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White Man Him Easy Touch Him Give Me Money Now Me Want Smartphone Etc.

Russia Today is broadcasting all of the usual nonsense about World War Two in the usual manner, which involves images of Jews, followed by film of dead people being interred in mass graves, implying all of them to have been victims of German atrocities.

I listened to the above utterings of absolute garbage, on George Galloway’s show on RT. In Georges absence it is  hosted by a ‘good friend’ of George, who is of course everybody’s champion of freedom, who is ‘sadly’ obliged to associate himself with this garbage, without any form of response, in order to receive his monthly pay-check from RT.

The atrocities which were carried out by the ‘Allies’ during the Second World War were far worse than were those of the Germans, and it has taken a battalion of folk, down through the years to conceal this truth. Those atrocities culminated in the starvation of two million German prisoners of war,  in the Rhine Meadow Camps, and a further five hundred thousand in France.  The number whom were tortured and murdered in the Bolshevik Gulags is unknown. And let us not forget the rape of over two million German women, by the savages whom had forced Germany to war.




Should Russia, have genuinly shrugged off its Bolshevik Jew controlled regime, as we have been assured they have done, why are they continuing to present this nonsense? Having been delving into all aspects of World War Two, it has become perfectly clear, that we have all been fed a tale which simply does not hold water. The Allies were unspeakable bastards during the war.

Who stands to lose the most should the truth be told? That is a question which will eventually be answered, through the simple medium of deduction. There is so much ‘truth’, staring us in the face, which is quite obviously, simply being ignored,  even as it is being presented to us, as if we are deaf, having  been so completely conditioned to interpret what we are hearing, in the exact manner in which we have been conditioned to hear it.

For example, while watching the images of dead people, in wartime clips, should the spoken narrative be changed, we would accept the ‘change’ as being the truth. I was tempted to ‘dub’ an alternative commentary to the Auschwitz clip, in place of the youtube version, but I was not convinced that it was actually Auschwitz. 

I will give you a good example, to smear Adolf Hitler, the final nail in his coffin, is to explain that he was fully funded by Rothschild and other banking families, most of whom are on record,  as having been in favour of an International Jew war against the National Socialist regime, which was elected in Germany in 1933.

This notion, is in keeping with the well-known idea, that Bankers have traditionally funded both sides in all of the wars, since the 18th Century. During my school days, one of my tutors, informed the class, that during the Napoleonic Wars, British Industrialists were exporting ‘cannon barrels’, marked as ‘guttering’ to the Napoleonic regime, because they were of a higher quality than were the French variety. This is apparently acceptable under the terms of Trading With The Enemy, which permits the selling of items which the enemy can purchase elsewhere.

This implies, that should the ‘holocaust’ have been a reality, which Jews assure us to be the truth, the obvious conclusion must be, that the Jews funded their own annihilation. It is in fact even more serious than that, there are many distinguished historians, whom assure us that Hitler was himself a Jew. As for funding Hitler, there is not a shred of evidence that any of the Bankers money was any more than a normal investment in an economy which was booming, it is a nonsense to suggest that this investment was to funs a war.

My conclusions have taken me a step further down the line, to a position where, having researched documents, which are still available, including those of the Red Cross and indeed British Intelligence records, of the interception of German communications, by the team at Bletchley Park, between the Concentration Camps and Berlin, plus the Auschwitz Death Books,  that it was clear that all sets of records corresponded with each other, and with Jew Almanac figures, for the Jew population, both before and after the war, which clearly showed an ‘increase’ in the population of Jews after the war. The only figures which are out of step, are those which claim that the entire Jew population of Europe had been wiped out.

This lead me on to investigate the reason behind the numerous dead inmates in German Camps, at the end of the war. The idea that they had been gassed and were awaiting the furnaces, seemed doubtful, so what could have caused their deaths?

There is a mountain of evidence, on record, from the inmates of German Camps, whom give a totally different account of their experiences, while they were interned. For example we are shown very few images of the ‘survivors’ of Auschwitz, or indeed any of the Camps, apart from those in Germany itself. I have found this Russian film, the cineast is the old man with the medals.

