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You Can’t Help Those Whom Wont Help Themselves.




 I am a White, Christian, European and proud of it and yet, I have never benefitted from any of the so-called advantages which allegedly, go along with this status of  “White Supremacy”, which is in keeping with the experience of most of those with whom I have spent my entire life. I would go so far as to say that there is not a Black who has grown up in America, who did not have an easier time as a child than I did and many of my childhood friends. That being so, why do we allow these Black parasites to get away with the “All Whites are the problem” crap?

Black people, in particular those whom are running around in their designer clothes, dripping with jewellery, clutching their “smart-phones” whimpering about how hard their life has been because of those racist White people like me, when just like those whining Blacks,whom have never been slaves,  I have never even set foot in Black Africa, never mind having ever bought, sold or owned a slave of any colour, give me a particularly severe pain in the neck.

I can guarantee these blithering Blacks that the best thing that ever happened to them was to rounded up by Zulus in the Black land of Africa and taken all the way to America, where they were clothed, fed and housed and in return they were obliged to do no more than to jump down, turn around and pick a bale of cotton, while the White “working man” slave, was shovelling sixteen tons of number nine coal and going ever deeper into debt for his trouble.

Meanwhile over the sea in Third World Europe, millions were starving to death and even children had to work alongside their parents, in dark satanic mills, just to put a bit of food on the table. Blacks in Europe and the United States are, on the other hand still blessed with Government handouts and free housing, while thousands of those ‘blessed” White folk are homeless, living in tents at the side of the road, much as they were in the nineteen-thirties, before being sent off to die in Europe and the Pacific. The Welfare State was introduced for the purpose of looking after those Blacks whom have never been able to look after themselves, they have gained and still do, far more from “Welfare” than has the average White who paid for it all.

In my entire life I have never come across an organised group of Blacks, marching in protest, in support of the rights of anyone other than themselves, and watching poor White people, marching alongside the very people whom rape and murder thousands of White women every year and are responsible for more than half of all murders in the United States, makes me want to throw up. That is the depth of delusion into which White people have been coerced. We are guilty of no crime against Blacks and we owe them zilch.

These thankless Blacks are in full support of the coming White Genocide, every time a Black mouth opens it condemns White people, “blaming” them for the “privileged” situation currently enjoyed by Blacks in a White society, as do the Jews whom fund the Black belief in their victimhood, which was actually initiated by Jew businessmen, whom kicked off the rape of Africa and under the same control, Africa is now being prepared for the grand cull, making its resources available for the New Jew Empire in China. In truth Blacks are calling for their own demise and as usual it will be delivered by the Slave Traders, whom all look pretty White to me, so why not call for the culling of those folk? That is of course out of the question.

Alongside these egotistical Blacks we find those other parasitical creatures, once called women, whom are now unsure of what they are, apart from when it comes to equality, at which point they demand to be more equal than others, especially in the better paid jobs sphere. To gain power in the Board-Room demands affirmative action, and of course we all dutifully support this stupid idea. A new law is about to be passed, making it obligatory to employ at least two women on every Board of Directors, of a certain size. I would like to go further than that. Women are fifty percent of the population, are they not? That being so, it hurts my sensibilities every time a bin wagon goes down the street and I look at it and wonder why it is so masculinely manned?

To be allowed to pick and choose the jobs you are prepared to accept is not equality. Women, we are assured, can trek through the Antarctic ice and snow, all the way to the South Pole, proving once and for all that they are the equal of men, so surely they are capable of attaching a wheely-bin to the apparatus which empties it into a bin lorry and then wheeling it back to from where it came, what is so hard about that? So what about a law saying women must be employed on the bin wagons according to their percentage of the population, that would get the bins emptied on time.


As for all those Jews whom are calling for a holocaust of the White Race, even as they open ever more Museums in memory of their own hard times in the past, which we “Must Never Be Allowed to Forget” to make sure it never happens again, well it is quite difficult to know what to say about that sort of incitement to murder and coming from the mouths of the most distinguished group of ” poor sufferers” the world has ever seen from just such an experience, is extremely difficult, they must surely be of a depth of cynicism and hate which defies belief and yet there has not yet been one single Politician who has stood up and condemned this Jew “Hate Speech” for what it is, even as the genocide is going along at a cracking pace in front of the eyes of the World’s Politicians and Free Press, all of it without comment. The simple URL in YouTube “Jews calling for White Genocide”, will be enough to inform the uninformed, by whom we are governed.








How The Tallest Bridge On Earth Was Built.

White Mass Murder Through Mass Immigration.


Welcome To The Moronocracy.


