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Marie Stopes, Eugenicist And Black And White Genocide.



Marie Stopes and Margaret Sanger, set about reducing the birth-rate of Black and White women with gusto. Both of these social murderers have been hailed for their efforts in the culling of both races,  through the use of the condom, the  “Pill” – which has also interfered with the genetic make-up of boys – and abortion, which has become a ‘must’ for the new breed of woman.



Now that the promise offered to girls,  of a wonderful life, with a fulfilling career, has faded into the reality of a life of mind numbing, tedious, routine work, with no hope of a golden future, many women,  who scorned marriage and a family, in search of a career,  are finding themselves trapped in a situation where they are obliged to work, simply to keep a roof over their heads, with an ever diminishing possibility of a fulfilling life as the mother of children.

The ‘feminist’ calls for equal pay for equal work, which only applied to a particular range of work possibilities, has achieved nothing more than the reduction of the salary of the traditional male worker, who is now sharing his salary with his working wife, who is obliged to work, to earn enough to pay for what the male salary alone could support in former times.


These social changes are all part of Communism and the aim of making us all reliant on State handouts, under total control and vulnerable to a culling at a certain age, with no supporting partner in our lives, to come to our aid and fatherless children who will be prepared to accept their serfdom as part of a natural process.

The result of the loss of a father figure in the homes of both Black and White young boys has been a disaster, leading to regressive tribal gangs and an epidemic of rape and murder.

In France, the farce of the benefits of immigration is daily being exposed for what it is, by the growth in the young of a nostalgic connection with their origins, in lands in which they have never lived, having been born in France. They support the Maghrébin football team of their land of origin even when it opposes l’equip de France, a position which exposes the “melting pot” as a dismal failure.

In Germany there was a recent demonstration, by the “Turkish” community, demanding more rights. This is an outrage, they are German are they not?  These folk paraded in the streets of Germany, brandishing thousands of Turkish flags, should they have such deep-seated emotional connections with Turkey, why not return to their homeland?

Across Europe and the United States, where during the years following World War Two, at a point when there was already a serious shortage of man-power, instead of encouraging Europeans to increase the birth-rate, so-called Socialist politicians, taking their orders from the Communist Fabian Society, saturated their Peoples with propaganda, suggesting that European countries were becoming overcrowded and introduced ‘easy divorce,’  abortion and payments for single mothers, destroying the cohesion of traditional families, at a stroke.

They then cynically, started to swamp Europe with immigrants, claiming them to be necessary, in order to support the subscriptions to pension funds,  at the necessary level to support the growing number of old, which itself was created by the lack of young and not by any increase in life-span.

There were more old men simply because previous generations of men had been massacred in  two World Wars, leaving millions of War Widows behind. In the United Kingdom, for example, there were some 240,000 War Widows, which does not include the huge numbers of single women, who would have been looking for a husband, between the wars.

This fact alone demonstrates the cynical disregard, of the Socialists – whom were put into power following the Second World War – for the well-being of those whom had actually fought that illegal war.

They introduced the system of Social Security, for no better reason than to be in a position to pay huge numbers of Black immigrants from the West Indies and Asians from India and Pakistan, countries which were conveniently given their ‘pretend’ decolonisation at the right moment, giving millions the right to migrate to the UK, and of course payments for divorced and separated women with children.

In France, the response of the ‘renegade’ General De Gaulle, was to offer French women a bonus payment d’allocation familial,  for giving birth to a third child.  A decision which greatly assisted in the maintenance of the White French.

Germany however,  did not do very well under an aggressive Jew controlled government, which has been intent on destroying ethnic Germans,  whom had dared to stand up to the bankers, for the past hundred years.



The British people, despite massive amounts of evidence, exposing the British Parliament for what it is and has been since the 18th Century, no more than a War Machine for the Trading Companies, still manage to retain a belief in the honesty of politicians. This despite the fact that no Empire on the scale of the British Empire, is constructed without massive War Crimes and death.

Like the conditioned German people the British are mentally incapable of accepting the now well-known fact that the Second World War was no different and no more legal than was the destruction of Iraq and Libya and the cynical arming of terrorists in Syria, to destroy a government, with which the vast majority of Syrians were in support, just as were the majority in Libya, in support of Gadaffi. Britain is the real terrorist state in Europe and the World.

