A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

Pap and Hypocrisy

White People Would Appear To Be Standing Alone While They All Expect Whites To Take Care Of Them.

Suddenly, racism is back with a bang.. Not of course the racism which denied White people in Charlottesville, proper justice, which those whom are taking part in a legal, peaceful, White demonstration, quite clearly deserve, what ever their Race or colour, however fairness goes by the board when dealing with Black racists, whom had called for action to destroy statues of White heroes, which lead to the White protest, which was viciously attacked by the legally acceptable Black racists, and the Whites whom fought back, against these vicious attacks, were quite cynically convicted and given long gaol sentences, for defending themselves, while the Black racist attackers, were dutifully exonerated and freed.




This time around, the reaction is on the terraces of the White working class game of football, which has seen the swamping of the game with Blacks, whom are quickly given “citizenship” in their adopted White country, so that they can play in the National team for their adopted White country, which quite obviously denies White Europeans a place in their own National Team. This is most noticeable during international competitions, where a French opposing an English team could be mistaken for a match between two African Countries, with an odd European or two playing amongst them. While Cameroon and other African sides are one hundred percent racist and Black.

In the United States the Black racists in the National Football League are renowned for their reluctance to pass the ball to a White player and became famous for using the National Anthem as a means of protest against Whites doing whatever, by “taking a knee” while a Black on British Television, is calling for the destruction of Nelson’s Column, because there is an image of a Black included in the carvings of those whom fought alongside Lord Nelson during the Battle of Trafalgar, which must of course mean that he was there under duress while the Whites were there for a holiday.

When it was put to this creature, that the statue of Nelson Mandela should be taken down, after all he was found guilty of mass murder and gaoled, after a fair trial, a fair decision which even Amnesty International supported and when  released he stabbed his supporters in the back, by selling South Africa’s gold and diamond mines, which he had promised to Nationalise, to the Jew interests which had funded the African National Congress, an act of treason, for which Mandela was well paid, this Black who benefited from her own affirmative action,   justified the glorification of this  ANC killing machine, which had then set about the destruction of the Whites,  whom had built South Africa out of an empty wilderness, for standing up in defence of their own homeland, which the Blacks, with the assistance of those whom had done the same thing in Palestine, were simply stealing. British Blacks are of the same ilk as the American variety, they all think that you and I owe them a living.

The Black woman was amazed at any such suggestion, because, as usual any criticism of Blacks was different she cried, as she sat comfortably in England, a White country, while we all know Africa is for Blacks not for Whites,totally unaware that Nelson Mandela was a total piece of crap, who was a callous killer of both Blacks and Whites.

She then went on to display her total lack of any knowledge of British history, when the more or less brain-dead Piers Morgan brought up that other piece of British crap, Winston Churchill,who along with Jacob Rees Mogg, he apparently adores,  into the discussion. Churchill was a man who had helped to murder thousands of Blacks in South African Concentration Camps, during the Boer War, while the British originally stole the Diamond and Gold Mines, which Mandela had duly handed back to them when he was elected President and he was well, paid for a job well done.

South Africa has been under Jew control to this day, but that is the sort of thing which must never be mentioned, after all it has been decreed that only White people can be bigots or racists, a claim which has at long last woke the White people, whom are rapidly becoming an under-class in their own lands, to stand up and yell out loud and clear, that enough is enough, while South Africa will be allowed to collapse, allowing those clever Africans to show us what they can do on their own.

Personally I am sick and tired of the “We’re all the same” nonsense which is a claim only mouthed by immigrants, while back in “their real homelands” nothing could be further from the truth. Sunni’s kill Shia, Buddhist’s kill Muslims, Muslims kill Hindus and Blacks kill anyone they can get their hands on, all of which has lead to a rush to the safety of White lands, where they all expect “affirmative action” a stupidity which is eagerly doled out in those White lands which have fallen under the control of Jew Bankers, but of course Jew racism, as in Palestine must always be forgiven because of the Shoah you know. Where in Africa would you find people with noses like this charming young ladies?

European White people, whom have had nothing to do with slavery and whom have gained not one cent from the campaigns in which they were forced to fight, to further the aims of a group of rich people, whom through the judicious use of their wealth, have managed to subvert governments all across Europe and now the world. These psychopathic people have used the “captive” White people of this world in a sickening and cruel manner, all of which is now being swept under the carpet, while the finger of blame is being cynically pointed at the White men whom built what they all now want to grab for themselves, as in South Africa, while Jews, Blacks and women present themselves, not as victims of International Terrorists but of White men which is a group which has been on the kill list for a genocide for more than a century, despite which we White Men are still the single greatest existential threat to the Globalists dreams.

As for the view expressed by Piers Morgan, that Napoleon was the top slaver of his day, that is doubtful, the slaves, whom were taken from Africa to Haiti, which was known as Hispaniola at the time, were taken there by the Spanish and had nothing to do with the French, whom the descendants of those Africans, killed and ate this French garrison, which had later taken over control of Haiti, from the Spanish, other than that there is scant evidence that Napoleon had much time for slavery.

