A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.

The Banking Scam

The Almost Forgotten Agenda 21 – Which Contains The Urge For Open Borders

The United States and Western Europe have been drained and flooded at the same time. Drained of Industry and flooded with immigrants, The people of all those Sovereign States, whom have been quite content to claim that the war-like excesses of their ‘controlled’ Politicians, have not been their fault, are suddenly confronted with the reality that they, themselves are, now caught in the cross-hairs of their own ‘controlled’ governments, all of whom are prepared to commit those same war-like excess against their own people, when they are ordered to so do.



They have, in a relatively short space of time, casually allowed the seizure of all the necessary utilities, out of the hands of the people and into the ‘Governance’ of the Corporations. This was achieved through the medium of ‘debt’.

The forlorn idea that Communism looks after the interests of the People, like all other claims from the lips of politicians, is a lie. The Corporations will soon control us all, your politicians are in favour of privatising even the Courts of Law into the hands of a Corporate Judiciary. Private Health Care companies are gagging to take control of National Health Services, which ‘our’ politicians are allowing to be run down, claiming there to be never enough funds to invest in such organisations, which of course begs the question, that should they be so expensive to run that a rich countries like France or England, cannot continue to fund them, why would private investors be interested in them and if there is a profit to be made from them, why do the Politicians, not put a better management staff in place?

We are now under way towards the Brave New World, of life as caged consumers, where every facet of our lives will be very carefully controlled. The way is even now, being cleared to restrict ‘public’ access to the internet, using the excuse of ‘cyber security risks’. The correct answer to which, should be, to install a separate system for governmental and banking issues, leaving the open internet available for the use of those people, whom are prepared to take the risk, instead of which, by assuming the people to be so stupid, that they believe the Russians, to be capable of hacking into systems which are not even online, by making plans for a license to go online, where those sites of which they disapprove, including my own, will be off-limits.



The main link in the chains restraining the People, is rolling, like a snow-plough through the drifts on the highway, taking away, all of our remaining freedoms, which are being swept aside, in the name of Global Warming. A lie, which has been resisted, just long enough, to allow the long promised mini-Ice Age, to arrive on our doorstep, mocking their claims of warming, necessitating a change of position, which is using exactly the same data, which had warned of Global Warming, to be now described as the reason for ‘Climate Change’.

It is now being suggested, by our politicians, with a straight face, that Carbon Dioxide, an alleged ‘Green House Gas’ can make it both hotter and colder at the same time. This claim is reminiscent of the claim that aeroplanes can fly backwards and forwards at the same time and of course when it suits the narrative, backwards, forwards, sideways and upside down, at the same time.

Part of the coming ‘Governance’ in the name of Global Warming, is the restriction of private transport. This is yet another of those annoying little restrictions, which I am assured, will never be accepted by the ‘people’. Well I am sorry to be the harbinger of bad news, but the people will have no choice.

A few short weeks of ‘provoked’ strike action by gas/petrol/essence, tanker drivers or a problem in the Middle East, will soon make it clear, that with the advent of ‘Drive’ and the decision of Amazon to control every aspect of consumer needs online, thus allowing all our needs to be taken care of by the delivery vans, already to be seen as if by magic, lined up in Supermarket car parks, Supermarkets, which will very quickly be transformed into mere warehouses, from where all deliveries to those consumers, whom will be ‘trapped’ in the countryside, can be carried out, rendering their need of private transport to the dust-bin of history.

The idea that the teeming millions, already trapped in Super-Cities, will be prepared to take up the cudgels, in support of a rapidly diminishing number of country-folk, is a pipe dream. The spreading idea of the Universal Salary, which in an almost incredible manner, suddenly occurred to politicians, all across the Western World, is already being tested, as a substitute for unemployment benefits, as very soon unemployment in Western European Countries, will go off the charts, thanks to uncontrolled immigration, it will also disguise the fact that the immigrants rarely find work.

Unemployment and the desperate need of a means of putting food on the family table, along with an obligation to place their children in the now distant schools, without private transport, will be used to force country dwellers, to do as they are told or their ‘rights’ will be cut off. How extraordinarily prescient, that all those totally stupid politicians, in a massive group, came up with this ploy to hide the real number of the unemployed all across Europe.

The killer stroke in all of this is the hike in the cost of housing and the various taxes, which go with ‘owning’ your home, which in country areas is in the stratosphere and is almost out of the reach of all but the very rich and it is a ploy, which is being used to force those, whom have been living for centuries in small villages and towns, to vacate their homes, to make them available to the rich City vultures, whom have a desperate need of a second home for the weekends.

European Countries, are now in need of a city, large enough to cater to the needs of several hundred thousand immigrants per year. To even suggest this to be possible, in order to suit economies, which are already bankrupt, where there are millions of ‘hidden’ unemployed, is so ridiculous as to be a sort of lunacy, or an evil agenda. It is most certainly part of Agenda 21/2030 and is being financed by Rothschild’s Rottweiler, George Soros, who is also funding the coming Civil War,

Europe, having managed to control its birth-rate, should now be taking steps to maintain that lower level, not importing massive numbers of immigrants to replace the babies, murdered as a sacrifice, to save the planet, only to make space for families with many children, in keeping with the aims of the Fabian Society.

In reality, everything which is taking place across the Western World, was in the planning back in the 1920’s. Sadly those much-lauded, professional, investigative journalists, have failed to dig out the evidence, of what even Winston Churchill, that great British Traitor, was fully aware, when he lent his support, to the creation of the European Union.

All of this is well-known by the Fabian Societies Socialist Communists, a group which included all of those nice fellows, like Wedgwood Benn, Harold Wilson, Hugh Gaitskell, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and just about every member of the Labour Party, understood, that the Fabian Societies, final solution for Europe, on the road towards the Communist dream of international equality, was to make us all equally beige in colour, through the medium of the mass immigration of Blacks, to inter-breed with White women and to then through the means of a Universal Salary, funded using printed money, which despite what you have been told, works perfectly well, to reduce us all to the same basic level, all members of the Bolshevik/Zionist idea of their own Slave Race.

The next step down this road towards universal equality, will demand the loss of whatever credits, may remain in your bank account, as now happens at the end of the month in France, where any remaining connection time, on telephone and portable wi-fi accounts, instead of being carried forward is simply wiped out, when this happens to a Universal Salary account, the result will involve the inability to have any savings, ensuring that nobody is any richer than the rest of the herd. This will of course stifle creativity.

I have been writing about this for years and down through those years, exactly what I suggested was on the way, has already happened and yet the people are incapable of recognising that new normality.

In Britain, politicians are bragging about having the fastest growing economy in Europe, while living standards are falling, There are more people working than ever before and yet they still have a ‘deficit’ which means that with everybody working, they still have a shortfall in Income Tax, to pay the interest, owed to the Bank of England.

Yet another impossible situation, because should the Bank of England, actually belong to the British People and not to Baron Rothschild, why are the people retained in austerity, in order to pay a debt owed to themselves?

Which brings up the question, who was the passenger in the helicopter, which collided with a Cessna light aircraft, a few days ago, as that helicopter took off from Rothschild’s Fairy Castle?



Making A Killing British Style.

The very notion of the British People’s belief in the idea of British  fairness and  the overall generosity and kindness of their Race, is in fact, based on a reality of savage cruelty, genocide and a total disregard for the well-being of others, plus a total inability to accept the truth of this history.

Wherever the British have been, their presence has resulted in bloodshed and destruction, mostly against primitive people like the Zulus, whom had very little in the way of modern armaments. Should the belligerent British have been stupid enough to take on Germany on their own, they would have been humiliated.

The events of World War Two and the resulting Kangaroo Court at Nuremberg, when hostilities ended,  are a perfect example of the British People’s gullibility and carefree acceptance of Establishment lies and misinformation.

They take credit for the murder of thousands of German Military and Government officials, while being prepared to gaol those whom seek the evidence of the alleged War Crimes, which was not produced by the Military Prosecutors as evidence. In a truly “Just” world, it would the British on Trial in the International Criminal Court.

The alleged evidence, which was used to incriminate the Germans,  despite being sought by many investigators, has never come to light.  The British however, still cling to a belief in the lies of German guilt, as a means of avoiding the terrible truth and the reality of the criminals for whom they vote.

If they had any understanding of what has been carried out in their name, like most psychopathic races they would simply ignore it, as do their politicians like Blair and Cameron and Churchill before them.

The aim of World War Two, was to destroy Germany and to issue a stern warning to any other State, which might be stupid enough to adopt the efficacious methods of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, to solve the economic problems, which had been the result of the Central Bankers system of Fractional Reserve, debt based banking and the need of a continuing availability of “new debt.”

However, even that does not tell the whole story of British duplicity. The British were the real provocateurs, of their so-called “Just War.” They cold-bloodedly ordered the Polish Government to allow the “Red Terror,” Jewish killers to attack and slaughter, ethnic Germans; whom had been deliberately isolated in a remnant of Germany, which had been ceded to Poland at the end of the Great War;  while at the same time the Jew Anthony Eden, the British Foreign Secretary,  was urging Hitler to strike back, in support of the suffering Germans in the Sudetenland, in order to generate the excuse to declare war on Germany. Which is exactly what did happen.

The Second World War, was the most costly war in history. It was financed by the Jewish Central Bankers, The loans which they made to the British Government, which carried with them Compound Interest, were spent in the weapon shops, which were owned by the same Bankers.

The British Taxpayer, spent the next sixty-five years, repaying the debt. So the Bankers made a profit from everyone. They then took the bulk of the profit generated by the Marshall Plan, for the reconstruction of Europe from the destruction for which they had already been paid. Nice little earner War, is it not? This war was the most lucrative war of all for the Bankers, who are now building up for the Third World War.

Even as I write this post, I can hear a “journalist” on Sky News, reporting from Korea, about a family, which we are being told, escaped from a North Korean  prison, which is of course referred to as a “Concentration Camp,” and how, unlike the long-suffering Jews in Camps such as Auschwitz, where the inmates were only imprisoned for three years, the North Korean Camps had been in existence for sixty years.

Well there are two thing wrong with this information, it gives the impression that Koreans are being locked up forever, with little or no evidence to support these claims, apart that is from “Eyewitness” reports, while at the same time, undermining, (in a sense) the belief of most of the British, that nobody was ever held in detention at Auschwitz, did they not step out of the cattle car, go into a room where all of their gold teeth and glasses were stolen, their head shaved and they were then pointed towards the “Shower?”

The Korean War, was yet another example of British Terrorism, which has never been fully discussed by the British Free Press. What happened in Korea was a genocide.  Thirty percent of the Korean people were slaughtered by the British, Commonwealth and US Troops.

An example of the sort of cold-blooded killing which took place, happened in a railway tunnel, into which thousands of refugees were forced. The Saintly British and US Forces, then opened up with machine guns, firing into the tunnel, from either end.  The tunnel ran deep with the blood of the victims, until not a soul was left alive.

After all these years, these tales are still being fed to gullible children  whom have also been subliminally conditioned to believe that  WW2 was actually fought to save Jews from Hitler’s death camps, when in fact not one so-called death camp has ever been produced as evidence.

So having  tortured and hanged thousands of men and women at Nuremberg, without any evidence in support of the guilty claims, they then went on to condemn the entire German Race and set about making them pay the cost of a war which was forced on to them by the British and World Jewry.

 The blockade which was used against Germany, is a favourite tool of the Jewish/British Empire, it had already been employed against Germany after the end of the Great War, killing an estimated 900,000 people, in order to force Germany to accept the iniquitous terms of the Treaty of Versailles. It has since been used against, Iraq, Iran, Spain and Gaza.

This was a deliberate act, which together with that other love of the Elite in London, the slicing of a country into slivers, which was duly inflicted on to Germany, insuring the sought after Second World War, which was the planned method of the annihilation of the German people.

The so-called German war against Poland, was over in weeks, it was in fact no more than a skirmish, the Jewish/British Empire however, however managed to transform this skirmish into the bloodiest war in history and to cover-up their own crimes, they set about demonising Hitler and the German people.

The British public have no idea about all this, all they understand is the Hollywood tales of the holocaust, which have never shown exactly how one of the alleged “Gas Chambers” was supposed to work. Mainly because they do not know. If they did know, we would have been stuffed full of examples of dying Jews ever since.

This lack of explanation speaks volumes when placed alongside recent events in a Jewish Court, when the Prosecution could produce no evidence against a 91-year-old man, who had been accused of gassing 28,000 Jews, when they were asked how the alleged gassings had been carried out. Demjanjuk was sent home to die, after having been hunted like an animal for most of his life.

 Many people still believe in the shower, as a means of disseminating the gas, which we are told killed six million Jews. That being so, how many shower heads were available in each shower? Where did the “dirty” people wait, while the “shower” was occupied? Did those whom were awaiting their turn, not notice all the dead folk being carried out of the “shower?”  I’ll stop right there, it’s clear that this is a total nonsense.

But on the other hand it was apparently a good enough reason for the British to execute thousands of those whom had defended their country against a vicious attack by the British, along with that other tool of the Empire,  the “Coalition” which is of course used as a means of sharing the guilt around.

The lies are endless, I have just heard Alex Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland, tell Dermot Murnaghan, that the Bank of England was Nationalised in 1946.  This is a total lie, it was cut in two, in  1946, the part that makes a loss was given to the people, while the profitable part was passed to two shareholders.

These two shareholders are now in receipt of the interest payments, which is the part of the British National Debt, which in David Cameron’s words, “Is the part of the debt which is always there.”

People have trouble understanding this simple sum, when a loan is accompanied by Compound Interest, there is never enough money to repay the debt. If the Bank of England had been truly Nationalised, there would be no debt of interest owed.

The money in the pockets of the British people could be issued debt free and a reasonable charge for a loan could replace  interest.  The Bank of England,  as are all of the other Central Banks private, it is owned by the Mafia.

This is of course exactly the same Mafia which ordered and financed the Second World War, from which they are to this day making a profit.

Once In Royal David’s City And All That Pap.

While the British are worrying about the expense of Christmas, debating as to whether they should heat their homes or buy a joint of ham, to enjoy after they have scoffed the turkey and Christmas pudding, they might spend a moment or two, considering the plight, which the cynical use of their taxes, has inflicted onto the people of Syria.

When their freely elected leaders, for whom they voted, not to bring peace to the world but to improve their standard of living, at all cost, have finished celebrating Hanukkah, perhaps as a gesture of peace and goodwill, they might withdraw the band of thugs, whom they have armed and financed, in a deliberate effort to destroy Syria, as they have already destroyed Iraq and Libya.

That the British Public appear to have so little understanding of the misery and death for which they are responsible, is a measure of their total acceptance of the exploits of their criminal leaders, whom are no more than the visible face of an International Criminal Organisation, which is holding us all to ransom.

Syria is heading into oblivion, while creepy little characters like Cameron and Hague, exhibit a total disdain for their plight. It has been reported by the Mob controlled United Nations, that there will be very soon, people dying of starvation, in this once thriving country.

It will very soon become clear as to where the thoughts of the British lie, when the Christmas Sales Season kicks off on Boxing Day.  Avarice rules these days and there is little time left over to worry about the fate of others.

The British can rest assured that they will be allowed to fight and scream for the right to buy the slave made crap in the sales, safe in the knowledge that they are considered to be, no threat to the mob.

The British surrendered their dignity and freedom, long, long ago, to those whom call themselves, Earls, Dukes, Lords, Squires or Princes. These people are their “Betters” and the British know their place.

The British simply cannot understand, that these “Toffs,” are no more than Pirates, Godfathers, Drug Barons or Blackmailers, they retain a childish belief that their rulers come from somewhere over the rainbow, to take care of them.

These people have become so servile to the Rich, that they still hold the belief that an order from a “Toff” is as significant as an order from God.

It is difficult to control the cynicism, which is provoked by the attitudes of those whom fail to look into the antics of their politicians.  The vast majority of the Public, not only in the UK or USA but across the world, share the views of their leaders and they never question their beliefs.

Can they have failed to notice, that whenever there is an event, such as the killing of Osama Bin Laden, that the entire membership of governments, apparently accept that a team of US Seals, captured and killed Bin Laden and dumped his body at sea.

Nobody stepped out of line. That is the power of the force, which has us by the genitals. No sensible person could possibly believe that nonsense and yet our politicians and mainstream media, swallowed it,  hook, line and sinker.

Why is there such a desire to go along with whatever is presented, without question? Who is giving the order, that on all of the questionable events, which have occurred in recent times, that there must be a united response and no difficult, questions asked?

Is this to be the future means of ridding the world of all the “pretend” villains, with whom we have been presented, as a means of stripping us of our Rights, to simply claim to have disposed of them secretly, so that we can stop worrying and go back to sleep?

Sandy Hook is another of these strange events. All of the alleged deaths, were of children of families, whom have been filmed at various other questionable attacks, as extras, in “Drills.”

The class, which was the main target of the “attack,” was being taught by a teacher whom had never been on the payroll and many of the children had never been on the school register.

No evidence has yet been presented, in support of the claims which have been made. However, as with 911, 7-7, Boston and Bin Laden, all of the evidence has now been destroyed. The Sandy Hook school has been demolished.


Who actually believes this tosh? It is simply not possible for any intelligent person,  to be not just a little bit disturbed and uneasy about some of these events. Yet even the rebels, such as Ron Paul and George Galloway, go along with it all, does that mean that they are convinced, frightened or simply part of the game?