I present it as filmed, without sound, you must make up your own mind about what you are actually seeing. Having watched it myself, I notice all of the key ingredients, which are a part of the accepted tale. I am limited by YouTube, for being a bad boy, so I am allowed a mere fifteen minutes per clip, but a simple search will provide the full version on YouTube.

The German Camps were the last to be ‘liberated’ and were the only Camps, which were denied food convoys, which were strafed and destroyed by British and American aerial attacks. Without food and with an outbreak of typhus and other transmissible diseases, you will very quickly lose body mass, while typhus has a similar effect on the human body, as does  starvation.  It is well-known that during wars, there are in many cases, more deaths from diseases of one sort or another, than from the results of the war itself.

This photo of men in a Concentration Camp,  was taken by a GI as the camp was being liberated. It was published in the Daily Mail, as such, I believe this to be Fake News, as it looks more like a still from a fifties film to me. Whatever the truth, they all look in pretty good condition for the conditions they are in.




I have now come to the conclusion that the number of deaths sought by the Zionists, to fulfil their cherished six-million Jew victims tale, which had previously been touted on dozens of occasions, was not succeeding, as far fewer Jews than expected, had perished in Work Camps, so to boost the number, there had been a deliberate policy to deny the Camps provisions of food, sanitary and medical supplies. This resulted in many more deaths, though not many of them were Jews.

In the clip, which I have provided, there is not much sign of starvation in the faces of those whom were liberated and there were many old people and children amongst them. It is said to have been Auschwitz, and the rows of inmates in the dormitories, is indicative of the facility with which diseases would flourish. Surprisingly, there were many  marriages between inmates in Auschwitz and many babies were born.

Here we are seventy or more years later and we are all expected to continue to bend our knee in sorrow, for the Jews whom are said to have died in these Camps. Politicians across the world are constantly being harangued, should they fail to show an appropriate level of reverence for these claims.

These subservient politicians have also forced their own taxpayers to finance the erection of monuments and museums to ensure that such acts should never again be tolerated, even as Jews, in Palestine are deliberately destroying the Palestinian people and quietly provoking a regional clearance, at the cost of millions of lives. What sort of people are they? What is worse, why do we allow them to use ‘Our Boys’ to do it?

A brave, though much maligned man, called Nick Griffin, dared to speak out against the destruction of his own people, which unlike the Jews, we are apparently unworthy of any place on earth. We are told, by Jews, that we are not even fit to call ourselves a ‘Race’ we are a mere ‘mishmash’ of junk genes, culled from all over the place.

It goes without saying that should a White man make such claims about Jews, or so much as suggest that Israel is doomed, should it fail to accept its quota of Black and Brown Muslims, there would be world-wide condemnation, of this heresy.

In the once White Country of South Africa, uncontrolled immigration has lead to the slaughter of thousands of the White people, whose hard work built South Africa, at the hands of those immigrants, with the connivance of the Jews,  who financed the likes of Nelson Mandela and encouraged the carnage.

There is no place for Whites in a Black country. In Algeria, one million White people of French origin but of Algerian birth, were immediately kicked out after Independence. Be warned, only White Christians deliver charity to others. In Turkey the refugees are in tents, while in Europe, we pay them to come over here and see to all necessary comforts, when they arrive. We, are as dumb as dumb can be. Why do we resettle these folk while their own Peoples keep them in tents until they can return home?

Do Not Have Too Much Faith In Any Of Them!


Do Not Have Too Much Faith In Any Of Them!

The much maligned Donald Trump, has shown us how simple it is the destroy the Establishment, which is actually, perilously poised on a knifes edge. When, with a dismissive wave of his hand and while pointing at a man from CNN, part of the controlled media, Trump did call him ‘fake news,’ from that moment on the game was over for the controlled Press.

The rest of their edifice can be brought down in the same manner. YouTube should be next on the list and after that the control of the Peoples Internet needs to be ripped away from the grasp of the Communist United Nations.

