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Breivik’s Murder Spree Highlights Daily Life For Our Boys, Whom Are Paid For the Same Acts.

Once again we are drifting into that strange landscape of the good and the evil, where right and wrong is  separated simply  by whom is paying for the slaughterer.
On the one hand we have Anders Breivik, whom massacred a group of young people in Norway, in cold blood and whom is likely to spend the rest of his days in prison, on the other hand we have the paid mercenaries of the Coalition of the Guilty, whom are encouraged to kill as many innocent people as necessary, in order to generate an excuse to destroy yet another country.

Sky News now has its full team of liars in place, in Syria,  under the control of the man whom has long years of experience in the art deception, Jeremy Thompson. The woman whom was given a prize for the lies she related concerning Gadaffi in Libya, by some strange coincidence, has already found herself in a position to spot an aircraft of the Syrian Airforce, doing what? Well strafing civilians of course, and hospitals and schools and anything else which might provide an excuse for NATO to come screaming in with guns blazing.

Cameron and Obama are mouthing off about chemical weapons and the need to invade Syria to seize them, before Assad can make use of them. They might be better off taking control of Israel’s Nuclear Bombs, which are a far more serious threat to the world than Assad will ever be.

It is now quite clear that this is an aggressive war, which is being carried out against a State which has threatened nobody. Even if it could be proven that Assad was mistreating his own people, this is not enough to justify the actions of the British, French, Israeli, US and Turkish governments along with the Jewish controlled Arab States such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which are in fact putting down a similar uprising in Bahrain and Yemen, in an all out terrorist attack, using hired killers and the murderous teams of thugs from the Foreign Legion and the SAS, to put a government more to their liking in place.

I believe that another hand was behind the Breivik atrocity, he may even have had a helping hand in the killings. Whatever the truth may be, he is certainly no worse than any of the thugs whom have been swarming around the Maghreb and the Middle East, killing indiscriminately, anything that moves, under orders from NATO, which is nothing more than the killing machine of the Shadow Government.

Breivik is being presented as an example of out of control Fascism, which he is not. He is an example of xenophobia, which has nothing whatsoever to do with Fascism. This is in order to keep the notion of National Socialism, buried under a veil of darkness, where it remains perceived as a means of expelling immigrants and attacking ethnic minorities.

We are constantly having these claims laid at the door of Adolf Hitler, in order to deny the possibility of making use of the ideas of Hitler,  in order to solve current financial problems. I have personally spent many hours of research and I have been unable to uncover any evidence that Hitler was attempting to wipe out anybody. Not Jews, cripples, homosexuals nor Gypsies, tramps or thieves. What he was interested in doing was extricating Germany from the quagmire into which it had been thrown, by the drafting of the Versailles Treaty at the end of the Great War, which forced Germany to pay the debts of the Coalition of the Guilty, which was in place even that long ago.

The methods used by this Coalition never change. The controlled media simply blackens the name of the intended target, in nineteen-thirty-three the target was Hitler, when the Jews declared war on Germany. This call was soon taken up by the rest of the controlled media and in a flash, all sorts of claims were being bandied about.

Russia of course, which was already under the control of the Jews, escaped this bad publicity, despite the fact that it was well-known that they were culling millions of Christians.

We now have all and every intended target, Gadaffi, Saddam, Assad, Idi Amin, Mugabe, whomever, referred to as a Hitler.

At the end of the Second World War, Eastern Europe was handed over to these Russian Jewish Communists, including a once more divided Germany. From where did the three Jews, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin receive the power or the justification for this act? At what point, more importantly, did Russia shake off this yoke of Jewish control? It was certainly not under Gorbachev, whom is a Jew, as is Medvedev, so in what way has Russia changed? From what has it been liberated and where is it now, in terms of opposition to the West, which in fact fed the Russian people all through the Cold War?

It would appear that Russia has been prepared for some part in the changes which are occurring world-wide. Who knows what act they are intended to perform. I would certainly not be too happy, in the position of Assad, should I have to rely on Putin to come to my aid. Should this prove to be the only source of support for Syria, it is already doomed.

I think it is fair to say that the world is saturated by scum such as Breivik, however most of them are called heroes and they receive Military Medals for their acts. When they are demobbed from the Military, should they suffer from any form of mental disorder they must be shown sympathy. Breivik on the other hand has been described, using the noun Hitler, which indicates somebody beyond the pale. What a twisted world we live in.

