A Call From The Garrigue. Standing Up For The Under Threat White Race.



Ireland is a tiny country and it will be quickly overrun by parasitic Blacks whom will have no problem killing off the Irish Catholics, just as they are doing in South Africa, without a word of criticism from the British, Americans the United Nations or anybody else. Christians need to get over their timidity and kick these bastards out before they kick you out, which they will do with gusto when they get the chance and make no mistake about that. As a group White People are being eliminated, what is so difficult to understand about that? England is going the same way along with the rest of Europe and America. What happened to “Irexit?”




We really need to set the record straight about the degree of violence and other forms of criminality which is being carried out by immigrants whom are streaming into White European countries. In the United States the truly horrific level of Rapes, Murders and all forms of violent crime, which is carried out by “indigenous” Blacks is truly astonishing. Despite the massive efforts of the media and Democratic politicians to blame “Whitey” the figures speak for themselves. 

A tiny percentage of the Black population, that is the adult males, which would amount to about three percent of the population of America, is responsible for fifty-two percent of murders and the rape of thirty-three-thousand White women annually. These figures are comparable with several Black controlled countries in Africa like Liberia and the Congo.

In Britain’s capital city, London, the “indigenous”Blacks represent much the same percentage as it does in the United States, roughly twelve percent, using the same arithmetic that would mean that Black adolescents and other adult males represents about three to four percent of the population yet they were responsible for fifteen thousand reported knife attacks, which included eighty fatalities in 2018 in London alone and there was a twenty percent increase in reported rapes, without any figure for the various Races involved, unlike when the rapist was a White taxi driver, who had his image plastered across all of the Front Pages, such is the fear of the truth about Black and immigrant violence against White Women, whom are the main target for rapists in the UK, just as they are in South Africa and the United States.

Immigrant crime figures are generally confused by mixing the number of crimes committed by “immigrants” by referring to the criminals as being either “immigrant” or “native born” figures, which would not include the criminality of the British Blacks whom are mostly “Native Born” in an attempt to hide the true depth of Black crime, which includes instances such as the barbaric, hooligan females from Somalia whom brutally attacked a White women, while screeching out, “Kill the White bitch” whom were excused of their crime because they were drunk, by a British Judge, who would have had a field day sentencing such a crime had it been Whites whom carried out the attack.

While the British have no idea whatsoever of the number of illegal immigrants in their midst, the Americans do know, and the figure is 3.5 percent and their crime figures make chilling reading:

The U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Sentencing Commission reported that as of 2014, illegal immigrants were convicted and sentenced for over 13 percent of all crimes committed in the U.S. 

According to the FBI, 67,642 murders were committed in the U.S. from 2005 through 2008, and 115,717 from 2003 through 2009. The General Accounting Office documents that criminal immigrants committed 25,064 of these murders. 

Illegal immigrants clearly commit a level of violent and drug related crimes disproportionate to their population.

In California alone, over 2,400 illegal immigrants out of a total prison population of 130,000 are imprisoned in the state’s prison system for the crime of homicide.…….In researching the criminal careers of these immigrant defendants,(In Texas) it was revealed that they had jointly committed over nearly 600,000 criminal offences. Their arrests included nearly 1,200 homicides; almost 69,000 assaults; 16,854 burglaries; 700 kidnappings; nearly 6,200 sexual assaults; 69,000 drug offences; 8,700 weapons violations; over 3,800 robberies and over 45,000 obstructing police charges.”

With statistics like the above is there any wonder why the British are being kept in the dark about what is going on around them? I wonder how many of the Muslim grooming gangs, similar to those whom raped and tortured White girls are still on the loose? Why I wonder does the Jew David Cameron not insist that Israel opens its doors, as he has opened Britain’s to all and everybody and what’s more he wants these people to remain in ghettos which will enable them to snatch power from the British Christians. Five large British Cities are already controlled by a Muslim Council.








The Worlds Police And Military Protect The Rich And Famous While Leaving The Poor To Rot.


While the coalition still grimly cling to their fables of Russian and Syrian Government ‘Chemical attacks in Salisbury and Aleppo’ and the organs of Fake News, dutifully ‘choose’ to ignore the reality on the ground, in both Middle Eastern cities, Aleppo and Mosul, it was left to a certain Lara Croft, under the ‘nom de plume’, Angelina Jolie, to present the grim reality of life in Mosul, under the control of the ‘Good Guys’ while in Syria the reconstruction of the country, is making huge strides.

Restoration in Aleppo progresses while Mosul isleft helpless.

The preferred reality of the Coalition, is to maintain the Middle East in ruins, in order to facilitate the enlargement of Israel, which is intent, at whatever cost, in human life, of taking control of the regions oil and gas reserves, while at the same time, murdering as many Christians as is possible and the forced re-settlement of huge numbers of Muslims into Europe and the United States, where the controlled Governments are willingly destroying their own countries, while the privately owned media, continues to downplay, the massive reaction to this ‘humanitarian invasion’ by the indigenous Peoples of the USA and Europe.

There are currently, attempts being made to suggest, that any ‘News’ which is not blessed as being Real News, by the ‘privately owned mass media, will be condemned as Fake, which will be instantly censored by ‘Goons’ whom are being employed to ‘Police’ the Alternative Media, while anything which does appear in the mainstream will be protected by copyright laws, making it illegal for it to appear in the Alternative News Reports, without the express permission of the holder of the copyright, which is exactly the rule which is now in place, current rules make the copyright holder to be obliged to make a complaint, about use of their copy, that need is now being handed over to Google, Facebook and the owners of the likes of WordPress, whom will be obliged to scour my work, before it is published, to pick out anything which ‘could’ fall foul of the new regulations, whether the copyright holder objects to the use of their copyright or not. After all sometimes the mainstream do get it right.

 From where Western Governments, whom have operated under a cloud of disinformation and outright lies, to justify every war into which they have misled their Peoples, during the past one-hundred years, have found such depths of cynicism, from where to complain about other sources pointing out those lies, is beyond the comprehension of this Blogger.

When will the British Government, which deliberately starved five-million Irish people to death, and to then, instead of feeding the survivors of this starvation policy, which was regularly used, by the British, with the ample food which was available, all over Ireland, the British continued to steal that food at gunpoint and deport more than six-hundred-thousand Irish people into slavery, in the United States of America, because it was ‘cheaper’ to get rid of those desperate, starving people, than it was to feed them?

After that, while all the ‘bleeding heart’ Liberals are screaming for reparations for the Black Slaves, why do we hear never a mention of the fact that there were more Irish people in slavery in the United States than there were Blacks? Irish People built Britain, they were the Navigators on the canals and the railways and they were the bricklayers and carpenters whom re-built Britain after the illegal War Crime against Germany, not the ‘Windrush Generation’ whom turned up in their smart suits and Trilby hats, while the Irish still lived in squalor, just across the water.

The same ‘Windrush’ style program is now being proposed for Ireland, by the self-declared lover of that act, which dared not, at one time, speak its name, by the half-Irish sodomite Taoiseach Varadkar, who has declared ‘his’ intention of importing, for no good reason, a million Blacks, from the oil rich regions of Africa, for which purpose, he intends to plunge Ireland into a unrepayable debt situation, with the Criminal International Monetary Fund. The question, which all of Ireland is asking is, ‘what part will uneducated Black people play in the building of the future Hi-Tech Ireland, while the current bunch of Black immigrants are already making Irish streets a dangerous place to be after night falls?’

It would seem that there are moves afoot, which can no longer be ignored as being mere conspiracy theories, to destroy the Western World. Should it cost tiny Ireland, billions of Euros to create homes for a million Black immigrants and billions more to feed and educate them til the end of time, without there being any real benefit for Ireland, would it not be a far, far better idea to invest these billions of Euros in the homelands of these folk?

Why is Ireland expected to plunge its people into debt slavery, while being unable to both pay for the upkeep of this invited group of the unemployed and in many cases unemployable immigrants, and to repay a huge debt of Usury, at the same time to a private bank? This proposed act, of the part immigrant, sodomite Taoiseach Varadkar, is a recipe of disaster for Ireland.

With the offer of a home and the promise of a well-paid job, it would be a simple matter to attract a million Irish people, whom were forced to leave Ireland, to rebuild Britain and the world after the Second World War, to return to their homeland, however I have the impression that they would be refused, in preference for Blacks, suggesting that the real policy, is the final British destruction of the Irish Catholic population, which started with the deliberate importation of the protestants, into Ulster and which will now destroy both Catholics and Protestants, through the medium of imported Black and Middle Eastern Muslims.

During the Fake Economic Collapse of 2008, both of the main banks in Ireland were owned by the Rothschild’s, neither of which have ever been investigated for fraud and yet the controlled Irish Government, forced an unwilling population, to pay a ransom to those banks, of billions of Euros, for alleged losses, which have never been explained or indeed proven to have even existed, all of the explanations, as to how these debts were achieved, were totally implausible, as without criminal activity of some sort, money does not simply disappear, so why has there been no investigation into the whereabouts of the pockets, of those whom received the final payments, which created the debt?

Of one thing we can be sure, the owners of those banks are fully aware of the fraud. They have muddied the waters with tales of ‘Derivatives’ or ‘Credit Default Swaps’ and other such nonsense, all of which had to be paid for and just as is with any insurance policy, the responsibility of the Insurance Company, which is responsible for paying the insured, so who took the money and why did ‘we’ have to pay the debt when things went wrong?

Which banks were the concealed owners of those criminal insurance companies and why were the collapsing Banks, after the crisis, allowed to fall into the hands of those whom already own most of the Worlds Banks along with 90% of the Worlds wealth, none of which was used to bail out the debt, which fell, as usual, into the laps of the poor people, like the Irish?

Where were those magnificent investigative groups like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Criminal Fraud Office when the pooh hit the fan? Well sadly they were where they have always been, looking after the affairs of the rich, they no longer have time to worry about the burglary of a poor person, left in dire straits, while they look into the theft of the baubles of the rich, a loss which will be of no consequence whatsoever. The very idea that they would call off the search for those whom had stolen a Da Vinci, to look into the theft of a poor man’s pay packet, is laughable, when it is in fact the more serious offence.

I have been burgled five time in recent months, and because of the position of my home, the cops of the region argue amongst themselves about which of them was obliged to come and take a look at my situation, when they finally arrived, they took a quick glance, explained how there is nothing to be done about burglars and then left.

That was the a group from a Precinct, which had me under questioning for five hours, for no better reason than that my insurance company, had failed to contact another company, over claims that I had damaged a vehicle, while parking my own.

I had no more details of the incident than that. I knew not the town or the place or the damage to the other vehicle, it was all in the hands of the Insurance company, which had instantly confirmed, to my interrogator, that I had done everything by the book.

However the cop insisted that I was guilty for not leaving my name and address on the windscreen of the vehicle, which was a ‘crime’ even when I had explained that I had no idea that I had even touched a vehicle and in the letter, which I had received four months after the alleged incident there was no mention of where it had happened, despite which he carried on, taking my fingerprints and photographs and all that nonsense, which seemed odd at the time.

The fact that the injured party had the same name as the Prime Minister, which is perfectly true, caused me some concern. So two Cops, spent five hours on that nonsense and they then begrudged me a couple of minutes after five burglaries, only one of which I reported because it involved all my ‘papers’ including a Passport, which I was obliged to report.

By the way, the other nonsense was dropped by the Police Prosecutor, as being a total nonsense, a couple of days later.


     Hear My Song: A Fabulous Tale Of Josef Locke.



The Irish Are Voting To Eat Themselves.


The first referendum in many years, which did not need a second round, in order to deliver the preferred result, has just taken place in Catholic Ireland, where under the leadership of the half Irish, first openly sodomite Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, the Irish people have chosen to join the International Conspiracy, to destroy the White Christian Peoples of the World, by ‘welcoming’ the decision to legalise the killing of unwanted children.

Irish women, having found themselves to be quite incapable of calculating the six says a month, during which they are liable to get pregnant and making use of a ‘johnny’, taking a ‘pill’ or indeed avoiding having sex altogether, during those six days a month, have with a disturbing willingness, chosen to ignore the reality of what is done to their baby during an abortion, which is so bestial, that to call it a ‘woman’s health problem’ is a display of the truly sinister side of a woman’s nature.

The claim is constantly made, that the decision to kill the baby, is reluctantly taken, as a last resort, in order to save the life of the mother, when in reality, should that be the case, abortion is already available, this claim is merely an excuse to allow the future mother to kill her child as she might drown the family cat’s kittens, with a clear conscience.

The proof of this female brutality, is the push to allow late-term abortions, which have in many cases proven to be ‘live-births’ many of which are still alive to this day and ready to talk about act of fate, which allowed them to survive. The caring people can of course ignore this sort of emotional pressure and get on with the job.