Barack Obama had no right or justification to allow the Elite to take control of the tool, which has already served to expose the depth of the lies, of those whom lurk behind others and their cynical ‘need’ of war. Millions of uncontrollable, Free Agents who are not for sale, have now become a major threat to their aims.

The ‘Internet’ is being presented as an integral part our proposed future servitude. All of our personal details have been collected together on ‘front’ services like ‘Facebook’, Health Service dossiers and Financial and Banking accounts, all of them now online.

Suddenly a ‘secret’ means of shutting down major parts of the World Wide Web, has ‘escaped’ from the hyper-secure vaults of the National Security Agency, causing fear and discomfort to hospital patients, simply because the necessary files, holding details of their treatment, have been ‘hacked’ and frozen, files which a short time ago, could be accessed in minutes, from a filing cabinet, are now feared to lost forever, should the thing called the ‘cloud’ be hacked in a similar manner.

Being a cynic, who long ago lost faith in the morality of our ‘controllers,’ I smell a rat. I am not too sure how far this current attack has gone. However it gives an ample warning of the possibility of the mass failure of credit cards, at the checkout in supermarkets and the collapse of the cash distributors, at the same time.

This attack occurred on the day that the International Monetary Fund, warned that they were about to instruct governments to steal 10% of the savings of the poor, to once again bail out the poverty-stricken Rothschild family, who are so clever that they ‘never, ever’ spot a ‘bubble’ even as it is being inflated, right in front of their eyes.

Even as these scams are being constructed, it has been announced that due to the lack of need of manual workers, in a workforce which has currently been quietly replaced by robots, which can build cars and others which can lay bricks, twenty-four hours a day, while the driverless tractor can plough furrows ’til the cows come home and very soon, thanks to frozen food, kitchen robots will soon select and prepare a wide variety of perfectly cooked dishes, all laid out on the dining room table, as the family arrives home from their idyllic, daily promenade, in the town square park, with eyes glued to their smart-phone.

This modern form of paradise, will eliminate all classes, we will all be blended into a conformity of life, in which money will be unnecessary. One and all, will be given credits, which will be wiped at the end of the month, much like the system in France, where a telephone sim-card returns to zero, at the end of each month,  whether the credits have been fully consumed or not.

This will eliminate savings, making sure that there will be no individuality, it has been declared that only the rulers and their tribe, will be permitted to rise above the common herd.

I was laughed at,  when I claimed some years ago,  that ‘cash’ was being eliminated. When I went on to suggest that what is now being proposed, a fixed salary for everyone, friends of mine were putting their forefinger to their temple. Well think again my friends, this system is even now being tested, by paying a thousand families and single people, a fixed sum of money, each month, in order to find the perfect minimum sum, which will allow a family to subsist in a constant state of mere survival.



We are at this moment, watching a historical lie, being rewritten on Russia Today, where the reason for the Second World War and Russia’s part in it, has been totally distorted, to conceal the truth from the Russian People, of the part played by the Bolshevik Jews, in what has just been celebrated as ‘The Great Patriotic War.’

The view presented, in the above clip, is such a distortion of reality as to be beyond belief. The man, with a certain look, is either a blithering idiot, totally conditioned or a deliberate purveyor of total crap. There are so many lies in his mouthing that to even approach a proper criticism of his rubbish, will have to await a future post.

The most blatant of his lies concerns Ukraine, where he claims it to be unacceptable for there to be a ban on Communist paraphernalia, during recent celebrations of the Russian victory, in the Great Patriotic War, when it had been the Red Army which actually ‘liberated’ Ukraine from the Germans.

When he suggested for it to be out-of-order, to forbid the  celebration of this ‘liberation’ as the grand-children of those whom had fought against the Germans, were entitled to celebrate the victorious Bolshevik Army, he completely forgot to mention it was the same Army which a few short years earlier, had been watching the Ukrainian people starve to death,  as their grain was stolen, at gunpoint, by that same ‘liberating’ Army, I wanted to throw up.

