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My God Did I Have Need Of That Good Old Moan?



Alex Salmond, the Freemason who used his place in Westminster as a Member of Parliament, to ferment the drive to ‘free Scotland from the Union with England, though at the same time, he was determined to maintain a weak Scotland,  under the control of his chum Rothschild’s,  European Union, has just taken up a role, along with that other character with a Scottish accent, George Galloway, on Russia Today, as presenter of his own show.

Remarkably, one of his first guests,  was the fugitive Prime Minister of Catalonia, Señor Puigdemont, another Freemason, from the once Bolshevik/Stalinist enclave in Spain.


What on earth is that man doing with his fingers?


Puigdemont and his Catalonian chums, chose to support the wrong side in the Civil War and he now allows another loser from the Bolshevik Camp, Salmond, to interview him, let us hope he does not find himself, once again on the wrong side of History.

Salmond was prepared, as were the Catalan Communists in the Spanish Civil War,  to break the Union with England, but sought to remain in the Soviet Union of Europe. It would appear that Puigdemont is now seeking, more or less, the same thing. The Bolsheviks would be content should he manage to pull it off, they lurking in the dark, behind the European Commission.

These days the Bolsheviks can claim a total success, in their endeavours to install their poisoned doctrines across most of the Western World.  This was accomplished with the assistance of those wily old Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, from the Fabian Society, making use of their slow motion form of Bolshevism, to slyly destroy any form of independent Sovereignty.

America went down the tubes long ago. The American people deserve our sympathy, they are now being set up for the kill and they have become so docile and overfed, that they have failed to notice their plight.

What is in store for the American people, can be demonstrated in simple words, however they fail to spot the gravity, contained in those words. I will repeat them.

In the United States, Black people represent twelve percent of the population. fifty percent are women, leaving fifty percent of the twelve percent as being men.  Half of those men,  will no doubt be children, which leaves us with a mere three percent adult Black males.

This diligent three percent, of the population of the United States,  is responsible for fifty-two per cent of all murders and the annual rape of thirty-thousand White women, while Whites,  hardly ever find the courage to rape a Black woman and they kill very few Black men.

If that is not frightening enough, Barack Obama, has been flying into the States, on a nightly basis, Jumbo Jets, packed full of adult Black African males, many of them infected with diseases of one form or another, for no better reason than to supply reinforcements for the Blacks whom are already out in the streets, howling for the death of Whitey.

Many well-intentioned people will disagree with my analysis, explaining there to be many Blacks whom are simply loveable and I am sure they are right, but should you explain to a young White girl, who was gang raped by half a dozen Blacks, that the two million extra Blacks, of fighting age, who have flooded in to the States in recent times, should be no cause for fear, because they are going to work as doctors and professors in colleges and all that nonsense, I doubt very much whether she will be reassured.

Any more than are the Women across Europe, whom are being hunted down and gang raped by Pakistanis and Maghrebian, while the police, instead deporting them are simply turning them loose, to do it all over again.

I am continually being criticised for my ‘racism’, for daring to mention the obvious.  In the States, whether people choose to believe it to be true or not, the statistics which I quoted above, are correct. That being the case, is it not reasonable, should the Black section of society which is responsible for the bulk of the crime, are going to be under more scrutiny from the police.

Blacks criticise the fact that they are stopped and searched too frequently, too frequently for who? Does the risk of being stopped and searched not discourage Blacks from carrying concealed weapons? Of course it does, that is why it is useful.

Take a good look at the above clip, it is clear that Blacks consider themselves to be different, is that right? So who else do Blacks consider to have the same Right of being different? Not the Whites of course. Do Blacks believe that incoming Blacks should benefit from the same Affirmative Action as do African Americans?

I do not believe it should be available to anyone. If Blacks cannot sort themselves out, that is their problem, what does it have to do with me or any other White person?

Am I meant to believe that these loveable African-Americans, are having sleepless nights worrying about those poor Arabs who are coming in by the thousands?  Of course they are not, good old Whitey will take care of them. The loveable old Blacks can get back to their favourite sport of burning St Louis or Detroit to the ground.

