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A Few Run Of The Mill British False Flag Attacks.




A Few Run Of The Mill British False Flag Attacks.

Following the recent car crash attack in the United Kingdom, it was dutifully announced that ISIS/Daech had claimed responsibility for the incident. It is never disclosed, as to how exactly these claims are actually delivered and by who or whom they are received.

In light of the fact that it has been disclosed that GCHQ and the NSA, have recordings of every electronique message, transmitted world-wide, whether by telephone, Email, Twitter, Texto or by a posting on ‘social media,’ contacts which  we are assured, are instantly traceable back to the position of the sender and  having claimed to have pin-pointed ‘Jihad John’ in the Middle of a Syrian desert township, by tracing his ‘call home,’ to his mum, on his portable telephone, a trace and position, which was maintained for a sufficient length of time, to allow for the flight of a ‘drone,’ from an undisclosed location, which dutifully launched a missile,  which took John out, blowing him into bits which even his own mother would not recognise, thus ending the career of a man whom had never actually been seen without a mask covering his face and whom had been identified, miraculously, by the iris of his eye. I kid you not. To this day, nobody can be sure of the actual identity of the man behind the mask, never mind whether he was actually killed by a drone.

The next question must surely be, was a drone instantly launched in pursuit of the spokesman from Daech, and was he successfully taken out, or are we dealing with a case of total bullshit? The identity of the man, who was identified by ISIS as their agent, had to be quickly changed as the guilty ‘dead man’ was already in gaol, so another guilty character had to be dug out to replace him, I have no idea whether ISIS claimed the second man as one of their own or not.


We must never allow ourselves to be diverted from the salient lessons from history, which for the ‘modern day’ land of Syria, kicked off in earnest after the implementation of the criminal decision of a coven of Jews, whom wrote a letter, which is grandly referred to as  The Balfour Declaration, which in payment of a debt owed to a certain Lord Rothschild, whom had manipulated the United States into taking part in the Great War, in support of a European Coalition, which had been thrashed by Germany,  granted  him Palestine and the British then proceeded to share the rest of the region amongst the various European States, which were also under covert Jew control, including France and Britain. Amongst which languished the newly delineated State of Syria, which was envied by the Jews.

The British/American Jew, Winston Churchill, the creator of the debacle of Gallipoli, during the Great War, an event which lead to the slaughter of the Anzacs’, from New Zealand and Australia – whom had been pinned down and picked off by the forces of the Ottoman Empire – was now involved in one of the remaining aims of the Great War, which having already provided cover for the Regime Changes in Russia and Germany and with the end of the Ottoman Empire and the Austro Hungarian Empire in sight, the remaining target was Herzl’s desire for an apartheid Jew State in Palestine, with much land all around to one day create ‘Greater Israel,’ part of which is now called Syria.

This is a mere glimpse into the murky world of British Politics and their love of ‘Regime Change’ a seriously psychopathic lust which it seems can never be satiated.

Churchill, in the years preceding the Great War had been involved in that other glorious British campaign in South Africa, where he was attempting to unseat the legitimate Boer regime, seeking control of the gold mines and diamonds for the same Rothschild family which was to benefit from the Great War. During this campaign the Jewish/British Empire actually invented the idea of “Concentration Camps” which were in truth “Death Camps.”

As a result of starvation and disease at least 26,000 Boers, men, women and children died in these camps and another 25,000 prisoners of war were deported. Lord Milner, whom would shortly afterwards be involved in the group of Jew Lords, whom concocted the Balfour Declaration, who was a co-conspirator of Cecil Rhodes, Rothschild’s Agent in Africa, made massive attempts to cover-up the slaughter of the Boer people, which was an attempted genocide, which saw to the deaths of a quarter of the Boer People and was being reported by the British Press of the day.

The Boers were kept under constant pressure by the Jew controlled City of London, until finally, in 1963, a group of Jews set up and funded the African National Congress, this group of Jews included such names as, Lionel Bernstein, Bob Hepple, Dennis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, Hazel Goldreich and James Kantor, with a few African‘s, Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki (father of Thabo Mbeki), Raymond Mhlaba, and Ahmed Kathrada, to do the dirty work and disguise the identity of the controlling Jews.

