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The Western Allies Persistent Lies About Their Bloodlust.


The Western Allies Persistent Lies About Their Bloodlust.

The early morning ‘Fake News’ did today describe North Korea as a ‘Belligerent Pariah State.’ This has been the consistent, lying attitude of the Media, for more than half a century. The reality was a completely different tale, which was used to disguise the involvement of the United States and the British, in barbaric, inhuman atrocities in Korea, while lurking behind the ‘cover’ of the newly constructed United Nations.

As had so recently occurred in Germany – during the Sudetenland issue – forays across the border from the Republic of Korea, had aroused the anger of the North, while in the South itself, unreported massacres of suspected ‘Communists’ – which was the fear and hate provoking word at the time –  were carried out, during which thousands of civilians were slaughtered by the Korean Police and Military, with the assistance of the United States military, which controlled the Korean Forces. 

This United Nations ‘coalition’ was fighting a phony war against China and Soviet Russia, both of which had recently been ‘Allies’ of the previous ‘coalition,’ fighting against Germany and Japan and both of which had recently, with funding from ‘rich bankers and industrialists,’ carried out Bolshevik inspired ‘coup d’etat’ in their respective counties, without a trace of opposition from those whom were now so concerned about what was happening in tiny Korea.

The excuse being used for the illegal war against Korea, was a fear of the ‘Domino Effect’ which could possibly spread the wrong sort of ‘Communism’ throughout the Extreme Orient, especially as Indo-China was rapidly tiring of French rule and which could well be next on the list for a ‘humanitarian’ slaughter.The United States, would a short time later,  be installing their ‘special’ kind of Democracy in Vietnam.

The real ‘brutal regime’ in Korea was in the South, where the government cruelly massacred at least 300,000 civilians, whom were accused of being in sympathy with the regime in the North, these murders included thousand of military men accused of ‘secretly’ supporting the People’s Army in the North.

As had been the Germans, whom had fought a relatively ‘clean war,’ the Peoples Army of North Korea, was blamed for all of the atrocities, which in reality had been carried by the United Nations Coalition, which was under the control of the British and the United States.

Alan Winnington of the British Daily Worker in an article entitled “U.S. Belsen in Korea” reported that 20 witnesses observed that truckloads of cops arrived on July 2 and immediately made people dig six pits of about 200 yards each. Executions went on for three days, by both machine-gun and, when the bullets ran out, decapitation by sword. According to eyewitnesses, U.S. officers oversaw everything while sitting in their Jeeps. The U.S. Embassy in London then had the chutzpah to call Winnington’s findings a “fabrication.”

This ‘forbidden history of the Korean War,’ which occluded events which occurred so soon after the systematic slaughter of the innocents, which were carried out by the Bolsheviks in Europe, is indicative of the total collusion of the media, with the identities of the true murders of the 1940’s and 1950’s, while they constantly remind us of the unsupported claims against Germany, as if Germany had declared War on Europe, when in fact the war had been in the planning for years, as had been the attack against North Korea, a State which to this day, is being dangled as a threat to World peace.

Slick Willy Clinton has accepted that the above claims are true and he apologised in January 2001, for the United States participation in these events, even as the ‘New’ coalition was preparing to kick off the slaughters of the Brown People, using the well-tried and tested method of the ‘false flag’ attack as an excuse, which will one day be admitted by a future US puppet President, as having been a lie.

It has now become a criminal offence in many countries, to so much as question, the claims which have been laid against the German people, whom were the real victims of two world wars. Hidden truths, which present a more believable version of events, rather than the fictitious  make-believe, similar to the fabulous claims made against Muslims’, after the hugely complex events on 911, which were so far beyond the capabilities of the alleged perpetrators, as to be a nonsense.

The propaganda against North Korea, during the past 60 years, has been so successful that there can be hardly a person who does not believe all of the nonsense against the current leadership, having no understanding of the actual causes of the current situation.

The connections go all the way back to the end of the Great War, when the Americans and British were secretly arming Soviet Russia. This secret collaboration with the Communists continued all through the Russia War against the Germans.

When the Iron Curtain came down, the West continued to arm the Russians in order to gain their assistance against Japan, which proved unnecessary after Japan surrendered, leaving all of those tanks and other hardware, with nothing else to do, so an alliance between Stalin and China was created, which pretended to be the Communist enemy in Korea, allowing the Communist forces to use this American and British weaponry against the British and American forces. As had happened during the Great War, when the USA popped up to support the Europeans against Germany, as the North Koreans had been all but defeated, the United States armed Chinese, appeared on the scene to reinforce the North Koreans against the Globalists.