Take a good look at these images, no more than a lifetime, before these events in Ukraine, the British had done the exact same thing to the Irish. Many of these images, were cynically presented as being of Jews, killed by the Germans. There were no Germans to carry the can in Ireland.

His cynical suggestion that only a ‘few nazis’ had continued to fight against the Bolsheviks for some years after the war had ended, was sick,  he forgot about all the reprisals, which had been unleashed against collaborators whom did not manage to get out of Ukraine. This is why there is such an effort to deny the Jew origins of this master butcher Stalin.

Putin, the current ‘hero’ of the alternative community in the West, continues the bad-mouthing of Hitler and the actions of the Germans, during Operation Barbarossa.

It would be fair to say that Russian calls for evidence of the claims made against them, asserting that they assisted in the election of Donald Trump, to be justified, so imagine my surprise on hearing, on Russia Today, claims that the Germans ‘had a plan’ to eradicate ninety-five percent of the Russian people, without being offered a shred of evidence in support of this ridiculous claim.

Perhaps having previously exterminated sixty-five million Christians, without any assistance whatsoever from the Germans, the Bolsheviks were actually contemplating the complete extermination of every Christian in the entire region.

Russia also continues to attack the so-called neo-nazis in Ukraine, the grand-parents of whom, fought courageously against the brutal, Soviet regime, which had starved to death as many as ten million Ukrainians and what is more, the wagons were actually in the railway stations, ready to remove the remaining Ukrainians to the Siberian Gulags, even as the German Army arrived on the scene to save them.

The German Command, were so disgusted with what they found in Ukraine, that they sent for International Observers, to see for themselves the results of the behaviour of those whom were fighting against Germany, alongside the Allied Forces.

The moment the same Russian Red Terror set foot in Germany, the slaughter and rape of German civilians kicked off, which was also inspected and recorded, by International Observers. There had been, beheading and crucifixion’ and the mutilation of one and all.

Why would Putin choose to continue the lies, which were fabricated by the Bolshevik Jews, even as he now finds himself confronting an identical form cruelty in Syria, with the Bolsheviks, now ensconced in Israel, pretending as is Putin that others are responsible for all the atrocities.

Meanwhile in Spain, the part played by those same ‘Butchers of Ukraine’ is still being concealed. The attempted coup d’etat in Spain, in which exactly the same type of atrocities were committed by Bolshevik Commissars, funded by the ‘Butcher of Ukraine’ himself, Joseph Stalin, is still being concealed, in order to obscure the fact that it was a victory for Christianity against ‘Satanic Forces.’

There are now calls to exhume Franco from his tomb, claiming him to be a brutal monster, responsible for attacking his own people and is unfit to remain in the Shrine of the Heroes of the fight against the Bolshevik Communist coup d’etat.

Franco actually saved the Spanish people from the Butcher Stalin, who was a renowned killer of vast numbers of Christians, he would have had a field day in Spain, had the Communists been victorious.

The Communists were attempting to take control of all of Europe, the Germans had already defeated them, even before the election of Hitler. One could say that they have now successfully taken total control of Europe, crouching, as they did in Spain, behind a curtain of deceit.

This my friends, is what is coming to Europe. All of the current events are designed to create chaos. Hands up those whom believe that when hundreds of thousands of immigrants started to pour into Europe, that our ‘leaders’ could not foresee the disastrous results which would ensue?

Why would Merkel, encourage more and more Muslims to enter Germany and why would Emmanuel Macron, immediately, on being selected as President of France, offer the exact same invitation, to those Muslims whom wished to come to France, even as there are ‘False Flag’ attacks one after the other, all over France, in a blatant attempt to create fear of immigrants even as they are being invited in?

In view of what ‘ we have been told’ has been happening in France, to allow an open door to incoming Muslims’ would appear, on the face of it, to be a stupidity, so there must be a good reason behind these actions. No serious Government would allow such a thing, unless they were confident in the knowledge that there was no real threat of terrorism, that it was all under control.

Peut-être Vous Avez Un Trou Dans Votre Poche Monsieur Macron?

