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Smearing The ‘Donald’ With Obama’s Crimes And Whatever Else Comes To Hand.


While the inquiry into the FBI’s attempt to smear Donald Trump is ongoing in Washington, the plastic Kay Burley, the Sky News presenter, is still repeating all of the lies about Donald Trump. Putting babies in cages, which were Obama’s rules which were duly followed by the immigration unit, and then blamed on Trump, who had nothing to do with it. Plus Burley’s old favourite, the seven countries selected by Obama, as being a high risk of terrorists, people from where all, Trump said should be stopped from coming into the USA, until they found out what the hell was going on, and of course everyone’s old favourite the ‘pussy grabbing’ which rich men could get away with, but he never said that he had ever done such a thing.   https://wp.me/pTtbd-2qD

There was a massive demonstration in London, on Friday 13th, against Trump’s visit,to the UK, based on this nonsense. All of those whom were asked why they opposed Trumps visit to the UK, trotted out these well swallowed pieces of garbage, as their reason, which along with the Skripal load of tosh, is evidence enough of the truth of Goebbels claim, that “The British will repeat a lie, the bigger the better, until it duly becomes “truth” if they repeat the lie often enough.” How right he was, the British were of course told that this was what he, Goebbels was intent on doing to the German people, but no, he referred to the behaviour of the British Champions of Lies.


In Free Britain, you are obliged to conform, to all of the ‘New Age’ more civilised rules about baking cakes for queers, while queers refuse to serve Christians, whom are opposed to their attempt to sanctify butt-sex, while at the same time bowing to the torture of animals, to conform with Kosher and Halal prehistoric slaughter systems, which we are lead to believe, adds flavour to the meat, which is then duly served to Christian children in school canteens. Whoopee!

While Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Catholic Politician, is grilled on television, by a couple of ‘reporters’ attempting to force ‘him’ into a corner, because as a Catholic, he is opposed to the deliberate, cold-blooded Murder, which lurks behind the claim of it being a life-style choice, called Abortion, of unborn children, which is surely more important than the whim of women, whom are lauded and encouraged to ‘abort them all’ in a we no longer need White babies anyway, matter of fact manner, which is being used, as an attempt to smear a man, with several children. Rees-Mogg is now a ‘enemy of the people’ because he is against Abortion on Demand and he would carry out a ‘Hard Brexit’ should he be elected as Leader of the Conservative Party, a job which is being reserved for another “Remainer in hiding’ Boris Johnson.

The British media will endeavour to destroy the Donald, in the hearts of the British, with the full support of the ‘thick as a sack of bricks’ British voter, whom have yet to notice their own rapid demise. One of these days, just after, the nick of time, they will arise from their stupor, which was delivered by the controlled Bolshevik Media, by Cable, Satellite and Internet into the hearts and minds of the British.

The British Government has been deceiving the People forever, and even with the availability of the modern Internet, which gives access to all of the lies of past governments, nobody appears willing to turn off ‘Strictly’ and take a peep at it all. Stick with ‘Hitler Hate,’ celebrate alongside Stalin’s ‘Great Patriotic War’ dupes, carry on believing that Churchill was a saint, don’t complicate your lives, everything will be fine, you’ll soon be out of the picture, on the ‘Pathway to Death Peace, in a Privatised Hospital, where Euthanasia is legal and the media will mock those whom oppose it. I hope you are ready to accept the death of Mummy and Daddy, at the proposed tender age of seventy. You know the old saying, Give them an inch and they’ll take a yard,’ it will soon be fifty, and after that,all the way down to the fetus, the Abortion of which will be compulsory.


Armstrong And Miller: Gay Bar.

We Can Do It If We Really Want!

I was interested to find that one of the “Lucky Blacks” whose family was liberated from Africa, on a ship provided by altruistic Jews, which took them to the West Indies, where they were given work cutting sugar cane, in return for which, they were housed, fed and clothed.

