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The Dumbing Down Of Europe: To Suit The Incoming Africans Perhaps?


The Boers, in South Africa, have never carried out any wholesale massacres against the Black immigrants, whom flooded into the ‘White’ country of South Africa. On the other hand, having managed to steal the State,  from the hands of those whom built it, the Blacks are now planning to massacre the remaining Whites, without a word of objection from those controlled politicians in Europe and the United States, whom are, even now,  attempting to flood Europe and the USA, with hundreds of thousands of these,  potentially, murdering bastards.

In the United States, the most aggressive members of society are to be found in Black dominated areas such as Chicago and Baltimore, so to suggest that the Blacks coming in fresh from their ‘necklace’ type adventures in Africa, will be any less violent, is simply spitting in the face of experience.

Are Europeans now so thick and stupid that they cannot see what lies in store for them, with a pincer movement of belligerent Blacks, and Muslims, whom have been forced to flee their homelands, which have been laid to waste by NATO, preparing to ambush them?

Am I personally expected to accept, verbal abuse from Blacks and Muslims about ‘White Privilege’ and other such slurs about my Race, without the right of reply, using the same Racially biased language? Why is White criticism of others, only permitted using heavily censored phrases? Blacks and Muslims have free rein, to use the foulest of language to criticise me, while I am expected to feel guilty of some alleged crime against them. As a White person, who has no debt whatsoever, which was generated as a result of slavery, which was a rich mans affair, why am I,  as a poor White man in the street, who has never set foot in a ‘Black’ nation, expected to bale out the rich slave traders, whom are now rich bankers, whom own most of the wealth of the world, why not go after them for reparations?

The real Racists on this planet, at this moment, are Blacks and Jews. The Jews are carrying out a genocide in Gaza, while the Blacks are doing the same thing in Zimbabwe and South Africa, all without criticism. Russia Today is still pushing the nasty Nazi tale, full in the face of the evidence,  that the Bolsheviks were an integral part of the scheme to destroy Germany and to extend Communist control into Eastern Europe, during which they slaughtered millions and yet they are never criticised, because as Jews, they have a ‘get-out-of-gaol’ card up their sleeve.

The character in the above clip, talks absolute nonsense, while the guy standing in for George Galloway, laps up every word. There is of course another side to this tale.

Judging by the fact that Europe is now a completely controlled Bolshevik construct, crouching behind a facade of Democracy, it would appear that Hitler spoke the truth. Sadly he is no longer around, to help dig us out of the mess in which we now find ourselves.

One thing is clear, we have no Democracy, we are in the hands of groups of ‘selected’ puppets, pretending to be in charge, whom since the early years of the 20th Century, have been working towards our eventual destruction. We have been manipulated into war after war, through the use of organs of propaganda, which despite rules controlling the construction of monopolies, the ‘media’ has been allowed to fall into the hands of the very people whom initiated two World Wars, to suit their own agenda.

White people, whom have been forced to take part in these campaigns, are now being lashed by the controlled media, for their alleged ‘supremacy’ while those whom actually claim to be the ‘real supreme’ human beings, are doing all the finger pointing, without a word of criticism from our representatives in Government. Is it possible that they are unaware of what is being said of White People?

Are they unaware that there is a Genocide taking place in Gaza, Syria, Yemen and Iraq, which they are describing as an altruistic effort to bring Democracy into the Middle East? An offer which has already cost millions of the lives, into which, they claim to be bringing a better form of Government, which will, no doubt, benefit the few whom are still alive to take advantage of this wonderful gift, when the war ends.

What was done to Russia, China and Germany, by the Bolsheviks, is exactly what is in store for us. The White Christian Peoples, whom have been and still are the target of the Bolsheviks, are under attack from all sides. To pretend that what is happening in Europe is a good thing, and not simply a means of generating future violence, is to be little more than an idiot, who believes history to have stopped.

Russia is once again being presented as the ‘bad boy’ and the ‘good guy’ at the same time, when in fact it has so many skeletons of its own in the cupboard of history, that they are obliged to allow the likes of the above ‘Sputnik’ program, to continue to present all of the old lies about Fascism and Communism, without once having portrayed the reality of either.

Just as I find it difficult to believe, that teams of men, travelled all the way to the Moon and while there, they found ample time to swan around playing golf and careering around in a Dune Buggy, yet not one of them found enough time to take a series of photographs of the Earth, which would have been a wonderful resource for children in school, never mind the benefit of a short film, of the Earth, actually rotating, I find it even more  difficult to swallow the tale that Finance Ministers of all political persuasions, are not fully aware that the Central Banking system, is a criminal enterprise, which they all, without exception, allow to continue, to the detriment of ‘We The People’ that is even less believable. They know all about it and allow it to continue.

The last European leader, with the courage to stand up and refuse to allow this massive crime to continue, was Adolf Hitler, who was attacked for his trouble and Germany destroyed, by the likes of the British Socialists and Conservatives, whom formed a ‘Coalition’ to put an end to Hitler’s aim of freedom from the Usury of Jew Bankers, thus ensuring that it would continue. The British Government is nothing more than a branch of the Mob.


Creepy Corbyn Continues To Deceive.




Creepy Corbyn Continues To Deceive.

As War Criminal Tony Blair, the Fabian Societies most successful puppet in British politics, announces his intention to invest ten million pounds of his own ill-gotten gains, into an organisation aimed at subverting the Democratic decision of the British electorate, to get the hell out of the Bolshevik Communist, covertly controlled, non-democratic, Politburo in Brussels, Jeremy Corbyn, the Fabian Societies chosen Judas, to reduce the wholly controlled Labour Party, to that of ‘no hopers,’ stubbornly refuses to reveal the part played by the Fabian Society, in the construction of the aforementioned Bolshevik Communist European Union and its ultimate aim of destroying the British working classes.

When Blair’s sparring partner, Fabian Society member, Gordon Brown, crept off to Lisbon, to sign a ‘treaty,’ which was in fact a Constitution, denying the British a promised referendum on the subject, he did so knowing full well, that the strength of feeling in the UK, against Europe, would have resulted in a ‘no vote,’ as had been the result in France, Holland and Denmark. The British People, to this day, have no idea of the toxic contents of this document, which was designed to enslave Europe.

Part two of the Grand Plan, was to breed the White Christian population to extinction, initially by contaminating the drinking water and foodstuffs with hormones, which has created a generation of men whom are already virtually sterile, leaving the women as bait, for a generation of men, whom have been carefully indoctrinated to believe that all White females are whores, waiting to be raped. They then invite thousands of such men to live amongst us.

Alongside this betrayal, there is Agenda 21 and 2030 treaties, both of which have been signed by controlled politicians, without any discussion in National Parliaments, once again without allowing the electorate access to the contents of these traitorous documents and of course, a total silence in the media.

I spend a lot of time questioning people and I quite often, casually mention Agenda 21, and innocently ask people, what they think about the idea of losing their right to private transport. In all honesty, having mentioned the subject on dozens of occasions, I have yet to meet anyone, who has any idea what I am talking about.

During a previous election campaign, in a large town near where I live, the Socialist Mayor was wandering around, seeking support for François Hollande. I asked him, with a crowd of people around us, to explain the difference between the Socialists and the UMP, now called the Republican Party.

He gave the usual crap responses about looking after the working man etc. I then asked, why the Socialists had colluded with the UMP, in order to change the French Constitution, which enabled the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon, which the French People had voted against.

He had no answer and when I put it to him, that by signing the Treaty of Lisbon, the Socialists had in fact destroyed the French Constitution, putting the French People under the control of an unelected European Union, his minder started to urge him to continue his tour of the town.

I managed one more question, I asked the Mayor to explain to a women who was listening to what was going on, why he had signed on to Agenda 21, without a word to the people of the town. The first question from the woman, was of course, “What is Agenda 21?” At which point the Mayor scurried off.

They are all in league. Across Europe a subversive group, in the UK they are called ‘Common Purpose’ in the rest of the EU, they have similar innocuous names. Their job has been to destroy local democracy.

In France, thousands of small town Councils have been amalgamated into the area of larger towns and cities, which have a Department of Durable Development, which has taken all control out of the hands of the elected Mayors.

The next step will be to reduce the number of Departments and after that the number of Regions. which will gather control of vast areas of France into the new Mayoral controlled, Super Regions.

The Mayors will be under the control of a United Nations grouping of Regional and City Mayors, demonstrating the concealed link between the Bolshevik European Union and the Bolshevik controlled, unelected United Nations.

