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Immigration Has Gone Too Far. Murders And Rapes Are Out Of Control.





Three ofThe Six Muslims Convicted In Huddersfield For Raping Children.


We Whites, as Europeans, are expected to stand by and keep our mouths shut, a mental state inflicted onto us by a load of bullshit called Political Correctness, even as a bunch of rapists, drug pushers and murderers are being deliberately dumped onto our shores, where they find any equally stupid bunch of controlled politicians whom will eagerly pay them to rape and murder without so much as mentioning their origins in Newspaper reports, for fear of being called racists, while we must watch our children being terrorised by these filth, whom now have the “brass” to call themselves European which apparently means we must take care of the “rights” of this scum. Am I dreaming or what?

In Sweden  gangs of Blacks from the jungles of Nigeria are building up, in several large towns and cities, a Voodoo gang of murderers and drug dealers, they have titles like the Black Axe Gang, a group which the Swedish police describe as a Death Cult, with a form of justice which is delivered with a machete or an axe.

It has been disclosed by a certain police spokesman with the strange name Jale Poljarevius, that their activities are currently confined to silly little things like drug trafficking and prostitution but there is mounting evidence that the Black Magic side is becoming more evident. Why, one might ask,  are these filth being allowed to remain in Sweden anyway? 

There is no point in even discussing the situation in America where the Blacks are such a honed rape and killing machine that they can rape twenty-three-thousand White women a year and murder many of them when the rape fest is over and are responsible for fifty-two percent of all murders in the USA, which are carried out by a mere three or four percent of the population of America, and they are telling us that they want to import even more of this scum into our midst? Since the days of Obama couple of Jumbo Jets fully charged with sick Somalians, have been “daily” flying into the States, from Somalia, bringing along with them Leprosy, Tuberculosis and Ebola amongst other African diseases, and turned loose on the American people, without so much as a cursory check for contagious diseases like Leprosy.

What amuses me about all this, is that we have half-wits like Trudeau in Canada being hauled over the coals, for putting a bit of shoe polish on his face, when should I personally want to go to a party disguised as Michael Jackson, I would no doubt have to pretend he was White and not Black to suit those whining Black idiots, all of whom have appropriated all of White culture, having come from a land where clothes were rare.


All that matters to me and many others just like me, is to get Africa repaired into a land fit for Blacks, so that they can all go home to Black Land, from where they have driven out all the Whites and where in South Africa, the home of the Black Murderer Mandela, where they are now planning the last push to kill off all dem der Whites, without a word from the Jews whom control South Africa and whom are bringing in the Chinese whom will soon be taking total control of all of Africa and its resources out of the hands of the Blacks.

Political Correctness makes no difference to reality on the ground, however carefully you speak to an idiot it will not change his Intelligence Quota and nor will any amount of brainwashing. We Europeans have been given no choice in the swamping of our homelands, those decisions were taken on our behalf, by Politicians in the Labour Party, in the first instance, whom were also involved in the infliction of Communism on Russia and soon after that the importation of the so-called Windrush Generation into Britain. The modern day version of these traitors are now calling themselves Green New Dealers, with an open door policy to invite millions more hooligans into Europe to enrich us all.

Personally I believe, in the repatriation of people back to lands, where they will not feel in any way inferior and where they can live alongside others of the same race, which will be an enriching experience for them, having spent so many years sitting around with nothing to do, in White lands but to eat and listen to mind numbing Rap Muzak or plan for the coming Civil War, which they will lose, which is called the inevitable result of biting the hand that feeds you. It’s all a matter of intelligence. Talking of intelligence, at what point will our “Leaders” be embarrassed into doing something,  before Europe finally collapses. You can be sure that I will be marked out as a scheming racist for writing this screed, that goes without saying.







Never Forget, Once You Lose Your Country There Will Be No Rematch.