Jimmy Cliff, a well-known singer of Ska music, an early relative of Reggae, a man with who I once had a brief conversation on the telephone, talking about the treatment of Blacks in Europe, believes that when the work of cutting sugar cane, for which the Blacks were paid in kind, even as Irish cane cutters, were working alongside them as i’Indentured Servants,’ whom were obliged to pay for ‘their’ keep, came to an end and the cane cutters were freed, and therefore were obliged to take care of themselves, as were most other people at that time, Jimmy believes that special arrangements should have been made for the Black people, whom were now on the labour market, along with everybody else.

Blacks never mention the fate of the long forgotten Irish slaves, they are totally obsessed with themselves and waste not a moment of their time worrying about silly little things like the Irish side of Bob Marley, whose musical talent came from the Irish side of his family, as many Black women chose to have children with Irish slaves, which gave them a boost in their evolutionary progress.

When the freed Black slaves were brought to England in the 1950’s, the Windrush Generation, they were once more taken care of, this time by the Welfare system, which had been invented especially to allow the mass immigration of people, just like them, into the United Kingdom, to serve another purpose. 

 These angry Africans, felt they were entitled to even more compensation, despite never having any desire to go back to Africa, where they could observe what life was like for the ‘unlucky’ Blacks, those whom missed the slave boat and thank their lucky stars for the relative riches, with which they have been blessed.

 Yet while all other ex-slaves have managed to become normal people, through their own abilities apart that is, according to Jimmy, the Jews, whom will never allow their hard luck tale to be muted, so why should the Blacks shut up about their slavery, completely missing the point, which I have already made that it was those very Jews, whom saved them from a miserable life in Africa.

There was no sign of liberated Irish slaves amongst the Windrush Generation, members of which have been complaining about signs, which once warned that No Blacks, No Dogs and No Irish, were allowed in certain premises in Britain, they never pay any attention to the word Irish, choosing instead to concentrate on the word Black, and so it continues to this day, when even tiny Ireland is being swamped with Black people, whom believe that the long-suffering Irish owe them a living.

Many people try to split hairs about what it means to be a slave, which concentrates mainly on Blacks, whom were rounded up and sold in various countries across the world. These slaves were bought and sold, however the vast majority of the peasants across Europe, were expelled from their land and packed into squalid situations in dirty old towns, which had sprung up around factories, during the Industrial Revolution. They too were a form of ‘Indentured Slaves’ obliged to pay rent to the Mill owner and to buy their food in the Company Store.

As I have written in a previous post, life for these folk was no better than was life for any group, which was, forced to work, for little in the way of pay, simply to live. For White Europeans this meant that even young children were working in coal mines and as chimney sweeps, in order to help feed families.

All of this misery has long been forgotten, only the Blacks continue to bleat. They would have us believe that nobody else has ever suffered as much as Blacks suffered, we are even expected to believe that they were lynched, simply for being Black, when all of the evidence shows that they were lynched for rape and murder, just as they top all lists for the same crimes in modern America and in other countries where Blacks have installed a community. The full extent of Black crime is never exposed. As with tales of the crimes of ‘others’, it is considered racist to even mention them.

We are now in a new ‘Globalist’ modern, diverse world, which is all based on yet another lie, that of ‘Free Trade’ and a ‘new’ inclusive political attitude, claiming to be sharing, more equitably, the wealth of the world, amongst all Peoples, which quite clearly, was not what the ‘greedy’ had in mind.

Why for example, has a Monopoly Commission, which is supposed to ensure that there is a form of competition amongst producers, to make sure of the best deal possible for their customers, allowed virtually everything, including the rain falling from heaven, to fall into the hands of the same huge corporations?

Why has the Middle East and Africa, fared so badly in this reorganisation of international commerce, while those whom have stolen control of European Industry, chose to and were allowed, to set-up a huge new monopoly of production, in China, which was facilitated by the creation, of the greatest lie in the history of phony excuses, the threat of Global Warming, which was ‘believed’ and signed by brain-dead or wholly controlled politicians, whom against the well-being of their own people, signed and accepted, all the ‘fictitious’ claims, which have been made in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, which included the virtual destruction of European industry?