TRT World, a brand new, but totally mainstream, fake news outlet, immediately caught my eye, when I spotted an old face from Sky News, who along with others from Sky had moved on to Al Jazeera and it would now appear that he has joined Erdogan’s News team on TRT World, in Turkey, which is a “diverse world”, where bigots like me are given the opportunity to observe that when one is given a glimpse of any Middle or Far Eastern view of daily life, that quite shockingly those whom work in shops or whom are in Police uniform, driving taxis or anything else, they are one and all quite clearly members of the same race, it is not until one watches a report from Europe that there is any sign of this “diversity” thing showing its face.

Which takes us back to the Soccer Fields of Europe, where racism is rife and is the only situation where Blacks are given a dose of what they dish out on a daily basis against Whites, and what do they do in response, well they weep, while they run to the “Ref” of course, squealing out “Ref! Ref! They called me a name Ref, stop the game Ref it’s the only way to sort out this sort of thing”

Well that may be so and I would dearly like to see that logic extended to the now mean streets of Europe and the United States, where rape, murder and violent crime is in the vicious hands of a small number of Black thugs, whom should be deported back to the jungle, however I am well aware that sort of remedy would not suit the Black cry babies, they would most probably prefer to bring in the machetes to sort out the problem the way they did in Rwanda and then as do the Liberians and others, so I am assured, they could eat their victims.





These are the type of Blacks whom are being brought into Europe to enrich us, just as there is a fear about the amount of food which will be available to feed Europe, which is becoming isolated in a world which is moving towards Asia, from where Europe will be “easy meat” for those whom have been conditioned to hate us.

The days of pulling our punches are over, we either prepare to fight or, lie down and die. West Point, in Monrovia is the very model which is being used in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and many other cities in the US are going the same way. Ireland already has a large contingent of Nigerians and as is Liberia it will soon find its young hooked on the Heroin provided by the controllers of the Poppy Fields of Afghanistan.

You could be forgiven for believing all of this to be nothing more than scaremongering and hyperbolic racism, that is until you check out the violent life-style of Blacks in the United States, where a handful of Blacks, three percent of the Black population, are responsible for more murders than are all of the other races combined.

The “Rainbow Nation” of South Africa, is the current murder capital of the World and Whites are simply being slaughtered out of hand, with members of the Government straining at the leash to “Kill All dem Whites”, whom unlike Blacks in Europe, whom claim to be British, and have been here all my life, so they tell us, as if that should mean something, unlike for the Whites in South Africa whom have been there longer than the Blacks, but are now being treated as second class citizens, in the land they built. Sadly Blacks are too stupid to understand the meaning of hypocrisy. Wherever they are to be found they demand special treatment, because Black Lives Matter. So There!

The British Need To Stand Up And Shout Out Before They Lose What’s Left Of Their Democracy.


The British Need To Stand Up And Shout Out, Before They Lose What’s Left Of Their Democracy.

Europe and the United States of America are being run by mass murderers. They have no soul and they care not a toss about how many people they murder. They watched the cream of British youth walk into a hail of gunfire, during a British war in 1914-18, without batting an eyelid. They calmly bombed the German people killing millions of them in a second British inspired war.

Yesterday, in the British Parliament, the hypocrites, who have destroyed the Middle East, murdering millions of people and driving millions more out of their homes, were pointing fingers at Russia and Vladimir Putin, whom has brought their trail of destruction to a full stop in Syria, calling him a War Criminal.

While still presenting themselves as ‘liberators’ with the ‘good’ intention of saving the Syrian people, not from the real enemies of Syria, the British and NATO, but from the man the British refuse to allow to be present in any Syrian election, their beloved President Bashar al Assad, because the British know, just as they knew with Muammar Gadaffi in Libya, he would win a landslide victory in any free election.

There were the usual cries of Heyar! Heyar! from the Tory Toffs, as the lying allegations were being leveled at the Russians for their alleged ‘War Crimes,’ committed during their attacks against the British armed and trained terrorists in Aleppo and a massive support for more British interventions.

I was struck by the similarity of the claims being made by the murderous British, against Russia, with those made by Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump, who had been caught, on film, talking ‘dirty’ about women.

Trump put Clinton down in an instant, by comparing of what he was being accused, with the diabolical behaviour of her rapist, drug dealing, husband, Slick Willy, who robbed even the suffering people of Haiti of public donations, after their country had been destroyed by an earthquake.



Trumps response to Clinton’s continued attacks about his Tax affairs and remarks he had made about a fat women and allegations about his past business dealings, introduced the American public, to the reality of what has been controlling them and the White House for generations, during which time the USA has been nothing more that the killing machine for the City of London and the White House was no more than a Bordello for sexual deviants.




The British have never been given such a dose of truth about their own leaders. Where is Jeremy Corbyn? Well where do you expect? Continuing the same dreary agenda as the rest of them. Corbyn knows full well that he should be supporting the choice of the People, who voted in huge numbers for ‘Brexit’ he is instead keeping his mouth shut because he is ‘himself,’ not in favour of ‘Brexit.’