Norway, which provided hundreds of air attacks against Libya, killing an unknown number of women, men and children and will probably lend a hand in killing a few thousand more in Syria, to save them of course, are still whining about the act of Breivik. I feel in need of deep counselling in order to understand this level of cold-blooded hypocrisy.

Strange Goings On In Norway.

I was saddened to read of the death of Knut Haugland, whom has recently joined the rest of his comrades in a place fit for heroes such as he.

When I was a child, I received as a Christmas present, The Boys Book of Heroes. I kept that book with me all of my life, until it was tragically destroyed, along with all my other mementos of my childhood, when my house burnt to the ground. Haugland was one of those heroes.

Knut Haugland was a true hero of our times. He it was whom destroyed the Heavy Water production plant, at Telemark in Norway, along with a group of equally courageous Norwegians, putting a stop to the German aim of making an atomic bomb.

He was brave enough to be parachuted several times into occupied Norway on dangerous missions. At the war’s end, he was highly decorated for his bravery.

Not content with his wartime exploits, Haugland joined the crew of the Kon Tiki raft with Thor Heyerdahl, in an attempt to drift from Peru to Polynesia.

News of Haugland’s death was added to a whole plethora of events in Norway in recent times, which have kept my concentration and my scribblings focused in that direction.

Out of curiosity I checked out Heavy Water production in Norway, to see if the Telemark facility was still in production.

I had actually stumbled on a whole can of worms.  Norway was not only still producing Heavy Water, it seemed to be leaking out all over the place. Shipments for German use were diverted to Switzerland.  Another batch for Romania ended up in India and there were, of course  links with Israel,  which the US and UK were also supplying with Heavy Water.

Norway has been completely off the radar, in terms of the production and exportation of arms, however , it is in fact, one of the largest exporter of arms.

Just by happen-stance, I have a friend in Nîmes, whom has been organising a boycott, on local markets of Israeli produce. I mentioned to him the other day, a case in Australia, where a recent Government decision has made the boycott illegal, under pressure from the “I Love Israel Group.” I told him of an incident, where Israeli avocados  had been wrongly labelled, Produce of Spain.

He in turn told me of a similar case in Norway, where a similar boycott group had found oranges from Israel also marked Produce of Spain. There we go Norway again.

I was completely confused by the Anders Breivik attack on the teenagers, at a Socialist Party get together for Young Socialists.  He was making a fuss about the Muslim influx into Norway, seeing it as some sort of evil plot. The whole story had the stench of rotten fish about it.

Norway, despite the economic problems elsewhere in Europe, was still rich and doing well, despite being outside the Eurozone.

This brought to mind, the fate of the Polish Government, which was also doing well outside the Eurozone and preferred to remain so. They were loaded, all together, onto a dodgy Russian aircraft, to be flown to a site in the woods in Russia, to a service of remembrance for a large number of Polish Army Officers, whom had been executed by the Russians in World War Two.

The entire Polish Government died in the ensuing crash and their replacements quickly agreed to join the Eurozone.

I saw the Breivik incident in Norway as a similar warning to the Norwegian Government. I believe there to have been children of serving politicians at the camp.

I undertook the arduous task of digging out a “Boycott Israeli Products” group in Norway.  It turned out that the Young AUF was involved. The same group which had been attacked by Breivik. What is more one member of the group had been speaking out strongly against arms sales to Israel. I discovered a short obituary to this man, Frank Nedregaard, in an AUF newspaper, he had strangely, dropped dead from a heart attack, he was thirty-three years old.

This photo was taken on Utoya Island 21-7-2011 The day before the attack

 So it turns out that this group of children and young adults, were in fact involved in a deadly cocktail of activities, which was likely to attract reprisals, quite apart from the stance of the Government over entry into the Eurozone. Sudden death from a heart attack, at a young age, is rapidly becoming ubiquitous but it certainly sends a strong message, to those whom may not have understood the first one.

It will be interesting to see if any of this comes out in the Show Trial which is under way in Norway at the moment.

Anders Breivik States His Case.

However, he (Breivik) messes it up by contradicting himself completely. He loves America, and especially a certain McCarthy, the postwar communist witchhunt general, and he regrets that McCarthyism didn’t go far enough and never succeeded in sending alleged «commie» American citizens to Soviet Russia. So, really, when it comes to a more real and including democracy with less political censorship, our terrorist is only in favour of it when it applies to his chums, and to his «nationalist» parties.
Apart from this ideologically induced blindness or logical breakdown, he argues convincingly that censoring a movement like his own for too long, eventually will make members of that movement resort to other means, even violence.