Madame la Présidente,

La Haute Autorité pour la transparence de la vie publique (HATVP) que vous présidez est une autorité administrative indépendante (AAI) chargée d’une mission de service public : promouvoir la probité et l’exemplarité des responsables publics.

Selon votre site internet : « tout citoyen peut adresser à la Haute Autorité des observations sur les déclarations »

C’est en tant que citoyens que nous avons l’honneur de porter à votre connaissance nos observations quant à la déclaration de revenus et de patrimoine faite par M. Emmanuel MACRON le 24 octobre 2014 (voir PJ) suite à sa nomination comme ministre de l’Economie le 26 août 2014.

Il en ressort que :

1. Ses revenus 2010-2013 ont été de 3 010 996 € A savoir :
a/ Des salaires à hauteur de 1 022 583 €

356 095 € de salaires en 2010 (Rothschild)
403 557 € de salaires en 2011 (Rothschild)
100 811 € de rémunération 2012 (Présidence de la République) 162 120 € de rémunération 2013 (Présidence de la République)

b/ Des « bénéfice industriels et commerciaux » à hauteur de 1 426 831 €

706 310 € de bénéfice industriels et commerciaux en 2011 (Rothschild)

720 521 € de bénéfice industriels et commerciaux en 2012 (Rothschild)

c/ Des revenus de capitaux mobiliers à hauteur de 561 582 €

291 286 € de revenus de capitaux mobiliers en 2011

270 296 € de revenus de capitaux mobiliers en 2012

Total des revenus: 3 010 996 €
2. Sa fortune déclarée en 2014, lorsqu’il fut nommé ministre, était de 156 160.43 € A savoir :
a/ des liquidités à hauteur de 195 097.75 €

86 344.84 € pour un contrat d’Assurance vie souscrit le 25/4/11
53 192.19 € sur son compte courant chez le Crédit Mutuel, le seul déclaré. 52 467.85 € placée dans un PEA
3 092. 62 € sur son compte d’associé chez Rothschild.

Haute Autorité pour la transparence de la vie publique 98-102 rue de Richelieu- CS 80202

75082 Paris Cedex 02
14 février 2017

b/ des investissements à hauteur de 1 015 330,62 €
20.92 € pour 1 action Lagardère
74 309.70 € de « valeurs en bourse et placements divers »
935 000 € (valeur estimée pour son appartement acquis en juin 2007 au prix de 890 000 €) 6 000 € (valeur estimée pour sa voiture achetée en 2005)

c / des dettes à hauteur de 1 054 267.32 €

– 295 689.79 restant dû sur prêt du Crédit Mutuel pour travaux résidence secondaire

– 558 577.53 € restant dû sur prêt du Crédit Mutuel pour achat résidence secondaire

– 200 000 € restant dû sur un prêt particulier sur 10 ans obtenue en 2007 (550 000 €) et remboursable 55 000 € / an)

Fortune nette totale : + 156 160.43 €

Observations / Questions:

Nous nous interrogeons dès lors sur la sincérité du patrimoine déclaré. En effet,

a/ Comment peut-il se faire qu’après avoir eu en 2010-2013 des revenus supérieurs à 3 000 000 € sa fortune déclarée en 2014 n’ait été que de 156 160 € ?

b/ Comment peut-il se faire qu’il n’ait eu en 2014 que 56 254,41 € sur son compte courant alors que plus de 3 000 000 € y avaient été crédités durant les trois années précédentes ?

Et où est passée la différence, sachant que, sur la période 2010-2013, il n’a pas utilisé ses liquidités pour investir substantiellement dans l’immobilier ou en Bourse, ni pour rembourser ses emprunts, à l’exception de son emprunt privé remboursé à hauteur de 220 000 € (4 x 55 000 €) ?

c/ Enfin, où est passé le portefeuille lui ayant permis de toucher 561 582 € de revenus mobiliers en 2011- 2012, car il n’apparaît pas dans sa déclaration de patrimoine ? A noter que pour pouvoir générer de tels revenus, il se devait d’être au moins de 3 000 000 € (sur la base d’une rentabilité moyenne de 10 %) ?