The sad fact is,  that even other Blacks do not want to be around the average Black, even the widow of the totally corrupt sex pervert, Martin Luther King, was moved into a safe White neighbourhood, after being robbed on several occasions by Blacks, the last straw being when the old Biddy woke in the middle of the night to find a Black thug stripping her home.

One thing is certain, there are large numbers of Blacks coming into Europe, having been financed by people like George Soros. Blacks, whom have been filmed as they were being collected by Ferry-Boats and taken to Italy. The same Soros is calling for every country in Europe to accept a million immigrants a year.

Meanwhile in the States, Obama has been conducting a similar campaign, whatever the reason behind this, it is not for the benefit of White people anymore than it is for the benefit of African Americans, whom have already been under a sustained attack from Planned Parenthood for decades.

Other Races are being used to destroy White people and personally, I am thoroughly sick and tired of having to keep my mouth shut, in the face of this relentless campaign, which is being carried out against me and my kind. I refuse to simply shut my mouth and lie down and take it.

To talk straight, In Sweden the people are waking up to the fact that they are being taken for idiots.

In Norway, they are also experiencing some problems, with their own immigrants.

Denmark believes in treating the refugees as refugees, and not as poor homeless people whom they are obliged to house and educate.

In Holland immigration is interfering with a Gay Pride group and Muslims suggest that ‘tolerance’ should accept the difference between ideologies, which is one of my favourite pieces of ignorance and stupidity, because do such calls not imply an obligation on the part of the incomers, to express tolerance for the feeling of the people whom have welcomed them into their society? And are most probably paying for their keep while handing out subsidies for their Mosques, is that not enough, if you want more, why not go to a Muslim country?

In France, Muslims have never managed to do what is called, ‘integrate’, it is always the same rubbish. They do not want to integrate, yet they claim that the French will not allow them to integrate. France is suffering from the same Muslim rape plague, as is Sweden and Norway, along with the current refusal of Postal Workers to deliver parcels to Arab zones, where they have been attacked and the parcels stolen.

It is perfectly clear that to attempt to mix races, does not work. The Arabs drove the French out of the Maghreb for that very reason. Despite which they stream into France where there is no work, there are thirteen million unemployed in France. Why should Arabs be top of the list for jobs?  If the French demanded the same thing in Algeria they would be laughed at.

The tale of the two lads who felt rejected in Narbonne, is so sad but did they ever stop to think about the White lads who felt rejected in an area of France where there is little industry and very few jobs? Do these people believe there to be no French people living in ghettos? There are far more White French people, living in difficulties, than there are Arabs, who do not feel the need to become fundamentalists, and come out at night to bomb Arab areas.

The above clip, like all clips on the same theme, never check out the emotions of French or other youngsters, with similar problems, who cannot even afford to visit night-clubs. There is a determination to pity the poor immigrant, and when people like Jean Marie Le Pen, asks the obvious simple question, why do the French have to put themselves out to suit the demands of immigrants, he is called a racist. We all have problems and we can all whine away to a man with a camera, giving him the tale of woe he is seeking but that solves nothing.

This is Italy’s experience, young men who have been told to come to Europe, where the streets are paved with gold and all that rubbish. When they arrive, they do not even know what to do. So should they manage to make it to Rome, they simply sleep in the streets and crap wherever they choose waiting for Christian Aid.

All these people seem to have the same notion,  that they are owed something. They are either too stupid or too thoughtless, to understand that there are millions of people in Europe whom would also dearly like to own a Mercedes or a BMW, like the lads in the clip,  who will never own one.

A friend of mine is taking care of refugees, they have been placed in a small village, in an empty hotel of some sort, and there is absolutely nothing for them to do, and they complain about it, as if my friend is responsible for their entertainment as well as for all of the other things he is prepared to do for them out of charity. The immigrants are given pocket-money, my friend gets nothing. He simply laughs about it.

I could continue this tour of Europe, where the same bad feelings have been provoked in the hearts of generous people, who now feel that they have been treated with contempt, by the immigrants,  in return for their generosity. Most of the immigrants are simply seeking an advantage amongst White Christians, they are certainly not here because they love us.

Scotland’s Countdown To Imprisonment.

Always remember the British never let go!

