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White People Have At Last Found Their Voice. We Whites Matter.

Robert E. Lee was the South’s leading General. Not only had he freed the slaves under his control, but also he had declared that slavery was “a moral and political evil.” It was his view that “the best men in the South” opposed the system, and that they would welcome a sane movement to be rid of it. He was convinced that, in time, “the mild and melting influence of Christianity”, rather than war, would solve the problem.

Stonewall Jackson agreed with Lee’s view. He wished to see the shackles struck from every slave.

So, clearly, these great leaders of the Confederates were not fighting to retain a system, which they hated.

These are the facts, so why does Sky News tell us that General Robert E Lee fought the American Civil War, in order to retain slavery?

They also used the term ‘White Supremacist’ several times, to vilify and thus deny the White people of the South, the right to retain the statue of one of their heroes from the past.

When the Hindus in Great? Britain demand the destruction of the statue of the mass murdering, puppet of the bankers, Winston Churchill, the drunken fool, who allowed himself to be used as the means to start the Second World War, in furtherance of which, he quite deliberately starved millions of Bengali people to death, will the bankers mouth-piece, Sky News, refer to the duped, protesting, British Patriots, as White Supremacists?



To have aired the view that Robert E Lee fought in support of slavery, must have been a view supplied to the Sky News fake journalist by a Black Supremacist, ‘legally’ protesting in favour of the destruction of White History in the Southern States and to make the remark that the Alt-Right protestors were demanding the ‘right to be racist’ is disgusting, the Blacks are the Racists along with their financiers the Jews.

Sky News, even during the Sunday Newspaper Review, continued the slurs against the White demonstrators in the USA, using the terms Fascist, Nazi, Racist and Bigot without restraint, while ignoring the Black Supremacists, who infer that the Blacks are being attacked by Whites, when in actual fact they are murdering themselves in huge numbers.

Why no Black Demonstrations in support of the persecuted White people in South Africa, where the real Racist slaughters are taking place. A now Black State,  where the Blacks have already murdered almost as many Whites as they have in The United States. I suppose those White Lives do not matter.

Even those Blacks, whom are all apparently innocent, whom have been killed by the Police, half of them have been killed by Black Police, a fact which is never reported by Sky News, where the rhetoric, against any White man who stands up, crying out, enough is enough, is relentless.

Worlds Scariest Drug?

Mind Control: Does It Take Marijuana To Control The Sheep?




This idea of legalising the planting of a wild plant, is weird enough in itself, however it is also demonstrative of the cowed down reality, of the vast majority of people, whom having had no experience whatsoever of marijuana, have been in full support of the banning of this innocent wild herb and have supported the gaoling of their children should they be caught smoking it.

So having conditioned the man and others in the street, to believe it to be responsible for whatever crime may spring to mind, why has it suddenly, become acceptable, to legalise it?

My suspicion is, having watched the interesting above video clip, that the seeds are more than likely to be genetically modified, thus becoming the property of Monsanto. ‘Legalise’ should mean, available for public use, when it is a ‘freedom,’ surrounded by fences with no doubt several levels of taxes already calculated, which will be slapped on its use, it is destined, like alcohol, tobacco and Big Pharma drugs, to fall into the hands of the ‘Big Boys’ whom are then free to add whatever hidden ingredient they so choose, while raking in the dough.

I have recently become interested in the increasing number of accusations, which appear to arrive out of the blue, without the slightest sign of evidence, against Adolf Hitler and the German people. If like me, you start to think along the lines of, marijuana bad, Moon Landings real, Gadaffi bad, Churchill good and all that stuff which is passed as unquestionable truth, until you arrive at the claim that Hitler, amongst all of his other crimes, ordered that all male dogs should have one of their back legs amputated, so that they could not piss against trees, which should surely wake up the tosh detector in most people brains. Sadly, til the end of time, Hitler is destined to be labelled as the most brutal Dictator in World History.

Hot on his heels, comes the Japanese, whom have also been lambasted with claims of brutal crimes against the Chinese and others. The Japs are accused of the usual nonsense like pressurising people until their eyes pop out and other such nonsense, which is corroborated with tales of Mengele in Auschwitz as evidence of the cruelty of the Axis Forces,in Europe, while of course the ‘Allies’ mainly under the control of Jews, fought a dignified war and obeyed all of the Rules of War, which forbade torture and the deliberate killing of civilians, which in Europe alone accounted for more than twenty million civilian deaths at the hands of the various Allied Air-forces.