This whole business is so complex, as to be almost unfathomable to a mere blogger, however I believe there to be more than enough evidence, to suggest collusion between the ‘Deep State’ and the need of continuous war, which has been non-stop since the beginning ofthe 20th Century.

It has become evident that China’s revolution was no such thing, it was in fact a coup d’etat, the real revolution, involving the forces of Chiang Kai-Shek was stabbed in the back by the Committee on Foreign Relations and their preferred choice, the USA educated Mao Zedong, was allowed to take his place.

The European Union has quietly been involved in the real Domino Effect, through the use controlled politicians’ they have enticed most of the previous Soviet Dominoes, into the European Union with the empty promise of freedom. Those States are now expected to swamp their populations with the result of more Bolshevik aggression.

Storm Clouds Gathering Over Europe.

A few years ago, I expressed an opinion, that there was no such thing as International Muslim Terrorism. The public’s acceptance of the very concept of this threat, was basically supported by nothing more than the most blatantly fake claims, made about the destruction of the World Trade Centre in New York on September 11th 2001.

I watched the ‘911’ spectacular on CNN, throughout the day of the event and for the following few days, as the ‘unquestioned,’ official version of the tale unfolded.

I was told by CNN, that there was a happening at the Pentagon. The report was of smoke rising, with no apparent evidence of the cause. It later transpired that the incident had been as the result of a Jumbo Jet Airliner, plunging into the Pentagon wall, at ground level, having completed, what has since been described as an impossible maneuver for such an aircraft, and vanished through a small hole in the stone wall, the force of which caused the wings of the aircraft to fold neatly against the hull, allowing the entire length of the craft, to slip neatly through the same hole, unlike a similar aircraft, the wings of which had sliced easily through the inches thick solid steel bars of the World Trade Centre, leaving an entry hole, which matched the width of the wingspan.

So here we have two apparent miracles on 911, even before the dust had settled, and certainly before the hired car had been miraculously discovered in the middle of all this chaos, which contained handbooks on how to fly an aeroplane, written in Arab.

It was at this point that I started to smell a rat. The stench increased when reports of the undamaged passport, found on the pavement after the Twin Towers had fallen, was immediately linked to the alleged leader of the hijackers.

After that, being a working man and not yet the owner of a computer, I was unaware of the alternative view of events on 911, for several years, until the day I bought a cheap second-hand portable computer, armed with which I could sit quietly in a corner of MacDonald’s, connected to their wi-fi, allowing me to install iTunes, giving me access to the Podcasts of Alan Watt and Alex Jones, from where I learned many things. 

I was however fully aware of the illegal attack against Afghanistan, which was justified by lies and deception, which was based on ‘mistaken’ Intelligence, about huge underground palatial, Al Qaeda bunkers, staffed by technicians and computer wizards, whom had organised the 911 attacks, under the guidance of the mercurial Osama bin Laden. All of it ‘later’ proven to have been false.

Today in London, there is an Appeal Court Case against a British soldier, whom while involved in the illegal war in Afghanistan, did murder an innocent Freedom Fighter, whom was lying wounded on the ground, having dragged him out of sight of any onlookers before doing so.

The soldier was found guilty of murder and gaoled, he is now awaiting the result of an appeal, for which he has many supporters cheering for his release, while many others sound off their Klaxons in support, as they drive by. I wonder would they behave in the same manner, had the killer been an ISIS ‘soldier,’ and the victim British?

Then came the farce of the ‘weapon inspectors’ in Iraq, when it became clear, even without any input from the ‘alternative’ community, that Blair and Bush, were determined to destroy Iraq, yet another atrocity based on the same Intelligence failures, which resulted in the same chaos and destruction as had been generously bestowed on Afghanistan.



With hardly a moment to catch their breath, the British were preparing themselves to accept yet another, glaringly criminal excuse, this time to destroy Libya, explaining that Gadaffi was about to massacre his own people and that in order to save them, all of the Libyans must be sent into the hell of yet another mistake.

By this time the ‘mistakes’ had been exposed as outright lies, so one might expect a ‘softening’ of attitude, as the Peoples of Europe and the USA might just be waking up and smelling the coffee.

