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Smearing The ‘Donald’ With Obama’s Crimes And Whatever Else Comes To Hand.


While the inquiry into the FBI’s attempt to smear Donald Trump is ongoing in Washington, the plastic Kay Burley, the Sky News presenter, is still repeating all of the lies about Donald Trump. Putting babies in cages, which were Obama’s rules which were duly followed by the immigration unit, and then blamed on Trump, who had nothing to do with it. Plus Burley’s old favourite, the seven countries selected by Obama, as being a high risk of terrorists, people from where all, Trump said should be stopped from coming into the USA, until they found out what the hell was going on, and of course everyone’s old favourite the ‘pussy grabbing’ which rich men could get away with, but he never said that he had ever done such a thing.   https://wp.me/pTtbd-2qD

There was a massive demonstration in London, on Friday 13th, against Trump’s visit,to the UK, based on this nonsense. All of those whom were asked why they opposed Trumps visit to the UK, trotted out these well swallowed pieces of garbage, as their reason, which along with the Skripal load of tosh, is evidence enough of the truth of Goebbels claim, that “The British will repeat a lie, the bigger the better, until it duly becomes “truth” if they repeat the lie often enough.” How right he was, the British were of course told that this was what he, Goebbels was intent on doing to the German people, but no, he referred to the behaviour of the British Champions of Lies.


In Free Britain, you are obliged to conform, to all of the ‘New Age’ more civilised rules about baking cakes for queers, while queers refuse to serve Christians, whom are opposed to their attempt to sanctify butt-sex, while at the same time bowing to the torture of animals, to conform with Kosher and Halal prehistoric slaughter systems, which we are lead to believe, adds flavour to the meat, which is then duly served to Christian children in school canteens. Whoopee!

While Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Catholic Politician, is grilled on television, by a couple of ‘reporters’ attempting to force ‘him’ into a corner, because as a Catholic, he is opposed to the deliberate, cold-blooded Murder, which lurks behind the claim of it being a life-style choice, called Abortion, of unborn children, which is surely more important than the whim of women, whom are lauded and encouraged to ‘abort them all’ in a we no longer need White babies anyway, matter of fact manner, which is being used, as an attempt to smear a man, with several children. Rees-Mogg is now a ‘enemy of the people’ because he is against Abortion on Demand and he would carry out a ‘Hard Brexit’ should he be elected as Leader of the Conservative Party, a job which is being reserved for another “Remainer in hiding’ Boris Johnson.

The British media will endeavour to destroy the Donald, in the hearts of the British, with the full support of the ‘thick as a sack of bricks’ British voter, whom have yet to notice their own rapid demise. One of these days, just after, the nick of time, they will arise from their stupor, which was delivered by the controlled Bolshevik Media, by Cable, Satellite and Internet into the hearts and minds of the British.

The British Government has been deceiving the People forever, and even with the availability of the modern Internet, which gives access to all of the lies of past governments, nobody appears willing to turn off ‘Strictly’ and take a peep at it all. Stick with ‘Hitler Hate,’ celebrate alongside Stalin’s ‘Great Patriotic War’ dupes, carry on believing that Churchill was a saint, don’t complicate your lives, everything will be fine, you’ll soon be out of the picture, on the ‘Pathway to Death Peace, in a Privatised Hospital, where Euthanasia is legal and the media will mock those whom oppose it. I hope you are ready to accept the death of Mummy and Daddy, at the proposed tender age of seventy. You know the old saying, Give them an inch and they’ll take a yard,’ it will soon be fifty, and after that,all the way down to the fetus, the Abortion of which will be compulsory.

The Irish Are Voting To Eat Themselves.

The first referendum in many years, which did not need a second round, in order to deliver the preferred result, has just taken place in Catholic Ireland, where under the leadership of the half Irish, first openly sodomite Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, the Irish people have chosen to join the International Conspiracy, to destroy the White Christian Peoples of the World, by ‘welcoming’ the decision to legalise the killing of unwanted children.

Irish women, having found themselves to be quite incapable of calculating the six says a month, during which they are liable to get pregnant and making use of a ‘johnny’, taking a ‘pill’ or indeed avoiding having sex altogether, during those six days a month, have with a disturbing willingness, chosen to ignore the reality of what is done to their baby during an abortion, which is so bestial, that to call it a ‘woman’s health problem’ is a display of the truly sinister side of a woman’s nature.

The claim is constantly made, that the decision to kill the baby, is reluctantly taken, as a last resort, in order to save the life of the mother, when in reality, should that be the case, abortion is already available, this claim is merely an excuse to allow the future mother to kill her child as she might drown the family cat’s kittens, with a clear conscience.

The proof of this female brutality, is the push to allow late-term abortions, which have in many cases proven to be ‘live-births’ many of which are still alive to this day and ready to talk about act of fate, which allowed them to survive. The caring people can of course ignore this sort of emotional pressure and get on with the job.


