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Gentle Giant: Advent Of Panurge.


The House Of Horrors Fills With Bellicose Howls.


Just listening to the parade of the British murderers of millions, the firebombers of every town and city in Germany, onto which they cynically showered children with phosphorus and napalm, as do their compatriots in Israel, against defenceless children in Gaza, ritually accusing Bashar al Assad of bombing his own people in Syria, is sick and cynical beyond belief.



This hypocrisy, which is ritually mouthed by politicians, whom appear to genuinely believe themselves, to be absolved from all culpability, of their wholesale slaughters, by declaring themselves to be on the side of the under dog and are the saviours of those poor oppressed people, whom ‘they’ can then bomb to smithereens, to save them without any apparent crisis of conscience.


Never mind the fact that the most brutal, of all the states in the Middle East, Israel, benefits from huge sums of British, French and American, tax-payers money, paid into the war chest, of these killers of the children of Gaza, every penny which the Jews accept, from the Christians, whom they detest, is used to kill uniquely, unarmed civilians, a crime which is never debated in the Chambers of Power in the West, and is without criticism from the belligerent bitch Haley, who speaks for America in the United Nations.


On top of this, the Christian World is expected to soak up the wretched refugees, from the slaughters in the Middle East, while Israel, refuses to allow refugees, whom have huddled in refugee camps, for the past seventy years, to return to their own homes and villages in Palestine, while at the same time, having encouraged the murder of Christians in South Africa, they refuse to allow Black refugees to enter Israel. None of this evil behaviour raises so much as an eyebrow in Christian Parliaments, which have been sold out to the Dark Side.

Right at this moment, instead of facing up to the real enemy of mankind, the British ‘Friends’ are once more pointing a stern finger at the selected victim of their next war, in a British Parliament, which is now isolated in a foreign country called London, from where White Christian refugees have been forced to flee.

Most of London is now in the hands of Saudi Arabian Oil Barons, and money rich Jew Banking Families, whom have been allowed to soak up every penny of British Income Tax, for themselves, and when there is a shortfall, in the Income Tax, they demand and receive funds which are needed to invest in roads, hospitals and education, a theft which is called austerity, which is in fact Blackmail, which British Politicians have been willingly paying, for two hundred years, which demonstrates their culpability in this massive crime against the British people, a crime which also involves the Royal Family.

The Income Tax, Inland Revenue, is paid to Her Majesty. The British have been bamboozled into believing that to mean the British People, it does not, it refers to the Queen and her bankers.

The Peoples of the Western, Christian World, have been locked into a vast extortion racket, which is all based on a ‘imaginary debt’ which increases with the addition of the sum of the ‘imaginary’ deficit, which has been used to allow the seizure of homes, in which the residents have been tricked into paying a fortune in interest alone at the moment those people fall into difficult times. There is no other word for this system other than that it is a form of extortion and it is criminal.

There is no longer enough Tax available, to pay the interest due on trillions of Dollars of debt, which demands that the low-interest rates are retained, robbing those whom have put money aside for their retirement, while vast sums are being stolen, from other areas, even Defence, to pay interest on a debt, which cannot exist, simply because there is not enough ‘real wealth’ on the Earth, to have enabled the construction of such a debt. It was all based on counterfeit money, generated out of thin air by private bankers and the moment those Blackmailers are arrested, the debt disappears. It is as simple as that. The debt is a ransom and a fraud.

I firmly believe that those Muslim immigrants, coming into Europe, whom appear to desire to live in a Caliphate, should have their Social Security payments, paid to them, in the Muslim country from which they came and sent home, where they can live in the company of others whom hold the same beliefs and they should be given every assistance to rebuild their countries, which have been destroyed by a gang of scum.  While the immigrant Jews, whom are not of the region, should be forced to mark the limits of the stolen State of Israel and be forced by the United Nations to retreat behind those lines.

For more than one hundred years Islam has been under attack, while the average Muslim has failed to notice, that Islam, like Christianity, is no longer what they perceive it to be. At the moment, as were other groups of resistance, Muslims are presented as terrorists. Not ‘all of them’ which is of course, the normal way of presenting the tale.