Obama knew that the hired thugs in Syria had carried out a Sarin attack, just as he knew that an attack was likely on the US Embassy in Benghazi, which involved an arms shipment for those same thugs in Syria, however, who cares?  Nobody, it seems.

We were set-up to be robbed by the Bankers. In the UK, it was a joint operation. Gordon Brown organised the theft, set-up the bail-out, which is simply code for give the Bankers billions of Dollars or Pounds, then goes off to work for the thieves at the IMF and leaves the rest of us to die of cold or starvation, while Cameron questions nothing, he simply orders everyone to pay up. He of course blames Brown for the problem, forgetting to mention that the “problem,” was world-wide.

The British would do well to ponder the fact that they have always been under the heel of Royal Families. They should question their acceptance of the power which is wielded by these “Royals.” Their “Democratically” elected leaders are still controlled  by these folk, however hard they try to present an image of an independent force.

The first duty of a newly elected Prime Minister, is to search the acceptance of the Queen. Of course this is all just a silly ritual, is it not? We all know or should know, that the Prime Minister is selected long before he is ever voted into office.

The British people have never had Democracy. There is nobody living in the UK, who was alive, during a time when a political party, other than Labour or Conservative was in power. It has already been decided, what the result of the next election will be.

It may well involve Ukip.  It most certainly will not involve enough Single Issue, independent members to make a change possible. The British have been conditioned to believe that a Political Party is the only way forward. All Political Parties are controlled. The top boys are always working for the man.

This is evident and yet too complicated to explain to those whom believe that warmongers make good rulers.  During the last twelve years, the British have stood by watching millions of people, go to the slaughter, at the hands of British thugs, along with, what is called a coalition, this adds a sort of justification to the killings.

British people understand that occasionally, as in WW2, they must be lied into a war of conquest.  Millions will die but of course, they asked for it.  The British, for their part, will, for the following seventy or so years, refuse to face up to the fact that they are War Criminals. Back in the day they cheered the Thousand Bomber Raids over Germany, which were deliberately targeting women and children.

They trot out their hate of the old enemy at any opportunity. They fail to notice that what they accuse of others, is now happening to them, yet they believe it to be some form of accident, with no intent involved. What stupidity. Next step, they will be asked to volunteer for execution. Euthanasia is already on the menu.

Can We Trust The Russians?

The Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard,  is accused of helping her boy-friend, Craig Thompson, to steal one million Australian Dollars from the Australian Workers Union in nineteen-ninety-five. Part of this stolen money was allegedly used to repair Gillard’s home and to furnish her, with an extensive collection of designer rags. She has never denied her part in the theft. She excuses herself by claiming that she was ‘naive’ at the time.

Gillard, has just signed the London Declaration on Combating AntiSemitism, which is an attempt to stop all discussion of Jewish crime. In future years, will she claim that this too was simply ‘naiveté?’  Will her next step be to ban discussion of her own criminality?

Australia, which will be part of the Far Eastern Union, has become sickeningly pro Jewish. Every aspect of the daily activities of Australians are falling under the control of the Jewish lobby. When politicians are implicated in criminal acts, they are open to blackmail. When money decides the result of elections and levels of psychopathy, choose the candidates,  anything is possible for the corrupt.

As for the Jews themselves, like Gillard, they would dearly love to have a blanket ban placed on the internet coverage of their continuing crimes against the people of Palestine, for example, a barbarity which started while they were  still engaged in the Ethnic Cleansing of the Peoples of Germany and Eastern Europe, in nineteen-forty-eight.

In fact, since the Russian Revolution in nineteen-seventeen, there has hardly been a moment, when the Jews were not involved in one Genocide or another.

Right now, all across the Middle East, the Muslims are being wiped out. The excuse which is being used to justify this slaughter, is International Muslim Terrorism, which is a lie.

World Terrorism is all in the hands of the West. After the 911 attack in New York, the only suspects whom were arrested were Jewish, all of whom were released without charge, despite having weapons of terrorism in their possession.

The controlled USA, claims on the one hand to have spotted Al Qaeda, in Yemen or Somalia or wherever, which is excuse enough to launch a massive attack, which kills thousands and destroys everything, while on the other hand, they finance, the same “Al Qaeda” in Libya or Syria, to attack Muslim regimes which do not kowtow to Zionist demands.

All of these acts of savagery are being carried out to further the interests of the barbaric State of Israel, which is actually supporting the cold-blooded mercenaries, whom are cutting out the hearts of their victims in Syria and eating them, on film. This is being ignored by the mainstream media, which the Jews claim to control. Which begs the question, why do they need a Declaration to Ban Anti-Semitism? The big cover-up seems to have been well taken care of.

Which takes us back to where we started, Russia, the headquarters of the Jewish, war machine, which was unleashed against Europe in nineteen-forty-one. We are now expected to believe that the Soviets have been destroyed, that they are now the “good guys,” using their veto at the UN, to put a stop to the killings in the Middle East. We must accept that Russia is no longer seeking World Domination, that Communism is dead and buried. Well is this true?

Have the Russians taken any steps to change the arrogant advance of NATO into territories, such as ex-Yugoslavia, which was once in the Soviet zone of interest? Well no. They stood by watching it happen. Well what else would they do? The original plan was to place Europe under Jewish Communist control, this aim has now been accomplished.

Russia shows no sign of putting a stop to the continuing destruction of the enemies of Israel. They failed to use their veto to assist Gadaffi, they are not prepared to assist Assad in Syria, they talk about it, but while France can send in the troops to aid a Military Dictatorship in Mali, Saudi Arabia can send in the troops to aid Bahrain, the US and UK, with the help of like-minded countries can invade Iraq and Afghanistan, Russia helps nobody. Why are they so timid? They are supposedly a super-power.

Well in reality, the Soviet Union was supported all through the Cold War, by the USA. It was well-known and ignored in the West, that genocidal attacks were being carried out by the Soviets in the Ukraine, Crimea, Georgia and the Baltic States. The USSR was used as an excuse to make billions of Dollars for the weapon shops, in the days of MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction and the arms race.

While the old Soviet Block has now become part of the European Union, Russia itself has become part of the BRICS, a new grouping which is destined to become just another part of the proposed Asia-Pacific Union.

The BRICS, we are being told, are setting up a banking system of their own, which will take them out of the zone of the Dollar, which is the Reserve Currency in the rest of the Central Banking System. Who is helping them to set-up this system? Why Goldman Sachs, who else?

The Soviet Union was never anything other than a system of State Capitalism, from the word go. This should have been obvious, when Anthony Summers exposed the fact that the Revolution had been funded by Wall Street and Jewish Bankers. The money-men do not invest their savings in a project which will not deliver a healthy profit.

Vladimir Putin, generously provided the USA with the identities of the ‘Patsy,’ and his brother, making it possible for the Boston Police to quickly pick them out in the CCTV records of the Marathon and to try to execute them out of hand. Why would he do that? How strange that the man whom we saw on film, alive, being arrested, was suddenly dead as a doornail, in the morgue. How strange that the wife of this man was the daughter of a top CIA man. How strange that his Uncle was a CIA asset. How strange that this man, whom was exposed by Putin, has now been buried. Is he really dead?

So all in all, the position of Russia in the modern world is quite baffling, have they an independent voice or are they simply acquiescent tools of the Zionists? Putin has been visited by the Big Boys, Kerry, Cameron, Netanyahu, will he ow cave in and allow an attack on Syria? We must wait and see.





What Should We Do About Democracy?

The current ‘Democratic’ system of Government, which is being installed, by force, across the planet, is the most corruptible form of Government which has ever been presented to a gullible electorate


Initially, in the so-called home of Democracy, the United Kingdom, until recent years, it was available only to those whom would not try to make use of it to ‘rock the boat.’ In the North of Ireland for example, the Constituencies were carefully set-up to make sure that Catholics, whom would probably vote for a United Ireland, could not possibly gain a majority of seats in the Stormont Parliament.

In the United States, it has been suggested that Democracy has become so under-mined by Socialism and the acceptance into the US of millions of immigrants whom depend on it, that the Republicans will struggle to ever again win a majority in the House, because those whom are receiving Welfare will vote for the Party whom will make sure it continues.

The United Kingdom has, for many years offered a three Party possibility to the voter, which allegedly offered everything, Left, Right and Centre, that is until the dawning of the ‘Coalition’ at which point it became clear, that the Right and Centre were pretty much the same thing. Worse than that they simply carried on the same policies as the previous Left of Centre Socialist Party.

The Media in the UK playfully, picks at little foibles of the three main Parties, but in general they are one hundred per-cent in favour of the continuance of the current system.

However there is now another force coming to the fore in the UK, Ukip, the United Kingdom Independence Party, which claims to be in favour of British withdrawal from the European Union. I will make my position quite clear from the start, I believe that Ukip is as controlled as are all of the others, including the ‘Greens.’ Ukip will simply spread the vote around a little bit more, making sure that not one of the other Parties will find themselves in a position where they will be obliged, to give the British people a vote on their membership of the EU.

Despite this, the inevitable campaign of destroying the image and the ‘true’ Political In-correctness’ of  Ukip has already begun. It would appear that the Conservative Party has been digging for dirt in Ukip Candidates Emails. Yes it’s true, intelligent people are continuing to incriminate themselves in their Emails, despite all of the evidence of their hackability.

They came up with a couple of remarks, which are being used to imply that the sender was out of touch with the New Morality and was trapped in an Old Fashioned frame of mind.  One remark suggested that there would be a lot less homosexuality, if boys received more physical exercise at school. Another allegedly supported  Vladimir Putin’s decision not to allow a Gay Parade in Russia. The amusing part of the tale was the fact that the sender had recently left the Conservative Party to join Ukip.

I understand that should the same rules apply to hacking E Mail accounts as those which were recently discussed at the Leveson Inquiry, applying to Voice Mail, the Conservative Party could find itself in deep water. What is more, there has been endless discussion about Security Services demanding the right to listen in to our telephone calls and other forms of communications. One can only ask the question, why do the Security Sector need legal justification if the Conservative Party can hack into E Mail accounts with impunity?

The attack against Ukip continued apace, when Bilderberg member Kenneth Clark, suggested the Ukip were a joke. To vote for them was much like voting for the comedian, whom was recently elected in Italy. He averred that voters should only vote for the ‘Political Class’ meaning those whom understand the business of running the affairs of Government to avoid disaster. This was said, in a perfectly serious manner, in a country which is on its knees, because of the lack of political ability of several past Governments of which he had been a part.

Clark suggested that Ukip lacked policies, when in the lead-up to a previous election, the Labour Party promised a vote on EU membership, which was ignored after the election was won. The Conservative Party is now offering the same Referendum on EU membership, knowing full well that a true vote will never be allowed.

Sky News  and BBC News are integral parts of the political system in the UK. They make sure that any News, which may harm the hidden agenda of the “Democratic” system of Government in the UK, is never given coverage, or if it is, it occurs at Six-O-Clock in the morning. The Ukip Emails is a perfect example of this careful selection of News events. When the Climate Research Unit Emails were published on-line by a whistle-blower, they were totally ignored by both SKY and the BBC. Despite the fact that they were of far more significance than were those of Ukip.

The CRU Emails demonstrated how, what the public perceive as Democracy, is a total farce. All of the Political Parties were involved in the deception of the electorate and with the support of the mainstream media, they withheld the relevant information from the public.

All three Political Parties are now allowing our children to be educated to believe that Carbon Dioxide is a dangerous gas. When the research of the CRU demonstrated quite clearly, that the Earth was in fact ‘cooling’ and that it was becoming impossible to ‘hide the decline,’ that Carbon Dioxide was not responsible for a ‘warming’ and that more Carbon Dioxide, should it really be a ‘Greenhouse Gas,’  could be used to reduce the severity of the ‘cooling.’

Politicians all across the Democratic World are being ordered to ‘Privatise’, which is code for theft. Greece has come under pressure to sell off its islands, into the hands of the parasites. Barak Obama is in favour of selling off  The Tennessee River Authority, which includes Hydro Electricity and other forms of power stations and many dams. All of which will fall into the hands of the same parasites at knock-down prices and all of which was built with taxpayers money.

The people of the UK have already experienced the results of this theft, in the astronomical cost of electricity, rail fares and other ‘Privatised’ industry extortionate prices. This sacking of Publicly owned enterprises is being controlled by the International Monetary Fund, which is privately owned, by the same few Banking Families as are The European Central Bank, The Bank of England, The Federal Reserve, The Bank of France and all of the other Central Banks across the World.

This control of the currency of every industrialised economy on Earth is considered to be the biggest single monetary crime in history and yet our Democratically elected politicians have been a party to this fraud and have never spoken out against it.

Take note, in these days of austerity, while the poor are obliged to seek food from charity organisations and unemployment, particularly amongst the young is approaching all time record levels, while the cost of housing places it out of the reach of the average person, while there is a fear that whatever savings we may have in the bank are at risk, the Rich Are Getting Richer, well they would be, wouldn’t they? Yet despite all of this, have you heard a politician suggest that there must be something radically wrong with the financial system?

In the words of Lord Alfred Douglas, this is the true ‘Love that dares not speak its name.’ At the trial of Oscar Wilde, to speak of this love, guaranteed a prison sentence, these days you could be gaoled for prescribing healthy exercise as a cure. For a politician to suggest a healthy change in the monetary system, such as the closure of the Central Banking System itself, is a virtual death sentence.

This criminality on the part of politicians is beyond belief. Today it was suggested the old age pensioners in the UK should forego their free bus pass to help the economy. These same old people could soon find themselves on the ‘Pathway to Death,’ should they end up in  a National Health Service Hospital and  a ‘Death Panel’ decides that it is too expensive and uneconomic to treat them, they will be left to die in their own excrement.

Yet despite all of this pain and difficulty for the electorate, we have never been told to whom all of this debt is being paid, never mind whether the debt holder, is in a position to wait a while for payment, until the economy improves. Will the debt holder end up in the same ‘soup kitchen’ as the poor should he not be paid straight away. Why are the rich being allowed to simply rob the people? Every cent which is earned on the Stock Exchanges of the world is a form of theft. The making of money out of simply buying and selling money, should be illegal. It is taking money away from those whom produced things of value.

The same thing is true of Compound Interest, that too should be illegal. In a true Democracy it would be illegal.  Our earnings are being passed to the Bankers, in order to pay the interest on a loan. The loan itself will never be paid off. That is the reality of this debt. The Currency is the debt and there is never enough money to pay the interest. That is the sad reality of the criminal grip in which we are being strangled by the Bankers.

In recent times we had an ‘Arab Spring,’ and an ‘Occupy’ campaign, both were very quickly infiltrated and used for the benefit of the Elite. The Arab Spring was used as a cloak to take down Gadaffi and Libya and now Assad and Syria. As for the rest, Egypt and Tunisia  were quickly advised, to set-up a political system similar to Western Democracies. The result has been no change for the better and in the case of Egypt, they have elected or were forced to accept the Muslim Brotherhood, which was in close contact with George Soros’s controlled Al Baradei in London, discussing how to impose themselves on to the Egyptian people.  Morsi the new Egyptian Leader has now given himself Supreme Power.

Soros and his International Crisis Group, were in Egypt to make sure that the vote would be for Political Parties. The Muslim Brotherhood has been controlled since its inception and Al Baradei was quickly put in place as the leader of what was to become the opposition. So both of the main parties were already controlled.

The same thing applies to all Democracies. A monopoly of Power has been in the hands of a couple of major Parties throughout the period of ‘Democracy,’ ensuring that power stays in the same hands, which is why nothing changes.

The IMF is quite clearly a ‘Shiver of Sharks’ this was demonstrated by Christine Lagarde when she was asked about the possibility of a default. The purpose of the IMF is to asset strip, nothing more. It make loans to the poorest people on  Earth, with such a weight of interest attached, a poor country can be obliged to repay hundreds of times the sum of the original loan. Despite this the whole of the Democratic world makes no protest.

Democracy has placed us in the hands of thieves and murderers. They will declare wars for profit from the manufacture of the necessary arms,to take down a rival or simply to corner resources into their own hands. They have an aversion to publicly owned resources, they must control everything.

Claims are being made that the Ukip Party in the UK lacks policies, I would suggest that they all lack policies, they simply sit around waiting for the dossier of policies to arrive from whatever ‘Think Tank’ is ready to publish.

Do the voters genuinely believe that the current depression can be solved through austerity measures, which means robbing more and more from the pockets of the poor? If you have a debt to repay, there is no point in selling the furniture, you would be better advised to find an extra income even if you need a loan to finance a small business, you can only sell the furniture once and so can the Government.

So all in all, we have been deceived by Democracy. We have been ordered into illegal wars, kept in poverty to enrich an Elite, stood by and allowed all of the land to handed over to the rich, until we were left without so much as square yard to call a garden, living in concrete jungles without the choice of an alternative.

I think it is fair to say that what we refer to as Democracy, was in reality a means of enriching the Elite while we were used either as a form of slave or as cannon fodder in an unending series of wars. What little choice we did have, has now been usurped by the European Union, which is not Democratic, it is in fact Communist.

The European Commission is an unelected Politburo, controlled from the shadows by the same families whom gave us the Russian and the Chinese Revolutions and all of the slaughter with which they were accompanied. We, the people of Europe are of no further use. Just as the cotton industry in the UK was destroyed when the mill owners found cheaper labour in India, the remains of British Industry was deliberately destroyed and production handed over to China where the slave rate of pay was lower than that of Europe.

