are totally controlled by the same evil scum whom funded all of the crimes of the past century and that their limitless control of “printed” money is now being used to wipe out the entire White Race, in the manner in which they slaughtered millions of Russians and Germans in the last century.

It cannot have been un-noticed by White European people that the mere mention, of any simple banality, by a Christian politician against a Jew, warrants the immediate suspension of the offender and questions as to the suitability of such a rogue to be allowed to remain as a Member of whatever Parliament to which they are a democratically elected member, while there are Jews in the European Parliament whom suggest that the demise of “Whiteness” is to be welcomed, while similar opinions are openly expressed, internationally by Jews, without any sign of censure, while YouTube immediately deletes even my own clips, which clearly demonstrate the reality of the hatred, expressed by Jews against White people.

There are many documentaries now available, exposing the depth of the lies and the trickery of Jew involvement in the mass slaughters, which have plagued Europe during the past century and which have continued right up to this minute, all of which have been given the full support of European politicians.

Not since the days of National Socialism in Spain, Italy and Germany has there been any form of opposition to the barbarity of the Jews, whom during this period were “given” Palestine, where without any form opposition from European Governments, the Jews are slaughtering the Palestinian people and stealing ever more of their homeland, while “Our Leaders” are busily clearing ever more territory in the region, which can be seized by Jews to further their aims of a “Greater Israel”.

The endgame in this operation is to “demote” the White Race to history, by blending it out of existence by melding it, with Black and Brown people, through forced breeding, an aim which is openly recorded in the annals of the Fabian Society, which has the hidden humour in its logo of a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, which vividly presents the true, hidden Fabian Philosophy, which has been under City of London control ever since its inception.

The main talking point amongst “gardeners” in my locality in recent days, has been the total failure of many crops this year. Tomatoes were almost non-existent in my own little plot as were courgettes, while my melons were no bigger than tennis balls, even my lettuce were “heartless” and quickly turned to seed. Most of my friends had the same experience, this would appear to add weight to the idea that reducing the availability of Carbon Dioxide, the food of all plants, to zero is a totally stupid idea which should be outed for the outright lie which it is.

When the Climate Research Unit, which was housed in England, was caught lying through its teeth about the “alleged” rising temperature across the earth, by explaining that however they manipulated the positioning of “data collecting” installations, mainly into “warmer” regions, that they had failed to “Hide the Decline”, there was not a word about the claims of “Global Warming” being unreliable by British Politicians, they simply denied any question about the deception, to be aired in any situation where it might cast doubt on the reliability of the claims made by the International Panel on Climate Change, (IPCC) which is, of course, working for the un-elected United Nations, which itself had nothing to say about the lies and disinformation, of the British researchers, to which it continues to give its full support, as do all of the member “Puppet Governments” of the United Nations, apart from the lone voice of Donald Trump.

An Irish journalist, who tried to ask the obvious question at a Climate Change/Global Warming conference, during which there was an un-seasonal snow-fall, was quickly shut down and taken out of the hall by security guards. That is the measure of the culpability of elected politicians, whom quite clearly do not give a toss about the welfare of those by whom they were elected and instead give their full support to unproven trickery, which will be used to install a whinging carbon tax on White Europeans, while perversely the major producers of CO2 will be exonerated using the excuse that they are rising out of poverty, while Europeans are being plunged back into servitude, along with all of those un-suspecting immigrants, whom are being brought into Europe seeking a “better life”.

Europe is quickly coming to terms with the poverty stricken region to which they have been reduced. Just yesterday, while I was stood in the street, waiting for a friend, holding a hand full of nuts in my ever so slightly, outstretched right hand while eating them with my left hand, a passer by pushed a ten euro note into my hand, mistaking me for a beggar. I called out to him to explain his mistake, but he simply raised his hand in a wave of, “don’t worry about it” and walked on. I spent the rest of the day worrying about my appearance, which was obviously that of someone in need, when in fact I thought myself to be unusually smartly clothed.










Anna Egge: River Under The Road.

Dead End Democracy.


Borism And All That Nonsense.



I was quite surprised to hear, that it came as “news” to listeners of the Alternative Media in the United States, that Boris Johnson was a Jew. Most of the “Greatest and Best” also firmly believe there to have never been a Jew president of America, when in fact most of them have been, including the previous one Barack Obama, that is, if his Jew mother really was his mother, never mind who his father may have been.



Obama was high on the list of criminals whom were being shielded by the Mueller report and the traitorous Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is no more Federal than is the Federal Reserve, nor as they say, than Federal Express. Like the Central Intelligent Agency, the FBI has been used, without censure, to promote the idea of terrorist attacks in the USA, which were FBI and CIA instigated and initially aimed at Muslims, in order to generate an excuse to bomb the Middle East to ruin but which are now being aimed at White people in general, as in the “mad and evil White guy, who we are told carried out the recent El Paso attack, which fortunately took the eyes of the world off of the surreptitious evacuation of Jeffrey Epstein to the safety of Israel.