Just as every Catholic man in Ulster, which suffered gravely, from British false flag attacks, were not all members of the various groups which had the blame  laid at their door,  the IRA, the Provisional IRA or the Real IRA, take your pick, all that was necessary was that strange telephone call from the IRA claiming responsibility. Just as any attack on the Earth at this moment is blamed on Daech, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and so on, all of them being part of a Private Army of Israel and the Western grouping called NATO.



In France, during the occupation the ‘Resistance’ carried out any number of atrocities, against the French people, for which the German occupiers were blamed. In Ireland the British SAS did the same thing, just as they did in Basra, where they were caught red-handed, dressed as Arabs. As did the Jews in Egypt, where they too were caught in the act.



Nothing much changes but it is noticeable, that when it became necessary to take the spotlight off the IRA, by signing the Good Friday Agreement in Ulster, that the bombings stopped overnight, in readiness for the ‘planned’ attack on 911 in New York, which came after a couple of attacks against the USS Cole and an American Embassy in Kenya, both of which were ‘false flags,’ which were used to introduce the world to that faithful friend of the Bush family, Usam- no, Osama bin Laden, the name was deliberately changed because the Usa was just a bit, well you know.

The finger pointing against the Muslims soon became an every day event, which in Britain came to a head in London with the 7-7 attack, which like the 911 incident in New York, could not possibly have been carried out by four decent young Muslim lads, whom were summarily executed by British Forces in the City of London, without any explanation as to how they knew exactly who or whom they were seeking. The BBC carried reports from eyewitnesses at the scene, reports which have since been censored out.

The new target is Russia, which has become an obstacle to the British aim of destroying the entirety of the Middle East. This destruction has been on the cards since the 1990’s, all of it noted in a document with the title, Plan for the New American Century, (PNAC) a plan which has yet to destroy Lebanon and Iran, both of which have been fingered in this list. The British are a key player in this destruction.

When Theresa May, in the British Parliament, attacked Jeremy Corbyn, for his lack of support for her actions, in a House which she claimed to be in total, cross Party agreement with her position, while his was the only voice of dissension, she hammered home the fact that she was truly speaking in a house of horrors and deception, attempting to pin the blame onto Russia, for crimes  committed in Britain, a land which has been systematically murdering Russian Exiles.

These attacks claiming that the Russian use of a nerve agent in Salisbury, will be used in support of the decision to blame Assad and Russia for the next false flag chemical weapon attack, which will be carried out by Daech in Syria, as have all of the others, for which she has already blamed on Russia and Assad. The unproven allegations about the death Litvinenko, would now appear to have been solved and of course it was those Russians again. 

In view of the fact that every aggressive war which has been carried out by British Forces, since the end of the brutal, evil destruction of Germany, a destruction, which like the continuing slaughters in the Middle East, was also announced, in advance by International Jewry in 1933, any list of intended wars should be taken seriously, and when most of the promised destruction  has already taken place , very seriously indeed.

From that date forward, in 1933, there was a major rearmament of Russia and the United Kingdom, carried out by the weapon shops of the USA, in readiness for the attack on Germany, for which Germany would of course be blamed No mention has ever been made in the classrooms of Britain and her Allies, about the systematic rape and murder of some ten million Germans after the war’s end. That is the sum of the British Establishment.

The people of Britain have now been so beaten down that they lack the brain power to see the advance of their own genocide, which they will proudly accept in a patriotic manner, loudly singing, God Save The Queen, hoping that the end of the United Kingdom does not come before they can wave their Union Jacks at the Wedding of Harry and Meghan.

Johnny & The Hurricanes: Red River Rock & Beatnick Fly




The Facts Of The Salisbury Incident Speak For Themselves




The British people, whom were deceived into two brutal World Wars, for no better purpose, than to suit the desires of the creepy, cold-blooded characters, skulking in the heart of the City of London, are now being lined up once more, to give the final touch to a murderous campaign of greed, which was launched one hundred years ago.

The British people are so stupid, that they are applauding the barrage of lies, which are being spewed by their elected politicians, against the current chosen victim Russia, which has dared to interfere with the desires of the covert rulers of Israel.