I adopt my position as a reasonable response, to what is a killing. Doing so ensures that I am in some way denying women the right to decide what to do with their own bodies, which I do not. When a team of doctors, first pass a needle through the skull of a baby to kill it, before sucking it out of the woman’s womb in pieces, many of which are sold as a food additive, which is being fed to us in numerous foodstuffs, quietly turning us into cannibals. 








It is best not to disturb these delicate women, with the grubby details of what is being done with their discarded human babies, especially when they display such powerful emotions about having won the right to subject their kids to this fate,while the mere man-in-the-middle, will be given no choice in what happens to a living being which is partly him.


  We’ve Won! We’ve Won!

Ireland is the only country in Europe with a population smaller than was the population in the 19th Century, as a result of the Irish Genocide, from which Ireland has never recovered. When the openly sodomite Taoiseach, the half Irish Varadkar, who was placed into power, under orders from London, is finished with Ireland, it will be more like a British African Colony in Europe than the once Proud Emerald Isle, which fought the British to a standstill. The Women of Ireland are now about to launch a new Irish genocide, to finally destroy Ireland once and for all, and deliver the Irish pastures into the hands of the City of London.



Shaw, in the above clip, is echoing the words of the Fabian Society, which is an under-cover Communist construct. Very soon we will all be under the sort of control Shaw is suggesting. The White Race is under attack from all sides. The Jews head that list and the Blacks are not far behind. So to allow one million Blacks, to storm into Ireland will not be to the benefit of the Irish, whom are in fact no longer Celtic or White but multi-cultural, which is a death sentence and to assist this transformation by killing Irish children is worse than what the British did in 1845.








The Not So Silent Invasion And Murder Of Christian Europe


There are three-hundred newly arrived Black, illegal immigrants, pitching their tents in the boulevards of Paris every week. The government claims it to be impossible to do anything about this invasion. There are already many thousands of incomers, simply setting up home in France, many of them deliberately placed in small villages, all over France, where there is already a noticeable increase in their numbers, adding to the high numbers of the French unemployed, whom already number in excess of thirteen million, in a land which is already a ‘service economy’ which is rapidly sliding into chaos.

The French economy is already in the dungeon and it shows no sign of recovery. The same phenomenon is being experienced all across Europe, where even once sturdy economies, in countries like Sweden, once renowned for their careful economic decisions, have been forced against the wall, under the weight of Welfare payments, which are being paid to hundreds of thousands of immigrants.

These immigrants, whom have contributed nothing into a system, which depends on contributions, into an insurance scheme, which was designed to take care of that portion of the population, which was temporarily unemployed or sick and not to support millions of incomers, whom are making a headlong rush, to make a claim, to the generosity of European Countries Welfare. There is even a brochure available, laying out how much free cash is available, in the already struggling countries all across the European Union. They view with contempt, those whom look after their own needs, without demanding charity handouts.

A helping hand, to take care of displaced people is quite a different thing from permitting an in rush of hundreds of thousands of people, whom are arriving with the intention of remaining, and whom under the leadership of carefully placed ‘spokesmen’, by whom they are quickly taught the language of ‘Human Rights’ and the phrases to scream in public, when they are out in the streets, in force, seeking for themselves even more than what is available to Citizens of the countries, which they have invaded, as if they have every right to so do.



This attitude is all part of a Political Policy, which was secretly laid out in the United Kingdom, with the full knowledge of all British Political Parties, and the danger of which, was of course, dutifully ignored by the wholly owned and controlled British media, which hailed the construction of the ‘Welfare State’, which was the actual corner-stone of the destruction of the British Nation, as a wonderful addition to the benefit of the British Working Man.

The ‘Windrush Generation’ was the first step in this demolition, hiding behind claims that these incoming people, whom had never used a tool of any sort in their lives, were going to rebuild Britain, which in comparison the other European countries, had suffered very little during the Second World War, despite which they had all managed to rebuild their war damage, without the help of these Black Craftsmen.

The Blacks, whom came ashore in the 1950’s were the first beneficiaries of the Welfare State, and to this day, they are considered as of being entitled to more ‘consideration’ than are White Welfare claimants, because of their ‘minority’ status, which makes life as an immigrant ‘Dole Monger’ far more lucrative than that of a White indigenous Englishman.

France in particular, has been obliged to conceal the true results of mass immigration from the Maghreb, where the average amount paid to several generations, of those incomers, many hundreds of thousands of whom have not paid a nickel into the fund, by which they are supported, whom have consistently been paid more, to do nothing, than are their French hosts.

Thousands of people have been urged to take to the streets in support of the ‘Clandestins’, illegal immigrants, demonstrating their support for the idea, that as we are ‘all the same’, there should be no borders, innocently believing that incomers share their charitable view of life, which White people in South Africa, might well dispute.

No system, which relies on funds, paid by ‘Working People’ to finance millions of unproductive people, while allowing hundreds of thousands more of them, to join the Welfare queue every year, can continue in this manner. The normal lifestyle, for a Welfare Junkie in France, is to have at least three children, live in a HLM, with free rent, and to work on the ‘Black’.

The mentality of those whom believe themselves to be the ‘real’ voice of the French, those whom wear funny clothes from Asia, which makes them ‘People of the World’ and whom have a lifestyle, which could be called, ever so slightly Hippie, which they believe to have endowed them with a more caring attitude to the needs of those poor immigrants – many of whom are creating havoc in the major Cities of France – while ignoring the fact that they are themselves, by default, taking more out of the system than they contribute into the Welfare fund, apparently totally unaware of from where the money to finance all this nonsense is coming.

One dare not mention the Front National, in front of these people, to so do, confirms their opinion that you are a ‘Fascist’ and they will never speak to you again. For these folk, there is no such thing as an immigration problem, whereas some good friends of mine, have recently sold their home in the South of France, and moved to a Rural area in central France, where there are fewer immigrants. More and more people are doing the same thing. I have friends from Brittany and they are seriously considering going back to Brittany for the same reason.

When an indigenous population feels pushed out of parts of their traditional homeland, because another Race and Religion is being brought in, there is something seriously wrong, with what is taking place.

I have German friends, whom are too frightened to even hold a conversation about the immigration into Germany, it is considered a ‘taboo’ subject, which along with a remark about it or indeed a claim of supporting Ursula Haverbeck, might land them in one of Angela Merkel’s Concentration Camps.

Shamefully in France, where the Bolsheviks in the EU,  claim that the people have lost their fertility, there are two-hundred-thousand abortions annually, which would appear to be making more space available for immigrants. Ireland is soon to be endowed with the same privilege of abortion on demand, which will allow the childless sodomite Varadkar to raise the level of the importation of useless Black workers, whom will use their Welfare payments to procreate an increase in their income.

That is modern-day Free Europe. The European Union is actually contemplating sanctions against any member State, which refuses to be swamped with immigrants, whom are not fleeing from war zones, but whom have been fully funded and deliberately, shipped into Europe, mainly from Africa.

An unelected, half Irish, sodomite Taoiseach, with a foreign name, Varadkar, has ‘decided’ to ship in one million Blacks from Sub-Saharan Africa into Ireland, as if he has the power to do what he likes to a country, which gave his immigrant father shelter. All of his aims will be funded by credit from the International Monetary Fund, repayment of which will destroy Ireland. It is a cynical effort to rob the people of Ireland for generations into the future, hiding behind which, there is a move to destroy the Irish Catholic people. These loans could be offered to the homelands of these proposed immigrants, making it possible for them to remain in Black Africa.

There will soon be room for them in South Africa, where the Black Government is busily creating more space for African Blacks, by murdering, the African Whites, out of hand, the very Whites, whom actually built South Africa and whom supported dem der Blacks, for generations. The White Christians will soon be doing the same thing in Ireland, should a million of those Blacks be allowed to come. It should be noted that no other Religion or Race has ever offered what the White Christians have been donating to those in need, a geste which is now being abused by one and all.






The Sodomites Are Taking Centre Stage.


The Catholic Church is currently the rabbit in the headlight of the Zionists. Dutiful sodomites, like Stephen Fry, are speaking out in public, condemning the Church for the acts of the sodomites in their ranks. Acts which are unforgivable but totally in keeping with the acts of huge numbers of sodomites, just like Fry and his friends, in everyday life, whom despite having the same ‘love’ for young boys as do the Catholic Clergy, would strongly object to themselves being described as predatory, rampant paedophiles, which in general, they are, all over Zionist Hollywood for example. So let us condemn all the Sodomites, as not all Priests are Sodomites and all Sodomites are not priests, so why not go for the problem at its source?

This is pure hate speech, which only a Jew can get away with. By the way, Copernicus got it wrong and In his tirade, Fry forgot to name the Jew Popes, of whom there have been many, he also failed to mention that even the current Pope is apparently a Jesuit Jew.

For more than one-hundred years, the Catholic Church has been targeted for destruction. This aim was announced in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which foretold of three world wars and the construction of the United Nations and many other things, all of which have come to pass.

The now ‘fully controlled’ Catholic Church, which despite its current bad press, has been a strong, uniting force for families, down through the ages, has become an obstacle, which the Zionists are desperately attempting to destroy. Catholics and I am myself a Catholic, do not give a toss about Rome or the Pope, we are a local community of people and nothing more and as a result of this community spirit, I came to know the parents of all the children in my class at school and we all sang hymns together in Church on Sunday morning and on Holy Days. As an Altar Server, I played a small part in all of the Church services, and it is a great shame that this tradition has now , all but disappeared.

Zion does not approve of solidarity of that kind, for others, while Zion does itself depend on an atheistic form of religious solidarity from its own members. As for sodomy, well they are not too worried about that, as an extraordinary number of them are involved in child trafficking and other abuses of children, including alleged sacrifices and the drinking of baby-blood, to rejuvenate their aging flesh.

These rampant sodomites are hiding behind the shield of Judaism and the title of Rabbi, one wonders if this could be an adequate excuse to destroy Judaism, should those like Fry, who is himself a Jew in denial, ever find the courage to speak out against Jews, in the manner he delivers his hate speech against Catholics. Perhaps the world would be a better place without need of men, whom enjoy biting off the foreskin of babies and sucking the blood from their little ‘hymies,’ for pleasure, even as Hymie himself screams out in agony?

Part of the agenda, set out in the Protocols, was the invasion of the Middle East, which is an ongoing project and then the deliberate depopulation of the region, of the indigenous Arab Peoples.

To facilitate this aim, the manipulators have managed to create a huge, violent, Arab, Civil War, which they fully intend to transform into their much-lauded Third World War, by secretly funding the migration of millions of Blacks, from darkest Africa into Zionist controlled Europe, thus creating a toxic mix of Blacks fleeing Africa and Arabs fleeing the Middle East and of course their ‘White Patsies’ most of whom are now seriously sick, from their reliance on contaminated food and the results of the prescription Drugs War, blankly watching the construction of their own demise. This is more a case of White suicide than of White genocide.

Even tiny Ireland, a country which has already suffered centuries of abuse at the hands of the British, is being targeted for destruction. Having been forced to accept thousands of Africans into their midst, they are already finding themselves trapped in their homes, under attack from Black gangs, roaming the streets at night, while the Gardai are unable to cope with the level of violence, while their ‘sodomite’ Taoiseach, is promising to bring in a million more Blacks.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, did recently lament, that the Irish did not do enough for Jews, fleeing Europe, to avoid having to help out in German work camps, while the Germans fought for their lives, in a Jew declared and controlled World War – yet another feature of the Protocols – this said, in the land of Ireland, which lost five million souls, during a Jew controlled City of London, starvation project.

Five million Irish people, whose deaths are given a mere footnote in history, while the fate of the hundreds of thousands of Irish people, whom were driven out of Ireland, in the same manner as the Jews are now doing in the Middle East, many into slavery, yet another suffering of the Irish people, which has been swamped out of history by the whinging Blacks, whom believe themselves to be history’s only victims of slavery, even as the Jews deny all of the Genocides which they have carried out, all across the world, while the Irish are now expected to feed and house the new slaves, being brought into Ireland by the Zionists.

The cynicism of celebrating the alleged suffering of Jews, in a land which has had its own holocaust denied, by the forces of the Jews and their English puppets, even as they are applauding the capture and gaoling, of geriatric soldiers in Germany, in pursuit of vengeance, for an event, which like many other things, has been based on nothing more than hearsay, is simply extraordinarily selfish and arrogant.

The Irish people are still suffering from the last forced immigration into Ireland, that of the ‘Planters’ from Scotland, whom have created havoc in Ireland, alongside their British Masters, ever since. No effort was ever made to encourage those devious Planters to go to England, which would have been a far cheaper option for the British. The job of the Planters in Ireland, was to create tension and their violence was fully funded and controlled from London.