Et si son portefeuille a été liquidé en 2012, juste avant qu’il n’arrive à l’Élysée, où est alors passé le produit de la vente, puisqu’il n’est manifestement pas arrivé sur son compte au Crédit Mutuel, le seul déclaré ?

Il nous serait agréable que vous nous fassiez savoir si nos interrogations sont ou non fondées, sachant qu’

“omettre de déclarer une partie substantielle de son patrimoine ou en fournir une évaluation mensongère est un délit pénal”.

Dans l’attente des réponses que vous voudrez bien apporter à nos interrogations, nous vous prions d’agréer, Madame la Présidente, l’expression de notre profond respect.

Paul Mumbach
Candidat des maires en colère à la présidentielle
Maire de Dannemarie (68), Président des maires ruraux du Haut-Rhin
25 rue de Cernay, 68210 Dannemarie / Mail: paul.mumbach@dannemarie.fr

Jean-Philippe Allenbach

Président du Mouvement Franche-Comté
3 Place du 8 septembre, 25000 Besançon / Mail: pfed.allen@gmail.com

Serge Grass

Président de l’Union Civique des Contribuables Citoyens (U3C) 77 Grande rue, 25360 Nancray / Mail: sg44@free.fr

French Election Rigged. Le Pen Was Most Certainly The Victim Of Election Fraud.



Marine Le Pen should be recognised for what she is, The First Woman to be elected as the President of France. Macron was parachuted into place and elected through chicanery.

There is already enough evidence available to warrant a serious investigation of the dirty tricks which were used, to immediately declare the result null and void. This act of skullduggery, should not be swept under the carpet, it is an outrage. The destruction of millions of voting slips must have involved a huge team of offenders, suggesting it to have been sanctioned by the Establishment.

There should now be a re-run of the election, before Macron is given time to carry out his extreme policies, which will bring France to its knees.





The Irish As They Were.

The Taking Down of the World, One, Two, Three.

The Taking Down of the World, One, Two, Three.

As far back as the 18th Century, the British Military was being used to support the City of London and Rothschild’s Trading Empire, by passing the Tea Act, which allowed Baron Rothschild’s East India Company to impose a monopoly on the Tea Trade in North America, which was of course, used as the excuse to install the Masonic Corporation into power in America, replacing George 3rd as the ‘official’ ruler, under the cover of a coup d’etat, humorously referred to as ‘The War of Independence,’ when in fact it was an early indication of the corporate seizure of the World.

Since when, they have surreptitiously taken control of all and everything, including ownership of the American People themselves, using debt as the means to so do.

A short time later, the same band of rich bankers, funded a coup d’etat in France, which was used to murder the French Royal Family and a huge swathe of the bourgeois. The gullible young ‘leaders’ of the ‘Revolution’ were themselves quickly murdered, allowing the Franc Masons to replace them, with their own men.

Ordinary people, have no idea of the closeness, to one another of these events. The quiet takedown of the entire Christian World, has in fact been non-stop, should the date of the ‘Revolution’ in America be used as the starting point.

There was a mere thirteen years between these events in America and the coup d’etat in France. Soon after, parts of the American regime, rebelled against the stranglehold of the Bankers and the War of 1812, was declared against them, even as Napoleon, the last Frenchman with the courage to stand up to the Bankers, was already in Moscow, fighting the Russians.

The same Napoleon whose defeat at Waterloo, a short time later, allowed Rothschild, to slyly buy, for pennies on the pound, a huge portion of the shares listed on the London Stock Exchange.

For the British Rich Elite, times were good, however for the poor, they were having to deal with an earlier model of Agenda 21, which was called the Enclosure of Common Land Act, which forced Country Folk, out of their villages, to be used as slaves in the Industrial Revolution, where unable to produce their own food, they either worked to pay rent and eat a miserable diet, or starve. Not much as changed since then.

In Ireland, the City of London, used the excuse of a Potato Blight, to deliberately starve five million Irish peasants to death, and deported hundreds of thousands more to Canada and the West Indies as ‘slaves.’ They used the term, Indentured Servants, to disguise the reality of their actions.

