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The Ongoing Battle Of Sandy Hook.

A woman for whom I once had respect Deanna Spingola, has disintegrated into a babbling idiot in her efforts to prove that twenty-six adults and children, really did die in a massacre, which she continues to claim was perpetrated by a drug crazed half-wit, called Adam Lanza, in order to pass the blame for the outrage in the direction of Big Pharma.

It would appear that she now has the support of the boss of Republic Broadcasting Network, John Stadtmiller, in her efforts. However she resolutely refuses to give any adequate response to many of the anomalies which simply do not add up.

She has just claimed, in response to a question from a caller, who suggested that the violent deaths of  twenty-six people in a classroom would have spilt so much blood that any first responder would have been obliged to walk through this blood, leaving bloody foot-prints everywhere they walked. Spingola immediately contradicted his claim with her own claim that there was indeed blood everywhere inside and outside the school.

Well I have personally seen not a spot of blood anywhere near Sandy Hook, however in response to her claim, I have just carried out a swift search.  The first link was in fact towards the good old Daily Mirror, which was part of the Jew Robert Maxwell’s Empire, the headline offered chilling new photographs, from Sandy Hook.

Inside the school itself,  everything looked perfectly normal, the only sign of a problem was a broken plate-glass window, with granules of glass on a bench. Not a trace of blood anywhere.

 I have already looked through the photographs in the Police report, which Spingola tells us she supports, which were taken inside the school, images in which Spingola can see evidence of blood everywhere, blood which stubbornly remains invisible to the rest of us, in the manner of the photographs which showed us the “horror” inside the Charlie Hebdo office, which showed no more than a half-open door into the room where the alleged shooting took place, with no sign of blood and most certainly not a trace of a bullet hole anywhere.

She totally ignored the same callers question about the man who ran out of the school into the woods, with the Police in full pursuit, by suggesting that because the helicopter, which filmed the event, was not overhead at the time that the questioner suggested it to have been, there was no reply necessary.

On a recent programme,with a co-presenter, she tackled the question of the Crisis Actors, involved in the Sandy Hook event. Her chum, offered very little hard evidence in support own his claims, choosing instead to refer to those with another point of view, as outright liars.

Between them they spent several minutes excusing Robbie Parker, who became an Inter-Web sensation because of the humorous conversation he was involved in, while waiting for his turn to take the micro-phone, on CNN, and the efforts he was obliged to use to wipe the smile off of his face.

Sadly, Spingola refuses to respond to the possibility of the existence of a completely different Robbie Parker, who has been identified in Utah. Never mind, there is still the question of his daughters.  We were told, in response to questions of the truthfulness of his daughter Emilie’s alleged death, when a child, the spitting image of Emilie, suddenly appeared on Barack Obama’s knee, that it was in fact,  Emilie’s little sister and that the reason she was wearing the same dress as had Emilie in a family photograph, was because they had bought two dresses at the same time.

Emilie and her two sisters 001




Parker family with Obama


parker-family-pic 2

Take a look a these photographs of the Parker family.  You see three children. Emily is wearing the dress which you see the child wearing in the photograph with Obama.  She is quite obviously much taller than the younger child in the family photograph.  I have children and I can tell you for nothing,  I would never have bought a dress for such a small child, which would be the right size, some time in the future.

That aside, the child with Obama is how old, would you suggest, six years old maybe? So why did this growth spurt not occur in Emily, who should now be at least two years older than the child in the photo, which would suggest that she could not still be six years old.

Republic Broadcasting Network is now adopting the role of the False Flag debunker.  I have no problem with that, just so long as they do not try to deny me the right to demand my own questions.  RBN is now suggesting, that to look into these alleged hoax incidents is a sign that I am  “controlled opposition,” working for the government, simply because I find it hard to believe what I am offered by the mainstream media.

My attitude to Sandy Hook was a belief that should it have taken place at all, it was real, simply because no government would dare to kill little children, just in case it came out that they had been involved.  While watching the footage I had no notion that what I was watching was not being faithfully reported.

I now find that there are no explanations for any of the events of that sad day.  No blood, a daft Coroner, no sign of a large number of ambulances on their way to hospital, ridiculously contrived grieving family members and now to cap the whole thing off, the suggestion that we should simply take the word of the Police Reports.