Well there cannot be too many people in the dis-United Kingdom unaware that there are only one-hundred days of total boredom to go, before the In-Out referendum on a short-lived Independence for Scotland.

Having listened to all of the rubbish leading up to this remarkable day, which signals the countdown to a meaningless triviality, I have heard not one word of the offer of an In-Out referendum on the more important issue of membership of the Bolshevik-Communist European Union, a Union with which all three of the Jewish controlled main Political Parties in the UK are in favour.

This would suggest that Salmond, along with all of the other puppets who are aiding the set-up of the NWO, is not about to do so.

Under Salmond, Scotland could soon find itself on its own in Europe, should Ukip have its way in the UK, or if indeed the offer of a referendum, which has been deviously loaded in favour of the Labour Party, which does not agree to a referendum this time around; having ignored their promise of one before the last election, should Labour win the 2015 election. Cameron should hold an Referendum now, why wait if it is not to sneak out from under whatever offer he may finally propose.

To claim that Scotland will be “free” to control their own affairs, should the people vote for Independence is a nonsense, already the UK Parliament only operates on a part-time basis. It is now a mere annexe of the European Commission, which makes and dictates seventy-five per-cent of UK Laws, without the need of a vote in the House if Commons.

The Scottish would do well to take regard of the experience of the Irish, a race which suffered greatly under the bastards from England, who should be recognised for what they are, underhanded, untrustworthy, uncouth, Jewish controlled yobs, expect no honesty from that quarter.

The cry in Ireland has already become, “Fifty years of freedom, now back in chains.”  The same thing will happen in Scotland, which will end up under unelected, Apparatchiks, while the Scottish Parliament will be there to simply enforce the demands of the EU.

The alleged paedophile Gordon Brown, along with his one-time Chancellor of the Exchequer Al Darling, is speaking out forcefully against a Yes vote. He is no doubt under the same pressure which led to him sell off the UK Gold Reserves, to an un-named Banker.

There are a few strange coincidences around the make up of recent British Parliaments, Blair is Scottish, he had Brown a Scot as his Chancellor, Brown had Darling, a Scot as His, during their reign,  Menzies Campbell, a Scot and Charles Kennedy, also a Scot, had control of the Lib Dems and for a while Cameron, also a Scot was Leader of the Opposition.

 This has now changed somewhat, to a position where the Jewish Front has come sweeping out from behind the curtain and taken over from where these traitorous Scottish buffoons left off.  The UK is now under almost total Jewish control, which is why they are all in  favour of remaining within the Jewish controlled Dictatorship of Europe.

The next step for Scotland, under Salmond, a man whom is most probably in the grip of the insidious Scottish Rite Freemasonry, will be the full acceptance of Agenda 21 and the seizure of all Scottish resources into the hands of the Multi-National Corporations, the fencing off of the Highlands for “re-wilding,” and the imposition of Sustainable Development, which will take control of all local Democracies under the name of Communitarianism or indeed Public-Private partnerships, which is a way of pretending that the people still retain some modicum of control.

Make no mistake about it, Scotland is doomed. I must apologise to my good chum Cuthulhan, who will provide you with a more wholesome view of Independence than my own, on his interesting wordpress.com blog     however, if Scotland is as expensive as Brown, Cameron and the rest of them assure us that it is, why are they so keen to keep this Albatross around their neck?

The Farce Of Scottish Independence.

One of the discussions on Today, the BBC’s  flagship News programme on Radio Four, was the question of Scottish Independence and its future place in the European Union.

The debate was chaired by John Humpries, the BBC attack poodle, whom carried out an interview with Jonathan Sacks, the Chief Rabbi in the UK, without  the words  “War Crimes,” being part of the discussion. He was no more searching, in his dealings with the Scottish spokesperson.

He failed to ask the question, concerning the point of a referendum for independence, when the man, whom is leading the call for a referendum, Alex Salmond, has already announced his intention of staying in the EU, despite the fact that it has been a total disaster, by design, in order to force a “Closer Union” of member Countries, which will of course mean handing over the control of Scottish affairs into the hands of those whom oversaw this disaster.

Salmond is a stooge. All political  parties are controlled and the Scottish National Party is no different. To even consider membership of the EU is a sure and certain mark of control.