Last night I listened to an interview with Douglas Murray, a well-known critic of immigration into the United Kingdom, who now appears to have grandiose ideas of his own importance and that he has now become some sort of philosopher, with a deep knowledge of the origins of the current inexorable mass immigration into all of Europe, when he is nothing more than a cynical Sophist, presenting a totally misleading explanation as to the origins of this invasion.

Murray suggests that the malady of the “End of Empire” has struck the Western World as if the Western World is an Empire. What he fails to mention is the fact that this is not an inexorable event, which is unstoppable, it is a carefully planned event, which has been in motion since the 1920s. We are in a World-Wide War, right now, which is intent on destroying the White Christian Peoples of this World, in the interests of those by whom White Christians would be replaced.

The most racist country on Planet Earth is Israel, where the government is intent on maintaining a Jew majority, however many Arabs have to be killed in the process. They are even now “gagging” for a war with Iran, ask yourself what would become of the millions of “refugees” such an eventuality would create? The refugees would not be flooding into Israel. Is that the sort of eventuality which Murray would have us believe to be as a result of the End of Empire, when in fact it is a quite deliberate attempt to export a problem for Israel into Europe and other Christian Countries like Australia, Canada, America and New Zealand.

The loudest voices calling for this mass immigration into Europe are those of Jews, surprise, surprise. Those like Franz Timmermans are warning us that we will be invaded whether we like it or not. He went on to state that no country on earth will be left untouched by this “program” demonstrating quite clearly that it is a carefully planned agenda.

This is a reference to the coming borderless world, which will be based on a Communist system which will ensure that no member of the lower class, will be allowed to become any richer or more comfortable than is anyone else in the same worker bee group. This is referred to as the Hive System, in which the workers are obliged to make the rich richer and to ensure that this will always be an obligation, it will all be supported by the yet to come New World Religion, which includes the death of Heterosexuality and all necessary babies being conceived in a test-tube, with carefully selected sperm from the most compliant workers, producing children whom will be trained for their future life in Monasteries of Indoctrination.

Barbara Spector, yet another Jew, is letting us know that the Jews have decided that Europe will no longer be allowed to be a White Continent. It will be forced to be multi-cultural and that Jews will be at the heart of this change and they may be resented for their attitude but they will persevere until their aim is achieved.

Noel Ignatiev, yet another Jew, explains how “Whiteness”is racism and it must be eliminated. He makes no effort to explain his apparent acceptance of Jew Racism and as to how it differs from the White variety, no matter. He suggested that the best thing White Youths, in his class at Harvard, could do for the well-being of humanity was to kill themselves.

Another Jew in the European Union suggested that the fact that the German birthrate was in decline, was a good thing because fewer Nazis would be born, nothing racist about that, I am sure you would agree, a situation which is as a result of many hours spent by German children in those Monasteries of Indoctrination, being propagandised about the crimes of their fathers, by Jew Rabbis twice a week throughout their schooldays.

David Cameron, another self confessed Jew, is intent on handing control of Britain into the hands of those Muslim immigrants, into the United Kingdom, whom Jews claim are actually their partners in the destruction of White Europe. More than a dozen Cities in the United Kingdom are already controlled by Muslim Mayors, which would appear to suggest “Racist voting habits” as in a voting for your own tribe attitude, are already being practised in someone else’s country.

Jeremy Corbyn, an agent of the Fabian Society, which kicked off the destruction of Britain, by bringing in hundreds of thousands of Blacks from the West Indies, many of whom spent the rest of their lives living on Welfare, is now proposing a borderless Britain, with a passport and British Nationality waiting for all-comers, no doubt expecting them to “Vote for St Jeremy” in future elections.

The above is only a snippet of the vast amount of evidence, going all the way back to the construction of EEU, the EuropeanEconomic Union, after World War Two. The project, as are many of these things, funded by Jews, with family names like Rockefeller, Churchill and later Jews like Helmut Kohl and Adenauer in the occupied government in Germany.