In the UK, a man called Choudary was allowed to ‘radicalise’ the Muslim community, for twenty years, a community which was somewhat enlarged by refugees from British terror tactics in the Middle East.

He was presented as an arrogant loud mouth across the British Media, lending credence to his pretence of support for the Muslim community, when in fact his real job was to stir up inter-racial hatred.  This became clear when he professed his support for the Mossad/CIA construct Daech.

I really giggled to myself, when I heard that he had been secretly tried in Court and found guilty of being too clever for his own good, and despite his training as a solicitor, he had misjudged one of his comments, which was considered to be ‘hate speech,’ and support for a terrorist group,  leading to his arrest and ‘imprisonment.’

He risks a term of ten years for this one silly slip-up. Can you seriously believe that one?  However, prison would be paradise on earth for Choudary, where he could continue to radicalise other Muslim prisoners. So what are they going to do?  Well,  they intend on setting up an area specially for Choudary,  where he will never be seen or heard by other prisoners. As a Mossad Agent he will of course spend his time in Israel, only making the odd visit to prison for occasional interviews.



Another strange Muslim figure, who has been known to share a platform with Daech, the proxy army of the New World Order,is Sadiq Khan, the Muslim Mayor of London, and he has now, in an almost blasphemous manner, stood up and denied the current leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, who is himself a closet Communist.

Khan is in favour of the war-like vestige of the Blair government, Owen Smith, in the Labour leadership election.  Sadiq Kahn is also suggesting that it was all Corbyn’s fault that the people of the United Kingdom voted for Brexit because he, Corbyn did not try hard enough and not because they wanted to leave the European Union, which could lead to Khan losing his place with the League of International Lord Mayors of the World, or something like that.








A Crime So Odious Nobody Believes Human Beings To Be Capable Of It!



The British, French, Americans, the Gulf State Monarchies and Israel are attempting to create such a state of destruction, all across the Middle East and North Africa and Afghanistan that it will be virtually uninhabitable and therefore rendering it impossible for refugees to return home.

NATO’s front-line warriors, Daech, have already been supplied with brand new weapons, making it possible for them to take down Russian aircraft and to destroy whatever remains of the Syrian infrastructure.  How does that behaviour by David Cameron and his belligerent chums, achieve anything in terms of their stated aims of “saving the people of Syria?”

Claims are now being made that Daech, which was once funding itself through the sale of stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil, are now using the smuggling of refugees into Europe as a lucrative means of financing its operations.

This claim does not hold water, the suggested price of a passage towards Europe, is way beyond the means of the brainless young thugs whom are streaming into Europe, they are being given money, by NATO agents, which they hand to the boatman, who works for “your” governments, money which is then sent back to those whom organise the “refugees.” This scheme was exposed months ago.



This is the beginning of the endgame. There is no room in Europe for the seven million Africans whom are said to be on their way towards our shores. Governments are telling you that they are incapable of stopping this exodus.

They have refused to send those seeking the good life in Europe, back to from where they came, because that is not in their agenda. That might just send the message that the game is over to other would be migrants.

Europe is in its death throes. From north to south, east to west, it has been fully charged with Muslims, whom have a deep-seated hatred for those whom have destroyed their way of life.

That my friends would be you and me, we are as usual being blamed for the crimes of Jews, Bolsheviks, Communists or Zionists, call them whatsoever you so choose, apart that is White. They exclude themselves from all responsibility, we are obliged to pay for monuments to their suffering without regard for what they have inflicted on us.

Personally I find it objectionable that these folk are forcing young children in the classroom to be conditioned into believing a pack of lies – which were generated as a means of blackmail – to be true, when all of the evidence appears to suggest that they are fibbing. I would prefer my children to be educated to believe the truth of their own eyes, over what the Jews are doing to the people of Palestine right now.

When they have come to understand that cruelty and barbarity, we could continue their education with a short reference to the 65 million Christians brutally murdered by Jews in Russia.  In commemoration of such an enormous crime, David Cameron a Jew, a man whom is prepared to spend millions of pounds of British taxpayers money erecting a monument to the deaths of an ever diminishing number of Jews, from typhus and other diseases, spares not a mention for the unimaginable slaughters, carried out by the Jew Commissars in Russia.

During the course of the 20th Century, Jews conspired to force Europe into two savage, genocidal wars. Wars which served only the interests of Zion. After which they carried out a covert coup d’etat in China, which did of course involve a massive culling of the population and the installation of a “one child” policy, which has destroyed the basic demography of China.