No attempt was made to create an industrial base in the Middle East, close to the Oil fields, which would have greatly reduced the need of thousands of polluting oil tankers, transporting the oil to China, a land which is devoid of natural resources, obliging the importation of all of the needs of this vast new industrial monopoly, from the very areas which should have been developed to avoid the expenditure of all of this highly polluting energy on transportation.

The undisclosed reality behind all this destruction of European Industry lies in the fact that White Christians have been targeted since the early years of the twentieth century. This continued attack is a repetition of the invasion by the Muslims in the Middle Ages, which was finally repulsed and the Muslims sent packing, back to their homelands, by the very people, the Poles, whom are currently fighting the same ‘good fight’ to avoid a repetition of this invasion, which is now, disingenuously called a ‘humanitarian gesture’ to allow entry to Muslims, whom have been driven out of their lands, by the very people whom are urging us to accept them into our lands, leaving vast tracts of Muslim territory available for the real scourge of the World, the ‘Alliance of Evil,’

I am not sure whether the above video will be available where you live.

The difference between then and now being that should the Monopolists get their way, there will be no lands, to which the displaced Peoples of the Middle East can return.

Africa is being treated in the same way. Zionists have conducted an all out attack against the White Christian people in South Africa, which is already a mere source of diamonds and gold for the Bankers, and when those resources are consumed, the Blacks will be left to rot. The huge immigration of Blacks, into South Africa, attracted by the successful, White Christian farmers, will be totally unsustainable in future times, without assistance from White people, whom are being made ready for a White Genocide.

The monopoly media in the West, makes no mention whatsoever of the plight of the vestiges of the betrayed White South African people. The loveable Blacks, whom were liberated by those friendly Rock’n’Rollers, turn out to be far more brutal, than were those from whom they were saved. The ‘Rockers’ are strangely reluctant to mention this fact, because it might just wake Europe up to its coming fate, at the hands of the hundreds of thousands of these Black people, whom are now swarming into Europe, on Ferry Boats provided by those whom organised the destruction of South Africa and the massacre of the Whites and in past times, provided the Ferry-Boat, all the way to America, for those ‘Lucky Black Slaves.’ Nothing changes. 

Agenda 21-Globalisation-Free Trade-Diversity-Where Do You Start?


Even RT, on its ‘flagship’ discussion program, Cross-Talk’, is suggesting that we are all obliged to remain locked into this notion of the Globalisation of production, and that it is now impossible to manufacture the needs of your own economy, as most European countries were perfectly capable of doing, as recently as the 1980’s. Spokesmen on the program claimed that we are all too intertwined, to go back to the old ways, which is exactly what we are supposed to believe.

This was a continuation of their sneering attitude to Donald Trump, who is described variously as being unable to grasp the realities of the ‘modern’ economic system, which apparently ‘obliges’ American products, to be merely ‘assembled,’ using parts manufactured, in those clever countries, like Vietnam, India or China.

Trump they claim, understands nothing, the British have even constructed the Trump Pig, flying over the Houses of Parliament, to let him know what the British think of him. Unlike Macron or May, whom are accepted as ‘politicians’ while Macron knows nothing about anything, he takes his orders from his old boss, Rothschild, as does Theresa May, a reality which is never mentioned by the media, while Trump appears to be in many ways, his own man.

I recently had a chat with a lad, who I had not seen for some time, who told me he was working in an assembly plant for bicycles. I asked him to explain what he meant. He told me that he ‘made’ bikes from parts imported from abroad. I asked him for the make of the bikes, which he put together. His response surprised me, “All of them.” he said. I mentioned a couple of well-known makes, like ‘Rock-Rider’ and ‘Scrapper’ which he said, he did indeed put together, even the well-known, high quality bikes like Bianchi, Specialized and Trek are all made abroad and assembled in the USA or Europe.

My own road bike, a Giant, with a carbon fibre frame, is a genuine model, it was actually made in Taiwan, by Giant, which is the principal manufacturer, of most of the parts, used in the assemblage of most of, even the high quality manufacturers, cheaper bike range, and apart from the top-end frame, which is hand-made, using carbon-fibre technics, which are ‘top-secret’, imported parts are used, even on those high-priced marques like Cannondale.