Yet despite that,  to suggest that FEMA, would never carry out a drill in any school without the support of the parents as some sort of proof, is a nonsense, because all of the evidence suggests that the school was empty, so no complicity with any parents would have been necessary.

To ignore the men who were chased by the Police, whether the helicopter came at this hour or that hour, is stupid, those men were in the school. Who were they? What were they doing in the school? Why did they run? Were they there when Lanza arrived? Do you get the picture?  If the police ignored all of this,  there is something going on.

We only need expose one of these hoax attacks, to bring down the government, whether anyone was killed or not.  RBN is suggesting that the Governments involved would not be so stupid as to leave so many clues lying around, which generate this continual cry of False Flag, other than to deliberately occupy our minds with rubbish, through the use of youtube and other on-line facilities, which they are making freely available, if we were actually on the right track.

Therefore we are all under control. So does that mean that the those like the daft coroner were telling the truth about leaving dead children lying in their own blood while he went home,  while parents must surely have been there waiting for news of their dead children?

 However none of that explains why Spingola spends so much of her time slagging off Fetzer and Holbig,  both of whom I ignore anyway and yet she refuses to explain, simple things like how all the children were evacuated from the school. In fact she is displaying all of the usual traits of the spoiler.

I have heard her offer nothing other than hearsay, which she has been denouncing as worthless for years on other subjects. The usual “man on the bus” told her that Adam Lanza did not like bright lights, hah ha she thought, that reminds me of Robin Williams, he is claimed to have had a problem with bright lights, just before he committed suicide and he was on psychotropic drugs, so that means Lanza was and its all a conspiracy of that ol’ Big Pharma, to avoid any implication in all of these shootings. Talk about garbage and John Stadtmiller allowed her to getaway with it.

I give up. Make up your own mind.

Bury My Heart At Sandy Hook.


The News Channels, have today been giving a massive amount of airtime to the film, “Zero Dark Thirty,” the hunting down and execution of Osama Bin Laden. The main area of discussion was the use of torture, to extract information, from prisoners, which, after ten years of meticulous research, led to the capture and  killing of Bin Laden in Pakistan.

The State Department and the CIA, are starting an investigation into the information which may have been illegally passed to the production team on the film, which gave the impression that torture played a vital part in the intelligence gathering, leading to the conclusion that torture was an acceptable part of the CIA’s interrogation technique.

Members of the Film Academies have issued a plea to the public, to boycott the film, which of course assured the film of a huge audience. It is already the top box office draw, which will be even greater, should it win one or two of the Oscars, for which it is nominated.

This film is being presented as fact, with just a touch of Hollywood pizazz, to transform it into a spectacular adventure film, with no doubt a charming, bunch of  rough diamond, courageous, characters.  This is a film which in future years,  along with other Hollywood productions, which showed us for example, GI’s fighting and winning the war in North Africa, which is a lie, they were never there, will be taken as history, when in fact it is a farce.

Not one of the puppets on the News Networks, posed the question, concerning the notion that Bin Laden had been dead since 2001, according to the US Secretary of State, and that the whole story was  a croque of ka-ka.

I have never been fully convinced that Bin Laden was ever the leader of a group of terrorists called Al Qaeda. I do believe that someone called Tim Osman, was a CIA operative in Afghanistan, where he was with the Mujahideen, which was part of the phony war against the USSR.  Other than that, this supposed rich man’s son, must surely be one of the least photographed celebrities on the planet. I have managed to dig out one family photograph, which was allegedly the Bin Laden family, which showed a young boy of sixteen or so, who could have been anyone.

As for the capture of Bin Laden in Pakistan, there was one photo issued, which could have been any old man watching TV. Whoever captured the image, apparently did not find time to take another snap, when the old man turned around to see who had just walked in.

This old man, was taken away, shot and thrown into the sea. This was cold-blooded murder and not a shred of evidence has ever been produced to support the claim that it was indeed Bin Laden.

The only evidence of the existence of  Bin Laden, are a few staged clips of a man wearing white robes and pointing a Kalashnikov and an interview with one of the mainstream News Channels. Other than that, nothing, apart from a few rumours. I believe that the man who conducted the interview, has had his head cut off.

