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Cameron, Anything You Can Do He Could Do Better.

What kind of Democracy guarantees the main Political Parties, the possibility, that with less than one third of the votes cast in an election, that they will win a couple of hundred seats apiece in Parliament and the third party, the Lib-Dems perhaps thirty seats with eight per-cent of the votes cast,  while Ukip with eighteen per-cent will only win two or three?

Why, when there are no sitting members of Parliament  are the biggest parties with no seats,  getting far more coverage and publicity than the smaller parties with no seats. Why is it legal to give more support for one candidate than another? Where is the Democracy in that?  Is there no equality in Democratic elections?

Well who cares? The average voter does not give a damn, all he wants is a penny off a pint.

Cameron and his gang, cannot even get a grip on the fact that the current depression was world-wide and was caused by a gigantic banking fraud, for which no one has been investigated never mind gaoled. Or do they know all about it and do nothing?

The means of transforming a depressed economy and getting rid of the debt is well-known but ignored.  Not simply ignored but concealed from the public.  What is more it is known, ignored, concealed and never mentioned, simply because it involves those dratted Germans.

Hitler, through the use of various simple means, during a period of the same length of time, as has been had by Cameron, the “man with a plan,”   transformed Germany from a far deeper depression than has ever been experienced in the UK, into the  richest country on earth.  What is more, unlike the US and UK he pulled it off without having to resort to war, to do it.

Cameron has doubled the National debt, created very few productive jobs, has robbed savers and pensioners of their tiny amount of interest on their smidgen in the bank, caused countless unnecessary deaths because of heating costs for the old and vulnerable and supports all Israeli calls to war.

The first step, for Hitler, was to stop paying the stringent and illegal reparations for the Great War, money which was immediately handed over to the bankers.  The British being forever in the pocket of these same bankers, spent twelve billion pounds in interest, over a hundred year period, repaying a two billion pound debt from the Great War, to suit unknown bankers.

Hitler then took control of the Central Bank and proceeded to print his own currency. At this point World Bolshevism targeted Germany by imposing crippling sanctions, much as they have recently done to Russia.

“Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army.” Ilya Ehrenberg, Stalin’s Chief Propagandist and the man who invented the tale of the holocaust.

Bolshevik Russia, under Joseph Stalin, was the spear-head of the coming war of extermination against Germany, the rest of the World merely fiddled at the edges of the conflict, sending arms to Russia and carrying out bombing raids against German positions, they did not send in the troops to help the Russians, thus allowing the monster Stalin,  time for the maximum amount of slaughter possible of  his own Christian people.

The Red Army then chased the Germans back to Germany, raping and torturing to their heart’s content, all the way to Berlin.

At which point, instead of calming the Russians blood-lust, the allies simply turned a blind eye as the order was given to commence the brutal attacks against all of the Christian countries in Eastern Europe which, had fought alongside the Germans, not to forget that twenty million Germans lost their lives in the conflict.

“The starvation of men, women and children has been the most approved English method of warfare since the Jews became dominant there – Ireland, China, India, the Boers, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy and now France, Holland, Belgium, Norway and Spain. England and the Jews, with our help, in the name of civilization and Christianity, have illegally made food contraband against friendly peaceable nations and call it economic warfare – viz: Jewish warfare – the Four Horsemen.” (War! War! War!, Cincinnatus, p. 242).

In the 1950’s the Bolshevik Jews blockaded Berlin in an attempt to continue the starvation of German Christians, as they had done in Christian Ireland, this time however the world stood up and declared enough to be enough.

In 1956 the then Prime Minister of the UK, Sir Anthony Eden, the man whom while Foreign Secretary had urged Hitler into the Sudetenland to protect ethnic Germans under Bolshevik attack and then promptly declared war on Germany, went a step too far by invading Egypt to recover control of the Suez Canal for Britain. The Suez Canal has long been on the Jews wish list for Israel, giving them control of much commercial shipping.

This adventure finally put an end to the political career of one of the masterminds of World War Two, a feat for which he has never been recognised.  In fact all of his many communications with Hitler are still highly secret, to save exposing the real culprits of the biggest tragedy in recorded history, the Jewish/British Empire.

