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More Ritual Framing Of Muslim Men.

So three men from Birmingham have been found guilty of dreaming about carrying out an attack in the UK, under the auspices of CIA controlled Al Qaeda.

They apparently made several trips to Pakistan where they received “Terrorist Training” in Al Qaeda/CIA training facilities, which presumably is why they were not followed to these camps, which would have made possible the arrest of these sinister characters, whom seem to have spent quite a long period, instructing young lads, from the UK, into the Black Art of Urban Terrorism, which as of now, has produced no result.

We can dismiss the 7-7 atrocity, as this was quite clearly a Mossad operation, which was laid at the door of four decent young Muslim lads from the North of England, whom were murdered, probably by the same thugs whom took out Jean Charles De Menezes.

The reports into the recent case even dragged out that old chestnut, Anwar al Awlaki, whom was definitely a CIA asset, whom was not killed by a drone attack but whom has been linked with just about every alleged terrorist attack since 911, including the 7-7 attack and the Underwear Bomber, whom pretended to make an attempt to bring down a jet plane, to manufacture an excuse to sell hundreds of expensive X-Ray machines to Aviation Authorities.

Reading the News reports of the Birmingham Three, was a tedious business, involving rubbish about house-hold items which were presented as essentials for the construction of bombs and snatches of over-heard conversations, the like of which could be part of the chatter, with which I am surrounded on a daily basis.

As far as I could deduce, the Security Force, produced nothing of any substance against these men, apart from a fraudulent charity appeal, which we were told was intended to finance the “Terrorist Attack,” which was in fact used for their own personal purposes. Such was their determination to kill more innocents than had been killed on 911, by the Neo-Cons, or on 7-7 in  London by Mossad.

These men will now be locked up for life, in order to generate the impression of a near miss, to the British public, in order to take away even more of their freedoms.

The British people can thank their lucky stars that their foreign controlled MI6, has control, along with the CIA, of Al Qaeda, which is why these deadly enemies of the West, appear to spend all of their time involved in  blood-thirsty campaigns, which serve the interests of Israel and NATO. One of these days a real Muslim Terrorist Group, will make its appearance and when it does, God help us all.

I would suggest that this group from Birmingham, were watched for a long period and showed no sign of making a move to plant bombs anywhere, however they were arrested anyway, by the British, whom have a long and sordid history of fabricating whatever is necessary to frame a few people, as they did in past times, when the Irish were the target.