It will be interesting to find out whether the dossier of claims made against Epstein, which has already been released, contains anything of value and if so, will it now be withheld from the public and along with the list of the crimes, of the likes of Obama and the Clinton’s to be buried forever, not to mention those of the “Royal Prince Andrew”. In a future remake of 1984, the question will most probably be something like “What is six million minus three million?” Or has correct response to that claim, “six million” already been embedded into Whitey’s brain?

In the following clip we see a totally biased idea of White Supremacy. I hear Muslims and Blacks in the United States claiming that certain areas are Black or Muslim zones and the Jew SPLC fails to mention the Jews and their claim that Israel is a Jew State just as the Blacks all across Africa claim Africa to be a Black Continent, so why is that only the White Nationalists get the “Racist” treatment” all of which is reinforced by the claims of the Jews, whom declared the World War against Germany in 1933 and whom now use the symbol of the “Cross of Peace” the Swastika as a symbol of “Racism” to suit their own agenda. So what is 2+2? When did defence become attack? When did Armistice become defeat?“, how can it be that every country which was “saved” by the controlled Western Christian Forces, now lies in ruins and ripe for the picking by Israel.

How can it be, that when all the most evil crimes in history have been laid at the door of Adolf Hitler, that the killer punch, which is most often used to completely condemn him in the eyes even of those whom remain unconvinced, is to tell us that he is a Rothschild bastard, his mother once worked as a scullery maid for the Baron you know? All of which suggests the Jews to be just as responsible for the Alt-Right in Charlottesville as they were for National Socialism in Germany and the ritual slaughters in Communist Russia because they invented all of the “Isms”.

These Days Only The Whites Are Allowed To Be Guilty.


Way back in the last century British Whites were already being accused of “racist”crimes, by the combined forces of the British media, to such an extent that even when there was no good evidence found, in support of these claims, against five White Boys, after the stabbing of a Black, there was no clear apology to the alleged perpetrators of the attack, made by the British Media, leaving the impression, which persists to this day, that a group of white boys, were guilty of murdering a Black called Stephen Lawrence, simply because he was Black. The mock-up of the crime, which was shown on British Television, leaves no room for doubt as to the “guilt” of the accused.

Lawrence was an early example of the Trayvon Martin syndrome, which presented a Black thug as an innocent litte chappie, who was ruthlessly gunned down by a biased Local Security man, who was accused of racism, despite the fact that he was himself half Black The public was deliberately presented with childhood photos of Martin to reinforce the idea that a sweet little choir-boy had been delierately attacked and killed by the evil “White man” with a Jew name Zimmerman, and a Black family history.

When Zimmerman was exonerated, the claims of his guilt persisted and the media made no effort to back-track over its previous Fake coverage of the event. The same routine had previously taken place in the Britsh media, where the killing of Stephen Lawrence, by “persons unknown” is still presented as White Racism, which was covered up by the “Institutionally Racist” Metropolitan Police.

On the same streets of London,  knife attacks, similar to that of the one against Lawrence, occur on a daily basis, and not only in London but these days in many other British Cities, however to simply suggest that these killings are virtually one-hundred percent carried out by “Black Thugs”, killings which included the stabbing to death of a young White Girl, by a Black Thug, is now a “Racist” act in itself, as the racial identity of all other races, apart from that of Whites, must never be reported.

The Lawrence case, despite the fact that no Whites had ever been convicted of his killing, simply because there was no conclusive evidence presented against the five men accused of his murder, while as suggested in the above clip there is evidence against a group of four other men, whom were seen by several witnesses at the scene of the attack, whom may well have had a grudge against Lawrence over a drugs deal, as suggestions have been made that Lawrence may well have been a “dealer”, just as Trayvon Martin had a burglars kit in his back-pack.However these things were never mentioned during the trial, because the Police themselves were being forced to seek a conviction against the White Boys, such was the frenzy built up by the British media. Some years later two of the accused men were found guilty and gaoled. There are even now, many years after the event, attempts being made to find a man in a V backed jacket, who was seen and filmed by credible witnesses near the scene of Lawrence’s killing, at the time of his killing, with three friends, none of whom have ever been questioned.

The totally ignored fact of the matter is, that the vast majority of Racist Crimes are “against” White People, while press reports would suggest that all of the racism is carried out uniquely by Whites and nobody ever corrects this lie. Not even the”Feminists” have been truthful enough to explain that the majority of the rapes of White women are carried out by Black and Tan members of the immigrant communities, including the rape and torture of children by “Muslims” while there has been no reporting of “Muslim” children being groomed, tortured and raped by White men. That is the depth of the bias against Whites in all of the controlled countries across Europe. 

