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The Truth About Theories And False Claims.




The Truth About Theories And False Claims


There is currently a truly bitter struggle taking place on-line, mainly on youtube. A dispute which demonstrates, graphically, the disparity between the claims which are made about 21st Century knowledge and technical achievement, and the absolute inability, despite the availability of all of this modern  knowledge and equipment, for champions of the status quo, to present any more evidence in support of their firmly held theory a “globe” earth, than are those  whom have come to “believe” in a flat earth.

This whole business is fascinating, it involves the so-called truth of science, versus the religious beliefs, of those whom quote the Bible, in support of their claims. It is frankly impossible to decide which of the two groups should be declared, in the “evolutionary” sense of the word, to be creationists.

However hard it may be to believe, there is no evidence, which has yet been delivered in support of the earth being a globe. It is in fact a theory. In support of this “theory” we are offered claims that it is a “scientific” theory, which is completely different from a mere “theological” theory, who knows why.

Everything in science, it turns out, is supported by one of these type of “scientific theories,” which I have been assured on numerous occasions to be so “near” to the truth as to be “almost” the truth, so it follows does it not, that they must be true? Well not for me or those whom actually seek the truth.

Before taking on the onerous task of discussing, not for the first time, the problem of these two theories, globe or flat earth, I watched a clip from a lecture addressing another theory, “The Holographic Universe.” What I was seeking was an idea as to how this subject was being approached by academia. I selected a clip of Leonard Susskind,  a well known Jew physicist, whom when still young, modelled himself on Albert Einstein. In current jargon, I believe that would be referred to as a Red Flag. Einstein has long been outed as a fraud.

Susskind was making all sorts of scientific claims, in support of his argument, every one of which, was in fact, pure rubbish, which is scientifically referred to as “theory” but which was being delivered with an air of having some sort of factual basis. This lecture was being delivered to University students, without maintaining an element of doubt as to the certainty of the theories being delivered.  While enduring this type of lecture, the claims simply go into your head uncensored.

I no longer accept anything on faith. This is why I am looking very carefully at the business of a Flat Earth, not because I am too bothered – because whatever it is it is – but because I do not take kindly to being constantly presented with total garbage, which should I refuse to accept,  I am referred to as a “Theorist,” the wrong sort of theorist for sure. This in keeping with the bastardisation of our language, we are expected to understand two meanings to the word theory, one being indisputable, while the other is ridiculed.

There are those whom suggest that we are being distracted by the discussion of a Flat Earth, by those whom are diligently destroying our way of life,  while watching and laughing at us take part in a useless discussion, with no possibility of either side producing the killer punch.

That is simply not true, because what has already happened, during the course of this debate, is a general acceptance that we did not go to the moon, for example. This is evident from the lack of photographic evidence of the earth itself, taken from the moon or indeed on the way to the moon.  The Moon rocks were fossilised wood readily available on earth.

There is not one example of a photograph of the planet earth, from space,  in existence.  Should you find one for me I would  be more than willing to apologise for my claim, which I make having spent hours on-line in search of such an image. Many claims are made and links provided but no real photograph only composites.

The alleged genius Einstein, gave us no proofs, only theories. Every time he ran into trouble with one of his theories, he produced yet another theory to correct the problem. In order to prove the theory of gravity, he was obliged to produce the theory of relativity, without which gravity does not conform to the theory which we are expected to believe.

So one theory is supported by another theory, neither of which are in any way supported by fact and this is the sort of ammunition which is used against the theory of a Flat Earth.

Susskind was no different, he was making use of the theory of Black Holes, to illustrate the theory that information cannot be destroyed. He explained exactly how a Black Hole functions, even as the debate about the very existence of Black Holes continues to be debated, it is apparently very much like an external Hard Drive, that’s right we are now in the realm of an external Hard Drive replacing the tape recorder as an illustration of the continued existence of information, even as it theoretically flows into a Black Hole.