What is more the centuries old pastoral life of the Chinese peasant, has been completely destroyed, his land seized for use in the industrialisation of the entire country and the very air he breaths, in his brand new high rise box, is pure poison.

This was no accident, it had all been arranged through the means of Free Trade Agreements, ensuring entry into European markets, of all of the cheap products, which came out of the sweat shops of China.

So I would suggest that something must be done to change our system of Government. We must at least restrict the period of time which politicians can serve. There should be no such thing as a professional politician.

Well I have run out of paper and I have hardly written half of what is on my mind. Thank you for your perseverence.


Insider Dealings Save The Rich Investors In Cyprus.

Does any Government have the right, to impose a tax on a selected group, which just happens to have deposited their savings in a particular bank, in order to pass the tax, which has been recovered, into the hands of private individuals, whom could, should they choose, make a contribution to aid the struggling bank themselves?

All of this nonsense is taking place to ensure that the rich lose nothing, that the poor, as usual will be forced to carry the can.  In fact the main aim is to force the Cypriot government to hand over the assets of Cyprus, to cover a private sector debt. This is unbelievable. I should imagine that the first target will the Gas and Oil wealth with which Cyprus is surrounded.

At the helm of this operation is the International Monetary Fund’s Christine Lagard, the “shivery” chief whom is herself under investigation for corruption. Her predecessor Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is in disgrace, for sexual deviancy. Her old boss Sarkozy, is under investigation on two fronts, for taking Gadaffi’s money and that of Liliane Bettencourt. Sarkozy’s predecessor Jacques Chirac, has been in and out of Court ever since he left office, in fact the French Government, for generations has been steeped in corruption.

Lagard and Mario Draghi, boss of the European Central Bank, could both be said to be under the control of the Rothschild’s and other members of the elite banking families, the proprietors of the IMF and ECB, whom would most  certainly have been involved in the planning of this scam.  They would of course, have used their inside knowledge, to make sure that all of their own investments would have been taken well out of harms way.

I found it both amusing and ironic, that David Milliband, a Jew and a War Criminal from the Blair years, today announced his departure from British Politics, to take up a position with the International Rescue Committee, which was coincidently set-up in 1933, as the Jews of the world, were declaring war on Germany, in order to see to the “rescue” of those rich Jews in Germany, whom were in fact allowed to leave Germany en route to the USA, while the doors of the same USA, were firmly closed against the poor Jews whom  were pointed towards Palestine.

Milliband suggested that he was emotionally inspired to take the position as Chief of the IRC, as a gesture of thanks, as his father had left Germany to escape The Third Reich. His father was in fact encouraged to leave by Hitler, but it is best to never miss an opportunity to drop  the name of Hitler into a Jew-ish conversation.

As the hours pass, more and more evidence of the evacuation of Bond holders assets and those of the Russian Mafia, come to light, suggesting that it will be mostly pensioners whom will lose their life savings and be plunged into poverty for their remaining years, while the Family Rothschild and the others, can once again pocket the money and salt it away, along with the rest of the pension funds and other property which has been stolen from the poor and needy of the world, without ever offering, just a tiny portion of their estimated fortune of 150 trillion dollars, to solve the problems of the banks, most of which are under their control.

The affairs of the banks in Cyprus, which have been “bailed in,” will now, no doubt, be audited by those, whom will have a vested interest, in finding only those errors which will not obligate an investigation into the entire criminal system, which is being allowed to rape and pillage at will. This truly is a sign of the end of an era. When the elite start to pillage the system they are most certainly not expecting it to recover, they are preparing for the future.

In the same manner they are attempting to “bubble-up” the world’s Stock Exchanges, which are now at a level which is in total denial of the actual value of shares, in readiness for a quick sell off, which will leave the small investor holding a turkey.

The Most disturbing aspect of this mess, is the lack of an uproar.  What the hell is going on? Here we are being robbed blind. We are being forced to pay through our noses for Gas, Petrol, Electricity and Food, which have all been monopolised into the same hands and all of which are being forced up in price by Futures Traders, which should be outlawed.

The price of a home is out of the question for young people. In London the first time buyer will need a deposit of 250,000  Pounds to buy the average home, making it quite clear that it will soon be impossible to live in London.

With the introduction of Smart Meters, which are lethal, Electricity, Gas and Water, will all be rationed. This is why everybody was warned to expect water shortages in  the Home Counties in 2012, because of the drought. The weather let the privatised utility companies down, the aquifers, which people were told would never refill in their lifetime, quickly refilled as it continued to rain all through Summer.

Now people are being encouraged to buy new devices, Fridges, Irons, Micro Wave Ovens, Washing Machines and other equipment which consume excessive amounts of electricity, these machines will have a micro chip inside, which will be controlled by the Smart Meters, enabling power companies, to reduce consumption at will. Rationing is on the way and it is going to be in the hands of Private Unelected Companies. Can this be good? These thieves are already dictating to our elected politicians. Their aim is to make it impossible for us to own anything.

Have people got no outrage left?  Does nothing disturb them? Are they all on psychotropic drugs? Have they not noticed that there has been no discussion as to why it is so cold in the UK. There is a whisper going round that Global Warming is a scam.  Do they expect it to be warmer next year? Are they sure that paying a Carbon Tax and not using their car will give them control of the weather? The politicians are liars, one and all, they despise you, wake up. Do not make it so easy for them to get rid of us.

The recent rumpus about the excessive number of apparently unnecessary deaths in certain hospitals, through a lack of the treatment necessary to assist a recovery, was a situation which has been much discussed and yet the public remains unaware of, “The Pathway to Death,” this is an unspoken decision, to reduce the treatment which is given to older patients in hospital,  as it is considered to be of no economic worth.

So you see, we have our backs to the wall, we are all round losers. Even those ideas with which we are presented as being of a thoroughly beneficial nature, have a hidden agenda.

The Health Service Hospitals, are in fact becoming the most dangerous places on earth.  Do you remember Gordon Browns, idea that we must all become organ donors, unless we opt out? What Gordon Brown forgot to mention, was a tiny little fact, which is never made clear to those whom offer up their organs for transplant.

The organs are of no use should the donor be dead. In order to get round this little difficulty, they came up with the idea of “brain dead.”  This meant that the heart would still be pumping blood to the desired organs, while the “donor,” could be declared dead and his or her organs sold at a high price.

Quite obviously in some cases, which involved a severe head-wound, this claim could be true. It could also be claimed in cases of a less than fatal head-wound and could involve the harvesting of organs from a patient whom could possibly make a full recovery. We are all in the hands of psychopaths. Watch out!

The Banking Scam Goes On Unchecked.

The British Tax-man, has proudly announced the prosecution of a group of film-makers, whom had attempted to falsely, reclaim the Value Added Tax, which they had supposedly paid out during the making of a film, which had never been made, plus the false demand for a form of subsidy, which was available to encourage the production of films in the UK.

The Tax-Man warned, that anyone whom made false claims, which would fraudulently rob the British People, by claiming sums of money which they did not deserve, while deliberately avoiding the payment of Tax, would be severely dealt with. He praised the diligence of those Agents, whom had detected a whiff of fraud, in the figures with which they had been presented, and whom had relentlessly pursued the guilty. The guilty were gaoled for an average term of four years.

This was reported, without a trace of irony, on the same day that the Cypriot people, had been told that their savings had been stolen, in order to subsidise two banks, whom were claiming a subsidy, in order to service some unspecified debt, which they claimed was owed to some unspecified organisation, as a result of some unspecified investment, in Financial Derivatives, which had involved what has become known as “Toxic Debt,” which is, in any language, no more than another name for “Fraud.”

The British Tax-Man, has recently allowed the British voter to be robbed by the Bankers, despite the available evidence, from the two States which went to the trouble of investigating the Bankers claims, Iceland and Ecuador, where it was found that the claims had been deliberately generated, through the simple medium, of the purchase of the so-called “Toxic Debt,” from other branches of the same banking group. Both of these States refused to force their people to accept the responsibility of this false debt.Why did the British Tax-Man not smell a rat?

So where was the Tax-Man, when faced with the biggest fraud the world has ever seen?  When the UK, along with Europe and the US, was set-up by the Bankers, whom with the complicity of corrupt Politicians, set about robbing and destroying the lives of their own Peoples.  No need to ask, the Tax-man works for the Bankers,  every cent of Tax, goes into the pockets of the rich. HRMC is simply the Bailiff for the Central Bankers in the UK. That is why the Tax-Man did not smell a rat, he works for the rat.

It was clear from the word go that Cyprus was a test case. The Government announces they are going to “steal” from enough people to cause a riot. Parliament votes against the proposed measure. The Prime Minister creates another vote which will give him the power to do whatever he likes, without the need for another vote. Off he goes to Brussels, where he is interviewed by the Private Bankers.

The European Central Bank and The International Monetary Fund  are both privately owned and The European Commission,  is unelected and is if course controlled by the Central Bankers whom put them in power.

The Cabal will tell the Prime Minister of Cyprus what he is going to do. He may be shown a film clip, which involves himself, a donkey and a young child, who knows? He accepts a list of privatisations, which he is obliged to carry out and instructions as to how he is to force the richest investors in Cyprus, whom are mainly Russian, to hand over their cash, which will be paid directly to the Bankers.

He can then assure the Cypriot people, most of whom are relatively poor, that only rich Russians will be effected, rich Cypriots having been warned of what was coming,  will have made sure that their money was safely deposited in Switzerland.  The people will relax, the Parliament has been neutered and will be able to call foul, as if they are innocent and another criminal act will have been carried out under the eyes of us all and another group of people will have been sold into debt slavery and their most valuable possessions handed over to the Elite, as a form of ransom. Of course things could have been so much worse.

The debate has now moved on. The new Big Question is already being asked: “Which country in the EU will be robbed next?”  The real Big Question ought to be, “How long are the people of Europe going to stand by, watching the destruction of Europe, the theft of their wealth and their total domination by a group of  psychopaths, while still being told that The European Union is their best option, even as one European Country after another is being destroyed under a mountain of debt, which is not of their own making and being forced to repay this mysterious debt?”

The following Big Question, after that should be: “Why is there such secrecy as to the holder of all of this debt, in which these banks are drowning and why has there been no investigation?”  Perhaps Her Majesty’s Tax-Man might be asked to explain his apparent lack of curiosity as to the excuses, which were made by the bankers as to why they would be paying no Tax after announcing that they were broke?

It must surely, by now, be clear that we are all being robbed, nothing is safe, our paltry savings, our pensions, our homes, all are being stolen. Everything we own is being passed into the pockets of the richest people in the world. Why are we condemned to continue down this road? Why are our governments so determined to strip us bare, watch us living in tents, unable to afford even the bare necessities of life, all in the name of paying the Private Bankers.

This is an obscenity. When you add to this mix, the fact that the depression was intentional, a ruse which becomes necessary, when the debt situation has reached saturation point, when it is so enormous it can never be repaid, is the moment when the parasites snap up our possessions at bargain prices. Why do we allow this? Why do we continue to vote for those whom send us to war, for no better reason than to seize other people’s resources, to satisfy the gluttony of the super-rich?  Why do we continue to pander to their sickness?

The Sacking Of The European Union Begins.

The above photograph is of Catherine Ashton, whom has never been elected to any office, whom is now dictating European foreign policy. She is at the moment advising as to how the current talks with Iran, a country which she and her unelected controllers, refer to as undemocratic, should be conducted. She is in receipt of an overblown salary, particularly in view of the fact that she can express no personal opinion, she is simply a mouth-piece, for those whom by she was selected and she has no visible aptitude for the job, which she pretends to execute.

Investors in Cypriot banks, have been warned that they are about to be robbed, in order to repay a non-existent debt, which was manufactured out of a form of money-mist, which floats around in the depths of the Central Banks.

6.7 per-cent of investors savings are to be stolen, to pay the usury on a loan which was taken out to pay the usury on the usury, which had come due on previous loans, which is to be paid to the same money-lenders as were bailed out, using tax-payers money in order, we were promised, to protect the financial system from collapse.  It would now appear that either the system was not capable of operating without support from the Public, or it was all just an enormous scam, to rob us all.

That being so, it is now time for the Public to demand complete control of the system, for the benefit of those whom are paying the bills and not those whom are receiving the bonus.

Those Governments, which are prepared to operate within the Central Banking system, are obliged to lie to and deceive their respective electorate, as to the huge sums of money, which are already being surreptitiously paid into the coffers of private Central Banks.

All Political Parties are taking part in this Grand Deception and theft, which is in fact, little more than Protection Money, which is being handed over to the “Mob.”

The “Deficit,” is no more than the interest which is owed on loans, which were no more than a piece of paper, marked with a certain sum of “money,” which carries a debt of interest, which will never be repaid.

In order to repay interest on a loan, it becomes necessary to start  asset stripping a country, in order to find the extra money to pay the debt. This is euphemistically referred to as “Privatisation.”  You do not need to be too smart, to understand that with such a system, eventually, everything will end up in the same hands.

This has already become a reality as far as Water, Food, Energy and Oil are concerned. Despite the evidence of the failure of all of these “Privatised” industries, which has meant massive increases in overall costs, plus the disgusting change in the regulations, which has allowed food to be traded on the Stock Exchanges and Futures Markets, along with oil, where these commodities are now making more money for traders than they do for producers.

School children are being brain-washed, with the lie that we are witnessing some form of climatic disaster, which is of course not being caused by those whom would rape the earth in search of profits and wealth, no, it is due to those families whom have a motor-car.

In Europe, those whom control events, from the depths of some dung-heap, are viciously restricting the production of electricity, through the expedient of a ban on coal-fired power stations, because of Carbon Dioxide emissions, which they are educating children to believe are a danger to the health of the planet, when in fact the opposite is true.

Carbon Dioxide is essential for plant growth, which is essential for the production of Oxygen. Warmth increases the production of Carbon, this has been proven, the extra Carbon appears after the warmth and not before, as our children are being educated to believe.

One of the most important, current threats to the well-being of the planet, is the cold and deliberate, world-wide attempt to contaminate underground water supplies, with the toxic chemicals which are being used to flush out Shale Gas.

At a time when the world is awash with oil and Peak Oil has been exposed for the rubbish which it is, there are plans to use Fracking, to extract a small amount of gas, which will be of no more than a short-term benefit, all across the world.

Even in Ireland,  the drinking water supply in the West has already been poisoned. In France there is an ongoing battle, to protect the Natural Beauty of the country-side and the livelihoods of those whom choose to live there. All of these threats to the Natural Habitat coming from those hypocrites, whom tell us they are interested in Sustainable Development.

I listened to a “militant” protesting against G20 policy, laughingly explain, when asked if he would be hurling Petrol Bombs at the Police,  that his bombs would be made with Biofuel. Such are the delusions of the young.

William Hague has this morning assured the British people, that he, along with David Cameron, should they feel it to be necessary, will supply arms to the British trained Mercenaries, whom are carrying out a continuing campaign of destruction and death in Syria. They will unilaterally, without the authority of the UN or EU, supply the thugs, whom he pretends, speak for the people of Syria, with whatever may be necessary, to carry out the aims of those, for whom he speaks.

In this manner the British people will have paid for the destruction and contamination, with Depleted Uranium, of yet another Middle Eastern Country, presumably in the name of saving the planet.

Dermot Murnaghan, a journalist, whom is allegedly working for the “British Free Press,” failed, once again, to ask of Hague, why he did not consider disarming his thugs, a policy which the arming of, had already cost thousands of lives and was responsible for a massive refugee problem.

This is of course a forbidden question, which would have been included on the list, which would have been given to the News Editor, in advance of Willy’s acceptance of the interview.

What is happening in Syria, where Hague and his chums, have quite deliberately provoked a massacre, with the help of the BBC and Sky News, both of whom have been covering up the reality, by refusing to report the elections which Assad held in Syria, in  response to the demonstrations in the streets, at the beginning of the fraud, which was called the Arab Spring, in which sixty-five per-cent of the electorate expressed their view.

International serial killer, Barak Obama, is now crawling from under his rock, with promises of Drones and other methods of murder, in order to speed up events, in Syria, which are apparently leading us on to the “Big One,” an attack against Iran, in the manner in which one of his predecessors, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whom along with Morgenthau, whipped up the Governments of Europe, into a War Fever, which destroyed, what General Patton described as, the most civilised people in Europe, the Germans and which willingly passed Eastern Europe into the grip of the most vicious tyrant of the Century, Uncle Joe Stalin,

This decision which led to the slaughter of millions, including those whom were deliberately delivered to Uncle Joe, the Cossacks and Hungarians and others whom had fought with Hitler, in the full knowledge that they would be murdered, shows clearly, the cynical attitude of the West.

Roosevelt was also responsible for goading the Japanese into an attack on Pearl Harbour, which, as did Hitler’s retaliation against Poland, create an excuse for Mass Murder, making sure that the war was indeed a World War.  All of this to cover-up the total failure of his “New Deal” to solve the Depression in the US. He could, of course, have made use of the methods of Hitler and the National Socialists.

All of this cruel and depraved activity, which is being carried out by the likes of NATO and which is being ignored by the UN, which when it suits, does not need any form of justification, despite being in contradiction of UN regulations, which forbid an attack against a member state.  This slaughter is clearly not to the benefit of the people of Syria any more than were previous attacks against Iraq or Libya.  This is simple aggression, which is inexcusable.