 I adopt my position as a reasonable response, to what is a killing. Doing so ensures that I am in some way denying women the right to decide what to do with their own bodies, which I do not. When a team of doctors, first pass a needle through the skull of a baby to kill it, before sucking it out of the woman’s womb in pieces, many of which are sold as a food additive, which is being fed to us in numerous foodstuffs, quietly turning us into cannibals. 





Click to access senomyxposters.pdf



 It is best not to disturb these delicate women, with the grubby details of what is being done with their discarded human babies, especially when they display such powerful emotions about having won the right to subject their kids to this fate,while the mere man-in-the-middle, will be given no choice in what happens to a living being which is partly him.


We’ve Won! We’ve Won!

Ireland is the only country in Europe with a population smaller than was the population in the 19th Century, as a result of the Irish Genocide, from which Ireland has never recovered. When the openly sodomite Taoiseach, the half Irish Varadkar, who was placed into power, under orders from London, is finished with Ireland, it will be more like a British African Colony in Europe than the once Proud Emerald Isle, which fought the British to a standstill. The Women of Ireland are now about to launch a new Irish genocide, to finally destroy Ireland once and for all, and deliver the Irish pastures into the hands of the City of London.



  Shaw, in the above clip, is echoing the words of the Fabian Society, which is an under-cover Communist construct. Very soon we will all be under the sort of control Shaw is suggesting. The White Race is under attack from all sides. The Jews head that list and the Blacks are not far behind. So to allow one million Blacks, to storm into Ireland will not be to the benefit of the Irish, whom are in fact no longer Celtic or White but multi-cultural, which is a death sentence and to assist this transformation by killing Irish children is worse than what the British did in 1845.







Nip’N’Tuck Women And Other Nonsense.


While I am desperately trying to come to terms with the lack of open discussion on the media, of the belligerent Jews – you know, the people whom are forever whining about anti-Jewism – whom are calling for a White genocide, or indeed about Black and Muslim Racism, which is far in excess of White Racism, I am now also grappling with the idea of Transgenders, a subject about which I have never heard so much bullshit in all of my life.


As far as I know, there is as yet, no process which is capable of ‘transing’ the sex of a human being and yet we are now being told that a child whom was born a male, with all the necessary bits and pieces, can, with a bit of ‘nip’n’tuck’ become a woman.


My immediate response would be, that this male, should he be treated with testosterone – before being offered a process, by which he could be rendered a touch more ‘womanly’ – which could make him change his mind. In reality, a man whom pretends to be a woman, will in fact be no more than a homo-sexual in disguise, should he/she choose a male partner. So why does he not simply accept himself as a homo-sexual?


Despite this spike in the number of Lesbians, Homosexuals and Transgenders, the remaining women in the UK, are managing to murder almost 200,000 babies annually. Killings which have become an almost assembly line process in the abattoir of Marie Stopes Inc, which along with Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood Inc. in the States, have created massive space for immigrants, the average number of whom arriving each year in the UK, corresponds with the number of abortions.


Ironically, the systematic slaughter of the unborn but already living babies, is controlled by the very people, the Jews,  whom claim that they were once the target of a similar culling, after which one might suppose that ‘they’ of all people, having suffered such an event, which just the thought of, we are told, is likely to cause them to collapse into a quivering mass, should they be exposed to a naked shower-head, would give them pause for thought about encouraging a similar fate for others. Particularly babies.



In the States, it is estimated that the immigration ‘solution’ to a lack of babies, will lead to a population of some 800 million, before the end of the century. While in the UK the population will soon reach 80 million.


These figures are inevitable, unless there is a return to the policy, which was generally accepted across European Countries, that of a sustainable birth rate. The introduction of abortion on demand, which allowed the abortion industry to encourage the culling of the White European by referring to it as a ‘women’s health matter,’ has succeeded in doing exactly what it was designed to do, carry out a White Genocide.


I firmly believe, that abortion is being used, as an excuse, to obliterate the indigenous White population and to import Brown and Black people. A scheme which in moderate numbers is perfectly acceptable, however there is something sinister afoot when a government is whipping up hatred against White immigrants, as in modern-day Britain, while forbidding the same discussion about the non-White immigrants, a mere mention of them is  ‘the ugly face of White Racism.’  Love Your Polish immigrants I say and stop slagging them off.


Deep Governments, are wiping us out. Take a look at David Cameron, the man whom passed the orders, from above to destroy Syria and Libya, without the democratic permission of Parliament, never mind allowing this much vaunted, Democratic need of the scrutiny of the House of Lords. A ‘free’ Parliament would have impeached him on the spot and in view of the tragic results of his vicious act, he should be hanged by the neck.