So what are we left with?  A friend of the Bush family, with whom he has never been photographed.  Who was allowed to use his families riches, to fund a group of International Terrorists. Over the years, he was labelled with the responsibility of a few terrorist attacks, which registered his name and associated it with bombings. Most of the atrocities for which he was blamed, carried all the hall-marks of “False Flag” events.

From a bunker in Afghanistan, he plotted and carried out an impossibly complicated attack on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon on 911. This attack has been used as an excuse to wage an ongoing war of attrition against the Muslim World. The excuse for this brutal war was a lie. Every NATO attack since, on whichever Country, has been an aggressive attack, against innocent people.

The United States and NATO, now has half of the world cowering in fear of a missile coming out of the blue, killing and maiming their children. Thousands of young men have been tortured and killed, in search of information, which the torturer knew, did not exist. Now they are making films of their search for this phantom.

We are now being introduced to another mystery man, Adam Lanza. As with Bin Laden, we are presented with a “photo-shopped” image of an unbelievably strange character, who is definitely off his nut. He had a mother, who we are told is dead, he is held responsible for the killing. We have seen no photograph of this woman and she is not known in the locale.

The alleged parents of the children whom Lanza is said to have killed, do not figure on any list of residents in Newtown. Several of them are well-known bit players in previous gun attacks. One of them was killed in Arizona, in the attack which we were told, also killed a Judge, injured a Congress Woman and killed a child, born on the day of the 911 attack. Maybe this child too, is still alive.

There is ample evidence on-line of all of these actors, with family photographs of the allegedly dead child from Arizona, still alive after the event. Plus the family of the dead teacher Miss Soto, which is part of the same group of actors. There is no doubt of the identity of these folk, it is as plain as day, that they are actors.

As for the scene of the crime. Well that is a state secret. The dead bodies were left in place for days. There is no evidence that they were ever taken away. The Coroner, who inspected the bodies, could not say how many there were of each sex. We have seen no photographs of the inside of the school. We have been told lies about the weapons which Lanza used to carry out the killings.

Yet based on this tosh, the American people are being told that they must relinquish their guns. Like the Patriot Act which had been compiled in advance of 911, there is a document which was prepared for the Sandy Hook event.

In keeping with the Bin Laden tale, there is not a trace of fact in the whole story. It has even been muddied with images of men legging it, as the Police arrived at the school. As with 911, there are tales of Israelis being involved. Children, whom were hanging around the school, wherein we were told there had just been a massacre, were questioned by journalists and reported that they had seen men in handcuffs lying on the ground.

There were no Ambulances in evidence, close to the school. Apparently it had already been decided that there were no wounded children, so no need for Medical help.  In fact, let us not labour the point, the Osama Bin Laden who was interviewed on CNN, was probably part of this production, which was staged by Crisis Actor Studios, to generate the excuse to seize the people’s guns.

There were actors present on 911, positioning the NIST version of events into the minds of the traumatised survivors of the event, making sure that the Bin Laden rubbish would hold up.

There is a large family of actors, the Sexton family, they are Jewish and they have taken part in several events, they were the Phelps family at Sandy Hook, I can find no trace of them in the Sandy Hook telephone directories.

What’s Goin’ On?

Is the above video a joke, compiled by a mischievous idiot? Or is there a real message contained in this short film. It has quite clearly been edited, to give a false interpretation of Alex Joneses remark about the “turd in the punchbowl.” I believe that Alex was saying that for a while he had believed that, about David Icke but he had changed his mind,  the end of the sentence was edited out.

Jones is once again under the spotlight, after his, “inspiring,” “commendable,” “deplorable,” “embarrassing,” or “self-defeating,” performance on CNN, with Piers Morgan.

Jeff Rense, appears unable to make up his mind about the interview, however he is clear on his opinion of Jones as a tool of the Jewish hierarchical Bronfman family, however when Gordon Duff, whom is himself  regularly criticised, agreed with his observation about Jones, was preparing to take a blast at Michel Chossudovsky, of Global Research, Rense, whom is detested all across the Alternative Media, if for nothing else, because of his serial marriages, decided to cut him off, as Chossudovsky is a regular guest on his show. Censorship?