The children of these ancient animals, whom now believe themselves, through the medium of inherited riches, to be the current elite and whom in this capacity, they now believe that the time is right for a Biblical style cleansing of Planet Earth.

One of those “old codgers,” much-loved for his wisdom, Bertrand Russell, suggested that all means should be employed to carry out the “mercy killing” of the masses. We have nothing to contribute to future life. In their limited opinion it is uniquely those with an incurable sickness called greed, whom are fit for the future.  To remedy this state of affairs, Russell suggested that even the “needle” should be employed, if all other means of killing us off, should fail.

This would be a reference to the “miracle” of vaccination as being their best “hope” for slaying humanity, despite the fact that the passage of time has shown their vaccines to be a fraud and that they are actually incapable of vaccinating against diseases, such as Malaria, which has not declined through the simple means of better personal hygiene and having “cured” problems, the likes of measles and whooping-cough, which are now reappearing, despite vaccines, Big Pharma claim them to be a “new” strain, for which they have yet to find a solution. While the people just go on and on pumping the shit into their kids veins.

Malaria exposes their lies, why should it prove any more difficult to find a means of vaccination against Malaria, than it did to find one for Ebola, which was achieved in a few days,  apart from the fact that Ebola is easy to contain while mosquitos are always with us.

They prefer to treat everybody against diseases such as Meningitis, which is likely to affect relatively few people, who will, almost certainly continue to infected by Meningitis despite the vaccine,  after all, we all know that vaccines are never 100% effective.  All children are being prepared for this, one more dose of death, in keeping with the aims of Bertrand  Russell and the ever-present, richest man in the world, Bill Gates.

When International Jewry declared war on Germany, Theodore Kaufmann, did in his book, Germany Must Perish, suggest that when all else fails, there will be need of sterilisation for any survivors of this Jew onslaught against all German people.

“Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The goal of Judaism of today is: a merciless campaign against all German Peoples and the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped, and retaliation towards every German, woman and child.” (Jewish professor A. Kulischer, October, 1937)

Jews can call for such atrocities against the innocent, without fear of criticism. They managed to murder 20 million Germans during World War Two, a hidden figure, they have now managed to transform Germany into a more or less sterile State, in which they can now present their solution to this “problem” by using their Jew puppet, Angela Merkel, to flood Germany with stupid thugs, who will reduce Germany to Third World status.

As far as the UK is concerned, the people appear to believe that David Cameron, the man whom in cold blood sent British pilots to bomb Libya to a pulp and having done that conspired to generate an excuse to dish out the same treatment in Syria, to be a “good” Prime Minister, despite the fact that he is a War Criminal.



That being the case, can the British people, which presumably includes many Blacks and Muslims, separate themselves from responsibility for these crimes against humanity, or are the White British alone obliged to bear the blame? This surely is the crux of the problem, does British mean White, as in guilty, while others who have the vote, can claim innocence simply because of their skin colour?

I have posted clips of men from Pakistan, warning White Europe that their days of dominance are over, while he, along with millions of other immigrants, is in Europe, while the people whom he claims to have robbed those like him, of their birthright,  have, unlike those like him, who sought a better life in Europe,  never ventured anywhere near his homeland and I can assure him that those same White Europeans, have not received one penny of benefit, from whatever the Jew/British Empire or indeed the Jew/French Empire stole from his people, over there.

He and his chums,  can rest assured we have all been robbed of our “birthright,” whatever that is, and all of the stolen wealth is stashed away in some Jew controlled underground bunker.

He would do well to remember the primary rule, “identify your enemy, before you attack the wrong foe.” Unless of course, like that other foul-mouthed asshole, in the UK Choudary, you are being paid for the hate you propagate.


By simply listening to the chants of hatred in the streets of Europe, it becomes perfectly clear that it is not the White people whom are showing signs of aggression, Whites in the main have been paying everybody’s expenses, we have been keeping the thugs in Israel afloat for the past seventy years.

We pay for Blacks who prefer to claim Social Payments rather than work, who while being a lot better off than their brothers in Africa, they take White money with a sneer on their faces, they are never expected to do anything in return, because of slavery and all that bullshit.

Even in South Africa the remnants of the Whites are still paying all the bills, Blacks have proven themselves incapable of doing anything other than blame the remaining handful of White people for all of their troubles, while just up the road their cousins are still living in stone age squalor, with their leaders living the high-life on the Côte d’Azur. But don’t panic, it’s all my fault.