The leaders of all European Political Parties, are fully aware of the hidden agenda and choose to say nothing. The politicians, particularly those in the Socialist Parties, ‘whom work for the good of people,’ are, in truth the most vicious enemies of the working man. They have been responsible for the wholesale destruction of Europe, while still maintaining the lie that ‘things will be better inside’ a grouping which is dead on its feet.

British Labour Party politicians, whom were regular visitors to Moscow, for chats with uncle Joe Stalin, the greatest mass murderer in history, were quick to condemn the National Socialists in Germany, ignoring the Peace Treaty which had been signed by the, soon to be murdered, Neville Chamberlain, which was quickly sneered at as being no more than ‘Appeasement,’ when in fact it fully explained the humanitarian nature of the German attempts to save thousands of ethnic Germans, whom were being slaughtered by Bolshevik thugs in the Sudetenland, in a direct effort to create a war. The British people are to this day, incapable of facing up their enormous crime against Germany.




The Fabian Society has many members far more capable of carrying out deep research than a mere blogger and yet they have never come across documents, which put the lie to British claims that Hitler was about to invade the Whole Wide World and kill everyone, why do you imagine that to be,?

Has it ever crossed the mind of the average Brit, as to why, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, calmly decided to hand over Eastern Europe to the Bolshevik Jews in Russia? Including Poland, the very country Britain had promised to support should it be in danger of invasion.

In the modern world, with the interweb, smartphones, Facebook and any number of other available tools, have the Brits finally understood that they have no choice and that all of Europe has now been successfully passed under the control of the very same Bolsheviks, whom are now installed in Brussels?

The Peoples of Europe have been lead, by the nose, into serfdom and they are, in the UK, at this moment, involved in a gigantic effort to remain in serfdom, with a War Criminal now offering his assistance to undermine a ‘accidental,’ Democratic result, which will enable them to retain their slave status.

Nobody Had A Good Time During World War Two.

As a follow-up to my recent post about the Flat Earth and other misleading claims with which we have been contaminated throughout the second half of the 20th Century and on into the 21st Century, we come to the event, the truth of which chills the hearts of the liars by whom we were forced, as children, to believe that Jews were the only “real” victims of The Second World War.

Many folk, of a multiplicity of Countries, suffered horrendous massacres as a direct result of a war which was openly declared in 1933 by International Jewry, against Germany, with the declared intention of destroying the entire German State, along with every last member of the population.

The Germans were forced to wage a lone war against Russia, a State which was already under total Jewish Bolshevik control, where a cull of Christians had already murdered millions, while millions more would be expected  to march into a hail of machine gun fire from the German Army, with Bolshevik Commissars behind them, who maintained their own machine guns on the backs of the advancing Russians, ensuring that whether they advanced or retreated, they would be killed.

Thousands of Ukrainians, who had already suffered their own cull of millions at the hands of the Bolsheviks, were fighting alongside the Germans, in the hope of ridding Russia of the Bolsheviks.

While this continuation of the genocide of Christians in Russia continued, the Bolsheviks in London, had already laid plans to bomb Germany into oblivion.  All parties in this war, understood from the outset, that Germany could never win. Claims of Hitler’s desire to conquer the World, were mere excuses for this “planned” War. The Allies had all the time in the world to continue their carnage.

With this knowledge, the Bolsheviks kicked off the second phase of the Genocide of the White European Christian population, which they had initiated in the Trenches during the Great War.

As they had during the Great War, the “Allies” turned World War Two into a war of attrition, which they prolonged long enough to guarantee the control of Europe into the hands of the same Bolshevik Communists, whom had attempted to maintain control of a humiliated Germany after The Great War.

In the process, of the taking of Europe, there had already been attempts to force Spain and Italy into Bolshevik hands, however on each occasion they had been thwarted by the Nationalists, Franco and Mussolini, both of whom suffered the same cacophony of hate as did Adolf Hitler in Germany and in more recent times, Gadaffi, Hussein and Assad.

During the carpet-bombing of Germany, which slaughtered untold millions of men, women and children,  in a horrific, never before witnessed level of barbarity and cruelty, the true victims of this Jew declared war against humanity, were the German people, while the safest refuge, during this carnage, were the Concentration Camps, which were never bombed and where in the final stages of the war, those whom died, were victims of starvation and Typhus.


These days, it has become quite clear that there are many people with lies and distortions hanging over their heads, they would be the folk whom are prepared to deny us now, the freedom of thought and expression, while the brain-dead majority, whom have little to fear from such restrictions on their liberty, as they have nothing to say which will cause them trouble will blindly vote in a manner, which guarantees a majority, which maintains the war-mongers in control. Which is the intention of Democracy.

Adolf Hitler, once said of the BRITISH, that they believe that if you repeat a lie, the bigger the better, often enough, people will believe it to be true, reasoning that no one would try to get away with such a lie.  Even this simple observation has been turned on its had and used against Hitler, suggesting it to be his approach to propaganda.

This “truth” is evident in the Europe of today. The real conquest of Europe was achieved by the imposition of the European Union,  which is a Bolshevik construct, with an unelected group of controllers hidden behind their own “Iron Curtain” of deceit.

No serious attempt has yet been made to disclose the identities of those whom are lurking behind this curtain, while for public consumption the Prime Ministers and Presidents of Europe, act out a charade, similar to that of the over-paid, impotent,  Members of the “Parliament” in Brussels,  between them operating a system of control which is still called Democracy.  Wake-up!


What Ukip Is Up Against And The High Treason Of The Labour Party.

When World War Two was finally brought to an end and the threat of Adolf Hitler, to the schemes of the International Socialists was defeated and the Khazar Jews safely lodged in Palestine, the victors, all of them Socialists in sheep’s clothing,  ceded the control of Eastern Europe, into the hands of Joseph Stalin, the greatest mass murderer in history, during the great betrayal at the conference of Yalta.  Nobody has any idea as to why this was decided or by whom.

Back in the UK, Churchill, one of the “front-men” responsible for the dictatorial seizure of Eastern Europe, was inexplicably voted out of office, despite being hailed as the nations hero.

The task of taking and breaking  the UK was therefore taken up by the Fabian Society, which was in fact an obligatory exercise as their team, the Labour Party, could go where the Conservatives feared to tread.

Clement Atlee, the first Fabianist Prime Minister, “decided” or was “ordered” to allow any citizen of the collapsing British Empire, to enter the UK without restriction. At the time there was less than a billion people, whom could benefit from this decision, there are now however, more than two billion eager to enter the UK.

In the 1960’s, the Labour Party Government introduced the Race Relations Act, when the British people started to protest against this policy of massive immigration. The controlled media of the day slurred the one truthful voice, that of Enoch Powell, which dared to speak out against this folly.

New Labour opened the flood-gates to all comers during their interminable term in power, during  the 90’s ,and 00’s and even declared illegal wars to swell the ranks of refugees, from across the Middle East. All of the Labour Party politicians, involved in this destruction of the British people were members of the Fabian Society.

Despite having taken part in the destruction of Hitler’s and Germany’s valiant attempt to hold off the advance of the Bolshevik/Fabianist killing machine, the people of Europe, who still believe, to this day, that it was Hitler whom desired total control of Europe and after that the World, have, as though in a drunken stupor, allowed themselves to be corralled into the European Union, in the same manner as was Eastern Europe rounded up into the Bolshevik Soviet Union  after World War Two.

I recently read an article, which assured me that it was Adolf Hitler whom initiated the EEC; is there anything for which he is not responsible?  when in fact the idea was mooted by the Fabian Society long before both World Wars and the post war Fabianist Labour Government, helped by a cash injection from the Astor’s and Rockefeller, set up the Organisation for European Co-operation which was the actual foundation of the European Union, whatever may have taken place at the Bilderberg Hotel or anywhere else.

Though Churchill was chosen as being responsible for what took place during the war, there was a coalition Government in place, so why Churchill should be considered any less worthy of doing what was to come, during the “peace” is not too clear, they were traitors one and all, both Conservative and Labour.

Ukip have now been selected as the voice of the disenfranchised in the UK, however they will soon be deluged with cries of Racism and backward looking policies which it will be claimed will take the UK back into the Dark Ages and all of that nonsense. However fear not, Ukip is all part of the team.