The ANC, from the start was funded by the United States, the Soviet Union. The much-lauded champion of Nelson Mandela and the ANC, was a Soviet Jew and KGB Officer, Joe Slovo, whose wife was a leader of the South African Communist Party and she managed the funding from Russia and the USA, even during the ‘Cold War, with CIA and SAS assistance, in the planning of terrorist attacks.

It should be noted that the ANC was a far more brutal organisation than the Boer Police and their treatment of the Whites should be considered as a Crime Against Humanity, which the fine reporters truthful from the West choose to ignore.

The Boer government was finally destroyed from within through the machinations of the Oppenheimer family and B’nai B’rith, the Jewish Masonic group, whom finally managed to insert a traitor, Frederik de Klerk, a Freemason, into power facilitating the placing of a Black government in power. The composition of the ‘real’ government was replaced by a coven of Jews, operating behind a handful of Black frontmen.

To this day, the White Christian Boers, whom are hated by the Jews, are experiencing a slow genocide, which is being encouraged by those whom would like to see to the extinction of the entire White Race, while the ‘released’ Blacks have been plunged into the depths of poverty and introduced to the benefits of a rape every few seconds of the day and are the undisputed world capital of murder, having been deluded by Mandela and others into believing they would be even better off under ANC rule. With the unstinting, good-hearted support of one and all, they have now fallen into abject poverty.

To the North in Kenya, the British were once more dealing with an uprising against their Colonial rule. The Bad Boys were called the Mau-Mau. The British Military, have since admitted to setting up their own Mau-Mau 2, and proceeding to carry out ‘terrorist attacks, which they blamed on the ‘real’ Mau-Mau. The British were recently convicted of having tortured and castrated many alleged Mau-Mau members and were oblige to pay reparations.

This system of ‘False Flag’ attacks, has since become standard practice for British Security. In Ireland they were guilty of exactly the same shameful tactics, where they planted bombs, then claimed the IRA to have taken credit for the outrage, to generate bad feelings in the British public against the Irish Catholics, allowing the use of more hard-line tactics against the IRA.

One attack in Birmingham in the United Kingdom, which was blamed by the British on a group of innocent Irishmen, the so-called Birmingham Six, whom were beaten to a pulp by British police, who were attempting to force them to sign confessions and whom were so badly injured by the beatings that their appearance in Court had to be delayed allowing time for their facial wounds to heal, were finally convicted using the evidence of a forensic expert, whom lied through his teeth and years later, when his lies were uncovered and the men finally released from prison having served 16 years for a crime which the IRA denied having committed and having told the British Police that the six convicted men were unknown to the IRA, the British made no further efforts to find the guilty parties.

In Iraq, the SAS was caught red-handed, disguised as Arabs, in a vehicle loaded with guns and bombs, which they intended to plant in public places and kill innocent people to generate the impression of a guerrilla presence in the area of Basra, which would involve much destruction in order to winkle out. Mosul is at this time being laid to waste using a similar pretext.

In Libya, men in yellow safety helmets ran around the streets of Benghazi killing people at will, an event which was blamed, without any form of proof on Gadaffi and used as the excuse to claim that Gadaffi was about to slaughter everybody in Libya, so the British must bomb the entire country to rubble, to save it.

The same excuse served in Syria, where a group of British Agents, carried out an attack on a group of protesters, and as were the Irish Catholics, they were shot by the British, whom then claimed it to have been Bashar al Assad, whom had carried out the killing, which provided the excuse for the British to send in more of their ‘good terrorist’ whom they armed to the teeth and set about the destruction of Syria.

The above is no more than a sketch of the actual depth of the British use covert methods of generating excuses to destroy. Both World Wars were based on lies and deception which originated from the City of London. A similar excuse was used to pave the way into the Great War by the Americans, using the Lusitania, which was presented to the Germans as a sitting duck, while it was actually being used to ship arms to the British, making it a legitimate target, which the British denied, calling the attack a war crime against Germany.

So imagine my surprise, when a radio host, sniggered when it was suggested that the recent attack in London was being called a False Flag, online, to which he responded, that this suggestion, was a good reason for only searching for the truth on the mainstream media, where the reporters have integrity and research their reports because of a sincere desire to present the public with the honest truth. No Shit!






I wish I had time to present a few of the British false flags which were used to entice Germany and Hitler into World War Two, that must wait for another day.


British War Crimes Come Home To Roost?





British War Crimes Come Home To Roost?