 We have been so dumbed down by our education, that while we are quite prepared to accept that should we board an aeroplane in Norway and fly to Singapore, that when we disembark, because we live on a “globe”we will be standing at a ninety degree angle from the angle at which we boarded the aircraft and that all the way back to Norway there are millions of other people, none of whom are standing at the same angle as one another, unless they happen to be anacrobat standing on the shoulders of a team-mate and that further on, those same acrobats will be hanging upside down and the man standing on the others shoulders will not fall off.

As with all things, those whom are prepared to believe this stuff, have never really thought about it in any critical manner, so should it be suggested to them, that in fact reality suggests that we are living on a flat surface, which makes more sense, the opposing indoctrination kicks in, suggesting that there is absolute truth of the “Globe” model and in some cases threats will be made against the “criminal idiot” who dared to question what we all know to be true.

In point of fact, this dispute is without proof on either side and yet it is a perfect model of the manner in which we have been controlled. When it was decided that children should be educated to believe in the Globe Theory, explanations were necessary, to account for the twenty-four hour period between sun-rises, which involved an accurate knowledge of the circumference of the globe, in order to calculate the speed, of the now necessary rotation of the globe, and an explanation as to why we were not all thrown into the depths of Space as a result of the centrifugal force created by a globe spinning at twice the speed of sound.

The following screenshot is indicative of the state of denial of those whom oppose the suggestion that the Earth is not a Globe. They simply refuse to even take a look at the claims made by the “theorists” of the Globe Model, insisting, without being able to offer a shred of proof in support of their claims, that the very idea of a Flat Earth, is so ridiculous as to be not even worth proving it to be false..





So what is my point? Having presented myself as the sort of sick and sorry cretin, who dared to take a look at the supporting evidence of the Globe Theory, only to find that there is no conclusive evidence whatsoever available to the public and that when I discovered that the “theory” of the rotation, was based on a pendulum, swinging back and forth across a bed of sand, a motion, which I was informed, that should the pendulum swing for a long enough period, it would eventually trace a line in the sand at ninety degrees from the original trace, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Theory of Rotation, my brain nearly burst asunder trying to figure out, to what the pendulum was attached, which would not be turning with the rest of the building, as the Earth rotated? Don’t worry I am sure there is a theory available which will account for this “fact”.

All of that leads on to the main thrust of this post, which demands more “proof” than the simple, unsupported claims of those whom have a vested interest in deception. The phrase “By Deception we Make War” springs to mind. This would be the motto of a group which was once known as Murder Inc.

At the end of World War Two, as the Red Army swarmed across Europe, they paused at a small town called Auschwitz, where the Germans had installed a work camp, which was filled mainly with Polish people. For an “unknown” reason, the Russians transformed an air aid shelter, which had contained, showers and toilets, into a large chamber, making some small holes in the ceiling, which served no obvious purpose at the time.

They then built a tall chimney alongside this once air-raid shelter to no purpose, as it was attached to nothing, it was simply for show. Then, it was announced that four million Jews had been gassed in this once air raid shelter and cremated in the crematorium in a space next to the alleged gas chamber. Many Germans were tortured and hanged as a result of these claims. Many more people have been hanged during the following decades, accused of participating in an event which has been shown to have been slightly exaggerated, which necessitated reducing the claimed deaths of four million Jews to a figure of one million of all religions whom died in the camp.





Despite all of the objections to the original claims, which have surfaced down through the decades, George Galloway, who is fully aware of the facts, can get away with addressing a caller in the following  foul mouthed manner. It would appear that the most important ingredient of truth appears to depend on who or whom is mouthing that truth.











 The above are the bare facts of a situation, which to this day, condemns those whom refuse to accept the original claims and thereby making a mockery of any future claims on the same subject, to prison, a fate which will soon face those whom claim the idea of a globe earth to be even more ridiculous than the idea that the earth is flat. It all seems to be a game of however far-fetched a claim might be, it can be accepted as truth without problem should those whom push these “truths” have access to children at a very young age.

Evolution is yet another fable presented as fact alongside the idea that a “Big Bang” in “nothingness”, which is a completely unimaginable concept for all thinking people, out of which came all and everything, and our children are brain-washed into believing this nonsense. It comes as little surprise therefore, when a very large building simply falls to the ground, that the majority of people will simply take the word of those whom have a vested interest, that it only appears to have been deliberately demolished and on the same day a huge aeroplane can disappear into a very small hole, at exactly the right position in the Pentagon, to destroy certain important documents, which implicated certain people whom just may have had an interest in the destruction of those documents.

I was listening to the radio this morning, to man who was posing the question as to how we were meant to resist an all out attack, on the White Race, if we were unable to name the origin of the attack, which on the surface appears to be a perfectly reasonable demand.