Even in friendly France, the Allied Bombers managed to kill 65 thousand French people during D-Day, and many more seriously injured, with more than a million people left homeless. The French retaliated, by shortly after the end of hostilities, starving thousands of German Prisoners of War to death, while the Swedish Jew, Eisenhower changed the status of Prisoner of War to that of unarmed enemy combatant, or some such crap, as an excuse to starve one and a half million German prisoners to death, this even as the horrific rape and killing of the German people and others, was gathering speed.

None of these Russian crimes are ever mentioned in isolation, they are all automatically linked to claims made against the Germans. We are expected to accept that at the same moment in history, Europe was jam-packed with brutal leaders, whom one and all just happened to be doing the same brutal things.

Closer inspection leads to a very different reality, that of the collusion of the West, that is the United States and Britain, in the Bolshevik coup d’etat in Russia in 1917 and their knowledge of what was taking place, after the murder of the Tzar and his family. It has already been understood that Lenin, would not have dared to murder the Tzar, without the approval of the City of London.

A religious British man, Malcolm Muggeridge, visited Russia and was appalled at what he found there, even as International World Jewry, which controlled Russia, was organising the war against Germany.

After the end of World War Two, the Allies and Russia maintained a monopoly of brutality and slaughter, which continued in Korea, where yet another barbaric war was being generated, which was under the control of the United Nations, which was itself under the control of International Jewry, which was pitting itself against the latest member of the Bolshevik Stable, China, where yet another Bolshevik coup d’etat had been initiated, which involved the use of armaments, which the British and Americans had provided to Stalin, to fight Hitler. So can you figure out exactly who was fighting whom and to what purpose?

Korea suffered all of the same type of atrocities, of which Hitler had been blamed, during the recently fought war, without anyone around to carry the can, which was overflowing with the blood of innocent civilians, whom were actually machine-gunned to death by the United Nations Forces. With no Hitler to blame and no excuse at hand, it was plain murder. Korea, we are being told, now has a crazy Dictator. No Shit!

So having arrived at this point, it has become clear that we are under the control of a group of accomplished liars with many things to conceal, which is why the sudden ‘liberal’ decision legalise ‘pot’ needs to be swallowed like a spoonful of Castor Oil.

These things do not happen for no reason. Perhaps the fact that drug running and is in the hands of the various Intelligence organisations, such as the CIA and Mossad, suggesting that as a huge number of Americans and Europeans, have allowed themselves to become addicted to miracle medical drugs, all of which contain the magic, addictive ingredients, Cocaine or Opium/Heroin,making the expensive illegal variety unnecessary, the drug companies now want control of the most innocent of all illegal drugs, in order to use it to pacify the groups of people whom refuse to conform.

Perloff, in the above clip, refers to the Korean War, as a ‘very strange war’ when in fact there was nothing at all strange about it, the build-up to the ‘domino effect’ was being generated in Asia, where the West were supposedly in fear of the spread of Communism, which they had in fact funded in Russia, China and had attempted to impose in Spain and Germany, without success. The fact that the British were prepared to fight alongside the blood-thirsty Stalin, to destroy Germany, using Bolshevik style lies to justify their aggression, in a war declared by Bolshevik Jews, is evidence enough that the West has been a pillar of support for International Jewry’s aim of World domination, during the past hundred years.

The ability of the White Christian people, to obstruct the aims of Bolshevik Communism, was deliberately undermined in 1914, when the White Christian youth of Europe was decimated as was the White Christian youth of Russia from 1917 until 1989.

The Second World Cull, kicked off a mere twenty years after the previous war and once again White Christian People were the main target. We Whites have been duped by Democracy.



The Hidden Genocide In South Africa, Where Blacks Do Their Thing.


The British in South Africa, were doing the business for the City of London. Once they smelt gold, the British Bankers wet their pants and started their slaughters, in a distant land, where they sought to wipe out the Boer farming community to steal the resources.

South Africa now has a huge Black population and the Whites are a minority. Unlike the Black minority in Europe and the United States,which whines continuously for ever more hands outs, from the White majority, in South Africa the Black immigrants, whom are now the majority, prefer to wipe out any deserving minority. The rules apparently, only apply to White Christians, in what were once White countries. Has the White Race not yet had enough of this bullshit?

The idea that the now Black dominated government in South Africa, will set up a system of’ affirmative action” to take care of the welfare of the White minority is a joke, South Africa is already on its way back to the Stone-Age, very soon it will be indistinguishable from Zimbabwe and Liberia. It is already the murder and rape capital of the world.