Things have become slightly confused in modern times, where Hitler has become an icon of the extreme right, when he was in fact a Socialist.  His use of Fascist policies have now been turned on their head to suit the agenda of the New Bolsheviks, where we have Private Public Partnerships, which is code for “Let’s rob the public blind,”  while Hitler demanded a fair share of profits for the people, a small detail which is never mentioned. along with all of the other methods through which he transformed the basket case of Europe into the richest country in the world is five short years.

The Peoples of Europe have been destroyed through the medium of Democracy, a system which has fallen into the hands of a group of  megalomaniacs whom have used it rob us all of our birth-right and condemned us to a status little better than  that of indentured slaves.

The European Union was never meant to provide us all with a higher living standard, it was designed to destroy our sovereignty and to reduce us to poverty, which it has achieved through the lie of a banking crisis. There was no crisis, it was nothing more than a “sting” operation, which was facilitated by our elected leaders and instead of stringing them up, we have continued our own destruction by accepting a system of austerity, which is doing nothing more than robbing us.

There is an election coming up in the UK.  It has been announced that there will soon be a televised debate between the two men, one of who will be the next elected Prime Minister of the UK.

Both of these men are Jews.  One of them is the son of a Stalinist Jew and he was educated by the Fabian Society and the Tavistock Institute, which places him in the vanguard of the coming satanic world-wide horror show, while the other is a product of the foetid depths of the British aristocracy and the son of a man who made his fortune through financial manipulations of one sort or another, which siphons off  the wealth created by the working man.

Both of these men could well be described as enemies of the people, one comes from a family which admired that epitome of evil, Joseph Stalin, while the other from a family of financial thieves.

Is this the best that Britain can offer the voters? A Prime Minister who recently took a twenty metre stroll for the cameras in Paris, in memory of some dead people, whom we have never seen, killed by masked men of whom we have seen no more than photographs, while dismissing the deaths of a couple of thousand souls in Palestine with a totally dismissive, “Israel has the right to defend itself,” while the other Jew did not even bother to express his distaste at this display of sheer and sincere callousness.

So the election in the UK is sorted, it will be won by one or the other of the totally controlled Parties of professional politicians,

There is a lot of loose talk about taking back our Democracy, well in case you have not noticed, there is no such thing as Democracy and there never has been.

Democracy was “allowed” just so long as it consisted of Political Parties which can be bought and controlled.  The purveyors of this sham Democracy invented the idea of  professional politicians, behind which they installed the  “Civil Service” which holds all of the real power.

They then set about educating our children to believe that there was no other way of doing things, which is of course a nonsense, which has given us a Government packed with well paid tools, who vote in exactly the manner demanded by Party Leaders, whether it is in the interest of those by whom they were elected or not. Nobody should be allowed to stand for more than two terms in government and all votes taken should be free of pressure.

So anyone out there who believes that things can be changed at the Ballot Box is deluded, for things to change in any manner it is necessary to change the system first, a decision which will have to be taken out of the hands of politicians, who are not going to vote themselves out of a lucrative job.

You should watch  this clip and ponder, how could this “once great country” have been reduced to this sort of situation?  Well my old man could have told you that quite simply, for him there was no race on earth more hated than the English.   They have laid the world to waste and stolen its wealth and now it is all coming home to roost, while the folk whom actually brought this state of affairs about are already setting themselves up in those few remaining countries which they have not allowed to be over-run.

The myth which is being presented to Europeans is that of “browning out,” when through inter-marriage we will all become the same chocolaty colour.  Well wake up and do it quickly before it is too late.   Can any of you point me in the direction of an invaded country where this result has been achieved?  The US, Australia an African country perhaps, Canada, New Zealand, don’t bother, the result has always been the same, the indigenous people are always wiped out and you are destined for the same end.

The situation is even worse than the character in the clip suggests, because part of the plan was to contaminate the homelands of these folk with Depleted Uranium thus rendering them uninhabitable.  But cheer up,maybe Fukushima will get us all before any of this happens.








Take Another Look. All The Links Add Up And Point Towards Tomorrow’s Destruction.

Europe is at the moment reliving the events which were, in the years leading up to WW2, manufactured by the Zionist hierarchy, to justify the complete destruction of Germany and the German people, in a pitiless campaign of evil, in which they hoped to murder every single German, down to the last child.

“Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The goal of Judaism of today is: a merciless campaign against all German peoples and the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped, and retaliation towards every German, woman and child.” – Jewish professor A. Kulischer (October, 1937).

Adolf Hitler and the German people knew exactly what was coming, they had been aware, as had been the British, of the horrorific bloodbath, which had been inflicted in Russia, on Christians, by a psychopathic gang of thugs, whom had carried out a coup d’Etat in Russia under the cover of the Great War, in which Hitler had fought and for which he had been awarded two Iron Crosses, for outstanding bravery.

The people who carried out the slaughter of the Germans, now find the Voodoo bone pointed in their direction by the same group, which imposed  sanctions against Germany in 1919 and again in 1933 and are now using the same tactic against yesterdays cannon fodder, the Russian people in the ex USSR.

The Russian people, despite having suffered a culling, following the 1917 coup, which exceeded the total casualties of the rest of Europe during WW2, were forced to accept a continuation of this slaughter in WW2,  in order to further the aims of the Bolshevik Communists, which was to impose Communism across the entire Continent of Europe and after that the world.

It is claimed that the barrels of German machine guns melted, as they mowed down the massed ranks of Soviet soldiers, whom were driven ever onwards into a hail of gunfire by “friendly fire” from behind.

In 1947/8 a band of Polish killers, trained and armed by the Russian Bolsheviks, swarmed into Palestine and commenced with the culling of the Palestinian people. Nobody is sure as to how many hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Muslims suffered the same fate as had the Russian Christians and as were the remnants of the German Military and millions of German civilians, when Germany was over-run by the same Bolsheviks.

The  combined might of NATO, the modern-day “killing machine” of the Bolsheviks,  which itself appears to be controlled by out of control madmen, are already referring to Putin as a Dictator, coming from the same mould as did Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi and now Assad in Syria and that he, Putin, deserves the same treatment, which was dished out to Hitler and Germany, without a care as to the possible consequences for their own people in Western Europe.

As if the current state of affairs was not bad enough, the unelected Dictator of Europe, Jean-Claude Junker, is calling for a European Army, what the hell does he want that for and who would control it?

Meanwhile the Russian/Ukraine problem festers on while we are still dealing with ISIl and the Case of Greater Israel,  however it cannot have escaped the notice of even then most casual observer that the cleansing of Eastern Ukraine is being carried out by Bolsheviks, who seek to regain control of Russia and most of Eastern Europe into the Bolshevik controlled European Union.

Having served its purpose in the demonisation of the Islamic World, Al Qaeda is now considered to be too soft to be allowed to continue whatever it was they were supposed to be doing.

This is the way with all of the Anglo/American Terrorist Creations, there can only be one Top Dog at any given time, so as Al Qaeda leaves the scene, ISIL is now taking centre stage and the old timers are abandoning Osama Bin Laden’s bunch and affiliating themselves to Baghdadi’s gang, Al Nusra and Boko Harom have already promised their allegiance

No doubt all of the other CIA men, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Gulf and Al Qaeda in the Australian Thunder Box et al, will very soon be renaming themselves to suit the new situation.

ISIL displays all of the characteristics of a Bolshevik trained and controlled group of murderers,  which in the style of Lenin’s belief,  that if you carry out a slaughter, so barbaric as to be beyond belief, you will frighten all of the people who hear of these atrocities into total obedience.

As if to order, the intrepid mouthpiece of the Sky News disinformation department, Stuart Ramsey,  has suddenly discovered a tearful character, who actually witnessed Jihadi John cutting  the head off a hostage.  He would appear to be the only living person who has actually witnessed such an event.

He also confirmed that the “patsy” with whom we have been presented, Mohammed Emwazi,  was indeed the man lurking behind the mask on numerous decapitation videos. It was also confirmed that he was of Kuwaiti origin, the land which fed us the lies about the behaviour of Iraqi troops, during the invasion of Kuwait, an event which was encouraged by the Bush regime and which paved the way for the destruction of Iraq and the seizure of Iraqi oil.

We are now trying to cope with the conundrum of who exactly is controlling events in Ukraine?  Is it the aforementioned Vladimir Putin or is it perhaps Israel, a State which according to Henry Kissinger will not exist within the next ten years?  Which if true, begs the question, where will the people of Israel find a new “Land Of Milk and Honey” in the wilderness? There are already rumours of the discovery of a Lost Tribe in Ukraine.