The Blacks are now being given the same task. They are colonising Ireland, a land which has never had a colony in Africa, so the Irish are free to behave, as are the Blacks in South Africa, without criticism from the ‘West’ to announce the eviction of the Black incomers, they have no more right to come into Ireland than have the Whites into their lands, so go home and terrorise your own people why don’t you?








     Irelands Experience at the Hands of the Chosen Ones

It would appear that in the United Kingdom, multiculturalism has come to mean a Muslim takeover. Muslims will soon be using chain immigration to bring in their vast families from the devastated areas of the Middle East and Pakistan. Lands which will be left vacant for the Jews and their cohorts in China, to seize for themselves, which will essentially create a world divided between the Sabbatean Jews, and their kinsmen in the controlled Wahhabi Islamic world, a relationship which Israeli leaders have cynically been using to destroy the actual multicultural region of the Middle East, to install their own perverted savage regime, and using a scorched earth tactic they have left the Middle Eastern region uninhabitable.

Thus making sure that the next generation of Muslims, born in Europe, will have no memory of ever having lived in their traditional homelands.

London, Leeds, Birmingham, Blackburn, Sheffield, Oxford, Luton, Oldham and Rochdale all have Muslim Mayors.

78% of Muslim women do not work.

63% of Muslim men do not work.

Muslim families have an average of 4 children

Britain now has 3000 mosques and 130 Sharia Courts.

And they are still pouring in to “work and pay taxes” and to Make the United Kingdom – which they built – according to Diane Abbott, Great Again, but not for the White Christian British.

The Black statistics are pretty much the same – thousands of those, whom were deliberately shipped into Britain by the Fabian Society after the Second World War, funded by the brand new system of Welfare, The National Health Service and the “Soc,” without which this mass immigration would have been impossible, have never worked – there are Blacks, in the UK coming from a long line of immigrants, stretching all the way back to the original incomers, whom have made a lifestyle out of unemployment payments and they now receive a pension, for which they have never paid a penny. Despite which, they are one and all far better off than are their compatriots whom remained in the West Indies.

The same situation is now being introduced in Ireland, where a gaggle of Jews, whom are, as usual crouching behind those like the newly elected traitor, Leo Varadkar, the sodomite Taoiseach, who is intent on bringing murder by abortion to Ireland, to make space for the extra million Blacks and Muslims whom he intends to bring into Ireland, where they will be allowed to breed like rats, to finally wipe out the proud, Irish People. Varadkar was of course educated by the Jew controlled Jesuits at the St Francis Xavier school. He is not working for the Irish People.

More seriously Varadkar is also a member of the Fabian Society, as was the hero of his father’s country of origin, Mahatma Gandhi. The Fabian Society was the origin of the ploy to destroy Europe and the United States through the medium of mass, immigration, the proposer of this typically Zionist type pipe dream was Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. Varadkar could well find himself in line for the Coudenhove-Kalergi Cup, in return for his efforts to destroy Ireland, before the Irish manage to extricate themselves from the Jew controlled prison of the European Union.

The Fabian Society and Rothschild interests. The Fabian Society was in close touch with the Rothschilds’ both directly and through go-between like Lord Arthur Balfour. The Balfours’ were among the chief representatives of Britain’s money power and were involved in the creation of organisations advancing its interests from the Anglo-American League and the Pilgrims Society to Imperial College and the League of Nations.” http://freebritainnow.org/0/fabiansociety.htm

The Irish would do well to note, that the family of the Lord Balfour, mentioned in the above quote, was the man who gave Palestine to the Jews. His family was part of the government of the First Elizabeth, which was controlled by Jews under the Cecil family and John Dee, a Jew Satanist, all of whom were responsible for starting the massacre of the People of Ireland. These would be the same folk whom gave Ireland their Protestant Planters from Scotland.

Massacres which continued with the invasion by Cromwell, under the auspices of the Dutch Jews, whom were soon to be well established in the City of London, from where the British Army was despatched, to make sure every scrap of food was stolen at gunpoint, from Ireland, during the times of the potato blight, “An Gorta Mòr” a ‘holocaust’ of five million Irish Christians, which the Jews continue to this day to “deny,” while crying all over the world as if they have been the only victims in known history.

Our controlled leaders have maintained an obedient silence about all of these events, never daring to mention the sixty-five million Christians, brutally murdered by the Bolshevik Jews in Russia, or the twenty million Christians raped, murdered and crucified, by those same Bolshevik Jews in Germany or indeed the Ukrainian “An Gorta Mòr” style starvation, which the Bolshevik Commissars carried out in Ukraine, just as they had done during the practice run in Ireland and then Armenia and finally in the Rhine Meadows death camps in Germany, where they starved nearly two million German prisoners of war to death in open air concentration camps.

So you duped people of Ireland, do you honestly believe that the Jews are about to give up on their aim of the total annihilation of the Irish People, now that they have their Sodomite in place to do as he is told?



The Never White Mothers Throw In The Towel



Black Racists, have taken to themselves, the right to bad mouth whomsoever they so choose, believing themselves to be the Worlds Classic example of Victim-hood and Racial goodness, only the Jews and all women, are in same league.

Blacks claim this status for themselves despite the Federal Bureau of Investigations clear evidence that a tiny three percent of Blacks, are responsible for a massive fifty-two percent of all murders and other crimes of violence in the United States.

Despite which, Blacks still claim that certain sections of this ‘innocent’ Black community, are being illegitimately targeted by the Police. Please note that at this point, the whole idea of us all being one single community, goes straight out of the window, suddenly ‘they’ are Black, who are now apparently demanding affirmative action of some sort, to protect them from Justice.

Women operate in a similar manner, while on the one hand calling for equality in the workforce and the same salary for them as that paid to men, without regard to the possibility that the man of who they are jealous, may well have negotiated a contract, while they are intent on receiving similar remuneration based simply on the sum the man has been awarded, for his ability and his value to his employer. This is called equality. It is also called Peter’s Principle, and will be the end of us all.

When the point is reached, that employment no longer depends on the applicants ability to carry out the task, for which they are being employed, but more on their skin colour, sex, or sexual preference, we will quickly find ourselves consigned to the position of total gridlock, a position which the Western World would appear to have finally achieved, where the only skill, of which women are more capable of than are men, childbirth, is now considered to be of a low-level of achievement. A job called ‘mothering’ which women have, in any case, proven to be quite incapable of carrying out, with any degree of success.

Jews have been operating a similar system for several generations and they have been so successful in the art of benefitting from a false claim, that they have been donated the land of other people, in which to live and they have themselves been living on a form Social Security handouts, with which they have been paid by people, whom will be locked up, for simply demanding why, they are obliged to make these payments.

Women of all colours and religion, have handed the fatherhood of millions of children, into the hands of a Daddy State system which has produced ‘Snowflakes’ who are busily exhibiting their total brainwashing on the streets of the free world,  and are as incapable, as were their ‘mothers’ of perceiving the tragic end results of their idiotic behaviour.

The mass murdering Blacks are telling us Whites, that ‘they’ matter, as if it is Whites carrying out the carnage of Blacks, when in fact the Blacks themselves are responsible for the murder of both Races in a totally disproportionate manner. Alongside these Blacks, we have the Jews who have just commemorated the deaths of a relatively small number of Jews during World War Two, claims which it is illegal to question.

I have yet to hear a Jew apologise for the sixty-five million Christians, slaughtered by Bolshevik Jews in Russia and for the lack of any Museums commemorating these Jew crimes. Every major city in Europe and other countries with a European population,  has had to accept the construction of a museum in memory of Jew casualties, in a war which was admittedly declared and was fully funded by Jew interests as was the Russian coup d’etat and the taking of Palestine.

In the middle of all of this crap, apparently unnoticed by our politicians, those same provokers of mass murder across the civilised world, in Russia, Armenia, Eastern Europe, China, Germany, Vietnam and Korea are now calling for ME to be wiped out and with the assistance of the very same political scum, who stood alongside them in two World Wars and in other terrorists acts such as the recent total destruction of the Middle East, are well on their way to succeeding in their aim.


So “People” what are we going to do about this situation, sit back and let them do it? Why do you suppose that there is no ‘press’ coverage of the blatant ‘White Genocide of White Christians’ which the Jews have put in place in South Africa? There was an awful lot of noise when the Jew controlled media, lied you into believing that the Whites in South Africa, were guilty of what is of no apparent importance in Palestine, where the Jew hypocrites are doing far worse things than did the Boers in South Africa.

On the above screenshot, there are open calls to kill, that is murder, all White people and those calls have been there forever, while on my site, an enormous number of video clips have been censored out, simply because the word Jew was mentioned, which was considered to be Hate Speech by the Jews who control YouTube, while calls for Murder are considered to be OK.

Except of course should those calls be against Blacks Jews or Women. White women are safe for the moment, they are to be the surrogate mothers, who will be used to produce this Beige Future Race in a coming era when they will have no choice. What will become of the Black women who are rarely raped if a White woman is available, is hard to say and as for Oprah, is a Black Lesbian woman openly calling for White Genocide, really going to stand for the Presidency of the USA? 

White Womanhood, has already destroyed its own Race, through their eagerness to put their own desires ahead of the needs of the nurture of children. They are almost unique on the planet, millions of ‘mothers’ whom have systematically murdered their own offspring,  out of a desire to be more like men. Just so long as there are enough men left to do the dirty work, which might break women’s finger-nails.

Catholic Ireland will soon be holding a referendum, the results of which are systematically rigged to provide the ‘correct’ result. The ‘modern’ religion free, breed of politicians in Ireland, have already acquiesced to the power of the ‘men behind the curtain’ who have decided Irish policy since time immemorial. Their talk that women’s health matters should be in their own hands,  will be backed up with all the necessary tools to inject and kill the baby before sucking it out of the mother in pieces.



Ireland has already been packed to the rafters with Black men, ready to create the “New Irish,” thus finally delivering the preferred solution to the ‘Irish problem’ for the City of London, whom will once more have the free use of the entirety of Irish Agriculture at their disposal, as they continue the swamping the of British people out of existence.


        The Deadly Menace Hanging Over Ireland


The Irish People, whom have been forced by the ‘Irish’ Jew contingent in international affairs, including Peter Sutherland, the United Nations homogenisation of the White Race, First Minister, to accept a flood of Black Africans into their midst, need to wake up to the reality of what it means to allow Blacks, whom have been funded by Jew money, to invade the Nation State of Ireland.

This tactic was used to destroy the Boer State of South Africa, which was in truth, invaded by Blacks from all across Africa, in search of an easy life. The population of Blacks in South Africa, when the Dutch farmers came ashore was zero. The local people were the Bushmen of the Kalahari, with whom the Boers had no problem, but whom are now being hunted down by those Black invaders, without any comment from the International Jew Media. Incoming Blacks are being beaten and in some cases murdered, by the South African Blacks, whom claim the incomers are taking their jobs.

The Black population is now an enormous number of forty million, while the four million White People are denied any rights whatsoever in the country which they built. The latest news coming out of South Africa suggests that the Black militants are armed and ready to kick off the final solution to the White problem, by wiping them off the face of the earth.

Be very sure you Irishmen, Nelson Mandela was a Bolshevik Communist and the African National Congress was fully funded by Jews. They destroyed South Africa, using exactly the same tactic which they employed in Palestine and they have now turned their attention Europe, where hundreds of thousands of belligerent Blacks are being brought in by the ferry-load, through Libya. They are being used to provoke unrest in Europe, with the stated aim of destroying the White Christian Peoples. The Jew Sutherland now considers himself to be of another colour. As do all of the Jews, thus exempting themselves from this homogenisation program, allowing them to retain their ‘almost White’ tribe intact.

Any Irishman worth his salt is well aware that the Jews have played a significant part in Irish history and it has not been for the good of the Irish. Their is mounting evidence that it was their intention to drive the Irish out of Ireland altogether, leaving the Emerald Isle free for the Jews to set up home.

They also played a major part in the division of Ireland and managed to place their men at the heart of the Irish Establishment for decades, after the Rebellion and they still, to this day control both of the main Parties in Ulster and Eire. Not to mention Rothschild’s stranglehold on the banking system, which allows him full control over Irish affairs.

The same Jews whom are attempting to drive the Muslims out of the Middle East into Europe, making it possible to install ‘Greater Israel’ in the cleared Middle East, are at the same time finishing off the European Union, which has already been stripped of its Industry, leaving it on its economic knees and ripe for the final destruction, which kicked off in 1914 with the Great War.

France has just stood by watching, without a whimper the installation of Rothschild’s man Macron, as the new President, who has already had a chat with the Algerian government, making arrangements for ‘a bridge to France’  for hundreds of thousands of Algerians to freely enter France. A number almost equal to the population of Dublin, is allowed to enter France every year, without regard as to how they will be dealt with.