In South Africa we find the Bolsheviks, whom attempted to take control of Spain during the Communist inspired ‘Civil War’ and they are even now trying to destroy Syria and soon Iran, crouching behind the same puerile excuse of ‘Civil War’, generated the same thing in South Africa where the terrorists, the ISIS of their day, under the control of Nelson Mandela, who was nothing more than a venerated callous murderer, were armed and trained by the various, well-known groups, SAS, CIA and Mossad, whom gave us Al Qaeda, ISIS and the various other Western controlled ‘terrorists.’

The South African experience gives a frightening warning to the White World, as to what will happen to White people, when Multiculturalism has been forced down our throats. It is a means of carrying out the genocide of the entire White Race. This aim has been announced. Your elected politicians cannot be unaware of this threat. Why has there been no discussion? Wake up before it’s too late.

Planned Parenthood Is Nothing More Than An Abattoir.

Whatever the euphemism employed to disguise the murder of a child, it is still, quite clearly, a cold-blooded affair. Women need hearts of stone to continue with this barbarity, in the face of the declining population of their Race.

Putin And The Trout And Other Important Tales





 This morning, having seen the mainstream absorbed with the vision of Vladimir Putin, on holiday, with his shirt off – how odd is that? – exposing his muscular body, not of course, in admiration for his fitness, but because his is a narcissist, as is Donald Trump. He is also a man, with a mind of his own, as is Donald Trump. Nothing ‘trans’ about them.

Sadly the same thing can not be said about us, we, have been transmogrified into mindless idiots, hanging on to every word, from the mouths of Black people, calling for White destruction. Even our children have taken up the Black cause, without a care in the world for the tens of thousands of White people whom being raped and murdered all across the USA,  Europe and Africa by these same cuddly Black folk.

These youngsters have been brainwashed by a central government controlled system of education, from the day their ‘single’ mother chose to leave them at the mercy of ‘registered’ child minding bodies, which were obliged to observe strict governmental guidelines as to what was being stuffed into the heads of the kids in their care. This was allowed to happen by the absence of Father figures.

The same system was used in Germany, where it was called ‘de-nazification’ which was designed to instil a hatred for their own people into the minds of German children. Germany was of course completely controlled by Jews, following the fall of the Third Reich. The program was a total success, Germans now loath themselves, for what was allegedly done to Jews, by the Germans, during World War Two.

 The rest of us have been put through the same mangle, the only difference being that we, White People in general, whom fought the war against the Third Reich, which was actually declared by International Jewry, are now being brain-washed, into believing, that we were responsible for Black Slavery, which was a virtual monopoly of the Jews.

To reinforce this system of education and to ensure that there be no word of opposition to this cynical conditioning of ‘mindless White folk,’ there is a hastily contrived piece of legislation, being prepared, which will eventually be introduced across the White World, by those ‘Friends of Israel’ in our governments, which will make it illegal to say what I have just written or to so much as criticise the fact that there are barbarities being carried out against the people of Gaza, on a daily basis, by Jews, in Israel. 

In America, the vast majority of people living in poverty are White. The illegal immigrants into the USA, whether Mexican or Black are treated more humanely than are the unemployed White folk. Millions of White people cannot afford the Obama-Care health insurance, which is offered without charge to all immigrants, legal or otherwise.

There are towns in the United States, with a Muslim majority, most of them unemployed, apart from the shops and café’s run by Muslims, where the unemployed Muslims spend their Social handouts. That is modern America, where there are three groups, Blacks, Muslims and Mexicans, all of them being paid by the labours of the Whites whom still have employment.

The same situation exists in South Africa, where the remaining Whites, generate all of the cash to fund the millions of unemployed Blacks, whom are actually preparing to kill the hand that is feeding them. They have already forgotten that they went to South Africa because it was a White Country, just as are the Mexicans and Muslims and hundreds of thousands of Blacks, streaming into Europe and the USA, where they are now calling for their new home to be transformed into the basket cases from which they fled.

None of these things are happening by accident, there is a concerted attempt being made by a group of unknown conspirators, to transform society into an obedient herd of uneducated morons, corralled into large urban areas, which will be little more than prisons, while the conspirators themselves maintain the open country-side for their own entertainment.

The grim reality of this emptying of the country-side of human beings, will be to allow the control of all foodstuffs to fall into the hands of the very people whom have used starvation as a means of genocide, on many past occasions.