Civilised people should not be paying those whom will accept money to kill innocent people, including children. For countries, such as the UK and France to be covering up atrocities, which are quite clearly being carried out by those whom they are financing, is an aberration and an insult to those by whom they were put in power. Hague is nothing more than a mealy mouthed thug.

The Part Of The Deficit Which Is Always There.


During a recent visit to a Mercedes-Benz facility, David Cameron, while delivering a speech to the young people whom were gathered there, in search of an apprenticeship with the illustrious company, in his attempt to explain the efforts, which he and the coalition, were taking to reduce to country’s deficit, he made a strange remark about when the deficit was reduced to:”That part of the deficit which is always there.”

I waited with interest, to see if the remark was picked up by any of the News reporters whom were present, however the phrase was never mentioned again.

Now what is “That part of the deficit which is always there?” What did Cameron mean? To me, as an amateur economist with limited ability, I must confess I have no idea whether this is an expression which is well-known amongst accountants and economists or not and whether it is of no importance, however while wearing my other hat which is that of a low-level researcher, I heard bells ringing.

Could this have been a slip of the tongue on Cameron’s part?  What part of the deficit is always there? Could it be that part of the debt which it is impossible to repay, because it is that part of the debt which is always in circulation in our pockets.

The Government tells us that the Bank of England has been Nationalised, should that be so, any debt which is owed to the Bank is in fact owed to the People. Is the Coalition, in reality paying the British debt to itself or is the Bank in fact private?

Should there be a part of the debt which cannot be paid, that would suggest that the Bank is lying to the people and keeping the rate of interest payable by the coalition at as close to zero as possible, while watching austerity rob the people of what little they have left, while destroying the value of savings and watching the demise of the middle class.

Cameron has already announced that he has handed the control of the Economy into the hands of the Bank, which would appear to suggest that the UK is being run by whomever is holding the two Golden Shares in the Bank. It would also suggest that the rate of inflation is being manipulated, in order to avoid an increase in interest rates, which would ease the pressure on savings and pension funds. Savings are vanishing before the eyes of the saver. The loss of value of the currency is so significant, it is waste of time trying to save a pension pot.

If any of you have any idea about this “deficit which is always there” perhaps you could leave me a note.

North Korea has been threatening to throw its rattle out of its pram in the direction of South Korea, creating an uproar on the airwaves. For one  State to menace another, in this manner was unacceptable, a close watch must be maintained Kim Il Un, as he appears to be about to leave the reservation. This uproar coming from an International Community which has been listening for months as the illegal State of Israel has been throwing threats of destruction at Iran.

While still chuckling at this blatant hypocrisy, it occurred to me that Israel and Korea have a historical connection. After the founding of the State of Israel, while the terrorising and ethnic cleansing was in full flow, The United States and the British were at war with Korea, taking the world’s attention away from the Crimes Against Humanity which were taking place in the Middle East and keeping it focused on Korea, which was the first United Nations War, the organisation to end wars,  blah! blah! blah!

I had a brief peek at the way this war was conducted. What I found astounded me. It could not have been any more brutal in its conduct.   The British Army was a conscript Army, which is normally better behaved than a Professional Army,  as  it draws its forces from all levels of the community. This did not prove to be the case in Korea.

The list of atrocities was a clear indication that the mentality of the armies of both States, which was maintained all through the Second World War, where right to the end, they could be relied on to behave badly, through this Korean War, where they mirrored the behaviour of the brutish terrorists whom were cleansing Palestine and maintained the momentum all the way to Vietnam.

The War Crimes in Korea culminated in the forcing of hundreds of civilians into a railway tunnel, until they were tightly packed and then machine gunning them to death, from both ends of the tunnel.

The US and their allies in the South, were responsible for the deliberate mass slaughter of civilians, at one point bragging that they had wiped out at least twenty per-cent of the population.

The US is estimated to have used more shells and bombs on Korea than were used all through World War Two. The overall death toll was in excess of five million souls, probably a third of the population of the North.

Is it any wonder that North Korea feels the need to arm itself to the teeth, with scum like the British and US forces ranged against them? What is the greatest of mysteries to me, is this belief that the West represent freedom and Democracy, when in fact they are no more than Merchants of Death.

One of the last acts of the US marines in Germany was to hand clubs to the inmates of a prison camp and stand watching as they beat the German Guards to death.

The last act was probably the torture of the German High Command, in an attempt to extract confessions, for crimes which they did not commit. The Commandant of Auschwitz was threatened that if he did not admit to things which had never taken place at the factory, his wife and children would be handed over to the Russians.

The staggering number of people, both men and women whom were hanged at Nuremberg, is reminiscent of apocryphal tales of the cruelty of Vlad the Impaler. All of the men whom were hanged, were found to have had their testicles crushed,  when autopsies were carried out following their hanging.

This appalling slaughter was carried out in the name of an event, for which there is not one shred of evidence in existence. The German people have now, sadly, been lobotomised by the trauma of this event and play no apparent part in the direction of their own society. They have fallen back under the control of the Bolsheviks and appear to be doomed to stay there, at least until they have bred themselves out of the picture.

The Muslim Peoples are  now feeling the venomous wrath of those whom would rule the world. Their lands are being flattened one by one, in what is presented as a means of freeing them from Dictatorship, while leaving all of the Royal Dictators in place.

Even as I write news is leaking out of Libya, though it has yet to be reported by the mainstream, that the Libyan Parliament has come under gunfire, suggesting that all is not as we have been told. There would appear to be some resistance to the British installed  puppets. Perhaps they are wondering to where the benefits which they enjoyed under Gadaffi have vanished, along with the tons of gold which have simply disappeared, presumably into a deep hole in the Rothschild Central Banking System.

Have You Heard The One About The Irishman, The Englishman, The Scotsman,The Lord, The Prince And The Pope?

There seems to be no end to the connections of running sore Jimmy Savile. He is not only linked to several British Prime Ministers and the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, he would appear to have had an acquaintance with a couple of Popes and the odd Archbishop.

Liberal Lord Foxy, seems to have managed to stay clear of the real hard-core necrophiliac and ritual child killers and concentrated his antics on the more, shall we say, “normal” though just as unacceptable, form of sexual abuse. He does not give the immediate impression of someone fleet-of-foot enough, to race after little boys. So slipping his hand into the knickers of female members of the Lib-dem’s would appear to be his limit. We can only wait and see, perhaps more will be revealed.  Perhaps he will shame Clegg by announcing that Clegg knew all along what had been going on and told him to go, and to keep his mouth shut.

Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien resigned Monday as Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh and said he would not be attending the Conclave to elect the new Pope.  What a strange world we live in when you realise that all of those in the above photograph, are in one way or another, acquainted with the most prolific serial sex abuser in British history. That is, the presumed most prolific. The case is not yet closed.

The Cardinal being the most recent to come out of the closet for allegedly inappropriately touching some young priests. Heaven forbid!  I must confess, before I too am outed, that I am guilty of the same offence. A young priest, once asked me if I could guess what he had in the pocket of his cassock. I was giving it a curious feel for a couple of seconds, before I realised what it was. I plead not guilty.

The Lib-Dem’s find themselves once more in the spotlight, while the case against serial liar Chris Hunhe, has not yet reached a conclusion, this is  the man whom not only lies about Global Warming but whom believes that by forcing a punitive tax down the throats of the British people, he will change the weather. I wonder when he announced to the shifty leader of his Party, that he had in fact been lying through his teeth, about his speeder.

Why are the British people being so acceptable of the fact, that there would appear to be a high level group of paedophiles running the country. A group whom have taken out D Notices in order to cover-up their behaviour? Are they in favour of this sort of activity? What would it take to make them stand up and say, “Enough, is enough?” Yet another man from a TV soap is in Court, charged with the rape of a young child. Life in the UK resembles more and more a soap opera.

Are there no decent folk left in the UK? Does this behaviour reflect what has become of the country?

These Political Perverts, while they are being disgraced on a daily basis, are sending in the suicide bombers, to slaughter women and children in Syria and Afghanistan, having already destroyed Libya and Iraq, under the orders of a man whom was himself recently having to explain why he was spending the night with his chauffeur.

Tony Blair himself was allegedly arrested for loitering outside a public toilet. This is all disgraceful stuff, yet the docile British people continue to vote, time after time, for the same people. Do they not get it?

With all of the evidence which is now freely available, the British still believe that the wholesale murder and destruction, which was inflicted on to Germany by International Jewry, was a just war. They praise themselves for fighting so bravely, to defend their country, when it was under no threat. They were the aggressors. They were deceived.

They are right now, standing idly by, watching a bunch of Jewish MPs in Parliament, tossing a few ‘in jokes’ at each other, while both sides of the House are pretending that they are intent on sorting out the deliberately induced depression, when they all fully understand that there is no way out. They are looking for ever more devious ways of robbing the people, in order to pass the money to the bankers, whom are holding the illegal debt.

When Hitler and Germany found themselves in the position of being debt slaves to the international bankers, he sorted it out quite simply and in short order, unfortunately, this feat cost the lives of over twenty million Germans and the complete and utter destruction of Germany. That is the power of the cabal whom have seized control of the planet. Like Iceland, Hitler refused to play the bankers game.  RIP.

Through Gritted Teeth I Forced Myself To Listen To The BBC World News.

There would now appear to be such a void, between the mainstream and reality, that it has become impossible to be anything other than confused, by the topics of the day, with which we are presented by the disinformation arm of the British Establishment.

While the BBC is itself under scrutiny because of the manner in which it covered up the antics of the Rock Brigade under serial paedophile Jimmy Savile, they now find themselves in the role of interrogator, into the sexual deviancy within the higher ranks of the Lib-Dem’s a member of the governing coalition, and in particular, as with the BBC’s own transgressions, what was known and what action was taken. The BBC can hardly be described as being fit to ask such questions, to which they themselves have as yet given no proper reply.

As with the sordid tale of Savile, and the Newsnight programme which was cancelled, the BBC has just announced the airing of yet another case of serious child abuse in Afghanistan, which like Libya has been handed over to the thugs and Drug Barons with a “Democratically,” elected leader, whom rigged the vote but was put into power anyway, “because of the lack of time to hold another election before winter.” A winter which was apparently the longest on record, as after two or three years there is still no sign of an election.

There was once again no mention of Bahrain, Mali, Spain, Bulgaria or Libya, in fact the list of omissions was endless. We were treated to a long and annoying account of Daniel Day-Lewis’s win at the Oscars and his proud admission that he not only remained in character on the set and all through the days of filming but even at home. Imagine living with that?

The nearest thing to a discussion of the parlous state of the British and European economies, was an interview with a thief, whom makes his living buying and selling money, which in any decent political system, should be  considered as a crime.

The tone of the BBC, as far as financial affairs are concerned, is in keeping with that of Sky News, CNN, Fox News and whatever other News outlet you care to mention. There is no in-depth study of the system itself, which is always presented as sacrosanct.

The Peoples of Europe and of course the rest of the Western World, are kept in the dark, as to the real cause of the fiscal problem. The BBC is a publicly funded organisation, unlike Sky News or any of the others, which can claim the right or indeed the obligation to present the views of those whom own, control and pay the staff.

The BBC however, should present all sides of a problem and yet it never does. Which would suggest that the people of the UK are paying to be deceived. I could quite easily express a solution to the current state of affairs, which would never be given an airing on the BBC. That is the measure of the depth of control, which a hidden hand, holds over the head of the organisation.

The first step in this attempt to improve the miserable situation of the deprived masses of Europe, is to wake up to the obvious.  The people must be made to see what Europe has now become. There are areas with thirty per cent unemployment, in a Union which was supposed to make us all rich. It has failed and no amount of tampering will change a thing. The reason I can present this with such surety, is because this failure comes as no surprise to those whom brought it about.

The way the world operates is quite simple. It is based on two basic ideas, money and greed. Nothing more.

It is well understood that unchecked Capitalism, will mean, that everything will end up in the same hands.

Take a good look around you, it is already clear that the money system has been cornered. It is claimed that there are eight banking families, whom have the world-wide control of the printing of money.

The BBC will never disclose the holder of the British debt, because to do so would lay bare the criminality of any government, which is prepared to rob and starve its people, in order to give their money to sharks, whom pay no taxes and whom are in fact, responsible for every war during the last hundred years.

The system of government, which is presented as an example to the whole-wide world, as the best possibility to protect the Rights of Man, Democracy,  is in fact simply the preferred system of control.

The simplest way to grasp this sad fact is to understand the meaning of the saying, “It doesn’t matter for whom you vote, the government always wins.”

For example, in Italy a new Political Party has entered the arena. They are proposing to carry on with exactly the same system which has destroyed Italy and robbed its people, however they will do it in a slightly different way. As did the Con-Dem-Lib alliance in the UK. They of course, are blaming the previous Socialist regime, for all of the UK’s problems, which is quite obviously total garbage, yet the Socialists keep mum and go along with the game.

The coalition has had a complete success, which gives a false impression of failure. They have continued the destruction of the UK, where successive governments have privatised just about all of the Utilities, exported a large chunk of industrial production overseas and flooded the country with immigrants, whom now roam the streets of London declaring neighbourhoods to be Sharia Law zones.

The finance minister has declared his intention to carry on with austerity measures, which will always be necessary as long as there is a large number of unemployed people needing support and no investment in productive jobs, which would generate more taxes to pass to the bankers.

Everybody understands this, to pretend otherwise is a waste of time, the object is to bring the UK to is knees.

When governments are expressing surprise, that their economies have suddenly taken a nose dive, while at the same time Free Trade agreements which they have entered into, are allowing trillions of Euros, Dollars and Pounds to be paid to China in return for rubbish, money which miraculously, on arrival in China  goes straight into the pockets of the elite, whom are the folk whom financed the Chinese miracle in the first place, it becomes clear for whom our politicians are working. Europe is being drained of funds.

The real and well understood trap of Democracy, is the system of Political Parties, the leaders and upper echelons of which can be bought, blackmailed or murdered. In the US and UK,  two political groups take it in turn to govern. One of the two, will initiate a regime of controls, which will be criticised by the other, but which will remain on the books, whomsoever takes the reins.

Any wonders which are promised during elections go by the board when the election has been won. Which is why Manifestos should be made legally binding documents. A change which will never be carried out by politicians, but which could be insisted on in local constituencies.

Now let us take a look at the monetary system. Imagine what you could do, should you find yourself in the position, where for example, France was paying you seventy-two billion Euros a year, the UK probably roughly the same, Italy, Greece, Spain and all of the other members of the EU all paying similar amounts, all in all, hundreds of billions of Pounds, and Euros and all of this money was being passed to you for nothing, no gold or silver or jewels, simply in return for the click of a mouse.

Now calculate what a transformation could be made in Europe, if all of this money remained in the hands of the people whom had worked to generate this wealth, instead of passing it into the hands of leeches and other parasites, whom use it to destroy us in unnecessary wars and make us sick with the foodstuffs which they force us to consume.

This is not  fantasy, this is exactly what is happening. The money is used amongst other things to pay off politicians, every Congressman and Senator in the US is a millionaire. We, the workers generate all of this wealth and our elected politicians just hand it over to a cartel of criminals.

The Stock Exchanges of the world, generate no wealth, they are simply a system to steal the wealth which has been generated by us. Any financial millionaire, whom deposits a million Dollars or whatever, in an overseas bank account, has stolen that money out of the pockets of suckers, they too are parasites.

By now I hope that I have made it clear that the present system is repulsive, because it passes most of the money towards the same pockets, this is exactly what it is intended to do. Every penny which is earned by the poor is taken from them by dozens of taxes and other forms of theft. Every cent of Income Tax, which the deluded people imagine pays for roads and other public works, is in fact paid directly to the private bankers.

All of this could be changed overnight. All it would take is the courage to do it. The banks could be Nationalised, after which they could just carry on as now but without the usury. The debt could then be put to its proper use, to improve the welfare of the working man. However this will never be done by the clowns whom pretend to govern us at the moment. They will have to go, one and all and a group of decent men and women should be elected with a mandate to carry out these changes.  That, unfortunately is where the dream begins.

The Farce Of Scottish Independence.

One of the discussions on Today, the BBC’s  flagship News programme on Radio Four, was the question of Scottish Independence and its future place in the European Union.

The debate was chaired by John Humpries, the BBC attack poodle, whom carried out an interview with Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi in the UK, without  the words  “War Crimes,” being part of the discussion. He was no more searching, in his dealings with the Scottish spokesperson.

He failed to ask the question, concerning the point of a referendum for independence, when the man, whom is leading the call for a referendum, Alex Salmond, has already announced his intention of staying in the EU, despite the fact that it has been a total disaster, by design, in order to force a “Closer Union” of member Countries, which will of course mean handing over the control of Scottish affairs into the hands of those whom oversaw this disaster.

Salmond is a stooge. All political  parties are controlled and the Scottish National Party is no different. To even consider membership of the EU is a sure and certain mark of control.

Globalisation and Free Trade have made a mockery of the EU, yet UK politicians are still pushing it as a “Single Market,” which will be closed to those Countries, whom are not in the Club. When did China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India and Brazil join this club?  Europe is swamped with cheap rubbish from the East, which is as it was supposed to be.

New Labour, under Blair and Brown, were given the task of destroying the UK’s economy, by making possible the huge Banking  fraud, which was carried out under their leadership. They pushed credit down the throats of the British until it was choking them. The Conservatives stood by watching it all take place, without a word of warning. The Lib-Dem’s were busy sacking a good leader, to clear the way for Europe’s man Clegg.

