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Official Fake News And Fake Semitism Meets Fake Racism.

Jeremy Hunt stood in front of an audience, with the presence of many international television crews and dozens of reporters whom stood listening to him as he delivered an absolute load of lies about recent and current events. He, along with the “journalists” whom were recording his words, could not have been unaware, that Crimea had “voted” to leave a Ukraine which had just suffered a coup d’etat funded with five billion American dollars, which “installed” a regime of puppets under the control of the USA, in which they refused to live, preferring instead, through a democratic vote to link up with Russia.

These top class, informed professional journalists, must also be aware that not one of the British claims about barrel bombs and chemical attacks in Syria, were ever proven to have been carried out by Bashar al Assad “against his own people” a favourite claim of the British. While they continue to prevent any questioning of the Skripals, whom they still maintain to have been poisoned by a deadly nerve gas in Salisbury, by the Russians, from which they quickly recovered,

None of these journalists will question any of these lies, which are in fact the Official Fake News of the day. This form of Black Propaganda has been the preferred weapon of the British for centuries. The propaganda against Germany was of such monumental proportions and of such depths of disgusting malice and hatred, that those involved still live in fear of the truth of those lies becoming public knowledge.

The events on 911 have now become another fear for those whom planned that event many decades before it took place. In fact the catalogue of lies behind which these animals are skulking is like a list of the top one hundred most barbaric crimes in recorded history.

While Hollywood never tires of making unsubstantiated claims about the Germans, in their “Block-Buster” films, the Russians, while celebrating the siege of Leningrad against the Germans, forget to mention the lost generation of White Russian Christians, whom were butchered, by the million, by the Jew Cheka under the orders of a Jew regime. Most of the Cheka killer were Jews of American origin.

So you see they are amongst us. I wonder how many of those killers were allowed back into the USA after they had done their job in Russia, unlike Shemima Begum, the “Muslim” girl who joined the Jew controlled ISIS, who has had her British Citizenship withdrawn. The SAS men caught planting bombs in Basra were dutifully broken out of an Iraqi gaol by British military and repatriated back to Britain, talk about equality under British Law”.The same SAS were renowned for their bomb planting capabilities in Dublin and Belfast in the 1970’s and the 1980’s.

The claims which were laid at the door of Muslims, around about five minutes after the attack on 911, were based on nothing in the way of evidence and yet, even as nobody knew how to pronounce or spell Al Qaeda nor indeed Usama or Osama bin Laden, wild claims were quickly despatched all around the world as definite proof of their guilt. It was a completely different tale when all of the evidence suddenly pointed towards Israel and certain rich Jews in the United States, was it not? Say no more that load of truth went under lock and key without so much as the slightest trace of an investigation.

Even as the British Foreign Secretary, stands in front of the Worlds Press and without a care lies through his teeth, the British people whom are currently in the process of agreeing with the withdrawal of the citizenship of Shemima Begum, because she has been “brain-washed” by ISIS and could pose a future threat, they quietly absorb the conditioning of Jeremy Hunt, who is deliberately misleading his own people while cynically and hypocritically complaining of others doing the same thing. Current events have demonstrated dramatically how little trust can be placed in the claims made against modern leaders like Gadaffi, Assad or Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction.

Just as these claims of anti-Semitism cannot be made against the “real” anti-Semitic Israeli Jews, whom are slaughtering the “Real Semitic” Peoples in Palestine, to simply call them such a thing puts those whom dare to make such an “attack” against European non-Semitic Jews, under fear of having their career destroyed. In this screwed up world the cruelty against Semites by Jews does not even count as being anti-Semitic. However in the other hand when Jeremy Corbyn claims to stand against anti-Semitism wherever it may be found, he is being truthful, because he supports the Semites in Palestine against the European non-Semitic Jews in Israel. An American non-Semitic Jew has recently suggested that the time is right to solve the problem of Gaza by driving the Semitic people out, once and for all. Not much discussion about that in the UK Parliament or the US Congress, while all of those crack reporters failed to spot this example of Jew scummery.