Deary, deary me, so the British have had their knees grazed again, what a shame. How do they imagine the people in Mosul are feeling right now, as the unreported British war against Iraq, still rumbles on, where children are dying in huge numbers and the entire city has been leveled? Not too much sign of concern about that bit of silliness is there.

Apparently, we are told, the “British” will not be cowed, they are determined to go to work today as usual, this is the spirit that makes Britain great, they are today, after such a ‘horrendous’ attack, in the ‘heart of Democracy,’ proud to be on the side of the great and good and vow to never let hatred win, that is what makes them great, they will never surrender.

I would suggest that what makes the British great is their ability to ignore reality and spout bullshit about their own alleged magnanimity. The eleventh Commandment for the British is, that their ‘victims are always guilty,’ and that God is on the side of the British. Well they need to be informed that ‘Godly’ people would not have slaughtered millions of people across the Middle East and sensible people do not then invite the surviving relatives of their victims families into their midst. That is a recipe for disaster and a perfect example of Establishment and Security Agency, complicity in the development of yet another useful internal enemy, which will eventually encourage the British to surrender whatever is left of their freedoms, for a promise of security.

The Intelligence Agencies, of any State on earth, would have been well aware that to entertain such a stupidity, was contrary to any notion of maintaining Public Safety, so why no uproar from the Police and MI5, when the loud-mouthed liberals, started the calls to open the doors to ‘refugees’ from the rubble of the Middle East? The Security Service were not so stupid that they would not have been aware of the possibility that angry men might just possibly arrive amongst them..

More seriously, having found many containers, full of guns and ammunition, in Greece and Spain and an admittance from Customs officials that a mere one in a hundred containers was actually checked, why has there not been a change made to the system, obliging the checking of all containers? Those discovered in Greece were marked as containing furniture for the refugees.

As is usual with these events, the rest of the daily ‘News’ has been left un-mentioned, while ‘serious’ mainstream media ‘journalists’ continue to approach the subject of British complicity in events leading to the destruction of several Muslim States, as having been ‘mistakes’ ignoring the fact that deliberate lies and disinformation were used and distributed by the controlled media, on every occasion, justifying the British deliberate crimes, and are now preferring to describe events like the one currently being reported, as an act of terrorism, instead of it being described as a response to ‘British’ terrorism.

The early reports of these events are the most important. I heard a description of what had happened from an eyewitness, who described what he had seen, just after the event, he said, ‘I heard a loud noise of some sort, like a collision between two vehicles, after which he saw a 4X4 vehicle which had crashed into the railings along a pavement, from which a man had leapt and ran towards Parliament with a long ‘piece of wood,” in his hand, and a few seconds later he heard a number of gun-shots.

This morning, the same eyewitness reported everything in an identical manner, apart from the ‘piece of wood,’ which had now become ‘err, ah, something in his hand.’ Todays response was no doubt influenced by Police reports that the man had stabbed a policeman.

In other circumstances, the whole event could have been a drunken driver, mounting a pavement after a front wheel had touched a kerbstone, ripping control of the steering wheel out of his hand, after which he leapt from his car and ran towards a group of policemen, seeking help, only to be shot by police who mistook his walking stick for a gun, except, as usual in these cases, he was “known to the police,” as was the previous London attackers, four young lads with back-packs, whom having missed their train and their rendezvous with three tube trains, had to be shot down in Docklands, an event which was mentioned in all of the early reports, but like the ‘piece of wood’ vanished from later newscasts;

The British Minister of War, Fallon, proudly claimed that the terrorists values were not British values. The British allowed debate and all that stuff, even as radio hosts are still describing the attack as simply terrorism, while refusing to say that the attacker was anything other than British, indeed they scolded a caller for mentioning the word Muslim, suggesting that in some way they ‘could’ be calling a White British Man a terrorist and not simply a lunatic, begging the question what kind of terrorism would it have been and in support of who or what?

As is usual, as the hours go by, Islam and radicalisation is being quietly introduced into the tale. This event is now being transformed into being as a result of a perverted form of Islam, while a British War Crime in Iraq or Libya is never described as being a perverted form of Christianity. Such is the level of unbiased reporting on the British Media, not to mention the total lack of reference to the crimes of Judaism as being as a result of a perverted form of that religion from Hell, only Islam gets kicked in the teeth.