Globalisation and Free Trade have made a mockery of the EU, yet UK politicians are still pushing it as a “Single Market,” which will be closed to those Countries, whom are not in the Club. When did China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India and Brazil join this club?  Europe is swamped with cheap rubbish from the East, which is as it was supposed to be.

New Labour, under Blair and Brown, were given the task of destroying the UK’s economy, by making possible the huge Banking  fraud, which was carried out under their leadership. They pushed credit down the throats of the British until it was choking them. The Conservatives stood by watching it all take place, without a word of warning. The Lib-Dem’s were busy sacking a good leader, to clear the way for Europe’s man Clegg.

The Lib-Dem’s, carefully placed themselves alongside the millions whom were protesting against the war in Iraq, in a cynical move to win votes, a stance which has been shown to be no more than a deception, they were manoeuvred into the coalition, through trickery, to provide the British with a “full house” of political parties in favour of War Crimes and wholesale theft, as in Libya, Côte d’Ivoire, Syria and Mali.

To make sure that the British people would never be given a Referendum on Europe, for which a majority is calling, Gordon Brown, slithered off to Lisbon to sign a treaty which he had promised not to accept, without the go-ahead from the people.

Alleged paedophile, Gordon Brown, was kept busy towards the end of his unelected term as UK Prime Minister, he saved the world, which is no small feat. He then managed to close down the vestiges of UK heavy industry, sending it off to pollute us from India. He then lost the election to Clegg and Cameron, despite the British having rejected a coalition by deserting the Lib-Dem’s in massive numbers and headed off to take up his new job with the criminal, International Monetary Fund.

The British are now faced with a conundrum. The coalition is now using the Referendum card,  knowing full well that they will lose the next election, while the Socialists, when they are elected, will cancel the Referendum as they are opposed to the whole idea, that smells of choice, which is illegal under the British brand of Democracy.

The only possibility of change for the British, is to vote for single issue candidates, whom promise to vote to leave the EU, before it’s too late, other than that, it’s Ukip, which talks a lot of hot air and have never managed to convince the voter that they are anything more than a laugh-a-minute side-show. Farage boots out those whom take the idea of leaving the EU a bit too seriously.

The true culprit in the middle of this mess is the banking system. Yet there is not one politician in the UK or Scotland, whom has aired this issue, that is the level of fear which is generated by the Central Bankers. Nigel Farage of Ukip has access to the mainstream media, yet like Osborn and Darling and Brown, he mentions not a word of condemnation of this gigantic fraud. Salmond also keeps his mouth shut.

Should the likes of Humpries, be unaware of the depth of criminality involved in this corrupt banking system, they need look no farther than the speeches of Ron Paul, to discover the reality.  Having watched a Ron Paul speech, one would imagine that Humpries, during one of his “hard-hitting” interviews with Cameron or Osborn, might innocently ask the question “What is the point of continuing to allow a banking system which does nothing for the people, while lining the pockets of the rich?” Neither Humpries or any other “journalist” has ever posed this question to a leading politician. It is banned by all mainstream media.

Salmond and the SNP has been tasked with the job of emasculating the UK. After Scotland, next on the list would appear to be Ulster and after that Wales. This will leave that strange hotchpotch, called England, where indigenous folk are becoming harder and harder to find and which will soon become a Muslim State, where the workers can be treated as they are in Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc., standing on its own, with no army, worth the name, at the mercy of the Globalists.

We are well into the last lap. Europe is broke, there is no sign of a recovery, stock market figures are a deception, they say nothing whatever about European production, most of the multi-nationals have factories in China, there is no serious investment in European Industry.

The best thing that the Scottish People can do is to wait until the Referendum has delivered Independence and then before he can set about selling off the Scottish people s oil resources and distilleries, to repay the loan from the IMF, which he most certainly will accept, is to get rid of Salmond, he is a traitor and vote only for those whom are not Free Masons, they are more likely to use the closure of the Central Bank and the issuance of a Scottish currency, interest free, which will enrich Scotland overnight and is the way out of the strangle-hold of the Banking Families.

Independence For Scotland Will Soon Be Dead And Buried.