The time wasted on this nonsense about Jews and their oh so thin skin is incredible, the only thing which comes close to it is the cries about White Racism, which is used to beat up White men on a daily basis, with the aid of these Ashkenazi Kids whom give a helping hand and a platform to whining of women, of all’ tinges’ and Blacks from various hunting packs around inner cities, all of them intent on beating up Whitey of whom they are all jealous.

Just recently a bunch of White Catholic Boys, whom were, while waiting for a bus home from the “March for Life” rally, found themselves surrounded by a “professional” Red Indian Liar, beating a tambourine and a bunch of foul-mouthed Black Welfare receivers, screeching out their bile against the hand that was feeding them,  accused of racism by Sitting Bull and of insulting this Indian Brave and were duly drenched by a torrent of hate from the Jew media, until clearer heads took a closer look at all the evidence, which showed the Blacks mouthing their hate filled crap in faces of the boys, whom stood quietly watching the madness by which they were surrounded, as Sitting Bull taunted one boy by banging his tambourine right in his face.




As soon as the boys were cleared of what they were accused, no further action was taken against the Red Indian, who is now a “Native American Hero” decorated for bravery, for daringly taunting a group of White schoolboys, while the foul-mouthed Black dick-heads went home to their Welfare funded homes, stepping over White Native American Veterans whom were sleeping in the gutter on the way. That’s Life in modern America.

Meanwhile a Black Butt Stabber called Jussie Smellitt, claimed to have been attacked by two White men wearing MAGA caps, whom beat him to a pulp, and then put a noose around his neck, sprayed him with bleach and left him to die on the pavement in the 45° below freezing Chicago winter temperature. The press went ballistic, screeching out a torrent of hate against Whitey and the KKK and Nazis and Fascism and Trumps base-ball cap was a dangerous symbol for the madmen whom will destroy life as we know it and it must be banned immediately and all that guff.

Of course it turned out to be a complete load of tosh, the so-called aggressors were his two “Gay” Black Nigerian “friends” whom appeared with him in the television spectacular about gay people, whom were paid for their role in the farce. When it was exposed for the fraud which it was, television pundits expressed horror about the police being forced, by this dick-head Smellitt, to waste time investigating a false case of White racism against Blacks when they could have been investigating a real one. The truth of course being that most racist attacks in the USA are Black on White, the same figures are to be found in Europe. We await events in Chicago we can only hope that this evil little shit gets a long sentence and that he gets the Sid Vicious treatment while he’s inside.

War, War, War? Yes Please! Apparently.




There were lies told to trick us into all of the recent illegal attacks against innocent countries in the Middle East. Wars which have murdered at least ten million innocent people during the past fifteen years. We are now aware that we were lied to about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Osama bin Laden was not living in a cave in Afghanistan, neither Assad nor Gaddafi were going to massacre their own people, and there was no attack against an American ship in the Gulf of Tonkin, so why should it come as any surprise to find that Hitler was tricked into going into Poland, to rescue ethnic Germans, whom were being slaughtered by Bolshevik Russian Jews, in order to provoke a response from the Germans and that having rescued those Germans, Hitler did not make any attempt to occupy Poland and he actually warned the British, that the great ‘enemy’ of the Christian world, the Atheist Bolshevik Communists, were massed on Poland’s border, preparing to invade Europe.

However the Bolshevik Communists were simply another arm of the Bankers International killing machine, which having murdered sixty-five-million Christians in Russia, they then set about the rape and slaughter of the German Christians, twenty-million of whom were summarily murdered. The Russians then slid off home, with all of Eastern Europe in their back pocket, with the blessing of the wholly controlled British, French and American governments, whom then pretended the Communists were suddenly a major threat all over again. Only a fool could believe such nonsense. The truth being the whole world was rallied against Germany, in order to suit the covert aims of those whom would control the world, those suffering from an insatiable greed and envy and a psychopathic desire to control all and everything.

The Russians now have another role, whilst being the avowed enemy of the West, they have become the darlings of those whom have seen through the lies and deceit of the controlled, belligerent governments of France, Britain and the United States, while at the same time, cooperating on the International Space Station hoax, and the ‘independence’ of the BRICS countries, all of which are controlled from the City of London.