Sadly, most of them seem to have been so deeply asleep, that they still believe it to have been a good deed, to rid the world of Gadaffi and carry out the total destruction of Libya, which strangely involved the theft of the Gold and oil reserves, and the installation of a Rothschild Central Bank. All of this death and destruction could have been avoided as Gadaffi could well have been dealt with by a single bullet, if he had indeed been the real target.

While on a winning streak, David Cameron, the new Brutal Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, turned his attention towards a proposed Regime change, which had been in the planning, even before he was elected Prime Minister, for which the ‘proxy terrorist – freedom fighters,’ had already been trained and used to destroy Libya, and were now shipped into Syria, where they generated the same lame excuse which had served so well in Libya, to destroy the place.

While the coalition forces of NATO, dream up lame justifications for their murderous attacks, the Jews in Israel and Saudi Arabia have no need of pathetic excuses to deploy their form of barbarity.

So while the ‘Coalition’ has been busy justifying the destruction and murder of millions of Muslims and destroying the homes of enormous numbers innocent civilians, a feat way in excess of anything which was ever carried out by the Germans, but which on the other hand, are rapidly approaching their own record numbers of deaths and destruction, in their bloody past adventures, Israel can calmly destroy Gaza, while the Royal Jews in Arabia can carry out the destruction of Yemen, even as the Jews have already spotted yet another target.

An eagle eyed Israeli has just come across some of those dratted Al Qaeda boys in Sinai, which borders Egypt, wherein lies the Jews long desired prize of the Suez Canal, all of this theft, is condoned by those whom condemned the ‘bad’ Assad, Gadaffi and Saddam Hussein to death. Israel always enjoys ‘special’ considerations.

The point of this diatribe, revolves around the fact that since I personally have come to understand that what were once, my misgivings, about the reality of certain events, going all the way back to 911 and continuing through to the current events in Yemen, Iraq and Syria, have now become blatantly obvious certainties to me, as having been in response to a tissue of lies and disinformation, what is in modern parlance, referred to as ‘fake news.’

Though millions of other ‘amateur’ researchers hold beliefs similar to my own, not one single organ of the so-called mainstream media, has disputed any of the outright lies, surrounding these events or indeed called for inquiries into any possible deceptions, apart from a white-washing inquiry into events surrounding claims of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, at the end of which the liars and War Criminals were set free and are still calling for more war.

The 7-7 attack in London was used as a means of impressing on folk that these Muslims were coming to get us, even as the ‘official’ story was coming to shreds.

Whether we like it or not, now is the time for the people of Europe and the United States, to get down on their knees and pray, that those whom have been predicting future problems, based on their readings of recent past events, are proven to be wrong, because my reaction to the revelation, that containers of weapons have been discovered in Greece and Spain, is a grim warning that they will soon be distributed amongst the paid terrorists, whom are indeed already amongst us.

In recent times we have been presented with the ‘evil’ liberation of Aleppo, in Syria, which included claims of Russian and Syrian atrocities, from the media, while the current liberation of Mosul in Iraq, where the bombs of destruction and death are American, it all remains un-reported, without a sign of the Oscar-winning ‘White Helmets’ to lend a helping hand, while a cynical destruction of the heart of the city continues, without a sign of the ISIS boys, it appears to be no more than a quite deliberate policy of destroy as much as possible,’ under cover of a ‘terrorist’ problem, destruction which is in the hands of an American puppet government with American air support.

I wonder what tactics would be employed, should a group of one thousand or more ISIS terrorists, take control of a large German city? The German people have become little more than wimps, unable or unwilling to take any action against an obvious device, mass immigration, which is being deployed to finally wipe them off the face of the earth.

The Dutch people have just thrown in the towel, by refusing to grab with both hands, the group which held out at least a small hand of resistance, to the taking down of Holland.

The French will take a vote in a few weeks, with the full weight of claims from the warmongering Socialists and Republican Parties,’ that to vote for Le Pen would somehow be worse than a vote for a continuation of their own slaughters of millions of innocent people, such is the blindness of the French.

We The Peoples of Europe, have been lined up for destruction. Should serious attacks kick off, we will be helpless against armed attacks, carried out by men whom have ‘cut their teeth’ in brutal battles all across the Middle East. Battles which were in fact a huge effort, to re-locate the Muslim Peoples, from the rubble of their home-lands into Europe, where they could well soon find themselves confronted by the same terrorists, in their new homes.