 There are many people on the above clip, Blacks Jews and Women, all of whom claim the right to bad-mouth White men and yet should a White man, alter any of the above claims, which are quite openly made by Jews, changing the word White, for Jew, they would be arrested. Galloway, who presents himself as a squeaky clean truth teller, would not dare to even make mention of the filth expressed in the above, by the very people whom have seen the innocent hanged for nothing and whom are currently allowed to slaughter the innocent in Palestine, with impunity, while defending the brutal terrorist Nelson Mandela and his vicious wife Winnie, knowing full well that Mandela was a Bolshevik Communists and the Bolshevik Communists Jews brought down the White people whom built South Africa and whom had a perfect right to call it their homeland, while Blacks are allowed to stream into Europe and America and all other “White” countries, to suit an agenda which those like Galloway choose to ignore.


The Alternative Media w/ Farren Shoaf – November 17, 2018 Hour 2





Fairport Convention On Folk Britannia.

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               Persuasion: Richard Thompson



Guns For Hire Coming To Europe?

The European Union is a Zionist Bolshevik State. It was constructed along the lines of the Soviet Union. The British French and American Governments were all in league with the Bolshevik Government in Russia. The Cold War was a farce, its main purpose was to throw a veil over events in Russia, which had been quietly allowed to scoop up Eastern Europe into the Soviet Union, after the end of World War Two.with out any form of permission from the Peoples of those countries.

Almost immediately, plans were being made to construct the European Union, schemes which were also carried out in secret by groups like the Bilderberg Group, which met in secret with the participation of various sleazy politicians from the United States, all of whom wrote the Treaty of Rome., which was never made public or explained to the Peoples of Europe, whom were being fooled into accepting entry into a similar situation to that which already existed in Russia.

The new target is the Muslim World, where for no apparent reason, and all of it based on lies, the entire Middle East has been laid to ruin. All of Europe has been involved in the destruction, not only under the banner of NATO but with hundreds of thousands of Mercenaries, whom have been cynically armed to the teeth and given free rein to carry out barbaric attacks all across the region. The aim of all this is to distribute the victims all across a destroyed Europe, while the homelands are quietly appropriated for a “better use”.





The next step in the process is to establish a New Red Army for Europe, which will be used to quell any errant state, such as Hungary, which is already under surveillance because if its resistance to accepting the millions arriving from the Middle East, much as it brutally brought to heel in 1956 by the Russian Red Army.


The European Army will be run on the lines of ISIS, Daech or Al Qaeda, which will carry out any bestial order which it may receive without question. Should those like Merkel and Macron get their way and their eagerly sought Army is formed, it will be the end for Europe. The Red Army in Russia was controlled by Jew Commissars, similar to the fiends whom are allowing the knee-capping of children is Gaza and the occasional bombing of their homes, in an ongoing attempt to drive the people into exile. This is all being ignored by the European Union, France, Britain and America, all of whom are wholly owned by Baron Rothschild and his iniquitous banking system. So resistance is imperative, before the slaughter kicks off.

Transgender Confusion And Controversy

Mens prisons have long been renowned for the proclivity of the rape of young men, by the ‘Big Daddy” Boss Men whom stake out their bitches.

It’s amazing how many of the “modern ideas’ much loved by the meatheads, like Trans-People, are running into a brick wall, as it suddenly dawns on all those women that the “New Woman” on the block will soon be Queening it over all of them.

Little thought had been given to the consequences of this ridiculous idea, and how badly women would be affected. Sport springs to mind. There have already been upsets in running events, cycling and wrestling, soon the pressure will be on women’s Football and Rugby, I can hardly wait for the fun to kick off. Women had it coming to them. They have been asking for this for years and hats off to the men whom let them have it full in the face.

The Tran-Woman in a mens prison, should be in paradise, she is after all, a homosexual who has been butt sexing as a form of relaxation, for some time I suppose, but she is now seeking shelter in a woman’s prison, where presumably the women would prefer a real man amongst them, to save all that messing around with candles and other such things.

The discussion about Trans-Gender sport is indicative of the stupidity of the whole bizarre situation when Megyn Kelly was confused about calling a girl a girl and the other woman was suggesting that there is no difference between boys and girls, so bring it on, just pick a team from the best available, just so long as you are not obliged to destroy your chances of winning, as was Germany in the recent World Football Cup, when they were obliged to pick an Arab a Black, a Chinaman and Uncle Tom Cobley and all, to satisfy the diversity decrees by which we are all ruled these days.

The Trans-Thug who threatens Ben Shapiro, is exactly. like the Jenner fellow, he expresses his femininity, with clothes and make-up, while many “women” dress in a completely different way these days. Zoe is simply jumping on the Jenner band-wagon to make money and Shapiro is sharp enough to figure that out. These gold-digger type people will make things even more difficult for the real nut-case Trans folk as time goes on. They are on the one hand trying to reduce testosterone to pretend they are women while on the other are taking testosterone to pretend they are men. This is the end of women’s sport. They asked for equality and it looks as if they have got their way.