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Full In Your Face British Hypocrisy


We must all beware of the “Now that they are coming back” lie, which is about to be used to blame Muslims, allegedly returning from the Middle East, where they were allegedly fighting against Bashar al Assad, for the benefit of Israel, for the oncoming terrorist attacks, which will kick off the destruction of Europe, in readiness for the ‘re-design’ of the Peoples of Europe, into an image which conforms with the desires of those ‘Chosen Ones’ and their money-sick leaders. They have decided that they are the only people whom will remain ‘pure’ while the rest of us are to be browned out.

If evidence  of the lie of Muslim Terrorism,was necessary, it has been freely available along the border fence, between Gaza and Israel, where two hundred protestors have been shot dead and fourteen-thousand injured, by sniper fire and stun grenades, from the land stolen by the Chosen Ones, without a smidgen of assistance, for the beleaguered Palestinians, from all of those Holy Muslim ‘terrorists’, fighting to destroy Syria, to make even more land available to be stolen,from the Muslim Arabs,  just down the road from Israel, in Syria. One cannot avoid asking the simple question, “For whom are these Muslims fighting?”

The depth of the hypocrisy of the British, knows no bounds, they firmly believe that Russia, in some way, interfered with the referendum in Crimea, in which the people voted in favour of rejoining Russia, of which Crimea was a part for centuries, before it was presented to Ukraine, on a whim and that Crimea should be given back to Ukraine, at once, against the wishes of the People. How can we ever forget Lord Tennyson’s famous line, “Into the valley of death rode the gallant five hundred” that was the Charge of the Light Brigade, during the Crimean War against Russia.



 That would be the same British, whom on a whim handed Palestine to a British Banker, without any discussion whatsoever with the indigenous people of Palestine, and they have no intention whatsoever of undoing this piece of mischief, or of even recognising the slaughters which were carried out by the Jews, whom stormed into Palestine, with guns blazing, under instructions that they were in a “Free Fire Zone” killing thousands of women and children and driving hundreds of thousands more from their homes.

Those invaders are to this day, seventy years on, still killing innocent Palestinian people, while the British Parliament is packed to the rafters with Members whom refer to themselves as “Friends of Israel.” That is the depth of the British Governments ongoing complicity in Israeli War Crimes. The British Tax Payer has been funding Israel and its War Crimes, with millions of Pounds every year since 1948, without a word to the Tax-Payer.

We must now conclude, that the average British Voter is too stupid to figure out how not to vote, for any candidate in favour of allowing this carnage in Palestine to continue, while allowing the most vicious Government in the Westernised group of ‘democratic’ countries, to continue to deny the Palestinian people, the respect for their homeland, written into the Balfour Declaration, but completely ignored by the Jews, without reprimand from any British Government, whom are supposedly working for the British People.

Yes you British People, you are also unaware of what was done to Ireland in your name. You still cling to the belief that Hitler caused the Second World War, the very notion that your Government was in league with those whom declared the war on Germany, the Day Hitler was elected, is way beyond your comprehension. Your Government has been doing exactly as it has been ordered, since the last invasion of England, which you failed to even notice, when Cromwell invited the Dutch Bankers into the City of London and placed a Dutch Duke and his wife on the throne of England. Even your Great British Empire was a farce, you were simply supplying the security, while the Robbing Bankers and their Corporations stripped the World of its riches, leaving the White Christians to carry the can for their crimes. 

Goodnight And God Bless America.

I have constantly expressed my opinion, that the events which surrounded the Great War in 1914, were little more than an elaborate smokescreen, behind which to establish the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia and to set about creating the Bolshevik control of Europe.

What was not achieved during hostilities because of the unexpected intervention of the “American Flu” which brought about an abrupt “Armistice” which Germany was forced to accept as a defeat, was written into the Treaty of Versailles and the Balfour Declaration, both of which furthered the aims of the Bolsheviks in Europe and the Middle East.

What is less well understood is that it was not only Russia, which in the words of Winston Churchill, was seized by the hair on their heads, by creatures from the foetid depths of the sewers of Europe but that the major part in the planning for the Great War was the coup d’etat in the United States, which was carried out in the same devious manner as had been the coup d’etat in England, which delivered the control of the Bank of England into the hands of Dutch Jewish bankers, when the US elected politicians surreptitiously handed over the Bank of America into the hands of the same Jewish banking families in 1913.  The US people to this day are unaware of this event.

Even when informed by the burglar that he has the intention of burgling their homes, the intended victims are apparently resigned to do nothing in response to the warning and to simply sigh and shrug their shoulders when the inevitable arrives. Such was the response to the remark by the head of the mass murdering Rothschild family, when he casually announced that should he be given control of the monetary system he does not give damn who happens to be voted into Government, he will retain the control of the country through bribery and debt. I paraphrase.  Wake up America, job done.

Within a year of gaining control of the Central Bank in the US, the Great War kicked off for no apparent reason.  This war is usually presented as an enormous political error, which with just a touch of diplomacy,  could have been avoided. This is nonsense, it was all going to plan.