Should anyone still cling grimly to the notion that NATO has been involved in some sort of humanitarian effort, to improve the lives of the inhabitants of the Muslim lands across the Maghreb and the Middle East, think again. There have been no mistakes made, the policy, from the start was to continue the process, which was initiated, by the Jews in 1948, when the original attacks against the Arab Muslims kicked off. Since when there has been a less than covert effort to destroy all of the States which surround Israel.

The Jews were helped by the British and Americans in all of their criminal activities against the Muslims, including the aid of American pilots during the ‘Six Day War.American help continued, despite a murderous attack against an unarmed American Ship, the USS Liberty.

This attack, had it been successful, would have been blamed on Egypt, in retaliation for which the United States would have invaded Egypt, seizing the Suez Canal Zone for Israel. The failure of this plan, was the second time that Israel had been denied control of the Suez Canal, the initial attempt by the British in 1956, under the command of Anthony Eden – the British Prime Minister, whom while being British Foreign Secretary in the Churchill government, had tricked Hitler into protecting Ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland, only to use Hitler’s humanitarian act, as an excuse to declare the opening of the Second World War – failed miserably, to regain control of the Suez Canal, which had been Nationalised by Nasser, obliging the Jews to keep on trying. These folk have no soul.

What has been done to the Middle East, where the folk are flesh and blood, just like us, is now about to be bestowed onto those, whom have never had the courage or decency to stand up to the belligerence of the ‘puppets in power’ all across Europe.

There is not one single ‘Free’ country on the entire Continent of Europe. The British, have never fought a truly defensive war since 1066 and they lost that one. Ever since, they have been involved in wars of Thuggery, mainly against men with spears, all of them illegal and in fact War Crimes.

The British and Americans’, funded their ‘friends’ in the Soviet Union, throughout the ‘Cold War’, helping to maintain the Soviet control of Eastern Europe, which had been simply ceded to Stalin, as a reward for finally destroying Germany, the stumbling block of the Bolshevik’s, even as the Zionists quietly constructed their new prison for Eastern Europe, in the European Union.

The aim of the European Union was to destroy the Kingdoms of the Goy. This has now been achieved, with the assistance of the Lying Media and corrupt politicians. European Industry has been stripped to the bone. Controlled Politicians, many of them, either members of the Fabian Society, or secretly controlled by the Fabianists,’ a Society which was itself deeply involved in the construction of the European Union, have allowed European Industries, to be relocated in Asia, at European Taxpayers expense, with promises of donating any loss of profits lost during the relocation, all of it kept secret from the European Peoples.

These servants have now started to refer to Europe as being Post Industrial, while lying through their teeth about the employment prospects for European youth, which are minimal, even as they make strenuous efforts to open the doors of Europe to millions of people fleeing Third World poverty, leaving their lands vacant for the new order of things, which involves rendering Europe to the level of the incomers, while liberating Middle Eastern Oil and the riches of Africa for the Masters of the Universe.

All of this has been going on for more than one hundred years, and yet it has remained un-noticed by University professors, Journalists, politicians, Historians and the man in the street, with a woman by his side. What will it take to open the eyes of the Goy?

To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly. Libbre David 37 from the Talmud.

Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.


Midrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L (Talmud)



Tucker Carlson Exposes A Purveyor Of Infanticide.

This sort of conversation always reminds me of politicians, whom when asked if they have ever used illegal drugs, either say no, if they have not but tell the questioner to mind their own business if they have used certain drugs, or in Slick Willy Clinton’s case, knowing full well that others could out him if he said no, replied with his famous ‘I did not inhale.’

Wagner – Rienzi Ouverture.


Are There Any Unbowed White Folk Still Standing Proud?



Are There Any Unbowed White Folk Still Standing Proud?

Andrew Buncombe, a journalist with the Independent, warns that the United Kingdom should make it easier for Hindus’ to study in British Universities. Would that be to dumb them down perhaps?

The British are constantly being told that it is necessary to allow the massive influx of technical staff from overseas, as a result of the failings of the British education system, so are the British now being told that they are irredeemably stupid and that the same system is capable of teaching foreigners ‘hard’ stuff but not the indigenous British?