However, as will all of the rest of the Criminals in Parliament, should he win his place in Parliament with a smaller share of the vote, than the combined vote of the other candidates, in an election, he will eagerly claim his right to the Seat. That is the measure of the sincerity of those whom are now claiming the ‘Brexit’ majority to have been not significant enough.

In the previous referendum in 1975 there was a 65% turn-out of folk whom voted to join the EU, which was fine. Now however a 75% turn-out, in the recent referendum, is not good enough and is not really representative of the true feelings of the British, 16 year olds and those foreigners living in the UK should have been allowed to vote. Such is the difference between doing what you are told and not what you want to do.

The gutter news on European rolling news channels, has chosen to completely ignore the ‘outing’ of Slick Willy’ as a rapist, even with four of his victims, on television, explaining what he had done to them. They also chose to enforce a clampdown on the truth of Hillary Clinton, who laughed about her success in getting a child rapist, a three month sentence, through the use of a technicality, while one and all news outlets are still claiming her to be the best candidate for the Presidency.

That is the measure of the efficacy of controlled media lies. Full in the face of the condemnation of Blair and his team of murderers, by the Chilcot Inquiry, Cameron and Sarkozy, did to Libya exactly what had been done to Iraq, installed a ‘No Fly Zone’ which to the average Joe in the street, means you do not allow aeroplanes to fly, it does not mean, completely destroy the infrastructure of a country. So why no media criticism?

Yesterday in Parliament, the spokesman for the War Ministry, was proposing a similar murderous, imposition of a ‘No Fly Zone’ in Syria, where the Russians were fighting to save the civilians, trapped in East Aleppo, from British armed and trained terrorists, whom are as savage as the Cheka and under the control of Commissars.

The British claim there to be at least three distinct groups of terrorists, all mixed up, operating in the area, so the Russian are bound to be killing some of the ‘good ones’ so they must stop fighting allowing the ‘good terrorists’ to carry on the bombardment of west Aleppo. Have you ever heard such a load of crap in your life? Where is the Free Press?

All of the above is sadly, good enough for the British. They are so stupid that they have yet to spot the connection between all of their Governments illegal wars in the Middle East and the current immigration problem in Europe.

This would be the same British, who are even now arming ‘Freedom Fighters’ in Syria’, while worrying about an upsurge of ‘Freedom Fighting’ in Ireland, which is called terrorism. Such is the depth of British hypocrisy.

Right now, the British have told their Government that they want to leave the European Union. ALL that needs to be done is to say ‘we are out’ end of story. Britain will then be in the same position as are hundreds of other countries who buy and sell with Europe. Where is the problem?

Are the British people going to have illegal tariffs placed against their exports to Europe? Of course not, all this talk of how to retain the right to sell to the EU is nothing more than time-wasting, while they scratch around looking for an excuse to get their own way.

The same International controlled Media, which is feeding the world pap and hypocrisy about Trump in the USA is controlling the debate about War and Brexit in Europe.







There is graphic evidence, that Africans are being paid to migrate to Europe and that they are being ‘picked up’ by boats waiting off the coast of Libya, while Sky News tells us they are poor refugees, who just like that, all decided to come to Europe, paying the trip with more than a thousand dollars, which they had apparently, put aside for a rainy day. Give me a break.

For this thousand dollars all they get is a short four kilometre trip in a rubber boat to the waiting, rescue ship, off the coast of Libya. Ho! Ho! Ho!

The Media feeds you a diet of lies and deception. The same folk own all of the World’s major Newspapers, Film Studios, Advertising Agencies and Television News, which is why we are presented with a united front of propaganda and lies. Don’t worry,  Russia Today is no better. They all have things to cover up.

Cameron Prepares UK For More Stringent Controls In The Name Of Security.

The volume of fear is being cranked up yet again in the UK, this time the warning is against another group of fully paid up murderers, in the pay of the British, French, Americans and Israel.  They are not the “New Al Qaeda” they are exactly the same Al Qaeda, under exactly the same control as was the “Old Al Qaeda” and as with the worlds introduction to Al Qaeda, the politicians have not yet decided on the exact name of their “New Filth” so it wanders around between ISIS, ISIL or simply IS, however what’s in a name?  They are working for YOU!

The callous hypocrite, freely elected by the British voter, I believe him to be called  Cameron, though his origins lie somewhere in Eastern Europe, is warning that the British are now in danger from, “British” members of this group, when they return to the UK with a Caliphate in mind. He did not make it too clear whether he was referring to the British Muslims, who he claims have freely joined a group dedicated to the destruction of a Muslims State, or to the SAS murderers by who they were trained.

Cameron tells us that this is a generational struggle and the British people will remain in danger from this group for years to come.  So let us take a look at the conduct of the “Free and Democratic West” since the illegal attacks on Bosnia and the annexation, without any form of referendum of Kosovo, which is now a base for NATO, from which to menace Russia and which is controlled by a group of Jews.