They also have a character called George Galloway in their ranks on RT, where he has his Sputnik program, on which he frequently tells us that “we” should be paying reparations to the Blacks whom presumably he believes were enslaved by the “British” people, or indeed that there is some form of group responsibility and guilt involved in this idea, and yet the word Jew fails to pass his lips, as being the group which was responsible for buying the Blacks in Africa, from Black Slave Traders and transporting them to the United States on ships, owned and crewed by Jews, where the vast majority of those Blacks were bought and used by Jews, that is according to the Jews themselves, whom made no secret of their Slave Trading, at the time it was the norm. They also made use of hundreds of thousands of Irish slaves, a long forgotten fact.



Galloway, has now taken up the case of Jeremy Corbyn, who is accused of anti-Semitism. George knows everything and yet he appears to have a grudge against the idea of National Socialists, which it would appear, according to George, were vehemently anti-Semitic. He is apparently prepared to pepper his argument with unproven rubbish.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who I have known for 40 years, remains an icon of that tradition (support for Jews) as were his parents before him. His own mother fought at Cable St in London’s East End against Britain’s Fascists in 1936 – defending the huge Jewish community then there, under the slogan ‘They Shall Not Pass’.

Yet, if you google the word anti-Semitism today the first name which will pop-up is not the name of the architects and mass-murderers of Hitler’s “Final Solution” but the name of Jeremy Corbyn.”

Back in the day, anybody or any group which was concerned about the possibility of a war against Germany, which was being pushed by Jew interests, was fair game to be described as anti-Semitic. The Cable Street episode which Galloway mentions, was organised by one of Britain most “hated” politicians, Oswald Moseley, who was a Fascist Socialist, back in the days before Fascism had been deliberately presented as something to fear. Moseley responded to the claims of anti-Semitism which were made against him thus:

“More drivel is talked about the Jews and anti-Semitism than most subjects; both ways. The anti-Semitic view that all Jews are born wicked, or that all Jews should be the sacred objects of the system, seems to me equal nonsense. I am neither an anti Semite, nor a sycophant of Semites. The attitude of our movement, has been consistent and intelligible throughout. We have never attacked any man on account of his race or religion and we never shall. But we attack any man, whatever his race or religion, who acts against the interests of Britain or Europe; particularly Britons who ought to know better than to serve alien interests. It is a straightforward attitude, which has been formed by clear principles.

Why then have we been involved in clashes with Jewish interests, and why are so many Jews violently against us? The answers again are clear. Before the War, I believed that certain great Jewish interests, were trying to involve us in war, not in a British but in a Jewish quarrel: I still believe it……………….But it is beyond question, from the evidence of the period, that powerful Jewish interests were trying to produce war between Britain and Germany. They made it their business to start a war in the Jewish interest. I, and my friends, made it our business to stop that war, in British interest. That led to a head-on clash and I still think that we were right in doing our utmost to prevent that war”.

Galloway continued:

Whilst groupuscules? of the British far-right (Socialism?) kept the flame of anti-Semitism alight, together with their loyalist friends in the Conservatives – the vast majority of British people, and especially those on the left, saw clearly where racism can end up – in Auschwitz and Treblinka – determined to fight it as one of the first banners in their ranks.

For a time, Britain stood alone against the beast of fascism and it was our finest hour. Whilst Britain did not fight WWII to liberate Jews, liberate what was left of them, we did, along with the Red Army advancing from the east – an army of a state which bore the overwhelming brunt of fascist depredation.

These are the ramblings of an idiot, there is nothing in support of such rubbish, the War ‘was’ a conspiracy between British, American and Russian Jews. Galloway appears to be quite unaware of the Jew involvement in the coup d’etat in Russia and the fact that Churchill was a murdering Jew, who had also been involved in the concentration camps in South Africa, during the theft of that country by Jew interests in the Boer War. He also played a part in the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, which was a necessary part of the seizure and theft of Palestine, which was ‘given’ to Baron Rothschild, who is apparently a Jew. Case closed.

In point of fact, Britain has never been anything other than a tool of Jew Bankers and business men, prepared to send British boys to their deaths, in order to protect the assets of the Jews in the City of London. Any Jew, who is familiar with this actuality, whom refuses to stand up and denounce the behaviour of those whom call themselves Jews, whom are responsible for all the bad feelings against Jews, down through the Centuries,  are just as guilty as are the Jews whom prosper from thievery, slavery and wars and as are the Jews in Palestine whom continue the theft of Palestinian land, knowing full well that they do have any right to that land.