Right now there is absolute pandemonium in the UK, after it was announced that Theresa May intended to re-introduce Grammar Schools. The majority of Members of Parliament were resolutely in favour of maintaining the current failed system, which provided a basic education to the poor, while the rich politicians preferred to pay for a private education for their own offspring. The rich list, now includes hypocrites like Diane Abbot, a Black Socialist woman, in its ranks.



During a radio discussion about education and the fair distribution of jobs, a guest was asked, should he have two applications for a vacancy, a Black and a White, both with the same qualifications, which would he choose.

Being White, the guest knew this to be a trick question, demanding a response in keeping with current rules of engagement. He responded with the usual drivel, ‘that would depend on the current state of the work-force, should you lack a Black, you would choose the Black’, which is a nonsense. Why would he choose the Black, should he actually prefer the White applicant?


There are now any number of work-force situations, which deny the employer a free choice of staff, for example, should an employer be confronted with a Black applicant and a White handicapped applicant, what should he do? There are now in fact so many rules in place that a bright White boy,  has very little in his favour, despite having the necessary qualifications, while applying for a job.

On the other hand, a Black can brag about creating jobs for unemployed Black kids, because that is accepted as a ‘progressive’ policy, while females, starting up a once male dominated, builders and decorators business, are praised for encouraging other ‘females’ to join the work-force.

I hear they want to turn James Bond Black and to give the role of Doctor Who to a woman, while of course retaining the White female ‘Wonder Woman,’ for the moment and the Black ‘Shaft,’ a role which I was forced to use as an example of a Black hero because of the lack of Black Literature from which to choose.

We have all become far more accustomed to the cynical transformation of Blacks into Whites, while decrying the use of a White ‘blacked up,’ in the role of Othello and the storm of protest when a White was chosen to act the role of the ‘White’ Michael Jackson, the Blacks preferring a Black, ‘Whited up’ in the role. What the F*** is going on.

I was astonished when the ‘Racist’ film won the Oscar. The Black director was praised for choosing two Blacks as the lovers, when all over France it is becoming normal to behold advertising hoardings presenting the modern French couple as a Black man and a White woman. This Black Director was rewarded for making retrograde choice, claiming to be breaking ‘taboos’ as if we did not already know that Blacks can be homosexuals.

This is an ongoing savage war against all things White. The immigrants all chose our Society, in which to live but they apparently want to change it into something which resembles the land they left behind. Worse than that, our politicians are helping them in this aim. Very soon we will be having foreigners forcing their way into out homes, claiming White homes to be multiculturalist and White families must feed, clothe and educate them.

Women recently took part in a ‘No Woman’ day in protest at the domination of men. Part of this protest included, not buying anything from shops, which were run by men. Unless of course they were non-White men. Surely this is sexist and racist and yet it can be suggested without any criticism.




While in town last Friday, I beheld four dustbin lorries, each with four men on board, pushing big wheelie bins to the back of the truck, where they were connected to a lifting device, which raised and tipped the rubbish into the truck and having done so replaced the bin onto the ground.

My immediate thought was, even a woman could do that. However, when did you last see a woman breaking her finger-nails doing that sort of work? I did once see a woman, one of the ‘beefy’ sort, sweeping the road but never doing heavy lifting.

On top of that, on French and British television there are many Black men filling various jobs, reading the News and on Kids programs etc and yet there were no Black men on the dustbin lorries, in fact I saw no Arabs despite there being millions of young unemployed Arabs in France. This would suggest there to be only White men interested in this type of occupation.

I have no doubt that there are Arabs and Blacks doing this work but apparently not around where I live, in fact despite all of the Blacks on the advertising boards, I cannot remember seeing a Black in the flesh, for months, so it becomes clear that there is an agenda being pushed.

So does it not become necessary to impose quotas onto this type of work, instead of emphasising only the ‘right’ of those whom lay claim to the ‘better’ jobs? That would most certainly make it clear to the women, that a ‘Day Without Men’ would be a far more serious affair than a day without women, should the women be left with no mere men to do the ‘heavy’ stuff, while we all sought out White male shop owners to support.



Our caring, sharing, loving, altruistic British women, are now calling for late abortions to be legally permitted, so that women can now give birth to a living child, which can then be ransacked for its organs, without risking prosecution, for what is in fact murder. I do not know what is happening to humanity but sadly the myth of ‘motherhood’ is being exposed for the nonsense it has,  in reality, always been, crap.