So here we are, back in the historical position of ignorance as to whom  is responsible for the current state of   warfare which, at the moment is affecting not only Europe but also Africa and the Middle East.

More importantly, what exactly do our elected representatives know about these events and are they withholding evidence, of which,  should we be made aware, might lead to riots in the streets of Europe?

There are those whom believe that the “front men” in Democratic Governments across the world are living in a state of abject fear of being exposed, as a result of their “Dark Desires” for young children. The UK, in particular, is a cess-pit of filth and of middle-aged men quivering and slavering at the prospect of illicit sex with vulnerable youngsters, even on Government premises, it would appear.

It has been suggested that the UK, despite massive demonstrations by the populace, was taken into an illegal war against Iraq,  by a group of men whom were skulking behind a one hundred year secrecy order, which had been slapped on to the report into the Dunblane Massacre, which involved the NATO Chief, Lord George Robertson and a large number of members of the Blair Government.

No adequate explanation has ever been offered as to how the exposure of the  antics of a few high level perverted members of the Police,  Judiciary and the Government could justify the claim of it being a threat to National Security, as a reason for the imposition of a century of silence being clamped on the truth,

Since the days of Dunblane, it has become common knowledge that the Democratically elected politicians in the UK,  were dredged from a cess-pit and from the top of their dung-heap to the bottom they are  living in fear of the exposure of their abuse of defenceless children, many of whom have simply disappeared.

It is a sad day indeed when “We the People” are forced to accept that we have been taken to war, on many occasions, for no better reason than to cover-up the lewd behaviour of men whom are unable to keep their hands off the kids.

The member of a past Prime Ministers Cabinet, who has just died, was well-known as a sex predator to the Police and they chose to do nothing about it.  As did Margaret Thatcher whom despatched him to the safety of the European Commission to keep him out of harms way. She also recommended another fat man for a Knighthood despite knowing of his penchant for hurting and abusing children.

Thatcher of course spent many a happy Christmas with the creepy little disc jockey Jimmy Savile and she must surely have guessed that he was not quite like a real human being.

Savile’s circle of friends included the heir to the throne and his wife Princess Diana, and no doubt the other Prince, who keeps company with a convicted sex offender, a man who enjoys a good “plate job.”

Savile reputedly “fixed it” not only for a member of a past Prime Ministers Cabinet but for the Prime Minister himself a certain Grocer, who allegedly treated youngsters from an orphanage to  one way boat trips, from a port in that strange little private island, Jersey.

It would be amazing should the Intelligence Agencies and Police not have been aware of what was going on in the private lives of all of these perverts, should it be so, one can only guess at what they are actually being paid to do.

So while the British are preparing for a General Election, their elected leaders are pushing the world ever closer to a disastrous confrontation with Russia, through the medium of a deliberately provoked, violent overthrow of the Democratically elected Government of Ukraine, which was designed,  for no better reason than to force the Russians to respond in a manner which would serve to create a Civil War.

So all in all, perhaps before the missiles start to destroy Europe, the British and other members of the European Union, which is controlled by “hidden hands,” it might be a good idea to sort out the paedophiles from positions of power, before their need to avoid disgrace, takes us all into the war that will end all wars, forever.

Oh and by the way, guess who had just carried out repair work at Fukushima shortly before it blew up?

Who Can Crack The Hitler-Putin Enigma Code Or Are We Being Duped Again??

Here we are, in the 21st Century, back in the neighbourhood, where  World War 2  was  savagely fought out by the Germans against the Russian hordes,  whom were assisted, covertly, of course,  by the British and Americans.

These three partners represented the Axis of Evil of their day. All three have spent the past seventy years in denial of their brutality and monumental War Crimes.

Part of this denial has been to exaggerate the actions of the Germans, to the point where it has been decided by the Jewish brigade, that it is not enough to blame uniquely the High Command of the German Military, no, every German must pay. Collective  punishment  I presume, is no more than the Germans deserve.  Well one of their alleged crimes does not stand hold up very well to inspection.

                  73,137 People Died At Auschwitz, of which  38,031 were Jews. This is a long, long way from the 4 million, which was claimed for decades.

This figure was reported in The New York Times on March 3, 1991 and was based entirely on the wartime German concentration camp records that had been captured by the Soviets and just recently released. According to this figure, of those dead, 38,031 were Jews. These records state that the total of all persons who died in the ENTIRE German prison camp system from 1935 to 1945 were 403,713. To repeat: a total of 403,713 persons of all races and religions was officially recorded to have died (of all causes. typhus, old age, measles, etc.-and execution) in the entire prison camp system over a 10 year period. Of those 403,713 a total of 73,137 died at Auschwitz. Of those 73,137 who died at Auschwitz, 38,031 were Jews.

(This table and its contents first appeared in The Barnes Review, January / February 2001) 

 No wonder we are witnessing such an aggressive attack from the Wiesenthal Centre in Israel, over a slight change of approach to the reverential commemoration style of most world leaders, who are obliged to tow the line when commemorating the holocaust.

In the above clip, the hysterical Nazi Hunter, while mentioning Estonia as a nest of anti-Semites, who gave a hand in the gassing of Jews,  he failed to mention that he was unable to provide evidence of this slur, on the people of Estonia, when the evidence which was recently presented against John Djimjanjuk, whom was accused of murdering 28,000 of these Baltic State Jews, fell apart during the trial, when the State of Israel could not even give a rational explanation as to how exactly these alleged murders were carried out.

There were no gas chambers in Estonia, in fact no genuine gas chamber has ever been found, anywhere. Not even a photograph, which is odd as there are any number of snaps of inmates in camps, yet no images of dead gassed corpses either in a gas chamber or during the evacuation of the bodies, from such a chamber.

According to figures which are available on-line; this link will hopefully take you to them,

there at least two sets of figures which do not appear to correspond with anything. In fact there are no consistent figures available anywhere. It is as if numbers were simply pulled out of thin air and adjusted to add up to around about 6 million, by whomsoever was inventing figures to suit whatever they were attempting to prove.

There are no explanations offered as to how the Jews compiled the number of victims, so quickly after the war,  nor as to how they managed to arrive at the number of 6 million, a claim which was used to condemn hundreds of Germans to the gallows at Nuremberg and which they have since been forced to drastically reduce.

The claim of 4 million Jewish deaths at Auschwitz has been reduced to 1 Million and no explanation as to how they had made a 3 million mistake, which is to say the least, just a shade suspect and  improbable; nor of how, having committed such a grave error, they then arrived at the 1 million deaths claim.

You may be surprised to find that there was hardly a Jew left standing in Poland, at the end of the war, luckily the family of Netanyahu was amongst them. As were the thousands of Polish Jews, who quite obviously went straight from the Camps to Palestine to start the Cleansing.

Should a German ask a simple  question about this disparity, he could well find himself facing a gaol term, such is the power of the Jewish Establishment.

Anyway I am rambling a bit.  So here we are, back on the battle-fields of WW2, only this time we find the Germans alongside the British and Americans, helping out the Jewish regime in Kiev which Barack Obama recently admitted to having put in place.


So the wheat fields of Ukraine, the actual site of one of the Great Jewish Genocides against Christians, are once more under the hammer of the Jews, as the regime in Kiev, with the backing of the Jewish regimes in London and Washington, are once more killing Christians.

Germany however, as it was during WW2, is on the other side of the fence and  is opposed to giving these savages, whom are pitilessly shelling their own citizens, any more lethal weapons, which will most surely be turned on civilians.

Angela Merkel, whom many believe to be the daughter of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, paradoxically finds herself continuing her “fathers” battles against Communism, on behalf of a Germany, which is itself totally under the control of Bolsheviks.

While in Russia, the Neo-Hitler, Vladimir Putin, finds himself caught in the cross-hairs of those ubiquitous Bolsheviks, who took their eye off the ball and lost control of Russia and who would now like to retake that control and slice Russia into controllable bits and pieces, as is the Bolshevik way, and take control of all of Russia’s resources.

Should this aggressive campaign against Russia spiral out of control, the whole world will pay the price.  While the “Top Dogs” retreat to their underground bunkers, from where they will direct WW3,  while the rest of us will find ourselves with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide and should we survive, the planet will most probably be uninhabitable, the Northern Hemisphere will certainly not be the best place on earth to find yourself when hostilities come to an end.

