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While Agenda 21/2030 Is Still On The Way, The British Still Seek Brexit




In view of the weeks of nonsense, which claims that Carbon Dioxide is causing “Climate Change”, have provoked, claims which have been rammed into the brains of school-children, warning them that they will all die in twelve years, without a shred of science in support, apart from the claims of those whom are funded by the United Nations, which steadfastly refuses to present any convincing “proof” of the claims which it makes, why have we not had a flood of “real” scientists explaining the other side of the story on the media?



Meanwhile Piers brother Jeremy, displays his cynical refusal to take notice of his advice, claiming that the “kids know best” or some such garbage, demonstrating the total support, from all quarters, of the unsupported advice of Al Gore and his chums, whom have already made a fortune out of CarbonTrading.



This conditioning will have children living in fear of “extinction” for the next eleven years, before the claims are shown to be false and all of the fear worry to have been un-necessary. The real scientists are warning of the opposite as I have been for years, by suggesting that instead of reducing C02 we should all be paid to produce it, by lowering the cost of fuel and encouraging people to drive more, to increase the levels of CO2 which are at a dangerously low level.


Those like Naomi Klein, are pushing forward the aims of Agenda 21, which involves the packing of us all into what she calls “smaller spaces” or some such nonsense, to reduce the necessity of “travel” which means forcing us all to live in the High Rise Towers, dozens of which are already under construction all around where I live, in readiness for the other aspect of this “Green New Deal” the opening of National borders to allow the “free movement” of everyone, which will of course involve a flood of people towards those lands which pay welfare to immigrants and an emptying of those lands in Africa and the Middle East, which have been deliberately maintained in a state of chaos for decades waiting for this moment. There is no need to mention for whom Klein preaches.





In the United Kingdom the British are being prepared for the stab in the back and the possible election of Jeremy Corbyn into power, along with his aim of “Open Borders” and the installation of the Green New Deal in the United Kingdom, where the contents of Agenda 21/2030 have never been revealed to the British a revelation of which will come as a nasty shock to the British man in the street.



I have long been of the opinion that those who complained about Chem-Trails were missing the point, clouds are the most efficient form of “green-house” gas and the purpose of the vapour trails was an attempt to raise the temperature with perhaps some nasty chemicals showering down on us all included in the mix.

In one of todays clips I suggest that the British involvement in the Middle East has nothing whatever to do with “humanitarianism” and everything to do with fulfilling the aims of Israel, which has been British policy since 1917 when Balfour Declaration set in motion all of the mayhem and murder which has been going on ever since.

Lord Rothschild, the quiet hidden hand, which opened the letter, which thanked him for his assistance in some nonsense about bringing the United States into the Great War along with the Balfour Declaration, granting him ownership of Palestine, has watched the genocide of the Palestinian Peoples and the installation of the hypocrites whom claimed to be refugees from the same thing at the hands of “Evil” a claim which apparently does not apply to Jews. I am glad he did not find the process of the installation of his kingdom to be too upsetting.

It goes without saying that those in the above images, unless they were the right kind of Jews, would be severely dealt with in Israel these days, where illegal immigration is, shall we say, frowned upon.

The Islamique Takeover Of Great Britain Perhaps?


Is this the thanks the British People get in return for doing the bidding of the City of London for a couple of hundred years, to be swamped out of their homeland to make space in the Middle East for the Jews dream of Greater Israel?

It is important that you see the following data and you will quickly understand why the UK is in danger.

Mayor of London – Muslim

Mayor of Birmingham – Muslim

Mayor of Leicester – Muslim

Mayor of Leeds – Muslim .

Mayor of Blackburn – Muslim.

Mayor of Sheffield – Muslim.

Mayor of Oxford-Muslim

Mayor of Luton – Muslim

Mayor of Oldham-Muslim

Mayor of Rochdale – Muslim

All this with only 4 million Muslims out of 60 million people living in England.

Today, there are more than 3000 mosques in England.

There are more than 130 Courts of Islamic Sharia .

There are more than 50 Muslim Sharia councils

Would there be more than just Muslims in the main cities, one might ask?

Without expanding to other parts of the UK…

78% of Muslim women do not work, they are supported by the state – free housing …

63% of Muslim men do not work, they are supported by the state – free housing …

Muslim families have an average of 6 to 8 children, supported by the state, and receive free housing…

Now all British schools are obliged to teach a lesson in Islamic law! Jeremy Corbyn is intending to invite an unlimited number of immigrants into the United Kingdom and David Cameron is pushing to place even more Muslims into positions of power in the UK.

Turkey has threatened Europe with millions of refugees whom were displaced by the City of London controlled destruction of the Middle East. You had it coming to you, nasty old Hitler tried to warn you, but those whom control “The City” won the war, thanks to you and Stalin. Don’t worry about it, Boris will sort it all out. 

Love Your Carbon Dioxide!

Brendan O’Neill Interviews Rod Liddle

The Illusion Of Freedom.

The above order was issued in March 1933 which lead on to the Germans asking their people to retaliate by refusing to buy goods from Jews in Germany, which was why “Juden” was marked on the shop windows of Jew owned premises.





The Everly Brothers: Change of Heart, Plus A Few Earlier Tunes.


While driving in my car this morning this “Golden Oldie” was played on the radio. The “Jock” then announced that the song had been a hit in 1960. I was quite amazed because it sounded as if it could have been recorded last week. It set me to wondering what a song which had been recorded in 1901 sounded like, back in 1960, to make a silly comparison. This is what I found.






Not bad wot? There’s some good stuff in there.

A Deviants View Of Modern History