The Lib-Dem’s, carefully placed themselves alongside the millions whom were protesting against the war in Iraq, in a cynical move to win votes, a stance which has been shown to be no more than a deception, they were manoeuvred into the coalition, through trickery, to provide the British with a “full house” of political parties in favour of War Crimes and wholesale theft, as in Libya, Côte d’Ivoire, Syria and Mali.

To make sure that the British people would never be given a Referendum on Europe, for which a majority is calling, Gordon Brown, slithered off to Lisbon to sign a treaty which he had promised not to accept, without the go-ahead from the people.

Alleged paedophile, Gordon Brown, was kept busy towards the end of his unelected term as UK Prime Minister, he saved the world, which is no small feat. He then managed to close down the vestiges of UK heavy industry, sending it off to pollute us from India. He then lost the election to Clegg and Cameron, despite the British having rejected a coalition by deserting the Lib-Dem’s in massive numbers and headed off to take up his new job with the criminal, International Monetary Fund.

The British are now faced with a conundrum. The coalition is now using the Referendum card,  knowing full well that they will lose the next election, while the Socialists, when they are elected, will cancel the Referendum as they are opposed to the whole idea, that smells of choice, which is illegal under the British brand of Democracy.

The only possibility of change for the British, is to vote for single issue candidates, whom promise to vote to leave the EU, before it’s too late, other than that, it’s Ukip, which talks a lot of hot air and have never managed to convince the voter that they are anything more than a laugh-a-minute side-show. Farage boots out those whom take the idea of leaving the EU a bit too seriously.

The true culprit in the middle of this mess is the banking system. Yet there is not one politician in the UK or Scotland, whom has aired this issue, that is the level of fear which is generated by the Central Bankers. Nigel Farage of Ukip has access to the mainstream media, yet like Osborn and Darling and Brown, he mentions not a word of condemnation of this gigantic fraud. Salmond also keeps his mouth shut.

Should the likes of Humpries, be unaware of the depth of criminality involved in this corrupt banking system, they need look no farther than the speeches of Ron Paul, to discover the reality.  Having watched a Ron Paul speech, one would imagine that Humpries, during one of his “hard-hitting” interviews with Cameron or Osborn, might innocently ask the question “What is the point of continuing to allow a banking system which does nothing for the people, while lining the pockets of the rich?” Neither Humpries or any other “journalist” has ever posed this question to a leading politician. It is banned by all mainstream media.

Salmond and the SNP has been tasked with the job of emasculating the UK. After Scotland, next on the list would appear to be Ulster and after that Wales. This will leave that strange hotchpotch, called England, where indigenous folk are becoming harder and harder to find and which will soon become a Muslim State, where the workers can be treated as they are in Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc., standing on its own, with no army, worth the name, at the mercy of the Globalists.

We are well into the last lap. Europe is broke, there is no sign of a recovery, stock market figures are a deception, they say nothing whatever about European production, most of the multi-nationals have factories in China, there is no serious investment in European Industry.

The best thing that the Scottish People can do is to wait until the Referendum has delivered Independence and then before he can set about selling off the Scottish people s oil resources and distilleries, to repay the loan from the IMF, which he most certainly will accept, is to get rid of Salmond, he is a traitor and vote only for those whom are not Free Masons, they are more likely to use the closure of the Central Bank and the issuance of a Scottish currency, interest free, which will enrich Scotland overnight and is the way out of the strangle-hold of the Banking Families.

A Horse, A Horse, My Kingdom For A Horse Sandwich.

As predicted, David Cameron presented his visit into the heart of darkness, in deepest Europe, as a tremendous triumph for the UK and for all those whom seek drastic change in the workings of the EU.

He asked no hard questions, such as the lack of explanation as to what the EU has done with hundreds of billions of Euros, which have simply vanished.  These are the folk whom are presenting themselves as being more capable than are sovereign Countries at handling their economies, while in reality they can not manage their own.

He made no mention of an “EU Spring” seeking to find work for the hundreds of Euro MPs, whom have no role whatsoever but whom cost many billions of Euros in salary and even more in expenses, by introducing democracy into the parliament, which at the moment is controlled from behind the scenes, instructions being passed on by unelected mouthpieces, whom call themselves the Commission.  The elected members have no voting rights, they can only offer adjustments to legislation.

Despite Cameron’s claims of a reduction in the UK’s contribution, to Europe, in reality the contribution rises, this is of course because of Tony Blair?

The Press were understandably, more interested in the main story of the day. Hot on the heels of the discovery of the remains of King Richard the Third, we may have news of his horse.

The News bulletins have been full of the Horse Meat Scandal. One after the other, talking heads have been advising us as to whether there might be traces of CRIMINALITY. Quelle Horreur! This is now a Europe-wide Crisis.  Some could even smell a whiff of fraud.

 We the people can blithly throw our live crabs into boiling water to make them pinker. Eat chickens from batteries, so packed with antibiotics, it is like eating medicine. Munch down dog meat, occasionally, in our curry. Pork from pigs which never saw the sun  throughout their lives, Goose, Turkey,Quail, Pheasant, Partridge, snake, frogs, snails, however, horse meat? Why that is akin to cannibalism.

Cameron is promising to get to the bottom of this abomination, heads must roll. The people of the UK have the right to know that when they go in to a shop and buy a lasagne, made with beef, that they are eating cow.

After a little bit of practice, hounding down the Meat Mafia, perhaps they could turn their attention to the biggest fraud in the history of civilisation, into which there has been no inquiry whatsoever, the system of Fractional Banking and the illegal imposition of usury, which is robbing the people of the world while enriching the Central Banking families. Any of our money which is not thrown into the black hole of Europe, will end up in the pockets of the criminal bankers.

In the meantime, perhaps they could close down the quangos which are costing one hundred and seventy billion pounds a year, mainly in an effort to convince the people that the European Union is a worthwhile operation, when in fact it is yet another fraud, designed to take control of every aspect of our lives. Quangos are simply jobs for the boys, offering salaries of up to three hundred thousand pounds for “friends” of the government.

The Jewish Bolshevik Dream Of World-Wide Domination Takes Another Giant Step Forward.

The countries which were passed into the cruel hands of Jew, Joseph Stalin, at the end of the Second World War, by the Jews whom controlled the war, Churchill and Roosevelt, enjoyed a short period of freedom, following the controlled disintegration of the Soviet Union, only to be taken back into the new European Soviet, by the establishment which was left in place by the departing Soviets.

Despite the evidence that the countries which are already members of this unelected organisation, want out but are refused the right to a referendum, despite the verdict by those whom experienced life under the Soviets, that the European Union is even more repressive, there is a rush, not only to join this Union but also to take up the Euro, which has been shown to be a disaster.

We now learn that on top of all this and in the middle of a purposely generated financial crisis, which has been generated from the City of London, the now “Free” Russian government is in the process setting up the Eurasian Union.

All of the so-called advantages, which were forwarded as reasons for joining the European Union, are being presented all over again, with the simple proviso that the problems which have afflicted the EU, will not be repeated. Whatever that means.

It has not yet been explained to the Peoples of the countries involved in these discussions, that this is yet another step, by the same Shadow Government, which has control of the EU and the soon to be announced North American Union, which has been set-up without a word to the Peoples of the US, Mexico or Canada, to take total control of the world, under Communism, a system which will bring nothing to the people apart from mass extermination.

The last step in this domination of the world by Zionist interests or whomever may be hidden behind the curtain, will be the setting up of the Pacific Union, which will be dominated by China and will include Australia, New Zealand and the Extreme Orient.

This is not mere conjecture, this is written down in plain language, Agenda 21 is all part of this scheme, as are the lies about Carbon being bad for the planet, Global Warming and Peak Oil.

One of the stumbling blocks to this desire of total control is Islam. Muslims have as yet, not been completely dumbed down, as have been the rest of the Hollywood educated, once Christian world. They have shown remarkable courage and determination in their desire to retain their own special life-style, while being put under enormous and continuous pressure and illegal attack, by the “Hell-hounds,” whom would, given the chance, treat us all in the same manner.

This morning, Thursday 18th Oct,  Sky News announced that yet another FBI produced,  “false terrorist” attack was “foiled” by those whom had set it up. The selected “Patsy” was of course a Muslim, from Bangladesh. This is simply the most recent example of the continuing attempts of the FBI, to generate hatred and fear of Muslims.

Not one single “real” Muslim attempt to carry out an attack in the US, since the 911 attack, which was in fact carried out by Mossad, has been uncovered, every one of the events have been found to have been paid for by the FBI and we have never heard from the accused Muslims.

Sky, rounded off their propaganda moment, by giving the UK Security Minister, a platform to rail against the Muslim threat. The warning would appear to be, that another attack may take place, along the lines of Mumbai or 7-7 or any of the other examples of “False Flag” attacks.

At a time, when there is a veritable genocide against Muslims, taking place, world-wide. When millions, have been murdered, had their countries destroyed, been exposed to “real terrorists” whom are controlled by the very people whom claim to be fighting terrorism, watched malformed children being born by the hundred because of the Atomic weapons which are being illegally used against civilians,  these courteous people have not resorted to any form of terrorism, which is why it is necessary for the FBI to invent it.

All of this slaughter is part of the push to install a World Government, which will be in the hands of those whom brought us the nightmares of China and Mao and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic and the three abominations Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky. Both of these regimes operated to a philosophy which involved the culling of millions of people, an estimated one hundred and fifty million deaths.

This is what lies in wait for the Peoples of the four Unions, which are being installed right now. They will be shown no mercy. This is written down, quite clearly.  You have the choice, you can either laugh it off, or you can stand shoulder to shoulder with the Muslim world, we all have the same enemy.

Very soon the “Great Culling” will begin, it may start with a war against Iran, which will provide the excuse for a wider conflict, which will destroy Europe, or simply an excuse to take down the rest of the Middle East, apart of course from those States which are already controlled by Jewish Royal Families. In any case, when we come out on the other side of the conflict, nothing will be the same or will ever be again.

We are in danger of being plunged into another Dark Age, by those whom are driven by a lust for power and an insatiable desire for wealth. These people are simply parasites. They will never do anything which might be in the interests of the people, they are psychopaths, whom do not even understand the concept of love or generosity.

A Good Deal For The Elite, Will Be Deadly For Us.

I keep telling myself not to worry, very soon I will receive that all important Tweet, Email, Texto or a call to arms on Facebook. The nightmare which I can see careering towards me, will be brought to a standstill by sliding my finger across the screen of a “Smart-Phone,” wont it? Well sadly, no.

Despite all of the gadgets in the hands of the “Young Generation,” and all of the garbage about the Arab Spring and the flow of information around the Freedom Squares all over the Muslim world, nothing has changed.

Greece is still in turmoil. The police are becoming more and more savage in an attempt to beat the demonstrators to their knees. Still the European Commission and the IMF, under the guise of helpers, are pretending to help ease the financial problems of Greece by offering yet another loan, which will simply be paid into the coffers of the Deutsche Bank, in part payment of the interest which is already driving Greece into oblivion.

The IMF and the ECB, are being criticised, for failing to understand that austerity will not work. The only way to solve the problem is to increase employment, which will increase income tax, therefore making more money available to pay the debt.

This is perfectly clear, is it not? It is not the best solution, however it is most certainly an improvement on austerity. Now hands up those whom believe that the IMF and ECB do not fully understand this simple fact. Of course they understand, they know exactly what they are doing, they are flaying Greece. Greece is being taken to the cleaners. Angela Merkel, the Communist Jew, from what was East Germany, is visiting Greece in her role as Bailiff for the IMF. She will be casting an eye on the remains of Public Utilities in the battered country.

Even as Merkel is urging the Greeks to take on more debt, it is being announced that Germany itself is likely to need a bailout in the near future, as will  the UK and Spain and Italy and so on. We are expected to have forgotten that this debt became a problem when we were all forced to bail-out failed banks, which had created an enormous debt. A debt so huge that it would cost more than all of the money on earth to repay it. Experts in economics are talking of quadrillions of dollars of debt and yet nobody appears to know to whom this vast debt is owed.

Sometimes I buy a ticket for the Euro Million Lottery. I have never won a cent. Too bad, very few do win. Now why do you think that no bright spark has not simply announced to all of those unknowns, holding Credit Default Swaps or Derivatives, to simply shrug their shoulders and get on with life, had there not been a credit default they would have lost anyway.

Whom did they pay for the Default Swap?  I believe the whole business to be a fraud on a gigantic scale. I do not believe that it is possible to create a debt of that size. Nobody, however expert, appears to have the ability to explain in simple language, how this situation came about. What has become of the money which changed hands when the original deal was made?

There cannot be a politician on the planet, unaware of the criminality which is taking  place, so why are they not speaking up? Why is nobody going to prison?

Basically because they are working to an agenda. The most important part of this agenda is the desire to transform the Western World into a controlled system along the lines of the Soviet Union.

The first step in this process is to destroy our economies, which will make us dependent on credit from the private central bankers. Read Agenda 21 for yourselves, that is the new Communist Manifesto. It is all made clear. Property is theft, individuality must be subservient to the needs of the community and so on. In the US, the richest country the world has ever known, there are over fifty million people with nothing to live on apart from Government Food Stamps. Unemployment is actually over twenty per-cent, when part time workers are included in the calculation.

Every western government is in league with this deception of the people. The UK, is going down the drain. Despite stringent austerity measures, things are going from bad to worse. There is very little remaining in the UK which has not already been sold off. The water system is gone, the airports, the docks, the Railways, even education is being passed into the hands of the multi-national companies, through Academies, which they fund and which will feed garbage into the heads of children.

All across the Western World, the people are using tools, televisions, house-hold gadgets, computers and just about anything you can think of, all made in China. This situation did not come about because China began to manufacture all of these things and offered them to the rest of the world at unbeatable prices, this was all very carefully worked out, with the aid and complicity of our politicians.

Since the nineteen-eighties, the Western Multi-Nationals have been investing in China and India and Brazil. All of the Chinese industry is in effect, in Western hands. Everything which is produced in China is made to order and to specifications which were provided by western businessmen. In any large Do-It-Yourself store you can find electric tools such as a wood planer, bearing the name selected by the importer, exactly the same tool can be found in another store, painted in another colour, bearing another name.

Well known brands, such as Philips are also made to specification in the Chinese factories, at a fraction of the European labour costs. Even Japanese high quality products are now made in China. SONY, for example which is actually owned by Rockefeller’s, Standard Oil New York, has out sourced most of its production to China.

It was all camouflaged with romantic terms like globalisation, free trade and sharing with the Third World. All very commendable and all a pack of lies and deceit. Globalisation was code for find the cheapest labour costs on the planet and place your order. Should the labour costs rise in that location simply look for another needy manufacturer. Free Trade, on the face of it meant opening up our markets to Third World countries to help them in the export of their goods, in reality it meant that the West could be flooded with goods made by children and virtual slave labour and imported without problem into the West.

The result of all this assistance for the Third World, has created what has become known as a race to the bottom, which will lead to the same result as does Capitalism, where all the money will eventually end up in the same hands, in the case of Globalism all of the production will end up in the country where the workers are the most desperate and worse off than slaves.

To fix this situation in place, it was decided that these emerging manufacturers, should be exempt from Carbon Tax and retain the right to build coal-fired Power Stations, while the rest of us would have to make do with limited access to electricity and rely on Solar Energy and Green jobs. This myth has just been exploded, when the US placed entry tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels, to hide the reality of trying to compete with China in a Free Trade Zone.

So with all of this in place, to suggest that the IMF and the European Commission are “Getting it wrong,” is ridiculous to say the least. They are getting it exactly right from their perspective. They are intent on using this deliberately created financial crisis to impose a new system, which will of course save us all, by giving them complete control of every aspect of our lives.

Experts on every subject display either a complete ignorance of real life or they are part of the propaganda drive of the Elite. Only today I heard at least three different experts explain how the US learned nothing from the experience of Vietnam and made the same mistakes in  Iraq. Really is that what you think? Well I prefer to believe that in Vietnam the US Military Industrial Complex made a killing. They loved every minute of it, they loved it so much they cannot get enough of it.

Do you know that they were dropping more bombs on Vietnam,  Laos and Cambodia, in a day than were dropped on Germany all through the Second World War. Have you any idea how much a bomb costs? It was not just bombs, Monsanto dumped millions of tons of  Agent Orange onto the jungle, not to mention the tons of drugs which were shipped back home to the US in the body bags with dead GIs.

They did not learn anything from the way things turned out in Libya and here they are doing the same thing in Syria,  said another expert. Well once again things came out exactly as planned in Libya, they do not have the slightest concern about the mess which they created for the people. It appears that Hilary Clinton was even prepared to select a sitting duck, low-cost, Ambassador, and lead him to the slaughter, in order to provide an excuse for something which has not yet been made clear.

We are dealing with madmen. We should not expect any sort of decent gesture from any of them.  Iraq was destroyed and contaminated quite deliberately, in order to steal the oil, which is now being sold to China at two dollars a barrel, so that the Chinese motorist is now receiving the benefit of Gas at bargain prices, while the US consumer is paying through the nose.

It is quite clear that we are involved in a war of terror and the Muslim World is the selected target. To pretend that we are in danger of attack, while the Muslims have been devastated and blamed for everything, is so disgusting that it is impossible to make sense of it. Especially when it is as clear as day that Israel did 911, which was “The New Pearl Harbour” event which excused the subsequent slaughter, torture, rape and pillage, across the Muslim world by “Our Boys” that murderous bunch of scum which is used to fulfil the dreams of the Elite.