Parliament chose instead to ignore this bloody disgraceful Crime Against Humanity, choosing instead to hold a token vote after the carnage had been accomplished. Only half a dozen Parliamentary Members were against this Crime, which was carried out in the name of the British People, whom themselves are not politically aware enough to understand what was done in their name.  While their “News” outlets apparently fail to find a connection between this act and an increase in Refugees fleeing this British War Crime.


The Streets of London are now teeming with caring folk, whom have been deliberately kept unaware of the reasons behind the destruction of the Middle East, whom are screaming for the re-opening of the floodgates of immigration, which has already, in recent years, allowed entry to ten million immigrants. Every three or four years another million are being allowed in.


The more than three million people have been accepted into the United Kingdom, during the past few years, is the population of a large city and the number is roughly equal to the ‘real’ number of the unemployed which is a stark 3.5 million. Despite this huge number of jobless, it would appear to be necessary to allow entry into the UK, of people who will do work that the British refuse to do. This is nonsense, there simply cannot be a shortage of labour in a country with that number of unemployed and with a population of 64 million people.



The infrastructure alone to take care of 3 million people is enormous. Take a look at the telephone book of a large city and count the number of all the necessary services. Police, Fire, Ambulance, Schools, Doctors, Hospitals, Sewage work, Dustbin Lorries and all the rest of it and then ask yourselves, why it is so difficult to find a Dentist or an appointment with your doctor and why your kids are still living at home without a decent job which will to allow them to rent so much as a bed-sitter. Never mind the problems with the National Health Service.


In the United States, where there are an estimated 95 million people unemployed or part employed there are hundreds of thousands of Mexicans, walking into the States every year,where they are expecting to be housed, fed, educated, in Spanish, and given health care, which is beyond the reach of thousands of Americans. I find it difficult to understand why these Mexicans expect, while on holiday in the States, that the Americans should have to foot the bill. They should be kicked out straight away. They have a government of their own to cover these costs.


It is not necessary to be of high intelligence to understand, that there is a limit to the number of folk a tiny island like the UK can accept, bearing in mind that even without further immigration the population will increase spontaneously through normal birthrate, should the abortions be brought under control. There are thousands of couples looking for children to adopt, so to be killing off White children in massive numbers, is itself a Crime Against Humanity. It is also Racial suicide.


The sad fact is that we are being taken down to Third World status. It is as simple as that. There is an Irish Jew, Peter Sutherland, swanning around screaming out the orders of the United Nations, that Europe must take in all and everybody. That is our future he tells us. Needless to say he works for the Bankers and Corporations. The Jew Trudeau in Canada is telling the Muslims that they are all welcome, as many as would like to come. The Jew Merkel has already swamped Germany and is still not content. The Jew Sarkozy and now Hollande are secretly financing the construction of huge Mosques, in a secular country, while allowing hundreds of thousands of young men from the Maghreb to swarm in annually, where they can instantly join the one million unemployed young Arabs in and around Paris and other large cities, where they have been creating mayhem for weeks.


So while all of that is going on, why is the media so occupied with talk of men using women’s toilets and attempting to train us to accept that a man is a woman and a woman is a man and abortion is not murder, and that it is perfectly ethical to sell bits of babies to make lipstick or some such thing?








Murder Is Good For You.

Murder Is Good For You.

What kind of “Death-Wish” provoking technology, was used to persuade women, that to murder a baby in their womb was no more than a personal choice, a simple medical procedure,  which nobody has the right to criticise? And what level of stupidity, that despite the fact that their own Race, is in danger of falling to an  extinction level of  low number of members, that the remaining few, risk being persecuted to oblivion, as has happened in South Africa, where there is already an un-reported White Genocide under way, not only allows but encourages this totally idiotic behaviour in  women?

We must assume that women are either too stupid to understand the oncoming danger or indeed too egotistical to want to do anything about it. I was prompted to write this in response to yet another attack which the BBC was making against Donald Trump, who had the audacity to suggest that for the murder of a child, either the doctor, who carried out the killing or the mother who ordered it, should be punished.

The reporting did not revolve around the morality of killing a baby, which is what it should be about,  but more about the personal morality of those whom stand “against” this act. Our morality has been reduced to the pits of Hell and those whom stand up in protest are now considered to be unfit to be a Politician, such is the power of the evil by which we are controlled.

These caring women are cynical enough to urge the executioner of their baby, to do their level best to keep the corpse in good condition, because they are going to sell the baby bits for experimentation in laboratories. Sometimes, words just fail me. What more can women demand, they now have the right to kill a baby, will they soon demand the right to murder their husband with impunity perhaps? They can almost do that now.

The level of intelligence of those men whom assist in the Paper Review, on Sky News, can only be described as being just a little bit below that of a trained monkey. One of them is, as I write, letting the British people know, that in his opinion, women should be “empowered” by men and that Trump is disrespectful of women. He went on to suggest that should Trump be elected as President of the United States, it would be a nightmare.