Nigel Farage, spent an hour on his radio show, a media outlet which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, on which the blatant lies of Sky News are presented at the beginning, middle and end of Farage’s mutterings, which last night surprisingly put him on the back-foot, forcing him to censor out certain callers whom were drifting onto forbidden territory, by condemning Jews and supporting Corbyn’s support for the “Palestinian Terrorists”, and Corbyn’s laying of a wreath on their memorial, without apparently noticing that the Queen of England herself, annually lays wreaths on the monuments of brutal British War criminals, whom have helped to ransack the World. Farage is so determined to smear Corbyn, that he is in danger of destroying his own credibility.

Today, Theresa May delivered such a load of tosh in the British Parliament, that my toes were curling with embarrassment at the number out outright lies which she calmly presented to the House of Commons. I listened with interest to Corbyn’s response, he gave the impression of having swallowed Mays tale, hook, line and sinker. He did not ask one single difficult question after her blatant attack against Russia and her intention to demand ever more action on the part Britain’s War Criminal Allies, to make sure that Russia got the message.

If Britain had not been responsible for the destruction of half of the world and the murder of millions, during recent times, one could accept her claim of Russian crimes in Syria and Russia’s connection with Iran, both of which are enemies, standing in the way of the advancement of those whom keep their mouths shut and their powder dry, in Israel, leaving their puppets to do their dirty work. I, would promise Israel, that should any attack be made against Russian Forces in Syria, during the coming attack in Idlib, that Tel Aviv would suffer dearly. That threat might well be enough to put an end to hostilities in Syria.


The Hundred Year War Rolls On And On.

Despite all of the strange, belligerent talk and the seeming nonsense, with which he sometimes bores us, I have maintained my faith in Donald Trump. However, when he tweeted that the people of Iran, whom he claimed had taken enough of the bad management of the Mullahs and that the United States, was keeping an eye open for the sort of government bad behaviour, similar to that which had already lead to the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, I did experience a slight shiver of doubt.

A reaction which was most probably experienced by the Iranian people, whom are surrounded by those others, whom have already experienced the end result of being ‘saved’ by NATO. Iran has recently helped to save Syria from the imposition of a Puppet Government, favorable to Israel.

Israel appears to be prepared to destroy every country in the region, however many lives their greedy aims may cost, while still constantly reminding us of those poor Jews whom suffered as a result of another War inspired by Jews themselves.

This obscene hypocrisy, which is fully supported by all of those ‘Israel Firsters’, in Western Christian countries, whom casually send in the bombers,  to slaughter innocent people, while building Museums in the name of Jews who suffered during a war,  which they had declared, while choosing to ignore the under-handed cynicism of the Jews attack on the USS Liberty, during yet another conflict which was initiated by the Jews.

I am constantly accused of bias towards the Jews, bias which I am absolutely certain is no greater than my deep-seated bias against the British. I try very hard not to be over biased in my bias against anyone. To me claims of bias seem to be an excuse,  used mainly by the guilty, to avoid their blatant guilt.

One would have thought that to be hailed as a member of God’s Chosen People, would be an honour, but no, it is only an honour theoretically and should that honour be imposed on, for example, Winston Churchill, there are instant cries of derision from all sides, suggesting there to be a problem with being a Jew.

The whole business is weird, to say the least, when all else fails, the final slur against Hitler, is to claim he was a Jew and yet when the same claim is made about Churchill it is denied, why?

The same thing applies to Joseph Stalin, or should I say, Joseph David Djugashvili, a Jew name which is endowed with the Biblical forenames, Joseph and David.

The Americans’ claim never to have had a Jew President, when in reality it is hard to find one who was not a Jew.  Franklin Roosevelt, was a Jew on both sides of his family. His real Family name is Rosenvelt a full-blooded Jew name as is that of his Mother Delano, which is of Spanish Jew origin.