After Bosnia we had the famous 911 False Flag,  which was carried out by Mossad, with massive cooperation from the United States “Shadow Government.”  All of the available evidence points in this direction, while there is none whatsoever implicating Muslims.  All of the evidence against the Muslims, who were accused of the attack, shows them to have been quite deliberately brought into the US and lodged in Military establishments or even in the care of members of the FBI, in order to make sure of their presence in the US, because the “Patsies” have to be known in advance otherwise it would be impossible to name them without extensive investigations. They  have never been proven guilty and no evidence was ever presented against them or the US asset Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden, before he died of kidney failure in 2001. His so-called assassination in Pakistan, was no more than yet another Obama lie.

Seven of the alleged “suicide” hijackers are still alive, yet there has been no attempt to bring them to Justice. One can only wonder, why not?

After the drunkard, George Dubya Bush had delivered “his” speech, announcing the declaration of “The War on Terror”  his terror machine went into action in Afghanistan, against yet another group, which was an ally of the US, the Taliban. They knew full well that there were no Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan, however in the style of Hamas in Palestine, they, instead of allowing an investigation  strangely refused to hand over a Bin Laden who they knew to be a CIA asset, having worked with him against the Russians and who was already in hospital dying, instead they  swapped platitudes with the US which were used to generate an excuse for an attack.

This invasion was actually used to install Karzai into power and his Drug Baron brother took control of the Opium crop, which was protected by US Marines. Pat Tillman, a well-known sportsman, was so shocked when he discovered this reality, that he had to be executed before be could pass his information to the Media.

That took care of the top quality Opium, ninety per-cent of which is used by the “real dealers” in the Jewish Pharmaceutical conglomerates, Bayer and Merck, which are controlled by Rockefeller and Rothschild respectively. The “coalition” then went off in search of the Iraqi oil Reserves for the same pair of villains. Both of these illegal wars continue to this day.

The next step was Libya, where they attacked the most contented people in Africa. Gadaffi gave the Libyan people an excellent standard of living, with access to free education, whether at home or abroad, free health care and numerous other benefits. Including an extensive irrigation system which was to be used to irrigate the Sahara Desert, in order to provide food for Africa. The first bombing target of the British was this Great Man Made River and of course to make sure it was completely out of action they destroyed the foundry in which the giant pipes were forged.

The controlled media, including that of Russia and Iran, made certain that we heard not one word from any Libyan who supported Gadaffi, calling into question the actual role of them both in the current bout of dirty politics.

Then they went after Syria.  Sky News and Stuart Ramsey played a major role in the fabrication of the so-called evidence against Bashar el Assad. They ignored the result of an election in which Assad gained a huge majority with clear evidence that the vast majority of the Syrian people understood;  having seen what had been done to Libya and Iraq,  exactly what was coming. They had after all had a long and bitter experience of the animals in Israel during the last sixty-five years.

The British asked for a “No Fly Zone” the excuse which they had made use of to destroy Libya.  Russia vetoed their request, thus giving the Jews, Cameron, Hollande, Obama, Erdogan and the King of Jordan, who is most probably a Jew, along with the Polish Jew Netanyahu, the opportunity to unleash the Neo Red Terror, the band of scum who are going to be used to help the Bolshevik Jews to set-up Greater Israel, the now known  as Islamic State or IS.

 We are now expected to believe that they have left the reservation and are now creating carnage across huge swathes of the Middle East,  in order to set up a Caliphate, while those hypocrites who have hardly stopped complaining about the folk in the East of Ukraine who want autonomy with Russia rather than stay under Bolshevik control from Kiev, Kerry and Cameron, are already discussing how to give the Jewish controlled Kurdish region of Iraq Independence plus the necessary arms to defeat IS, a group which they have already armed and who are about to be led to the slaughter, while Big Bad Daddy scoots off to the safe haven of Israel, which has strangely never been attacked by any of these so-called Jihadists.

So perhaps I am going a bit soft in the head but as far as I can see, there is not a trace of any sort of organised resistance from the Muslim Peoples.  They have been brutalised by the henchmen of the Jewish Bankers.  Their Homelands have been reduced to rubble, millions of their people slaughtered, their children brutally wounded, losing arms and legs and their eyesight. Yet all of the so-called Muslim Terrorists are quite simply doing the Jews work for them, by killing their own people.

So what are the “real and genuine” attacks which have been made against the West?  We are going into “lock-down” as if we have been under sustained  terrorist attack in the US and UK, when in fact our Bankers Puppets have been reduced to carrying out endless False Flag attacks because of the paucity of the real thing. Yet our own terrorism is plain for all to see.  We have laid the planet to waste. What does it take for the world to wake up.

These Bolshevik lunatics should be in an Asylum learning to knit, dosed up daily with a handful of their own highly addictive psychotropic drugs to keep them in a daze and allow the rest of us to get on  with life.

The visible target of these murdering scum is at the moment the Muslims. They have however decimated the White European People, to the point from which there will be no recovery. In Russia they butchered at least sixty-five million White Christians. During WW2 a war which they organised and funded, they murdered up to twenty-million Germans.  When the war ended they continued to slaughter Ethnic Germans who found themselves trapped behind the Iron Curtain. They murdered untold millions in Hungary because the Hungarians had fought alongside Hitler. The Cossacks and those Ukrainians who had done the same thing were wiped out.  The Russian Bolsheviks have never been prosecuted for any of their monstrous crimes.