The next tale on the list was yet more Pap about Hitler and the Germans and compensation for the victims of Concentration Camps. These idiots have no idea whatsoever about the actuality of events in German camps, all of which was closely scrutinised by the Red Cross. There was no evidence of the mistreatment of inmates.

A few minutes before the Sky report, I listened to a BBC report on the same story. A F***ing BBC man was spreading rubbish about people being tortured to death, crucified and even cannibalism in Belsen. This is simply disgusting and is no more than a croque of lies and disinformation which should never be given air-time on a British News outlet.

If evidence is needed of the depths of deception to which the British Establishment will stoop, to deceive the British people, it is available by the ton on British News sites.

The folk on these programs, not one of whom has praised Donald Trump, have gained their knowledge of the Establishment opinion of Trump, directly from the propaganda broadcasted by Sky and the BBC, both of which, choose to ignore the fact, that despite all of their lies and deceit, millions of Americans and many British people are finally waking up to what is going on.

These deceitful scum, whom have, quite justifiably, been described by Trump as being nothing more than a pack of liars, are even now involved in an attempt to smear Trump, claiming that his campaign manager, aggressively manhandled a female reporter, despite ample evidence that the man did no such thing.

The reporter herself had no idea who had pulled her away from Trump whom she was aggressively trying to question – about what else but, “affirmative action” in favour of women – it was a man from the Washington Post who suggested that it had been the campaign manager, when in fact a photograph, taken by a photographer from the same rag, showed, quite clearly that it was a security man whom had dealt with her. Sky and the BBC are still reporting the original claim which has been totally debunked.

The Sky Soothsayers, have also managed to dig out assorted women, who claim that it is their right to kill their baby and men must be made available to carry out the execution. To my knowledge, there has been no in-depth discussion about the cold, hard reality of this Genocide which is taking place in front of our eyes, under the guise of it being a woman’s right. Men have been taken completely out of the equation, Socialism has seen to that.

As for politicians, whatever they are, when not molesting children, there is a false belief, generated of course, by the misinformation from the media, that those like Cameron, Osborne or Johnson, in the UK and Bush, Obama and Clinton, in the USA, are more able than is Donald Trump, whom could, in certain company, pass for a bricklayer, as if that disqualifies him from holding a top job, to run the affairs of State. Wake up, what do you imagine qualifies the others? They are no-hopers.

That is why the entire European Union and the United States are in the mire, whether it be by accident or design, either way, they are either no more than puppets, or traitors prepared to destroy us all. Take your choice. Trump wants to stop the White Genocide, he has seen what is going on in Europe. He is not nearly as stupid as they claim him to be. What I find to be the most disgusting feature of the current reporting of the Election in the USA, is the manner in which journalists are gagging for the slip up which will bring Trump down. For whom do these people work? They are attempting to destroy Trump and nothing less.

Why, more than seventy years on, are we forced to listen to ever more tales about what happened to the Jews during WW 2, thousands of whom are still living, after all these years, who are now whining for more money from Germany to make up for what happened to them, without a word about what the Jews did to the German people and the Russian people and of course the cruel treatment meted out by the British on German Prisoners of War, that is the ones whom survived the genocide in the Rhine Meadow Death Camps or in the Siberian Gulags, where the Bolshevik Jews murdered millions of folk.

Is it the job of the BBC and Sky News to perpetuate a totally biased version of events during the War? Why do they never wheel out, the living Royal Air Force pilots, who complained about being expected to commit War Crimes by deliberately targeting the old, the women and the children, running around and around defenseless on the ground, while they were being attacked with Napalm and Phosphorous bombs, which burnt them alive, in every German town and city, for no better reason than to wipe out as many Germans as possible before hostilities ended.

A dose of truth would be humbling for the British, whom cling rigidly to the lie, that Germany deserved everything it got. Even the diseased corpses, strewn around in Camps, the victims of Typhus and starvation and none of them Jews, were used as ammunition against the Germans.

Germany has been dealt with, yet the slaughters are continuing and are more brutal than ever. The Bolsheviks in Israel, even as the whining against the Germans is ongoing, are engaged in the barbaric destruction of the Palestinian people, while still finding the time to start the calls for Genocide against White People. All of it overseen by those sympathetic Friends of Israel, by whom you are being ruled. Does anybody out there give a toss? Would you applaud the appearance of a Trump like character in Europe? 

A Reasonable Response To All That Idle Hate Speech.



We can all take our fair share of criticism in good heart.  Should we accept that we are in some way guilty of what we are accused, we may well feel motivated, to change our behaviour in some way, to avoid a similar criticism in the future.

