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Green Day: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Honest Guv’ We Did! We Drifted All The Way Up The Creek Without A Paddle!



Take good look at the above gif. It is such a patently, obvious, contrived set-up that it beggars belief. Are we really meant to believe that this over-loaded rubber dinghy drifted all the way across the sea to Italy, so jam-packed with people, old and young, male and female that nobody could have taken a piss or a crap on the way, as they drifted, because there is not a paddle or an oar to be seen and they just happened to land on a beach full of film-makers and lif-savers. I don’t believe a word of it.

The Replacement Of White People? Is There Any Argument Against This Fact?

There is a “chat” show on Sky News, which for some reason, which I am too stupid to grasp and too indifferent to bother to find out, is called “The Pledge”. The mind-set of the participants is one of “make sure you never dispute the aims of the “Left”, which allows mention of the claim that the “BBC is too White” while refusing or simply failing to suggest that the Capital City of Great Britain, London, is too Brownish and Black.

The claim that there are now “No-Go Zones” all across Europe is vigorously denied by the “authorities”, who are themselves in the main, financed by the indigenous White Europeans, as are those fanatics whom are constructing these “Zones”, which are intended to mark out territory, which is controlled either by “Black Mob Rule” or Sharia Law, neither of which should be tolerated in any White Christian country, just as would be the case should White Christians attempt to do the same thing in any Muslim or Black States, that would of course be referred to as “Re-Colonisation”

A British Politician recently made a remark about the attire of certain , perhaps brutally circumcised women, walking the streets of London, suggesting that they resembled “Letter Boxes” or “Bank Robbers” a little joke for which he will never be forgiven. However, there is little attention paid to the insults directed against White Christian Girls, whom can be spat on by Muslims, claiming them to look like “prostitutes” or indeed the “Muslim Alcohol Patrolers” whom scour the meeting places of White Boys, who enjoy a chat and a can of beer together in the evenings, demanding that they stop drinking alcohol.

These gangs are given free rein by a Police Force, which cannot be unaware of this reality just as they tolerated the Muslim gangs which raped and tortured hundreds of White children, claiming that  the sufferings of these chldren was preferable to being described as Racist, should they have made sure that these scum were put behind bars for the rest of their lives. Tommy Robinson, an activist, was actually gaoled, using another trivial excuse, for outing this disgusting attitude of the Police.

Right now, all across the world, Blacks are being fed and given at least some form of health care by White Christian People. In the United States, Whites are “expected” to take care of all of the needs of Blacks, while Blacks are apparently quite incapable of doing anything for themselves apart from slaggingt off those whom feed them and whom have created, at no gain for themselves, the richest Black Tribe on Earth, without a word of thanks for their kindness.

All Whites, many of whom were simply “shipped into the United States” with responsibility for themselves, are now accused of being “Slave owners” when in actual fact these Whites were in many cases worse off than were the Black slaves, whom were housed, fed and clothed by the Jews whom brought them into America and whom now expect the White Christians to pick up the tab,  of nursing these “fast runners” whom constantly rape and murder White children at an astonishing rate and as with the rape and torture of White children in the United Kingdom the cops remain silent.

The Media in the United States report, stupidities like the George Soros funded, Black Lives Matter, street screaming thugs, in a manner which infers that these Blacks are being killed by the Police or by Whites, both of which are outright lies, Blacks do all the killing in the United States, a tiny three percent of the population of the United States, adult Blacks, are responsible for fifty-two percent of all murders and crimes of violence, and the rape of thirty-three-thousand White females every year.

Whites, have in fact a “better” crime record than do either the Blacks or Hispanics in all sections of crime in the United States and yet the propaganda suggests that more Blacks are murdered by Whites than reality and crime figures actually tell us. When reading some of the evidence of these Black on White crimes, it is hard to believe that we are discussing human beings, so savage are these events, and yet should so much as a tiny criticism, slip from the mouth of a “guilty because of their ” Whiteness” observer,  apart from the mouth of a dedicated bigot like me, which suggested that these people are indeed savages and that the importation of a thousand a night, being flown into the United States, in Jumbo Jets and distributed in every corner of every State, is a deliberate ploy to create havoc in the streets of America and Europe, such a statement would treated as if you were denying the word of a Jew.

Most of these incomers would not be out of place in “Idiocracy” and none of them are being checked to make sure they are not bringing contagious diseases along with all their other attributes. Being a hard-liner, I object to having to put up with this sort of nonsense from those incomers whom are little more than parasites, who will never integrate into a White Christian Community, the extensive evidence of the United States lays that fact out for all to see.