(Sadly a large portion of this post appears to have been lost in transit I can only recall part of what was lost, I hope the what is left still makes sense. I will replace the part of what was lost with what I can recall)

When one or other of the Baron Rothschild’s made his remark; Give me control of a States money supply and I care not about the elected Government, he was not joking.

He has had control of the Bank of England, some believe since the days of Cromwell, by whom he was owed a large debt, after he had funded the English Civil War; which was in fact a coup d’etat  and had demanded the execution of the King.   In return Cromwell invited the Jews back into England, after they had been exiled for hundreds of years.

It is impossible to get a straight answer about the current state of the Bank of England. Some declare it to have been Nationalised in 1948, some say 1958, I say it has never been Nationalised, it is privately owned by two shareholders, whose identity is a closely guarded secret.

However, I can not be the only person to be non-nonplussed as to how the UK could go through ten years of sustained growth, the longest recorded period and yet at the end of it to have amassed a trillion pound debt. Cameron’s Tory Party constantly refer to the Socialists mismanagement of the economy, but they never lets us know the origins of “The Debt.”

The Tory Party were one-hundred per-cent behind the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, perhaps this why they are so silent about “The Debt” and why the Socialists remain mumb in retaliation.

The British people spent over sixty years repaying the cost of the illegal, aggressive war against Germany. That war lasted a mere six years and was of course funded by the Federal Reserve, or was it? The Iraq and Afghanistan capers have already lasted over ten years, with Libya thrown in for good measure and not to forget the “black” expenditure in Syria and now a second dose in Iraq.

Baron Rothschild is a major shareholder in the Federal Reserve, as are Goldman Sachs, itself a Rothschild controlled Bank and half a dozen other Jewish banking families.  The US, like the UK has an enormous National Debt and like the British they appear to be in a constant state of war.

This would be the same Baron Rothschild who demanded Palestine in return for using his influence to force the US to fight with the British against Germany in the Great War. So it would appear that from whichever direction you approach all of the recent wars there is always a link to Israel.

As for the British National Debt, I would suggest that like Cromwell, the British once again found themselves beholden to the Banks, having been manœuvred into two World Wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, by Jewish influences  in order to protect Jewish interests, they are now so deep in debt that the British people are being virtually  starved in order to pay these Jewish bankers for the cost of wars for which they themselves are responsible.

Today I listened to a man from an organisation which was trying to bring an end to armed warfare. He suggested that military force achieved nothing and that when an armed attempt was made to help those under attack as in Libya, the end result was never the intended result.  This sort of helping hand always went wrong, as in Bosnia, Iraq, etc. At that point I switched off.

These attacks never go wrong. They are as a general rule incited by the very group which is offering the “helping hand” they are a farce.  The Jews forced the world into WW2 and the debt has just been repaid. The bankers made billions in interest, far in excess of the value of the original loan. In Iraq they have the oil, in Afghanistan the Opium.  They now want to take control of Palestine and create Greater Israel, all with our money and nobody has the guts to declare that enough is enough.




The Democratic Lies In The City Of London Show Of Farce.

The Houses of Parliament, cheered to the rafters, the lies and deception, of the leaders of both of the main Political Parties, when in the House of Commons, the Referendum in Crimea was being questioned.

It will be noted that the Prime Minister suggested that the Referendum was carried under the control of Russians carrying Kalashnikov Rifles. Well all of his favourite News Channels were on hand to film the event, of which I defy him to find any evidence in support of this claim.

The illegalities of the Crimean Referendum, were in keeping with those which was in force in Northern Ireland, during the vote to rejoin Eire, which made use of the restrictions on the Catholic vote, which allowed the installed majority of Protestants to win by default, without the participation of Eire, of course.

The same method served in the Falklands, where no opportunity was given to the Argentinian side, to take part in or to object to this referendum, which in order to legalise, the British demanded, the right to hold it of themselves, chose the wording on the ballot paper and counted the votes.

Similarly, they did as they wished in Kosovo, giving away the Sovereign Territory of a Sovereign State, without taking those steps, which they are now claiming negates the validity of the Crimean decision.

The British are responsible for cutting the Indian Sub-Continent to ribbons. Pakistan into  two parts, East and West, Kashmir into Muslim and Hindu and Ceylon, where the folk are even now not sure of their true identity and the British are still in there paying for rebellions, in pursuit of their long-term aims.

The strange boundaries which the British drew up in the Middle-East was not by hazard, the British only deal in duplicity, any move they make is loaded with self-interest and designed to suit a future need.

I could go on with this all day, I have not even yet reached Africa. Suffice it to say that the British have destroyed the Planet. They are responsible for two World Wars, both of which were fought to suit a hidden agenda.

 The Great War was used as a smoke screen, behind which the Bolshevik Jewish coup d’etat in Russia took place, while the Second World War was intended to facilitate the advance of this Jewish Bolshevik Communism across the entire Continent of Europe.