Being just a little bit suspicious of Vladimir Putin, I am not at all sure that he is not simply being nudged in the direction of those States like China, which have for some time been proposed as the members of the soon to be announced Eurasia Union, in order the manufacture the idea that this had been forced on to Russia against its will, when in fact it has been long in the planning by the same criminals who gave us the European Union.

This “new” Union, which will be controlled by the same hidden hand as is the EU and of course NAFTA, which will very soon be expanded to include Central America, with or without the permission of the people, will make every effort to look as if is is in some way independent, when in fact it will be just one more rung on the ladder towards the ultimate psychopathic dream of being Kings of the World.





The Pilot Did Not Appear To Die

Just for once, I actually saw the latest production of the ISIL propaganda team and I was in no way convinced that I had just witnessed the death of a Jordanian pilot.  Unlike the Jordanian King, who used this piece of cinema as the excuse to hang a female prisoner and to launch more illegal air attacks on Syrian soil, killing an unknown number of people on the ground.

As for the video itself, it consisted of a man, in an orange suit, standing right in the centre of a cage,  in a manner which suggested that he was prepared to leap to safety, should the flames creep too close to him.

The film was then edited, to show another character holding a flaming torch, with which he lighted a line of petrol on the ground, the flames licked their way towards the cage.

The character in the cage maintained his position, in dead centre of the cage, while being surrounded by a ring of fire, which burned at the edge of the cage and not in the middle, where he stood.

The film was again edited at this point, to show an image from directly in front of the cage, where there had suddenly appeared a wall of flame.  Behind which the man in the cage was still visible, it was however impossible to see if he was being enveloped by this wall of fire.

There was then yet another edit, which showed a momentary glimpse of a few flames, apparently burning the lower trouser legs of the victim.

There was then yet another edit, after which we were presented with a bulldozer, covering the cage with sand and rocks and images of household goods of some sort, none of which had been in the cage at the beginning of the clip  and a pile of something or other, which I presume to have been a representation of the alleged victim.

This event has been presented as proof positive of yet another ISIL atrocity by all of the mainstream media and has already been used as the excuse for more illegal bombings in Syria and the execution of a prisoner in Jordan.

ISIL, for their part have announced that a female US citizen, who was so moved by what Fox News was telling her about events in Syria, chose to align herself with the rebels, who were fighting Assad, ( as had most of the other foreign victims of ISIL executions),  was killed in one of the Jordanian bombing raids, carried out in retaliation for the alleged death of the pilot.

The Western Mainstream Media, without a trace of shame, are hypocritically demanding proof positive of this alleged death.  For the first time, after having accepted all of the past assurances of ISIL,  the media have now decided that their  word is not good enough,  while it would appear to be good enough for the pilot’s fate.

It would appear that ISIL may have jumped the gun, with the claim that the American girl had been killed, as such a claim by ISIL, could well cause a backlash against Jordan, should it be true, so we will most probably be hearing very little more of this event.

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, once again, without a trace of emotion, has once more  presented a tissue of lies concerning the part played by Germany in the lead up to World War Two, by denouncing the German people as some sort of scourge of Europe, while addressing an audience about events in Ukraine.

She made not a mention of the Holodomor,  an event which rendered any German crimes into insignificance and which was the main reason for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, fighting alongside the Germans, against Stalin’s Russia.

 In keeping with all of the other “concerned” actors in this Pantomime, she offered no counter argument, against the Russian claims that Ukraine had fallen into the hands of Neo-Nazi’s  by stating truthfully, that in reality, Ukraine was now being controlled by Neo Jewish Bolsheviks, which is the truth, both President and Prime Minister were selected by the Jews Kerry and Nuland.  The election was a farce.

She went on to present her view of a future European Union, controlled by these same Neo Jewish Bolsheviks, with NATO as its War Machine and the  Jewish Bolshevik controlled United Nations as the High Command.

She did not bother to explain just how this vision of Europe differed in any way from that of which Hitler was often accused of planning.

The British people are tonight being bamboozled by the News Media, with more lies about World War 2, A biopic about the man who cracked the Enigma Code, is up for a BAFT Award  this evening.

Sky News is claiming that Alan Turing, the man in question, helped to shorten the war and thus saved the lives of many people. Sadly, even though it would be nice to believe this fable, the war was actually extended as long as was necessary, without a care as to how many extra folk were killed, in order to assure that the Bolshevik Russians Forces entered Berlin, before the Americans and British, who had been deliberately delayed at Arnhem, could arrive on the scene.

East Germany and half of Berlin, along with most of Eastern Europe had already been ceded to Stalin and the Russian Bolsheviks in return for their help in the destruction of Germany.

So you see, it is always the same old story, once you start to tell lies, you can never stop and here we are,  seventy years after the war and the lies are still being repeated. All of the so-called “Allied Forces” which formed the Coalition of Guilt,  have something to hide and are still lying about WW2, even as the long-delayed Chilcot report, which will confirm the coalitions lies about the Iraq war, is being delayed, yet again, because of pressure from the guilty parties.

Now here we go again, just as there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the invasion and destruction of the State was no more than a vicious, pitiless War Crime, as was the attack on Afghanistan, where there was no trace of Al Qaeda discovered, yet,undaunted the Allies are now telling us that Russia invaded Crimea and is now covertly carrying out a military campaign in Ukraine, without, of course, producing the evidence which they are claiming to possess.

So we now find ourselves in this strange, dreamlike nether world, where a response from Gadaffi to a terrorist atrocity in Benghazi, signalled the Allied Cavalry to bomb the daylights out of Libya.

In Syria, when Assad fought back against an armed gang of thugs, financed by Saudi Arabia, the British, quickly supported the thugs calling them as, they had in Libya, the Free Syrian/Libyan Army and  the creepily blood thirsty British, have maintained this thuggery in Syria, without stint, ever since, despite the millions of displaced people and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrians, plus of course, the sacking of museums and Churches and other sites of archaeological interest.

Yet these same British, have managed to ignore the Jews in Israel, who for the past sixty-five years, have been carrying out a genocide in Palestine and quite recently murdered two thousand or more innocent people in Gaza.

The  Allies are even now, ignoring the Jewish Bolshevik’s, whom they helped to place into power in Kiev, after the coup d’Etat, which was financed by the US, who are continuing their attacks against Eastern Ukraine, attacks which have already killed several thousand civilians and injured many thousands more. The Allies are even discussing giving these Jews even more lethal weapons to pump up the death toll of their own people, the very crime of which both Gadaffi and Assad were accused.


Would it therefore, be fair to suggest that the British and their cronies,  consider Jewish inspired lies, terrorism and atrocities to be acceptable, while the slightest attempt by a Muslim leader to maintain control of his country is an excuse for a bit of arbitrary slaughter?

The United Kingdom, along with several other European  States will very soon become  battle-fields, when some of the paid thugs, who have been trained by the SAS in Jordan and other places, are brought home,  under instructions to cause a bit of mayhem, which will generate an excuse for a lock-down and possibly Martial Law, as the full effects of the austerity measures unfold.

Prince Charles was today babbling about “those value’s which we hold dear” even as the leader of the French National Front Party, Marine Le Pen, was being hounded by a group of concerned British folk, who apparently disapprove of her stance on immigration and other matters,  while at the same time Nigel Farage, the Leader of the UK Independence Party, was forced to call off an event for the same reason, are these the values of which the Prince is speaking?

The hysterical cries and banners declaring “No Platform for Fascism”  which greeted Miss Le Pen, and the criticism from the  Press which have helped to usurp the very meaning of the word Fascism, to suit their own propaganda, shows a total disdain for the very notion of  “Freedom of Speech” and the depth of the indoctrination of the young people of Europe, who not only deplored the selection of Le Pen, as a speaker but also criticised the selection of David Irving, a man who served time in prison for questioning, the word of those Jews who are carrying out a genocide in Palestine, which they of course, deny.

One would have expected students at a major University to be a shade more conversant with the actuality of the Second World War, as distinct from the barrage of lies and propaganda, which was written by the victors, whom are still lying about these events.

Which takes us full circle back to the Ukraine and the Middle East, where the Neo-Lies are being generated in front of our eyes even as I write.


This actuality of the depth of hypocrisy and deceit, which is evident in British Society, will in no way affect the voting process, in the coming Parliamentary Election, in which, despite having been responsible for the wholesale slaughter of millions of Muslims between them, the British voter will once again vote for either the Labour Party or the Conservative Party, that is the law.