By some bizarre freak of fate, the Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, just happened to be on the spot, as the drama unfolded, as were many police, whom had already managed to tape off the area with plastic ribbon, even before the startled people whom were fleeing away from the scene, had covered any more than a few yards, they were obliged to duck under it, such is the fearfully fast deployment of the Metropolitan Police Forces.

Badfinger – A Tale Of Tragedy.


Impossible Statues And Other Carvings.

The British Supported, the ISIS Style Shankill Butchers In Ulster, Amongst Other Crimes.



Fury as ‘despicable’ BBC is accused of ‘fawning’ over IRA terror chief Martin McGuinness as if he were ‘on a par with Nelson Mandela’ Daily Mail.


Is there anybody out there who could explain to me, the difference between, 33 degree Black Bolshevik Communist Freemason, Nelson Mandela, whom was convicted of being responsible for the deaths of more than 500 innocent people, a crime for which he refused to apologise, during a terrorist campaign, designed to steal the land and property of the Boers in South Africa, a land where he was himself of immigrant origin, doing his killings with massive funding from Jew Bolshevik Communists, with overwhelming support from the British and the rest of the dozy world of Rock ‘n’ Roll, and the gallant efforts of Irish Freedom Fighter Martin McGuinness, an Irishman through and through, whom fought against the savagery of the English invaders of Ireland, a scourge which re-invaded Occupied Ulster, after proto-British Protestants, had carried out many vicious attacks against Catholic Civil Rights Marchers, using wooden clubs with six-inch nails hammered through them, causing horrific injuries, only to attack those same innocent Catholics, whom they claimed to be protecting from the Protestants, on Bloody Sunday, killing thirteen people, after which, the British ‘saviours’ of Catholics, carried out a campaign of terror, against the Catholic Community, alongside the likes of the ‘Shankill Butchers’ and other Protestant terrorists, throughout the remaining years of the ‘Troubles, until the day came when the British surrendered, to clear the way towards the devastation of their new frontier, waiting to have British style ‘Freedom and Democracy’ stuffed down their throats in the Middle East? I’m quite sure none of that maniacal rant  can be true, can it?

The Fake News Loving British, Condemn Trump And Martin McGuinness.

The Fake News Loving British, Condemn Trump And Martin McGuinness.

While once again ignoring the reality, that there had been no indication of any connection between Donald Trump and Russia, apart from a remark which was made by the alleged criminal, Hillary Clinton, during a campaign which she knew she was losing.

It was a scurrilous remark which is now being carried forward by those whom are themselves implicated in the claims being made against Trump, namely Comey, the Director of the FBI along with the head of the National Security Agency, which would have been responsible for any illegal interception of Trump’s teams communications. The tone of the British media is wholeheartedly, yet again, against Trump.

The same British Media, is to this day covering up the British responsibility for the terrorism, which persisted in Northern Ireland, until it presented a problem, as the British transferred their claims of terrorism away from the Irish Republican Army, towards their new ‘Front-Line Terrorists’ Al Qaeda in the British Isles.

They wanted no confusion as they presented the British with 7-7 in 2005, having already selected ‘radicalised’ Muslims as the new menace. Tony Blair quickly ordered a British cease-fire in Northern Ireland to avoid any confusion as to who or whom had planted the bombs.

The announcement this morning, of the death of Martin McGuinness, a one time leader of the Irish Republican Army, gave the British Media yet another opportunity to mourn the deaths of Protestants, whom were allegedly killed by the IRA. Once again choosing to ignore the fact that more Catholics lost their lives during the ‘Troubles’ than did British Protestants.

It has long been accepted that the British had under-cover agents, carrying out terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland, alongside, out of uniform, members of the B Specials Police Force, who were earning a bit of pocket-money by killing Catholics in the evening.

There is also evidence that the Irish Republican Army itself was controlled by British infiltrators, giving them control of both sides of the ‘Troubles.’ In a typically British manner, only the IRA were referred to as ‘terrorists’ the Protestants were ‘Loyalists’ most of them Scottish Calvinists, deliberately banished to Ireland, where they were called the ‘Planters,’ they have served as the excuse for the partition of Ireland, having promised a Civil War would result, should Ulster be forced into joining the Irish Republic of Eire, so we were told.