Adolf Hitler and his magnificent German Wehrmacht, fought this attempt to a standstill and it took the illegal arming, by Britain and the USA, both of which were controlled by Jews, to save Stalin, another Jew, from an ignominious defeat.

Which brings me back to the current discussion.  There has been a sort of political joke circulating in  recent days, Michael Gove, the Minister of Education, made a remark that there were more Old Etonians in the Prime Ministers Cabinet, than one could shake a stick at. What’s more they are all millionaires.

Well Gove, obviously with his Political future in mind, chose his words carefully, he could have been more explicit.

In the Commons, Prime Ministers Question Time, was kicked off by the Jewish Speaker of the House. The Jewish Prime Minister responded. He stood up from his bench,where he was hemmed in by his Jewish Chancellor of the Exchequer, whom was alongside the Jewish Industry Minister on one side and the Jewish Leader of the Lib-Dems, on the other.

The Jewish Leader of the Opposition condemned the Russians act and demanded extra measures to be taken against Putin.

We then had yet another Jew, Gerald Kaufmann, whom is an alleged sexual pervert of one sort or another, ask a question about the continued killings of Palestinians and the theft of their land, a question which was given no more than platitudes in  reply, from the Jewish Prime Minister, who was recently in Israel, brown nosing Netanyahu, instead of threatening a similar action against Israel as he is proposing for Russia.

Sadly, he passed a law forbidding the arrest of Jewish War Criminals, during their holidays in the UK.

What’s Goin’ On?

Is the above video a joke, compiled by a mischievous idiot? Or is there a real message contained in this short film. It has quite clearly been edited, to give a false interpretation of Alex Joneses remark about the “turd in the punchbowl.” I believe that Alex was saying that for a while he had believed that, about David Icke but he had changed his mind,  the end of the sentence was edited out.

Jones is once again under the spotlight, after his, “inspiring,” “commendable,” “deplorable,” “embarrassing,” or “self-defeating,” performance on CNN, with Piers Morgan.

Jeff Rense, appears unable to make up his mind about the interview, however he is clear on his opinion of Jones as a tool of the Jewish hierarchical Bronfman family, however when Gordon Duff, whom is himself  regularly criticised, agreed with his observation about Jones, was preparing to take a blast at Michel Chossudovsky, of Global Research, Rense, whom is detested all across the Alternative Media, if for nothing else, because of his serial marriages, decided to cut him off, as Chossudovsky is a regular guest on his show. Censorship?

Jones, this alleged Jewish, Knight of Malta shill, on his own show, was laying into John Stewart and Comedy Central, asking Stewart, why he did not use his real name, revealing that he too was a Jewish, Wall St., shill.

Republican Broadcasting, is a seething swamp of internal polémique. It contains the foremost bastion of truth, against the accepted tale of the holocaust and they are sure that Hitler was not a Rothschild bastard, while at the same time they now broadcast Rivero, a man of Jewish descent, with traces of the Knights Templar in his ancestry, whom continually mouths totally uninformed garbage about Hitler and the National Socialists and the Knights Templar. He also insists that a Jumbo Jet, went into that tiny hole in the Pentagon. So not much consistency there.

Republican Broadcasting has the benefit of a regular listener called Werner, from Canada, he regularly “calls in,” with cogent comments, always to the point and always interesting, however, instead of treating his calls with the respect which they deserve, he is quite often cut off in mid sentence, as if he knows nothing.

Alternative Television, such as it is, is no better. Russia Today, now broadcasts advertisements, aimed at the UK. Controversial Television seems to have completely run out of ideas. As for Press TV, well sadly, they appear to be nothing more than a tool of the West.

They are preparing the way for what appears to be Mandatory Vaccination for babies and the Smart Identity card, which is so desired by the Western Dictators. They also fully support Global Warming and Agenda 21, plus they are signed on to all of the land grabs of UNESCO.  They are also, as is Russia Today, in total favour of disarming the American people.

I have found all of this nonsense to be so disturbing that it is sowing doubts as to the truth of anything which is available on whichever News outlet.

Where, I might ask, do the people fit into this scenario? What are we to make of all of this information? At the moment we have a strange dichotomy between the Alternative Media and the Mainstream Media about the Sandy Hook shootings.

I have watched dozens of film clips and read dozens of articles, expressing an opinion of the event, which must surely have been part of the research of all other journalists’. That being so, why am I still in search of any morsel of evidence, which might convince me that the event actually happened, along with the rest of the Alternative Media, while the likes of CNN and Anderson Cooper are conducting interviews with giggling, grieving parents and not being just a little bit taken aback, at this display of apparent lack of suffering.

While reading the remarks of local people, whom were asked their opinion on the future of the school, whether it should be demolished, presumably before the interior can be shown to have suffered no damage, not one of those at the meeting, had suffered the loss of a child in the event.