Perhaps one might ask the question of the British electorate, “Was it really worth the effort and sacrifices of the suffragettes, some of whom threw themselves under the hooves of race horses in search of their right to vote, with no obvious concern for the fate of the horse, when despite having gained this “right” there has been no change whatsoever, during the hundred years in which they have executed their right, as the same two Political Parties have maintained their total grip on UK power?”

There are now moves afoot to lower the voting age from eighteen to sixteen years old. Do you believe that they would even consider doing so, should they believe that this act might lead to a different result?  Dream on!

Democracy is no more than another example of their lies and deceit.  There is no such thing, the only safe-guard is a Constitution, which gives us a tiny morsel of protection from the tyranny of the majority.









Goodnight And God Bless America.

I have constantly expressed my opinion, that the events which surrounded the Great War in 1914, were little more than an elaborate smokescreen, behind which to establish the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia and to set about creating the Bolshevik control of Europe.

What was not achieved during hostilities because of the unexpected intervention of the “American Flu” which brought about an abrupt “Armistice” which Germany was forced to accept as a defeat, was written into the Treaty of Versailles and the Balfour Declaration, both of which furthered the aims of the Bolsheviks in Europe and the Middle East.

What is less well understood is that it was not only Russia, which in the words of Winston Churchill, was seized by the hair on their heads, by creatures from the foetid depths of the sewers of Europe but that the major part in the planning for the Great War was the coup d’etat in the United States, which was carried out in the same devious manner as had been the coup d’etat in England, which delivered the control of the Bank of England into the hands of Dutch Jewish bankers, when the US elected politicians surreptitiously handed over the Bank of America into the hands of the same Jewish banking families in 1913.  The US people to this day are unaware of this event.

Even when informed by the burglar that he has the intention of burgling their homes, the intended victims are apparently resigned to do nothing in response to the warning and to simply sigh and shrug their shoulders when the inevitable arrives. Such was the response to the remark by the head of the mass murdering Rothschild family, when he casually announced that should he be given control of the monetary system he does not give damn who happens to be voted into Government, he will retain the control of the country through bribery and debt. I paraphrase.  Wake up America, job done.

Within a year of gaining control of the Central Bank in the US, the Great War kicked off for no apparent reason.  This war is usually presented as an enormous political error, which with just a touch of diplomacy,  could have been avoided. This is nonsense, it was all going to plan.

However it was the “War to End War” and now the victors could set about constructing a “Land Fit for Heroes” and all that guff. The reality being that hardly a dozen years later the British people were already holding “Hunger Marches” and living in squalor, while whatever money they were generating was being passed to the Central Banks to pay off the “War Debt”

So the words of Rothschild are quite evidently a true reflection of his ability to create a war for no better reason than to further his own interests.

During the Great War he had control of the Money Supply of the  United States the United Kingdom, Bolshevik Russia in 1917 and France.  He had in fact control of all of the participants in the Great War apart from that Germany, which he quickly gained through the Jewish controlled Weimar government in Germany after the end of hostilities.

We must surely take note of the fact that the minions of Rothschild, in their own writings had long foretold their desire for another World War, to carry out those aims which had not been achieved by the Great War, long before the appearance of Adolf Hitler on to the world stage.

We can therefore dismiss the claims that it was the behaviour of the National Socialists which led to the outbreak of the Second World War.

Germany was once again the victim, along with those countries, which were sadistically handed over to the heathen Bolshevik Jew Joseph Stalin at the Conference of  Yalta, after the war, by the same bunch who are crying foul because Putin has taken control of Crimea.

Take note that throughout the current hostilities in Ukraine, neither the words Rothschild or  Bolshevik Jews, have been mentioned in any of the News reports.

It should be said that the Bolshevik Jews have a deep-seated hatred of Russia, from where they were banished for generations, a hatred which was displayed in their abominable slaughter of sixty-five million Russian Christians.

The remaining Christians in Russia will not have forgotten these massacres, there is not a Christian family in Russia which did not suffer at the hands of these animals, who have suddenly reappeared in Kiev and as usual the Neo-Bolsheviks have recommenced with the slaughter of yet more Christians, in the South and East of Ukraine,  with the assistance of the Bolshevik controlled West and their cold-blooded war machine NATO, which will use Christian taxes to kill Christians.

The British, while under Banking control, have been sacrificing their young men in war after war, to help in the theft of resources in Africa and India into the hands of the multi-national  companies of the day, such as the Rothschild owned East and West India Companies and the Hudson Bay Company, in Canada, which were the Wal-Mart’s of their times.

In the 18th Century the Highland Clearances sent the proud Highlanders to America as indentured slaves almost as soon as the Union was set-up by the English and all of the Highlands were ceded to the Jewish/British Establishment, where they remain to this day.

Not long after,  the same Jewish/British Establishment, starved five-million Irish people to death and forced millions more to flee or were deported, like their Scottish cousins to a life as indentured slaves in the West Indies or the US.

Shamefully, these exiled Gaelic Warriors, allowed themselves to be used as the Killing Machine of the bankers, who as usual, felt an  uncontrollable urge to massacre the indigenous population, which was a mere eighteen million or so of the Red Man.

Not content with that, there was a holocaust of “Rail-road Bums” and other White men, many of whom were war veterans, as they scoured the US in the years of the Great Depression, looking for work. Claims have been made that these bums were thrown off trains in the wilderness, in the winter snow and left to die.  Seven million people simply vanished during the depression years.


The Australian and New Zealand indigenous People suffered the same fate.

None of this happens by accident, this is all a quite deliberate means of manipulation. To this day people across the planet are being driven from their homelands into strange countries with a strange cultural system which seems to closes ranks against them.

The Jewish Bolsheviks are even now bombing and poisoning the Middle East, as a means of forcing the Muslim people to evacuate or die.

The apartheid State of Israel is caught in the centre of  a cyclone which showers them, along with the Muslims of the region, with Depleted Uranium, which will soon force these Jews to seek a new area to infect with their lunacy and a new indigenous population, which will no doubt baulk at the idea of inviting such a callous bunch of killers, to live alongside them.

I believe it to be fair to state all of the above, which would most certainly be the result of passing an untold amount of OUR money into the hands of a group of inbred criminals and by doing so allow them to bribe their way into every corner of our lives.

In Europe alone the amount of our taxes which are ILLEGALLY paid to the Private Central Bankers, amounts to at least one and a half trillion pounds a year, while we are suffering from austerity measures, in order to pay this huge sum and that is only the interest.

Ask yourself, what are the Bankers doing with this money?  More importantly, why are our Governments handing OUR money into the coffers of these people?

More importantly still, why are our politicians, looking straight into TV Cameras and lying through their teeth in a manner which will soon send us tumbling into yet another massive war with Russia?

It is worth repeating, that the Bolshevik Jews have no emotional ties with any country, not even Israel.  They are still in search of a six-million Jewish Holocaust, an aim which is yet to be achieved, so should it prove necessary Israel will go down with the rest of us.




The Twentieth Century Wars For Dumbos

The world is currently engaged in all sort of “celebrations,” marking the milestones of the Twentieth Century.  The choice of these celebrations is extremely circumspect, only those events which are of most benefit to the Western version of History are being celebrated.

It is claimed that they are being  “remembered” but they are in all senses Triumphal,  marking the victory of the Western Coalition, over several Empires across Europe and the Middle East.

The first major war of the Century was the Great War.  The British had hardly gathered their breath from their late nineteenth century massacres, during which they invented Concentration Camps, while fighting the Boer War in South Africa.  They were also involved in the Boxer Rebellion, in China, a country which had suffered badly at he hands of the West. It was to defeat the Boxer’s that the idea of a “Coalition” was first used against an opponent, which had seen through the false image of the “unbeatable” British.  Coalitions had been used in past times, but on a more regional basis.

The usual suspects were all present in this atrocity, including some rather surprising members in view of what was to come.  The United States, France, Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary, Russia and Japan all sent troops to sort out the Chinese. alongside the British.

Back on their own, a couple of years later, in Somalia, the British were whipped by the “Mad Mullah” and were forced to do a deal, this brings us to 1905, which left the British with a mere nine years to prepare for the “Big One.”  The Great War.

At this point England, or  the United Kingdom, Britain or whatever other title may have served, had been involved in continuous conflicts since the Seventeenth Century. Not bad for a people with” humanitarianism” in their genes. These wars involved even a genocide against their closest neighbour Ireland, where they managed to starve five million Irish people to death.