The British Wash Their Hands Of The Man From Bethlehem.

Abu Qatada, the freedom fighter from Palestine, whom the British describe as Al Qaeda’s main man in Europe, which some would suggest makes him an ally of the West, has been deported, by the British, by whom he has been held for more than ten years, without any charge, which is surely  impossible if it has been unquestionably documented, that he is indeed the European boss of Al Qaeda, a group which has been linked to the 7-7 attack in London, for which, strangely, he has not been charged. Why not?

Al Qatada has been incarcerated in a high security prison, in the Jordanian desert, while a case is being prepared against him. Which one would have thought to have already been  necessary, in order to justify the extradition from the UK, as Al Qaeda is British. Rules seem to go by the board where a Muslim is concerned.

He will now find himself dangerously close to Israel, which I believe to be the only State on Earth, which has the right to torture prisoners written into its Constitution. The King of Jordan, whom is himself half British, is like his father before him, totally controlled from the City of London and by those, whom the Middle Eastern Royal Families were put in place, as part of the grand plan to annexe the Middle East, into the hands of demonic, would be, Jewish, Kings of the World. Heh!Heh!Heh!

One of Tony Blair’s Butchers, Lord Reid, on the Murnaghan show, was overjoyed, that a man whom has committed no crime in the UK and is a citizen of the UK, has been deported to a country renowned for torture because he is alleged to be a member of Al Qaeda, a group of paid killers in the employ of the US, UK, Israel and Saudi Arabia, who are being trained in the very country, Jordan, to which Al Qatada has been despatched.

Reid, described this decision by Teresa May, as a welcome victory for Democracy and for the rule of law. As an integral part of the “Dodgy Dossier” and the pack of lies which were presented to the British public as an excuse to murder and torture and maim, more than a million innocent people in Iraq and whom supports Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing, murder and torture in Al Qatada’s home land Palestine, which includes the encircling of his home town of Bethlehem, Reid is being just a little bit disingenuous when he attempts to take the moral high ground in any discussion of Democracy and the Rule of Law.

The British public has been presented with an array of so-called Militant Islamic Clergy, in an attempt to generate, at least a semblance of the alleged International Islamic Terrorism, from which we must all cower in fear.

The savage response to an alleged attack in New York, which even the likes of Fox News, reported, that it was most likely, that Jewish elements were in fact the perpetrators, was out of all proportionate to the amount of evidence available as justification. Reid and the rest of his chums, in New Labour, all of whom are controlled by the Fabian Society, which believes in a form of Communism but at a slower pace,  wasted no lie, in the race to take part in an aggressive war against a country, Iraq, which had long been an ally of the UK.

I have long-standing doubts about the real aims of the Muslim Militants in the UK, ever since I saw one of them,  Radical cleric Anjem Choudary on the BBC Newsnight programme, with Jewish presenter Jeremy Paxman. Instead of using his time to explain the injustices and false claims which are daily laid at the door of the Muslim Community in the UK, he instead, as did Alex Jones, on the BBC, went into some sort of rant, justifying the very things which a true supporter of the Muslims, would have denounced, while at the same time he could have denounced, for example, the cannibalistic thugs whom are being paid by the British in Syria.

There is such a paucity of Muslim terrorism in the UK and no real sign that the Radical Clerics have been having a great success,  it has become necessary to adopt the default position, that of “self radicalisation,” or as on 7-7 a simple False Flag attack.

Teresa May expressed her satisfaction at having finally sent Al Qatada back to Jordan to face justice and promised to make sure that never again will anyone be able to use of and manipulate the law to evade justice. This from a member of a government, which changed the law in the UK to allow War Criminals from Israel to visit the UK without fear of arrest for their crimes and continues to shelter War Criminal Tony Blair from the charges of treason which should be laid against him and the rest of the New Labour War Cabinet.

These Radical Clerics seem oblivious to the fact that everybody in the UK is in the same bucket of dooh-dooh and they would be better off using whatever time they may be given on mainstream television to speak out against Usury and the rigged political system and the use of non-muslims, under the guise of being Muslims to bring down Syria, for the illegal terrorist, apartheid State of Israel, instead of prattling on about bringing Sharia Law to Europe, which does nothing to further the just cause of the Muslim community.