Rothschild’s chosen tool, Theresa May, we are told, has caught the mood of the British people, by her hard response to the alleged Russian crime in Salisbury. Many of those trusting souls, are expressing their views on Radio Talk in programs, arguing for a change of venue for the World Cup, which will soon kick off in Russia, because the most violent fans in the world, the Russians’ will probably make the renowned British football thugs cry.

The unsupported claims, made by the ‘Black Hand’ controlled British government, which has been given the full support of those other States, which are snuggly under the same control, America, France and in a strange twist of fate, Germany, which has,  ever since the end of the last brutal World War, been initiated into the ranks of the same gang of ‘Black Hand’ thugs, of which Germany had previously been the chosen enemy, but now, thanks to the seizure of power in Germany, by the ‘Black Hand’ has now become an ally, against Russia, a land which has apparently changed leadership and is now considered to be an enemy, of the Gang, when in a mind-boggling way, having been declared as everybody’s ‘enemy’ back in the day,  despite which Russia was being quietly armed by Britain and America, in preparation for the war, yet to be announced,   the Black Hand Gangs, Second World War, against Germany?

The words of Jeremy Corbyn, which called for caution, in view of the lies about Iraq’s lack of weapons of mass destruction, are being presented in order to allow all of those deceived idiots, to express in future years, with a sigh, “If only we’d listened to Corbyn.”

As was Chamberlain, Corbyn will be the ‘Appeaser,’ which is a necessary ingredient, because in the aftermath of the fully intended, total destruction, of the enemy, for which an excuse will be presented, which the people will expected to receive as a regret, for what has happened..

One of the main victims of the initial skirmish at the start of the Twentieth-Century, Australia, one of the lands of the Anzacs, now a proud member of the Black Hand gang, has announced that it ‘supports’ Theresa May’s allegations against Russia. I wonder what they know that we do not?

Theresa May herself, is only, almost sure, of her ‘unproven facts,’ in past times, a place which the British choose to ignore, the enemy within, has proven to be responsible for planting the false’ evidence,’ which was used to justify a war, which in recent times in Britain, involved the ‘dodgy dossier’ which was composed by the Government itself, justifying a war which was to the benefit of the Black Hand Gang, against Iraq. David Cameron, who became Prime Minister after having voted for the attack on Iraq, claimed that he would not have done so if he knew then what he knows now, a regret which did not stop him from, later on destroying Libya. That’s how it works, nobody learns before it’s too late.

The Forces of the Black Hand Gang itself, were used to murder many members of the crew of the USS Liberty, which the Gang intended to sink with no survivors and to hang the blame on Egypt, an aim which the killer dogs of the Gang, in the United States, had already declared themselves to be ready to accept, having allowed the attack against one of their own ships and crew, the arrival, out of the blue, of a Russian ship, thwarted their aims. The attack against Egypt was to allow the Gang to take control of the Suez Canal, with the assistance of complicit gang members, the UK and USA.

Exactly the same provocations were used against Adolf Hitler-against who the Gang had declared war on the day of his election in 1933 – who like Putin, was standing in the way of the desires of the Gang and he soon found himself, standing in a well prepared trap, which had been carefully laid by the British and other Gang members, by isolating ethnic Germans, in areas, where they could be brutally persecuted, obliging Hitler to go to their aid, encouraged to do so by Anthony Eden, a Gang member in the UK, a man who was later involved in 1956,in the first of the Gangs attempt to take control of Suez.

One of these areas, the Sudetenland, which had been deliberately handed to Poland, into which Hitler sent his forces and took back control of the Sudetenland, while gang members Britain and France, had made a secret agreement, ‘obliging’ them to go to the aid of Poland, should its borders be breached, in order to justify an attack against Germany, even as the ‘secret’ gang member Bolshevik Russia, was subjugating and invading Poland, without any response at all from other gang members.