Alistair Darling, the Chancellor of the Exchequer whom oversaw the destruction of the British Economy and supervised the passing of the monies of the British Peoples into the bottomless pockets of the avaricious Central Bankers, is now explaining to the people of Scotland, how they would be better off staying in a Union, which is controlled by the City of London Bankers, than they would be looking after their own affairs. Darling believes he has progress and change in his DNA, no less.

Through the years the Free-masonic Lodges of Scotland have had more than their fair share of power in the UK Parliament, one need only think of, Cameron, Brown, Blair, Darling, Reid, Alexander and many others before them. To have had the last three Prime Ministers of the UK and for a while the control of NATO, held by the man whom supplied the guns which slaughtered sixteen schoolboys in the Queen Victoria School in Dunblane, which had a one hundred year secrecy notice placed on the findings of an enquiry, in order to protect some of those MPs and members of a secret Masonic Lodge from justice, is no mean feat.

It is not clear whether the current leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party was a member of the same lodge, he is however not prepared to move too far away from the City of London, he has announced that he would like to retain the English Pound as the future currency in Scotland, that is until he is forced by the European Commission to adopt the Euro or indeed a new World Currency, should the Euro fail.

He has as yet made no comment about the money system itself. He would appear by his silence, to be prepared to continue the present criminal system, illegal usury and all. This should be a signal to all intelligent voters in Scotland, that should they continue with the Scottish National Party, they will soon find, as did Ireland, that London is still in control through the Central Bank. Be assured Salmond understands this full well.

Darling, when speaking of the Banking crisis, claimed that Ireland and Iceland had been destroyed because they did not have support, such as Scotland would have, to bale them out, should the crisis resurface. This is a lie and disinformation, Ireland caved in to the demands of the Rothschild Banks, Iceland on the other hand arrested the Bankers and the Prime Minister and refused to pay the alleged debt because it was a fraud. Their economy is now showing strong growth. The likes of Darling would like to conceal the reality of this fact as it does not conform to the demands of the Central Bankers.

The Reality Of The Fiscal Crisis? It Is A Grand Larceny.

From Scotland, where the leader of the SNP Alex Salmond, is already plotting ahead of the referendum, which may or may not give Scotland its Independence from the Union with England and Wales, the position of the newly liberated Scotland, in the European Union.

It does not seem to have occurred to Salmond, that the people whom he expects to vote for their liberty, in a referendum, would be inclined to hand this liberty into the hands of the un-elected, Fascist organisation, which is a front for the very bankers whom have deliberately destroyed Europe and its industrial base, without the right to a Referendum which would give Salmond, the authority to make a decision on the subject. Like all psychopaths, he is already issuing dictates.

To Ireland, where the people, believe that they won a version of freedom from the British, which in effect was a false belief, the British left behind their Political system, which was already loaded with traitors, in  advance of Independence, and of course their Rothschild controlled Central Bank.

For fifty years, he Irish struggled with the burden of the illegal Compound Interest and the debt which it inflicted on the Irish people, and as a result were stuck in poverty and remained in the pocket of the Brits.

Then along came Europe. The Irish people watched traitorous politicians embed them deeper and deeper into the claws of the hidden controllers of the EU. Irish politicians were and are members of  secret organisations, where they were given their orders on how to trap Ireland.

Subsidies enabled the construction of roads and motorways. Business premises were quickly filled with foreign companies as a means of gaining access to the vast EU market. Readily available credit plunged people into enormous debt through swinging rates of interest.

Then came the Euro. It was clear from the start that Ireland was not in the correct fiscal state necessary to merit entry into the zone. To get around this problem, the EU made “experts” available to hide the reality of the Irish National debt, making Ireland acceptable. Bear in mind the EU did not give a fig about the truth, they simply wanted everyone in the zone, the less suitable, the better. The object was to take control of all economies.

The Irish wanted to retain the Punt. They voted No! The Government fixed the second referendum. Step Two, the Lisbon Treaty. Once again the people said No! Once again the second referendum was fixed.

Now the plug has been pulled and the prepared collapse is under way. Ireland is back in the Stone Age and another Referendum is looming. Ireland is already in a position where it can never repay the Compound Interest on the outstanding debt, without being obliged to take even more money from the IMF or the ECB or indeed, heaven forbid, from the Brits.

