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Had Enough Of Affirmative Action Yet?

The very concept of affirmative action is racist in every way. For it to be even moderately, reasonable behaviour, it should be a natural position, amongst all people on every Continent.

Sadly it would appear that it only applies to immigrants, of whatever colour, coming into White European Countries. For example should I, along with a group of other White men and one Black man, turn up for an interview for job, affirmative action rules would be applied by taking account of the number of Black men on the pay-roll. Should there be need of one more Black, in order to satisfy affirmative action criteria, the Black will get the job.

How can that be fair, without first checking the origins of the other candidates? Should one of us be Italian, why not check the number of Italians on the payroll? To ignore this facet of reality, is to suggest that because you have a Black skin you deserve preferential treatment, in whichever European country, that Black skin may find itself.

Blacks still consider themselves to be survivors of slavery, when in fact there is not one single living example of a Black slave, from the days before slavery was abolished and Blacks had the freedom to do what the rest of us have always had to do, take care of themselves.

In South Africa, a country which the Blacks, under the sponsorship of Communists, managed to deceive the world into believing that the White Boers had ‘stolen their birthright’ when nothing could be further from the truth. The Blacks could have constructed their own civilisation in the surrounding prairies of Africa, but they did not have the capacity, preferring instead to transform themselves into dependents of the Boer State.

Now that they have managed to steal that State from the people by whom it was constructed, are they prepared to treat he Boers in the same manner as they themselves were treated by the Boers? Are they f**k! On the contrary, they throw White people out of their homes, much as the Jews in Palestine, sling Arabs from their homes, forcing the Whites to live in squalor, unlike in the townships, like Soweto, which the White provided for the Blacks.  President Zuma and friends have already announced that they are armed and ready to slaughter the rest of the ‘White Problem.’

Meanwhile back in Europe, more than a million illegal immigrants entered Europe in the past couple of years. They are destroying the infrastructure of Europe, which was already worn out after years of austerity, while our politicians would have us believe that in order to ‘save ourselves’ we must mix races with these, mainly Black people, because they are here and cannot be deported.

Should that be so, one might ask the question as to why a million or more White people in the United Kingdom, are worrying to death that they could well be sent back to France and Poland after Brexit. In other words White people can be kicked out with ease, while the million Blacks can remain. Is that affirmative action?

Worse still, I watched the following clip, of a Gay man, whose ‘fetish’ has been declared to be ‘acceptable,’ who attacked a group of Christian Pro Lifers, whom in his view presented an ‘unacceptable’ notion that to kill a child in the womb was technically murder. He ordered them to leave his premises, using terms which you can listen to for yourselves.

Not too long ago, in Ulster, a Catholic couple, in the old sense of the term, man and woman, the owners of a pastry shop, told a pair of men with a ‘fetish’ similar to that of the above Café owner, that they were not too happy about making a wedding cake for them. The Gay men were not too happy about their right to decide for themselves and chose to take legal action against the couple.

So it would seem that perverts, which I suppose, is now a ‘hate’ word, demands rights for themselves, which are considered to be of greater importance than those ‘rights’ of Religious beliefs. Had I been in the Café with the foul-mouthed ‘fetishist’ who asked the Christians if they would accept him bonking his boyfriend up his bum, in front of them, I would have asked him if he would accept me shagging a six-year-old child in front of him. I feel sure he would have had a good answer to that one.

Some perversions I suppose are considered to be less perverted than others. Despite the actuality that many a sodomite are predatory. I have a lot of personal experience of that but very little of grown women chasing after me when I was a child. We can accept any form of behaviour, I have no problem with that, I do however refuse to allow my acceptance of a perversion to suggest that behaviour to be normal.

This is indicative to what is being done to White Christian people all over the world. I have loads of nasty little habits, but I have no intention of demanding the right to force others to accept them. I am happy enough to keep them to myself, and I could not imagine going through a pretend wedding, with a fella, in a world in which it will soon be only those of a certain persuasion whom bother to get married at all. While it is becoming common to find families of Muslims where there are three or more wives and a dozen children, all of it apparently acceptable these days in a Christian world, where the White man pays the bills.

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