However, in recent days, in response to criticisms which have been levelled not only at me personally but at the White Race in general, by Jews, women and Blacks, I have experienced a mounting surge of rage in my stomach.

The primary gut wrenching response to these attacks, was provoked by particularly obscene and vehement calls by Jews, the same Jews whom are even now calling for ever more monuments to their own alleged misfortune during World War Two, blithely calling for the extermination of the White Race.

They would be the same Jews who set about the extermination of Russian Orthodox Christians and actually butchered sixty-five million of them. It is particularly annoying  when this cry of hatred spumes out of the side of the mouth of the once President of France, War Criminal Nicolas Sarkozy.

After the Khazar Jews, we have that other bunch of no hopers whom, like the Jews are adept at holding out the begging bowl, Black people.  A Race which wherever they end up, they have never displayed the slightest aptitude to create anything other than ghettos of unemployable minorities with need of Social assistance, which they accept without gratitude as a reparation for some perceived past injury.


Take note in the above clip, Farrakhan is calling for Blacks to rise up and kill those who kill them, forgetting to mention that Blacks are killing themselves in droves. There is virtually no example available of White men killing Blacks, he is trying to infer that Blacks are being targeted for being Black. They are targeted for being rapists, 33,000 white women raped annually by Blacks and hundreds of Black killed by Black gang members. He is in reality calling for Blacks to go and kill the guilty Blacks, which those listening are too stupid to understand.


In their habitual whining manner, they have organised a boycott of the Oscar Bash, because they didn’t win anything, boohoo!  Perhaps they might let us know which of those whom did win, do they think should refuse their Oscar in order for it to be handed to whom, any Black person? as the special Oscar for being Black?

Both of these groups, Jews and Blacks are calling for my destruction. I am accused – because I happen to be White – of being responsible for Blacks lack of motivation to present a decent image of whatever their own particular culture happens to be, while the Jews, who have no particular culture, because just like the Blacks, they never integrate and they have never been able to achieve anything other than the complete destruction of whichever culture they chose to suck dry. Hence they have been forced out of every country in Europe many times. Hitler was the last man to make such an attempt to drive them out.

Since those days the Jews have stolen a land for themselves, Palestine. They are of course unable to support themselves and like the Blacks, are continually calling for more Social Security, from White folk because we are supposed to owe them something. They have become a plague in Palestine, spreading like scum on bath water, destroying the ancestral home of the Palestinians and attempting to eventually wipe them out, which is their normal behaviour.

Then we have the “caring ones,” the women.  Aren’t they sweet and loveable?  Well no! Not exactly. They are nasty, back stabbing, vicious, underhanded, licentious liars and they are the supreme parasite. That is what women are made of. Forget the sugar and spice nonsense




Women scour the planet, for one decent woman, who loves her family and looks after her ageing parents and respects the hard work her husband is prepared to take on, to give her and their children as good a life as he can manage,  women then claim that all women are just like this carefully selected saint.

Men are, of course, never good enough. Women want a rich one, so if a man is not rich he knows that he is not what she wanted. Women always deserve better than what they have. Men should of course feel eternally grateful for having won such a prize as her. Rich men, on the other hand know full well that they only have their blond bimbo because they have money, so they treat their women with the contempt they deserve.


Speaking for myself, I could relate tales of the behaviour of women that would make your toes curl in disgust. They are capable of the most loathsome behaviour, without exhibiting any sign of shame for what they have done. I was interested to read a report about claims of violence in marriage. The claim which is most frequently made is of course against men, while in reality research has shown that women are at least as violent as men and in many cases more violent than men.

Those women who end up with a split lip, it would appear that they normally receive it in return for gouging their partners face or kicking him in the balls. While the women run around screaming ‘look what he’s done to me’ the men keep their mouth shut and claim to have been scratched by a blackberry bush or whatever.

Women have managed to deny their children reasonable contact with their fathers, after the inevitable separation, this after having bad mouthed fathers in front of their children, throughout the children’s lives, force feeding young girls the idea that all men are bastards.

Having chosen the finest model of woman-hood as representing themselves, they have turned the idea of manhood into that of a drunken, violent, foul, mouthed selfish bastard. Both of those descriptions are way off reality. Women are actually jealous, should children display any sort of affection for their fathers, who in the main, show far more love and kindness to children than do women, despite the glowing fairy tale they have invented about their sympathetic caring nature. 

Blatant feminism has even managed to drive men out of teaching, claiming them to be a threat to children, when the statistics show quite clearly that women are just as likely to be paedophiles as are men and every bit as dangerous. In one of the above clips, a placard wielding women screams at a cameraman, “put a woman behind that camera,” well Sky News apparently heard her screech and over the past few days their News out-put has been fronted by a Black man and Black woman.

I can detect no remaining sign of this much vaunted myth of the caring woman.  Modern woman, has never cared for anyone, even her own children come second to a menial job and as for her ageing parents, well they are quickly shipped off to the last resort.