Sick Of Deception? Me Too.

        Sick Of Deception? Me Too.

The idea that should I choose to live in Nigeria, for example, and on waking one morning and turning on the television,  find it to be dominated by Black people, feel justified in demanding a lucrative position on their News outlet team, simply for being White, to me, that is a total nonsense. It is no different from a Frenchman claiming Russian Television to be too Russian.

The same Liberal idiots whom are pushing multiculturalism, for Europeans, are lost when Africa is being discussed, that is of course a Black Continent, still waiting to be raped by the incoming yellow and brown hordes, whom are themselves in the pocket of the bankers.

Europe has been forced, through the tactic of outright warfare, for the benefit of Corporations and Bankers, to accept the mass exodus of Muslims from all across the Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan and various African Countries, including Libya.

Israel, without criticism, has announced itself to be exempt from this refugee ‘contamination’ even as their genocide against the indigenous Muslims of Palestine is picking up speed. The rest of us must accept, without complaint, the Jew organised Genocide against White Christians, which despite the fact that the Jews themselves, are broadcasting this aim far and wide, it is anti-Jew to mention it in polite, liberal company. Personally, I find Israel to be too Jew.

I must admit I also find the Jew representation in many European Governments, to be totally out-of-order and way beyond their justifiable representation, according to their percentage of the various Jew population content, of those States, that is when compared to the number of Christians in the Israeli excuse for a Government. This complaint extends to the wholesale Jew control of the legal system across the Western World.

For the life of me I cannot understand, how a group, which has been responsible for the wholesale massacre of millions of Christians, and whom are even now, urging the genocide of Black and White Christians, are allowed to get away with this expressed hatred of Whites, without any form of retaliation against, this ‘Naked Hatred,’ which is currently generating and of course funding, a possible Civil War in the United States, between Blacks and Whites, both of which groups are the declared target of the Jews, to brown out of existence, both Races.

Of what are Christian Government afraid? Are they not legally obliged to defend their various electorates? There are Jew politicians extolling the virtue of wiping out White people, do we get no support from our Politicians? Can they claim to be unaware of this Jew Hate Speech? Would it not be a good idea to tell the Jews outright that their odious attacks against Whites is unacceptable and that should it continue legal action will taken? Or why not open the door to open discussion of the carefully hidden Jew responsibility for two World Wars and their call for a third? For who or whom do our politicians actually work?

A while back a French footballer Nicolas Anelka, made a gesture, on the pitch, having scored a goal. This gesture was spotted by a Jew? For the following week or so we were swamped with Jews howling about the hurt they felt at this geste, which would of course have passed un-noticed had it not been for the eagle eye of a Jew, thus saving the Jew community from this pain.

The inquest of this stupidity, continued to the point where Sky News sent one of their intrepid liars, to ambush the French comedian, Dieudonné, whom had invented the ‘quenelle’ and grilled him about his anti-Jew attitude.

More recently Ken Livingstone the one-time Mayor of London, was roasted for merely mentioning Zionist and Hitler in the same sentence. His attackers refused to show the same diligence in researching Livingstone’s truthful claims, in the manner in which the ‘quenelle’ hunter from Sky News searched out those of Dieudonné.

We White Christians are apparently forbidden from using the tactic of complaining against anti-Christian remarks from the Jews and there are quite obviously, more ‘Friends of Jews’ in the United Kingdom Parliament and House of Lords than there are ‘Friends of Christians.’

This is quite obviously clear evidence of collusion between Fabian Society members and the Media, to report only one side of the hate speech story. The entire Political Establishment simply cannot be unaware of the written plans of the Jew-Zionists, to destroy the Goy.

It has already become clear that the mass immigration of Muslims into Europe has been a disaster for the people of Europe but a grand success for those seeking a means of destroying Europe. The response of the people has been one of massive resistance to this agenda.

It has become ever more clear that the illegal wars, across the Middle East are a quite deliberate effort to clear the region of as many Muslims as possible, for the benefit of Israel. This has become undeniable. They are already making plans for Gaza, after the final removal of the remains of the population. All of which is supported by Democratically elected Christian politicians, whom are providing the fire-power, while the Jews, as usual, skulk in the shadows, calling on the same Goy whom they detest, to do their killing.

Tucker Carlson Interviews A Priceless Prankster.

I love Tuckers look of bafflement.