His speech more generally was aimed at reaching out to a slightly broader audience than his Manifesto and his earlier writing on Norwegian websites, or to «unite national conservatism, which I support, with national socialism and militant cristendom», as he put it himself. So the strategy obviously is to appeal to a broader spectrum of racists, and to play down the Zionist issue, which devides Breivik, JDL, EDL, NDL and Knights Templar, on the one side, from other nationalists and nazis, on the other.

The above is an extract from an Email:

 Oslo: Breivik’s defense speech at the 22/7 trial 

by Torstein Viddal, 9/11 Truth Norway
9/11, 7/7 & the War on Freedom Forum

It demonstrates the difficulty of separating the various atrocities and the intentions behind them, from the rubbish with which we are presented by the mainstream media.

The writer of this Email report, from the court in Oslo, presents himself as a “Truther” and a fighter for “Freedom,” well to what kind of “Freedom” does he refer? The title of his Email “Anders Behring Breivik Has United Zionism and Nazism, is itself a little ambiguous and the meaning behind this title was not explained in the body of the text.

He does, however, appear to be completely unaware of the political reality under which we live. Either that, or he has been instructed to push all of the usual buttons, to reassure the dozing public that it is safe to go back to sleep. Breivik has been categorised, he fits nicely into a strange group of activists, whom though having certain ideas, which could arguably  be justified, he is in league with  all those other extremist groups:

Breivik talks rather openly about the strategy of supporting and expanding «street extremism», like the JDL, EDL and NDL (Jewish, English and Norwegian Defense League, respectively), while at the same time building a network of single cell terror operatives, borrowing tactics from – yup – al-Qaida.

The first question which springs to mind is,  “What is wrong with Nationalism?” Personally, I was appalled, back in the last century, when the whole world turned against the Fijians, when they restricted the vote in elections, to Native Fijians.  This was in response, to an invasion of Fiji by the teeming hordes from India whom felt justified in taking Fiji out of the hands of the Indigenous people, through the voting system.

Whatever your views on immigration and the free movement of people, plus the dislocation of populations, through illegal wars, it cannot be denied that the current round of  immigration is part of an agenda. It is designed to destroy National identity. The object of the exercise is to reduce us all to a lower level of existence, not to raise us all to a better, more equal status.

Any group which speaks out against this process, is automatically placed into the groups, which are quoted above, a list which is always rounded off with the current “devils” Al Qaeda.

This is all very interesting, because Al Qaeda works for the Jews, the British and the Americans. The earlier reference to “commies” and Joseph McCarthy is equally off the mark. McCarthy was right. The US was packed with Communists. One hundred Jewish families had already taken control of Communist Russia. Wall Street, financed the Russian Revolution. Hollywood, one of McCarthy’s targets, is the propaganda machine of the Zionists.

To fudge their real political allegiances, Christian Communists are referred to as  Zionists. The current favourite in the Presidential Election race is Mitt Romney, a Mormon a religious group which has been in bed with Zionism and its leaders forever. Romney is coached by Israel, a country to which he declares his total allegiance. Israel for its part is building a wall to deny access to immigrants. This alone should cast a doubt on the strategy of  multiculturalism for the rest of us.

 There’s a string of maybe 40 or 50 or 60 grave mistakes on behalf of the police, guards and government, making them unable to stop Breivik before the bombing of Oslo, stop him getting out of Oslo and to nearby Utøya, and to stop the shooting ASAP when Breivik amazingly managed to get himself transported over the sound to Utøya island, using the Labour Party’s own ferry.
So many instances of SNAFU, in fact, that the mathematical probability of them all occuring on the same day or relating to the same person, should tell you all you need to know. And of course, in the weeks and months after the terror, documents, tapes and other evidence started disappearing. As by invisible hands.

Having written this, Torstein Viddal apparently does not hear his own words. Of course there are anomalies in the reactions of the Police to the atrocity. There always are. Viddal presents himself as truth seeker, well one can only ask which truth he is seeking?  7-7, 911, Oklahoma City and the recent French shooter or should I say “patsy” were all known to the police.  Evidence always disappears. Does he “believe” that Norway has not been infiltrated by “Zionists” as have all other European countries?