Women have managed to transform themselves into little more than bait for drunks to rape on the streets by the thousand,  while they roll around in a puddle of their own urine and vomit,  after a Saturday night out on the booze. Men are now loath to be gallant and chivalrous and come to save them. Who needs a mother like that for their children?

All of these groups are parasitic, in one way or another, women having chosen, frequently on a whim to separate from their partner, will attempt to screw him for as much as she can, when reality suggests that thirty per cent of men have already been lied to about the actual origin of the children they believe to be their own.

A friend of mine, who taught children in an inner city school, was warned not to teach those children about dominant genes, just in case the youngsters noticed that they could not possibly have brown eyes according to genetic rules.

As a White man I view all of the above, Blacks, Jews and women as a direct threat to the future of my race. Women are directly responsible for the destruction of the family. Feminism was designed to destroy the relationship between men and women. Women were encouraged to destroy their families to suit an agenda which in the main they were too stupid to recognise. The result has been to create insecurity, a strong family unit was always the bastion of a civilised world.

The result has been that the grisly Marxist construction, Planned Parenthood, an organisation which has renamed murder as abortion, in a direct attack on the Black and White races, which at a stroke created a generation of hedonistic, idiotic women who have used abortion as a means of birth control, getting rid of unwanted children, while fooling themselves into believing that a perfectly formed living child in their womb is not a human being until it is born.

Very soon they will probably be easily convinced that should you put a baby in a parcel you can throw it under a bus without fear of conviction.  To round off this article, I suggest that all three of my selected “victims,” share exactly the same ideology, that of accusing others, White men in particular, of the crimes of which all three are seriously guilty. All them are seeking compensation.

That’s better. I needed that!  Hope it gives you an idea of what it feels like to be a White man.


The Undeniable Proof Of The Efficacy Of Our Conditioning.

The most famous artist of the 20th Century, is most probably Pablo Picasso.  He produced work of such quality, we are told, that it is changing hands for millions of Dollars.

When he died, he left behind, as an inheritance for his extended family, an estimated two-hundred and fifty-thousand canvases.

Sadly, far from being a phenomenal artist, Picasso, a Jew, was the progenitor supreme of the modern school of art, which is called “Concept” art.   It was in fact, no more than a question of never mind the quality, feel the width.

Intelligent people, who understand art, in all of its guises, were, along with the rest of us, deceived into believing the work of Picasso, to be of importance, they had in fact been educated to dismiss the reality of what they actually perceived with their own eyes.

Picasso was nothing more than a fraud, whom with the support of the Money Lenders, who have control of Education and the Media, was transformed into an iconic hero of Modern Art, which he had simply copied from the works of others, whom sadly did not receive similar publicity.

Watch the following video clip and decide for yourself. Had you not been told that this was Picasso, would you have found anything  particularly special about this work? I can confirm, from my own work, that having repeated the same design, over and over again, I can reproduce it with ease, as could any artist.


What we are actually dealing with is anti-art.  We are being trained to believe whatever we are told to believe.  Leonardo da Vinci would sneer at the work of Picasso as would chocolate box artists such as Constable. Unfortunately, these days, folk are too frightened to express an opinion on many subjects.

The result of this mass indoctrination of the general public, has produced a situation where any reasonably talented artist, can imitate the style of Picasso, with a similar style,  which even highly paid professionals, cannot, without the aid of x-ray machines and other such devices, separate from an original.

This has lead to a gullible public, standing in front of a presentation of, for example,   the artists bed room, with various bits and pieces scattered on the floor, with the bed cloths in, “artistic” disarray, believing themselves to be gazing at art.  Even worse than that, th exposition of an empty room, in which a light, goes on and off.

This sort of nonsense has been used to prepare us to accept anything, and we do.  This morning I heard news of a shooting in the United States at an Abortion Clinic, which was run by Planned Parenthood. A group which has been “lobbying” forever,  to get the right to abort a baby ever closer to the date of its birth.

To be blunt, I have always been of the opinion that abortion is a form murder, but I accept the right of those whom choose to carry out this procedure on themselves. However where is the problem in explaining to them, should they be ignorant of what they are actually doing, that they are killing their baby. Should the baby have already been born and they put it in a cardboard and took to the Clinic, for them to kill, what would be the difference.

There are many reports of aborted babies, while still alive after the abortion has been performed, being left on draining boards to die.  This sort of information does not get much publicity, just in case it discourages expectant mothers, for whom the baby is not too convenient, from going through with their abortion.

The attacker at the Planned Parenthood Clinic, while carrying out the raid, killed three people, he will now be tried for murder. He was a member of the Right To Life group, which is opposed to what they perceive to be murder.  So to be cynical, can anybody tell me, which one of them is the real Picasso, Planned Parenthood or Right to Life?