The same fetid scum whom control all of the so-called “truthful” information considered fit for the public to receive, have now been allowed to “privatize” the internet, blocking any truth, from showing the true extent of the lying propaganda, which is being used to stir up a hatred of White Christian people, whom are the only serious opposition to the sick dreams of the Money Sick, so-called elite.




The Weasel Words Of George Galloway.

The following is part of a column written by George Galloway concerning gun crime in America, he completely forgot to mention that the vast majority of gun crime and murders are carried out by Blacks, despite the fact that they make up a mere 12% of the population of America. The weeks total of murders in “gun free”  Chicago,the gun crime capital of the USA, which is carried out  by Blacks was missing from all the calls of White racism and supremacism, which were screeched out by the likes of Sky News and the BBC  following the attacks in El Paso and Dayton Ohio by a couple of “White Supremacists”.

Much is already being made of President Trump’s rhetoric in fuelling gun violence in America. But this crisis did not begin three years ago. The achingly liberal Barack Obama presided over a fair few mass shootings of his own. And it was during the Kennedy-Johnson Civil Rights and Great Society eras that the Kennedy’s themselves as well as Dr King and others were cut down.

There can be little doubt, however, that Trump’s rampage like a drunken sailor across the American electoral cycle at Nuremberg-style rallies is whipping up racial hatred in America. His hype over border issues, his targeting of prominent women of colour and of Muslims has undoubtedly energized the far-right in America – and beyond.

Trump’s strategy of driving wedges into the American body politic may or may not work in the forthcoming elections, but it is surely widening the fissures in US society in a dangerous way. But he didn’t create them.

A society built on a hundred million corpses of Native Americans and two centuries of slavery, Jim Crow apartheid, and continuing racial segregation, bigotry, and discrimination was never going to turn out nice.

I say all of the above without hatred of America for I have none. I do not hate America and wish her only success in dealing with her myriad problems.

But I don’t want to be an American, to be led by America, still less do I consider America to be my father. I had my own father, my own country, my own leaders, whom I retain the right to remove.

The childishness of those around the world who continue to believe that they need this giant with the collective mind of a child to hold their hand and lead them to the promised land is perhaps the deepest sickness of them all.

The above are the ramblings of a mealy mouthed character called George Galloway. He has completely avoided the point of Trumps behaviour, choosing instead to repeat the fatuous words of the mainstream gutter fake press, while conspicuously avoiding mention of the presence of the Jews in the Trump,saga.

George is onboard with those sameJews and their push for White people to be forced to pay reparations to the “Lucky Blacks” whom were given a free boat trip in past times, to America, where there was shelter food and work waiting for them, unlike all the Whites whom were forced out of their own countries and left to fend for themselves on arrival in America.

Those like Galloway have been feeding this “White debt owed to Blacks” nonsense into the heads of the parasitic Blacks, whom owe everything they have to the generosity of those “hated Whites” a hatred which those like Galloway helped to create in South Africa, while hiding behind the lie of Apartheid. Those “free Blacks” in South Africa are now in Dire Straits as the once productive farmlands fall into ruin and the water resources are falling into disrepair, all of which is part of the planning, as the new friends of the bankers from China are already preparing to snatch the best parts of Africa for themselves, just as the British did for them in the last century.

Galloway carried out the South Africa operation along with a bunch of hate-filled Bolshevik Communist Jews, under the control of a certain Joe Slovo, whom organised a murderous bombing campaign against the Boers whom had built South Africa into a First World country out of a wilderness which was un-occupied when they arrived. The days of the Boers were numbered when the Rothschild clan smelt the Gold and Diamonds in them there hills and Galloway helped them steal it.

Galloway now presents himself as multi-cultural and brags that he has produced children of mixed race, sadly the “children are given no say in this sort of decision and many mixed race kids feel insecure in their in-betweenie universe, however Galloway will be able to say that they are at least “not White” which will give him a lot of pleasure.

Galloway also managed to slip in a slur against the German people for whom he appears to reserve a deep-seated hatred, by comparing Trumps rallies to those at Nuremberg, he recently attacked a German caller to his Press TV Show, calling him a Nazi and telling the producer to get this Nazi off the line, simply because the caller had mentioned the Jews whom had taken control of the South Africa which George had helped to “liberate”.








Finally Galloway accused Trump of “attacking women of colour” ignoring the fact that those “women of colour” have no problem bad-mouthing those bloody racist, supremacist Whites whom are paying their salaries, while Trump remains the only White Politician who has dared to mention the White people whom are ignored and bad-mouthed by one and all, including Galloway and all of the other White traitors. Of course while it is acceptable to talk of wiping out the Red Indians and others, crimes which are ritually laid at the door of the “White Man” let it not be forgotten that behind every conscripted White soldier there was a crooked politician and a Jew with a fistfull of dollars.