The only way this can be turned around is by a massive rejection of this agenda by the people of Europe. All of the paedophile politicians will allow, whatever may be necessary to destroy us all, without a qualm, believing that the Jews word of honour, will guarantee their future safety, when the final chapter is written. They will of course be the first heads on the chopping block, nobody has need of back-stabbing bastards like them and nor do we.

The Irish were talked into accepting the Jew system of mass murder, by allowing the use of the abortion of Irish babies, to reduce the population, this has been achieved and all of those dead White babies are being replaced by Black ones to destroy you, some blame the women’s’ lack of the mothering instinct, others tell the truth, that they sadly couldn’t give a shit about that sort of idiocy, who wants the Irish Race to survive anyway?

Of one thing the Irish can be sure, if the Jews are in any way involved in what is taking place in Ireland, there will be blood at the end of the road, there always has been and there always will be. The alert Irishman might just spot a few similarities in the Jew treatment of the Ukrainians during the Ukrainian ‘Famine’ to the events in Ireland when the British Army stole the Irish crops and took them to England, and the executions of the Patriots in Kilmainham Gaol in 1916. These are all Jew crimes. There are more than one thousand mass graves across Ireland, bearing witness to the brutality with which the Irish people were starved to death by the Communist City of London. Wake Up!


                      Some Say The Devil Is Dead.

Bertie Ahern, a jovial loveable character, whom allegedly never had a bank account in his life, is warning of possible trouble ahead with the North, when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

Ahern, whether knowingly or while in a stupor, assisted the Blair government, when it was decided in London, that it would suit the British Agenda, to put a stop to what was basically their own, British reign of terror in Ireland, terror, which was aimed at the Catholic community; now in order to avoid confusion, when at a fast arriving, future date, they would be unleashing a similar reign of terror, on the British mainland, called Muslim terrorism.

They did not want there to be any confusion between Catholic bombs in London and Muslim bombs, at which point, on the day of a Catholic Religious Feast, the Good Friday Treaty was dutifully signed.

The British have a long, scabrous history of carrying out their own terrorist attacks, in order to maintain a state of confusion and fear, to justify extreme measures against the civilian population, by referring to any perceived resistance as terrorism.

They were recently caught ‘red handed’ in Iraq, where British agents, disguised as Muslims, driving a vehicle packed with bombs, were arrested by Iraqi police. When the British were asked to explain what the F*** was going on, they sent tanks and a squad of Tommies’ to destroy the Police Station and pull out the terrorists.

They would the nascent Islamic State boys, whom were later trained in the ‘Green Zone’ under the auspices of the SAS and CIA, from where they have continued the carnage in Iraq and after that the World.

The Globalists job has not yet been completed, so an upsurge in activity in Northern Ireland would be a disaster, simply because it would create a scenario, which could well interfere with the planned Muslim – Christian Civil War, which is the desired future state of confusion in the United Kingdom and Europe, because more Troubles’ in Ireland could lead to the flight of the ‘New Planters’ the Muslims, towards England.

I have no doubt that the well-known Irish Jews, Sutherland and Shatter, have been quietly voicing their opposition to Brexit, having twice denied the results of Referenda in Eire and having used their influence over the Taoiseach Enda Kenny to force the Irish to accept enormous numbers of immigrants into an already poverty-stricken State, having been callously robbed by Jew Bankers in 2008/9.

The Irish were duped, by the City of London, from the word go, when De Valera sent Michael Collins to London to discuss a foregone conclusion, the result of which initiated a Civil War in Eire, allegedly to avoid the same thing in Ulster, while De Valera was quietly installing the British controlled two-party system of ‘democracy’ in Eire, a system which has persisted to this day, at the same time making sure the Rothschild’s retained control of the money supply, which gave the Bankers control of Eire.

Enda Kenny, whom accepted thousands of Economic Migrants into Eire, is now in a state of panic because of fears that the Irish people, whom reluctantly went to England in search of work, may now, because of Brexit, be obliged to return to Ireland.

Why, one might well ask, is Kenny not rejoicing at such a possibility? Could it be because he has been instrumental in the ethnic destruction of Ireland, after hundreds of years of struggle against London? Ireland should bless the Polish Christians in Ireland and pray for the return of all of the Wild Rovers.




Fake News Man Seeks Support From Fake News Merchants.


Should a journalist do, as did Kevin McGuire, an associate editor? of the Daily Mirror, on a British Radio program, call a member and by inference, the entire Ukip political party, a pack of liars, having used his position as a member of the ‘Fake News Community’ to sow the seeds of hate against Ukip, one would imagine that he would at least be asked to justify his claim.

Unfortunately he was not, as he was speaking on LBC, a rabidly anti Trump and Ukip, purveyor of disinformation, whom steadfastly continue to present as ‘truth’ even those exposed ‘fake’ tales, which were used against Ukip in the ‘Brexit’ Referendum.

McGuire, as have his compatriots in the USA, has continued his resistance to a Democratic decision of the People, as does the entire British Press, Radio and Television media, by continually ‘talking down’ the Brexit decision. I have just heard a host on LBC, ask the question, ‘What does it matter if we tell the truth or not?’

LBC went on to, hold a discussion, with a group of journalists, whom were totally opposed to Trump, claiming that to deny what the media reports, is a conspiracy theory. They have presented a photograph which appeared in the Guardian, which allegedly proved that Trump’s claim of massive crowds at his inauguration was lie, without showing the evidence , as if an unverified photo, was proof of something. It has yet to be shown that the two photos were taken at a comparative moment. It was a ‘fake’ discussion.

There is a far more serious situation building up, particularly in the United Kingdom, which those like McGuire and LBC, refuse to address. They are constantly referring Ukip, using a ‘fake’ image of Hitler, which the British Press, quite deliberately disseminated, when it was necessary to justify the war against Germany, by shifting the left-wing National Socialists to the extreme right, which signals to the sheeple in the UK, that a vote for Ukip, will mean a gas chamber will coming soon to a town near you.

Trump has promised to build a wall on the Mexican border, to prevent the invasion of the United States, by the overflow of the uncontrolled birth-rate in Mexico. What on earth is wrong with that? There are already millions of illegal Mexican immigrants in the United States.

Illegal means, forbidden by law or unconstitutional, take your pick. Whatever those Mexican people may be doing in the United States, they are Mexican and it is the duty of the Mexican government to look after their welfare and should they be in need, the USA should demand cash from Mexico to look after those needs.

To allow millions of Mexicans, to create the very same problem, in the States, which they have already created in Mexico, is a stupidity. There is not even a ‘cap’ placed on the number of children for whom they receive benefits.

There are thousands of British people, whom have chosen to retire in France. Their pension is paid from the UK. Imagine the uproar, should White British people, choose to do exactly what the recent immigrants are doing, by demanding food, shelter, health care and a pension from the French government.

Another ‘fake’ by lying tale, which has never been discussed by any ‘free’ journalist, working in the UK, is that of the British genocide against the Irish. They continue the outright lie, that five million Irish people, starved to death as the direct result of a potato blight, denying the reality that unknown numbers were transported to far away lands as ‘slaves’ or indeed ‘indentured servant’ a term which is a euphemism for slaves.

The British, in all of their various social levels, continually blame the slaughter on the potato blight, as if nothing else would grow in Ireland. When in reality the British continually stole millions of tons of Irish produce, at gunpoint, as the Irish were dying of starvation in front of them and as did the Bolshevik Jews in Ukraine, shot children attempting to steal some wheat to eat.

As justification for this Holocaust, the absent British Landlords calculated that to provide the Irish peasants – whom were allowed just enough land to grow potatoes and carrots to keep them alive- enough land to grow wheat and other grains to replace the failing potato crop, would require more land than was available in Ireland. The idea of feeding the Irish with the food which was being exported to England, was never even considered.

Their calculation explained to the profit conscious gentry, that it was cheaper to export the Irish people, rather than feed them, because of the restriction placed on production, by the available land necessary to so do.

The British would refer to what I have just expressed as ‘fake news’ because unlike the Jews, whom have constructed, even in Ireland, a ‘holocaust’ museum, to bolster their own claims, can you imagine that, in a country where it is illegal to deny the claims of the Jews and where the Irish Holocaust is denied?

The same Jews whom had already taken control of England, from where they despatched Cromwell’s New Model Army, which they had funded to murder the King of England, into Ireland to continue the land theft and repression of the Irish people, still maintained control during the Irish Holocaust.

All of that is part of the occult history of the English people, whom are seriously blind to the reality of their past crimes against humanity.

However I digressed from my support for Trump and Brexit, to suggest that the important thing in my support for the people of Ireland, is the British calculation of the amount of land necessary to feed the British and Irish people, at a time when there would have been more land available for agriculture and far fewer people to feed.

Bearing that in mind, why having managed to reduce the White Christian population of The British Isles, to maintain a sustainable level of food production, with regard to the land available, is the Jew controlled government in The City of London, propagating daily, rhetoric suggesting that Britain should open its doors to allow an unsustainable level of immigration, even as they are attempting to declench an international war, which has already destroyed the land available to millions of Muslims in the Middle East?

While Africa is already starving and there is already the threat of ‘Water Wars’ which have been engineered through the medium of allowing control of resources, into the hands of those whom do not have our best interest in mind, water which will soon, like the food from Ireland, be sold into the hands of the highest bidder. The evil destruction of Gadaffi’s Man Made River project, by NATO, has purposely, aggravated the problem of water and food production for Africa.

In California, where there has been the worst drought in living memory, despite stringent restrictions on the use of water, Nestlé’s were allowed to continue to pump billions of gallons of fresh drinking water to bottle and sell.

That is an illustration of the grim near future for us all. We have already been warned that very soon we will be forced to justify our right to remain alive. The ‘Death Panel’ is already on the books. The moment we are unable to pay for what we consume, we are done for, there will be no place on earth for ‘useless eaters.’




Ireland The Brave Is Still Standing Despite Everything the City Of London Can Throw At It.

Having fully charged Ulster with Scottish Protestants, the British cynically cut Ireland in two and calmly proceeded to describe the continuing struggle for control of the whole of Ireland a religious war.

Using the very same tactics, the British and their International Jewry friends, having for the past one hundred years laid the Middle East to waste, are now “forcing” the people of Europe to accept the immigration of those whom have lost everything – as a result of “coalition” savagery – into the very heart of Europe, where any patriotic struggle from these immigrants is described as terrorism of a religious nature.

At any point during “The Troubles” in Ireland, the British could quite easily have encouraged the Protestants, who consider themselves to be English, to emigrate to their beloved homeland across the water. Millions of Irish have already left, so a few thousand more would have been neither here nor there, particularly if the incoming Protestants were provided with a home and a job in England. This would have saved the British people billions of pounds over the decades, so why not do it now?

In view of the fact that this form of ‘clearance’ of the Middle East is currently in progress, even as “The Troubles” in Ireland are re-appearing, one can only ask the question as to the difference between the Middle East and Ireland.

The Money-Lenders in The City of London, have, ever since Cromwell allowed them to return to England, as payment of the debt owed to Dutch bankers, for his English Civil War and murder of Charles the First, attempted to clear Ireland of the Irish people.

Cromwell kicked off the genocide in Ireland with the massacres in Drogheda and Wexford, a genocide and clearance which was continued in the 19th Century, when five million Irish were starved to death or deported as slaves.

The “Irish” Jew Peter Sutherland has recently continued the process of the destruction of the Christians in Ireland, by using his position to enforce the bailing out of two of Rothschild’s Banks in Ireland, which presented a false figure of debt, which was never investigated and having achieved that aim he then, with the help of another “Irish” Jew, Alan Shatter, swamped Ireland with Muslim immigrants, whom are even now, having been “radicalised” by some covert process, taking to the streets of Dublin, crying out for more and more of all and everything, as if the Irish people owe them something.

There is no atrocity, which has not, over the Centuries, been carried out against the Irish people. Ireland was the test-bed for all of the Marxist systems of ‘slaughter in the name of good.’ Wherever Marxism shows its face, mass killings are not far behind. Marxism now has control of Europe and the United States and all of the signs of the coming slaughter are already on display.

There is still a ray of hope in the United States, where the people retain their Constitutional right to arms, while Europe is defenceless, even as shipments of arms are arriving by the container full, in readiness for the Free Europe Army, which is, most probably, already in place waiting for the order to attack, thus allowing the installation of Martial Law all across Europe.

Russia is shamelessly calling for the dis-arming of the United States citizens, they are daily presenting misleading statistics in support of their calls, by suggesting that the United States is more dangerous as a result of the current gun policy, when in fact even Wikipedia shows that other Countries have far higher rates of gun crime and mass shootings.