Lord Tebbitt a British Politician, today suggested that the IRA leader McGuinness should have prayed for forgiveness for his sins, including mass murder, mainly referring to an attack against the Government of Margaret Thatcher, in a hotel in Brighton in the UK. He made no mention of Bloody Sunday, a murderous event which was carried out by the British Army, an act which it is recognised as having been the very excuse for the construction of the IRA, under strangely obscure circumstances. Many folk believe to this day, that the hierarchy of the IRA and Sinn Fein, were British controlled in the North of Ireland and Eire.

Tebbitt had the cheek to aim such barbs at a dead man, even as the ‘British Saints’, are still heavily involved in the total destruction of the Middle East and have been responsible for the deaths of millions and the seriously wounding of millions more, while at the same time rendering the homelands of these poor folk to rubble.

The British and their American chums now have their latest band of thugs, quite deliberately destroying Mosul, in Iraq, making sure that when they have finished driving out an ‘invisible’ enemy, there will be no homes left to which the refugees can return.

Even as this unreported slaughter is continuing in Iraq, McGuinness is being accused of killing innocent civilians, in Britain and Northern Ireland. Even ex-Military men, who served in Northern Ireland, make no reference to the murders carried out by the British or those whom fought alongside them, against the Catholic community. The Catholics have always been the forgotten victims of British inspired violence and hatred.

Even Michael Collins the revered leader of Irish Resistance against the British occupation of Ireland, was considered to be a terrorist by the same British whom armed and trained the ‘Free’ Syrian Army, to destroy their own homeland. Such hypocrisy is the mark of the British.

The British people have no idea of the truth of what is being done in their name. They can, with sanguinity, accept British thuggery and the cold-blooded murder of millions, including the Rape of Germany, without question, having swallowed hook-line-and-sinker all of the bull-shit which was fed into their heads in school-rooms.

The British should now wake up to the fact that other people have the right to freedom and that for doing no more than Germany did, which was to change the Banking system, does not give the British the right to destroy Germany and then feed crap into the heads of children to cover up their murderous campaign, which was itself an atrocity against women and children.

The British people were themselves betrayed several hundred years ago and the rigging of elections does not only apply to modern politicians, the British had their rulers chosen for them, both Kings and Queens, from the days of the First Elizabeth to her counterpart in modern England Elizabeth the Second. The British Royal Family are all of Jew origin.

Long ago, the first Elizabeth, the renowned ‘virgin’ queen did allow into marriage, her illegitimate son, to a daughter of the family, of which another member, centuries later, would write and issue the Balfour Declaration, ceding Palestine to the Jews.

After which Britain imposed such crippling sanctions against Germany, that they lead to the Second World War, which itself provided the excuse allowing for the Jew invasion of Palestine, an act which was the origin of all of the current problems in the Middle East.

The British, along with their carefully concealed handlers, are never far away from such carnage. All across the Middle East, there is not a pure Muslim Royal Family in existence, which is why there is so little support for the Muslim regimes which have been attacked, for no good reason by the controlled West.

We can all agree that neither the Taliban, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi or indeed Bashar al Assad, played any part in 911, however it would appear that the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia was heavily involved, despite which they are being armed by Britain, France and the United States, to bomb Yemen to dust and to pass any surplus bombs and bullets to ISIS in Syria and Iraq, where the coalition is pretending to fight them.


So I would suggest that it is not ‘tiddlers’ like Martin McGuinness, whom need to pray to God for forgiveness, that is more a need of the British hierarchy which has, through the centuries, laid the world to waste.

The Noose Tightens Around Clinton’s Neck.

The Western Allies Persistent Lies About Their Bloodlust.


The Western Allies Persistent Lies About Their Bloodlust.

The early morning ‘Fake News’ did today describe North Korea as a ‘Belligerent Pariah State.’ This has been the consistent, lying attitude of the Media, for more than half a century. The reality was a completely different tale, which was used to disguise the involvement of the United States and the British, in barbaric, inhuman atrocities in Korea, while lurking behind the ‘cover’ of the newly constructed United Nations.

As had so recently occurred in Germany – during the Sudetenland issue – forays across the border from the Republic of Korea, had aroused the anger of the North, while in the South itself, unreported massacres of suspected ‘Communists’ – which was the fear and hate provoking word at the time –  were carried out, during which thousands of civilians were slaughtered by the Korean Police and Military, with the assistance of the United States military, which controlled the Korean Forces. 