There has been no explanation as to why the dead children did not figure in school photographs.  There has been no investigation into the Soto family, whom I believe were involved in another shooting event, a long way from Sandy Hook, in which one of them was “killed” and yet is apparently alive and well enough to mourn, with a smile on her face, the “death” of her sister.

With all of this available evidence to investigate, the “gun banners” are just carrying on as if we all believe the nonsense which we have been fed, which as is usual, will not stand up to scrutiny.

I cannot even bring myself to believe that Adam Lanza is a genuine person. I do not believe that his mother, whom the school nurse, with a claimed fifteen years service at the school, described as a caring person and a wonderful addition to the school staff, has ever been to Sandy Hook, she most certainly did not work at the school.

I am convinced that this charade, is going to be written into history, as was 911, as if it were true. When in reality, everything with which we have been presented, is a farce, it is simply a film of a drill, with actors from a firm which supplies actors, to lend realism to this form of drill.

Today I have been distracted, not only by this pack of lies, but also by trying to get my head around the Al Qaeda farce, where we love them in Syria and Libya. Hate them in Pakistan and Afghanistan and now we must come to terms with, hateful Al Qaeda in Mali, whom are armed with weapons donated by good Al Qaeda in Libya, whom were in turn armed by the French illegally, whom are now bombing these “rebels” whom are armed by themselves, that is by the French Connection in Libya. There must be some form of logic in all of this, even though it is not too evident.

While we are still trying to tease out the lies, which we have been told about World War Two, here they are, those whom have the power to write our history, filling our heads with more guff. Today, instead of trying to clear my head of all of this incomprehensible nonsense, I had the intention of writing about another atrocity, which has been given little exposure but it will have to wait for another day.

Sloshing Around In The Murky British Cesspit.

William Hague, unctuously praised the bravery of a young Pakistani girl, whom was shot in the head, while taking part in a manifestation in support of female education, in Pakistan.

The attack was perpetrated by an unknown hand, Hague however, chose to lay it at the door of “The Taliban in Pakistan.” This claim was later backed up by an assurance that they would do the same thing again, should she take part in another manifestation, an assurance which came through the mouth of a government spokesman.

Hague, with a profoundly sincere tone, called the attack barbaric and and expressed his support for the ideal of making education available to all, etc. etc.

He failed however to mention the most recent NATO slaughter, just across the border in Afghanistan, where three little children, whom were collecting firewood, were gunned down in cold blood. No reference to these brave little children, was mentioned on the British TV News nor any promise to see that those responsible would be punished for their crime.

NATO in fact called the killed “insurgents,” until they were forced to admit the truth, This is just the latest casual killing of innocent people by blood-thirsty US Marines.

Hague and his cronies have finally managed to take down Press TV. Ofcom recently closed them down in the UK, using the claim of an anomaly in their original contract. That was excuse enough take away their channel on the Sky Network. The European Commission, which has recently been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, finally managed to force Eutelsat to close down their Hotbird Channel.

This is in fact an illegal act. The EU has no right to interfere with the News Channels of a Sovereign State, whom do they think they are? They may have some sort of control over the twenty seven members of the EU, that however does not grant them the power to behave in such a manner. The are unelected and they most certainly do not speak for me.

They present themselves as Democratic, when in fact they are dictatorial. Even the Prime Ministers of the member states, have no power to change a dictate of the Commission. The EU Commission reports to a hidden group of controllers, whom have control of all of the main departments of government, and there is not one head of State with the courage to speak out in opposition. For example the UK Government Nationalised The Royal Bank of Scotland, using British taxpayers money.

This bank could now be used by the Government to issue loans at zero per cent interest, to small businessmen, house mortgage seekers or other needy sectors of the economy. They have instead chosen to continue to run the bank in exactly the same manner as the rest of the banking system. They did not have the guts to make use of the “secret system,” which allows banks to invent money when they have a borrower in front of them and then proceed to charge interest on the invented money.

The European Commission have now ordered the British Government to “Privatise,” the bank in short order, just in case the people, whom now own the bank, that is the taxpayer, start to get uppity ideas into their heads and call for a change in the entire banking system.

The same Commission, could find themselves embroiled in the rapidly expanding “Jimmy Savile Saga.” The leader of the UK Fabianist Socialist Party, Ed Milliband, the son of a Jewish Communist, is calling for a wide ranging enquiry into the dreadful experiences of young children whom had been invited to the BBC, in order to have Jim fix it for them. They were in fact exposed to an out of control sex fiend. One of the victims related how Jimmy had referred to himself as the King and that he knew where he (the boy) lived, so not to speak to anyone.

Sky News can not get enough of this sad tale of sexual deviancy and the entire country seems to be on the edge of its seat, waiting for the next horrific revelation. Perhaps the old” News Hen” on Sky News, Kay Burley, might like to ask the next high ranking member of the Labour Party, whom falls prey to her, when a start on investigating the paedophiles in the Labour Party will be made?

Will there finally be a naming and shaming the Socialist Lord whom was the procurer of young boys for the European Commission? Or the truth about the Socialist Prime Minister whom has been named on-line, frequently, as a well-known paedophile? Will he be explaining the connection between The Socialist Lord whom cleared the way, for the arming of the Patsy killer at Dunblane? Will he finally put an end to speculation as to the identities of the other perverts in War Criminal Tony Blair’s Cabinet.