We have been told that The Great War was for no tangible reason.   Our restricted education taught us that it was some sort of spiteful spat between the Royal Families of Europe, or possibly due to the assassination of some Arch Duke; whatever that is, in Sarajevo, which was in fact carried out by a British Team,  The Black Hand Gang. I kid you not.

I have found that the best way to judge a war, is not to figure out why it started, but to take a closer look at how it finished up. We have come to understand in more recent times that most of the modern conflicts have been deliberately kicked off through the use of “False Flag” attacks. I believe that the assassination of the Duke was no more than an excuse, to start the War.

So the war starts, at a time when, as I have already suggested, that the British had been involved in continuous slaughter since the seventeenth century, so they could hardly be described as being out of practice. Their Generals would have been “battle hardened,” so they could be relied to look after the most important of resource of the Army, Tommy Atkins,  could they not?

That being so, what sort of experienced General, would force his men, under the threat of a gun-toting officer behind them, to jump “Over the Top” and run directly into a hail of machine gun fire, coming from the opposing trenches?  To do this once could be considered a mistake but to do the same thing over and over again, is in fact an act of genocide against your own men.

Nothing was ever gained from this ploy, because in fact there was nothing to gain. The reality of the Great War is the fact that it amounted to no more than ritual slaughter.  French youth suffered even greater losses than did the British. These casualties were for the most part Christians.

In 1916, Uncle Sam turned up, in return for a promise from the City of London, that they would draw up a document obliging the British to allow the Jews to invade Palestine.  No provisions for the Palestinians were written into the document.

The Americans did not come alone, they brought with them the original manufactured epidemic, American Flu, it is referred to in history as a Spanish Flu but it was in  fact manufactured at Fort Dietrich in the US and the Marines were vaccinated with the virus, which they generously passed to the Europeans.

Nobody is sure of exactly how many Europeans died as a result of this flu, however the estimates run into millions, mostly European Christians.

In the middle of all this mayhem,  allegedly out of the blue, while the Russian Army was being distracted by The Great War, the Bolshevik Jews carried out a coup d’etat in Russia and the greatest culling of Christians since the birth of the religion kicked off,   it has been said that at least, 65,000,000 met a gruesome death.

As a result of the American Flu and the massive number of troops whom had been infected, an Armistice was called. However it was decided by the British, that as the war had been caused by Germany,  they must pay the costs of every country against which they had fought. Who would say no to an offer such as that?

The Germans, as you might expect refused to sign this Treaty of Versailles, so an embargo was put in place in 1919, designed to starve the Germans into submission, 900,000 Germans died as a result, all of them Christians.

The Germans eventually caved in and the Jewish Weimar Republic was set up, and the Austro/Hungarian Empire dismantled and sliced into little pieces, every one of which was carefully selected in order to produce the possibility of future flashpoints.

 A quick glance at a map of the world will make it quite clear that this has always been a ploy of the Jewish/British Empire. There is hardly a country in which they have been involved, including Ireland, which was allowed to retain its historical boundaries. They call it “Divide and Rule.”

Even as Europe was being sliced apart and thrown into a state of Ethnic Tension,  where ethnic Germans were attacked by agents of the newly Jewish controlled States of Eastern Europe, the Ottoman Empire was going through the same process.  Kamal Ataturk, a Jew, was creating “Modern” Turkey.  His  euphemistically called  Young Turks, Jews of course, slipped into Armenia and slaughtered the odd million or so Christians. Let’s face it this is the Century of Zion and that’s what they do, they slaughter Christians.

Ataturk and the Young Turks crossed into Bolshevik Russia to continue the slaughter of the Christian Armenian’s  while Lenin and Trotsky, with the assistance of Yagoda were in the act of slaughtering Russian Christians. The Armenian’s were eradicated and their land and property stolen,  Where else have I seen this sort of behaviour?

The rest of the Middle East was carved up and frontiers redrawn by the Jewish/British Empire as if they had a divine right to play with other people lives and future.  Lawrence of Arabia was the man who came to the fore during those days and his role in the carve-up of the region is to this day in dispute.

One thing is certain, the entire region was kept in chaos and Limbo by the Western powers, for the following seventy years, until it was finally destroyed by the “Coalition of Filth” from 1991 until the present day. The Coalition has almost destroyed any form of Islamic government in the entire region, while attempting to place their own compliant puppets in place.

At around this time  tales of Six Million Jews, who had allegedly been badly treated in Russia, began to surface, which is slightly odd as Russia was under the control of the Jews and they are hardly likely to have attacked their own supporters, they were, after all,  needed to fill the ranks of the Cheka, the Murder Incorporated branch of the Jewish Bolsheviks



There were in fact many other such claims made by the Jews all over Eastern Europe, every claim was of the same six million, however the only one which they got away with was yet to come.

In Germany the Jews quickly took control of all important positions of power.   The top jobs in education, the Government, Health the Judiciary, Police and of course banking.   They created for their own benefit, a financial nightmare in Germany, the hyper inflation which this disaster involved has been well documented.

Making use of the superior value of the Dollar, they bought, for virtually nothing, the super-structure of Germany,  It would be fair to say they owned everything. Should anyone doubt this, they need only look toward Greece, or Spain, to see that the same people are still doing the very same thing and as usual with our money.  They have recently taken over the prairies of Ukraine in payment for the interest on an IMF loan.

Then along came Adolf Hitler, a man whom had fought bravely in the Great War. Even as I write this post, the strains of “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary,” is blaring out of my radio, during the “celebrations” of the British dead,  in past and more recent wars.

The Germans are of course forbidden the right to remember their dead, should they be allowed the right to do so,  it might well be to strains of this lovely tune, so let’s play it for them., they were after all human beings no worse than the rest of us with the same right to grieve for their dead.



The Second World War had been in the planning since the end of  The Great War and probably even long before that, according to documents which have now vanished like,  the Albert Pike letter, laying out the rather strange need of three World Wars. So it is slightly odd to blame Germany for two of them.

The legislation which Hitler pushed through in Germany was the model for the rest of us. What it amounted to was simply Nationalisation, which put a stop to the excesses of Capitalism at a stroke.  If there is any hope of sorting out our current ills we will one day be obliged to do the same or we are done for. It is as clear and as simple as that.

It has long been understood that Capitalism will result with the richest man owning everything.  Hitler understood this, so he set up a system which is now denigrated as Fascism and Nazism and presented as the “Bother Boys” preferred form of vicious control.  It is no such thing it was a system which allowed private companies to function within the economy, however these companies were obliged, in return, to share a fair part their profits with the people.

We now call the same thing  Public/Private Partnerships, it is no more than a mirror image of Hitlers Socialism, The private part in this system keeps the profits while the public part pays for the superstructure, as in the newly privatised  Rail system where the bulk of the  costs, as in the Permanent way is paid for by the Public and most of the profits drained off as unearned income by investors in the Private part.

So Hitler started the business in 1933, as did the British after the end of the  WW2,  of  Nationalising essential utilities and restoring part of the super-structure back into the hands of the common people, ensuring that the rich could not continue with exorbitant rents on homes etc.

In order to overcome the problem of inflation, he created his own currency based on an hour of labour by a person earning the average wage.  This was a master stroke, which helped, along with other essential reforms to transform Germany.

Sadly the Jews were not too pleased with this, so they set up yet another blockade against Germany, they do love their blockades, they now call them sanctions, there are so many in force at the moment it can be quite hard  keeping up with them.

The Germans had recently suffered massively from the last round of sanctions in 1919, so they set about doing the same thing to Jewish businesses, by marking them out as Jewish and the German people refused to do business with them.  The images of shop windows marked “Juden” are forever presented as evidence of persecution, when in reality it was the Germans who were once again the victim of an illegal act of war, which sanctions are.

From the day of Hitler’s election, every move he made was reported in the Jewish Press as criminal. The  people of Austria voted in favour of re-unification with Germany by 98% and yet to this day the West claim that Hitler annexed Austria.  He also offered Poland various tracts of land in exchange for a connection with the Ethnic Germans trapped in the city of Danzig, where the population was 90% German, the Jewish government in Poland refused time after time.

When Neville Chamberlain signed an agreement with Hitler, it was an honest agreement, however the Jewish/British preferred to refer to it as appeasement and he was quickly sacked and the Jew Churchill, under the control of the Jewish billionaire Bernard Baruch, replaced him with another Jew,  Anthony Eden as his Foreign Secretary.  Eden was the man who ordered the attacks against ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland and urged Hitler to go into Poland to help them out.