All of the groups to which he refers, EDL, JDl and NDL, are all controlled, as are all of the National Front Groups. The real terrorists are all installed in Labour or Socialist Parties which are code for Communist, which is itself code for Zionist which is code for Jewish. Sadly, the Truth Movement itself is controlled.

Putting Breivik Into Context

Breivik: The Diminutive Gun-Man Speaks Out.

Sky News, that bastion of support for British War Crimes, made a disdainful report of proceedings in a Norwegian Court, where the anti-Multi-Culturist, Anders Breivik is on trial, for what has been described as a terrorist attack.

Sky News for its part has never divulged the number of innocent people whom were killed by SAS terrorist attacks in Ireland and more recently in Basra, Iraq.

The same Sky News, daily ignores the killings in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

The idea of Press Freedom does not appear to apply to News International Hacks, apart from those whom “hack” into the telephones of murdered children.

Though never having reported the reality of the terrorism in Syria, which is in part funded with British taxpayers money, they find time to read out a letter from International Women, whatever they may be, urging Assad to step down.

The hypocrisy of British News output is beyond belief.

Just a word in the ear of a News Editor, if there is such a person working on the drivel, with which they present a gullible public. There are those whom believe that Breivik was not alone. Witnesses suggested that more than one gunman was involved.

There has been no explanation as to how the interior of the office building, which he is alleged to have bombed, was blown OUT, by a car bomb in the street.

The British are in the process of de-porting yet another Muslim Cleric, whom is described as having contact with Al Qaeda. That must surely place him firmly in the British Camp. They are, after all, funding Al Qaeda in Libya and Syria, even as I write. Sky News has never explained this paradox. They in fact ignore it completely. Not one journalist has said, “Hold on how can that be? Blah! Blah! Which of course indicates that either they are complicit or plain stupid.

Sky News is not content to be dismissive about Breivik, they are going out of their way to suggest that everyone is fed up with him. That they do not want anymore of it live on television. They are upset that he is already on YouTube. They appear to be frightened that his publicity is not in the interest of….whom?

Could it be anything to do with reports that these killings were part of a warning to Norway to conform to the bankers orders? That the Elite are greedily eyeing up the huge  Norwegian cash reserves, which they have, thanks to their vast oil reserves.

Breivik’s attack was against the children of members of the ruling Political Party in Norway. It has been seen as a warning to others not to stand against the orders of the cash strapped Central Bankers.

As with the recent case in France, Merah, the slain suspect, did not conform to the description of the man on the motorbike, nor was any effort made to find a “stout” man, whom Mareh’s brother reported was with them, when he stole the motor scooter which was used in the killings.

Mareh also had a security service “Handler” which would suggest that he worked for the security services in some capacity.

Even the attack on his flat does not conform to the reported version. We heard no word from Mareh himself. It has slipped out however that he requested to speak to a Muslim woman, by whom he was de-briefed, on his return from a trip to Pakistan.

The real version of events, suggests a hail of three hundred or more bullets was unleashed by the police, some of whom were slightly injured by ricochets from their own weapons. Mareh was thrown from the window, to be shot by a sniper, shutting him up for good.

In Norway, just for once, we have the culprit in Court. This however does not appear to suit Sky News, they have fear of his testimony. These people whom deceive their viewers on a daily basis, feeding them nothing but lies and disinformation, fear that Breivik may influence others with his questions of why Norway is being forced to allow thousands of Muslims to set-up home.

Norway, unlike the UK and France, has never had colonies in the Sub-Continent nor indeed the Maghreb or the Middle East. So surely it is a fair question to ask, is it not?

Speaking personally, I too would like an explanation for this. Not because I am against immigration, I am simply puzzled at the reasoning behind this and am suspicious of the motives of insisting that it should be allowed, only to turn around and say that it does not work, creating tension between communities.

Breivik was known to the Police as was Mareh in France and the boys whom were alleged to have carried out the 7-7 attacks in the UK and of course the alleged suicide bombers whom carried out 911, seven of whom survived their own suicide.

There is always more to these things, than the likes of Sky News will ever report. They are suggesting that Breivik is insane and should be locked away forever, without trial. I would like to propose the same thing for the entire British and French governments, whom have been guilty of the most appalling slaughters of innocent people, in cold blood, with no trace of regret or culpability. They, are the criminally insane.