Will the Socialist Party, having expressed such disgust at the behaviour Jimmie Savile and the need to get to the bottom the business, wherever it may lead, finally release the findings of the enquiry into the Dunblane Massacre, to give some sort of closure to the families of the boys whom were killed, in order to cover up the goings on at a secret Masonic Lodge?

He might also explain where the authority to slap a one hundred year secrecy order on the results of an enquiry, simply to hide the misdeeds of members of a government comes from. Are Politicians now above the law?

I would like to ask a question of my own, a rhetorical question of course. Jimmy Savile is now dead and gone, so he cannot be described as a Patsy. Normally the Patsy is shot down, as in Lee Harvey Oswald, or the four young lads blamed for the 7-7 “False Flag,”  the Dunblane killer or indeed the nineteen alleged suicide 911 attackers, most of whom are still alive but are considered dead, anyway, we are forever told that there is no need for a police investigation as it is perfectly clear that the dead Patsy did it. And of course we must not forget the Patsy whom died over and over again, Osama Bin Laden.

However, when it suits, the government calls for an enquiry, so the question I would like to ask is: Have they considered the parameters of such an Enquiry? Will Savile’s relationship with those members of the Royal Family, whom have been involved with paedophiles be discussed? Will the Dunblane case be re-opened should it turn out that Savile passed some time with the Speculative Society, during a sojourn in Scotland. Jimmy Savile appears to have been all over the map, lord knows where he has been and what might come to light.

Perhaps the call for an enquiry is being made in order to track down every last piece of paper that the dead weirdo left behind, just in case he has prepared a from beyond the grave guffaw.

My interest really lies in discovering the real reason for the cold-blooded slaughter of sixteen young lads, all of whom had apparently been seriously, sexually molested by a group of high ranking members of the Speculative Society, over a long period of time.

Members of this group were implicated in the murders and yet not one of them was ever prosecuted. There was also evidence that more than one Masonic Lodge had hired the boys for an evenings entertainment and yet no real investigation was carried out. It is for this reason that no serving Politician, Police Officer, Military man or a member of the Judiciary, should be allowed to be a member of a secret society.

These shenanigans could have been enacted as a trap for the politicians involved, to make sure of their cooperation in whatever underhand operation had been planned for the future, such as the Iraq War. Blackmail is a dirty business.

see   The BBC Presents The Paedophile Follies

The Growing Evidence Of Manufactured News Reports.

Frail looking Conroy has since made a miraculous recovery from his serious injuries.

The supporting evidence of a personal campaign, which I have been conducting against, Sky News and Press TV, is at last being exposed.  Take a look at this recent post.  read here. It is now becoming clear that even the portable telephone films were fake. Film has emerged of men staging events, using apparently,  injured children, whom are still distressed, to fabricate sympathy grabbing lies.

Sunday Times photographer, Paul Conroy, whom is allegedly an MI6 “Spook” whom escaped from Homs, in Syria, when it was liberated from the French Foreign Legion and other “Rebels,” by Syrian Military Forces, leaving behind the body of colleague Marie Colvin, appeared on Sky News on St. Patrick’s Day.  He spoke vehemently against the Assad regime.  He inferred that it was the regime which had planted car bombs in Syrian towns, which killed and injured many people. He warned us, without a trace of irony, not to believe a word spoken by the Assad regime.

It has been suggested that Conroy used this video as a means of passing a message to his “Runner” at MI6.

The “News Hen” of the day, to her credit, reminded him that he had absolutely no evidence to support his claims. He agreed, however he stressed that having been in Syria for three weeks, embedded with the “Rebels,” he knew exactly what was the reality on the ground.

I understood that the job of a News Reporter was to objectively report events.  Conroy, was with a group of journalists, all of whom have come under suspicion of being in the employ of various covert Intelligent Services, can make   no claim to objectivity. He can however make claim to having put the lives of honest journalists at risk.  More journalists are being killed while reporting conflict than ever before.

In Libya, it became clear from the lead-up to hostilities, that the journalists were reporting lies. Sky News, BBC and Press TV all failed to track down one single person from the huge number of Libyans whom supported Gadaffi. We were presented with footage of men in “flip-flops” shooting their guns in the air, at a safe distance from where the “real” hard men were slaughtering thousands of Libyans. It has been estimated that at least 140,000 were killed.

The most disgusting part of this sad tale, is the fact that people whom present the “News” are fully aware of the deception of which they are a part. Journalists’ always know the true story. Once upon a time they were brave enough to speak out.

During the Libyan Holocaust, I was so annoyed about the reporting of Press TV, that I wrote a few posts questioning the integrity of the reporting of the British teams of Johnnie Miller and Nick Jones and the biased version of events which they presented. Jones is now being held by one of the Tribal groups in Libya, on suspicion of spying. Would it not be nice if the Press could hold its head up and claim, with honesty, that they would not engage in that form of deceit?