Real evidence in the United States demonstrates quite clearly, that in areas where the majority of people have guns there is less crime. Speaking for myself, having recently been visited by “travelling people” with only a bow and arrow available with which to defend myself, I would dearly like to own a gun as a means of protection.

However I am of the opinion that our “leaders” fully understand this advantage of an armed public but have a fear that these guns would be turned against them, when they go just a little bit too far with their doctrinaire laws, which are enforced by the armed and dangerous group called the Police, by whom the average person is most likely to be shot.

When the Bolshevik Jews carried out a coup d’etat in Russia, armed to the teeth by Wall St. and the City of London, the slaughter of 65 million White Christians would not have gone quite so smoothly had the State killers been confronted with an armed public.

This event was practiced in Ireland, where the New Model Army, which had been funded by the same group of bankers, was unleashed against an un-armed Ireland. Make no mistake about it the same group of families still, to this day, are funding all wars.


jeremy corbyn


Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 08.16.14

The Feckin’ British: Still Slaughtering And Still Claiming Their Own Innocence.

One hundred years after the brutal British response, to The Easter Rising and the summary execution of the brave patriots, whom put their lives on the line, knowing from bitter experience, exactly what would be the British response.

This genocide against the Irish which had been ongoing since the days of John Dee and the First Elizabeth, was turned up a notch when the Jews came back into England and sent the indebted Cromwell into Ireland, with orders, chillingly similar to the Jew calls to wipe out the German people to the last man, and should any German be left alive, the “Final Solution” should be to sterilise them.

This demonic philosophy used Ireland as the test-bed for the coming Jew Bolshevik atrocities, in Russia after the Coup d’Etat in 1917, and introduced us to the Jew policy of “clearances.”

Cromwell also kicked off the British/Jew slave trade, in the West Indies and the USA, however those slaves were not Black they were Irish.

Shortly after the 1916 Easter uprising, the British Peoples favourite son, War Criminal Winston Churchill, quite deliberate chose the brain-damaged, shell-shocked, survivors of the Jew war against their old enemy Germany, and sent them as Mercenaries into Ireland with specific orders to Terrorise the Irish people into submission.

These early model Daech style killers, also had their own special uniform, a mix of black and brown, which earned them the nick-name of the Black and Tans. These miserable hooligans carried out their mission to the letter. They imposed a bloody campaign, which included the massacre of a crowd in Croke Park watching a gaelic Football match. They were indeed, in anybodies terms, state-run Terrorists.

The British and their chums are still making use of this ploy and still to this day, blaming the victims of British atrocities as the guilty. They have the continuing support of the unquestioning World Press which is in the hands of Jews. In a surprising manner who do we find, sitting quietly, right in the very centre of the current morass in the Middle East?

The reprisals which were taken against Irish Patriots, by the heavily funded British Forces, which has still not run its course in Ulster, has now been unleashed against the innocent Peoples of the Middle East. As was the case in Ireland, any sign of resistance is called Terrorism, while the brutal response is to “keep us safe.”

In a shameful way, it would appear that the only country on the face of the earth, which has never in modern times, stood up to fight for its freedom, is the United Kingdom, or should we more correctly call it England – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, all of them being no more than subjugated vassals of the English – they are apparently totally ignorant of their own captivity. Those whom believe themselves to be free are allegedly the most enchained.

The Heart of Darkness itself, resides in the foetid depths of the City of London. It conducts it wars in comfort, knowing that the British people will lie down like pussy cats, waiting for the executioner, before taking a stand against the cancerous tumor in their midst, which has already forced them into two world wars and now into the depths of a depression and they still don’t get it.





Did The Jews Want Ireland?

I have just spent a couple of days, involved in one of the strangest debates in which I have ever taken part. I have been called contemptible, a merchant of hate and a holocaust denier. I believe that if I went through all of the responses, I could probably come up with a few more examples.

The discussion was based on the question, “Was the Irish Famine a Genocide?” The basic rule of the debate was, that for a Genocide to be a Genocide, there had to be evidence of intent, it was suggested that in Ireland, there had been no Genocide, because there was no evidence that the English were deliberately attempting to exterminate the Irish.

My response to this rule, was to demand an explanation as to “What was a Famine.”  The general response to my question was, that the potatoes were blighted.  This was perfectly true, however a potato blight is not a Famine. During the course of a couple of days, I received no explanation.

I presented a link to a book which listed the cargoes of ships which had left Ireland bound for England, with cargoes of Cows, Pigs, Wheat, Oats, Butter, Cheese etc. by the hundreds of tons. This was dismissed as insufficient.

Suggestions that the Irish were not even allowed to fish the sea and the rivers, brought a response: The Irish had sold their fishing equipment so they could not fish and besides the Irish were so uncouth, that they ate cheese, which they referred to as “white meat” with their fingers, they did not even put it on a plate. Apparently they had very little in the way of cooking skills, all they appear to have been capable of, was to boil potatoes and carrots.

The defence which was offered, against the claim of a holocaust, was that the English were doing their level best to “improve,” the Irish people, every act of the English, was in some designed to help them out of their misery. They just happened to be looking the other way, while these five million Irish people were starving to death.

Somewhere in the middle of all this nonsense, I asked for some sort of evidence of intent on the part of Hitler. Could anyone supply me with a document showing that Hitler intended to exterminate the Jews. I believe that it was in response to this, that I was accused of belittling the real extent of the holocaust, no matter, but I did receive a response from a fellow whom described himself as Irish and Jewish.

In a response to a question I referred to him as an Irish Jew. He explained that to question the holocaust was not good etc and that his father, had liberated a Death Camp in Germany and that he had taken photographs of the inmates and how shocked all of the GIs had been. At that point I did not realise that his Jewish half, even though he had in no way been involved with the events in Germany, any more than I had been, with the events in Ireland, had been mortally offended. It appears that the Irish may only be referred to as Irish Catholic or Irish Protestant, Irish Jew, seems to be considered as an insult.

He provided no photos from his fathers collection, telling me to look on-line, where there were many examples and a report from another source, which was not his father.

There you have it, the holocaust of the Jews, can be based on hearsay, without the need of proof of intent. It is not necessary to present any evidence of the means by which the victims had been killed. There is no existing photograph of a real live Gas Chamber, while there have been no mass graves discovered with cadavers showing any evidence of having been gassed.

The photos of those poor skinny people, whom were liberated in Germany, were mostly dying of Typhus and starvation as a result of the destruction of food convoys, it was not only prisoners whom suffered but everyone in the surrounding countryside and towns. Why indeed were these folk not dead, they were allegedly in a Death Camp, in prison garb, which would seem to be unnecessary in a “Death Camp.”

Nevertheless, these people were presented as suffering Jews, when in fact there were very few Jews amongst them, in one camp out of thirty-two-thousand inmates, there were only one-thousand-two-hundred Jews.

As for Ireland, the Famine is discussed as if it was a real famine. However it is not until you search for the evidence of it, that you realise that it is never explained. There has been no mention of animals dying of thirst and corn wilting in the heat of the sun nor indeed any of the other well-known signs of crop failure, it is of great significance that only the potatoes are ever mentioned.

That being so, what became of the thousands of tons of food which were annually exported to England? To where did it vanish if not into the mouths of the rich Irish and English Landlords? I would suggest that the food was always there and as usual only the potatoes were given to the Irish peasants.

Nearly half of all the farms in Ireland were under 5 acres. These Strokestown
families being lined up for emigration were of average size, two parents and three
children. And they occupied roughly four acres per family. By comparison to
millions of others they were fortunate, but there is no material difference between
half an acre of rotten potatoes and 4 acres of rotten potatoes.
The agent pointed out that if the potatoes were replaced by oats to provide the
staple diet for the tenant population, each family would need 12 acres to grown a crop
large enough for them to exist for a year, following a good harvest. “It would seem, if
this calculation be correct, the population on this land exceeds what it can support by
two-thirds at present, the agent wrote, containing:
“The cost of keeping a pauper in the Roscommon Poor House averages about 2s. 9d.
a week [68 cents], that is £7 3s. a year [US $36]. The cost of emigration to Quebec
averages £3 12s [US $18].

So it would seem from the above that there was certainly the possibility of growing other crops, suggesting that the “Famine” effected only potatoes. There was also a system known as the “Conacre” system where landlords, prepared land for the peasants to use, helping them to prepare the soil and took a cut of the harvest. However, it was “cheaper,” to put them onto a leaky boat and deport them.

Thousands of Irish families were put on these boats going to Canada and the USA, many of whom were already diseased and starving and never made it to the other side. I think this qualifies as a form of ethnic cleansing. Worse they were used as indentured slaves, many until the day they died.

As for the absent-mindedness of the English, they have never denied taking hundreds of tons of food out of Ireland, they claimed it was for commercial reasons. So I think I was on pretty solid ground, suggesting that there had been no famine and a definite attempt had been made to wipe out the Irish. I think that it started in earnest after Cromwell had invited or was forced to accept the Jews, whom had been exiled from England, back into the country, as payment of a debt, which he had incurred during the Civil War.

These Jews are still engaged in a denial of Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine, despite ample evidence that it is taking place and has been taking place since 1948, while at the same time they are still demanding reparations for what they allege happened to them, despite the lack of supporting evidence. Their behaviour in Palestine, of which the English are unaware, is a stark reminder as to the fate of Christians, under a Jewish controlled Government in post Revolution Russia.

I must confess, I have no evidence whatsoever to back-up my theory that the Jews in the City of London, may have been casting an eye over Ireland, as a perfect place to install their headquarters, however not too long after, they were slaughtering millions in Russia, so it is not as if they were not capable. However the population of Ireland has never recovered since those days. The Jewish population in Europe on the other hand, appears to have recovered without so much as a hi-cup, following their holocaust.

All through this strange discussion, I could not understand, why in both directions the believers in the Jewish holocaust, while arguing the  truth of one, were denying the other. While demanding a proof of one were content with no proof of the other. While accepting no more than eye-witness evidence for one they referred to it as mere hear-say for the other.

see The Famine That Never Was




The English Go To The Polls

Ask an Englishman and he will tell you, that the English are so perfect, that it would be hard to put your finger on any fault in their behaviour. All of the wars, in which they have been involved, were started by the other side. For their part, the English, have never tortured nor harmed a prisoner in their care, have always been first on the scene with humanitarian aid and have exploited no one.

They are the sort of shining example of Arthurian Chivalry, that of course, would take the side of the poor, pitiful and downtrodden Jews, in Israel, against the might of those aggressive madmen, contained and surrounded in an open prison in Gaza.

To suggest to an Englishman, that in reality, to anybody watching the film of life, their image would be that of a  blood thirsty race of thugs, would be the cause of raucous laughter.

In demonstration of this lack of self-awareness, they have just voted in a round of elections, the first since the destruction of Libya and during the howling, on the part of the government of the UK, for an attack to save more people from, paid terrorists, in Syria.

These illegal aggressions were not even worth mentioning, during the campaign. The English, believe every word which they have been told by both the incorruptible media and the government on these issues.

This incorruptible media, is even now reporting the case of a gang of child molesters, in the region of Manchester in the UK.  Young girls, were threatened and abused by a group of men, given drugs and alcohol and systematically raped, one thirteen year old was found to be pregnant.

There have, of course, been other similar cases, in the UK, which have not yet come to Court. The Dunblane Massacre, springs to mind, as does the ritual rape of Hollie Greig.  These cases involved high-ranking Government Ministers and other members of the Elite, which is considered justification enough to ignore their behaviour, whereas the Manchester Case, well that involves men from Pakistan and Afghanistan, giving the English yet another excuse to stir the immigrant stew-pot. No Hundred Year Secrecy Order to cover-up the behaviour of those fellows.

Anyway, back to the elections, while believing that the Libyans, deserved, needed or in some other way, would be helped by, being bombed into oblivion and that should their Government decide to carry out the same measure of help to save Syria  and after that Somalia, Uganda or Zimbabwe, in order to save them, they will be kindly acts, the English voter can ignore all that rubbish and get back to voting for the Bilderberger’s.

The three major political parties in the UK are controlled by members of a private group, which is under the control of influential businessmen and rich banking families. This group, which is called the Bilderberg group, after the name of the hotel,in which their first meeting was convened, boasts as members, the Prime Ministers, of all twenty-seven countries in the European Union. Which of course means, that whichever Party is elected, they  will receive the same orders from head office.

These twenty-seven “Yes Men” pretend to control the European Commission, which is un-elected and of course takes its orders from the same Bilderberg group. The sophisticated voter in England understands all of this and chooses to ignore it, while still believing that they represent a model of democracy which should be forced on to the rest of the Heathens of the world.

Having voted for the Socialist Party in local elections and for the Toff’s Choice, Boris Johnson, as Mayor of London, whom is already being touted as an Eton Boy, replacement for Eton Boy Tory Party leader David Cameron, the English voter congratulate themselves, ignoring the oncoming EU Dictatorship, over which they will be given even less control.