The Barons of past times used the man-power of peasants to produce the food, which fed the Militia, which was no more than the ‘gang’ which kept the peasants in order. The modern armies are no different and they will kill whomsoever they are ordered to kill. They have in recent times murdered millions of Muslims, when the time comes they will do the same thing to you, most probably with a ‘foreign’ section of an international militia. Do the American people believe that when the opportunity arrives, that Muslims will not do to you, what you have done to them?

Americans, along with the British and Russians, destroyed Germany and you praised yourselves for the crime. You also dropped Atom Bombs on civilians in Japan, what makes you think that others will not do the same to you at some future date? After all, you have it coming to you as do the British and French the Russians have already been dealt with in 1917.


The only means of putting a stop to this unrelenting slaughter of humanity, is through the efforts of the Peoples of the World. Politics will not do the job, politicians are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Most politicians are either in on the scheme or are afraid to speak out for fear of losing their lives.

Whoever is behind the scheme, which has already put us through two World Wars and an untold number of ancillary skirmishes, all of them designed to forward an agenda, which was announced in an unattributed document, referred to as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, they have displayed themselves as being callous murderers, without a shred of compassion for those whom they have murdered.


 In my heart of hearts, I do not believe that the sort of mutation of humanity, displayed by these ‘conspirators,’ to be indicative of the emergence of a superior being, it displays more than a slight similarity, to a model from a grim and bloody past, which modern folk apparently believe to have been left in that distant past, never again to show its face. How wrong can you be? The real slaughter has yet to begin.

Linkin Park: What I’ve Done: A Tribute To Chester.

The Dumbing Down Of Europe: To Suit The Incoming Africans Perhaps?


The Boers, in South Africa, have never carried out any wholesale massacres against the Black immigrants, whom flooded into the ‘White’ country of South Africa. On the other hand, having managed to steal the State,  from the hands of those whom built it, the Blacks are now planning to massacre the remaining Whites, without a word of objection from those controlled politicians in Europe and the United States, whom are, even now,  attempting to flood Europe and the USA, with hundreds of thousands of these,  potentially, murdering bastards.

In the United States, the most aggressive members of society are to be found in Black dominated areas such as Chicago and Baltimore, so to suggest that the Blacks coming in fresh from their ‘necklace’ type adventures in Africa, will be any less violent, is simply spitting in the face of experience.

Are Europeans now so thick and stupid that they cannot see what lies in store for them, with a pincer movement of belligerent Blacks, and Muslims, whom have been forced to flee their homelands, which have been laid to waste by NATO, preparing to ambush them?

Am I personally expected to accept, verbal abuse from Blacks and Muslims about ‘White Privilege’ and other such slurs about my Race, without the right of reply, using the same Racially biased language? Why is White criticism of others, only permitted using heavily censored phrases? Blacks and Muslims have free rein, to use the foulest of language to criticise me, while I am expected to feel guilty of some alleged crime against them. As a White person, who has no debt whatsoever, which was generated as a result of slavery, which was a rich mans affair, why am I,  as a poor White man in the street, who has never set foot in a ‘Black’ nation, expected to bale out the rich slave traders, whom are now rich bankers, whom own most of the wealth of the world, why not go after them for reparations?

The real Racists on this planet, at this moment, are Blacks and Jews. The Jews are carrying out a genocide in Gaza, while the Blacks are doing the same thing in Zimbabwe and South Africa, all without criticism. Russia Today is still pushing the nasty Nazi tale, full in the face of the evidence,  that the Bolsheviks were an integral part of the scheme to destroy Germany and to extend Communist control into Eastern Europe, during which they slaughtered millions and yet they are never criticised, because as Jews, they have a ‘get-out-of-gaol’ card up their sleeve.

The character in the above clip, talks absolute nonsense, while the guy standing in for George Galloway, laps up every word. There is of course another side to this tale.

Judging by the fact that Europe is now a completely controlled Bolshevik construct, crouching behind a facade of Democracy, it would appear that Hitler spoke the truth. Sadly he is no longer around, to help dig us out of the mess in which we now find ourselves.

One thing is clear, we have no Democracy, we are in the hands of groups of ‘selected’ puppets, pretending to be in charge, whom since the early years of the 20th Century, have been working towards our eventual destruction. We have been manipulated into war after war, through the use of organs of propaganda, which despite rules controlling the construction of monopolies, the ‘media’ has been allowed to fall into the hands of the very people whom initiated two World Wars, to suit their own agenda.