Anybody, who chooses to buy a Cannondale, Specialized or Trek and many other top of the range bikes, which is priced in the mid-range, is getting nothing better that a hyper-markets own brand, which is half the price.

In Europe, a few short years ago, Industry thrived, there were several makes of televisions, radios, hi-fi systems, power tools, fridges, washing machines, bicycles, motor-bikes, guns, bows and arrows, you name it we made it. Not any more because all of European Industry was scooped up and placed under the control of a few greedy hands and then, wait for it, it was quite deliberately, with the aid of complicit politicians, shipped off to factories in Asia, including China, factories which were secretly owned, by the same European cartels, whom were funded, with our tax money, to export European Industry out of Europe, to reduce our ‘Carbon Footprint’

Donald Trump, is attempting to turn the tide, he believes that we are perfectly capable, which we are, of making those things for ourselves – we were perfectly capable, in my own lifetime, of making world-class products – instead of allowing the coup de grace of Europe, which is destined to become a battle-ground in the very near future.

China, is a totally controlled tool of the Bankers and the International Mafia. The idea that China is Communist and that the People Control the Means of Production, as proposed by the Communist Book of Lies, is garbage. China was taken by the throat, as was Russia and Eastern Europe and the European Union, by American and British Trillionaires.

The British people are even now preparing a ‘warm welcome’ for Donald Trump, under orders from the controlled British Media, which is intent on keeping them in a prison of ignorance, to suit those whom would undo the result of the Brexit vote.

A long time ago, when ‘Dave’ Cameron announced that there would be a referendum, I wrote a post suggesting that the British would never be allowed to leave the European Union, whatever the result of the referendum. Since when, my cynicism has been justified. We are now at the point where proposals are being refused because they are designed to keep Britain under European Union control, only to be replaced with, other proposals, which will be greeted as exactly what the majority of the British now support. Wait and see.

The Brexiteers should long ago have taken to the streets in huge numbers, instead of allowing the media to claim that ‘they did not know what they voted for and have now changed their minds’. Brexiteers, failed to understand that they are up against the Masters of the Universe,’ whom will win, as usual, with the full support of those controlled politicians, in all Political Parties which have demonstrated a united front against Brexit.

The ploy of last resort, was for three Jew Judges, to pass a judgement in the High Court, designed to undermine a ‘democratic’ decision of the People, using a phantom Constitution, and a totally un-related decision, which was taken centuries ago, as the excuse, to give Parliament, power over and above, that which was ordered by a majority of the People, which will allow Politicians to vote against whatever is proposed, if it means ‘real’ Brexit.

Donald Trump is accused of kicking off a trade war, which he is not, he is simply attempting to undo the damage of the “Free Trade Agreements” which were put in place to allow those whom manufacture stuff in foreign countries, to import their products back into Europe, at no cost, in order to line their own pockets.

The Peoples of Europe, were happy enough to buy cheap crap, which was of throw-a-way quality, generating mountains of electronic rubbish, all of which is being disposed of in Third World countries, where children are scrabbling around dismantling European garbage and becoming sick as a result.

I can still remember the days, when a Black and Decker electric tool was for life. I have personally taken a power drill into a Black and Decker, repair shop, where a guy asked what the problem was and then as I stood there, he took the drill apart and replaced a faulty part inside, screwed it back together tested it and I paid the price of the necessary part and a bit more for the guys time and that was that, no more than five minutes work.

Nowadays, the drill is thrown into a skip and they give you another, with the rest of the twelve months guarantee intact and after that it is impossible to buy any replacement, for a broken part, to repair the drill, they call that progress.

I speak as a producer of products with a lifetime guarantee, which is possible because I make all my own stuff. However there are now many others with copies of my creations, I like that word, which have been imported from China and other places, including Bangladesh and Eastern Europe, none of which can be repaired by the people whom are selling it and whom are reluctant to replace anything which breaks, as not being their problem.

What these people fail to understand is, that soon, all and everything will be available online, which is what is really frightening the money men, because should Trump win his case, it will put an end to the dream of allowing World control of all commerce, into the hands of the likes of Amazon and all production in the overpopulated lands of China and India, with control of all of the Worlds resources, in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Albania, Africa, South America and the Polar Regions North and South, they want it all.

