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Hollie Greig.

HOLLIE GREIG HOAX? THIS IS OUR BACK UP SITE FOR http://holliegreigjustice.blogspot.co.uk/HOLLIE GREIG HOAX? THIS IS OUR BACK UP SITE FOR http://holliegreigjustice.blogspot.co.uk/


The UK Column is appalled by the decision of Sheriff Principle Edward Bowen to jail Robert Green today in what can only be described as a huge miscarriage of justice.

Robert has been the leading campaigner in support of justice for Hollie Greig. The legal proceedings against him came as the result of his arrest for attempting to distribute leaflets while standing as a Parliamentary candidate in Aberdeen at the last General Election. Robert had been standing on the single issue of the alleged, uninvestigated, abuse of Hollie Greig while she was a child.

Since his arrest, Robert has been subject to numerous breaches of his human rights, and repeated irregularities in the legal process, culminating in a trial presided over by a Sheriff with what seems to be a clear conflict if interest – the apparent friendship between Sheriff Bowen and Elish Angiolini. A complaint has already been lodged with the Judicial Office.

Robert has clearly been imprisoned to send a message to everyone campaigning for Hollie.

While we would like to express our concerns for Robert’s safety in a Scottish prison, we would also like to echo the sentiments of the Hollie Demands Justice campaign – this campaign will not be silenced through this type of blatant intimidation.

 This is an extract from the UK Column.


Dunblane Massacre: Scotland: Lord Cullen, Dunblane, Lockerbie

Another of those hoary old conspiracy chestnuts, keeps popping up and yet the implications have never been investigated. In fact they have been buried, by the very people at whom the finger points.

When Roberto Calvi, a high-ranking banker, was found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge in London, the connection was made between the Black cloak of the Dominicans, the Black Friars in question and the black hooded cloak of the Freemasons.

Calvi was some times referred to as God’s Banker, because of his association with The Vatican Bank. His ritualistic killing, which was carried out under strict adherence to Masonic symbolism, concerning tidal flow, which was provided by the ebb and flow of the Thames, uncut or unfinished pieces of stone in his pockets, which we were told at the time were to add weight, to ensure that he was heavy enough to cleanly break his neck when he came to the end of the rope. It was suggested at the time, that his pockets were stuffed with gold bars, this idea seems to have quietly died away, never to reappear.

His killing under Blackfriars Bridge could equally well be laid at the door of the “Black Pope” The Supreme Commander of that other killing machine which is known as the Jesuit Order. Between them, the Jesuits and Dominicans were responsible for a veritable reign of terror in the Middle Ages.

The Dominicans tackled the Albigensians and the Jesuits the Reformers. Neither of them have much of which to be proud. Both Orders, in more recent times have been hotbeds of homosexuality, as in pedophilia or as it is now known, intergenerational sex.

The Jesuits however, are more closely linked to the Freemasons. Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati was a Jesuit. Calvi, was a member of a secret Masonic Lodge, named P2. The membership included High Ranking Police officers, several Generals, Judges, Politicians, Industrialists and Bankers. The membership was so exalted, it became known as a Shadow Government in Italy.

The Jesuit Order, have long been believed to be the powerhouse behind the conspiracy to set up a One World Government and that it is they whom have control over such bodies as the Mafia, CFR and the moneylenders and  the infamous Think Tank, The Club of Rome, which brought us such wonders as the Man Made Global Warming Scam.

In the UK another secret Masonic Lodge was catapulted into the public arena, after the slaughter of a group of schoolchildren in a small town in Scotland, called Dunblane. The membership of this lodge, the Speculative Society, included a well-known group of paedophiles. It also shared with P2 a membership list as long as your arm of Politicians, Policemen, members of the Judiciary, apparently even the Judge whom had the responsibility of running the enquiry into the deaths of the children whom were massacred, members of the Blair Government, leading members of the European Commission and even the Head of NATO, Lord George Robertson.

This, Lodge,  like P2, could be fairly described as a Shadow Government. In fact the membership was so illustrious, that the results of the enquiry into the deaths of the children had a one hundred year secrecy order slapped on it, to hide the names of the paedophiles whom were involved in the abuse of the young boys from the school.

Even Prince Andrew, so recently removed from one of his official posts, because of his association with an alleged paedophile, had connections with the school.

