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Agenda 21 Explained: Rosa Koire.

Hells Gates Are Yawning Wide.

This is where we are folks. Any man whom has raised his head in order to change this reality, has been shot down. The greed that has created this nightmare, is not confined to the super-rich, it applies to us all.

We accept the conditions in which we live because we have been conditioned from birth, to believe that we are lucky to have the little which we have. We are allowing ourselves to be stacked up in Cities, where even a dog cannot be walked, we say nothing out of fear of losing crumbs.

We, whom have in fact, very little, are now being called rich, we are told that we must give up the little we have, in order to help the Third World poor. Which of course means that we are being taken down to the same level, there is no longer any pretence of bringing the Third World up, we are all going down to subsistence living.

In the words of Winston Churchill, we have been taken by our very hair and we are being dragged down to hell.  The fiery gates are yawning open, before us and still, to most people, it seems of no importance.

The herd watches the most vulnerable being taken down first. We call them Public Service workers, those whom do the jobs which other people avoid. In Greece, these poorly paid folk are being urged by bankers, to accept a twenty-five per cent pay cut. This, in order to be given a “bail-out” which will be paid back to the same bankers in interest on a fraudulent debt.

Greece could solve its crisis in an instant by telling the Central Bankers to find another fool and by writing the sum of the debt on a piece of paper and telling them to punch the number into their computer, which is all they will give to Greece. The ghouls at the IMF are already choosing the Greek Isles which they would like to take in return for nothing.

All of this so-called debt was by design, it was fabricated with the complicity of our politicians, all of whom have been made rich for their help. War Criminal Tony Blair’s wife, is offering her services, as a Human Rights Lawyer, to the Royal Family in Bahrain, by whom are their Human Rights being threatened?

The poor in Western society are where they have always been, on the bread-line. Nobody suggested taking money from the rich, to raise the dirt poor to a higher standard of living, no matter, even the dirt poor will be worse off when the bankers have finished with us.

The super-rich will, of course, be untouched by all this austerity, the British government will provide a “plonk” for the loot of the wealthiest amongst us, in the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas.

It has been announced that the Pyrenees, the mountain range between France and Spain, are to be closed to the public, in line with Agenda 21. Most of Europe’s Wild Places will soon be given the same treatment. All Natural Parks have already been handed over to the UN.

They are already building cages for the people, arriving from the countryside, under the regulations of Agenda 21. Their houses will be stolen, villages will become “Ghost Towns” the Cities and large towns will be packed to the rafters with people whom will be doped up on prescription drugs to make life bearable.

The rich will of course be allowed to live in country mansions, unlike us, they pose no threat to Mother Earth, they are sustainable.

It was suggested, in years gone by, that the fact that there were rich people, was of little importance, because should their money be equally shared amongst the rest of us, it would amount to virtually nothing. However, every cent of value, in every dollar which has ever been printed, depended on the work of the masses. The bankers and speculators generate no wealth. Whatever they may gain from financial dealings is taking value from the people whom generated that value.

Rothschild is estimated to have fortune to the value of one hundred and fifty trillion dollars. Can you imagine how much work we had to engage in to generate that obscene amount of wealth for him? I think it would be difficult to make the claim, that should this fortune be shared equally amongst us that it would amount to very little, don’t you?

Is there a reasonable explanation for why a man or family, whom have amassed such a fortune, are still engaged in robbing the poor people on the planet of what little they have?

It has often been mooted, that if women were not greedily attracted by money and more attracted by generosity and a desire to help others, that the world would change over-night. As a boy, I wondered how on earth men like Al Capone managed to find women whom were prepared to kiss him? Little did I know then of the power of money.