Hitler refused to become involved until after a direct Military attack by Poland,  which has been quietly written out of history.  Hitler then took the bait and went into Poland.  The Poles proved to be wimps and hostilities ended in quick time.

We are now into interesting times, which deserve looking into. Because we all know to where this tale leads, or do we?  We have been educated to believe that Hitler was a megalomaniac whose aim was to conquer the world.  Well, had that desire not already been achieved by the Jewish/British Empire?

Did the Communist Manifesto not declare that they would be spreading  Communist Workers Control to every corner of the planet? So what the British refer to as their glorious past, however bloody it may have been is not permitted for Germany.  Were we not warned of the so-called Domino Effect, of incremental Communist domination of the World?

Were there not Communist Parties in place all across Europe and the United States?  Had Spain, with the support of Stalin not already installed a Communist Government? So the War was certainly not against any fear of the spread of Communism. In fact the International Brigade, including George Orwell fought with the Communists. So where did the Cold War come from?

Can we believe that Hitler was unaware of the slaughter of Christians which had taken place in Bolshevik Russia. He could rest assured that the British were fully aware of these events.   The Holodomor in Uktraine had been widely reported, yet despite this the US and UK fought alongside Stalin.

So there was not much sign of humanitarianism from the British. Hitler would have been advised of the takeover of Turkey by Jews and the Armenian genocide, this alongside the evidence which he had discovered during the seizure of the Sudetenland of Stalin’s Army swarming into Poland from the East, should surely have been enough to set the alarm bells ringing across Europe but there was no obvious signs of alarm.,000,000-Before-The-Nuremberg-Trials-Began.php

Hitler immediately sent Rudolph Hess to the UK asking for assistance to take on the might of the Russian Army.  Hess was locked up for the rest of his life and finally murdered, having been found guilty of no crime. He was involved in nothing of importance.

So here we are, in the modern world,  and a British/Jewish controlled government has contrived to quite deliberately declare a war against another European country,  which was treated in an abominable manner after the end of the Great War, for no justifiable reason other than to install a Communist government in Germany, an aim which Rosa Luxemburg, a Jew of course attempted to transform into a true Peoples Communism, not the mutant which had been installed in Russia. She was murdered by the Weimar Government for her trouble.

Several things can be construed from this situation. It has become clear that Stalin was part of the deal with Roosevelt, Churchill and the gaggle of Jews, which included Henry  Morgenthau, Baruch and others, to take control of Eastern Europe and to take part in the total destruction of Germany.  Several thing put a break on these intentions.  It was expected that the Russians would quickly destroy the German Army in the East while the Allies bombed the hard work of the German people to rubble.

The Germans surprised them all by holding up the Russian advance  and in the end the allied timing was all over the place, which led to the debacle  of Arnhem, which turned into a slaughter for Allied troops when their advance was deliberately delayed in order to give the Russians time to take Berlin, as agreed with Stalin.

Adolf Hitler, a highly decorated war hero, with a vision for Germany, not to far removed from what is generally accepted as Communism, the visible face of Communism that is, saw off the Jewish Bolsheviks and came to the fore  succeeding in setting up a government which was praised the World over.

The wealth generated by the workers was used to improve the lot of the people and not simply to produce a bunch of billionaires, who became rich at the expense of the working man and sucked money out of the system, which should have been used to improve the system.

Hitler was voted man of the year on two occasions by Time Magazine and he was fêted  by royalty and heads of government.  His economic miracle was admired the world over. While all the time the Jews were festering away waiting for the day when everything was in place to once more destroy Germany.

When Hitler finally realised that Hess was not coming back, a cold chill must have run down his and the backs of the National Socialists.  They would be forced to fight a war on several fronts against overwhelming force.

The Ace in the Pack of the Allied coalition was the well-kept secret that the Russian Bolshevik Jews would be fighting alongside the coalition, which was itself mostly under the control of Jews. While across the Atlantic the Jew Roosevelt was stoking up trouble with Japan, in search of an excuse to declare war against Japan, which would provide the necessary excuse to declare war on Germany, as Japan was an ally of Hitler. Pearl Harbour did the trick and Roosevelt sacrificed a few thousand US Christans.

Hitler in the initial stages of the war completely routed the British but he lacked the killer instinct and allowed them to escape at Dunkirk, in much the same manner as the Iraqi army recently fled at the approach of ISIS.

Even then there would have been time to avoid a World War, sadly the City of London was in no mood for that, they wanted a blood sacrifice.

Hitler had never been bamboozled by the claptrap about Communism being in favour of the workers.  He understood it to be exactly what it was, an attempt by Jewish interests to take control of all and everything and he knew full well what would happen should they take control of Germany again.

He was right, the Red Terror gave no quarter.  What was done to the German people after the end of hostilities, while the British looked on, the same British who had watched the atrocities in Russia and Armenia, without raising a finger to help.  Churchill would be the Jew who starved millions of Bengali to death despite having no need of their stolen food.

The British handed their Cossack Prisoners of war over to Stalin, British Tommies forced them with gun butts on to trains. The trains stopped once they had passed the German frontier and the Cossacks slaughtered.

I would like to remind you that these are the same British who had been laying the world to waste since the seventeenth century, they have an ocean of blood on their hands and yet they are still at it to this day. there has been no pause since the end of WW2, they have been at it in Korea, Aden, Cyprus, Ireland,  Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Suez, Bosnia, Kenya, Somalia and the Falklands.

The British people reminisce about  their ” Once great country” can any one spot anything to be proud of in all that?  What is more the British people gained nothing from Empire, not a scrap trickled down to the working/fighting man, it all went to the Toffs. They are still being robbed by austerity measures to boost the incredible heap of  treasure these Toffs have hoarded away.

Their main claim to greatness is their boast that they beat Hitler’ Fascism which is untrue, the War was won in Russia and Eastern Europe, where the British did not have the courage to venture. That is where the real men fought and died, many with their tongues cut out and their eyes gouged and their testicles crushed.

In a repeat of the Great War, the Russian soldiers were shot by their own machine gunners at the rear, if they displayed a reluctance to advance against the German machine guns.

Finally when Germany’s back was to the wall,  the old men and children were manning the barricades against the Russian hordes, they were bayoneted and shot like animals and their mothers and sisters raped to death by these Mongol’s who stood alongside the British fighting against the finest people in Europe.

These Bolsheviks are now safely ensconced across the planet. They control the European Community, The United Nations, The Central Banking System, food, water, gas electricity, oil, the Law, Education……What’s the point?









Hip! Hip! Hooray! Its Russia Today For The UK.

Its been a long time since I have seen such a blatant attack on the Third Reich, using whatever unsupported claim came to hand, including a reference to signed documents on a “Final Solution” a term which was never used by the Germans but which on the contrary was in a book written by a Jew Theodore Kaufman calling for the “Final Solution” of the GERMANS.

Why she should try to tell us that all of this was kept secret is a mystery, we have all known about Operation Paper Clip and the German scientists, who with Von Braun helped send men to the moon, for decades.

Plus to imply that all these Germans were war criminals simply because they fought in the war is disgusting.  Not one of the claims which she makes can be verified, however in her opinion these people should be condemned out of hand.

Such opinions coming from a US Citizen, when her own countrymen were responsible for most of the truly serious war crimes during WW2 and for many others since, including in Vietnam and Korea,  is hypocritical enough but to do it while working for a Russian “News” outlet, a country which slaughtered anything up to 100 million Christians shortly before the war and continued the slaughter when the war was over is unforgivable.

The reality lies in the title of this clip, “Brainwash Update” says it all,  it also cast doubt on the voracity of other claims made by this woman, like her total support of the “Ferguson Riots” and when she was asked why she never mentioned Black on White Crime, she simply laughed and responded with are you kidding what black on white crime.

Her mentor was Mike Ruppert the man who invented, out of thin air, the idea of “Peak Oil.”  Plus the world is going to end because of “Man Made Global Warming.”  She refers to this as discussing the serious issues which are not being discussed anywhere else.  Yes indeed she beieves there to be a lack of coverage of these issues.  As does the Jew Larry King ex of CNN now on RT; He tells me that he is going to ask the questions, which I want asked, that nobody else is asking, of people from whom I have the right of an answer. I am still waiting Larry on both counts.

If this is an example of the level of honesty of the current affairs which will be provided by Russia Today UK,  which was launched  on Thursday 30th November, it lends some credibility to John Kerry’s claim that RT is a propaganda bullhorn.