Dunblane was no ordinary school. Despite the Enid Blyton image, employed at the time of the massacre. This was no village school, where children of the village were murdered. Had it been, there would have been an outcry at the cover-up.

Dunblane’s Queen Victoria School, was a form of Military Academy, which was run on the lines of the Borstal Boys Prison, in the film “Scum” Young children were ritually abused, on a grand scale. They were “loaned out” to various local groups of Freemasons, returning with horrifying accounts of their experiences. All of these events were related to the authorities but no action was taken. The ritualistic abuse took place even at night in the dormitories, where the older boys abused the youngsters.

The school was mainly run by Military Men, whom instilled a doctrine of “Take it and keep your mouth shut” into the mentality of the young boys in their care. The parents of the boys, were Military people, worrying about promotion and their pensions, while at the same time believing their boys education, which allegedly cost more than an education at Eton, to be worth their children suffering a bit.

Part of the high cost of the education, involved “Junior Uniforms” with red jackets and hunting kilts, which the boys were obliged to wear when “loaned out.” There is evidence that the boys whom were murdered, were the boys whom took part in the Freemasons Balls.

Like the script from a Hammer film, when the enquiry took place, it was being run by the very people, who had most probably been taking part in the events themselves. They would of course grant themselves immunity from prosecution and go straight back to telling us how to run our lives.

Many of these people are still employed to run our Courts, Police, Government and the European Union. We are surrounded by filth. We are being trained to worry about the paedophile living down the road, when in fact the main danger is the sick establishment, which is allowed to act as it chooses.

Children in care have always been the most vulnerable, sadly it is quite clear that there is nowhere to turn for help and guidance, both Church and State are deeply involved in these dark practices. Thousands of children are being taken from their parents every year. They are, so we are told being adopted, in fact they just vanish and there is no check on their well-being or location. The natural parents are given no access to their child.

It is well-known in the US that these children  are being sold to the highest bidder. They are being snatched because they conform to the desires of a prospective purchaser.

These things never change and they certainly never improve. The family of Hollie Greig is still having to endure the same lack of justice as was displayed in the Dunblane massacre, which it is evident was carried out to get rid of the evidence, probably using a patsy, who of course shot himself at the scene.


Newspapers are opened to show the advertisement apology for News International and photographed at a news vendor in central London, Saturday, July 16, 2011. News Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch signed the company advert entitled "We are sorry", which appears in British national newspapers Saturday. The News International publication News of the World is accused of hacking into the mobile phones of various crime victims, celebrities and politicians. Photo: Sang Tan / AP

While following the ins and outs of the “Phone Hacking Scandal” I have been subjected to pap, on a monumental scale. Top Cop Stephenson, sent us all to sleep with an epic resignation saga, confirming what we already knew, that he is a man of total integrity. Integrity in the modern sense that is, until the next revelation lets you down.

Stephenson’s Second in Command, John Yates, has also confirmed that he too is a man of integrity, as he announced his resignation. As I write it is rumoured that Cressida Dick, the woman who ordered the slaying of John Charles De Menezes, may be Stephenson’s replacement. She was also  responsible for all the misinformation, which was released after the killing. I am already certain that she will assure us that she too will sleep well at night secure in her  integrity.

While one Prime Minister is in South Africa, rumoured to be sorting out a past peccadillo, involving the illegal sale of Nuclear weapons, in order to generate funds for the Tory Party, his predecessor was making a fool of himself in Parliament.

Gordon Brown, for yes it was he, was telling us how he was reduced to tears, on finding that his sons medical files had been made public. He told us how his heart went out to the family of Millie Dowler, whose phone had been hacked. What a shame his heart did not go out to the families of the children who were murdered in Dunblane, implicating himself and other members of a secret Masonic Lodge and a membership which included a ring of paedophiles and a trail which led to the British Government itself.

Did a tear come to his eye when the Judge placed an unprecedented hundred year secrecy order on the findings of the public enquiry? Did his heart go out to the families of the dead children? I think not. More likely a gasp of relief that a lot of guilty secrets would remain hidden.