The obvious reason for these disputed claims of origin, is to conceal the fact that World War Two, was not only declared against Germany, by International Jewry in 1933, it was also fronted by a whole gaggle of Jews. It was quite simply a Jew war of attrition against Germany. All of it financed by Christians, with money borrowed from Jew Bankers, a debt which is to this day still being repaid.

During The Great War, the Jew Winston Churchill, was castigated for the catastrophic death toll of the Anzacs during the Battle of Gallipoli, which was caused by Churchill’s inept and ridiculous decision to send those brave men into such an ambush.

If only that was so. Sadly in reality, the aim of the Jew/Zionists was to destroy three Empires, the Russian, the Austro Hungarian and the Ottoman Empires, the Ottoman Empire being of the greatest importance to the Jews,  because they were determined to win control of the Middle East which was, at the time,  controlled by the Ottoman Empire.

The stand-off at Gallipoli was to distract a large part of the Ottoman Army, to weaken it on other fronts, while waiting for the Americans to arrive, to lend a hand in the destruction in Europe, along with thousands of Jews who would head straight to Russia to kick off the culling of Christians.

So the tragic losses of the Anzacs was a ‘Price Worth Paying’ to enable the inhabitants of Chatham House, to post the Balfour Declaration to Baron Rothschild, which ceded Palestine into his hands. The British ‘gave’ Palestine away. Just like that!

British control of World War Two was bizarrely given to this ‘incapable’ man, Churchill, who just a couple of decades before had been responsible, through his ‘inability’ for the massacre of thousands of men, in a defeat of such huge proportions that he was sent into exile, only to be recalled and to become, Britain’s favourite man of all time. Ask yourself how could that be possible?

Are we now expected to believe, that the Quest for the seizure of Palestine, control of Russia and the building of a ‘Greater Israel’ has nothing to do with the destruction which is taking place all across the Middle East, with Israel, right in the centre, untouched by the chaos, apart from suffering from having a few stones, thrown at armed soldiers, by children, is totally unconnected to events during, The Great War, World War Two, the Jew invasion of Palestine and several wars, in the region of Israel, carried out by Israel, in order to grab more land, or is it more likely that we have been in a non-stop Jew inspired war, ever since 1914?

While the people of Israel, and their mouth-pieces in the European Union and in the Government of the USA, are calling for all Western Countries to open their doors of immigration,  to those fleeing victims of Israeli inspired wars in the Middle East, a British Politician was forced to apologise, on bended knee, for the hurt she caused to those tender souls in Israel, by suggesting that the Middle East problem could be better solved by sending the Jews to Texas, where they would find plenty of room. British Jews positively hounded the MP for her Hate Speech.

Sometimes all you can do is shake your head in bewilderment. These folk do not give a shit about the feelings of anyone other than themselves.

Death Of The Cockney Sparra. Will The Liver Birds Be Next?

Even as his old firm, the BBC, is announcing the extinction of the East End Cockney, Greg Dyke is gushingly praising the election of an immigrant, as Mayor of London,  as a sign of the willingness  of the British to fully accept the integration of immigrants into British society, in defiance of the warnings of Enoch Powell. He neglected to mention that Khan was elected by immigrants, who form a majority in London. This was in fact the vindication of Enoch Powell’s warning.

Khan’s election was an example of the power of a “Racist” vote. As did I,  you may have noticed that all other candidates in the Mayoral election, apart from the Jew and the Muslim were ignored. Should George Galloway, for example have been elected, do you imagine that he would have bent over for the Jews as did Khan, who demonstrated by this act, that he has chosen to ignore the part played by Israel in the Middle Eastern slaughters and “clearances.”

Schools, across the East End, now serve mainly immigrants, the Whites have moved out in droves, claiming the collapse of their culture as the reason for their flight.

A discussion in which Dyke took part, on Sky News, while ignoring completely the fact that the East End was actually becoming a White Free Zone,  where none of the immigrant groups showed any willingness whatsoever to integrate, they unbelievably picked out the Isle of Wight as an unacceptable White sanctuary, where efforts should be made to force them to accept their share of immigrants. This is deplorable. So wake up Whitey, they’re coming to get you. There is no hiding place. London Mayor Khan’s first assignment was to bend over for Israel. WTFIGO?

Just listening to this nonsense, coming out of the mouths of allegedly intelligent people, made my teeth grate. They hysterically pointed out that Bristol had done the same thing, by electing a Black Mayor.