In Syria, where the Gang controlled Daech, are currently doing exactly same thing across the land, as was done in the Sudetenland, torturing and crucifying to create an air of fear, to keep the people in line, the Gang are presenting themselves as the solution to this fear and loathing, while claiming that they defeated their own men, Daech, whom have actually been wiped out by Russia and the Syrian Arab Army.

Let us not forget, when back in the day, Gang Member Joseph Stalin’s Gang of Commissars, were carrying  out the ritual slaughter of thousand of priests and nuns and the destruction of Catholic Churches, in Spain,  it was Adolf Hitler who helped to put a stop to their barbarity. In Germany, after the defeat of Hitler, they continued their bloody round of rape, torture and murder, with no opposition to their vile behaviour.

So you see, the only connection between all of these events, which include two World Wars, the complete destruction of the Middle East, and many other slaughters, which I am too tired to list, is the Black Hand Gang.

So does it come as any surprise to find that sitting untouched, right in the midst of the lands which have been summarily destroyed by the controlled States, France the United Kingdom and the United States, lands which the Gang have already expressed a desire to seize, we find the very headquarter of the Gang itself, where they have been allowed to commit whatever crimes they choose without interference from International Law.

The evidence that the Black Hand Gang was responsible for the attack on 911 in New York is overwhelming but ignored. This attack initiated everything which has followed, none of it in any way connected to the homeland of the selected perpetrators, against whom there has been no response whatsoever, in fact Saudi Arabia, the homeland of the ‘hijackers on that fateful day, is helping in the total destruction of all the lands of the Middle East, with arms provided by the Black Hand Gang.

Bearing all that in mind, why has there been no mention of the possibility, of some input from the Gang , in the events in Salisbury in the United Kingdom? Why are they not the prime suspects, attempting to justify an attack against Russia and Syria, for their own benefit, they do have form after all? I would be amazed to find that they were not involved.




Why is the foul-mouthed language, which is ritually wheeled out against those like Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, Franco, Assad, Gadaffi and others, now being aimed at Putin, while War Criminals, the likes of Blair, Brown Cameron and May are never mentioned or charged with their crimes? While the real hounds from hell, laugh up their sleeves. Don’t We the People deserve better than this. Are the British People content to have a united House of Commons, howling like a pack of wolves, for an attack against Russia? It would do well for the British people to remember that the Russian People were the most persecuted people on the planet, while under the control of the Gang. Sixty-Five Million Christian were ritually slaughtered by them and they will not hesitate to do the same to you.



The Battle Against British Lies.



After the shameful exposition of lies and half-truths, presented by Members of the British Parliament, in an attempt to add weight to a badly, manufactured, event in Salisbury, of which they should have been able to present an open and shut case, had their claims been truthful, they then exposed their United Nations Ambassador to the derision of the chamber, by expecting him to present a load of unsubstantiated tosh, as powerful evidence of a Russian crime, claims which were quickly swept aside by the Russian Ambassador.




Boris Johnson, when asked during an interview, on LBC Radio, whether samples of the alleged, nerve agent, which was used in Salisbury, would be provided to Russia, he dithered in a typical manner, unable to give a straight answer, which was finally ‘no.’

He then went on to bad-mouth Vladimir Putin, in an undiplomatic manner, for which a Foreign Secretary, of any State, should be severely censured.

Despite the evidence that all of Russia’s stock of Chemical Weapons have been eliminated, with verification from those who carried out the inspections, Britain insists on inferring that Russia still retains stocks of the nerve gas, which they claim was used in Salisbury, even as it has been demonstrated that Porton Down, a few miles from Salisbury, is far more likely to have been the source of the Nerve Gas, samples of which would have been necessary to confirm what had been ‘discovered’ in Salisbury.

Not one of the allegations made against Russia or Syria, have been backed up with evidence, all of the claims are based on the word of terrorist groups. Not one inspection has been carried out at the scene of the events, there is no case for Assad or Russia to answer. On the one occasion, when a UN inspector, Carla Ponti, was at the scene of such a claimed attack, she said quite clearly that it was the terrorists whom had been responsible.

The Israel Firsters, however, never give up. They have already laid the Middle East to waste and they show no signs of stopping their destructive behaviour. These attacks are never condemned by the United Nations, they have accepted all of them and have never held Israel, to the same standard as they now hold Syria.