The English still dream of the days of Empire, when they ruled the world, with “A firm but fair hand,” when England was the richest country in the world and its Peoples lived in squalor. Yes, that was back in the nineteenth century, when children worked in the mills and mines and crawled up and down chimneys and Jack the Ripper stalked the streets of the East End of London.

While in order to feed the English Armed Forces, five million Irish people were wiped out, while the English troops stole Irish food at gun-point and left the Irish to starve. Yes, those were indeed the days my friend.

This genocide of the Irish, which was in fact only one of many attempts to wipe them out, can, without fear, be denied. The English insist that it was all because of the potatoes. The total denial of this holocaust, is in sharp contrast to another event, which lacks any substantial evidence that it ever happened, which has been used to “justify” with English support attacks against Muslims, whom have been selected as the Neo-Irish.

When all opposition to the installation of the One World Government, has been subdued and the latest World Empire put in place, why I wonder, do the English believe that they will be treated any better this time around than they were by the last Empire.

The English have been under the control of a hidden hand since the days of the first Elizabeth. Her chief adviser was a certain Doctor John Dee, a Jew.  He it was whom termed the word British or in his day Brytish. There has been a long tradition of Jewish control of English affairs, it did not end with the death of John Dee, it in fact is as much in evidence in the modern world as it was in the past.

John Dee it was whom proposed the annihilation of the Irish in the Sixteenth Century, while in the current Parliament all three main Parties are led by Jews, during the intervening years there have been many others, including Churchill and Disraeli. Many of these politicians continued the attacks against the Irish. The English were the IRA. Just as these days they are Al Qaeda.

I had the pleasure of annoying an Englishman this morning, by suggesting to him, after he had made a lengthy attack against the French, during a parade marking the end of the Second World War, explaining how his father had a life long hatred of the French, because they had capitulated, leaving the English in the lurch, by telling him that the English forced the war on to Germany, so they should have been prepared to fight it. His eyes popped and his face reddened and he stormed off.

The English people have stood by watching, without protest, the destruction of their industrial base. It has all been exported to China and India. There is no prospect of re-establishing it in England. The water, gas and electricity companies have all been privatised.  The farmland has been passed into the hands of the bankers. There is no part of England which remains in the hands of the English people. Soon, even the rivers will be declared the property of the water companies and after that the rain.

The Englishman to whom I spoke this morning, would consider himself to be a well-educated, slightly posh, sort of chap, however in recent times he has shown an absolute lack of comprehension of the way in which the world works. My first difference with this chap, was when I tried to explain that he was having trouble with  the bureaucracy, over the installation of his septic tank, because it had to correspond with the United Nations regulations in the International Building Maintenance Code, which is part of Agenda 21. He stormed off on that occasion as well, telling me I was stupid, that the UN cannot make the rules.

In the circumstances, to vote for any of the proposed possibilities, is a waste of time for the English. Local Government has been infiltrated by thousands of Common Purpose Agents, which is part of the EU attack against English Democracy, while the leadership is either Zionist or Jewish, in either case they are not fighting for England, they have in fact destroyed England.

No political party should be voted for, in future elections. They are a trap, which is why the people have been educated to believe them to be essential to run a country. This is false. this is a denial of consensus, it is the control of a small majority over the minority, in many cases it is not even a majority of the population, simply a majority of those whom bothered to vote. Understanding this simple idea is the first step on the road to real Democracy. Vote only for independent candidates.


The Truth About British Democracy And The Irish Spring.

While those ghoulish little creatures, William Hague and David Cameron are strutting around the world expounding their views on Democracy and the universal right to it, whether it is wanted or not, and at the same time are selling the British Citizens right to Democracy, into the hands of the City of London Money Lenders, they are organising and paying Mercenaries to bring this Democracy to Syria, without reference to the wishes of the Syrian People, in the manner that the UK was taken into the European Union, screaming, against the will of the People.

In Egypt and other Muslim countries they applauded the Arab Spring, as long as it suited their purpose. Where it did not, it was ignored, as in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. They have just supported a one candidate democratic election in Yemen, which saw their man elected, in a shock result.

In Libya, as in Syria, they sent in the SAS, Al Qaeda, CIA, Mossad and various others to oversee the theft of the oil resources and the destruction of the Libyan State.  Libya is now divided into tribal zones, facilitating the continuing rape and pillage of the once best-managed country in Africa. These truly are the acts of unspeakable filth.

Now let us just take a look at the British at Home. These monsters with “Humanitarianism in their Genes.”

Forty years ago, in the UK, Roman Catholics,were denied their right to vote in Elections. They were restricted to one vote per household.  The Catholic people, had their own “Irish Spring” they marched, in defiance of the bands of Protestant thugs, whom attacked them as they peacefully marched, with clubs, through which they had hammered nails, which inflicted horrendous injuries on the marchers.

We are of course talking of Ulster, that is the part of Ulster which the British carefully selected, to make sure of their desired Protestant majority, in order to justify keeping part of Ireland under their control.

When the attacks became so vicious that they could no longer be ignored, the British announced that they would be deploying troops to guard the Catholic Civil Rights marchers.

What the British actually did was to immediately set-up clandestine operations, with the aim of creating havoc in Ulster. The attacks against the Civil Rights Marchers, had justifiably, provoked anger amongst Catholic men, whom reinvented the more or less dormant IRA, Irish Republican Army, which had defeated the British in the South, under the leadership of Irish hero, General Michael Collins.

The first response of the British Troops to a Civil Rights march, was to shoot thirteen marchers dead, in the Bogside. After which the British Forces took on the role of Terrorist and were in some estimates, responsible for at least half of the bombings which were laid at the door of the Provisional IRA.

They then set up Internment Camps, where Catholics could be locked up with no trial and no release date. These prisons were notorious for the mistreatment of the prisoners. Bobby Sands was allowed to starve to death by the British humanitarians in The Maze prison, after sixty-five days of refusing to eat. He had been charged with no crime.

The British actually maintained a reign of terror in the Province, through the use of a shoot to kill policy, which was denied, but which was finally uncovered by an honest cop from Manchester in the UK, John Stalker. He was of course dismissed and his report spiked.

Despite the use of the media, to disseminate disinformation, which always pilloried the IRA, with the aim of manufacturing a fear of the Catholics in the minds of the British people, whom as usual had no idea of the reality on the ground, the British forces and Loyalist terrorists  between them managed to slaughter almost twice as many Catholics as Protestants, during the troubles.

Tony Blair, as soon as it was necessary, called off the British hounds and announced “The Good Friday Agreement.” It was necessary because Blair was already aware that a new “War Against Terror,” was about to kick off. The SAS would soon be needed to start planting bombs in Iraq, as they did and were caught doing, to create more sectarian violence over there.

There were also the bombs in London on 7-7, so it would not be good to have IRA bombers confused with the new selected villain, the Muslim community.

This is how true humanitarians behave, kill everybody in equal measure, even your own people, show no favouritism. This is what keeps the Weapon Shops in business and the Moneylenders in cigars and whiskey.

The only piece of good news recently, was an announcement that there is a Ninja, shadowing every member of the Elite, waiting for the order to kill, should the Elite continue on their present course. They have been warned.


The Independent’s With Hindsight Piece Of Tripe

John Drennan’s flowery hit piece, against “Teflon Enda”  made me laugh. Where was the Independent when Fianna Fail was pushing through the bank bailout? Where was the advice not to trust a shifty little piece like Enda?

It was perfectly obvious that the pressure needed to be put on Cowen & Co, not to pay, everybody knows that once these things are signed they are never unsigned.

Quoting Orwell and dredging up images of Michael Collins will not save Ireland now. Kenny’s talk of an upturn in the economy is a load of rubbish. They are all under orders to say that. The US, UK, France, and Italy are all experiencing this strange jobless recovery syndrome.

The right advice to save Ireland is simple. Nationalise the farmland, Kick out the Central Bankers, Print your own money, At all cost don’t let the multi-nationals get their hands on the food. Very soon that will be all you’ve got.


The Irish Should Take Note Of Events In The Maghreb And The Middle East.

When the British carved Ireland into two bits, it was to create not only a division in the North but a division in the South as well. This act was responsible for the Civil War.  It proved to be such a successful idea that shortly after, they installed in Palestine, what they referred to as an Ulster in the Middle East. They allowed the Banking interests, who had control of the British economy to dictate the treatment of the indigenous Peoples of the region, in order to install Israel.

These same British have forced an invasion of Libya, for humanitarian reasons, which amounted to nothing more than an excuse to remove a Leader who had refused to take orders from Central Bankers, who were intent on imposing a Central Bank in Libya. He had also chosen for himself with whom he would trade his country’s oil reserves. The British believe that they have a God-given right to Libya’s resources. So in order to create an excuse to invade, they sent in a group of paid thugs to attack Gadaffi.

The United Nations,fully understood the excuse which was being manufactured, they would have been in on the discussions from the word go. We have all come to understand in recent times that the UN are a pack of liars. So they set a precedent,  should a group of armed fighters appear in a member State of the UN and attack the sitting government, a third country can call for a “No Fly Zone” and send in arms to help the “Rebels.”

So where does that leave Ireland and the much maligned Irish Freedom Fighters. Do we have to believe what the British tell us to believe? These are the “Humanitarians” who refused Catholics in Ulster the same voting rights as Protestants, until as recently as the 1970s, as part of their divide and rule policy. In this way they could claim that the problem in the North was  Religious, when in fact it has always been the desire of the Irish to take back their land from the English and it still is.

The British have no right to claim control of Ulster. They talk of a majority in the Province wanting to remain British, Would they accept the result, should a majority of the population of Bradford, in the North of England, hold a referendum in the town, and using the result to declare that wanted to call Bradford a region of Pakistan? I think not.

Now, with the precedent which has been set by the UK, France, the USA, with the support of the United Nations,  new hope has been given to both of the States, which have had an Ulster imposed on them by the British. Palestine has been brutally treated by Israel, with the support of  France, the UK and USA. Now that Israel has announced that they intend to carry out another inexcusable attack on Gaza, the member states of the UN must insist on a “No Fly Zone” over Israel, the people of Gaza must be armed, in order to fight back, and the Israeli Military should be bombed to smithereens.

As for Northern Ireland, I think the people understand that they have been used and abused for over seventy years, to suit the cold-blooded intentions of the British. They should all come together of their own free will with Eire, to help them finally kick the British out, along with their criminal banking system which is robbing the people of the North and South. Should that fail, they can call out a few demonstrators, throw a few rocks at the cops, who can be relied on to go completely ape and Bobs your Uncle.

[Connemara beach]

The Famine That Never Was

Just a few hundred meters from the home of my family in Dublin, the British exported millions of live animals and thousands of tons of produce by boat to England. They shot dead,  Irish men who tried to take some of this food to feed their starving families. This was happening in 1846-49 in Ireland. The British starved more than 1 million people to death. Some say twice that number. Many more were forced to leave Ireland, to find work, so that money could be sent home to aid their relatives. Many left to live in Australia and the USA.

The British excused this genocide, by claiming that they were obliged, for commercial reasons, to export the food to England, so that it could be sent back to Ireland, to help feed the starving people. However for the rest of the World, they claimed that Ireland was suffering from a famine. This was a deliberate lie. The Irish people had long been expected to live on a diet of potatoes. The land which they were allocated by British landlords, would support little else, while the meagre wage which they earned, working for the Landlord, was barely enough to pay the rent, on their parcel of bogland.

The problem for the Irish began, when the seed potatoes, which they were forced to buy, as they barely had enough of their own produce to eat, let alone put aside for seed, arrived in Ireland, infested with Potato Blight, which rapidly destroyed all potato cultivation across the country. Many commentators see this as a deliberate act by the British. It was in line with their distribution of blankets, deliberately infested with smallpox to American Indian Tribes. This callous treatment by the British, initiated the rise of the Irish resistance, to British rule. The British, still refer to this deliberate starvation of the Irish, as “The Famine”

Ireland, once again, through the machinations of the British, have their backs to the wall. The politicians who have delivered them into this misery, are now diving for cover. The people are being expected to pay billions of Euros to three fabulously rich banks, all of which are owned by the Rothschild family, The Bank of England, The European Central Bank and The International Monetary Fund. Very soon, they will find that there will once again be a food shortage in Ireland. A little research will show that this was deliberately engineered. Most of Ireland is in the hands of overseas landlords. These landlords will mostly be agents of  wealthy elite families, who have been grabbing farming land, water supply systems and power supply across the planet.