Planned Parenthood, for those whom are not aware, was a Jew construct, aimed initially at White people. They encouraged the sterilising of mentally retarded American women.  The Marie Stopes Clinics in the UK, while not allowed at the time to abort babies, did sterilise the mentally handicapped and these days they of course recommend  abortion, Internationally.

Marie Stopes, crouching behind the camouflage of Women’s Rights, was a Jew Eugenicist, from the same mould as the Jew Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood. You see it was not Hitler and those dratted Germans who introduced Eugenics to the world it was a pair of Jews.

As if that was not enough to make my day, it was announced, on Sky News, that the principality of Wales was about to introduce an “Opt Out” system which would  allow Medical Men, to harvest the organs of any person who had not “opted out,” a necessity which most will not get around to, before an early road accident or another cause of head injury.

This is actually yet another of those horny old subjects which is being applauded by an unsuspecting public. Sky News chose to present a poor rugby player who was in desperate  need of a new heart. Suggesting that this change in the law would increase his chances of getting that heart.

This brings us head on into another cloudy area.  The whole basis of organ donation is founded on the theory of “Brain Death.”  This theory of Brain Death was dreamt up by a workshop of the propaganda machine, to use as an excuse to declare an injured person, as dead in the head, despite having a body which continued to function.

The function of the body is essential, as inner organs deteriorate rapidly if the blood supply is cut off. To get around this, doctors can declare any victim, to be brain-dead to suit the harvesting of their organs.

During the Summer, a friend of mine told me of her experience with a “brain-dead” member of her family. Her sister-in-law, having just given birth to a baby, had a Stroke.  Within hours the doctors were declaring her to be “Brain Dead.”  My friend assured me that she and several others thought her to be still alive.

Because of a Donor Card amongst her papers, she told me the doctors were like animals and within minutes bits and pieces of her sister-in-law were being sent all over France. She was disgusted and in tears as she repeated her tale. Be warned, medical men do not give a toss whether you are alive and could recover or not, There is money to be made!  The Medical profession, in one way or another, is responsible for more deaths per annum than  cancer.

It would appear that medical murder, like murder by men in uniform,  is the acceptable face of establishment savagery. How on earth have we been conditioned into such a state of acceptance, that with no complaint, we are prepared to accept,  the concept of calling a man who kills killers, a murderer, while expressing solidarity with those whom he killed, who are engaged in the  selling of baby parts for profit?  It is so disgusting, that it calls into question whether we possess any quality worthy of being called Humanitarian.

The real killers are always State funded and have already carried out millions of executions, with a fancy name to hide the reality of their crimes against humanity.  We are now being told that we are not producing enough babies, so we have to import them.



Here Come The Girls.

Following on from a number of profligate murdering mothers; we are still being assured by the experts, that women are not all like mean, nasty, beer swilling men, so that’s all right then.   We were today presented with photos of the caring, sharing, royal princesses, whom performed in pantomimes, to raise money for the troops, whom were dying on the ‘Front Line,’ during an illegal war, into which they had been forced, by the family of the man, whom is now the Queens Financial adviser.

Having just been educated by yet another bunch of experts, that the brain-waves of women, prove, beyond doubt, that women do not even think like men. They delivered their evidence of this, through the facility of diagrams of the brain, which demonstrated, that men, rarely wake up the left lobe of their brain, their innermost thoughts, are mostly directed to the back-end of the brain, where we find, of course, all that prehistoric stuff, about tracking down and slaughtering wild animals, or other human forms, to eat.

  Men, it would appear, do all of their thinking in cold blue, which was illustrated through the use of straight lies, going directly from the front to the good old Lizard Brain at the back . The blue lines rarely strayed into the left lobe. Women on the other hand, think in warm orange, their thoughts are conveniently grouped in that area, which it has been decided,contains all of the emotional centers.

The man from “Sky News” assured us, that this was nothing more than confirmation of what we have always known, namely, I suppose, that while men were off doing all those wild things, from which we have never evolved, women were sat in the mouth of the cave, making daisy chains, waiting for the ‘wild ones’ to bring home the bacon, while dabbing cold water on to the cudgel bruises, from the night before.

This parody of real life was in direct opposition to the view of female attitudes to violence, which was current not so long ago, that of forcing the men to go to war.  A young Anthony Steele, who was opposed to one of the aggressive British wars against those pesky Arabs, refused to go off to the Sudan, where he may have been able to save the life of General Gordon, whose main claim to fame being, that he is the only person whose name has come down, through history, whom was killed in that particular episode of British thuggery. He was “posh,” you know?

Steele was the recipient of the dreaded ‘White Feather of Cowardice,’ from none other than the love of his life.  Who was, of course, a woman. So off he went and though in disgrace, proved himself to be a genuine hero.

