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We Are Now Way Beyond The Tipping Point.



I would like to offer Peter Gabriel, the man who gave us “Biko”, the opportunity to explain why he remains silent, about the Bolshevik Communist purges, which are taking place in South Africa. Purges which are being carried out by the “Black Communist Cheka”, without a word of dismay or criticism from the mouths of those “sympathetic” Rock’n’Rollers, whom were so quick to spread the disinformation about the Communist Bolshevik Jew take-over, which “liberated” South Africa, by those whom so willingly preached the Gospel of Lies and Hate, of the murdering piece of “millionaire” scum Nelson Mandela and his accursed wife, ‘Necklace Winnie’ Mandela.. The behaviour of this Black Cheka is an exact copy of the savagery of the Cheka in Russia and the Red Army in Germany and Eastern Europe and in Spain during the attempted Bolshevik coup d’etat in that country.

I hope the Blacks are happy with what they have helped to achieve, that is, what some call the most murderous, racist country in Africa, where rape, robbery, torture and cannibalism are a daily feature of the new-found freedoms of these lovely, cuddly, Black Bolsheviks, whom are eagerly awaiting their opportunity to slaughter the remaining vestiges of the White Christian people, whom built South Africa from an empty wilderness.

While Mandela and his team of Bolsheviks financed “Black Freedom Fighters” whom were busily stealing South Africa from those White Boers whom had built it out of nothing, in an empty region of a huge Continent, those by whom they were being paid, were busily carrying out the same caper in Palestine, a country in which they were slaughtering the indigenous people and driving them into refugee camps, which is exactly what the Black Bolsheviks are doing to the White people in South Africa, while like those people whom invaded and stole Palestine, they believe their own lies about their ‘right’ to steal this land in which they are mere immigrants. The Gulags in Russia served the same purpose and they are now, some say,  being prepared in the United States.


The familiar result of a Bolshevik Revolution or coup d’etat, as it should quite properly be called, is evident all across Eastern Europe, which was ‘given’ to the Russian Bolsheviks after World War Two. The entire region remained a bunch of failed States, a situation which the Peoples of the region believed would be resolved by joining the European Union. Unfortunately, they failed to notice that it too was under Bolshevik control and it too quickly failed as has that other Bolshevik controlled Empire, the United States, where the mass immigration which will eventually do to the United States, exactly what has happened in South Africa.

China has already been culled, of some say one-hundred-million people, while others suggest many more than that were slaughtered. The Bolsheviks now have total control of China and they have installed all of the industrial base of the Christian World, in China and they have created Free Trade agreements, allowing the importation of slave made products, back into those countries from which the industry was stolen. After all the Industrial Revolution did not take place in China. The following clip is an example of the current situation in China.

Chinese Jews are now eagerly changing the “one child” per family policy, in order to provide the necessary labour force to undertake the “re-populating” of Africa, after the coming catastrophe, which will decimate the Black People. The Chinese will very quickly transform Africa into a paradise. The surviving Blacks will be sent to Europe to eat the remaining White people, or something like that.



Despite all of the events which have taken place all across the world, at the hands of those whom have been handed control of the Money Supply of the world, which with the help of greedy politicians, they have bought all and everything  my warnings are still considered to be a form of hyperbole. The world is in ruins and yet people are more worried about saying “boo” to a Jew, than they are about the deliberate massacre of the People of Palestine by Jews.There are dozens of clips online of Jews calling for the complete annihilation of the “racist” White people and still no White feathers are being ruffled. What is it going to take to convince people of the dangers we face?



One Law For Us And Another For Them.



The Jews sent their agent Joe Slovo, into South Africa, a country which had been swamped with millions of Black immigrants. We have been fooled into the belief, that a huge Continent like Africa is, unlike all other Continents, reserved uniquely for Black people, it is not.

The White people came to that part of Africa, four hundred ago, because it was deserted and the Boers displaced nobody. They were farmers not an Army. The North of Africa is Arab as are other parts of Africa. There was no part of southern Africa, which was claimed by any group or tribe. The Zulus those friends of the slavers,  have invaded South Africa  and are even now murdering White people, without a word from the Jews, whom encouraged them to carry out this holocaust of White Christians.

The Jews set about this aim by encouraging the Blacks to demand ever more of what had never been theirs in the first place. Using the same logic, a White family in Europe should be allowed to kick any Black family into the street and seize their home because Europe is a White Continent.

Blacks have made no effort to improve life for Africans, by learning simple agricultural methods and putting them into practice, four hundred years after the Boers demonstrated how it was done for example, to even suggest that they are incapable of helping themselves is an understatement. They still depend on charity to eat, and without assistance from the White Christians, whom fed them for generations in South Africa, where all they did for themselves was breed children, whom they were incapable of feeding and they would have starved, as they did in past Black times, without ‘welfare’ from the White Boers.

Under the guidance of the Bolshevik Communist Jews and through the use of Terror, the overwhelming numbers of Blacks, eventually beat the Boers down and have now taken control of a beautiful land, which they have already reduced to the same level as is the rest of Black Africa.

The same Bolshevik Jews, reveling in this great success against the hated White Christians in South Africa, are now attempting to repeat this success all across Europe and the United States. There are video clips of Jews screeching out their hate and bile against White people all over YouTube, cries which are quite clearly designed to create racial tension, even as they tearfully mumble rubbish about anti-Jewism in the dis United Kingdom, where to express the slightest criticism of a ‘friendly’ ‘lovable’ Jew is a criminal offence.

The British Labour Party is being urged to set up re-education Centres for Members of the Party, whom have failed to get down on their knees and beg forgiveness for ‘offences’ which caused untold pain and agony in the Jew community. Do any of these blubbering Jews have any idea of the emotions of these White ‘Supremacists’, meaning me and my family, when they are attacked by those Jews whom cannot support the slightest word of criticism themselves? That I am apparently an unreformable Racist? That ‘White’ means Racist and that there ‘must’ be a White holocaust to solve the problem? Where are our politicians who should be putting a stop to these outrageous attacks? Why no sanctions against Israel, as there most certainly would be should Russia be involved? The days of using the holocaust as an excuse for Jew atrocities has long gone and we should not be afraid to tell them so. Jews are as bad as they claim the Germans to have been and there should be no attempt to shield them from responsibility.

Vladimir Putin has been cornered by the same forces which cornered Hitler in 1933 and like Hitler, who right to the end sought peace with the World, while he was being presented as a threat to Europe and after that the whole-wide-world, Putin is currently offering the same pleas for peace to ‘free world’ puppets whom have been ordered to destroy Russia and force it back into the ranks of the Central Bank controlled free world order.


Where are the calls for the Jews in the House of Commons to reeducate those foul-mouthed Jews, whom preach such Hate all over the World, to eradicate this crap out of ‘their’ lives and the demand that any Jew, whom by their silence on this subject, accepts it, and they should be thrown out of the House of Commons in short order. Let’s hear it for the White People for once. I came across the video clip at the top of the page, after I had written my stuff. I was amazed, having watched it, how close it was to what I had just written. I noticed I did get a few things wrong but nothing of importance. It is a genuine horror story and a word of warning to all White people.