So whatever was preventing the Jew from the foetid depths of British Aristocracy, David Cameron, from sorting out Britain, presented no problem for a war hero with two Iron Crosses to his name for valour at the front, Adolf Hitler.  So wake up Cameron, Clegg and Miliband, the cat is out of the bag, enough people know the score these days and are clamouring for change, you know it makes sense. Can you do it? Can you fu……!


Hitler and the Holy Roman Empire.

The following is an extract from an article in Jews Against Zionism

Growing anti-Semitism in Germany and by the German government in response to the boycott played into the hands of the Zionist leaders. Prior to the escalation of anti-Semitism as a result of the boycott(against German goods) the majority of German Jews had little sympathy for the Zionist cause of promoting the immigration of world Jewry to Palestine. Making the situation in Germany as uncomfortable for the Jews as possible, in cooperation with German National Socialism, was part of the Zionist plan to achieve their goal of populating Palestine with a Jewish majority.

“For all intents and purposes, the National Socialist government was the best thing to happen to Zionism in its history, for it “proved” to many Jews that Europeans were irredeemably anti-Jewish and that Palestine was the only answer: Zionism came to represent the overwhelming mjaority of Jews solely by trickery and cooperation with Adolf Hitler.” [1]


There is little hard evidence that Hitler was ever interested in taking control of Europe and then the world. In fact all of his writings suggest that his main aim was to serve the German people to the best of his ability and to make sure it was the people who benefited from the wealth of the State and not simply a small group of super rich industrialists.

I, like most other people, have been so brain-washed, since childhood, that Hitler was Satan himself, that it is difficult to make any form of level-headed appraisal of his aims.

However, as more and more evidence is coming to light of the reality of events in the Second World War, it becomes difficult to understand why it is Hitler who has been condemned as an animal and not the Anglo-American axis of evil.

Samuel Untermeyer, a Jew, was responsible for the Jewish declaration of war against Germany. This was the reason why the Jews were rounded up into prison camps in Germany, as were Japanese and Germans in the USA. There is no real evidence that Hitler was in any way anti-Jewish, I hesitate to use the term anti-Semitic because of course these people are not real Jews, they are Jews of convenience, making use of the Chosen People of God rubbish.

There is however good solid evidence that Hitler was being used by the British and that Anthony Eden was pressing Hitler into making an attack on Poland, to protect ethnic Germans who were being slaughtered by the Poles. Finally it was Poland which launched an attack against Germany, to which Hitler retaliated, providing the British with their excuse to attack Germany.

The British have long been jealous of German industrialist prowess and have sought means of destroying them. It now appears that the British and Americans were involved in a plot with Stalin’s Russia to launch an attack of Europe. Russia which for some twenty years had been under a savage Jewish dictatorship, was to be used as the vehicle to set up the so-called Holy Roman Empire across the whole of Europe.

It now appears that Hitler, who had been in league with Stalin, became aware of the threat. His Security Service discovered that Stalin had amassed a huge number of tanks, artillery and infantry, in readiness for a surprise attack. Hitler immediately turned his forces against Stalin, an act which has long puzzled historians. It would now appear that it was Hitler who saved us from Uncle Joe and the Gulags.

The British retaliated to this act by carrying out a bloody and illegally fought war of attrition against the German people. Germany was razed. Even as the war was ending Bomber Harris was continuing the blood-letting. Photographs of Germany after the carpet bombing are available on-line, they are graphic evidence of the reality of British humanitarianism.

We need to take Hitler back, from the grip of the so-called extreme right, which is being used to continue the misinformation about Hitler’s  politics. It should be remembered that he saved Germany from the iniquitous debt which the Allies imposed at the end of the Great War.

Hitler was finally crushed, as are all of the people who stand up to the City of London and the Central Bankers. It now seems clear that the real Holocaust was carried out at the behest of the Jews against the German people, which is a closely guarded secret, which is why there is such a paucity of evidence available to support the claims of the Jewish holocaust and such secrecy surrounding the slaughter of two and a half million German soldiers by Eisenhower in US Concentration Camps.

There is also the hidden holocaust carried out by Churchill in India, where millions of people starved to death when Churchill ordered the destruction of crops, in case they fell into the hands of the Japanese.

The reality is that it is impossible to look under any stone, without discovering yet another British atrocity.