The same cartel will then control all production of food and other needs across the world, which will be bought through the means of The Universal Salary, which will reduce us all to the same level of existence, while water, electricity and gas, will be carefully controlled by smart-meters, we will no longer have access to any private transport, other than a bike, the manufacture of which is under control in Taiwan, China and Vietnam, there will be no need of Hyper-Markets, only huge warehouses, run by robots, with fleets of vans available to deliver all of our needs, in our secure, Human Habitation Zones, while the countryside will be cordoned off for the wild animals, which are already being introduced all around where I live, I have spotted a Lynx, which hopefully was no more than a private ‘pet’ on the loose.

The middle-classes are no longer with us, they have been consigned to history, welcome to the Brave New World of the Hyper Rich and the Equally Poor. This was all laid out years ago in the deceitful Communist Manifesto and now in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, both of which were signed by compliant politicians, without a word to their electorate.

Here in France, despite the fact that virtually every local mayor in France has signed onto Agenda 21, nobody, including activists for Asselineau’s party, during the most recent Presidential election, had ever heard of it, they were grilling me for information about it even as I was doing their job of grilling local Mayors, whom were out seeking support in the same election, about why they had signed such a dangerous document, without a word to their voters, to which they refused to reply.

Agenda 21 and the ban on private transport, gives one an idea as to why there is such a struggle under way to take total control of the manufacture of bicycles, out of the hands of the once numerous small manufacturers, as the number sold will very soon go through the roof and the greedy are frightened that they might be done out of a bit of profit.

The reality of the manufacture of bikes, is that they are virtually all made in the Globalists New Empire of China, from where everybody buys parts, which will soon, if Trump gets his way be under tariffs, to make it more expensive, for those whom have transformed the once thriving European manufacture of bikes, which Europeans could easily afford, into little more than an additional workshop, for tinkering with Chinese products, to enable the dumping of goods, into the European Union.  It is a lie to suggest that Europeans would be unable to afford quality bikes, if they were made in Europe, millions of bikes were sold back in the days when the working man could hardly afford to feed his family, prices adjust to suit the means of the market.

Are The Men Of Europe Prepared To Be Shagged Out Of Existence By More Virile Immigrants?

Ferguson comes to France, in a surge of anti-police violence, after a Black criminal was shot dead by the Police, an event which resulted in the destruction of local small business properties and a couple of dozen cars, the owners of which are of no consequence to the rioters, whom created this havoc, without a care as to the safety of local people during their excuse to destroy to their heart’s content, for the sheer thrill of it all.

Nantes is fast becoming the French Capital of protest, after the recent riots, as a group calling themselves ecologists, tried to take control of a piece of land, on which they had illegally installed themselves, during a protest against a proposed airport, were driven out by the Police and their village destroyed. This is in keeping with Agenda 21, which forbids any form of habitation, outside of a Human Habitation Zone.

There are many people in France, whom are waking up to the reality, that they are being taken for a ride. It is becoming ever more clear that they can never do enough to satisfy the demands of incoming “refugees,” thousands of whom stream in annually from the Maghreb, where they are in no danger, but where the Social payments are less generous.

There is no work available in France, for the hundreds of thousands of Arabs, whom have already swamped France, even as all of the well paid jobs were on their way to Asia. One can assume that had these immigrants been in search of work, would they not have gone to where there is work to be done and not to Europe which is still suffering from a recession?

Muslims from other places go to Dubai and other Gulf States, where there is work for them, unlike the Maghrebian, whom fully understand that there is no work in Europe, as most of them have unemployed relatives, already installed in France, while at the same time, they set about destroying the system which is taking care of them.

Many of these people, whom we are being daily assured, will be of great benefit to Europe, arrive equipped with a hand-book, advising them as to where they will be paid the most and housed in relative luxury, even at the expense of indigenous homeless people, in all European Union idiot States.