However it was the “War to End War” and now the victors could set about constructing a “Land Fit for Heroes” and all that guff. The reality being that hardly a dozen years later the British people were already holding “Hunger Marches” and living in squalor, while whatever money they were generating was being passed to the Central Banks to pay off the “War Debt”

So the words of Rothschild are quite evidently a true reflection of his ability to create a war for no better reason than to further his own interests.

During the Great War he had control of the Money Supply of the  United States the United Kingdom, Bolshevik Russia in 1917 and France.  He had in fact control of all of the participants in the Great War apart from that Germany, which he quickly gained through the Jewish controlled Weimar government in Germany after the end of hostilities.

We must surely take note of the fact that the minions of Rothschild, in their own writings had long foretold their desire for another World War, to carry out those aims which had not been achieved by the Great War, long before the appearance of Adolf Hitler on to the world stage.

We can therefore dismiss the claims that it was the behaviour of the National Socialists which led to the outbreak of the Second World War.

Germany was once again the victim, along with those countries, which were sadistically handed over to the heathen Bolshevik Jew Joseph Stalin at the Conference of  Yalta, after the war, by the same bunch who are crying foul because Putin has taken control of Crimea.

Take note that throughout the current hostilities in Ukraine, neither the words Rothschild or  Bolshevik Jews, have been mentioned in any of the News reports.

It should be said that the Bolshevik Jews have a deep-seated hatred of Russia, from where they were banished for generations, a hatred which was displayed in their abominable slaughter of sixty-five million Russian Christians.

The remaining Christians in Russia will not have forgotten these massacres, there is not a Christian family in Russia which did not suffer at the hands of these animals, who have suddenly reappeared in Kiev and as usual the Neo-Bolsheviks have recommenced with the slaughter of yet more Christians, in the South and East of Ukraine,  with the assistance of the Bolshevik controlled West and their cold-blooded war machine NATO, which will use Christian taxes to kill Christians.

The British, while under Banking control, have been sacrificing their young men in war after war, to help in the theft of resources in Africa and India into the hands of the multi-national  companies of the day, such as the Rothschild owned East and West India Companies and the Hudson Bay Company, in Canada, which were the Wal-Mart’s of their times.

In the 18th Century the Highland Clearances sent the proud Highlanders to America as indentured slaves almost as soon as the Union was set-up by the English and all of the Highlands were ceded to the Jewish/British Establishment, where they remain to this day.

Not long after,  the same Jewish/British Establishment, starved five-million Irish people to death and forced millions more to flee or were deported, like their Scottish cousins to a life as indentured slaves in the West Indies or the US.

Shamefully, these exiled Gaelic Warriors, allowed themselves to be used as the Killing Machine of the bankers, who as usual, felt an  uncontrollable urge to massacre the indigenous population, which was a mere eighteen million or so of the Red Man.

Not content with that, there was a holocaust of “Rail-road Bums” and other White men, many of whom were war veterans, as they scoured the US in the years of the Great Depression, looking for work. Claims have been made that these bums were thrown off trains in the wilderness, in the winter snow and left to die.  Seven million people simply vanished during the depression years.


The Australian and New Zealand indigenous People suffered the same fate.

None of this happens by accident, this is all a quite deliberate means of manipulation. To this day people across the planet are being driven from their homelands into strange countries with a strange cultural system which seems to closes ranks against them.

The Jewish Bolsheviks are even now bombing and poisoning the Middle East, as a means of forcing the Muslim people to evacuate or die.

The apartheid State of Israel is caught in the centre of  a cyclone which showers them, along with the Muslims of the region, with Depleted Uranium, which will soon force these Jews to seek a new area to infect with their lunacy and a new indigenous population, which will no doubt baulk at the idea of inviting such a callous bunch of killers, to live alongside them.

I believe it to be fair to state all of the above, which would most certainly be the result of passing an untold amount of OUR money into the hands of a group of inbred criminals and by doing so allow them to bribe their way into every corner of our lives.

In Europe alone the amount of our taxes which are ILLEGALLY paid to the Private Central Bankers, amounts to at least one and a half trillion pounds a year, while we are suffering from austerity measures, in order to pay this huge sum and that is only the interest.

Ask yourself, what are the Bankers doing with this money?  More importantly, why are our Governments handing OUR money into the coffers of these people?

More importantly still, why are our politicians, looking straight into TV Cameras and lying through their teeth in a manner which will soon send us tumbling into yet another massive war with Russia?

It is worth repeating, that the Bolshevik Jews have no emotional ties with any country, not even Israel.  They are still in search of a six-million Jewish Holocaust, an aim which is yet to be achieved, so should it prove necessary Israel will go down with the rest of us.




Hypocrites And Liars Are Writing The Law.

What sort of justice, can children expect from a Declaration of the Rights of a Child, which is being forced into law across the world, hot on the heels of the acceptance of Gay Marriage as a Right, when the body, the United Nations, which wrote this law, is standing silently by, watching the mass slaughter of children on a daily basis?