So rest assured SNAFU, as it has been all through my life. The piles of dead are no higher now than in  past years, the only certainty is that there is no threat to the controllers whom are well hidden behind a veil of anonymity. It will be you whom will pay the ultimate price to satisfy the greed and avarice of the Zionist so-called blood-line.

Killer Cops, Killer Mercenaries and Cop Killers. They Are All The Same.

I was amused to read that Max Blumenthal, a Jew whom presents himself as an honest broker, has resigned from Al Akhbar, because he could no longer accept the apologists for Assad, whom were allowed to present their case to the rest of us.

Blumenthal, like Sky News hack Stuart Ramsey, has access to “trusted” sources, journalists whom are in Syria, risking their lives to present a view of events which the rest of the mainstream media obtained, without any need to put their lives at risk, simply by watching the “Rebel” produced clips on YouTube.

Blumenthal, would be better employed digging out the Jews whom are pushing for an attack against Syria and Iran, to suit their own demonic desires to seize control of the entire Middle East.     Why not interview influential Jews whom are prepared to stand up and speak the truth. Perhaps he could explain to the predators in Israel, that they are simply  sacrificial lambs, waiting for the slaughter, with a clinically insane shepherd driving them into the fire.

Netanyahu, the current leader of the dupes in Israel, is in fact everything that Hitler was supposed to be and was not. Even to the stony-hearted hypocrites in Israel, it must be clear, that in keeping with all of the other ghouls, whom have held the same position in the past, he has never wasted one moment of his time worrying about the welfare of others.

In recent days the Muslim World has been in turmoil, due to a short film which was given huge coverage by the media, the Jews of course claim to have control of the media, so one can only wonder what may lie behind the publishing of this clip, which we are told was financed by Jews.

Blumenthal is urging the installation of democracy in Syria, a form of democracy which is of course also controlled by the Jews, which he claims would deliver the same freedoms for Syrians as did the installation of democracy in Libya.

The French have just elected, democratically of course, their second Jewish President in a row. Merkel in Germany is simply the most recent in a long line of Jews whom have been democratically put in power in Germany, the British whom have had many Jewish Prime Ministers in the past, are at the moment under the control of Jew David Cameron and the next election will either re-elect Cameron or his opposite number in the Socialist Party Jew Ed Milliband. Medvedev, the Russian Prime Minister, is of course also a Jew. There must be a dead rat there somewhere.

The British have of course been brain-dead for sometime and are at the moment flat-lining along the bottom of the barrel in a dumbed down trance, still believing that they courageously saved the world, by doing the Jewish Bankers dirty work, by carrying out the cold-blooded destruction of the people and patrimony of Germany.

With a staggering lack of empathy for her own people, the German Queen of England, recently unveiled a monument to Bomber Command, in recognition of their murderous attacks against innocent men, women and children. This was the true War Crime of World War Two. She would have been more correct to give her blessing to a monument dedicated to the memory of the five hundred thousand souls whom were fire-bombed in Dresden.

The Jews whom were given control of Germany at the end of World War 2, just as they had been at the end of the Great War, when  they had set up the Weimar Republic, initially starved millions of Germans to death. They then set about the emasculation of the German people by destroying their heritage and culture. They re-wrote all school text books, instilling a sense of guilt into the minds of school children. The stated aim of the Allies, Jew Winston Churchill, Jew Roosevelt and Jew Stalin, was to hold all of the German people responsible for the exaggerated claims which were made against their leadership.

It was not until word leaked out about their efforts to eliminate huge numbers of Germans through this starvation tactic that the so-called Berlin airlift commenced. This had nothing to do with a Russian blockade, as we were educated to believe, it was simply an under-cover means of hiding the reality of the Jewish aim of killing as many Germans as possible.

The Jews had already presented a fictitious image of the war-time German leaders, at Nuremberg, where they had control of the translation of all of the Germans responses under cross-examination, they also had control of fifty per-cent of the prosecutors, an illegality which has never been investigated, even back then Nuremberg was considered to be no more than a Kangaroo Court.

The object was to make the Germans pay for the installation of the Jews in  the stolen land of Palestine and to put in place a world-wide hatred of the German people, using a myth as the excuse. Germans are still being gaoled, should they question the claims which are still being used as justification for this situation.

The Jews are of course justifying their diabolical behaviour by claiming that they have been so badly treated themselves, that they can do anything and it just does not count as bad behaviour.  Well I am sorry it does count and by any measure of decency the Jewish people are disgusting.

The Jews in East Germany and the rest of the Soviet controlled Eastern Block, worked hand in glove with the Jews in Bonn, whom were and still are, controlled from the City of London, by the folk whom engineered the Second World War, to suit the aims of the Jewish Bankers.

British Prime Ministers are no more than go-between’s for the City of London. Simple communications systems are too hackable to trust. Cameron and Blair and the rest of them simply do as they are told. They are all Zionists or Jews and they are delivering messages to the other Zionists or Jews whom run  the Zionist Empire.

Laurent Fabius, the Jewish French Foreign Minister, has declared Assad to be unfit to live. This from the man whom sank the “Rainbow Warrior” killing a photographer and lying to the National Assembly about his dirty deed. To call for the killing of the leader of a country which poses no threat to France, based on lies which have been propagated by  Mercenaries in the pay of the French government, should be a sacking offence.

Strangely I am accused of seeing Jews everywhere, however here in France, the people have been under Jewish control since the days of the Revolution, when the German Masonic Luciferian Jews grabbed control.

There are those whom tell me that to continue to blame the Jews is a form of disinformation, that the real culprits are the Jesuits and the Black Pope. This may be so, if it is, why do the Jewish folk whom appear to be robbing us blind and holding us as slaves through the use of compound interest, not explain to us that they too are prisoners of the system which they appear to control?

For whom are the Jewish figureheads running the media? For whom are they running the world-wide Central Banking system? For whom did they take control of and slaughter sixty-five million people in Russia? When a Rothschild mother made the statement that “If her boys did not want a war, there would be no war” did she say this understanding that what her boys wanted made no difference in reality, that they were simply puppets of a hidden hand?

I would be happy to be pointed towards evidence of an even deeper seat of control than the overt example, which would appear to have control at this point in history. Just as they appear to have been the group which manipulated us into two genocidal world wars.

As they now appear to be positioning Muslim people across the world, in order to create even more pressure points, which can be exploited in the way illustrated by the recent blasphemous film clip .

Just as Mossad, which is funded by Jewish interests, would appear to have been implicated in every False Flag attack in recent times, including the assassination of JFK.

In the UK, following the deaths of two female police officers, Sky News has been pushing the idea of arming the police in order to avoid future incidents of this nature. These two bubbly, happy-go-lucky, super-cops will not be coming home from work and all of that stuff, has been levelled at us, in the usual manner when a police officer is killed or injured in the course of his work. Who would have thought that while answering a normal call, reporting a burglary, that these two police would be killed in such a manner.

Those whom feel like this might explain to the family of Jean Charles de Menezes why a gang of bubbly, happy-go-lucky cops found it necessary to pump eleven dum-dum rounds into the head of their son and then along with the rest of the Metropolitan Police Force lie about the event. They might also explain the reasoning behind the Judges instruction to the Jury, that their verdict could not include unlawful killing.

When they have finished excusing that one, they can explain to the family and friends of Ian Tomlinson, why the same Police Force lied about the murder of their father, husband and son, whom like the bubbly pair in Manchester, did not come home from work and why it was not until the film of the event surfaced that they were even prepared to discuss the matter.

The murderer involved was found not guilty of even manslaughter, having, on film, brutally attacked an innocent man from behind with a club and then pushed him to the ground, causing an internal haemorrhage which caused the mans death. This murder was classed as a form of misconduct, from a man with “previous,” as they say.

Mark Duggan, another police murder, another pack of lies about him being armed and the fabrication of evidence to make it appear as if he had fired at them first. These are just recent events and not one conviction of any sort for the psychopathic killers involved and Sky News wants these people armed?

In the manner of Max Blumenthal, I find myself becoming jaded by these apologists for the Police, It has become clear, that in line with the Military, the Police Force is seeking out these psychopaths, whom will turn their guns on whomsoever they are ordered. This is why we see an array of dangerous masked hoodlums, whom are turned loose even against demonstrating children.  Only those of a sick nature would take on this form of work against their own people.

Perhaps that old “News Hen” Kay Burley, would like to ask a few of these cops, how they might feel should the killer of these two Police Officers be let off with a caution, as were all of the Police cold-blooded killers? I would also like to hear from her if it was her own idea to refer the dead police officers as the “Fallen Police Officers?” This term is normally reserved for Soldiers in wartime, I do not think that an isolated incident on the streets of Manchester, should be treated like a full scale war on the streets of the UK. It might be more apt to remind people of the hundreds of deaths of those in police custody, for which there has been no charges levelled against the police officers involved.

The Muslim Brotherhood? No More Muslim Than Muslim Express.

Today, Thursday 13th September, we were treated to the spectacle of the newly selected President of Egypt, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group which was set-up in the Masonic Lodges of Cairo, in the 1920s of the last century, in response to another genuine Muslim Political Group, which was gaining too much attention for the money-lenders in the City of London, addressing the European Parliament, which is styled on a Soviet Politburo and is controlled by a Portuguese Communist Jew, Borosso, whom is himself unelected, promising to bring Democracy and freedom to every last man woman and child in Egypt.

Borosso, whom was himself installed by exactly the same banking families, which dreamt up the Muslim Brotherhood, was explaining to Morsi, that he would now be eligible for a poisoned loan from the International Monetary Fund, which is also controlled from the City of London by these same banking families, a loan which is essential to trap Egypt into the Rothschild Compound Interest quagmire, an act which is forbidden by the Koran. Usury is illegal in Islam.

While this charade was taking place, the Sky News team of liars, was explaining how the Muslim Brotherhood, against the wishes of the West, was gaining power all across the Maghreb and the Middle East. The Sky Team appeared to be blithely unaware that like Al Qaeda, the Brotherhood has been transformed into a friend of the West and will soon, no doubt, be helping Israel to destroy any remaining obstacle to the Jewish aim of total domination of the Middle East.

Israel itself was in the News for having funded the translation of a short film, which depicted and denigrated Mohammed the Prophet, God Bless His Name and was designed to provoke a response, which resulted in the attack of the US Embassy in Benghazi in Libya, and the killing of the Ambassador and members of his staff.

This provocative clip follows hot on the heels of a Channel Four TV film, which suggested that there was no historical evidence for the setting up of the Islamic Religion in the 7th Century. Which was broadcast in keeping with the right of free speech and the right of Press Freedom.

Perhaps Channel Four would now like to cast its eye into the more recent past, in search of proof of the holocaust, which would surely be a far simpler task, even though the evidence for which, proves to be strangely elusive for the amateur researchers’ whom have been drawing a blank. Channel Four will soon discover that freedom of thought, speech and press, may well apply to Islamic matters but certainly not to Jewish issues.

The whole gamut of terrorist groups, which include Mossad, the CIA, MI6, Al Qaeda, are all privately controlled by the people whom set them up for the purpose of maintaining a perpetual state of war. None of them are answerable to the voter or to the politicians in the countries from which they operate. Like the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve, politicians pretend to appoint the Governor or Chairman or whatever, when in fact they are put in place by the bankers and they answer to the bankers, as do the terrorist Intelligence organisations.

The Muslim Brotherhood, like the traitorous sub-human animals, whom are slaughtering women and children in Syria, in an attempt to generate an excuse for a “No Fly Zone,” which will give the military arm of the Bankers, NATO, an excuse to torch the country into oblivion, are paid puppets of Israel. There will be no place in hell for scum such as this. They are blasphemers one and all.

Remembering The Day That Inspired The Muslim Holocaust.

Day of the Chosen Person.

What can I say?

Barak Obama and his government of War Criminals, have decided to call the date of the False Flag attack against the World Trade Centre, Patriot Day. What a laugh they must be having at the expense of the millions of Muslims whom have perished or have been contaminated with Depleted Uranium as a result of this excuse.

As normal with this form of False Flag atrocity, there has been no properly conducted enquiry, however there is a mountain of evidence available, all of which points in one direction, towards Israel.

Most of the alleged suicide bombers, whom allegedly hi-jacked the planes on that day, are in fact still living and many of them have complained to the US Government about the use of their photograph and personal details, which supposedly linked them to the attacks. In many cases the US have apologised and yet they have still not made their lies public.

Therein lies the problem, this is a house of cards. Every lie is necessary in order to support other lies. The sad fact is that the US is the most corrupt and vicious country on Earth. It is no accident that they maintain a death sentence in many States and have the biggest prison population of any country.

There is not a shred of real evidence to connect a group of Muslims to the 911 attack, we have simply been told a story which we are obliged to believe, however ridiculous it may be. Should a niggle of doubt sprout up in the mind of the almost brain-dead average US Citizen, the theory is that they would go mad and hang the government from lamp posts.  This is arrant nonsense, they do not give a damn.

We are talking of the folk whom murdered two hundred million indigenous people and are even now seeking ways of driving them off the Reservations, in order to hand over the resources to the Jewish money-lenders.

They are about to vote in an election, in which both candidates are promising yet more war and murder against a people whom have posed no threat to any of us, apart from the controllers of the planet whom must take control of all they survey.

The monstrous lie of 911 was the starting point for this bid to destroy us all, leaving them with a planet fit for their purposes, with just enough slave labour remaining to see to their needs.

The intended financial crash which arrived in 2007-8 was planned well in advance. The whole operation is a scam. This is why we can never find out to whom all of this so-called debt is owed. Most of it is the debt which is always with us, that is the debt to the Rothschild Central Banks, which is of course payable every year and will be forever, it can never be paid off as long as we keep money in circulation, the rest, all of the Derivatives and Credit Default Swaps and all of that garbage, well nobody appears to be standing up and asking for payment, do they? So if there is no claim being made we can just dump it until someone does claim ownership.

I do not believe that one cent has changed hands in order to generate this fictitious debt, it has all been generated to present an excuse to rob us all and to create panic across the planet.

Right now, any decent economist will explain, that in order to repay the “Debt” the best method is to create work, which will generate more Income Tax, all of which has been paid to the Rothschild’s since its inception, to pay the interest on Central Bank loans.

Right now in Europe, all of the Jews are in place, Cameron in the UK,Merkel in Germany and Hollande in France whom will ignore “Best Policy” which they well understand, but will instead force a round of “Privatisation” across the EU, which will surrender the patrimony of every debtor state into the hands of the Jewish Bankers, while at the same time destroying the middle classes.

This is not pure speculation, this is what they themselves have announced to be their intention. They will soon introduce yet another form of transaction, of which they will have total control, giving them the power to extract every last cent of our earnings. Cameron has already suggested that salaries of the workers should be handed over to the Inland Revenue, whom will extract whatever they like and hand the rest over to the person whom has created the value in the money. The Inland Revenue is no more than the bailiff of the Central Bankers, making sure that they get their illegal pound of flesh.

François Hollande has just announced a round of austerity measures which will lead to the destruction of the French way of life. Agenda 21 is already in place, and the necessary amenities in the country towns and villages have been dismantled.

Despite the so-called shortage of money, there has been no shortage in the necessary funds to enlarge most of the bigger regional cities, in readiness for the huge numbers, whom will soon be deserting the country-side. for a new life in battery hen sized homes in the cities.

The new life for the average Englishman, will centre around his Ipad, with which he will be able to log on to Tesco, where all of his favourite items will be noted, making it possible for him to do his grocery and other shopping, without having to get up off his back-side. This will all be delivered to his “Little Box” by Tesco delivery services. This is in preparation for the day when he will no longer be allowed the luxury of private transport. One can imagine the problem of too many people on a bus with their shopping.

All of this criminal activity was triggered by the people whom have control of the US Establishment.  That would be the City of London of course. There is a false belief that the UK is subservient to the US, this is rubbish, the “City” has maintained control of the US ever since the installation of the Federal Reserve Bank, which is wholly privately owned, as is the Bank of England, despite the fact that the British Government claim that it was Nationalised in 1948 or some say 1958, nobody seems to be too sure, however the accounts are split in two, “We the People” are allowed to see only one of these two sets of accounts, the other being reserved for the Two Shareholders. Her Majesty the Queen and her financial advisor Lord Rothschild.

This is the legacy of 911 and the punitive war against the Muslim Peoples. Nothing which emanates from the mouths of Western Politicians can be trusted, they have a long and twisted trail of murder, torture, theft and destruction, which brings us back to where we started. Israel has been carrying out “False Flag” attacks, in order to generate an excuse to steal more and more of the land of Palestine and the surrounding countries, these are the people whom came up with the holocaust as a reason for stealing Palestine in 1948, could that really be the one piece of truth in the middle of a pack of lies?

The Elite Live In Fear Of The Charisma Of Adolf Hitler.

Despite monumental efforts, the elite have never managed to extinguish the  fascination of thinking people, with the legend of Adolf Hitler. They know that deep inside, many people have a grudging admiration for Hitler and the German people and their magnificent struggle, against overwhelming odds, after the British and the “Coalition of the Guilty” declared what was in effect an illegal war against Germany in nineteen-thirty-nine.

It has become taboo to mention the very name of Hitler, never mind the suggestion that he may have done more good than he is given credit for. It has become hard to believe that Hitler was twice named Man of the Year by Time Magazine. The Berlin Olympic Games were in fact a great success, despite the propaganda suggesting that there had been some problem when Jesse Owen won his Gold Medals.

