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Why The Absence Of Sauce For The Gander?

Fifty Years ago, a terrorist attack was launched by the State of Israel, against an unarmed ship, the USS Liberty, in an attempt to provoke a war against Egypt, by laying the blame for the attack on the Egyptian regime. This attack was written out of history and no legal action, of any sort, not even a reprimand, was made against the Israeli terrorists.

Some years later, another attack against an American ship, the USS Cole, was carried out, and without supporting evidence, the blame was laid at the door of Muslim terrorists. This was our introduction to the name Osama bin Laden. The fact that Israel, which had most certainly been responsible for the attack on the USS Liberty, was also implicated in the attack of the USS Cole, was ignored.

A year later, there was another attack, this time, on the World Trade Centre in New York, the 911 episode. The finger of blame was immediately pointed in the direction of International Muslim Terrorism, under the control of Osama bin Laden and a list, naming a group of Muslim suicide bombers was instantly, produced, before the dust had settled.

The fact that a group of Israeli ‘artists’ had been lodged in the World Trade Centre, in the months preceding the attack, was ignored as being of no importance, as was the fact that a group of Jews had been intercepted by Police, on the Washington Bridge, in a van, with a large illustration of the World Trade Centre emblazoned on its side, with an aircraft crashing into it and with a large amount of high explosives inside. All of this, plus the evidence, on Israeli television, of five Mossad agents who admitted to having been on a mission to film the event live, which has become part of history, was all ignored and the unsupported claims against the Muslims sustained. One could be forgiven should one smell a rat in the sewer.

There were also other unsupported claims made against Muslims leading up to 911, in Kenya and other places, but there has never been a finger pointed in the direction of a group which initiated World Two, in 1933 and which by 1947 was murdering British Soldiers in Palestine, all without reproach.

Even in 2001, apart from a few hijackings carried out by Palestinian Groups, which were ‘freedom fighters’ as were the Jews during the Second World War, there was no sign of any such thing as International Muslim Terrorism. We were jokingly informed that Osama bin Laden, was rich and that he was using his own money to fund Al Qaeda, which was actually an invention of the USA to fight against those pesky Russians in Afghanistan, so Osama was funding the USA, was he? I see.

Thanks to the unstinting efforts of the “Free to Fake News” media, all traces of Israeli involvement in terrorism has been written out of modern history, while the totally unsupported claims of Muslim involvement in terrorism, which in the United States alone, was 95% fabricated by the FBI, in the absence of the ‘real’ thing, has lead to the massacre and displacement of millions of innocent Muslims by those whom are quite openly, working for Israel.

We were told, by our politicians, that certain brutal dictators had to be taken down and their countries liberated through the introduction of Democracy. Since 911 in 2001, an estimated ten million Muslim souls have lost their lives due to the actions of NATO and its coalition, which has devastated the Middle East, where there is as yet, a total absence of this wonderful gift of Democracy.Since

On the other hand there is now an enormous problem, of displaced people and what do know, suddenly a large bunch of Jews, are calling for the importation, of massive numbers of immigrants into Europe and all other European controlled countries. How extraordinary, that these urgings by Jews, should come hot on the heels of the deliberate destruction of all of those Muslims States, which stood in the way of the Jews dream of Greater Israel. The false claim of a connection to 911 had led to an attack against Iraq, which had no connection at all with the events, which were ultimately used as an excuse to attack the entire Middle East. The reality being that neither did Gadaffi, the Taliban or, indeed Bashar al Assad.

No connection has ever been found, amongst any of those States, in the Middle East, which have been cynically laid to waste, is there anybody out there who does not adhere to the lie that it was all because of Muslim Terrorism? Is that not thanks to a media which has covered up the truth for the past seventeen years?