Marseille in France is a typical example. There are thousands of illegal immigrants, demanding welfare assistance in the City, which has an Arab majority, with thousands of them unemployed, whom are warning of grim consequences should France not provide them with more stuff.

One is obliged to take these threats without response, or else! It is claimed that despite the fact that these folk arrive from countries which are at peace, that they have some sort of right, to be in France.

Millions of them are living in Urban Zones, doing their shopping at Lidl’s, eighty percent of them have never had a job, as would be the case ‘back home’ in the Maghreb, where there is also high unemployment, so in view of the already significant generosity of the French people, one would expect that these unemployed drifters, having chosen France as a host State, would keep a low profile, particularly in view of the fact that the French Christians, the Pieds Noir, were driven out of the Maghreb, after Independence, along with those hundreds of thousands of Arabs whom had been employed by the French, but not a bit of it, they arrive by the hundreds of thousands every year, every one of them expecting to be treated like some sort of Royalty, as soon as they set foot on French soil. Take a look at how the Arabs treated the Harki and the Pieds Noirs.

A couple of days ago, I asked an acquaintance who he thought would win the match of football between France and Uruguay, he dismissed the question with a sneer, ‘I wont be watching, they’re all Black and Arab.

After that, I approached a friend who I asked the same question, his response was even more direct. ‘Why would I watch a French team composed of Blacks, brought in from Africa and instantly Naturalised, allowing them to play for France?” I totally agreed with that, but then the same thing applies to every European Team in the competition.

I had a difference with an American, who supported the idea of Blacks taking part in White European traditional events. I mentioned how ridiculous, I felt it was to find the ‘selected’ Black in the middle of a Celebration of traditional Irish Music and Dance. She thought that to be fine and inclusive. I asked her, did she support, the notion of a team of Zulus, doing their Ugga, Wugga, War Dance, which included a bunch of White dancers? She responded with “That’s different.”

While eating with a group of friends, which included a Moroccan woman, whom of course, as she lives in France, explained to me, when I made a remark about the French Football team, that “We are all the same.” I responded by asking her, “That being the case, why are there no White people playing in any Maghrebian National football team, or indeed in any Black African team, while every European team contains numerous Blacks and Arabs?”

“She replied because there are no White People in those countries.” I immediately suggested to her that all of the French White Christians, had been driven out of the Maghreb and all of Africa. In Zimbabwe, a country of immigrants, of many different Black Tribes and Whites of many Nationalities, the majority Blacks confiscated White property and handed it over to immigrant Blacks.

South Africa, another White Country, in Africa, a reality which is difficult for all Africans to accept, where a small White population of six or seven million Whites, were expected to feed and house and educate and employ, forty million Black immigrants.

Just writing down that reality, demonstrates the huge crime which was committed against the generous White African People, under the auspices of Bolshevik Jew, Joe Slovo and the Bolshevik Communist Millionaire Nelson Mandela, both of whom destroyed the homeland of the best cared for Blacks in Africa.

South Africa is now a basket case and in ruins, as the New Leaders are incapable, despite the assistance of covert Jews, behind the scenes, to maintain the standard of living, which the Blacks were encouraged to destroy, which was supplied by the Afrikaner’s.

The Moroccan, with who I was speaking, had no response to the fact that Blacks in South Africa had already massacred 85,000 Whites and were preparing the last attack, to completely wipe them out. I suggested to her that perhaps, that was the reason why there were no Whites playing for African football teams, simply because we are not all the same, except when it suits.

I asked whether she could provide me with the address of just one high density urban zone in Morocco, filled with unemployed White French people, with all of the residents claiming welfare assistance, similar to that claimed by millions of Moroccans in France?

Of course she could not, because only nasty, White Christian idiots provide such things, and are made to suffer for their generosity. I offered to provide her with the address of dozens of Muslim filled Zones, all over the local city. She of course had no need of such information, and I was considered to be, racist, fascist, xenophobic and all the other forms of evil, for having dared to mention such truths, concerning Muslim hypocrisy.

Everywhere you look across Europe, Muslims are bellowing about their intention to take control of Europe, through the medium of producing millions of babies, while White Christian people appear to have lost their virility.