By now, it must be perfectly clear to the brave people of Ireland, that they have been betrayed and there is no way out, other than a new, serious change in the monetary system in Eire. The Central Bank has got to go. The only means of pulling the country together is through the use of interest free loans to boost the economy and the availability of enough funds to pay Corporation workers and the Health workers and all other essential services. Europe must go. It is and has always been a Zionist trap.

The European Commission is already making threats, that should Ireland refuse the new Fiscal Deal which is being proposed, they will never be given access to bailouts in the future. All the better. Call their bluff. Print the bailout yourselves, without interest. It’s the same thing but cheaper.

Any money which circulates in Ireland has no effect on the rest of Europe but it can solve the problems at home. Europe has been destroyed by design, by the European Union. Things will not be getting better if it is allowed to carry on. They have given all our jobs to China and they will continue to do so in the name of Carbon emissions.

Take a look at this extract from Der Spiegel.

She (Merkel) has shown Sarkozy’s Socialist challenger François Hollande the cold shoulder, and that is unlikely to change in the run-up to the vote. According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, leading conservative governments in the EU — those in Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom — have agreed not to receive Hollande during the campaign.

Merkel secretly agreed with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy that Hollande should be shunned, SPIEGEL has learned. British Prime Minister David Cameron also agreed not to meet him.

They weren’t just motivated by sympathy for Sarkozy but also because they’re angry at Hollande for saying he would seek to renegotiate the fiscal pact agreed among 25 of the 27 EU members. The agreement on fiscal discipline, pushed through by Merkel at an EU summit in December, is a central component of the EU’s strategy to save the euro in the debt crisis.

This is scandalous, not only because it shows a complete disregard for the Sovereignty of another EU member State, it also smacks of a form of propaganda, designed to give Francois Hollande the air of being a sort of “rebel” whom is likely to upset an apple cart somewhere.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Hollande is in lock-step with Sarkozy and all of the other fanatical Zionists of the EU. He it was whom enabled Sarkozy to sign the Lisbon Treaty after it had been rejected by the French electorate.

I have interviewed several members of his Socialist Party, they are not inclined to undo the Lisbon Treaty, using the lame excuse that it is too late, when in fact it is never too late in a democratic system, let alone in a Republic like France. The Socialists signed the  amendment to the Constitution, necessary to legalize the Lisbon Treaty without reference to the people.  The Socialists also support Agenda 21, without reference to the People.

Greece, is not being allowed to leave the Eurozone. They have in effect defaulted on their debt, however it is not being called a default. It makes no difference what they choose to call it, a fraud by any other name, is still a criminal offence.

Greece is being forced to accept money in order to pay interest to the very people whom are making the loans. All of this is designed to force Greece into the same position as are the Irish. They will never pay off the debt and the people are now being told that a fraud which was carried out by Goldman Sachs, which is a subsidiary of the Rothschild Empire, in order to give Greece the impression of solvency and an entry into the Eurozone, which is under the control of the ECB, which itself is owned by the same banking families, all happened without the knowledge of the EU.  This is laughable and criminal.

The European Commission is attempting to give the impression that they were duped by the likes of Ireland and Greece, this is rubbish, they were on board with the fraudulent figures manufactured by Goldman Sachs, it was all in the planning of the contrived excuse to take control of all Eurozone economies.

None of these events were accidental, they were part of the biggest sting operation the world has ever seen. They are all involved, the politicians, the Judiciary, the bankers, the Top Cops all of them. Why do you think nobody has been called to book?

We are all teetering on the brink of a precipice. Our elected politicians will not help us out. They are traitors. They have stood silently by watching these events unfold. The People, believe that they will be better served by electing a new regime. They are due for a rude awakening. Electing another Political Party will change nothing, change will only come when they take to the streets.

So you see Scotland, you need to be wary of politicians like Salmond. It makes little difference any more whether Scotland is part of the UK or not, the Treaty of Lisbon, which Salmond apparently supports, has already linked Scotland to Norway, so very soon it will no longer exist. He is also in favour of Agenda 21, which will be the final nail in Scotland’s coffin. Your dreams of freedom will be transitory.