So while being blessed by nature, with a ‘get out gaol free card,’ namely an innate inability to commit violent acts, women were today, paradoxically,  presented with the enigma of the Highest Ranking Female Military Officer, whom, we were assured by the same “Sky Team,” which had presented the impossibility of such a thing, because of “brain-waves,” could quite possibly become the Commander of British Military Forces.

This announcement, coincided with the News, that Tom Daley, a diver, had “come out of the closet,” speaking for myself, I can assure him that there had been no need. However, this piece of information, resurrected the problems which had been faced by “Gay Men,” whom had demanded the right to “Kill for Britain.” Their presence in the “Rank and File,” apparently made the “Real Men,” feel threatened.

So being of a curious mindset, I would dearly love to know, which side of the above diagram, which appears to have been executed by the same hand, which carried out the detailed drawing of “Fonzie’s Dog,” in the “Spunky Come Home,” episode of ‘Happy Days,’ Tom Daly, would find himself and on which Elaine West, a “Two Star Officer,” would find her good, pacifistic self, bearing in mind, that unlike “Jeanne d’Arc,” she will not be finding herself, leading those Military,”Dumb Stupid Animals,” into battle, as the British have, in an unacceptably prejudiced, politically incorrect manner, decided that this is inadvisable.

The establishment excuse for this being, that a woman, would not be capable of carrying a wounded friend off the ‘Battlefield,’ this, in a country where even Firemen have need of a crane to shift an average fat man in an emergency.

I would suggest that whatever is going on in the orange areas of the brain, inside a female head, the prevalence of poetry and religious beliefs, which are characteristic of the male psyche are certainly not involved. Most women have been in need of “Positive Discrimination,” to advance in certain areas which were once male dominated, while they, have made little space for those men, perhaps the “Gay” men, whom might feel locked out from the female dominated areas, where women, can quite blatantly, choose only female staff, should they so desire.

One might suggest that women want it all ways and like Black on White crime, female crimes of violence are greatly under-reported.  I once had a book, which catalogued female murderess, I was shocked at the violence of their crimes. I recently posted a tale of a Black woman, who tortured and killed a little white boy, with a welding torch, this went almost unreported, so why are we suddenly being fed this tosh about caring, loving, women?

Now that we have been forced, screaming, to accept the stupidity of same sex marriages, did the brain state of those involved, show a marked tendency, to mirror the male/female,  blue/orange, thought patterns, which would generate at least a sort of excuse for such a union, or was this area quietly ignored?

The actuality of life in the Military, for females, was totally ignored, that of the incidence of rape and sexual harassment, which is as much a problem for “Gay” men as it is for “straight” women.   It would appear that there is hardly a female in the US Military whom has not been raped at least once, during her Military Service.

 Like me, you may have noticed, in the diagram of the brain, that the thoughts of men, apparently, never wander off into the frontal lobe, why should this be? What on earth can be going on in there?  Could it be, as I suspect, something warm and cuddly, which we have been led to believe is part of the female superiority, in terms of evolution?

Your personality lives in the frontal lobes, where emotions, problem solving, reasoning, planning and other functions are managed. The frontal lobes are linked to sensory and memory centres, throughout the brain. Their primary job is to allow us to think things through and determine how to use information that is located elsewhere in the brain.

Of course, this quote was written by a women,  and unfortunately I do not believe that my friend’s overweight spouse, contains too many or too much of the features with which she has apparently, been endowed.   Perhaps women are in a regressive form of evolution, which has been brought about by the love of money, mistaking this for  dismissing  those whom actually produce the wealth, who are not simply thieves and parasites.

Speaking as a disappointed spectator to all of this mayhem, I find myself asking the question:  Why has there been so little evidence of “Women Against War?” Why has it proven so difficult, for half of the population, to present an attitude of disgust at the warlike behaviour of elected politicians? Plus  if they could do nothing more, at least suggest to their children, that War is Murder.  There is no greater crime than the crime of Colonisation and the slaughter of innocent, indigenous Peoples.

Sadly, they were more interested in posting off those “White Feathers” and having waved “Our Boys,” off to war, they could then, of course, sell themselves for a Mars Bar or a pair of Nylons, before ditching their sacrificial “boy friend” with a Dear John letter,  announcing themselves to be one of those Romantic Souls, referred to as GI Brides and clearing off to America.  Hmmm.

I can hardly finish this piece without digging myself even deeper into the Ka-Ka, by referring to the most disgusting of all slaughters, which has taken place in the female world, that is, in spite of all of the methods available, women have been obliged to kill, untold millions of souls, through the medium of abortion.  Surely with all of the brain functions to which they have access, they could have found a kinder way of avoiding unwanted children. So in a sense they have made up for their lack of participation in wars, by conducting a form of clandestine Genocide against the White Race.