We have been witnessing the total destruction of an entire region, without a care, while Russia and Iran, the only two States, with the courage to stand up to the bully boys from Britain, France and America, putting a hold on the aim of this coalition of filth, to do what has already been done to Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Iraq, to Syria and after that the targets will be Lebanon and Iran. We are living in a lunatic asylum.





Litvinenko: The Doubts Mount.








There have been many strange, certain kinds of deaths, in the United Kingdom, none of which are ever adequately explained. One of which is the death of Litvinenko, who was poisoned with another of those obscure deadly substances, which originate in Russia, Polonium. The reaction to this ‘Russian’ attack on British soil was in every way similar to current events in Salisbury.

The case against Russia, was never proven. Not a shred of evidence was ever produced, not even an example of the dreaded Polonium. We were presented with ‘harrowing’ photographs of Litvinenko, as he approached death in hospital, which looked remarkably like a very fit man, whose head had been shaven, presumably to infer that his hair had fallen out because of the ‘radio-activity.’ There was no sign of any dramatic weight loss or indeed skin lesions, which are a normal part of radiation poisoning. He looks fitter dying in bed than in the other photo.

On top of which a Public Inquiry, was deemed to be a ‘ludicrous diversion’ or something like that. This has lead to a situation where should you ask a man in the street, what he knows about the Litvinenko case, he will no doubt ask do you mean the man who was poisoned by the Russians?

In exactly the same manner in which an inquiry about the purpose of Auschwitz will evoke a response suggesting it to have been a Death Camp, when in fact it was a factory. These things become part of our training, received ideas, however far from the truth or however bizarre they happen to be, even many geniuses, like the highly intelligent Stephen Hawking, who sadly died today, was induced to believe that a ‘Big Bang’ created everything out of nothing. Exactly what has just occurred in Salisbury.

The British people would be astounded, should a dozen of their compatriots die in mysterious circumstances in Russia, should the Russians claim them to have been murdered by the British. It would of course be as plain as day, to any idiot, that it was those dratted Russians who were responsible. Like it was Gadaffi and Libya who were responsible for the Lockerbie Plane crash, it had nothing at all to do with CIA drug running and witnesses on the plane whom were going to blow the gaff. Grow up!

Russia has demanded a sample of the alleged murder weapon, which I guarantee could not possibly have been found, in a large enough quantity, to be presented as an example. The only source, should the exact location of the point of infection be unknown, would be on the bodies of the victims. Ask yourself the simple question, where in the Zizi Pizza Parlour would they have been able to recover a sample?

The man who invented this nerve gas, has already told Sky News, that it is more deadly than Sarin and yet with Sarin you cannot even touch an infected person without a haz-mat suit, to do so could kill you. This pair, were infected for hours, before becoming ill, should they have been infected at home, before going to town, they could have  touched dozens of door handles and other such things all over Salisbury, including beer glasses, maybe even kissed and hugged some friends, in fact there should be a trail of dead and dying people all over Salisbury.

Both of these sick people, were given first aid by responders at the scene of their collapse, without any one of them falling into a critical state, similar to that of the Cop who visited the home of Sergei Skripal and his daughter and there have been no reports of other people being infected.

The Russians are now, quite rightly, demanding evidence of the alleged Polonium attack against Litvinenko and of the suicide/murder by Russia, of Beresovski and others, whom the British claim were victims of Russia. No evidence of any of these accusations has ever been produced.

It was exactly the same thing when Jean Charles De Menezes was murdered in cold blood, in front of witnesses, to shut him up. No inquiry was allowed, because at the time of the 7-7 business in London, the organisers had an awful lot of information to close down. The Inquest Jury, after the murder of De Menezes was actually ‘ordered’ by the Judge, not to say that it was an unlawful killing by the MI6 agents, in order to avoid an Inquiry.

Many people, believe that Litvinenko is alive and well, maybe even living in another part of the United Kingdom, while others suggest that Sergei Skripal will be offered the same promise of an easy life in retirement, having carried out his last assignment for the British.


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