There is something serious going on behind the scenes in the British Establishment. Gordon Brown’s fellow Free Masons in Scotland have not only covered up their activities around the Dunblane Massacre, they are even now blocking an investigation into the Hollie Greig Affair. The same high-ranking Government members could well be involved in her case. The Judiciary and Police almost certainly are, which is why it is all being hush up and the victims and their legal representative are being terrorized.

The journalist who blew the whistle on the “Phone Hacking” case has now become the latest victim of the scandal. Sean Hoare, was found dead in his home this morning July 18th.


Who's that hiding behind the tree?

Who can that be, hiding behind the tree?  I think I know who it is.  Do you know who it is kiddiewinks? I think you do.

The old saying, ‘Remember, someone always cares’, is probably true, unfortunately we tend not to end up with that someone. In normal life we end up with someone else, because the one who cares for us, has less of whatever it is, that attracts us to someone. It’s all a mystery really. So when a true friend turns up, you should build a wall around them and cherish them forever.

“I guessed it was you. You little rascal. And what have you been up to?”    “Hello Gepetto. It’s so nice to be back in the woods and I’ve got so much to tell you.”

This is Pinocchio’s story.   Little children love me, he told me, probably because they know me, almost from the day they are born.  Old friends, are still the best friends, they know all about you and you about them, yet you still get on with each other.   But the things that are happening to these poor dear friends of mine, makes me cry Gepetto.

Just lately more and more children are being taken from their homes, by Social Services, it has become an epidemic.  Mothers are being persecuted. Some are considered of too low an intelligence, to bring up children.  Many of them are on the run, some hiding in Ireland.  Of course Ireland is no longer a free country, they must live by the rules of the Treaty of Lisbon, so the Irish, shame on them, have started to hand the children over to the English. Jesus,  Mary and Joseph, yes,  to the English.

Who votes for these people? Why aren’t the British, handing over the SAS murderers, who planted bombs in Dublin? Why no apology for the massacre on “Bloody Sunday?” Or  for the genocide, that was called the “Famine”.  Wonderful neighbours, the Brits,  just don’t turn your back on them.  Anyway Gepetto, the most shocking thing I have heard is a story about a sweet little girl called Hollie.  She was repeatedly abused by people in high places. And nobody will do anything about it.  The people who are responsible for doing something about it, are the people who were doing it to her.

The people involved are Satanic, you must tell me what that means Gepetto, but it doesn’t sound good to me.  Not far away, another man who did things to children, was given guns by a man who worked for the government, and he shot dead lots of children in a school. And all the people in charge wont say who he did it for, they want to keep it secret. Secrets mean guilty, don’t they? Gossip says, lots of Brits were involved in this, they were members of a secret society. Secret, secret, secret all secrets, isn’t it Gepetto?

Why don’t all the  people tell them to do something about it?  If lots of people made a fuss they wouldn’t be able to keep it secret, would they?  Don’t people care about little Hollie, and all the children that were killed, and all the children that are being taken away from their mummies?  Don’t people care about anything?  Thousands of little children are being taken away and important people  like politicians are doing things to them, and hurting them. What sort of people are in charge of things Gepetto?  Are they all just a bunch of perverts and child molesters?  In toyland  nobody would put up with this.  I think I’m going to see Woody and Buzz, they’ll soon sort it out.


Posted Fri, 12/24/2010 – 20:34 by Belinda

Seasons Greetings to all Hollie Supporters

I would like to express my deep gratitude, on behalf of Hollie, Anne and me, for all the wonderful support we have received over the past year and also our admiration for the enormous courage displayed by many of our active contributors. Although many people have displayed great kindness in their remarks to me, it is absolutely essential to appreciate that this tremendous campaign is very much a team effort, involving numerous brave people, all, no doubt, inspired as I am by these two marvellous ladies.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all

Robert Green

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our kind supporters! Without your wonderful help and support this year, 2010 would have been as harsh for us as the previous 10 since we first reported Hollie’s abuse to the police, and as you know there have been some very unpleasant moments for us this year too. But they have been cancelled out by the kindness shown by all of you, which has made us feel so much happier and more hopeful. THANK YOU! Please enjoy Christmas knowing that you have made a huge difference not just in our lives, but for all abused children and survivors of abuse too, because as you know, Hollie is determined that no other child, whether or not they have Down’s Syndrome should suffer as she did and this is what drives our campaign for justice. So please stay with us in 2011! and we wish you all the very best for this New Year.