The Black Community in Bristol now has a Mayor, who will no doubt work in the interest of his own people, while the White Community will, as usual, provide all of the money to improve the comforts of dole mongers, whom have in fact contributed nothing of any real value to the City.

In California, millions of Mexicans are streaming across the border-line, allegedly bringing innumerable benefits along with them, who knows why they do not use these benefits for the good of Mexico?

Anyway, as in most places where immigrants arrive in uncontrolled numbers, they are destroying the host country, which is par for the course for parasites. The result of this is the flight of Whites, California will quickly become just another Mexican wasteland, should White money disappear.

The economy of the USA is already dead on its feet. It has a debt which is illegal, which is held against the people of the USA, whom have gained nothing in return, a debt which can never be repaid, which was generated through the cost of vicious wars, which served the purpose of the Mob.

The people of the USA have been pumped full of “tasty” crap food, to the point where one can only marvel at the capacity of the human body to bloat to such obscene proportions, which still allows folk, whom are quite clearly psychotically greedy, to continue to stuff their faces. These folk are beyond salvation.

The Mexicans, by whom they will be replaced, could not possibly be described as the cream of the Mexican crop, they will be the un-educated, no-hopers,  who will be used to work for a pittance. When Whitey goes, the good jobs will go with him.

White civilisation attracts millions of those seeking a better life, there are  no better options on the table, so Whites should be well cared for, however they are in the cross-hairs of the Jews, who quite rightly fear them and have been seeking a means of wiping them out for over one hundred years.

Even as Europe is being destroyed in front of our eyes, complicit politicians in the United Kingdom, where immigration is seen as a major problem, insist on presenting this to mean immigrants from the European Union, even as White Flight is in full swing, not from French or Dutch immigrants but from Muslims, Hindus and Blacks from Somalia.

Jeremy Corbyn, irritatingly avoids facing up to the fact that his own Party is in favour of destroying White Christian Britain, through the medium of immigration, by repeatedly claiming that two million British People work in other European Countries,  so why should Britain not allow other Europeans to come to the UK, even as London which has not been swamped with Germans and is not controlled and dominated by Europeans but by Blacks and Muslims and millions of immigrants from outside of the European Communist Union, as is the rest of Europe.

Boris Johnson claims that the European Union is no more than an attempt to do what Hitler and Napoleon failed to do, without apparently noticing that it was the Bolshevik Jews, whom with the aid of Churchill a Jew, Roosevelt a Jew and Stalin yet another Jew, created the Eastern Bloc, the USSR, by handing Eastern Europe and half of Germany into the hands of the animalistic Bolsheviks in Russia.

While in Western Europe, the Bilderberg group prepared the rest of us for the chop. This is all part of a Marxist Agenda, not a German plan,  which is apparently completely unknown by our clever leaders, a plan to destroy White Christianity through a forced breeding with Black and Brown immigrants.

The Fabian Society was at the heart of this plan, New Labour continued to put it into place, they were all Fabian Society Members, as is the sly character leading the Labour Party at the moment.

Europe is being swamped by immigrants. To suggest that this is being done for the benefit  of indigenous Europeans is a joke. The only people who are hailing this to be the right thing to do are Jews. Europe is in the grip of Jew Politicians and Jew controlled Banks and big business, none of whom have questioned the apartheid policies of the racist State of Israel, where the Jews will not accept one single refugee.

Boris Johnson has once again exposed the controlled medias willingness to pick out his mention of Hitler, while at the same time ignoring that Stalin was a Jew, working to a Jew Marxist agenda, when he starved Ukrainians to death and deported the Tartars.

When they do report that sort of truth, they do, as usual turn the truth on its head,  using it as a pointed attack on Putin, a Christian. As when the winning song in Eurovision mentioned a familiar story of Jew clearances in Crimea and Ukraine of those, against whom they held a grudge. All of these “Clearances” bear a strong resemblance to each other.

The Ukraine is now back in the hands of the Jews, Poroshenko, the President is a Jew, he was chosen through the machinations of a Jew, Victoria Nuland, a deputy Secretary of State, from the USA, with cash from the Jew George Soros,  his Prime Minister was a Jew and various regional Mayors are Jews, yet these Jews, through their controlled media, forget to mention all this, thereby exonerating themselves from blame for the wholesale atrocities for which they are responsible.