We Christians have been urged for decades to reduce our population, through whatever means possible, “To Save the Planet” so why is no restriction being placed on the number of babies allowed in immigrant families, through the offer of sterilisation, abortion and the pill for Muslim families, sounds like a conspiracy to me, why would the politicians now allow this mass population increase, across Europe, when the miserable experience in France and Germany, is available for all to see?

Europe has no need whatsoever of extra people, and without the use of birth control and abortion, Europe could manage quite well on its own. You know that makes sense! 


Are White Guys all really completely shagged out? Are they all prepared to watch these incomers claim their White women, to bastardise all White kids out of existence? Like it or lump it, that is the cunning plan. It worked in South Africa and it will work again in Europe and America.



Oh How My Heart Bleeds For Poor Old Joe.

Every Black, living in America, before eating their morning breakfast, should offer up a little prayer, to the slavers whom brought them all the way to America and to those whom bought, housed, clothed and fed them, on arrival, giving them the opportunity to live the future life of millionaires, compared to that of the poor souls whom never came out of Africa but whom are now being brought into America, to put an end to the ‘high life’ enjoyed by the Black whiners, whom will very soon find that their lives do not matter as much as they claim them to, after the arrival of their Black cousins.

While along with all of the other incoming vultures, the Blacks welcome the declining numbers of the courteous White folk, whom have been allowing, ‘dem der’ Blacks, to enter, even into areas of business, into which they would never have arrived, had they been forced to do, as do all other normal people, accept that the best person should be given the job, instead of giving Blacks’ preferential treatment. This undeserved bonus which the ‘new’ immigrants, Latinos, Mexicans and others, whom detest Blacks, will quickly bring to an end and rightly so, because this stupidity has lead to a situation which has White Professors, flipping hamburgers,’ while Black clowns like Maxine Walters, a highly paid idiot politician, is proposing ‘blood in the streets’ to bring down the system which elected her.

For every Black living in squalor and poverty, there are thousands of Whites living in even worse conditions, because there is nobody to speak up for them. Take a look at life for these poor, White kids, while those Blacks were slaving away ‘jumpin’ down and turnin’ round pickin’ a bale of cotton.’

Meanwhile over there in England, things were no better for those never mentioned White Christian Slave English children, unlike the strident calls for reparations for Blacks and only Blacks, those Blacks have no intention of allowing the cash to be shared with other Slaves, not likely.

The British were driven off their land by the City of London, where the Bankers, whom funded the Industrial Revolution were to be found. Their first aim was to ensure that the ‘peasants’ could no longer feed themselves, by ordering the ‘enclosure’ of Common Land, which forced the people to work in the Dark Satanic Mills of the Industrial Revolution, for which their children were paid just enough, in wages, to eat crap.


We have been so oversold, the cries of pity, from Blacks and Jews, about their sufferings, it is hard to remember how tough life was for ordinary White Irish Christians, many of whom were sent off to the United States, under the name of ‘Indentured Servants’ even after slavery had been abolished all across the British Empire, of which Ireland, at the time, was a member, having been starved to the point of death by the British, during a time of plenty, while only one crop failed, the potatoes. Millions of tons of other foodstuffs were seized by the British at gunpoint and shipped off to England, leaving the Irish to starve or leave Ireland, with a ticket for the voyage, which they were obliged to repay from their slave wages, unlike the Black slaves the Irish were forced to pay for their keep, most died, while still trapped in this ‘debt’ slavery.


For a White person, who posted a video with these sentiments, about Blacks or Jews, the reaction would be swift and hard. In many places they would be lucky to remain at liberty. George Lincoln Rockwell saw it all coming down the pike a long time ago.

“You’re a slave in your own country, White Man. Each year you get to keep less of the fruits of your labour; each year, it gets more difficult to carry the burden the aliens have placed upon you; each year the cheap labour of aliens makes your future less secure; each year ‘you’ retreat a few steps more into the world of slavery.”


How right he was, Rockwell would never have stood for the exportation of American Industry to China and he would have walled out Communist Mexico long ago.



Charles Bukowski: The Slavery Of 9 To 5.

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