White people, whom have been forced to take part in these campaigns, are now being lashed by the controlled media, for their alleged ‘supremacy’ while those whom actually claim to be the ‘real supreme’ human beings, are doing all the finger pointing, without a word of criticism from our representatives in Government. Is it possible that they are unaware of what is being said of White People?

Are they unaware that there is a Genocide taking place in Gaza, Syria, Yemen and Iraq, which they are describing as an altruistic effort to bring Democracy into the Middle East? An offer which has already cost millions of the lives, into which, they claim to be bringing a better form of Government, which will, no doubt, benefit the few whom are still alive to take advantage of this wonderful gift, when the war ends.

What was done to Russia, China and Germany, by the Bolsheviks, is exactly what is in store for us. The White Christian Peoples, whom have been and still are the target of the Bolsheviks, are under attack from all sides. To pretend that what is happening in Europe is a good thing, and not simply a means of generating future violence, is to be little more than an idiot, who believes history to have stopped.

Russia is once again being presented as the ‘bad boy’ and the ‘good guy’ at the same time, when in fact it has so many skeletons of its own in the cupboard of history, that they are obliged to allow the likes of the above ‘Sputnik’ program, to continue to present all of the old lies about Fascism and Communism, without once having portrayed the reality of either.

Just as I find it difficult to believe, that teams of men, travelled all the way to the Moon and while there, they found ample time to swan around playing golf and careering around in a Dune Buggy, yet not one of them found enough time to take a series of photographs of the Earth, which would have been a wonderful resource for children in school, never mind the benefit of a short film, of the Earth, actually rotating, I find it even more  difficult to swallow the tale that Finance Ministers of all political persuasions, are not fully aware that the Central Banking system, is a criminal enterprise, which they all, without exception, allow to continue, to the detriment of ‘We The People’ that is even less believable. They know all about it and allow it to continue.

The last European leader, with the courage to stand up and refuse to allow this massive crime to continue, was Adolf Hitler, who was attacked for his trouble and Germany destroyed, by the likes of the British Socialists and Conservatives, whom formed a ‘Coalition’ to put an end to Hitler’s aim of freedom from the Usury of Jew Bankers, thus ensuring that it would continue. The British Government is nothing more than a branch of the Mob.

The Beat Of War And Death Goes On.


The Western Media, are busily setting the stage in Venezuela, for a repeat of the controlled murderous demonstrations in Maidan Square, in Ukraine, which were finalised, by a group of ‘snipers,’ whom targeted the police and demonstrators, on both sides of the ‘revolt,’ which finally forced the Democratically elected President Yanukovich, out of office, an event which has destroyed Ukraine and allowed the International Monetary Fund to steal, the most important resources of the State.

The Witch, who speaks for the United States, in the United Nations General Assembly, has already called a recent, perfectly fair, democratic election, in Venezuela a sham and nothing more than a rigged, unconstitutional affair, the result of which the mighty ‘Deep State’ in the USA, which is determined to steal control of Venezuela’s massive oil reserves, will not accept.

The British Media, is already presenting Venezuela as a failed State, which has recently been forced into poverty by the ‘rigged’ suppression of the price of oil, which was a deliberate act, in order to destroy the economies of those States which remain independent and are not under International Banker Control. The violent demonstrators in Ukraine, were openly funded by Hillary Clinton’s deputy, Victoria Nuland, who admitted to spending five billion dollars, to bring about the desired regime change.

The ongoing attempts to force a compliant, puppet government, into place in Venezuela, confirms the total contempt, of the International Bankers and their bought and paid for flunkies, for the death and misery which has been generated all across the Middle East and who are now lining up Latin America for the kill, where the results of their murderous attacks, which the controlled Media, refer to as ‘errors of judgement’ and report, after the event has been carried out, that it was all done in ‘good faith,’ while they sadly ‘had learned nothing from previous mistakes.’

How dumb are the Western Peoples, to believe this rubbish, on a day of remembrance, for one of the darkest days of the Twentieth Century, for White Christian Youth, the anniversary of the incredibly brutal and totally unnecessary, Battle of Passchendaele, which was nothing more than a covert culling of White European Youth.




That, is also is being described as a ‘misjudgment.’ That was no error, that was a quite deliberate slaughter, which was quickly followed up by further such ‘obedient’ marches into a hail of machine gun fire for already totally stressed and depressed young men, whom had no idea for what they fought and died, while not too far away, the Russian people, were being savagely murdered by the ‘compliant’ Banker controlled and funded Bolshevik Communists in Russia.

In the words of the ‘honest’ but murdered politician Sonny Bono, ‘The Beat Goes On.’

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