Jones, this alleged Jewish, Knight of Malta shill, on his own show, was laying into John Stewart and Comedy Central, asking Stewart, why he did not use his real name, revealing that he too was a Jewish, Wall St., shill.

Republican Broadcasting, is a seething swamp of internal polémique. It contains the foremost bastion of truth, against the accepted tale of the holocaust and they are sure that Hitler was not a Rothschild bastard, while at the same time they now broadcast Rivero, a man of Jewish descent, with traces of the Knights Templar in his ancestry, whom continually mouths totally uninformed garbage about Hitler and the National Socialists and the Knights Templar. He also insists that a Jumbo Jet, went into that tiny hole in the Pentagon. So not much consistency there.

Republican Broadcasting has the benefit of a regular listener called Werner, from Canada, he regularly “calls in,” with cogent comments, always to the point and always interesting, however, instead of treating his calls with the respect which they deserve, he is quite often cut off in mid sentence, as if he knows nothing.

Alternative Television, such as it is, is no better. Russia Today, now broadcasts advertisements, aimed at the UK. Controversial Television seems to have completely run out of ideas. As for Press TV, well sadly, they appear to be nothing more than a tool of the West.

They are preparing the way for what appears to be Mandatory Vaccination for babies and the Smart Identity card, which is so desired by the Western Dictators. They also fully support Global Warming and Agenda 21, plus they are signed on to all of the land grabs of UNESCO.  They are also, as is Russia Today, in total favour of disarming the American people.

I have found all of this nonsense to be so disturbing that it is sowing doubts as to the truth of anything which is available on whichever News outlet.

Where, I might ask, do the people fit into this scenario? What are we to make of all of this information? At the moment we have a strange dichotomy between the Alternative Media and the Mainstream Media about the Sandy Hook shootings.

I have watched dozens of film clips and read dozens of articles, expressing an opinion of the event, which must surely have been part of the research of all other journalists’. That being so, why am I still in search of any morsel of evidence, which might convince me that the event actually happened, along with the rest of the Alternative Media, while the likes of CNN and Anderson Cooper are conducting interviews with giggling, grieving parents and not being just a little bit taken aback, at this display of apparent lack of suffering.

While reading the remarks of local people, whom were asked their opinion on the future of the school, whether it should be demolished, presumably before the interior can be shown to have suffered no damage, not one of those at the meeting, had suffered the loss of a child in the event.

There has been no explanation as to why the dead children did not figure in school photographs.  There has been no investigation into the Soto family, whom I believe were involved in another shooting event, a long way from Sandy Hook, in which one of them was “killed” and yet is apparently alive and well enough to mourn, with a smile on her face, the “death” of her sister.

With all of this available evidence to investigate, the “gun banners” are just carrying on as if we all believe the nonsense which we have been fed, which as is usual, will not stand up to scrutiny.

I cannot even bring myself to believe that Adam Lanza is a genuine person. I do not believe that his mother, whom the school nurse, with a claimed fifteen years service at the school, described as a caring person and a wonderful addition to the school staff, has ever been to Sandy Hook, she most certainly did not work at the school.

I am convinced that this charade, is going to be written into history, as was 911, as if it were true. When in reality, everything with which we have been presented, is a farce, it is simply a film of a drill, with actors from a firm which supplies actors, to lend realism to this form of drill.

Today I have been distracted, not only by this pack of lies, but also by trying to get my head around the Al Qaeda farce, where we love them in Syria and Libya. Hate them in Pakistan and Afghanistan and now we must come to terms with, hateful Al Qaeda in Mali, whom are armed with weapons donated by good Al Qaeda in Libya, whom were in turn armed by the French illegally, whom are now bombing these “rebels” whom are armed by themselves, that is by the French Connection in Libya. There must be some form of logic in all of this, even though it is not too evident.

While we are still trying to tease out the lies, which we have been told about World War Two, here they are, those whom have the power to write our history, filling our heads with more guff. Today, instead of trying to clear my head of all of this incomprehensible nonsense, I had the intention of writing about another atrocity, which has been given little exposure but it will have to wait for another day.