A few short years later, the ‘Brexiteers’ of their day, the Confederate States in America, were brutally destroyed by the Federal Government, for simply demanding their Right to leave the Union. This has been portrayed, in a manner similar to the excuse in Ireland, as a war to end slavery. It was no such thing.

By 1898, the Zionist Jews, were holding their first Conference in Basel, Switzerland. They were already planning the Russian coup d’etat and the Great War, to destroy Germany and the Ottoman Empire, with the aim of taking control of the Middle East.

That was the first one hundred years of the Banking rich, seizing control of the world, a control which has become ever more entrenched during the second hundred years, leading up to this day.

The British people are now in the firing line, having voted, in such huge numbers to ‘Brexit’ the upstart bankers union in Europe, that a vote ‘rigging’ was impossible. The second possibility, was to declare the result to be of a lesser majority, than was the truth, in order to play for time, while they desperately seek an excuse to deny the Democratic Right of the British.

Having just managed, through mass electoral fraud, to install Emmanuel Macron, in France, steps are being taken to ‘change the minds’ of the British. Baron Rothschild has ordered his devoted Prime Minister Theresa May to call a General Election.

This has provided the bait, for the ‘bring ’em all in’ immigration supporter, Jeremy Corbyn, a closet Communist, to promise to re-nationalise, the stolen assets of the British, which were ‘privatised’ by previous Conservative and Labour Governments, back into the hands of the People.

This will allow for the upgrading of the ‘private’ Railway system, which is already being subsidised by the people, bringing it into a pristine state of repair, ready for a future ‘re-privatisation’ quickly followed by the Electricity Grid and the Royal Mail.

The Communist European Union, which operates a slightly altered, system of Communism, in which the Elite Bankers and Industrialist, have replaced the idea that the ‘workers’ control the means of production, et cetera, to a situation where they own everything and we own nothing whatsoever.

There are already laws in the pipeline in the European Union, to make it illegal to re-nationalise, any industry or utility, which has already been privatised, which tells you all you need to know about for who or whom, the EU is working.

Corbyn, almost as if he has been warned to expect a surprise result in this coming UK election, has announced that should the European Union, propose a ‘Hard Brexit’ he will not allow ‘his’ government to accept it and he will call for a vote in Parliament, knowing there to be a majority in favour of ‘remaining’ in the EU. The British should cross their fingers and hope that the EU commission did not hear Corbyn’s promise.

In France, Le Pen was allowed to get to the second round of the election, because the French system has provided a means of using the votes of other candidates in the first round, in favour of their ‘preferred’ candidate in the second round. The system itself is a perversion of Democracy. Nobody wanted Macron and his mother in power in France, so all of the Peoples’ preferred candidates were eliminated, as most people were not at all surprised that it was Le Pen who lost out, had it been Melenchon or Fillon there would have been riots in the Streets of France.

Macron has already promised his allegiance to the idea of a fully integrated Europe, under the control of the unelected Bankers and Industrialists. He was in favour of Agenda 2030, which creates the excuse to depopulate the country-side, along with CETA, TTIP, TPP  Treaties and all of the other means of handing control of France into the Private System of Justice, which will levy ‘Fines’ against those States which interfere in any way with ‘Trade.’

Macron has already, visited Algeria, where he has held talks

with Algerian Politicians, aiming to provide a bridge, making it easier for Algerians to enter France, in numbers, well in excess of the current three-hundred-thousand, whom arrive annually. There are already so many Algerians in France, that very soon, the French will be obliged to emigrate in the other direction. This is why ‘nobody’ wanted Macron to win. The Result of the French Election is a total farce.

Jimmy Dore Explores The Syrian Truth With Eva K Bartlett.



Jimmy Dore Explores The Syrian Truth With Eva K Bartlett.


There are a lot of brave women reporting from Syria at the moment. Eva Bartlett being one of them. She tells it all truthfully and inspiringly, she deserves our gratitude for her independent assessment of events in Syria and previously in Gaza. Keep safe Eva.



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