The actions of member states of the United Nations, in an illegal war against Iraq, has been responsible for the death of five-hundred-thousand children, in the lead-up to this war, through sanctions and Lord how many more deaths during the war itself and even now, after the war is ‘over’ children are still being blasted to pieces by bombs, which are being left in public places, by agents whom are in the pay of Jewish and Western countries and their allies in the Gulf States, making sure that Iraq remains in chaos. So much for the better life which was promised after the taking down of Saddam Hussein.

Libyans, whom were promised a paradise after these same scum had deposed Gadaffi, are still living in fear, in a country which was maliciously destroyed, wondering what it was all about, while there is still no sign of this magic ‘Democracy’ which would allow them to speak freely, without the fear of a bullet in the back of their head.

The people of Afghanistan, which was the test-bed for the CIA controlled Al Qaeda, to fight a proxy war against the Russians, have found to their dismay, that the White Knights from the USA and the rest of the coalition of filth, are nothing more than cold-blooded murderers of women and children and are certainly no better than either the Russians nor indeed the Taliban.

We are now being fed a daily diet of how these gut wrenching scum, are justifying the destruction of Syria, where they have already, according to their own figures, slaughtered seventy-thousand innocents and displaced four million more, all in the name of saving them.

While all of this unjustifiable killing is taking place, the likes of William Hague have assured us that Assad has used Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction, against his own people. This was described as a “Red Line” by Barak Obama and should it be crossed, it would be justification enough to make a more concerted attack against Assad.

The United Nations own investigators have put the lie to this claim, having found convincing reports from medical sources and those whom had suffered the consequences of these chemical attacks, that it was the paid mercenary thugs whom had used these chemical weapons. The West however, unabashed, refused to accept this verdict, they prefer to accept the word of their own paid mercenaries. Just as they preferred to ignore those whom were seeking Saddam Hussein’s WMD in Iraq, whom could find no evidence to support the claims.

The humanitarians are now pushing hard for the right to send in a group of inspectors, which will deliver their preferred verdict on the use of WMD, which will allow yet another abominable, wholesale destruction of a Nation State, all in the interest of the savage, Apartheid, Racist State of Israel.

So where is the United Nations, while all of this is going on? Do all of the dozens of directives which are being showered on to the rest of us not apply to Muslims. Does the UN condone the incarceration of innocent Muslim people, without trial?  Why do they remain silent when faced with the reality of Guantanamo Bay? Where do they stand on torture, they are supposed to be against torture, so why do they not sanction Israel and NATO for its use?

Why is the United Nations in the process of trying to legalise child abuse? Why were they so keen to promote Gay Marriage? Who is responsible for the continuing campaign to install Carbon Taxes on an already impoverished public? Why were they not shocked to find that the data from the Climate Research Unit was false, giving an unreliable conclusion, are they stupid? No of course they are not stupid, they are the instrument which was put in place to add some sort of colour of legality, to the push for a One World Government, they are no more than a controlled, unelected bunch of “yes-men” of the Elite.

The United Nations was set-up in exactly the same spirit as were all of the wars, which it was allegedly supposed to prevent, from Korea, right through to the current atrocity in Syria, on a shifting base of lies and deception.

The United Nations works for the furtherance of the interests of those whom paid for its creation. We the people played no part in that construction, it was a totally private operation, it is in no way Democratic and all of the so-called Permanent Members are under Jewish control. Be in no doubt, both China and Russia are controlled in exactly the same manner as are France the UK and USA. The use of the Veto prevents any form of choice, as any one of the Permanent Members overrides the desire of all of the other members.

It cannot have passed the notice of those whom keep abreast of the News, that we are adrift on a swamp of paedophilia and other perversions. It would be fair to say that the whole of government is contaminated, if not simply by child molesters, by sexual deviants of all other shapes. The Jimmy Savile exposures include a fascination with mass murderers such as The Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe and just a hint of Necrophilia.

Harriet Harmon, was involved with the National Council for Civil Liberties, in the push to legalise Intergenerational Sex. This is still very much the hidden wish in the Rights of the Child agenda. The Elite find it difficult to keep their hands off of children. They are obsessed with depraving the innocent. Just a quick check on the hidden history of politics in the twentieth-century would reveal the darker side of many of our leaders. Even those sexual athletes, the Kennedy family, had a taste for young flesh.

As for the Gay Marriage debate, the public would be amazed, should they be confronted with the depth of infiltration of Public life by “Gays.” George Bush is Gay, as is Barak Obama, The Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel is Gay, most of the Bush administration was gay, so you can see there was quite a powerful lobby pushing for this law to be passed, which it was, despite widespread objections by the Public.

I think it would be fair to say that we are living in a cesspit. Deviancy is the new norm. Sado-Masochism is the order of the day. The sacrifice of children to a wooden God in the woods, is a part of polite conversation.  Our rulers are openly talking about wiping us out by the billion, while “We the People,” carry on humming a tune in our head, which we cannot put a name too.

Despite access to Facebook, Twitter and I pads, which provide a portal to all of Human Knowledge, it does not seem to provided a wake-up call to the young, to get them out in the streets in large numbers, to start the fight to save their lives.