Do you see where I am going with this? Susskind is a propagandist, he is leading us to believe what it has been decided we should believe,  either in the absence of truth or indeed to hide the truth.

The only truth, in which you can place your trust or belief, is in what you see around you. Not the City or the traffic, but in a quiet place in the country-side, that is where truth is to be found. A place where you can watch the ants and spiders and hear the birds singing and catch a glimpse of a Deer in the distance, that is truth. While involved in that experience there is nothing else in the world that matters, you have to physically return to that mess.

I have a dozen cats. I have just experienced the annual Cat Wars. My big ginger Tom Cat is covered in blood and his ears have been ripped and torn, while he endeavours to fight off the daily attacks from itinerant Tom Cats, following the scent of available sex, back to my cats who are on heat.

Even the litte sister of my big Tom has been ritually raped by several Toms and she displays numerous traces of the bites which are used to make sure she sits still while being raped. This is a whole civilisation living right under our noses, delivering  an almost unseen view of the rituals of Wild Cats.

The other cats never relax, sometimes a strange Tom will jump on to the table, on which I feed them,  to eat with them, they all flee in panic, even big Ginger. All of the wild Toms are my cats, they all know me, so they will approach, but they never stay, they have chosen to live in the wild.

My Blue Beauty.

This is one of mine, he vanished with his mother long ago, what a beauty? This Morning, by accident, I found out where this fella had been hiding out, god knows how he made the trip back.


Sometimes I take a pee in the garden. One day I noticed that it was the day when all of the ants in the garden fly away. As they were emerging from their nests, I noticed that my pee was raining down on them like brimstone from the heavens. I quickly redirected the flow.

There is some internal signal, which,passes between the colonies, which on a particularly humid day, delivers an order,  that they should sprout their wings and fly away. I watched enthralled as the wings sprouted in front of me and the ants flew away to who knows where.

I began to wonder about these events, my cats and the ants, and of course the birds in the trees and the boars digging my garden. What could they all see that gave them their own particular vision of reality.

Did they believe themselves to be in some matrix of their own, with mechanical devices, which we perceived as wings? I was simply having a pee, thinking about their existence, did they, I pondered, ever wonder about mine, could they see me and what did they make of me was I no more than a bigger insect?

I could have a theory about this facet of our alleged holographic universe and the ants relationship with Black Holes, should I so choose, or I could simply dismiss it all as a waste of time and continue with the relatively unimportant chores, with which I was occupied, when I found myself to be in need of taking a holographic pee.

The unanswered questions are surprising and what is more, instead of simply ignoring them as being silly, it may well prove to be more intelligent to look into them, whether it be to prove, as you have been educated to believe that the Earth is a globe or indeed some other shape.

There is no doubt about it we have been deliberately encouraged to believe certain things which it is perfectly clear are total lies. There are no two ways about it, events such as 7-7 in London, were never properly investigated. The most horrific attack ever carried out in the UK and there was not the slightest attempt made to dig out the masterminds behind it. The perpetrators were already being identified, long before any evidence had been produced which even pointed towards them.

People whom had lost their feet, as the bomb blasts roared up through the floor of the train, were not even called to give evidence at an Inquest held after the attacks.  Nobody had seen a backpacker.

What should be asked, with great urgency, is how far up the chain of command these irregular sinister crimes can be traced. Did Blair the man who refused an inquiry or indeed any investigation other than the staged claims made against four young Muslim lads, order that there should be no proper investigation, to save his own skin or to obfuscate the identities of those shadowy characters who have total control of idiots like his good self and the fact that the real power rests in the heart of the City of London?

The number of “theories” with which we have presented is endless and we have been pressurised into believing them. Should you doubt that, explain to yourself,  why those around you may believe that CO2 is a green house gas, and that it has some sort of magical effect on the weather and that if we all cough up a little bit more tax, our leaders can solve the problem.  Sounds fishy to me.