The United Nations Organisation, which was set up by one of these agents, Rockefeller, has the intention of taking control of the entire food supply of the world. They will then issue rations, to each country, according to the population. To fabricate an excuse for this intention, they have, through the use of Genetically Modified Seeds, which were designed to fail and have failed, at an alarming rate across the world and the deliberate under planting of essential crops, caused an unnecessary food crisis. To add further to these problems, they have deliberately changed the rules, governing the trading of commodities. In past years, should a speculator purchase, for example one thousand tons of grain, he was obliged to collect it and store in his own facility. It can now simply be left in the hands of the farmer, until the price is right.

So the Irish could soon find themselves once again watching their foodstuffs leaving Ireland, for foreign shores and waiting for meagre rations to make their way back. The Irish people will very soon discover many little surprises in the Lisbon Treaty and other treaties, which have been signed without reference to them, by the government which was put in place to carry out the destruction of Ireland. The shady characters waiting in the wings are the same breed of whores. Sinn Fein and the Greens are both controlled. Sinn Fein will do nothing about the bankers and the Greens will see you pushed back into the ‘Stone Age’.

The people must insist on an audit of the Banks, when the fraud is discovered, arrest the bankers, they are common criminals. Do not pay the loan, simply write off the debt and tell Rothschild to sort out his own problems. They are nothing whatever to do with the Irish people. Most important of all, take control of all farming land. This must be done with all haste, because soon the IMF sharks, will be slavering to get their hands on something juicy. Then you must leave the Euro Zone and the European Union, they are in the process of setting up a Europe-wide Dictatorship.


Now They Are Playing With Ireland

Here we go! Now they’re talking about interest rates. Will it be six, six and a half or seven. What did Lenihan and the boys say? We cannot afford more than five.


Brian Lenihan, to justify his job and his ability to advise the Government on the course it should take, in response to the Banking Crisis, should be at least as aware as a I am of the pitfalls that could lead Ireland to total disaster.  I believe he does know, exactly what he is doing. He has declared on RTE that he will be advising the Government to beg the IMF for aid. BEGGING! BEGGING! There is no need to BEG these parasites, they are gagging, to force a loan on to Ireland. Lenihan has already had assurance from others that the Government will support him.


How Much Can You Stand?

The Butt Bridge was built to last but they made sure that it was not overloaded. The government was not so prudent. In fact, even after the collapse, the government is still piling on extra weight.

As the days go by, the sour taste in the mouth, will only get worse.  I hope that repossession has been banned. Nobody should lose their home to pay criminals.

It cannot be emphasized too often, that a loan, from whatever source, is just a piece of paper. Kaameron, a slime ball from the greasy depths of the British aristocracy, will send a piece of paper to Lenihan, marked £7 billion. Lenihan will have however many Euros that amounts too, printed, which will be used to pay Corporation workers or whatever. The people of Ireland will have to repay twice that, counting the interest and all the Brits had to do was hand over a piece of paper. No gold, no silver, no jewels, no value at all. They will give you nothing and in return for nothing, you will have to pay billions of Euros. Lenihan and Cowan and the rest of the scum that you have elected know this but they will never tell you. It is the big unmentionable.   The Euros have already been printed, they need no piece of paper from the UK or from anyone else, to make them work. You are being robbed. Plain and simple. The least the government should demand, is payment in gold.

The next step will be to grab the best of Ireland for themselves and the Irish will be back to eating pigs trotters and carrots.

First They Rob Us…..

I listened to two commentators on TV. They were laughing about the Coalition, who, having taken the Labour Party to task, for bailing out the banks, were doing exactly the same thing, by bailing out Ireland. Both of these men were senior members of staff of their respective newspapers. They are two men, who I have noticed over the years, are opinionated and arrogant. They inferred that Ireland’s problems were mismanagement, unlike in the UK, where the banking collapse, had nothing to do with the government, it was all because of a few dodgy mortgages in the US.

However, their total lack of understanding of the machinations of politicians, is appalling. We are, at the moment watching a carefully planned agenda, unfolding before our eyes, this pair are either ignoring it or they are too stupid to understand it.

Just as we had Gordon Brown, hanging on to power until the Lisbon Treaty had been ratified, to suit the Tories, who had been pretending to oppose it, when on the opposition benches, but were in reality in favour, we now have Brian Cowan in Ireland, hanging on to power, until he has signed on the dotted line and swallowed the Rothschild poison, knowing full well that the, as yet unelected, opposition, whoever they may be, will not be embarrassed by having to refuse the bailout.

For the last two years, everything has been going the way of the bankers.  Without a qualm governments across the Western World, bailed out the banks. Strangely, these banks are now in a position to make huge loans, at astronomical interest rates, to the countries who have just bailed them out. The amount of public money that has been poured in to the banks, has done nothing to help sort out the mess that they created. The banks should have been put into bankruptcy and the public money used to support the people who had genuine investments in the banks. The banks have done nothing to aid a recovery, unfortunately that is not part of the agenda.

The most important question for the Irish at the moment should be. Who instructed the British to make a 7 billion pound loan and why?  What is their objective? What have they been instructed to reserve for the man who owns the Bank of England.  Ireland has experience of the treachery of the Brits, they are now about to discover, that the bankers, who set up the United Nations, who still operate under its mantle, are veritable flesh eaters. They are, as they say, meaner than scrapyard dogs.  They will strip Ireland bare. The Brits have placed a bet, to make sure they get something, they do nothing out of kindness.

These scum, who have been allowed to take control of the financial system, are going from country to country and robbing them blind.  Our elected governments are nothing more than bailiffs for them. Gordon Brown is now installed with the IMF, he will be helping with the sacking of Ireland.  When Ireland has been sucked dry they will move on to Portugal. These are the same people who used our money, to fund Israel and its heinous attacks on the helpless people of Gaza. The people of Europe, who are allowing their taxes to fund atrocities like this, are as guilty as the people who carry out the attacks. That is one of the reasons why the Central Banking system must be destroyed.

The EU Is A Failure. Get Out While You Can

It is fair to say, that any representative of the people, who is not questioning the wisdom of a continuing attachment to the European Union, is not speaking FOR the people who voted them into office.

Smaller countries like Ireland and Portugal were initially given aid, to help build their economies. This is what is known in the trade as a Honey Trap. The instincts of the people, have always been opposed to closer integration.

In Ireland and the UK, the leaders who have led the charge to destruction, the likes of Ahern and Blair, were selected because they could be relied on to do exactly that.

Now that the Honey Trap has closed, where have all the benefits to the Irish gone?  It was all an illusion, now the draining of Ireland begins.  Why did the EU not prevent this from happening?   Is that not what it was intended to do?

Why, when it becomes more apparent, with every day that passes, that the so-called banking collapse was a criminal fraud, has the EU not taken some action against the banks and set about recovering the stolen funds from the bankers?The answer is quite simple, they are an integral part of the scam. They are simply Bailiffs and Debt Collectors for the bankers.

Cast your minds back a while, who made the bailouts to the bankers? Well our governments gave the orders for that robbery of their people.  What has been the benefit of this “Life-boat” for the bankers? Well it would appear to be total collapse of the system. So where did all the bail-out money go?

The Fractional Reserve system of banking survives on “Boom and Bust.” During the boom they will have us paying our lives away just to buy a modest home.  In Ireland the price of a house was up around the prices in Monte Carlo. It was clear that it could not be sustained.  It was in fact just another tax on the people.  Hundreds of pounds a month paid on a mortgage.  For what?  Now that the “Bust” has come, where has all that money gone?  Now the bankers start kicking people out of their homes.  They have been collecting payments on these homes for years and now that the crash has happened, they can grab them for peanuts and hold on to them waiting for the next engineered “Boom.”

When Ireland was still a very poor, under developed little country, even “The Long Fella” could organize the building of townships like Ballyfermot, so why did it stop? It stopped because it is policy to have fewer homes than there are people wanting to buy. That is the mechanism used to drive the prices higher and higher. It is disgraceful. In a country with a small population, like Ireland, the government cannot build a modest one or two million homes. House building, is one of the only occupations on the planet, where the cost of materials and labour, has no bearing whatever on the price of the finished article.  That is decided by the bloated prices during a boom. This even extends to the price of a small extension and how much it will add to the value of the house.

All the governments in the EU, despite these hard times will be continuing to pay an enormous amount of money to maintain the unelected European Commission and billions more to the European Central Bank, which is a private bank. Something in the order of 95% of the money paid to the Commission has been stolen, the phrase they use is, “Cannot be accounted for” the books have not been cleared by the auditors for years. The European Central Bank, like all Central Banks, does not allow itself to be audited, so we can only guess at the sort of profits Rothschild has been making from this little earner. Just to give you an idea of the sums involved, France, Germany and the UK paid at least 150 billion Euros, between them last year. The UKs cut, is paid to the Rothschild controlled Bank of England. This is called the “Deficit” which means the interest, on the money in your pocket, which is the property of Rothschild, and carries a debt.

I spend my time with people of many Nationalities, one and all they are against closer ties with Europe.  They like the free movement amongst countries and a better understanding of each others way of life, that sort of thing, however the idea of handing over control to unelected Fascists? Nobody is in favour of that. They all they want the Lisbon Treaty scrapped and when the banking system is explained to them, the whole idea of private bankers, using our money to buy up the world and its resources is completely unacceptable.

People across Europe are waiting for someone to make the first move.  Greece is resisting at full force, though they are not getting enough support.  Iceland is showing the way. They are rarely mentioned on the news channels, because they are the ones who have opened the Pandora’s Box of filth and deception carried out by the bankers.  They have looked at the books, they have uncovered the fraud and have arrested the bankers.  They have the banking community running scared.

Any politician in Ireland worth his salt, should go to Iceland, speak to the humble, isolated people who have found the courage to take on the criminal system that controls us all and join forces with them, to SAVE IRELAND FROM RUIN.

The Talking Is Over For Ireland

Just a word of warning to the people of Ireland. Your government has already led you to ruin. They are hand in glove with the Central Bankers. There is no point in accepting a loan from the European Central Bank, the IMF or anybody else. Simple economics will tell you that there is nothing to be gained from borrowing, to pay a debt. That would be stupid enough but use a loan to pay the interest on a loan, well that is complete madness. Greece has already fallen into this trap and under pressure, have accepted this form of poisoned loan. As a result they are now paying billions of Euros in interest on the second loan, at even higher interest than they were paying on the original loan. They now have two loans to pay off, when in reality they can afford to pay neither.

The President of Europe is trying to force this loan down the throat of the Irish people, knowing full well that they will never be able to repay it. This is all part of an agenda. The President is already warning that if Ireland refuses to accept this loan, that it could well lead to the collapse of the European Union. I personally hope that this is a promise not a threat. A huge majority of the people of Europe would be overjoyed should this happen. Every country who voted, in a referendum, voted no. So do not be fooled, they will never let the EU sink, it is their flagship for world domination.

That is the reality of what is being forced onto us. The next step by these thugs, will be to offer a solution to this problem, which they have so carefully engineered. This offer has already been formulated. Ireland, Greece, Spain and Portugal, have been selected for the dummy run. After using the public purse, to pay the private debts of criminal bankers, creating in the process, a collapse of industry, because when having received the bail-out, the banks refused the necessary short-term loans, to keep the economy working. They are now claiming that the governments of these countries, are not capable of running their own affairs, so the EU must take control in order to stop the same thing happening again. This is a power grab. It is based on a fraud. There is no financial crisis, the huge debt is false. Even if it was true, it is not the fault of the people. It has no bearing on the ability of a country to manage its own affairs.

The banking system runs on debt. The best form of debt, is government debt. That is why the banking system is so important to the Rothschild’s of the world. They are paid interest, at a rate that they control, by every country, in the world, apart from five. How can this be allowed to continue? Imagine how well off Ireland would be, if all the billions of Euros, which you have paid to the ECB in Europe, were still in Ireland? All the hard work, that the Irish people invested in Ireland, once they had been given the opportunity, has been thrown away. Ireland has been looted. Soon the criminals will be asking for Real Estate of some sort to repay the loan. That is their aim, that is always their aim. They will probably start by asking for a few islands off the West coast.

These are not nice people who are trying to make the world a better place for all . They are cruel, selfish, greedy, psychopaths. The only way to deal with this type of  scumbag, is to stand up to them. Sooner or later, however frightened we may be, we have to find the courage to throw a punch. Even if it means we take a beating. We know how to take a punch and when we are pushed to the limit, we know how to throw one back. The people have to take the country back, before it is too late. The deficit, as they call it, is the difference between the taxes coming in and the interest owed to the bankers, after government departments have been financed. That is why services have to be cut back, to make more money available for the bankers.

This is intolerable. The government must leave the Euro-zone. Audit the banks, to determine to whom their debt is owed. Suspend all payments to the Central Banks. They are criminals. They should never have been allowed to take control of the money supply in the first place. We have a government who are perfectly capable of doing that for us.