For Douglas Murray to be unaware of all this nonsense is ridiculous, he could not have been unaware of it and yet, having listened to this self-confessed “gay man” pouring hundreds of gallons of bilge, all across the mainstream media, to which he is given unlimited access, I have yet to hear him mention the word Jew or indeed make any reference to a possible conspiracy, behind these goings on, which are indeed leading to serious future problems for Europe,  America and other White controlled countries, never mind explaining that the problem is not one of White control but the behind the scenes “Jew” control of all of those states which the Jews would like to be invaded by the Third World, in an effort to install the Jew system of Communism, which demands the control of all and everything, into Jew hands, because they are the “Dominant” animal, according to the jottings of Darwin, which allows “them” to kill us all.

Those privileged aristocrats mentioned by Spector, were in the main British Yiddish speaking Jews, whom had more or less taken over High Society in the United Kingdom. The French people on the Riviera often spoke of the British doing the Grand Tour, all spoke with a Yiddish accent and they wondered why.

To round up this tract, I would like to point out that the mere fact that all of these immigrants head for Europe, a fact which tells you all you need to know about the attitudes of Muslim countries to Muslim refugees and of course Israel’s, which is in lock-step with the brutal Arab lands like Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and of what sort of generous treatment Christians can expect when their numbers are down to a minority status in their own lands. Gay Murray and his like would be amongst the first groups selected to learn how to fly the hard way, should Britain fall into the hands of Muslims..

Should these Jews, who have already given us the sickening slaughter of sixty-five-million Christians in Russia and Eastern Europe and twenty-million Germans during and after World War Two be given the opportunity to do the same thing to us, please do not bother to believe that the result will be any different. We are dealing with people whom are even now being caught out in Organ stripping, from aborted babies, and the sale of body part culled from killing fields all across the World at War. Big Pharma, which is in the main wholly controlled by Jews, has already hooked hundreds of millions of unaware people on their Opium and Cocaine riddled drugs, which are even being prescribed for tiny children. Water is laced with poisonous Fluoride, which they claim to be “good for us” and despite massive evidence of disastrous results,  vaccines are being ritually pumped into babies, many of whom drop dead soon after.

We desperately need a few straight talkers to guide us out of this mess and fewer apologists for the “inevitable” like Murray. It is never too late to change the course of events, all it takes is a belief in what you propose and enough people whom are willing to get up and stand up to spread the word.

For example in the United States none of the criminals in the Democratic Party, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, should ever be re-elected or members of the Republican Party like those whom have refused to support simple aims like “The Wall” should ever be voted for again. In the United Kingdom not one of those whom have attempted to stop a Democratically decided decision of the people, to Brexit, should ever see the inside of the Houses of Parliament again. In both countries, the USA and UK their are always alternative candidates asking for your vote, the “always there” crowd do not work for you, so get rid of them, that’s why you have a vote.

Any immigrant into Europe should be sent home, should they be still unemployed after six-months and the family of any serious criminal should have all Welfare payments cut off instantly and the offer of a paid for trip back to their land of origin. Tough measures are necessary before we are all destroyed by sheer numbers of the unemployed. Even the immigrants understand this situation and that any future immigration will destroy them along with the White Christians. For Muslims to be relying on Christians is a strange situation in itself, never mind the cynicism involved, have they no pride, can they not see the “homeless whites” all around them?




Cheering On The Demise Of Our Own People? That’s How Generous We Are!

Looking back in time, through the medium of YouTube, we find evidence of this strange, now apparently extinct personage, ‘The Dole Monger’. That was the term used to denigrate the British born White men, whom chose to live off the Welfare system, as a lifestyle choice, they were the ‘Scroungers’.

Nowadays in the modern era of the eighty-percent unemployed, highly skilled, immigrant workforce, all of whom would appear to have made ‘scrounger’ their lifestyle choice, having been invited into Europe and the United States, to save us, the use of the term, which was once used to shame the lazy members of the White working classes, has these days, vanished from the pages of the Press. I wonder why?