Israel was constructed by the same people whom gave us the Soviet Union, just as it is the same people, who have a well known, though never mentioned, agenda to take control of the whole wide world.

We are constantly being told that this is a conspiracy theory, despite the fact that it is in writing, that the construction of Israel and the brutal clearances of Palestine, which has been achieved, was the first step in this agenda. Not in my opinion, but in the stated opinion of the likes of Polish, David(Gruen) Ben Gurion,  who changed his name  to one sounding more ‘regional” to Israel, -The realisation of the deleterious behaviour of a hidden hand, is nothing new:

“As far back as 1880 the Anglo-American occult leaders, directing the political leaders, knew about the coming World War and prepared for it. The German leaders knew nothing, and would not take warning, that is why they lost! The physical war was easily won by England, but it will be followed by a spiritual war between East and West (East – India, Russia, and German; West – Anglo-America), which will be much more dangerous for the West. For instance, India, which is half starving (according to Mrs. Besant!), will rebel and be helped by powerful spiritual forces out of her past. Germany must fulfil her mission, otherwise the European civilization will be ruined.” (Rudolph Steiner, lecture given at Stuttgart in 1918

Steiner was a leading light in the Spiritual Renaissance at the beginning of the 20th Century, but he quickly realised that it was being controlled, when he saw the desperate search being made for a “spiritual” World Leader, which produced the sweep-head Krishnamurti, whom turned down the offer, but whom made a good living out of his reputation.




The Alleged Rise Of Anti-Semitism Versus The Ongoing Demonisation Of The Germans.

While watching a video this morning, the subject of which was the alleged rise of anti-Semitism, I was struck by an exhibition of the apparent blindness of those whom made this video, as to their own continued stance, which can be described in no other way than as an exhibition of their total contempt for the intelligence of others.

The one symbol, of which they complained, which to me is indicative of the underlying message in this whole charade, was the use of the Star of David = the Swastika, placards, which are displayed non-stop, throughout the clip,  as a sign of anti-Semitism, which is, in actual fact, simply a way of cementing their own anti-German sentiments, which they have quite openly voiced, without criticism, for generations, into the already brainwashed minds of those whom do not pay attention.

Jews, some of whom are called Neo-Cons, others Zionists or Bolsheviks, have, in modern times, slaughtered untold millions of Christians, without criticism. It is remarkable how in this clip they complain about those whom suggest that Jews own the media, in all its forms, which they use to further their own interests and which rarely report their own crimes.

They applaud the gaoling of those whom dare to dispute their version of reality, even as they blatantly continue their current genocide in Palestine and across the Middle East.

They quite cynically, through their media, accused the Muslims of carrying out the attack on the Twin Towers in New York and despite the fact that all of the available evidence pointed in their direction, including the Mossad agents who appeared on television bragging of having been ordered to film the event, still complain if they are accused.

We now live in a world, where the German people have been rendered brain-dead through fear and self loathing as a result of seventy years of propaganda, accusing them of carrying out a crime, which even should it be true, in no way compares to the atrocities which befell the Germans themselves at the end of World War Two, or indeed those other unsung victims of the Jews, the sixty-five million Christians whom were tortured and murdered in Russia after the Jew controlled coup d’etat.

Why did the producers of the above clip, instead of merely mentioning the shady combines which they are accused of controlling, present some sort of clear and indisputable evidence that they do not in fact control the Central Banks, that they do not sit astride the United Nations, that there are no hidden Jews, apart from the visible ones, such as Borosso, behind the façade of the European Union, that they do not own Hollywood and every substantial independent Television Channel across the Western world.

Should they take such a step, the alternative media could stop wasting its time investigating them to no purpose and get on the track of the real culprits.  Would that not be a good idea?  I for one would love to know who controls Rothschild.

Otherwise Jews will, as does the Muslim Community and the White Christians,  simply have to put up with the same sort of criticism as that which the media, which they allegedly control, dish out, on a daily basis, at the rest of us. We all have our own sensitivities you know?