Should the United States be carved up into Black, White, Mexican or Muslim areas, the Blacks would quickly find themselves in a Haiti situation and the Muslims would quickly submit to the type of lifestyle enjoyed in Jordan or Morocco while the Whites would notice little difference apart fro the fact that life would be better and less violent. The Hispanics are already doing to California exactly what they would achieve all across the region given the chance, that is exactly what they leave Mexico to escape.

I find it hard to understand why the rules for these non-White incomers is not exactly what it is for White people coming into any European Country, where should they be found guilty of a serious crime or in fact misbehaviour of any sort, they would be immediately deported back to their land of origin..

Any family, particularly a family living in rent-free accommodation, which cannot keep its children from burning cars and creating other kinds of general mayhem, should be instantly deported. All Welfare Payments should be tiurned off, just as they are for White Europeans after a certain period. This is all an agenda, no country can finance the billions of those whom are so stupid that they insist on shagging til the cows come home, producing millions of children,  whom they expect the White Man to clothe and feed. It is simply not possible and our creepy polititicians understand this fact full well. We are being replaced, this is the answer to the current low-level of intelligence, as it will in any future “Idiocracy” which is based on the lowest common denominator.

I am convinced that when a certain level of immigration saturation is achieved in Europe, that the “Ghost Cities” in China will be made available,  for the so-called Elite, whom have created this destruction across the world,  as a re-location for them, along with all of their short-sighted,  blood-thirsty schemes.


Will The British Show More Determination Than Did The Other States Which Have Been Immigrated To Death?


The British “voter” whatever that means in these modern days of obstruction and interference by an un-elected, hastily constructed and biased group of Supreme Court Judges, whom are apparently allowed to invent a “New Law” to suit the needs of a Parliament which is intent on denying the decision of the “majority” in a democratic vote, by firstly claiming to have found some arcane Constitutional  event from the dim and distant past, the use of which allowed Parliament to “deny” the majority their choice, giving the “opponents of the “Will of the People” the final say, in any “democratic” decision of the People, without so much as being forced to present the “evidence” which they claimed, supported their decision to rule against the People.

Not content with that travesty, the Judges then supported these enemies of Democracy, in the “Labour Party” which has since announced its position to be that of being “Globalists” with the intention of installing an “open door”policy on immigration, with an offer of automatic British Citizenship and the “right” to vote in all elections, to an unspecified number of immigrants,  while denying the current “Elected Government” the “right” to conduct discussions, which included the possibility of leaving the European Union without a deal,  while trying to discuss matters with an un-cooperative European Union.

These Radical ideas from the British Labour Party are part of the agenda of the Fabian Society, which was written with the cooperation of a group of avowed “Globalists” many of whom are living above the long arm of British Law, in the Independent State of the “City of London”, from where they have been conducting the installation of the “Globalist” domination of the entire world.

All of the Judges involved in the recent decisions, which have been used to entrap the British voter, are no doubt members of the Inner Temple, which along with other, authoritative sounding, highly secret groups, “invite” all members of what is known as “The Bar”to join their ranks, membership of which is obligatory in order to advance in the “closed shop” of the British Justice hierarchy.


The now, soon to be mixed-race British People and the few remaining ethnic British, find themselves to have been trapped into accepting that an un-elected group of Judges, all of them trained by an “elite secret society” – have taken to themselves, the right to allow any future decision by the British voter to be over-turned by the Government of the day, a possibility which will of course apply to “The Peoples Vote” the second attempt to gain a “Remain” result, to stop “Brexit”, should the result of that attempt not correspond with the desires of “The Government”.

Should Jeremy Corbyn’s desire to swamp Britain with huge numbers of Blacks from Africa,  be allowed to be put into practice, how long do the British people believe it will take before those immigrants, will start the call for more land in Britain to be handed over to them because all the Farmers are too White?

This is what was done to the “White” State of South Africa, the West and East Indies, Haiti,  Zimbabwe and of course in Palestine by the Jews, whom also controlled the theft of White South Africa. Do not be fooled by claims that Africa belongs to Blacks, unless of course you are not prepared to accept that Blacks will soon have the right to demand their share of Europe, while retainng Africa for themselves.


The British, to the best of my knowledge, are prepared to welcome in Blacks and Muslims by the million, while they continually complain about Polish immigrants from Europe, most of whom are hard working and Christian.

While the Polish people have posed no threat to the British or their way of life, the Blacks express a total hatred for White people and are openly calling for their annihilation, while the incoming Muslims from Pakistan and the Middle East, are either raping and torturing young white children, killing them in droves with suicide bombs or joining groups like ISIS, with the aim of setting up a Muslim Paradise in Europe, along with female genital mutilation accompanied with cries of “throw the queer off the roof”. And they call us Racist? We Whites are in danger from all of these people whom have been conditioned to hate us.









Gilets Jaunes-Acte 46

911 Was An Inside Job.



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