The French people have found themselves supporting massive numbers of people from the Maghreb, whom have simply arrived in France in droves, with the full intention of demanding Welfare, which can amount to a small fortune for those whom produce, several sets of Muslim twins, that is, child after child with eleven months difference in age, between them, without the excuse of being anything other than Welfare Migrants.



This is a particularly annoying reality for millions of French people, whom despite having been born in Algeria or Morocco, were deported from the Maghreb, when the region gained Independence from France, as they were never considered to be “Real Maghrebian”, while all the “Real Maghrebian” whom are now being born in France, declare themselves to be French enough to demand a life-time living on Welfare.

The swamping of Europe with immigrants, was a quite deliberate act, which can be easily demonstrated by reference to the means which made this invasion possible. After World War Two, the Welfare Society, which was introduced, under orders from above, all across Europe, was the means which facilitated this invasion, without it, there would have been no invasion.

In the United Kingdom, the Labour Government cynically invited five hundred thousand Blacks from the West Indies into Britain and not content with that, they then invited millions of Muslims from Pakistan to join them. There has been no discernible improvement in the lives of the average Briton as a result of this invasion, it was never designed to improve Britain, it was designed to destroy it.

Nowadays the least racist people on Earth, the White Christians, are being shamed into the acceptance of their own National destruction, by incoming Races, while at the same time financially supporting Israel, which shoots to kill, anyone who dares threaten their own divine right to a homeland without immigrants. The British people are either unaware or choose to ignore the Black Savages in South Africa, whom not content with having stolen a White Christian land through the medium of mass immigration, are now on the point of murdering any remaining White.

These Blacks whom despite claiming to have built everything on Earth, are now about to change the Law allowing them to steal the land of White farmers’ whom have a far longer history in South Africa than do any of these murdering Blacks, whom swarmed in looking for a free lunch from the generous Christians, whom actually constructed the only civilised society in South Africa at the time and very little has changed since.

That is the Black Reality, of those whom take to our once, White Christian streets, whining about not getting enough benefits out of the White Supremacists. Whites whom would do well not to ignore the savage behaviour of Blacks, which is already, in the main, unreported, while we Whites are being lulled into the belief that Black calls to kill us all, is only a joke. Ask the White people of South Africa, eighty thousand of whom have been murdered, if they find that funny? Is this what you want for your family.

In the United States, where a tiny, tiny, percentage of the population, the Black, tiny three percent adult males, are responsible for a huge fifty-two per cent of all murders and violent crime. They rape thirty-three thousand White women annually. While the FBI has trouble finding even one example of a White man raping a Black woman.

These African-Americans, have joined the Jew chorus, calling for a White Genocide, in a similar manner as in South Africa, which has its very own Shadow Jew Government. It would of course be anti-Jew to suggest there to be any connection.



Europe accepted more than a million of these African Blacks a couple of years ago and they are still being paid to come. It would be fair to suggest that with a population far superior to that of Europe in Africa, a Europe which is already bankrupt, will soon be completely over-run and the Whites wiped out. This, while European Jews are openly calling for a White Genocide, without any form of criticism, from our politicians, while in the United Kingdom, to make the slightest remark about a Jew can lead to an uproar in Parliament.

Anybody, who does not believe or understand, that our elected politicians, are working for the benefit of a Jew desire, to take control of the Middle East and to set up their headquarters for the coming changes in World Domination, after the demise of the Jew/Anglo-American Empire, which will, in the near future, centre around China, Russia and the Far East, a reality which will need a Capital City in the Middle of these changes. Israel is currently using sheer brutality, to empty the entire Middle Eastern region, which has already been leveled by the Forces of NATO, in readiness for the construction of the Jew Empire.

All of those whom are content to allow this imprisonment of the Earth, into the cruel hands of those whom could conceive of such a barbaric scheme, are quite welcome to go back to sleep, those whom are fond of even the minimum of ‘freedom’ must now take to the streets and ‘out the enemy’, who will show you no mercy, so you might as well die fighting as starve to death in the grim near future. Europe and the United States are headed for the Stone Age, while Africa will soon be Chinese.