The Jews started the propaganda war against Germany in nineteen-thirty-three, at a time when there had been absolutely no suggestion of any sort of misbehaviour against, Blacks, Whites or Jews. This was before the Jews murdered the German Ambassador to France in Paris, which generated a response which became known as Crystal Night.

In my lifetime, I have never seen so much deliberate disinformation and lies, from many quarters, intent on blackening the achievements of Hitler, during the first six years after he was elected into office.

It is evident that this attack is to make sure that nobody opens their mouth to explain how we should at this moment, during the deepest, deliberate recession, since the Great Depression, be making use of the tools which served Hitler and the National Socialists so well in pulling Germany out of the mire, which upset the City of London and the Bankers and was the real cause of the war.

The question which needs to be answered, is the identity of the folk whom have such control over our politicians, that none dare mention the notion that the whole of the banking system is nothing more than a gigantic fraud, which is being used to enrich the bankers and impoverish the rest of us. The absolute obedience of the political players is astounding. The tight grip of the Shadow Government over the current situation, which has given them the power to declare war at will, order the assassination of anyone whom stands in their way and to take possession of every aspect of our daily life through the use of our labour and money, through “privatisation” which is just another way of saying, legalised robbery.

The banking system itself is an extortion racket and our elected politicians are nothing more than clerks in an enormous “Bookies Shop.” The House always wins, the dice are loaded against us and we allow them to get away with it..

Listen Carefully To Fox News And Other Liars, Just For Once It Could Be In Your Best Interest.

Reports from Syria, where the elected government is fighting an armed attack, by terrorists, whom are being funded by Israel, US, UK, France, Saudi Arabia and other traitorous Muslim States, are suggesting that the “Rebels” are too lightly armed to take on the might of the Assad Army. They are recommending that more arms should be shipped to the “Rebels” as soon as possible, in order to change the balance of power.

US residents should perhaps read my opening paragraph a few times until they fully grasp the level of hypocrisy involved in this suggestion. The US is at the moment under the control of the most vicious, bloodthirsty, pack of rabid dogs, which has ever had control of the so-called “Land of the Free.” These controlled agents,  are forcing the exact opposite down the throats of the American electorate.

News outlets, Fox for US audiences and Sky for the UK and of course the BBC, for the rest of the world, are for home consumption, telling us that a UN Treaty will soon give the Federal Government in the US, the right to seize the arms of all US citizens. These are the folk whom gave us the carnage at Waco, under the pretence of a possible armed attack by members of a religious group. They had no compunction whatsoever about roasting women and children to death, in order to seize their weapons.

It is extremely difficult for the average US Citizen to understand that the rubbish which we are fed about Assad in Syria, is exactly that, rubbish. The World is being taken apart. The US is already on the skids. Syria is just another link in this chain of events. The only truth in all of this is the fact that the people, all over the World, have need of more arms, to hold the advance of the Zionist desire for total control, at bay.

All members of the G20, had been warned as long ago as 2004, that the banking fraud was on its way. Gordon Brown, in the UK was fully aware of the severity of the coming “Bank Robbery,” in response he simply stood by, waiting for his cue to “Save the World” by telling us that we must pass all of our remaining cash to the Bankers.

This stupidity is still being employed, despite all of the experiences in the past, which have demonstrated that austerity fails. Governments are not carrying out these measures, believing that it is the right thing to do, they are deliberately destroying their own countries economies.

I have repeatedly asked the question, “What was the point of Gordon Brown closing down a perfectly good steel plant in the North of England and using UK tax payers money, to install it in India, in the name of Carbon emissions, which do not apply to India or China?”  This is crap, he knew what he was doing. He was deliberately destroying the UK’s industrial base. Carbon emissions are an excuse, which is being instilled into the minds of children at school, to disguise the impoverishment of Western States.

The so-called “Debt” is no more than an excuse to rob us all. Germany is being fleeced. German capital is being used to bail out failing economies, which are gaining nothing more than an ever-growing debt of interest from the transaction. If Greece cannot afford to repay the current debt, from where will they find the means to repay an even greater debt?

The unelected European Commission was well aware that countries such as Greece and Portugal were ineligible for entry into the Eurozone. Nobody got it wrong, nobody was fooled, it was all carried out or allowed in order to produce a catastrophic debt.  The whole object was to take away our sovereign rights.

The Peoples of Greece, Spain and Italy are taking to the streets. As usual their governments have all of the fire-power. They have come to understand, that a debt which is quite obviously a banking debt is being blamed on the people. If it is all the fault of the people, why is it that the Banks need bailing out?

Whom amongst us can believe that the UN is not perfectly well aware of the events which are taking place in  Syria? It is as plain as the nose on Punch’s face that Al Qaeda is being paid by UN member states to destroy another UN member. They are in league with the Zionist plan. The UN is part of the problem, not the solution.

Is it possible that the folk whom can concoct treaties of thousands of pages, such as Agenda 21, tying us all to ferocious rules, which will destroy all of our lives, leaving no loop-holes or ways out, cannot write a simple Resolution imposing a “No Fly Zone” which is not riddled with ambiguities which allow the execution of NATO war crimes against civilians?

The American people can be sure that when they are allowed to see the UN Treaty which will allow Obama or Romney to seize their weapons, it will prove to be perfectly clear, leaving no room for doubt.  You should not forget that when the Marines knock on your door, you will be on your own. Are you prepared to refuse their orders to give up your guns?

All of the events which are taking place at the moment, mirror what was done to Germany and Japan, in order to instigate the Second World War. The British took care of the German end of the deal while Roosevelt  provoked Japan.

Germany for its part would have been stupid to have taken on a war with “The World,” Hitler was not stupid. He was provoked by Poland, just as Assad is being provoked at the moment. When he was finally attacked by Poland, the British advised him to retaliate, in order to protect the ethnic Germans in Danzig. When Hitler acted, the British immediately declared war on Germany, using the flimsiest of excuses. The same excuse is used time after time, the brain-dead public never questions anything.

The Jews had already declared a war with Germany in nineteen-thirty-three. The Jews called for a Final Solution to wipe all Germans off the face of the earth. Churchill in his own writings, admitted to forcing the war on to Hitler,”If he wanted it or not.” No mention of these things are ever made, in order to maintain the illusion of the alleged barbarity of Hitler.

The US has been marked for destruction. There can be no doubt about this. Just as in the last great depression, the aim is to steal everything. When the remains of the US people come out of the end of this shake-down, they will find that the UN has not only taken their guns but also their homes and land rights. They will not be allowed to drive cars and will find themselves trapped in Cities, while the country-side is  reserved for animals and the rich.

The Federal government will soon start to provoke the Militias into taking some sort of action against the Dictatorial State, which will provide an excuse to call in NATO troops or Al Qaeda, to take care of the “Rebels.” The idea that some outside force should be prepared to provide more destructive weapons, in order to create a more equal combat, will be given short shrift by the criminals in Washington.

At the moment we are being bombarded with lies about Hitler and the National Socialists. This is no accident. No chink must be opened, which might provide an insight into Hitler’s real achievements. Should just one lie be exposed for what it is, it would turn a spotlight onto  all of the other claims, most of which have been made by Jewish interests.

The same thing is true of 911. Every detail of the Bush/Cheney version of events has to be believed, however ridiculous they may be. This dubious belief in the unbelievable, reveals quite clearly, those whom can be trusted, from those with another agenda.

The champion of the Muslim cause in the UK, George Galloway, whom one might imagine would have some reservations about the 911 atrocity, as it hangs the blame on a group of Muslims, whom were brought into the US and lodged with FBI men and some on Military Bases, to fill the role of known “Patsies,” accepts not only the entire story but is prepared to claim that there is no evidence that secret documents were destroyed in WT7, in order to cover up government corruption, while at the same time accepting the guilt of Muslims without the need of evidence.

His attitude to the 7-7 “False Flag,” in London is based on the same routine. Attackers whom were well-known to the Security Service, as they must be, otherwise how could they be located, even before the police had had a chance to search for DNA or other signs of whom had carried out the attacks?

Why is Galloway, whom should be campaigning for a proper enquiry into 7-7, be so eager to accept Police and Security Service claims, which condemns the families of four decent young Muslims lads, to the infamy of blame for a crime which showed all of the signs of a Mossad controlled operation, as did the 911 attack.

Another character whom constantly pours out the drivel about Hitler, is Mike Rivero. I have heard the garbage which this man claims as truth, so many times that I have given up believing anything he says. His favourite is the nonsense about Hitler dressing people up in Polish Army uniforms, in order to generate a “False Flag” excuse to invade Poland. For this to be true, we have to declare Winston Churchill a liar and ignore the attacks against Ethnic Germans in Danzig, which was the real “False Flag,” under the control of the City of London, to provoke Germany into war.

The whole of the Hitler scenario has to hold together in order to justify an acceptance of the holocaust. As with the other events, hard evidence of this atrocity is thin on the ground. Even the Jews themselves no longer talk of Gas Chambers, as not one single example has ever been produced. The entire claim is based solely on the word of the Jews, while all of the evidence on the ground points in another direction, which is why there is a stranglehold on discussion and a gaol sentence for those whom choose to deny that it happened.

To have subjected the German people to the scorn and hatred of the civilised world, through claims that a German government rounded up six million Jews and gassed them to death, in concentration camps, without overwhelming evidence of the truth of this claim is so disgusting and inhuman, that one can only marvel at the diabolical ability of the folk who make these claims.

What is even more incredible is the inability if the alternative community, to spot the similarity between claims which are currently being made against Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, Assad and any other leader whom will not conform to NATO demands and the claims which were made against Hitler.

Hitler is the big one. Hitler and the holocaust. In order to force acceptance of claims made about both, we have had our right to free thought and free speech suspended.

In reality there is no real threat from the Muslim World, all the terrorism is carried out by the elected governments of the “Free West” and they care little whom they slaughter in order to enforce more and more control on to us all in the name safety from attack. The Democratic West has laid the world to waste for centuries. We have never had the chance to progress in a civilised manner, we have been held in a constant state fear and war to suit a bunch of inbred psychopaths.

These madmen are even now genetically modifying Influenza Virus, in order to create the most contagious and fatal strain possible. What need does the world have for such a creation?  There can be only one possible reason, the desire to cull as much of the human herd as possible in as short a space of time as possible.  This corresponds to the stated desires of the Elite Shadow Government.

So in fact Fox News and the others are speaking as much for us, the blessed citizens of the democratic West, as for the people of Syria. We should all have guns, why are we expected to stand defenceless, face to face with police and military men, whom have access to a whole array of arms with which to control the public. These arms are only necessary because the government thinks it has the right to choose for us and that we must accept their dictates, or else. This is not freedom or democracy.

Everything is a Lie. Nothing Can Be Trusted. Deception Reigns Supreme.

Whom amongst us has not gazed in wonder at the depictions of men with beards, whom we were told by the likes of Erich Von Daniken, could be visitors from outer space, whom had visited South America in the distant past, as he assured us that bearded men did not exist in the indigenous tribes.

Many carvings of bearded heads, bearing a remarkable resemblance to Spanish or Portuguese carvings from the Middle Ages, which of course they could not possibly represent, as these heads existed long before Columbus discovered America.

The Piri Re’is maps of the world fall into the same category, they must be the work of spacemen as no one else had ever visited these regions before the likes of Magellan and Vasco da Gama.

These suppositions are of course a pack of lies, which were generated to deceive the Pope and the Catholic Church, which had the right to claim all newly discovered lands for the Church.

When Columbus sailed into the sunset, claiming to be seeking a new route to India, he knew exactly where he was headed. This has been well-known and documented for years. In fact even Irish monks found America, in past times. The Vikings left a load of evidence of their visits, all of which has been ignored in order to maintain a lie. The Money Lenders were in fact already sacking the Continent, long before its existence was declared.

This is the manner in which we and now our children and their children have been educated. This is mind control on a grand scale.

This system is being employed against us all. Let me give you an example. Gadaffi, we were told, was like Hitler, as an excuse to slaughter him and his family. Well Gadaffi was like Hitler, a man whom defied the bankers and used whatever means necessary to raise his Peoples standard of living. Both of them succeeded and both of them were destroyed. We the “free people” of the world, then have the magic wand waved in front of our eyes and hey presto, we believe that what our governments have done was “good” for the German and Libyan Peoples, despite the carnage involved in “helping them gain their freedom.”

We in the Free West, elect only nice people into power.  The British people elected Tony Blair three times because he was so nice. The American people elected Barak Obama, because he too was so nice and black into the bargain. All of the other NATO countries have elected similar nice people whom are all engaged in the slaughter of Muslim people, whom are of course basically defenceless. Our nice leaders are assuring us that if we do not kill these harmless people as quickly as possible they will creep up behind us and chop off our heads.

I could guarantee that everything which we have been told about the origin of the Second World War is false. The Bankers and their puppet governments are even now, seventy years later, still trying to conceal their barbaric behaviour and the extent of their crimes against humanity. Not since Attila the Hun has any body been condemned as totally as has Hitler, which in reality is an indication of the depth of guilt which needs to be concealed by the Allies.

The last great crime of the Allied Forces, apart from the wholesale rape and murder of the German people by the advancing Russian Army, was the fire bombing of the defenceless city of Dresden, resulting in the deaths of half a million men, women and children.

The reason Dresden was bombed with such venom and savagery, as the war was ending, was because it had been kept in pristine condition by the allies as the intended target for the soon to be available Atomic Bomb. The Allies had been attempting to continue the war, even though Hitler was prepared to surrender, in order to provide this test of atomic weapons. As the war was ending it was viciously bombed into oblivion anyway.

They were more successful in prolonging the war against Japan, by demanding the imposition of increasingly unacceptable conditions on the Japanese. Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been preserved intact as the reserve target. The rest of Japan, like Germany had been flattened.

Whenever there are a series of bomb attacks in for example Baghdad, we are told that these attacks bear all the hallmarks of an Al Qaeda atrocity, again this is true, the lie is in the fact that Al Qaeda is Mossad and the CIA. This has been well known for years. Al Qaeda is at the moment engaged in Syria, having already wiped out Gadaffi in Libya. In Dublin in the nine-teen seventies, there was a bomb attack, which should it occur now, would be described as bearing the same hallmarks, however it was found, after a long and deliberately delayed enquiry, that the attack had been carried out by the SAS, which was in fact responsible for most of the atrocities in Ireland during the troubles.

Politicians like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are little different from other infiltrators or spies, whom worm their way into a position where they can betray and subvert an otherwise worthwhile organisation. They do this not from a philosophic standpoint, they have no interest in right or wrong, they simply have no understanding of morality as a concept, they do it because they have a lust for power and of course greed. These are the scum whom are aiding the real psychopaths to take control of all and everything.

The Queen of England herself and no doubt Prince Charles, was educated into the ways of the Shadow Government by the Fabian Society, which was set up by the Royal Institute for International Affairs. The object of this group is to control the people of the world and all resources necessary for life on earth.

The biggest lie and deception of all has been the inculcation into the minds of us all,  the belief in Democracy, that things can be changed by voting for the same group of people over and over again. Nothing could be further from the truth, political parties and professional politicians are all under control,whom do you suppose provides their political education? What do you suppose is taught at Eton? Why do you suppose there are so many Scottish voices in the English Parliament, Blair, Brown, Cameron and Darling amongst them? They call it SNAFU.

We are watching the destruction of yet another Hitler in Syria. Another man whom is guilty of nothing. The Syrian people have given him their support, which went unreported. We are being lied to on a daily basis by a media, which has just spent months trying to present itself as having an interest in truth. Even this was a complicated charade, which was more to do with criminality on the part of media top men than with integrity in the reporting of the News. No mention was made of the provable lies which have been told, in recent times concerning both Gadaffi and Assad.

The belief in what we are allowed to know by the controlled media, is a measure of the deep sleep into which we have fallen. Even now they are telling us that they are busily preparing us for execution automatic at sixty-five and nobody appears to have noticed or maybe they just do not care.

Bilderberger, Free Mason, Friend of USA and Israel, François Hollande, Is Desperately Looking For a War.


It will very soon dawn on the French people that François Hollande comes out of the same mould as did his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy.

Hollande, like Sarkozy is preparing to send the French Military into one or all of the following countries, Mali, Syria or Iran, none of whom pose any threat to France nor indeed to any of the NATO States.

It had been glaringly obvious that Hollande was an establishment puppet since he and other French traitors aided Sarkozy and the UMP in the criminal act of  re-writing the French Constitution, to suit the needs of the un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels.  Their aim was to  destroy France and place it under the control of the Communists whom from behind the scenes have governed France for many years. Without his help Sarkozy would not have had enough support to sign the Treaty of Lisbon, against the wishes of the French people.

Hollande is in need of his own personal war. Not a real war of course, like the rest of NATO, France prefers to shoot fish in a barrel. Continuing this pathetic rubbish about the threat of Muslim terrorism, while NATO slaughters and contaminates Muslim people wherever they can be found.

A bomb kills a few Jews in Bulgaria and Israel is sent howling in self-pity, claiming that it was Iranians whom carried out the attack. I would probably be nearer the mark should I claim that it was an Israeli False Flag, attack to build an excuse to kill a few more Muslim women and children, a task which the criminal State of Israel relishes.