This United Nations ‘coalition’ was fighting a phony war against China and Soviet Russia, both of which had recently been ‘Allies’ of the previous ‘coalition,’ fighting against Germany and Japan and both of which had recently, with funding from ‘rich bankers and industrialists,’ carried out Bolshevik inspired ‘coup d’etat’ in their respective counties, without a trace of opposition from those whom were now so concerned about what was happening in tiny Korea.

The excuse being used for the illegal war against Korea, was a fear of the ‘Domino Effect’ which could possibly spread the wrong sort of ‘Communism’ throughout the Extreme Orient, especially as Indo-China was rapidly tiring of French rule and which could well be next on the list for a ‘humanitarian’ slaughter.The United States, would a short time later,  be installing their ‘special’ kind of Democracy in Vietnam.

The real ‘brutal regime’ in Korea was in the South, where the government cruelly massacred at least 300,000 civilians, whom were accused of being in sympathy with the regime in the North, these murders included thousand of military men accused of ‘secretly’ supporting the People’s Army in the North.

As had been the Germans, whom had fought a relatively ‘clean war,’ the Peoples Army of North Korea, was blamed for all of the atrocities, which in reality had been carried by the United Nations Coalition, which was under the control of the British and the United States.

Alan Winnington of the British Daily Worker in an article entitled “U.S. Belsen in Korea” reported that 20 witnesses observed that truckloads of cops arrived on July 2 and immediately made people dig six pits of about 200 yards each. Executions went on for three days, by both machine-gun and, when the bullets ran out, decapitation by sword. According to eyewitnesses, U.S. officers oversaw everything while sitting in their Jeeps. The U.S. Embassy in London then had the chutzpah to call Winnington’s findings a “fabrication.”

This ‘forbidden history of the Korean War,’ which occluded events which occurred so soon after the systematic slaughter of the innocents, which were carried out by the Bolsheviks in Europe, is indicative of the total collusion of the media, with the identities of the true murders of the 1940’s and 1950’s, while they constantly remind us of the unsupported claims against Germany, as if Germany had declared War on Europe, when in fact the war had been in the planning for years, as had been the attack against North Korea, a State which to this day, is being dangled as a threat to World peace.

Slick Willy Clinton has accepted that the above claims are true and he apologised in January 2001, for the United States participation in these events, even as the ‘New’ coalition was preparing to kick off the slaughters of the Brown People, using the well-tried and tested method of the ‘false flag’ attack as an excuse, which will one day be admitted by a future US puppet President, as having been a lie.

It has now become a criminal offence in many countries, to so much as question, the claims which have been laid against the German people, whom were the real victims of two world wars. Hidden truths, which present a more believable version of events, rather than the fictitious  make-believe, similar to the fabulous claims made against Muslims’, after the hugely complex events on 911, which were so far beyond the capabilities of the alleged perpetrators, as to be a nonsense.

The propaganda against North Korea, during the past 60 years, has been so successful that there can be hardly a person who does not believe all of the nonsense against the current leadership, having no understanding of the actual causes of the current situation.

The connections go all the way back to the end of the Great War, when the Americans and British were secretly arming Soviet Russia. This secret collaboration with the Communists continued all through the Russia War against the Germans.

When the Iron Curtain came down, the West continued to arm the Russians in order to gain their assistance against Japan, which proved unnecessary after Japan surrendered, leaving all of those tanks and other hardware, with nothing else to do, so an alliance between Stalin and China was created, which pretended to be the Communist enemy in Korea, allowing the Communist forces to use this American and British weaponry against the British and American forces. As had happened during the Great War, when the USA popped up to support the Europeans against Germany, as the North Koreans had been all but defeated, the United States armed Chinese, appeared on the scene to reinforce the North Koreans against the Globalists.

This whole business is so complex, as to be almost unfathomable to a mere blogger, however I believe there to be more than enough evidence, to suggest collusion between the ‘Deep State’ and the need of continuous war, which has been non-stop since the beginning ofthe 20th Century.

It has become evident that China’s revolution was no such thing, it was in fact a coup d’etat, the real revolution, involving the forces of Chiang Kai-Shek was stabbed in the back by the Committee on Foreign Relations and their preferred choice, the USA educated Mao Zedong, was allowed to take his place.

The European Union has quietly been involved in the real Domino Effect, through the use controlled politicians’ they have enticed most of the previous Soviet Dominoes, into the European Union with the empty promise of freedom. Those States are now expected to swamp their populations with the result of more Bolshevik aggression.

Hillary-Comey-And-Trump: Lets Rap.