Anne and Hollie Greig


Who In The FBI, Sanctioned The Grooming Of  A Group of Muslims, To Plant A Bomb In The World Trade Centre In 1993?

Why have the guilty men never been indicted?  There is clear evidence of their guilt. The selected patsies recorded the event. The recording was played in court, why is that not evidence enough to take, either the Agents  involved or their superiors to Court?

In recent times, there have been many alleged terrorist attacks in both the US and the UK. In every case there has been some element of contact, between the perpetrators and the security authorities. We are never given access to these people, they are held for prolonged periods in isolation. They are exposed to who knows what form of psychological manipulation before appearing in court.

In the case of the UK, admittance of this connection  with the alleged terrorists was obligatory, otherwise they would have had no way of identifying the young lads who were held responsible. This case illustrates, the connivance of the Judiciary in the UK, with the illegal operations of the security authorities.

Recently, the Pakistani cricket team was accused of spot fixing in a cricket match. The scam involved placing bets on the possibility of a bowler, bowling three ‘No Balls’ at particular moments in the match. The desired result was achieved and the bowlers involved are being investigated, by the Cricketing Authorities. Pundits have already concluded that the three bowlers have no hope of winning their case, because the chances of three ‘no balls’ being bowled,  exactly in the order which corresponded with the predicted time, in the predicted order was so remote, that it was millions to one against.

The chances of the 7-7 attacks in London, happening in the same locations, on the same day, at the same time, even involving the only re-routed bus in London, as a drill was taking place, which was a practice for the same thing happening in reality, is so remote as to be incalculable. This shows that the entire British Establishment are prepared to have British Citizens murdered to suit the furtherance of a push to install stringent new laws on the people, while at the same time unleashing deliberately, a hate campaign against Muslims, as in New York on 911.

Jack Straw, in the last few days, has continued this campaign, by suggesting that there is a threat from young Muslim men, who are grooming, young vulnerable British girls, for sex.

This hypocrisy from the weasel mouthed minister, who sat in a Cabinet, which was so packed with paedophiles, that the result of an enquiry into their behaviour has had a hundred year secrecy order placed on it. He is also aware of the Hollie Greig case, a young British girl, who was groomed  and raped repeatedly, by Christian men and women, who are, despite the number of Muslim men in the country, the main threat to our children.

The same hypocrisy applies to the FBI. The same false claims have been made against Muslims in the US. It was claimed that they carried out the attacks on 911. This is false. The FBI has groomed all of the young Muslims, who have been involved in recent bombing attempts.   We have no way of knowing whether the young lads thought it was just an exercise, as in the Fort Hood shootings, where people stood by watching the shooter thinking it was part of the drill. Or the young lad with the underwear bomb, who was being filmed all through the flight, having been placed on the plane by a CIA agent.

The same person who can be connected to all of these events, can also be connected to   the 7-7 attack, that alone is cause enough for doubt.

The group who had been used to bomb the World Trade Centre, thought that it was just a drill, it was not until the last minute that they realised that they were dealing with a real bomb. The only reason that more people were not killed or injured, was simply because the bombers did not park the van, containing the bomb, where they had been ordered to park it. After the attack, their FBI controllers arrested them  and they were charged with the attack. When they produced the evidence that the FBI had planned the attack had made and provided the bomb, no action was taken.

All of these events are a measure of the duplicity of the Judiciary, both in the US and the UK, in the machinations of the ‘Elite’.   Both countries are alive with high level sexual perverts. In the UK,  Scotland, a country where  one needs to be a Free Mason before being allowed to sweep the streets, is a hotbed of pedophilia. It is there that we find the origins of the Hollie Greig scandal, still awaiting  justice. Dunblane is an even darker event, involving the slaying of many young children, murdered by the man who procured young children for perverted members of  a secret Masonic Lodge. The once Head of NATO provided the cover for the killer’s acquisition of the guns used in the murders.

These are the folk who have deliberately destroyed the family structure, giving the Child Protection Agencies easy access to small children, who are being seized in alarming numbers and never seen again. The protection of the privacy of adopted children, denying contact with their natural parents, is the method being used to cover-up the fate of these children.

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