Hollande is incapable of solving the unemployment problem in France, he and the leaders of all persuasions of political parties stood silently by, watching the destruction of the French industrial base, without a word of protest. Any offer of a solution at this late date is nothing more than hot air.

France is in meltdown, you can feel it in the air. The moral of the people has never been so low. The summer season has been slow in coming. There are fewer tourists, bookings across the board, are down in the dumps.

Car maker Peugeot has come under scrutiny, having announced redundancies in their work force, due to lack of demand for their product, which means the cars which are made in France. Peugeot has long been established in China and Eastern Europe, where of course they can make use of virtual slave labour.

On the war front Hollande, like Sarkozy, has completely ignored massive evidence, that France, is involved in a covert war in Syria. He has made no comment about the death of Gilles Jacquier, a French journalist whom it has been claimed was killed by Assad forces, while even Le Figaro a respected French newspaper asserts that it was the French paid mercenaries whom did the killing.

In the manner of all the puppet leaders, he apparently  lacks the ability to discern the truth from disinformation and propaganda and continues to lend the support of France and the French people to illegal, aggressive campaigns against those leaders whom refuse to conform to the neo-colonialism of NATO and the Bankers.

Hollande is in fact, like all politicians a liar and will soon be in the ranks of War Criminals, along with the likes of Blair, Sarkozy, Hague and Cameron, all of whom in a just world would be arrested on the spot and locked up for life.

He has made no attempt to disclose the hidden secrets of Agenda 21 to the people, whom are led to believe that it involves no more than an effort to save the habitat of a few frogs, excuse the pun. They are being given no idea of the actuality of this document from the UN, which will in fact destroy France and imprison the people into what are being euphemistically called “Human Habitation Zones.”

I am sure that the Hollande regime will continue in exactly the same manner as all of the French governments since the days of General de Gaulle.

If Hollande was serious about protecting France from the coming crash, he would be insisting on interest free loans from the ECB, for small businesses and farmers and the initiating of massive public works and of course the imposition of trade tariffs against the importation of products fabricated using slave labour, in order to make a level playing field for French made products. Any fool can see that it is short-term thinking to believe that Free Trade helps “people over there” this is only true while people “over here” can afford to buy their products.

It is becoming clearer by the day that current events are merely a prelude to the installation of a tyrannical government, which will enslave us all and these tyrants, will of course, use all of the remedies, which I have been listing for months, to “Save” us.

Hollande is not on the side of freedom and Democracy. He has never been any more than a puppet whom was educated by the Shadow Government, in order to carry out their long laid plans to control us all.

Sky Continues The Call To War Against Muslims.

The question which needs asking in the Leveson Enquiry, is that of whom is actually in control of the Murdoch Press and in particular the continuing disinformation which is being presented by Sky News, to the British public, as they eat their kippers at breakfast.

Since those heady days when two million protesters took to the streets in an attempt to stop the warmongering, Socialist Government from destroying Iraq, killing at least one million innocent people and stealing the oil reserves for the Queen and her friends at BP, the British have shown a diminishing interest in the bloody exploits of the democratically elected band of murderers whom carry out the orders of the Central Bankers in the name of the British People.

They are apparently so “dumbed down” that it has become necessary to make allowances for their lack of ability to recognise the wholesale lies and deception, which has become an every-day feature on Sky News and the BBC.

It has become more and more apparent that the UK Media is under the control of a hidden hand, which forbids any form of genuine reporting of events in the Maghreb and the Middle East.

In the UK, even as the screw is being tightened, as the people watch the wealth which they generate, being stolen, from under their noses and paid to the banks which hold the British “Debt,”  as Democracy has clearly become no more than a useful word, with which to justify wholesale murder and theft, Sky News, which is the equivalent of the “Sun” newspaper, has carried out no serious investigation into the destruction of British jobs, which have all been exported to those countries which are exempt from Carbon Tax and other controls. The last act of Gordon Brown was to close a British factory in the north of England and to pay the owners to re-establish the factory in India, where they could pollute to their heart’s content, claiming he was saving the world in the process.

Sky News has spent months deceiving the British Peoples about the continuing Genocide against the Muslim World. Saddam Hussein was a thorn in the side of those shadowy people whom have control of all major industries, oil reserves, food production and even the water reserves of the world. He was manipulated into a corner by the “Coalition of the Guilty” by whom he was armed to the teeth and coaxed into committing various acts, such as actually taking back Kuwait, which had always been a part of Iraq, having had the nod from “Poppy Bush” that the move would be tolerated by the US.

This was exactly the same ploy as was used to encourage Hitler to take back the “Free City of Danzig” in order to protect ethnic Germans, whom were being tortured and killed under orders from the City of London, by the Polish government. One grim secret which has been kept under wraps by the UK is the fact that Hitler refused to take the bait, in the end he was forced to retaliate when the Poles attacked Germany. Rest assured the process never changes and Sky News and the BBC are the means used to cover up the behaviour of the City of London.

All of the claims, which were made about the behaviour of the Iraqi troops, during the invasion of Kuwait, were shown to be absolute nonsense. These lies, such as the throwing of new-born babies from incubators and the use of Black and Decker portable planing machines, to strip skin from the arms of prisoners, were presented as truth to the British people and even after it was exposed as a total fabrication, which was generated to demonize Saddam Hussein, the British were never informed.

The same process was used against Gadaffi and is even now being continued against Assad in Syria. Assad is being described as a cold-blooded, serial killer of his own people, without a shred of real evidence to support these claims, which as in the case of Kuwait, are being concocted by the Western puppets in the so-called Free Syrian Army, or whatever friendly sounding title which the likes of Stuart Ramsey and other British agents use to justify the continuing genocide.

As with the claims which were made against Hitler and the German people, a minimum amount of research will reveal that it was a load of nonsense and will send the controlled governments of the “Coalition of the Guilty” into a tail-spin in their efforts to impose long gaol sentences onto those whom question the establishment version of war-time events. The real victims of the Second World War were the German People, just as were the Iraqi and Libyans in recent times.

Hess, Hitler’s second in command, was sent to the UK, to find out, face to face, why the British were declaring war on Germany, having encouraged the seizure of Danzig. He was arrested and spent the rest of his life in captivity, even though he could not be held responsible for any of the events which occurred during the war. He was finally murdered, to shut him up and to prevent the barbarism of the City of London from being exposed.

Sky News and the BBC repeat monotonously, the mantra against the Muslim people. The nonsense of Muslim terrorism and the serious threat to us all if it is not destroyed. Why are there no similar reports about the insidious destruction of the world by the hidden enemy?  Why, for example can the controlled press, write with impunity, tales of Muslim behaviour, while just the mention of the word “Jew” will invite a torrent of criticism?

Should an objective observer investigate current world events, with access to whichever documents which he may need, it would soon become clear that without the controlled Press and the dissemination of absolute lies in  the name of truth, the real guilty party’s would be the UK, US, Israel and the rest of the dog pack which operates under the title of NATO.

It is an accepted fact that those whom control the money can control the world.  With the fortune, which has been extracted from the working man, by the Central Banking System, these bankers have been given control of phenomenal amounts of money, which has made it possible for them to bring a country to its knees, through the use of an illegal debt,  created by Compound Interest and to privatize all of the needs of life into their claws. This has been carried with the assistance of controlled politicians and of course the controlled media.

The wholesale slaughter of the Muslim people is intended to bring them to heel. The use of Compound Interest is illegal under Islamic Law. Islamic States are not choked with debt, as is the West. This must change, the Central Bankers could not give a damn how many people die in the process. These people must be given Democracy. The fact that all that this Democracy delivers, to the average Muslim, is the total destruction of their country, as in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and the imposition of a Central Bank and the passing of control of  available resources into the hands of the same Central Bankers and the imposition of Neo-Colonial Military Bases.

Every one of these invaded States has been contaminated with Depleted Uranium. This is in fact a form of Nuclear War. The Press has been mainly silent on this matter. This contamination is itself a War Crime. These weapons are being used against civilians.

If every claim made against Saddam or Gadaffi were true, they would be a drop in the ocean when compared with the crimes of the West. This Western Alliance of controlled European Governments and the Central Bankers has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people during the past hundred years and their blood-lust has not yet been satiated.

They are not in the process of setting up a better world for all of humanity, they are in fact putting in place a world tyranny, which under their control will commence the slaughter of billions, of what they refer to as “Useless Eaters.” This is their stated aim. The survivors will be servants of this bunch of demons and they will be forced to live like caged battery chickens, in “Human Habitation Zones” as laid out in Agenda 21 and other documents.

To rely on the likes of Sky News or the BBC to warn the people of the oncoming catastrophic downfall of humanity, is a waste of time. The BBC in particular, has been lying to the British people since is inception in the 1920s of the last century. With control of printed media as well as the television News, Rupert Murdoch, in particular, has played a major role in this deception in more recent times. There is little point in expecting any change in this policy, despite the problems which Murdoch appears to be involved in at the moment.

One only had to listen to the mealy-mouthed Stuart Ramsey, whom it was reporting from Bahrain, during the Formula One Race, to understand more fully the duplicity and lies of Sky News. The fact that the National Union of Journalists has taken no firm action against this form of propaganda is reprehensible. Journalism as a profession has become a disgrace, they are no longer, if they ever were, concerned with truth and justice, they are now merely tools of the Bankers or too worried about their salary to speak out.

They made no outcry against the one man Presidential  election in Yemen nor of the British controlled Muslim Brotherhood taking control of Egypt. The destruction of Libya is still being presented as a great victory for the Libyan people, while no mention is being made of the continuing murders of Black people and other dissenters.

Journalists apparently have little of value to say of the continuing plundering of the World by the private International Monetary Fund. No questions are being raised as to how countries such as Greece will manage to repay future debts, having already handed over all of their resources to the Bankers, including some of  Greece itself. Journalists surely are a part of the machine of terror which has been unleashed against an unsuspecting people.

The Muslim people, whom are in fact guilty of nothing of any importance, have become the whipping boys of a campaign to create racial hatred and possible Civil unrest, which will lead on to the imposition of Martial Law across the “Free World” to save us all from what? From the people whom are telling that they will save us? I certainly do not want the likes of Little Willie Hague saving me.

Because of Western induced slaughter across the Muslim World, which is ongoing, millions of Muslims have been given refugee status in Western countries. In fact they have been strategically placed to create tension with indigenous populations.

The Press machine, including the likes of Alex Jones and the alternative media are giving air-time to those whom would talk up this state of affairs as a form of infiltration, designed to start the take-over of Western States by Islam and the installation of Sharia Law.

No mention is made of the fact that they will be hard pressed to prise this control from the grasp of the Jewish interests which currently own it lock-stock and barrel.

In a world which is under a sentence of death, non-conformists are the main threat. Muslims do not conform to ideas such as the New-Age Religion with which Christianity will be swamped, under the direction of Jew, Mikhail Gorbachev. Islam is still growing fast, unlike other religions which are on the point of collapse. In a world with a radically reduced population, the controllers will not want any loose cannons left standing, as it would not be too difficult to overcome a small number of controllers.

 Western interests have used the lie of International Muslim Terrorism as an excuse to take control of the oil resources of the Middle East and the Maghreb and the as yet untapped riches of Afghanistan. This sacking of the planet will never end until the banking system and control of money is put back where it belongs, under the control of the people.

We Are Entering The Final Lap Of The Race To Hell.

Our Zionist controlled politicians, are busily preparing the ground, in exactly the same manner in which they provoked Japan and Germany into the Second World War, which has been so named in order to bring it into line with the so-called prophecy of Zionist and Free Mason Albert Pike, whom spoke of three World Wars, in order to provide the possibility of Zionist control of the planet, to force us into a Third World War, which has been spoken of as a war against Islam.

The Muslim people are being destroyed, while we watch the spectacle, in the manner of Romans in the Coliseum watching Gladiators fight to the death.

One by one, country after country, the Muslims are being cruelly put to the sword or simply condemned to a slow and painful death by radiation poisoning. The West is of course distracted by far more important events, football, tennis, Tour de France, golf and very soon the Zionist Olympics. No wonder these caring folk have so little time to spare, worrying about others.

They seem incapable of even the slightest concern about the millions of tons of radio-active waste, which is hurtling towards us from Fukushima. Fish is still very much on the menu, despite being already contaminated. There is not a cubic metre of air on the planet which has not been contaminated with Depleted Uranium. So what! Appears to be the common reaction.

There appears to be a total lack of concern for the well-being of the paid killers, whom we refer to as “our boys,” as they are daily contaminated with this Uranium,  as they fire their weapons at those unfortunate people whom find themselves in Free Fire Zones.

The British public is extremely upset at the moment, because certain Military Regiments are being disbanded. Amongst them is the Regiment which was awarded eleven Victoria Crosses, for the courageous slaughter of Zulus’ with spears, by men with Gatling Guns.

The British have a lot for which to answer and the day of reckoning may arrive very soon. They have just voted for the second Zionist controlled Government in a row without even noticing. They will vote the first one back into power at the first opportunity and will expect a different agenda next time around.

They have been so distracted of late, by the sumptuous wedding of Kate and Wills and the lavish celebrations of the sixtieth anniversary of the Queen’s reign, that they have failed to notice the thousands of elderly folk whom are being starved to death in hospital wards, that is, should they have survived the winter. It would appear that death by dehydration and starvation has quietly become the most common cause of death in our hospitals. The alarming increase in the rate of Autism in children and sterility in both men and women would appear to be of little importance.

The Bankers whom have been caught cheating trillions of pounds out of other people’s pockets seem to be guilty merely of ignoring regulations, Grand Larceny is not a crime for bankers, it would appear. This is of course because the folk at the top, will have made a fortune from the deal, so we cannot expect the Queen and Rothschild to be arraigned in Court. They could of course not have been unaware of what was going on. It will be fun watching the “whitewash” live on Sky.

The Serious Crime Squad, should they want to, will not be allowed to check Rothschild’s or the Bank of England’s accounts, Rothschild demanded this right for himself, he is too important to have to answer to the Law, as the rest of us must.

So here we are once more, in the middle of all this mayhem, still trying to destroy Syria. Hilary Clinton and William Hague are vying with one another, to present the most ridiculous hyperbole and lies surrounding events on the ground and the guilt of the various parties involved, most of whom are in the pay of NATO, a Zionist controlled corporation.

There is little to choose between the group of GI’s, whom under the control of Sergeant Bales, killed and raped their way through two villages in Afghanistan, burning the bodies of the victims as they went and the paid groups of mercenaries in Syria, whom are doing the same thing. Folk like Hague and Clinton are responsible for both. They should be driven from power, not Assad, whom has invaded no country.

Politicians in the West, apparently have the same exoneration from guilt as do bankers and industrialists, they are, after all only following orders. In the UK, the Queen is the Head of State, which makes her responsible for all of the Acts of Parliament, which have been passed under her signature. She is ultimately responsible for the carnage which is being carried out by her Military. She could stop it quite simply by ordering her Military Men to withdraw from illegal wars, in which the UK is involved. She is the guilty party in all of the illegal UK operations since nineteen fifty-two.

She has stood idly by, watching the destruction of the UK and the impoverishment of the people, without batting an eyelid. She it was whom signed into law all of the illegal EU treaties, which have destroyed the UK. She is in fact a traitor, as are all of her Prime Ministers, since the days of Churchill, that mass slaughterer of innocent people, whom helped force the world into the Second World War.

The British people have been so dumbed down, that they cannot understand the simple maxim, “It doesn’t matter for whom you vote, the Government always wins.” Which is why they have been involved in a game of Yo-Yo with the two main political parties in the UK.

This bunch of jokers in Parliament, do not even bother to read the Bills for which they vote. They will not have noticed how Blair concealed, in one of these un-read Bills, a change in the Treason and Sedition Law, in order to prevent the prosecution of himself and his co-conspirators, from the revenge of any “Free” government which may come to power.

The French have displayed an equal degree of blind faith in the political system, by voting into power François Hollande, a professional politician, a Free Mason and Bilderberg member, believing him to be trustworthy.  His first pronouncement, after election, was his willingness to support an illegal war with Syria. He then, of course, backtracked on all his “rhetorical” election pledges.

As with the war against Hitler, the City of London is mounting a coalition of the guilty, to take out the last of the debt free Muslim States. Just as with Hitler, whom believed himself to have the support of Stalin, only to discover the ulterior motives of the Russian Jews, Assad believes he has the support of Putin in the struggle to save Syria from the Zionists and the debt soaked Central Banking system, he will be sadly disappointed. Russia “collapsed” to order, it has been under Zionist control for generations.

Hitler represented exactly the same threat to the Central Bankers and industrialists as did Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi. Germany was mutilated in exactly the same manner as were Iraq and Libya. Nothing has changed in the intervening years, the tactics are the same. Germany has now become a central part of this new” Coalition of the Guilty” and under the present Zionist Government, will with zeal, deal out the same form of criminal attacks against other states, as were once perpetrated against Germany. Where are the free German people now?

When it finally dawns on these deluded disciples of Democracy that we are just cover for a dictatorial group of criminals, intent on total control of the whole patch, it will be too late to do anything about it. Despite a surfeit of evidence, they refuse to accept that they are voting the Mob into power. Take a look at a few films about the Mob, Scorsese’s “Casino” for example and ask yourself whether you can expect any sympathy or understanding from this type of psychopath. These are the type whom have already taken control of politics. Be warned, we truly are a long way down The Road to Perdition.

This clip is truly disgusting. Please be warned, if you are even slightly squeamish you will find it hard to watch.