Time is running out,  the Irish government will have already been instructed by the Bilderberger group, to which they belong, that soon, the new currency will be announced. The criminals from the Dáil, will have already accepted on behalf of the Irish people, yet another form of currency that will go the way of all currencies, under the control of The Fractional Reserve Banking System. So why is the Government in Dublin even considering this possibility? The answer is simple, because they have been bought off. They are not interested in the well-being of Ireland, or of the people of Ireland. They are working to a script provided by The European Commission. When the people of Ireland voted no to the offer of a place in the Euro-zone, they had it right and the government, who forced a second referendum were wrong to do so.  Just as they were wrong to compound the problem by signing the Lisbon Treaty.  The government must be sacked.

Now Ireland This Is Your Battle Of Evermore.

We are well placed to save Europe.  Our exploits against the British are legendary. Freedom Fighters world-wide have imitated our tactics.  A Cypriot, only the other day, was telling me, how in their fight for freedom, against the British, Irishmen, in the British Army, were helping them.  The Ole Woman gave me a kiss of gratitude.

We made a start against Blair in Dublin. His security, illegally prevented a woman making a Citizens Arrest, which is a legal right. Blair is a nobody now. He is not entitled to any more security than the rest of us.  His private security men have no authority in Dublin.

The next step must be a third referendum over the Lisbon Treaty, this time no locking up the ballot boxes long enough to cook the vote. Referendums are not a tool to be used until you get the result you want. A yes or a no, is the decision of the people and each is of equal value.

Then, in readiness for what is coming, we must take back our farms. Otherwise, the British will again control our food, as they did during the potato blight. The traitors in Government, have allowed our farmers to be driven off the land, allowing the agents of the Rothschild family to buy up farms all over Ireland, as they are doing across the World.

Greece is on the verge of revolution, they are refusing to accept that bankers, using our money are buying up the Greek islands for themselves.  Greece is on its knees, yet the Government is planning to give billions to the European Central Bank and the IMF, both controlled by Rothschild, in return for virtual money, that was concocted out of nothing, and will have to be repaid by handing over national resources, otherwise another loan will be needed to pay the interest on the current debt.  Our leaders are fully aware of this and allow it to continue.  Our governments have either sold themselves to the bankers, or have been threatened, either way they will do nothing, that is clear, they are allowing us to be slaves to the ‘Elite’.

So people of Ireland, that is our challenge. We are loved all over the world. It is as if some fore-knowledge is embedded in the minds of people, of the debt they are going to owe us. We must not let them down.  We must lead the way in closing down the Central Banking System, freeing Europe, at last from the City of London and the reptiles that will pay both sides in a war, for their own profit.

Now is a Good Time to Set Up the Resistance

The majority of the population of the US and UK, have not yet realised that they are under occupation. Soon foreign armies, will be patrolling the streets of Britain and the USA.

The British have once again been lead into a blind alley, by the government, freely elected just a short time ago. Cameron and Clegg have nothing better to do, than to worry about staging the Football World Cup, sometime in the future, while the UK’s industrial base is floating to destruction, like a deflating balloon.

MI6 and the SAS, are now the British SS and should be treated as such. They do not look after the interests of the people, they take care of the Money Lenders, who pay their salaries.  These paid killers will, when ordered, attack the British people with the same ferocity that they used on the Irish for centuries.

These are the murderers who were caught in the act, in Iraq, with a van load of bombs, disguised as Arabs, carrying out terrorist attacks.  It must be remembered, in Police lore, you never get caught the first time.  These are the same pieces of trash who carried out the bombings on 7-7 in London. They shot three young lads in Docklands on the day of the attacks and executed Jean Charles De Menezes, not long after.

Soon, in the UK, it will be impossible to move without being surveilled by hidden cameras and microphones. A huge database in being set up with information from ‘Social’ websites, using photos posted on sites like Facebook and My Space in conjunction with facial recognition scanners in the streets. Images from body scanners in airports are being saved and used in the same database and nobody cares. They still believe it is all to catch bearded men wearing little white hats.

Children at school, who were once conditioned using religion, are now being brainwashed to believe, that human beings are destroying the planet. That we are too numerous. That we should not be allowed to drive cars. That we must pay Carbon Taxes. That we should only be allowed one child per family. We will soon be allowed to eat only a limited amount of food, as people were during the Second World War, even though in reality, there was no shortage of food.  The war was financed on both sides by the City of London, on the orders of the Central Banking Families.

I hope, that somewhere, patriotic men are setting up cells, to resist the aims of the Globalists, in the manner of Gen. Michael Collins, Founder of the Irish Republican Army (see photo) because the British public are soon to find out that they, are in exactly the same position as the Irish were, under British rule.

The US is already under Martial Law. Troops are already operating road blocks and generally helping the Police control the people. This is illegal, except under a State of Emergency. However there is no emergency. There is no ‘War on Terror’, they might as well have declared ‘War on Mosquitoes’, all that is needed is the word ‘War’ to allow the government to launch total control.  Most Americans, could probably be declared brain-dead, and judging by their lack of concern over current events, they probably are. I no longer believe that they can be woken up, they are beyond help.

Bloody Sunday Verdict

So the British have two kinds of massacre, justified or unjustified.  Does that mean murder or cold-blooded murder? These people were marching for Civil Rights, in Britain in the 1970s.  This attack was to take the heat off the Loyalist thugs, whose crimes, have been virtually ignored by the British press.  Everything was blamed on the IRA.  They can rightly claim, that they, were the Al Qaeda of the 70s and 80s to justify the torture and killings of the SAS in the service of the UK. The government of Eire have recently found the SAS guilty of planting bombs in Dublin, killing many innocent people and nearly killing my brother. The bombs were planted, strangely enough, in the fashion  we are now told is the trade mark of Al Qaeda.  There is nothing more to say on this subject. The Verdict speaks for itself,  except, as in Abu Ghraib, the officers have been protected.


Now The Irish Must Do It For Them.

We, the Irish. The people who talk too much. Have remained silent for far too long, about our true destiny. We are the chosen ones. So get up off your arses and save the world!

The ol’ fella always told me quite clearly. in no uncertain terms.  We, were the children that resulted from the liason of the ‘gods’ with the daughters of man. The Irish people were led to safety, to the Emerald Isle, to escape the culling of the progeny, of that liason.  Yes it’s just as we have always known, deep inside, Ireland is the second Foundation and we arethe Sons of the Gods.

They have been after us down through the centuries. We must be eliminated, we are the stronger.  All the so-called genocides, the plagues, the wars, the vaccines, have all had one aim, eliminate the ‘Sons of the Annunaki’.

I would have kept my mouth shut about this, for a while longer, at least.  However, when I saw the scum of Lucifer, come to Ireland, to dip its toe in the water, to test the resolve and capacity of the opposition.  The Sons of the Gods, were there, in force, speaking out, with dignity, ‘This, Rockefeller, this is the line in the sand.  We are the Irish! We are on the Case! Yes. You feckin criminals, we have got your number”.

The first step has been taken.  Now, get the bankers. Cancel the illegal debt. There is no debt.   There can be no debt, if nothing of value changed hands. Virtual money, has no value.  Sack the criminals in the government. Get out of Europe. All this can be achieved without firing a shot.   So let’s get on with it.


Taoiseach Brian Cowen who this evening said he will dissolve the Dail after the December budget. Photograph: Julien Behal/PA Wire

Ireland Decides.

Ireland must now choose between a new start or a continuation of the same old institutionalised Bilderberger controlled policies of the past. Cowen is forcing the budget through before the election, as a favour to the other parties, who are certainly in agreement with his policies, whatever they may say in public. Now, whichever of the  contenders may come to power after the election, can claim that it is too late to change the budget, or the acceptance of the IMF loan. All of Ireland must by now understand, that whether the loan originates at the IMF, the World Bank, the ECB, or the UK government makes no difference, they are all under the same control and they are all thieves.

There are just one or two things that Irish voters should bear in mind before marking their X on the ballot paper.  Sinn Fein are British puppets. They were infiltrated long ago. The leadership was  under the control of MI5 all through the troubles in the North. They now hold sway over the Catholic vote, pretending to win benefits for their constituents, when in fact they are getting whatever  suits the British. Sinn Fein in Eire, would be a disaster, they would do nothing to change the banking system, they would insist on paying every last penny, of the Irish peoples money to the City of London.

The Green Party is no better. They should not win one vote. They should be condemned to the slag-heap. The mission of the Greens, is to put in place the most stringent tax demands that have ever imposed on the population. The sinister objective of the Bankers, who founded the Greens, is to use them to convince the people, that they should pay a tax on any manufactured item. This is lunacy. The main industrial manufacturing countries, China, India and Brazil will be exonerated, in Europe however, we will pay tax, even on a loaf of bread. The people have no idea what this will mean, we will in fact, be virtual slaves to the bankers, who will have control of this tax.

The best way forward, is to ignore all political parties, vote only for people who live in the area that they would like to represent. Vote only for Independent Members. Make sure of their intentions, should they go back on their promise, get rid of them on the spot. The days of saying one thing and doing another must be ended at all cost. Manifestos should be legal documents.

Cowen’s  job was to hand Ireland to the bankers. The rush to sign the acceptance of the loan before calling an election was proof enough of that. He should now be arrested along withLenihan and the rest of the criminals involved in the scam. There is no debt. Be sure of that. The people of Ireland will be paying for nothing, for the rest of their lives and the debt will still not be paid. The object is to buy Ireland with the debt.  Somewhere there must be a handful of men who are prepared to be elected, who have the courage to say no to the Hounds of Hell from the City of London.

The first step of any new government must be to invest the maximum amount possible, into food production, to at least prepare for the food shortages that are being manufactured on the Stock Exchanges across the world. This is all part of the UN strategy to take control of the food production world-wide, so that they can then ration us all. There is already talk of petrol rationing, even though there is so much oil sloshing around the globe that there is not adequate storage space. Oil is not a fossil fuel, oil is generated by the Earth, there has never been and will never be a shortage, it regenerates. This is well-known in the oil business, but kept secret from the people, in order to use so-called shortages to hike up the price. Drill deep enough and you will find oil, even under Ireland.


6 responses

  1. I understand the debt of Germany from WW1, to Jewish bankers were not possible to pay, being impossible to finance, for the same reasons outlined by enochered, Hitler went to war as a result of this burden, enochered had the right idea, to stop paying the debt, as mentioned, Hitler stopped war repatriations to France I believe, had Hitler stopped paying, do you think France would become the aggressor? to get the money? NO! the answer whether the money is borrowed or not take courage and fight the banking criminals, those who choose this path have to recognize MI5/6 and the rest of these criminals will set you up, I give one example of this, Hussein was given the nod to go into Kuwait, DON’T, do it , Hussein went ahead, the rest is history, these crime bosses, that is all of Establishment is depraved, they have as the Elite, been involved with crime for centuries, do not play games with primeval reptilian throw backs, wake up! if you stay asleep, you are responsible for colluding with the legalized criminals and if you get wounded or what you hold dear, do not expect those that know to shed tears for your infidelities.


    July 23, 2013 at 11:09

    • The problem in all of this is quite simple, we are not allowed to discuss the creators of the mess we are in. They do not even try to hide their part in it. Jews all across the Planet were howling for a second crack at Germany, a country which they quite clearly wanted to destroy. They have taken control ever since WW2 but it is called anti-Semitic to say so.Here in France they have had behind the scenes control for generations but the people must not be informed of this. Their usual response is “That you cannot blame simply one group of people for all the problems.” Well I can!


      July 24, 2013 at 06:11

  2. Les

    I came across this earlier today. An Irishman who says Israel is a “cancer”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEfw5-lRC5U


    October 29, 2012 at 01:56

    • It was quite funny the way the truth just came straight out of his mouth. It is quite obviously common knowledge where he lives.
      I’ll have to take another look on the same YouTube page, I spotted another clip linking Savile to the Dunblane cover-up. I’ve been trying to do that myself. I have been pressing Dunblane for years. That is their weak spot. The hard evidence is in the Enquiry report.


      October 29, 2012 at 07:39

  3. Les

    You might be interested to know that the Irish PM Eamon de Valera offered condolences to the German embassy in Ireland upon learning of the death of Adolf Hitler. http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v08/v08p509_Klett.html


    October 18, 2012 at 10:19

    • Hello Les. Ireland in fact had a good relationship with Germany and Hitler. Churchill at one point wanted to invade Ireland despite the fact that it was a neutral country because he accused Ireland of servicing U Boats. However as for De Valera, I have never had much of a liking for him because of his cowardice during the uprising and for his treatment of Michael Collins A large number of Irishmen believe him to have been responsible for the Civil War in Ireland. Thanks for the comment.


      October 18, 2012 at 14:57

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